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Computer History Museum
Old "Visible Storage"

Displays that were in NASA Ames Building 126
available in that building from about 1995 to 2003
moved to the Shoreline building in 2003
replaced by R|EVOLUTION in 2011
Response to request if I am still a docent -

Goal of this page
Provide descriptions of items in Old "Visible Storage", alphabetically by manufacturer.
Unfortunately, manufacturer name is not unique, due to purchases, such as Bendix (G-15) purchased by Control Data, or Convex by Hewlett/Packard. To some extent, this list gives priority to the original manufacturer's name.

Picture Credits

There is a gigantic collection of computer system manuals and programming manuals available at http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/. Organized usually by manufacturer, sometimes by a sponsoring organization. For instance, the ILLIAC IV is listed under "univOfIllinoisUrbana" rather than under "Burroughs Corporation".

sorted by Manufacturer
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, NotReady

Manufacturer Name Date
Accession #
Alliant Alliant FX/1 (P) ???
Alliant FX/8 Superminicomputer (P) 1985
X1544.98 A-D
Amdahl Amdahl-470 V/6 (P) .
Apollo Computer, Inc. Apollo Domain DN300-1MB Workstation (P) 1984
X424.84 (A-D)
Apple Computer Apple-1 (P) 1975
Apple Computer, Inc. Apple Macintosh (P) 1984
Apple Computer, Inc. iMac 1998
Apple Computer, Inc. Lisa (P) .
Apple Computer, Inc. Apple-II (P) .
Autonetics Division, North American Aviation Minuteman missile guidance computer (P) ca 1960
Bendix G-15 (P) ...
Bolt, Beranek and Newman Interface Message Processor (IMP) (P) .
Burroughs Corporation Electrodata Division Electrodata E205
(Burroughs 205) (P) central processor
Burroughs Corporation/University of Illinois ILLIAC IV (P) 1975
Compaq Compaq-1? (P) .
Commodore Commodore Pet (P) 1977
Commodore Commodore 64 (P) .
Computer Control Division, Honeywell, Inc. H316 General Purpose Digital Computer - a.k.a. Kitchen Computer (P) .
Computer Control Company DDP-116 General Purpose Computer (P) ca. 1965
Computer Recreations, Inc. Galaxy Game (P) .
Control Data Corporation / Bendix Corporation Bendix G-15 1956
X48.82 B
Control Data Corporation / Bendix Corporation Bendix G-15 (P)
BRL-61 Link
X48.82 A
Control Data Corporation (CDC) CDC 160A
BRL-61 Link
Control Data Corporation (CDC) 405 Card reader (P) ca. 1969
X1385.97 R
Control Data Corporation (CDC) 512 Line Printer (P) ca. 1969
X1385.97 O <
Control Data Corporation (CDC) / ETA Systems, Inc. Type 819 Disk Storage Unit 1988
X1691.99 K
Control Data Corporation (CDC) CDC 6600 - S/N 1, (2 pcs) & console (P) 1964
X1385.97 F-J
Control Data Corporation (CDC) CDC 7600- S/N 1, CPU & console (P) 1969
X1385.97 T-U
Control Data Corporation (CDC) Model 9883-91 Disk Pack , (P) 1983
X1715.99 L
Control Data Corporation (CDC) / ETA Systems, Inc. ETA-10 (P) 1988
Control Data Corporation (CDC) 9-Track Tape Robot ???
X1385.97 M-N
Control Data Corporation (CDC) 844 Disk Storage Unit (P) ???
X1385.97 N
Control Data Corporation (CDC) Little Character (P) ca. 1958
Control Data Corporation (CDC) 38503-1 Cartridge Storage Unit ...
Convex Computer, Corp. / Hewlett-Packard (HP) Gallium Arsenide Logic Board (P) 1995
Convex Computer, Corp. / Hewlett-Packard (HP) C-1, (P) ...
Convex Convex (P) .
Cray Research, Inc. Cray-1 A (P) 1976
X1553.98 A-G
Cray Research, Inc. Cray 1M/4400 1978
X1553.98 A-G
Cray Research, Inc Cray-2 (8 processor) (p) 1985
Cray Computer Cray-3 CPU, (P) 1995
Cray Research, Inc YMP-EL (p) .
Cray Research, Inc Cray-Y-MP (P) .
Data General Corporation College Campus Recruiting Poster 1977
Data General Corporation Nova (P) X2066.2001
Data Products Line Printer ...
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) MicroVAX II die plot 1984
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DEC LINC-8 (P) .
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-1 (P)
BRL-61 Link
X99.82 XD116.79?
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-4 (P) 1962
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-5 (P) 1963
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-6 1964
