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Training and Ranges

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Training and Ranges site information
Ft. Bliss
- AirDefenseBoard
- 495th AAA Msl Bn.
- DPT Center Test and Evaluation
- South Park
- HHB 2/5 ADA
- HQ Btry,6Th Gp ADA
- HQ 4/62
- A/4/62
- B/4/62
- C/4/62
- D/4/62 Mobile
- 1/333 later @ McGregor
- B/333
- D/1/333 later @ McGregor
- 13th Ordnance
- MissileMaster
- Abernathy Park
McGregor Range (later) both Hercules and Ajax
- HHB 2/52 ADA
- A/2/52
- B/2?/52?
- C/2/52 Arty (Mobile)
- D/2/52 Arty (Mobile)
- Nike Tng BN
- ARADCOM at McGregor range
- Oro Grande Camp RCAT
- Nike / Hawk live fire tracking site 2
NAMFI Chania, Crete
Red Canyon Range Camp (early) fired Ajax only
- Oscura RCAT Duty
Redstone Arsenal Alabama
Sea Range (Korea)
White Sands Proving Ground
- now "White Sands Missile Range" (WSMR)
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- I'm "organizing" this up as people send me info
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Ft. Bliss .
. Acord, William L., 507th Arty Detachment (NATO Cust.Team) - Unit disbanded. Transferred to 509th Arty Detachment @ Ft. Bliss. Unit disbanded. Served in D-1-333 at Ft. Bliss in 1969. - 222 2nd St.; Beaver, WV 258139/68-12/69
. Birmingham, Harry, Missile Master. I was one of the seven enlisted Cadre of instructors from Ft. Bliss who went to the Martin-Orlando facility to attend the first AN/TSQ-8 Fire Unit Integration Facility equipment maintenance course in April 1958. I was chosen as the honor student at the end of a four-week course. We returned to Bliss and prepared the training course for the Nike Fire Control Chief training.. The equipment used point contact transistors and was installed in a training building that was completely copper screened to prevent any radar beams from blowing the transistors. We learned about logic circuits, digital data transfer, and I used that knowledge to get a good job with Convair Astronautics as an Atlas Checkout Equipment instructor when my enlistment was over in September 1958. I have some black/white photos of our class receiving instruction../56-/58
. Bolin, Jeffrey L., ait 1 year6/79-6/81
. Brown, Odis A., FUIF Instructor - PO Box 914, Silver Creek, GA. 30173/64-/65
. de Grom, Tom, Missile and launcher School, Ft Bliss Instructor (22F)/67-/68
. Ehlers, Robert "Bob", Instructor, SP5 - Trained in 63-attended instructor training fall of 63-taught at park-mostly NATO troops-excess in MOS-departed in the spring 64 along with about 6 of my close friends all-226's Ended up in the Field Arty working on Counter Battery radar, MPQ 10 at Fort Chaffee Ark. and Fort Sill OK. Out in Oct of 1965. /63-10/65
. Evanoff, Robert E. (Bob), Nike Hercules Launcher Area Fire Control Instructor. ... training US Army and NATO troops on the Nike Hercules Missile assembly and checkout procedures. I tried for two years from 1959 to 1960 to get stationed at the Nike Site located at Monroe, Michigan which was only 30 miles north of my home town in Toledo, Ohio. - Now at 8 Oak Knoll Way, Ormond Beach, FL 32174. Phone: 386-676-0313 6/58-12/60
. Gunderson, Robert 3 years at Bliss. I was part of the training group. Last served as system maintenance. Discharged Feb. 61. Went to work for GE Computer Division in Phoenix, Az.2/58-2/61
. Hardy, Timothy, Worked in the warhead building A Battery Staff and Faculty 06/85-12/85
. Hazelwood, Tom, Worked on training systems. 1/65-12/67
. Howard, John, Assigned to RCAT Battery. I tested target engines before sending them to Oscura or Mc Gregor camps.6/58-4/60
. Jones, Frank R., I was a troop pusher/IFC instructor on all systems. I made E-5 (Spc.5)in Sep. 1967 and made a Buck SGT. E-5 in early Oct.67. I loved my job> I got married and ETSed back to my hometown of Fort Worth, Tx. in Jan. 1969. Instead of shooting down A/C with a NIKE Missle, I started building F-111 aircraft at General Dymanics. I now work for the federal Goverment, Dept of Defense. - 109 Ashley Lane Weatherford, Tx. 76086 8/67-01/69
. Keller, Adam L., Nike Ajax Electronic Material Maint school, stayed on at Ft. Bliss as Instructor through 1957. SSGT when RAD to attend College in Indiana. - 532 Woods Bend Dr., Aiken, SC 29803 9/54-6/57
. Keough, Edward, training 1st LT's on AD prior to discharge. 9/71-1/72
. Macdonald, Bruce, Completed 16B mos stayed on a permanent cadre. 1st training brigade Fort Bliss Texas3/66-3/67
. McKinney, John B., Initially assigned as Dep Dir, PATRIOT Trng Dept and retired as Dir. Nike Hercules was under the department. It closed out in '87 and we stopped Herc trng. Started with Herc as a 2LT and ended active Herc as an LTC.7/83-11/88
. Michael, Tom, 24P instructor3/78-5/80
. Noe, Richard, Instructor - I taught both US and NATO troops on the Nike Ajax Missile System including missile assembly through launch and supported troop training at the range (don't recall its name). It was a good duty station and even liked the El Paso climate after three years. The knowledge I acquired on Nike lead me into a career in aerospace most of which I have enjoyed except for the lay-offs associated with government contracts. My nick name is Bill. 3/58-8/60
. Poulos (Simmons), Gail, 24U Instructor - One of the first females to enter field. /76-/78
. Roberts, James T., Was an instructor on the internal guidance system for the Nike Ajax - 29 Dumfries Ave., Fort Thomas, Ky. 41075/56-5/59
. Rose, Robert T., Nike Hercules School, I served as an instructor for 3 years. 4526 Rivermist Drive Melbourne Florida 329353/83-3/86
. Rothe, Peter, With the German Airforce as interpeter for Ajax and Hercules courses8/60-11/61
. Savage, Gladys Jane (Janie), 9/75-11/76
. Schnabel, Richard, SFC, Retired 7/796/78-7/79
. Steele, Richard, SP5 A Btry School Support Command MOS 225.10 (22F20) Nike Herc. Electronic Maint. at Missle and Launch Area Training Center, Ft. Bliss10/63-2/66
. Tracy, Rodger, After going through 24Q20 Nike Herc Fire Control Technician school for 40 weeks, then maintained the equipment at the Air Defense School until being shipped to Pforzheim , Germany. I learned to fly and became a private pilot in my off duty time in El Paso. I put over 5,000 mile on my 15 speed bike as I did not own a car. I used to ride to Las Cruzes, NM to eat at La Posta resturant and return. - 2396 Herndon Dr., East Wenatchee, WA 98802 4/66-2/68
. Trentlage, Keith A., Could't begin to compare to Fort Brown Deer. - 1235 Wisteria La. Waukesha, WI 05/71-2/72
. Trinkle, Charles A., D Btry 1st Bn 1st Gp- Performed Maintenance @ Launcher Training Site located at intersection of Fred Wilson Dr. & Airport Rd.(across the road from BIGGS AFB) : rank:PFC F Btry. 2nd Bn 1st Gp: duties same as above : rank:Spec4 B Btry Sch Spt Comd USARADSCH: duties; maintain and set up electronic training labs and electronic test equipment: rank(Spec5, E5) I still remember watching the B36 bombers taking off from BIGGS(a SAC base) and hoping they gained enough altitude to clear the Franklin Mts. Sometimes they barely cleared our barracks(located off HAHN Rd.) see comments second site A lot of the guys that I attended AAA & GM school with were later transferred to Fts. Sill, Ok & Huachuca, Az. The Army had more Nike men than they needed. However, the training classes continued. 11/58-8/61
. Wallters, Michael, 60-62
. Walston, Richard E., 99 Waterside Rd. Northport, New York 11768, assigned Ft. Bliss - After graduating from msl+launching area as a Hercules Electronic Maintanence tech.=assigned as an instructor in HAM dept. 10/68-3/70
. Williams, John, Worked in the school support command. C Bat4/65-1/68
. Wogoman, Phil E, Sp-5, training National Guard troops - arrived as sp4 and made sp5 several months later. right place at right time. spent time training national guard troops on the radar consols as well as supervising the troops in cleanup details. nothing was allowed to grow within 50 feet of the roadway as i recall so everything needed to be policed. was there when president kennedy was assassinated and remember how the border was closed down with some of our guys across the border. separated from service in 8-64. - 130 w pinehurst sidney, oh 453656/63-8/64
. Witt, Charles T. (Jr.), I attended the first Internal Guidance course at Ft. Bliss (1954), then transferred to site installation team out of Chicago, then back to Ft. Bliss as an instructor until 1957 - 421 East Fourth St., Grandfield, OK 73546 /54-/57
. Yost, Kenneth J., E-4 - 16B20 Nike Missile - 100 waldon cir macungie, pa. 1806211/1972-11/1974
---AirDefenseBoardCONARC Air Defense Board (Board 4) Site 1, Ft Bliss Texas .
