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External Lists of On-Line Documents

Physical Computer Museums

Documents about Museums & Curators

Links to Virtual Computer Museums

General Computer Sites (recent additions near the top)

Architecture, Computers in General

Computers available in era

Specific Technology
Table of Contents In somewhat chronological order
Mechanical Calculators,
Unit Record,
Magnetic Drum
Williams-Kilburn Memory Tube,
Other Memory & Specialty Tubes
Mercury Delay Line,
Torsion Wire Delay Line
Inter-Unit Communications
Magnetic tape
Diode Capacitor Memory
Magnetic Core,

Dave Lion found this here.

Mechanical Calculators

Unit Record (IBM Cards ;-)

Magnetic Drum

Williams-Kilburn Memory Tube

Other Memory & Specialty Tubes

Mercury Delay Line Memory

Inter-Unit Communications

  • Modem - Data Set 101C, unclocked FSK, AT&T from

  • "U.S. Computer Printer Industry" by Erwin Tomash, founder of Dataproducts Corporation
    The UNIVAC had " the first high speed drum line printer. The printer operated at 600 lpm."

Magnetic tape
Diode Capacitor Memory
Magnetic Core Memory

Manufacturer Specific Sites

Machine Specific Sites

Machine Specific Documents

sorted by manufacturer or common name
A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I, L, M, O, T, U, W
Reference Cards, Teletype Model 28, ERA ABLE & ATLAS & 1101, IBM 701 & 704

Sites about Computer Software


Analog Computer Sites

Mechanical Computer Sites

"Interesting" Computer People Sites

Biographic Documents

Groups interested in old computers (general)
May duplicate some links above.

Sources of old computer goods and services
  • Chuck says he fixes unit record equipment

Miscellaneous Links

just for fun ;-))

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Updated Jan 17, 2020