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-7 1965
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-8 (P) 1965
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-9 (P) 1968
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-10 (KL-10) (P) 1967???
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-11 (P)1973
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-12 (P) 1969
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-15 1970
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX 11/750 (P) X1111.92
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX 11/780 (P) X1111.92
Electronic Associates - Inc. EAI 580 Analog/Hybrid Computing System ca. 1968
English Electric Company Magnet drum from the DEUCE computer (P) .
ETA Systems, Inc. ETA 10 CPU (P) 1988
ETA Systems, Inc. / IBIS Systems, Inc Disk Storage Unit 1988
X1691.99 F-J
ETH Lilith (P) .
Evans and Sutherland E&S-1 1986
Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation Symbol Machine 1972
Heath Company EC-1 Educational Electronic Analog Computer (P) 1977
Heath Company H-1 Educational Computer (analog) (P) ca. 1960
Heath Company H-8 Computer (P) .
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Hewlett-Packard (HP) 250 System (P) ...
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Hewlett-Packard (HP) 2100 System (P) ...
Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP3000 CPU (P) 1986
X1715.99 A
Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP7935 Disk Drive 1986
X1715.99 C
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Hewlett-Packard (HP) Gallium Arsenide Super Computer (P) ...
Honeywell Informations Systems, Inc Honeywell DPS8 (P) 1983
(Roberto Guatelli)
Hollerith Electric Tabulating System (P) 1890, Reproduction by Roberto Guatelli, (1981)
Institute fr Informatik Lilith 1981
Intel Corporation iPSC860 Intel Personal Supercomputer 1985
Intel Supercomputers, Ltd. iPSC860 Supercomputer 1990
Intel Supercomputing Touchstone Delta, (P) 1991
X1643.99 A-C
Intel Supercomputing Paragon XP/S 1994
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM 026 Printing Card Punch ???
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM 029 Printing Card Punch (P) ???
International Business Machines (IBM) Type 077 Collator (P) 1945
International Business Machines (IBM) Type 083 Sorter (P) (P) ???
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM SYSTEM/360 model 30 (P)1961
International Business Machines (IBM) System/360, Model 91 Console (P) ca 1968
International Business Machines (IBM) 519 Reproducing Card Punch , (P) ???
International Business Machines (IBM) 529 printing summary punch ???
X985.89 ? or X40.80 ?
International Business Machines (IBM) 557 Alphabetic Intepreter (P) ???
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM-604 (P) 1948??
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM 729 IV Tape Drive ???
International Business Machines (IBM) 1130 ???
International Business Machines (IBM) 1311 Disk Storage Drive 1962
International Business Machines (IBM) 1360 Photodigital Storage System (P) ???
International Business Machines (IBM) Photodigital Store (Cypress) 1967
X1385.97 K-L
International Business Machines (IBM) Photodigital Store (Cypress) framed photo 1967
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM 1401 System (P) w 1403 line printer, 1402 card reader/punch
BRL-61 Link
ca. 1961
X233.83 A-C
International Business Machines (IBM) 1620 (P) ???
X985.89 ? or X40.80 ?
International Business Machines (IBM) 3151 ASCII Terminal 1987
X1640.99 Q-R
International Business Machines (IBM) 3278 1979
X1640.99 CN
International Business Machines (IBM) 3420 Field Tester ca. 1982
X1640.99 CG
International Business Machines (IBM) 3420 Magnetic Tape Drive Unit ca. 1980
X1640.99 L
International Business Machines (IBM) 3420 Magnetic Tape Drive Unit ca. 1980
X1640.99 M
International Business Machines (IBM) 3505 Card Reader ca. 1980
X1640.99 A
International Business Machines (IBM) 3525 Card Punch 1979
X1640.99 B
International Business Machines (IBM) 3880 Storage Director 1987
X1640.99 CS
International Business Machines (IBM) 3380D DASD (Direct Access Storage Device) ca. 1985
X1640.99 CQ