. Nielsen, Niels, Spec4, MOS 224; left to go to Army Security Agency.7/58-7/60
1/333 1/333 Ft Bliss Texas - later @ McGregor .
. Graham, Dennis R., 94b20 from Pvt to e-4 have pics of moving day to McGregor from the cooks veiw. Let me know if anybody would like them? 7489 El Chino Circle Buena Park CA. 906207/69-1/70
. Warren, James M., Right out of ADA School, as a Nike Hercules Electronic Missile Maintenance Specialist, I was assigned to the 1st BN 333rd Air Defense Arty. The only mobile Unit in the Army, I think. I was a Spec/E-4. One day, word came down; our unit was going to be assigned to 2/52 in Homestead, Fl. I thought that I would leave and go to a permanent site. Wrong. We brought our equipment to the motor pool at Ft. Bliss and about a month later moved it with haste to McGregor Range. I drove a 2 ˝ ton truck with a launcher and tore down most stop signs and anything on any corner between the motor pool and the range. - 142 Autumn Drive 1/69-/69
B/333 B/333 Ft Bliss Texas - later @ McGregor .
. Ansley, William (Bill), Happy to be back @ Ft. Bliss once again. Enjoyed the duty there and took my car with me. I did some traveling on my off duty days and enjoyed going to Cloudcroft and Riudosa, NM. As a Sp/5, I pulled CQ and Guard duty but no KP. Later, our unit was moved to McGregor Range which seemed out in the middle of nowhere. Overall, I liked the climate around El Paso.
--D/1/333 later @ McGregor .
. McLaughlin, Patrick, The Battalion was apparently activated in May 1966. Our barracks were at the old Army hospital at Fred Wilson Ave. and Dyer St. Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas before being moved to the main base near Fred Wilson Ave. and Airport Rd., where our equipment was kept.
- In January 1967, we moved to McGregor Range. D-battery headquarters was in building 3415. They remained there until I left the service in September 1968. During that time, we participated in the making of a training film on Mobile Nike Hercules units. I don't know if that film was ever produced. We also fired missiles on one occasion at McGregor Range in 1968.
---495th AAA Msl Bn. 1st GM Gp(SAM) Ft Bliss Texas .
. Blose, Max A., msl launch, then assy and service at Red Canyon Range camp, worked on building launch sites at Red canyon when site was activated, - 1001 N. Betsy Drive Robinson, TX 767067/54-5/56
. Loftis, Homer J., (1) Bn-S-2 (2)Bn Adj(3) (3) PersOff(Concur) Ist Lt We made it happened. Forever First - 6135 Bellefontaine Rd Lima, Ohio 458048/54-10/55
. Mullin, Bartley "Moon", Sp2, on-board guidance tech. discharged 9/57 helped develop first mobile Ajax battery at McGregor Range, worked on team that shot 16 missiles in competition with Air Forcr (1956) to determine federal funding allocations--We won! Fired first Ajax missiles with fragmentation boosters (at Mcgregor) it was a disaster-all of them on the ready rack blew up plus the one on the elevated launcher that was fired. Lotsa; red fuming nitric acid and noise. 4687Glengate Drive, Columbus, Ohio4323210/56-9/57
. Williams, George, Helped build the launch sites. My first job was ro run the camp generator while part of the training battery. After training with package 20 that was sent to Detroit, I was assigned to the Battery D, 495th and spent every other month at RCRC./54-2/56
. Zajac, James, SP2 Guided Msl Mech Maint, PO BOX 41 PULASKI WI 54162 - I believe this was the first Nike Msl Bn. We provided the training personel and support equip for the batteries on site. The batteries spent 1 or 2 wks at Red Canyon Range Camp located in the Carrizozo & Oscuro New Mexico. I was a G.M.M. man 6/54-10/56
---3./GAFADSGerman Air Force Air Defense School .
. Erich W. Iller, Interpretor, SFC, E-9 ret. 1/74-3/79
US Army Air Defense School - Fort Bliss .
. Amren, Greg, Started as 22f20 Nike Hercules Electronic Tech class 4-69, ended as 24U40. instructor at SWTC. Also worked at missle supply11/68-7/71
. Bolger, John, SP5/SSG, taugh LOPAR/HIPAR at Abernathy Park. Went to visit Bliss [this] year. you can never go home. - 269 Ridgewood Blvd, Leesville LA 71446/71-/75
. Braden, Frank (Buck) R., III, BLDG #2, I attended OBC from July-Sept and then joined the Air Defense School's Basic Electronics Department of the Electronics Division. . I left the Enlisted Inst Branch in October, 1962 for a three month vacation at Homestead AFB, Fl in twin-40s (Dusters)during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 7/60-10/62
. Christensen, Larry P., Spec 5 and SSGT, 24U4H, basic electronics, missile electronics and missile fire distribution system instructor. Primarily a NATO troop instructor. Snap evaluator at McGregor Range. Great bunch of guys at the school and hanging around Juarez in the late 60's was pretty good duty also. - 7002 Buttermilk Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 784133/68-7/70
. Curry, Larry, Spec-5 High Altitude Missle Dept. Assembly and Launch Area - Instructor 68-70
. Fields, Larry, Was an instructor for the 22F (later 24U) school from 3-69 to 6-71. Taught many foreign and US students. Loved doing it and worked with and met a great bunch of fellow soldiers.9/68-6/71
. Gilliland, Richard M., Worked in Bldg 769 Basic Officer Orientation Course - where we showed in-flight mechanic on a Hawk Missile making in-flight adjustments; some believd it. Later transferred to the High Altitude Missile (HAM) Dept, Bldg 60, Plans & Operations (P&O) where I controlled and maintained all tests/written exams related to the Nike Herc. Also maintained same for the Allied Students. PCS to 3/71, 02/68.10/66-02/68
. Jegelewicz, James , Maintained AN/MPQ T-1's for school. 1/73-1/74
. Johnson, Kenneth D. CW2 RET., DSP Missile & Launcher Repair 83-87
. Lessely, Roger, Nike Universal Fire and Control System Maintenance. Trained US, Seato and Nato troops at Robert Abernathy Radar Park. Use to love meeting my German students in Juarez. Great guys and kept the beer flowing '61-'64
. Marcella, Thomas, Worked in the radar park doing maintenance on ajax fire control systems after graduating from SAM 28.11/55-8/57
. McCarthy, Robert, Tracking Radar Instructional Branch, Guided Missile Fire Control Instructor, E-4, wangled a job teaching after graduation and loved it. Worked with some great people. 1535 Burns Street, West Linn, OR 970682/67-2/68
. Murrell, Gerald B. , MOS 223.1 Nike Ajax Electronic Material Maint. Upon graduation was sent to Ft. Sill, OK to Corporal Msl. Bn. doing guidance testing. Moved to Orogrande, NM for month of June, 1959 for annual practice firing. Fired 2 missiles. Pretty neat. Transferred back to Bliss in August,1959.
