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Manufacturer IBM
Identification,ID IBM-029-Keypunch
Date of first manufacture-
Number produced -
Estimated price or cost-
location in museum -
donor -

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Interesting Web Sites
  • About the IBM 026, a close functional and mechanical predicessor of the IBM 029. One can think of the 029 as a transistorized 026.

Other information
Following info current in 2007:

Duwayne Lafley

15909 Pine Street
Santa Fe, Texas 77517-2633
phone: H: 409 925 8404 - C: 832 367 1295
web site:
I think letting people use a keypunch & sorter is a great idea, however untrained operators may cause you to get a lot of card jams & damage your machines. I do maintenance on IBM keypunches, sorters etc. so keep me in mind if you need maintenance, leasing, parts & ribbons.

Source of Punch cards
Stan Paddock wrote: (May 2013)

California Tab Card Company
9905 Painter Ave., Suite L & M
Whittier, CA 90605

The price tag is $20.00 per 1000 cards.
Web site is

+1 562 777 2404Telephone:
+1 562 777 2405FAX:

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