International Business Machines (IBM) 4245 Line Printer 1985
X1640.99 N
International Business Machines (IBM) 4245 Line Printer Stacker 1985
X1640.99 O
International Business Machines (IBM) 4381 System Processor (CPU) ca. 1980
X1640.99 CF
International Business Machines (IBM) 5110 (P) .
International Business Machines (IBM) 7030 - "Stretch" (P) CPU and I/O Consoles
BRL-61 Link
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM 7094 console (P) 1962
International Business Machines (IBM) Card Data Recorder / Keypunch ca. 1975
X1640.99 J
International Business Machines (IBM) Document Processing Machine 1950
X1640.99 AA
International Business Machines (IBM) The New IBM Electronic Statistical Machine ca. 1948
International Business Machines (IBM) Plugboard Control Panel(s) 1950
X1640.99 AB-AR
International Business Machines (IBM) Printer Control Tape Punch ca. 1970
International Business Machines (IBM) IBM RT PC 1986
X1548.98 A-F
International Business Machines (IBM) SAGE AN/FSQ-7 & AN/FSQ-8 - core, console, power supply unit, array, array
BRL-61 Link
X260.83 - X310.84 (not inclusive)
IBM IBM XT (P) 1983?
Kenbak KENBAK-1 (P) .
Kendall Square Research KSR-1 (P) 1991
Kurzweil Reading m/c for Blind ...
Lehmer, D. H.
Lehmer, D. N.
Lehmer-Factoring-Machines (P) 1932
Librascope see Royal Precision - McBee .
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) LINC ca. 1963
XD118.79 A-G, X834.87, X835.87
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Whirlwind 1951
Minneapolis Honeywell
See "Honeywell"
. .
M.I.T - Mass. Inst. Tech Apollo Guidance Computer - AGC - (P) ...
MITS (Altair 8800 (P) 1975
Meiko Limited CS-2 (COMPUTING SURFACE 2) 1994
MRCS Multi-RIOS Computer Server Prototype ??
MOSTEK, Inc. MK4096 rubylith N/A
X444.84 D
Motorola MONSOON ...
Multiflow Multiflow Trace 1988
Nippon Electric Corporation (NEC) NEAC 2203 (P)
card punch, card reader/punch
X800.86 A-l
?Norden?? Norden Bomb Sight (P) .
Nutting Associates Computer Space (P) 1970
Osborne Associates Osborne-1? (P) .
Pennsylvania School of Engineering ENIAC
BRL-55 Link
Peterson, H.P. Mona by the Numbers 1965
Philco Corporation Philco 212 Instruction Timer sliderule 1960
Philco Corporation Philco 212 (P) ?
Pixar Pixar Image Computer 1988
Radio Shack TRS-80, Model 100 (P) .
RAND Corporation Johnniac Elapsed Hour Meter Panel ca. 1955
RAND Corporation Johnniac (P) 1954
Remington Rand see UNIVAC
Roberts, Steve BEHEMOTH 1983-1991
Royal Precision Electronic Computer Company LGP-30 Computer (Librascope General Precision) 1956
South West Technical Products SWTP 6800 (P), link .
Sperry Univac Corporation The NTDS Computer (P) 1962
SRI International THE SRI VAN article from CORE 3.1 X1590.99
Symbolics LM-2 1981
Symbolics, Inc. 3600 , (P) 1983
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 (P) .
Teletype Corporation Teletype Model 33 ca. 1963
Thinking Machines Corporation (Connection Machine)
Thinking Machines Corporation CM-2 1987
Thinking Machines Corporation CM-5 (P) 1993
Three Rivers Computer Company PERQ 1982
X994.89 A-C
UNIVAC NTDS Unit Computer
AN/USQ-20 (P)
UNIVAC UNIVAC ??? (P) 1958
UNIVAC UNIVAC I Mercury Delay Line Memory (P) .
University of California -- Berkeley RAID II Prototype (P) 1992
University of Illinois / Burroughs Corporation ILLIAC IV (P) 1975
University of Wisconsin WISC (Wisconsin Integrally Synchronized Computer) (P) CPU & console 1953
Unknown Printer Control Tape Storage Rack ca. 1970
Unknown Forefathers of APL ca. 1980-85
X1692.99 A
Unknown R. D. Moore Insight and Recognition Memorial ca. 1980-85
X1692.99 B
Wright Line, Inc. Plugboard Control Panel Rack 1950
X1640.99 AK
Wright Line, Inc. Plugboard Control Panel Rack ca. 19??
X1640.99 AS
Xerox Corporation Star 1981
X1551.98 A-E
Xerox Corporation A: Notetaker 1 System Unit; B: Keyboard; C: Mouse (P) 1970s
X748.86 A-C
Xerox Corporation Dover Laser Printer 1978
Xerox Corporation - PARC ALTO II + Ethernet transceiver 1972
X124.82 A-E
Xerox Corporation - PARC Alto II CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse (P) ca. 1972
X1740.99 A-D
Xerox Corporation - PARC A: Alto II CPU; B: Monitor; C: Keyboard; D: Mouse ca. 1972
X749.86 A-D
Xerox Corporation - PARC Star (P) ca. 1961
Zuse Zuse Z23 (P) 1961