Came back to the school and taught Basic Electronics for short time. Then one of 3 Enlisted men assigned to Missile Science Division, an advanced course for field grade officers intended to be site commanders. Stayed there until I was separated from active duty, 1/20/61, co-incidentally JFK's inauguration day. Loved Bliss and El Paso. - 12606 Rifleman Trail, Cypress, TX 77429
. Page, Buddy, Taught Launch Area Military Personnel in Launch Area maintenance and operations as a Lieutenant in Anti-Air Craft. 117 South Shore Dr., Holden Beach, NC 28462 9/56-9/58
. Passmore, Alan A., SFC (E-7) Retired there while in the HAM department, but instructed for many years all on the Fire Control Equipment and I too knew Larry Bishop for all that time along with many others and would like to hear from any that were either instructors or maintenance during that period. Did a lot of fishing and hunting in N.M., Tx and Mexico. Half a career there and half in the Far East. Be glad to have anyone call me at (407)-381-2165. We may know each other or some others we knew. - 5450 Jean Drive Orlando, Florida 328222/57-10/67
. Ramsay, Colin B, Abernathy Park, 24Q on A-team and T-1 simulator. 75-78
. Reeser, Darrell E., Instructor and served on the Firing Squad of the Funeral Detail from 7/70 to 1/71 5/70-1/71
. Robbins, Robert G (Bob)., SP-5. 223.68 mos, Attended SAM Electronic Material Maintance Course No.10. Instructed after graduation in the launcher and warhead section on Ajax. Mat Mtc Sch FtBliss - 16 Donner Pl. Ponca City, Ok. 74604 04/57-8/59
. Ruth, Dennis R., Missile Electronics & Control Systems Dept. 2LT - Instructor & Chief, Officer Instruction Branch. Taught/supervised basic electricity & electronics instruction & IFF, then Operations Officer '69-'71
. Shaw, William (Bill), maintained Nike radars and computers for the various classes coming through. 11/55-9/56
. Smith, Donald E, Instructor -Nike Hercules, 2624 Oak Haven, San Marcos, TX 78666 6/57-6/63
. Strain, Bobby C., Bliss Instructor 7/56-9/57
. Sullivan, Paul R. , Spec 5 24U20C, Staff and Faculty Battalion 68-71
. Tracy, Rodger C., SP5 - Maintained the school IFC systems after graduation, then went to a live site in Pforzheim, Germany in 3/68 - 2396 Herndon Drive, East Wenatchee, WA 98802 3/67-3/68
. Urban, Charles, 24U Instructor then moved to PATRIOT 24T Instructor until ETS in 8/85 332 East Haven Dr,Bham AL2/82-3/83
. Whitten, Frank, Launching Area Training Instructor, E5 and as Civilian Instructor. 6/58-6/67
. Willis, Everett Douglas, 8/69-2/71
. Vaughn, Tom , HHB SSC (School Support Command) 68-71
. Zimmerman, W. Dean (Z-Man), Worked night maintenance SSG - worked with Sp6 Larry Bishop, SFC Johnny Mcgee and many more colorful characters. 8/69-5/75
--DPT Center Test and Evaluation . .
. Dandeneau, James, Started with allied ASP T-1 section worked with Japanese, Dutch and Spanish. Worked on center Cert team for Patriot and then moved to Abernathey Park Patriot Maintenence section till I retired. Now work with Raytheon on Patriot. Will never be as much fun as Herc. 12/81-3/85
--South Park . .
. Morgan, Ron Instructor, SP4. D battery of the Enlisted Staff and Faculty. Specialized in teaching the analog computer. for 2000 hrs I also fought the War of Wazoo.or Juazoo 7/57-5/59
--HHB 2/5 ADA . .
. Poff, James A., worked in Range Support as Missile Assembly Sergeant. Had to learn the Nike Ajax from ground up to support 4/62nd officer training firings. Supported Japanese Self-Defense Force with Ajax and Hercules. CW3 Calhoun was in charge. Rough man but good supervisor. CW1/CW2 Carvell applied for warrant because he knew he would never make E-5. 11/74-6/76
. Wolfmeyer, Jim T-1 Operator '70-'71
HQ Btry,6Th Gp ADA . .
. Sloan, Don sp5 trained national guard at mcgregor range in the good old days, many fond memories. 8/62-11/64
--HQ 4/62 (McGregor Range). .
. Bishop, Houston, SP4-SP6 Production control - 3733 winderwood memphis,tn38128 4/68-9/69
. Evans, Vincent, LCT, sang at the Sugar Shack in El Paso 7/65-7/66
. Gadbois, James, SP/5 23N20 (Nike Radar and Computer Repair) When I arrived at Ft. Bliss, I was a PFC. I was told that only E-6 and above worked on radars and that I better "find a hole and jump in it"! ... Have lots of old "war" stories that get funnier and funnier, the older I get. We had some great times there and in Juarez.70-71
. Lingo, Charles R., we fired the herc. as a target for the new patriot sys. we scored tech. kill on patriot. - 1730 leoti dr. colo.springs, co 80915 6/79-6/80
. Liveoak, Brenda (E5), Nike Test equipment repair. I was with the first batch of women that came through the Nike courses. Uncle Sam had just retired the Womens Army Corp and I had to convert over to regular army right after basic. 75-76
--A/4/62 . .
. Brown, Carl S. (Steve), A&S 2/77-12/78
. Drobny, Paul Joseph, I was a SP. 5 and had a 16c mos, mostly I was a computer operator cross trained on both Hi power and low power Acq radars. 4/73-9/74
. Valles, John L., IFC Plt Ldr, XO & BC7/67-1/70
--B/4/62 (mobile Herc) .
. Brown, Gregory K., - 187 Lloyd Ave. Fremont Ca. 94536 9/71-12/71
. Coles, John R, worked down range in the launcher section. Part of bn when they experimented with making the nike herc. airmobile by sling loading under a chinook. Some of the names I recalled SPC Cornish, spc mc cord aka bubba, spc williams aka jw ,spc williams aka chil wil, spc wieker aka tiny,sgt newton sgt rudolph - 41Highland Blvd Apt B New Castle, De 197201/77-6/79
--C/4/62 . .
. Downing, Malcolm, Was C Btry XO then CO from 1967 t0 68. Worked with a great bunch of guys and in June 68 got out to return to civilian life. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers the days. 1st Lt./Cpt/67-6/68
--D/4/62 Mobile (N-H) . .
. Bishop, Houston, school support SP4 missile repairman - 3733 winderwood memphis,tn38128 10/67-4/68
. Breton, Frederick, Mos 225. Missile/ launch area tech.spent most of time at McGregor range maintaining for School Support (training 2 looies) - 11 Crain Rd, Surry NH 03431 9/62-6/63
. Rhodes, John, SP5 Fire Control Operator(Acq/Computer) 1963-65
--13th Ordnance . .
. Puls, Anthony R., unit disbanded/75-/76
FtChurchill . .
McGregorRange . .
. Allgor, Clarence B. (Ben), Fire control maintenance, - R.S. Battery, McGregor Range Bn - When Red Canyon closed (6/59), I went to McGregor where I did the same work on a site there for about a year. McGregor Range was way overstaffed, as was my MOS so in early 1960, I was in a group that was given orders to go to Europe and Korea. We spent 3 months TDY at Fort Gordon, GA for school, and then I went on to France for three years. - 39898 35 1/2 Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079 6/59-3/60
. My father (CW4 William J. Auell – deceased), was also known as the “mayor” of McGregor”, having more time there than any others at the time. Here is his Army Autobiography ?-9/72
. Benedict, Michael, McGregor Range Site #2, Fire Control Maintenance Chief (226/23G/24Q)for one of the two NATO Officers' firing sites.1/72-12/74
. Bernard, Timothy R., [ this e-mail address he sent fails ] SP4 MOS 24Q20. Can't remember what site # but could take you there still. Worked with CW4 Mr.Good (low man was assigned his driver) if anybody worked for him knows about the thumb wrestling. What I thought was the worst thing that could happen turned out to be the best thing. After honorable discharge went back to school for a degree in electronics been working at Honeywell ever since (started 10/74)working on military avionics currently on C-130 (combat talon) KC-10 and KC-135 3/73-7/74
. Brassell, Wayne G., Nike Surveillance Radar 8/71-2/72
. Briant, James A., HHB 4/62 ADA DSP, Nike Track Radar Repairman 23N20 SP/5 7/76-4/78
. Carder, Joseph Lynn, range control addcp fire nike missiles and hawk. miss my friends ssg.lemuel r.owens o.c. maint. chief good boss,sgt.donold r. kennedy pulled shift work with him. pfc.randy j. whiteaker loved moter bikes.many more brothers. - 604 coralwood ct. kingsport , tenn. 37663 06/73-06/74
. Carlson, Ronald, ARADCOM SVC Practice Unit I was a missile tape analyst, company clerk, US Army, spec 4, assigned permanent party out at the range. I was there when the NATO FRENCH UNIT came over, and missile had to be command burst/exploded, if I remember right it killed 3 on the ground at one of the firing ranges. My officers were Lt Col Ness,Major Iannamico,SMAJ Collins, several CWO. The units arrived over the weekend, assinged assembly areas for missile prep,checks performed and some units starting firing on Wed PM, all way thru Friday a.m. Obviously, drones were carried aloft via planes at Biggs AFB, released down range, and the party was on.... I would type up all the data and the units were critiqued with their scoring. Left there to go to Vietnam 8/62-2/63
. Carnright, Stan, senior radar tech for range search during firing of the Hawk, Nike & nike hurc. Also we had firing on N. Megergor for the Red Eye and the vulcan and chaperal. I was in charge of three sites to keep the range clear. These were Mike , Oscar & Elephant Mountian which was really on White Sands. late '60s
. Cornett, Timothy C., Sp4 IFC computer operator , D battery 2/521980-1983
. Dyrud, Philip M, SP/4 Fire control maintenance - 10084 310th St. NE Newfolden, MN 56738 6/59-6/60
. Ellis, Marion E., Missile and Tracking Radar Repairman MOS 253.10. E2 and left as Sp5-E5. Ordinance Detachment of the 61st Ord. Gp. Ft. Bliss. Hercules and Ajax Fire Control sites. I would like to hear from anyone that was in McGregor Ord. Det. 1959-1962 and /or remembers me. 6/59-2/62
. Fey, Russell, built ajax for foreign troop training. 2 per week during the year I was there 4/66-5/67
. Grace, Robert, Mc Greggor range ordnance support, SP-6 IFC repair6/66-11/67
. Hamblin, John, Site 1, MacGregor Range2/66-12/66
. Hardesty, Thomas G., Special Police and Fire Control Tech on IFC 265/59-2/61
. Hickman, Harry L, 16B Crewman (Mc Gregor Range) C - 1 -3339/67-10/68
. Hines, Mark, 16B, helped dismantal, by hand, the launch site as we de-activated C 2/52 in the middle of summer. Was detailed out to work at the Ft. Bliss Replica museum after that. Best duty I ever had in my 20+ years of service. 9-5 in civies and half a day on Fridays.11/81-?/82
. Jegelewicz, James , Maintained T-1's at site 1&2, helped with Firings at 24,25 & 26 for Germans and Japanese. Got involved with the Herc Air Mobility & Earth Penetrater Warhead Program, then retired! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!! 1/74-4/79
. Johnson, Joseph M. Jr, CW3 251B Ground Guidance. Stuck at McGregor until retirement ??/83-02/87
. Krieser, Curtis R., DSB, 2/52 ADA4/80-7/82
. Lichtman, Jeffrey M., 23N20 Nike Radar and Computer Repair. - Schooling at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, then assigned to 333rd Artilery at Ft. Bliss. 333rd was deactivated and wound up in the 2nd Bat. 52nd Art. at MacGregor Missle Range, NM. 68-70
. Locke, Rick, I was sent directly to site 12 from AIT as a 24Q. We were thr Range Commanders. We all wore our mustaches "wound up" Main post hated us with our arm bands and would roust us if they found us on post with them. I was Spec 5 Locke. Really liked the job and the people. I am now an ADA in El Paso. - 5109 memory El Paso Texas 7991211/79-3/81
. Lopez, Delfin, MP at McGregor with an MOS 95-B and the Rank E-6./78-/80
. Marshall, John M., I was a Military Police, rank E-4, Unit A/2/52 PLEASE NOTE: I worked with Mike Reffitt (listed in this site) and was un-able to make contact. Can you help??? Mike and I are old Army Buddies - 1101 W. Lynwood St. Phoenix Az. 85007 /79-/81
. Morgan, Dennis T., Tracked live fires through a telescope and manual postioning using remote box. Tried to optically catch the first Patriot firing at White Sands 1/81
. Neal, Michial C, l6/79- 5/80
. Norton, Richard E., 22D20 Laucher Control Repairman - Visited site and post at Ft Bliss in 2007. All has changed drasticly. - 6140 Portsmouth Drive Flowery Branch, Ga. 12/66-5/68
. OWENS, R (scott), E-4 4/62 McGregor range Alaska to Texas Bad motorcycle crash HWY 54 retired me! LOVED IT ALL! thank you 1611 Cook Ave. cleve. OH 4410911/77-12/78
. Peyton, Louis, This was not my first site, Came from Okinawa to McGregor Range, worked missile assembly supported all US and Forgien ASP Missile Assembly. Made WO in 1968 ETS to Sunny Florida - 29307 6/67-7/68
. Pohan, Adi M., Sp4, MOS 24U, supporting Annual Service Practice at McGregor Range. First housed at McGregor Range for a few months, then moved to Ft. Bliss to be with the rest of the 2/52 HHB. Worked with US, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Turkish Herc units. - 2020 Fostoria Circle, Danville, CA 94526 USA10/71- 09/73
. Ruff, David, SITE 26 - No slot in MOS. Left at Mc Gregor to take up space. Swept sand and got ready for NATO troops to fire out every week. Good group of soldiers - . Remember the Col. He had us march to the scratchy records. 10/64-5/65
. Russell, Andy, Trained as nike ajax maintainance (mos 223.??) - was in a bunch of 50 who were sent to McGregor and did various duties - I ended in motor pool. would love to hear from old friends there - Matthews?, Selvey? Lingenfelter? - 3005 w brittington, williamsburg, va7/58-9/60
. Pittman, Joe Spec 4, 22G20 Launcher control repairman 2/68-9/68
. Smith, Donald E, NCOIC Site 26 the in 1965 & 66 2624 Oak Haven, San Marcos, TX 78666 6/64-6/66
. Rufo, Gerard J, Started as PFC with an MOS as a radar repairman. Worked as a missle tracker at range conrol on the hill while missiles were being fired. Repair work to radar was performed by civilians, after sending me to school for 33 weeks @Ft.Monmouth in N.J. Left as sp/5 in 4/65. - 18 porter st woburn ma.018014/63-4/65
. Stiles, Daniel, Platoon Leader - IFC and Launcher - sites 1 & 2, Btry Cdr - A Btry, still a 2lt when I took command. We became the Nike target det for the Patriot OT2 and fired from WSMR (Hardin Ranch and a site just south of Stallion Base Camp and west of Trinity Site. We closed down and turned in 4/62 and finished up the Patriot OT2 under 2/52. Then I left for SHORAD in Korea11/76-6/80
. Stocke, Richard, SP6 24Q Fire Control Mechanic. D Btry 2nd BN 52nd ADA McGregor Range IFC Site #23 Site was used by Alaska, Florida and Japanese units for Live Fire 8801 NW 116th Street Oklahoma City, OK 731622/77-9/78
. Thurman. William, MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint, SP4,First duty after schooling, worked at Site 12 Tracking Site. To all the Beach Boy - FOREVER MCGREGOR. My adress is 3580 East Rainier Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 7/76-7/78
. Ward, Amanda J., Electronic Maint. Specialist 24U - Firing site 2375-77
. Whitworth, Richard (Dick), P.O.Box 2193, Newport Beach, CA 92650 /59-/60
. Wood, James, SP4 16C - SP5 24P - 2/52nd Site 23 6/74-12/78
. Young, Nolan, I was sent to Mc Gregor range from Signal School (honor graduate) in Nov. 1958. The army had tents set up. There was nothing there except the Nike sites. At first I stayed at Fort Fliss and were taken by bus to the range. We ate breakfast there.