The following entries are in even earlier development on this web page (or were moved out of Visible storage).

Enigma Enigma .
Calculators Calculators .
? Denning robot ...
? Franken RAID ...
? Hubot ...
Hp electronic calculators Hp electronic calculators ...
Robots Core Robots article
magnetic core magnetic core (P) .
Eugene Miya tape transcription .

Picture Credits
All pictures, unless otherwise qualified, were taken by Ed Thelen of material owned by Computer History Museum under the non-commercial rule. Permission to use images for commercial purposes must be obtained from Computer History Museum. The current (2006) contact is Judy Strebel - Media Archivist, Computer History Museum, 1401 North Shoreline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043, 650-810-1034 voice, 650-810-1056 fax, strebel@computerhistory.org , www.computerhistory.org

A recent response was:

The Computer History Museum is happy to grant ---'s request to reproduce Ed Thelen's photograph of the --- in the --- computer magazine, ---.
The image must bear the following credit line: "Image courtesy of Ed Thelen and the Computer History Museum".
This credit line must appear along either the vertical or horizontal margin of said image(s), or in a List of Illustrations or Table of Figures within the same document in which they are used.
We also ask that you send two copies of the --- issue where the image appears to the Computer History Museum at the address listed below. One copy will be for Ed and one copy will be placed in the Museum's archives.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Response to request if I am still a docent

> Can you remind me of the name of the museum?

Computer History Museum - new location -

> Do you still volunteer there?

Not in  the same way -
    There is an effort to get docents to complete a tour
     in a finite amount of time -
not necessarily when everyone stopped asking questions -
   (Kinda hard on marginally interested folks.)

HOWEVER - there are some great new exhibits
   since I quit being the Wednesday docent at the old museum -

A real geek can spend a day or three wandering about ;-))
Best day for demos is Wednesday !! :
    - IBM 1401 @ 3:00, http://ibm-1401.info/    
    - RAMAC demo @ early afternoons, http://ed-thelen.org/RAMAC/index.html  
    - "Babbage Machine" demo @ early afternoons, http://ed-thelen.org/BabInstCHM/index.html
The "ABC" restoration is not  easily found, hidden in a corner, not on most docent tours
This was the first vacuum tube digital computer,
    using binary arithmetic,
    serial parallel ;-)
    with the world's first dynamic memory, used capacitors like DRAMs today ;-))
unfortunately it only solved linear simultaneous equations (up to 30 variables)
    and wasn't stored program, but what do you want pre-ENIAC ?? Windows  ;-))

I do get there some Wednesdays - Suggestion: 
   Get a proper docent tour in the morning,
    and I can talk your ear off in the afternoon  ;-))
OK, there are lots of other folks with the same inclination ;-)) Just ask -

-Ed Thelen  

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