- About May or June 1959 they got the mess hall done and the barracks built. We moved out there forever. I was in the message center signal company. We took care of the commutations and power for each site. I was there till May of 1960 and made SP4.
- Then I was sent to Korea, [to a communications center], I thought the winters were cold at Mc Gregor but they did not compare to winters in Korea. I live in Redding, California.
--HHB 2/52 ADA Ft. Bliss/MacGregor Range .
. Byrne, Timothy H., from Korea, Supported Fla units coming to desert for ASP eval. And support Japanese for the ASP missile firings. Practice night convoys on sand and rock. Strip D btry equipment to ensure tactical readiness for other three battery's. Biggest event was to stand two Herc on parade field for Omar Bradley's new home of retirement in 77. Then went to Germany A 2/56 Geinseim - 10327 Premia Pl Las Vegas, NV 89135 3/76-1/78
. Castro, Stephen, 22n20. msl and launcher repair. supported many firings by florida and japanese batteries. pulled over nite gaurd duty of live rouds at mc gregor and played agressor for desert exercises. - 1936 e tam o'shanter calif 91761 9/77-11/79
. Day, Aaron, T, Transfered to main post HHB staff&fac working at Site Monitor ADATS,started on SA9 simulators later on the XM246 DIVADS, with SP4 Billyroy "bubba" Allen, Sgt.Angel Comacho and the man in charge SFC Wayne G. Brassell /80-/81
. Graham, Dennis R., 94b20 Cook, e-4 have pics of moving day to McGregor from the cooks veiw. Let me know if anybody would like them? 7489 El Chino Circle Buena Park CA. 906201/70-4/71
. Hester, Patrick, 23N20 E4/E51/79-7/80
. Johnson, Joseph M. Jr, CW2/CW3 251B Ground Guidance. Shop Officer, DSP Pl Ldr and everything else they couldn't find a Lt. for after Cpt Krieser left 6/79-??/83
. Johnson, Kenneth D. CW2 RET., DSP Missile & Launcher Repair 69-73
. Moraila, Jose Jaime, 22N-20 E-4 Nike Hercules Missile and Launcher Repair and Maintenance 02/81-09/82
. Naujokaitis, Jonas, E-4 MOS24U20 STRAF 252/ADA HQ-BTRY - 9057 Satelite dr2/77-12/78
. Smith, Timothy H. (Byrne) launch area Was assigned but attached to Fla units to support in Texas for ASP. The desert is my friend. Made E-5 under 3 years, extended for the stripe, liked it and re-upped. They wouldn't send me back to Korea, I tried like hell. We turned over sites to ROK in 78. 5/76-1278
. Ryerson, Charles A, 16C Nike Hercules Fire Control Crew Member Long range Radar E-3 An intresting detail I can recall was when i was on guard duty and seen what I truly beleive was a ufo I was in the BC van Tracking planes coming in and out of elpaso airport well it was slow and I went to leave the BC Van and just overhead of the van about 30 feet was a large glowing object it was silent and glowed a bright orange I closed and held the door latch for about twenty minutes because you could not lock it and then I went to the radar scope and there was nothing there so i looked outside again and it was gone Just a tidbit of what went on. - 22 1/2 Reynshanhurst St Carbondale P.A 1840710/79-3/81
. Wagner, Steven, 24U Missle/Warhead Repair10/76-3/77
2/52 (ELM), Ft. Bliss/MacGregor Range .
. Schnabel, Richard, SFC, 2/70-7/74
--A/2/52 Ft. Bliss/MacGregor Range .
. Brown, Carl S. (Steve), A&S, Wrecker. From there I went on to Patriot FOE2. That's a whole nother story. 1/81-9/82
. Chase, Timothy, 16B Launch Panel Operator,SP4, Also did a live fire for Omar Bradley and our crew meet him after the exercise.1/80-7/80
. Marcelle, Stephen, ACQ. Radar Mech. 24P20 - Spent rest of my tour here until discharged in 1980. Loved EL Paso !6/79-12/80
. Reffitt, Mike, SPC-4 M.P. assigned to physical security. 6/79-4/81
. Williams, Ronnie, Computer operator - Spec. 5 - I remember a pfc. from Texas who got permision to keep a horse on site. That horse scared me to death one night when I was on guard duty & the horse walked up behind me & put his nose in my back! It was a great time in my life. It would be nice to hear from some of the guys I worked with.5/68-11/71
--B/2?/52? Ft. Bliss/MacGregor Range (apparently went to Johnston Island for Nuke shots) .
. Davis, Michael R., Fire Control IFC. I was part of the team to Johnston Island in 62, firing Nukes for the first time, as part of Project Dominic. /62
. Sparkman, Ralph, ets 64,came back 66 to fort bliss to vietnam 67 68 to germany 68 69 ets 69 as e5-5/64
. Woodham, Tim, 16B,Nike Hercules Missle Crewman, just wanted to say hi to anyone at unit during this time.1/80-2/82
--C/2/52 Arty
Ft. Bliss/MacGregor Range -> Opa Locka, Florida during Cuban Missile business October 1962 .
. Davis, Michael R., Fire Control IFC. Bliss was ok, tons of time firing at McGregor [some for VIPs], White Sands as experimental and show Bn.. Joined B Btry for Nuke shots on Johnston Island in . Started 8/60 then longest troop train (troops plus equipment, to cross Southern Pacific Rail lines, to South Florida, for the Cuban crisis. - left 5/63 from Miami Miami was great after stand-down from Crisis. Mom & Dad managed hotel on Miami Bch. Need I say more. Site was in Carol City Fla. in N. Miami area. - 801 Buccaneer lane, Manahawkin NJ. 08050 8/60-5/63
. Durling, Carl, We deployed to the desert every 3 months for practice. Were on call to anywhere in the world (had our own air transport). Was deployed to south Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And were we mobile. /61-/62
--D/2/52 Arty
Ft. Bliss/MacGregor Range .
. Ridlon, Ridlon, 11/81-11/82
. Sandoval, Tommy, 5/79-3/81
. Seay, Billy S., A section,spc. 4, emergency firepanel operator. October 62 Cuban Crisis, Moved to Florida. I was down range when Kennedy was killed. 759 Harris Henrietta Rd., Forest City, NC 28043/62-10/62
--Nike Tng BN (McGregor Range). .
. Durffee, Ed After Korea, went to Bliss, did 4 years, and back to Hq-4-44 Korea. ORE Team Chief. CW4 and retired while in Korea. - 43297 W Oster Dr, Maricopa, Az 85138 /70-/74
. Houston, Tommi , 16C, I was referred to as a scope dope. /72-/75
. Valdez, Roberto, MOS 25D20; BIRDIE (Battery Integrated Radar Display Eqluipment) technician system used to test Fire Unit personnel with live missile firings.. 1/70-12/70
--ARADCOM at McGregor range about 20 people ... reported to ARADCOM in Colorado Springs ... evaluate the readiness of batterys that came to the range to conduct their annual firing of missiles..
. Huddleston, Chuck, T-1 simulator repairman11/68-8/70
. Mills, Rogers G., IFC Tech/T1 tech 3/70 to 9/70
Oro Grande Campon MacGregor Range,
Launched RCAT targets for Hercules missiles launched from MacGregor Range, troops commuted from Ft. Bliss by bus
. Ames, Bill, I was in RCAT Battery. This was a great time in my life and I do have more photos if anyone is interested. web page of RCAT photos and info /66-/67
. Fraser, Ken, Launched RCAT target drones as Nike targets - Ken's & Friend's RCAT Korner (stories) 7/58-11/59
. Schliessman, Allan (e-mail address??) spec 4 In charge of launch rotary and catapult. - We were moved to open up McGregor Range. My asst was Daniel Tagliente. - 23-24 123 st NYC NY 11356 9/58-4/60
--Nike / Hawk live fire
tracking site 2
. .
. Adams, Ken SP4 24Q IFC Maint "GUT TRUCK RAIDERS" 83-ETS 10mos
. Johnson, Kenneth D. CW2 RET., DSP Missile & Launcher Repair 76-78
--Abernathy Park. .
. Duffy, James M., Did the McGreggor Range ASP site host thing. Later I went to teach 16B at Abernathey Park. 1972-1973
. Hartwig, James, SFC Hipar maintenance at the school. BLDG 5800 abernathy park 4/68-12/76
. Hurlburt, Frank R., 22F10 Class 4-69, mantained launchers for training purposes. Left Army in 71 for College left and went to Vidor Tex and then joined up again and stayed for my 20 retired 1 Jan 1990 at Ft. Gordon Ga as an instructor for Fixed Station Communications 72G3H. Also spent 5 years as an recruiter in Tacaoma and Oakanogan Wa. Now Work for the USPS. - 7406 S Cushman Ave Tacoma Wa 98408 /69-2/71
. Ley, Dwayne M., 24Q - Imp Nike Herc Fire Control Mechanic. Served at Abernathy Park 6th School Brigade up til closing. (1985) Went on to serve as 24W - SGT YORK Radar Mech til 1985. Final destination until ETS, 2nd enlistment, 6th Brigade, 1/43rd PATRIOT Battalon FT Bliss 86'-88'. 01/81-03/85
. Lockwood, David, School from May 67 to Jun 68. Assigned to Abernaty Park. ETS in May 80 but came back in 3 months later for 20 years. - 8013 NW 76th Terr, Kansas City, MO 64152 6/68-2/72
. Mosmeyer, Gary V., I was a 23G20 and a spc5. Maintenance and repair to the Nike Hercules ground guidance control systems at the MISSILE PARK for the Army Air Defense school at Ft. Bliss. I was in co. B, 4th btn., 1st AD GM GP. - 19019 Cochran rd. Hempstead, Tx. 77445/66-4/68
. Oxendine, Tom, HIPAR instructor, Sp5-SSG, Taught Hipar after attending Air Defense School at Fort Bliss. - North Texas area/67-/70
. Wisdom, Stanley, Wisdom, Stanley, E-5, 26H20. Worked on AN/TPS-1D & 1G, ABAR and AN/TPX-26 & 46 (Mark X & Mark XII IFF). No Propay, no re-up bonus, no re-up! Attended UTEP. FCC 1st Class License w/Radar endorsement. Nike Herc Acq & Track at US Navy AUTEC in Bahamas 08/79 - 03/82. Current: USAF Contractor at JDMTA, KSC, CCAFS, & PAFB. Still tracking missiles! 11/74-01/78
--MissileMaster. .
. Barr, Robert, First Missile Master Repair class. Stayed as instructor until separation. Taught TDDl subsystem. P.O. Box 437, Hingham, MA 2043

The TDDL subsystem was the Target Designation - Data Link subsystem.
- This subsystem handled the transmissiion of data to the batteries or connected with the FUIF at the battery site. When a target was designated the information on the target was transmitted via the data link. And, as near as I can recall it used pulse code modulation in the data stream. In fact, the data link equipment was the only equipment in Missile Master that used transisters. Some of the other subsystems that I recall were: SAGE & Power, Tracking TDE/HDE, BIRDIE and there may have been others.

NAMFI - Chania (Crete) NATO Missile Firing Installation . .
. Bourantanis, Vasilis, SFC, I.F.C. technician 8/84-8/87
. Dubbelman, Aart Marinus, Sergeant Major, Nike evaluator for Dutch, German, American , Greek en Belgium crews, Most beautiful time in my career1982-1985
. Kalderis, George, Commander of the NIKE-Hercules radar and guidance systems in NAMFI Postal address : G. Kalderis Mitropolitou Kyrillou 19-21 P.C. 73131 Chania, Crete, Greece. '91-'94
. Lloyd, Joseph E., NATO fire Control Evaluator,
2nd tour at NAMFI was NATO Evaluator
. Ronhaar, James L. (Larry), Nike-Ajax Pre-Build Team. Worked with Belgian & Greek to build Ajax to U.S. Belgian & Greek Herc units to fire. Stayed 2-1/2 years on one year tour. Two year honeymoon for newlyweds on Crete!! Loved it. 02/71-08/73
. Tsingaris, Kostas IFC Technician, DSU CO from 1993 to 2001, 1st Lt (AF) 8/87-8/2003
. Vermeulen, Hugo, Member of EVAL TEAM for ASP units. Rank ADJT 7/77-9/85
Red Canyon Range Camp(closed 6/59) .
. Allgor, Clarence B. (Ben), Fire control maintenance, 39898 35 1/2 Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079 - I was permanent party at Red Canyon. R.O. Battery, Red Canyon Range Bn - I worked at one of the Fire Control Sites for about a year. We were responsible for checking out our system (acquisition radar, missile tracking radar, target tracking radar and analog computer) , and repairing it, if required. We did repairs at the module or component level, depending on the failure. We did this each week after the ASP unit had finished with the system. When we finished, usually Wednesday or Thursday, we started our weekend. On Monday we would turn our system over to an ASP unit and standby until they fired out their three missiles. Once in a great while, they would have a problem they couldn't fix and they would turn the system back to us to fix. 8/58-6/59
. Babcock, Dave, After attending the Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules school at Ft. Bliss I was assigned to Red Canyon. There I was assigned to run the fueling and warhead section. I have nothing but fond memories of Red Canyon. In fact when I went home on leave for Christmas I literally couldnt wait to get back to camp. There was a certain camaraderie among everyone there. I too remember the camp mascot, Nike. I remember one morning waking up in my bunk and looking up at the open window in our barracks just above me and seeing Nike looking down at me. If it is at all possible I am interested in buying a copy of the book "The Malpais Missiles" Possibly you could tell me where I could buy a copy? see this 11/58-9/59
. Brasher, Ben W., E-4, Served at the range control headquarters. Typed the unit evaluations as graded by the Evaluation Staff. Played on the Camp basketball team which resulted in a 3 month stay in the "Beaumont" Hospital at Ft. Bliss. Also played on the camp baseball team. What a hoot! We had some pretty good players and we played in what amounted to New Mexico's Semi-Pro circuit. Sure wish my best buddy, Goose Adams - our team manager/coach would see this and get in touch. - 107 Inwood Dr., Silsbee, TX 776561/57-8/58
. Campbell, Duncan, I was [on site CL-48] only there about 5 months, I had hay fever so bad that I got sent to school at Ft. Bliss. That cured the hay fever. While I was in Ohio I loaned out some money then left for Texas. What surprised me was that when my old Garfield Hts. unit came for their annual service practice firings I was paid back all the money that I had loaned out.....great guys! When Red Canyon closed, went to R/S Btry McGregor Rng. - PO Box 1726 Waldport, Oregon 9739410/58-3/61
. Coretto, Charles J., Booster Joining section chief. Sfc8/54-8/55
. DAmico. Charles, assigned to the Motor pool in the parts room. El Dorado Hills Ca.1/57-10/58
. Holland, Calistus, Battery Clerk at that time. I volunteered for the Army in 1957 after graduating from High School. Took my basic training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. I was stationed at Fort Bliss where I was being trained to be a Radar Senior Computer Operator for the Nike Ajax Missile. Then was transferred to RCRC. The class was a six week long class. By the time the class was completed that missile was obsolete and my MOS was frozen so I could not be made Spec 4 from the PFC ranking. That showed how fast at that time the missile tech was moving. I was station at Red Canyon Range Camp and was Battery Clerk in 1958 to the time I was discharged in 1959. - W45605 County Rd Y, Princeton WI /58-/59
. Kavanagh, Andrea, I was married at the chapel at Red Canyon Range Camp in 1958. If you have any information about the chapel such as pictures, articles, etc. would you please contact me?
I, Ed Thelen, sent Andrea a link to J.P.Moore's "RED CANYON RANGE CAMP". Anyone got more? If so, please share with Andrea, me, and J.P.Moore :-)
. Keating, Frank, I was at rcrc late 1954 till 1955. I have some pictures when the camp was just tents with a 6 holer - 6 Myrna St Burlington Ma.01803. /54- /55
. Love, Jack, SGM, Retired, I was one of the many who built Red Canyon Range Camp in 1953. Though I was a school trained Nike assembly and repairman I drove a 5 ton dump truck while building the main road though the camp, I also worked on construction of the camp. Originally it was a tent city, we built wooden frames and floors, then threw squad tents over the frames, the troops slept on folding cots. Because we had problems with pack rats stealing our gear we tried to keep bull snakes from the lava beds under the tents, they also kept the rattlers out of the area. The larger guys on the building teams got to drill pits with jackhammers so that we would have drainage sumps for the showers. Prior to that time we would drive into Carrizozo to the hotel where we paid 50 cents to rent a towel and take a shower.1953
. McCurdy, Benjamin Clayton, Sp 4 Down range Gen. Mech. - Would ride around down range with Col. McCarthy at night sometimes. Help build the Chapel - 660Augusta Rd. Winter Haven Fl. 33884 10/56-4/59
. MOORE, J P, Spec3 With CONARC Board Number 4, OCAFF, Nike Ajax Test Division, Book. WELCOME TO ~ RED CANYON RANGE CAMP ~ website. There is a mistaken idea that RCATS were used strictly by Red Canyon and McGregor Ranges. Several other Units at WSPG/WSMR utilized RCAT drones, including Continental Army Command's (CONARC) Board Number 4. During my one year tour with Board # 4 we fired one hundred Nike Ajax, 99 of them at RCATS and only one at a remote controlled F-80 out of Holloman AFB, with what some thought were disastrous results. You can read about that incident in my book, The Malpais Missiles, beginning on page 75 under the heading, "RCATS HELL, SEND UP A REAL TARGET!" 11/54-3/55
. Orr, Donald, Mail clerk and also ran the library. The other mail clerk was Leo Fitterer (unable to find locate) - 1008 Old Homestead Ln. 8/55-5/57
. Spivey, Joseph, 2d Lt.; Exec HQ&HQ Battery, I wonder how many of the RCRC troops are still alive. I've lost track of everyone. Lt. Underwood died last summer. I often think of Lt. Westberg, the "offical Groundskeeper" Lt. Quinn who was headed for the priesthood, Sgt. Nale, Sgt Kuchar, Capt Menheim (sp?), all the WO's and Sgt's who knew how all the Nike business worked. Like the rest of you, I've got a few Nike stories. Sic transit gloria mundi - 19 Howe Lane Lexington VA 2445011/57-09/58
. Radisch, William, Western Electric engineer at Engineer User site, Instrumentation Van, Headed up an Ajax instrumentation program 9/56-5/57
. Tipton, Jerry, Served as S-4 supply clerk./55-5/57
. Whitworth, Richard (Dick), P.O.Box 2193, Newport Beach, CA 92650 /57-/59
-- Site 7 Dyrud, Philip M, SP/4 Fire control maintenance - 10084 310th St. NE Newfolden, MN 56738 8/58-6/59
near Oscura, On White Sands Missile Range
Targets for Nike Ajax fired from Red Canyon
. Fraser, Ken, Launched RCATs 7/57-7/58
. Hatzenbeler, Ralph, We flew thousands of RCATs, very good duty. 1/57-11/58
. Howard, John, Spent about six months at Oscura on the launch pads, rotary and rail launcher. Was there for the closeing and came back on weekends for the recovery of old targets.1/59 -6/59
Redstone Arsenal ("RSA"?) Huntsville, Alabama .
. Biggs, Tom, /54-/65
. Brimhall, Roderick, Instructor 23N5/77-7/78
. Bryant, James A., USAMMCS, Instructor - Transistor Team 23N30 SSG10/83-8/84
. Cline, Richard B., Sp 5 Signal Electronic Training Det. No 2, Instructor Acq Radar. Section Chief was Charlie weeks GS and Capt. Scalzo. Best job I ever had till Teleprompter instruction was mandated. Had no idea how massive the Nike program was at the time and the value of the experience to my future career. Never did understand the need for 2 similar schools at Redstone and FT Bliss. The Army ? Just before the end of enlistment the Sig Det was disbanded and we were all made made Ord overnight. I don't remember the Ord unit ID but we were crushed.10/60-10/62
. de Grom, Tom, Radar and Computer School, Redstone Arsenal Student, Onsite maintenance (23W)-
. Eastman, Richard W., Jr Instructor / Training Supv, MOS 4801/02 & 4516, arrived 2LT / left CPT - USA Missile Munitions Center School RSA, AL 9/65-9/68
. Gealt, Leonard, R & D Nike Hercules, for Douglas, Field rep @ RSA training American and Nato troops on the NIke Hercles system. currently retired - It was a fun time of my life and I have goof memories of those days the best, except for my honeymoon. I worked on the original wooden mock up of the Nike Hercles and sent to WSPG The NIke Hercles was a great missle, it was a great experience I have fond memories of the Douglas R&D project. - 414 Monaco I Delray Beach Florida, phone 561-496-3193/cell 561-251-8999 -
. Hood, John, I attended the 22N course and afterwards stayed on to maintain the missile system for students. 9/82-4/86
. Jeffers, Larry, Instructor Sp 5 - Hampton TN/82-/83
. Laudeman, Bill, I was first a student and later an instructor in the Ordnance Guided Missile School at Redstone, We were in the 22 class through the school (if memory is correct) and I transferred as an instructor into the 9352 TSU Hq & Hq Detachment. I was one of the gang who put together the first OGMS "Yearbook" a copy of which I probably have somewhere around here. Redstone was, as you know, home to some interesting characters . . . Von Braun autographed a copy of "The Mars Project" for me, and one of my friends married the daughter of another German scientist from Penemunde.
I have a nose fin from a Nike-Ajax, and part of a chassis assembly from a V-2 guidance system, recovered from the Restone scrap heap just before everything was dumped into the quarry.
. Leszczynski, Bill, SP-5 - I attended the Herc school in late 68 into 69. After completing the school (22M20) I was attached to the school HQ and HQ company for a few months before transfering to MICOM to work in direct support of the school. After some months I worked in the modifications section co-ordinating the installtion of modifications to sites around the world. In my last few monthes at the Arsenal I helped install a Herc site at Redstone (inert). - 1917 NE Adams St, Camas, WA 986076/69-6/71
. Liveoak, Brenda (E5), Nike Test equipment repair trained then instructor at Redstone Arsenal 73-75
. Morgan, Ron taught Spectrum Analyzers in the Ordinance school as a RCA service Co. Engineer. 1959
. O'Boyle, Charles V., E2...US...Assigned to OGMS after graduation from Ft.Monmouth/Redstone schools as FMTE Repairman (MOS Internal Guidance Repairman...Worked for MSGT. Carl Franquet(WWII Darby's Ranger). 9/59-2/61
. Overballe, Lennart, Sgt. I attended a 9 month training at Redstone in 1969-70 in class Nike Test Equipment Repair 121-22L20/4 and gratuated as outstanding student 1 july 1970. I am from Denmark and was sent to Redstone by Royal Danish Airforce! I remember names like Robert Debiak,Wunderlich,Crawley (been in Vietnam), from the class. - Marienborg Park 29 2860 Soborg Denmark /69-/70
. Savage, Gladys Jane (Janie), 10/74-8/75
. Smith, John P (Jack), My MOS was 22L20 (Field Maintenance Test Equipment). 6/66-8/68
. Wojciechowski, Stanley, SFC over the Mess Hall during wwll - My grandfather passed away and I wanted to do this to honor him for doing 25 years in army -/65
--OGMS . .
. Hendricks, John E., I attended Nike Ajax mechanical repair class and stayed on as an instructor for the duration(mos433.60) and attained the rank of Spec3, taught many classes, even one composed of Italian officers. My CO was Capt. Tarantula O. Purvis, not a name to forget. Duty was good, like an 8-5 job, I also served as Asst. Scout Master to the base troop and got some extra leave time(administrative it was called) to go to camp with the scouts. I met Werner Von Braun twice at non military functions and that was awesome. All in all a good life experience.05/56-12/57
. Nate, Patrick, lab instructor at OGMS. was there when Kennedy was killed... PO Box 312185, New Braunfels, Texas, 78131 1/63-12/63
. Newton, Noel K., I attended the Air Defense Guided Missile Officer's Course, 4802, and was assigned as an instructor in the Nuclear Weapons and Logistice Section of the Officer Training Division. My wife, Brenda, our first child, Alle, and I lived at 212 A Dyer Circle, RSA. Fond memories: Learning to play golf with Lt. Bob Lurcott, helping with Bingo at the Officer's Club, and flying radio controlled model airplanes in the cow pastures of RSA and at the RSA Army Airfield. President Kennedy came twice during my tour. Once we were bused out in the boon docks to wave at him as he went by, the other time was at RSA Army Airfield where he made a speech. Due to the shortage of personnel, I recall that I once had to teach two different classes at the same tlme. Fortunately, they were in the same building. I started one class, left, started the second class and then bounched back and forth keeping them going. 1st Lieutenant, Ordnance Corps. No further post assignements, except to accompany the Senior Officer Courses to Pueblo Army Depot and Fort Bliss/White Sands for Nike Ajax and Hercules missile firings as part of Operation Understanding.
- 1 Breakers Court, Clinton, TN 37716
. Shiffman, David M., Nike Missile guidance package instructor. Promoted to E5 in 03/64 01/64-01/65
--OMMCS Ordnance Missile & Munitions Center & School .
. Morton, Dwayne , wrote FM9-84, "Nuclear Weapons Deployment and Operations" and was a combat developer for nuclear weapons concepts and material systems. .
--USAMMCS (United States Army Munitions and Missile Center and School).
. Mead, Gifford Instructor Nike Missile and Launcher Repair MOS 22N SP575-79
. Grace, David D., Instructor, Acq. Rdr Cmpt Br, Nike Div, My rank was from Lt to Capt. - Ad Dept Tng Supervisor, Acq Rdr. Cmpt Br. Nike Div, Ad Dept Admin Officer, Admin-Op Div., Ad Dept MOS 4516 - 1110 Sheffield Ct. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714-7226/67-4/70
. Wagner, Steven, Nike Track Radar Instructor - 9/69 - 2/71, Baby Radar Instructor - 2/71 - 7/71 9/68-7/71
"Sea Range"see Bravo Btry, Korea .
Sardinia, Italy
firing range
Capo San Lorenzo Range, Sardinia, Italy (used by Italy and Turkey LAT 39.50 N LON 9.62 E .
. Aresu, Roberto, Liason officer 3/76-12/78
. Radisch, William, WECO manager of R&D test firing program at Sardina Italy to verfy Nike UpGrade 3/81-9/81
White Sands
Proving Ground (NM)
later (and now) called White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), Just east of Los Cruces, NM .
. Chandler, Ronald "Ron", Guided Missile mechanic. Basic at Aberdeen PG, 8/53, Redstone Arsenal 11/53-5/54. Transferred to White Sands PG. 5/54 to 8/56. Assigned to Nike Assembly area the to Nike Field Maintenance Unit. A new unit to test equip. going to sites. Worked in hydraulic and propulsion shop. Interesting assignment. Always something going on. Test firings of something almost daily. Worked closely with Douglas and Western Electric field reps. 5/54-8/56
. Cooper, Lyle E, While there, I spent some time working on R & D of the Patriot system. I would go to Holloman AFB, and put a jamming pod on a plane, and the plane would fly and jam the Patriot radar. The radar would crash as soon as I turned on the jamming. The code writers would write new code all night long, and the next day we did the same thing. I never got to see it work. If anyone likes to hike in mountains, I highly suggest the Organ mountains behind the golf course at the White Sands base. I had a bob-cat jump at some birds, and land litterally at my feet. We had eye contact for a few seconds, and he growled at me and ran off! I had caused him to miss his breakfast, and he was not happy. It was very typical to see 50 deer in a short hike there. I was always amazed at the technology at White Sands. Pilots would fly a plane off the runway at Holloman AFB by remote control, while sitting beside me at a console in a building at White Sands! They would then fly the plane towards the Patriot radar, and at their signal, I would turn on the jammer. /73?-
. Coretto, Charles J., Booster Joining section chief. Sfc3/53-8/54
. Duvall, Donald, Worked on thr Sprint and Sparten. Made W.O. and went to Alaska /65-/67
. Gealt, Leonard, R & D Nike Hercules, for Douglas, Field rep @ RSA training American and Nato troops on the NIke Hercles system. currently retired - 414 Monaco I Delray Beach Florida, phone 561-496-3193/cell 561-251-8999 -
. Harvard, Al, WSMR LC-37 Air Defense Board 4 - IFC Mechanic (226?) E-4/E-5. We fired SA-SS missions almose every week. I took care of the TTR. MTR (sometimes), LoPwr Acq, RC Van and ocassionally the computer (that was fun) and the display network of the BC Van. It was a 65 mile daily trip from Ft Bliss and in the last year I had to drive the $$#@ bus. It was a great tour though. I bet I saw more missile hic-cups than one could count. Ajax (exploding off the launcher), simultaneous launches colliding right above the launchers, Herc Moonball during a SS mission. That was fun hiding under the TTR when it came down between the LA and IFC. An OSC shoot that went the wrong way...headed for El Paso. Redstone, rising 20 feet and falling over - kaBOOM!. Talos, Terrier, Corporal and on and on. We had moved to Mc Gregor to fire a VIP shoot next to HAWK. It was a misfire and the missile exploded over the launcher scattering VIP's all over the IFC area. That's when I met HAWK. Re-uped for the school Fire Control and moved on - 7 Harvard Ct Coto de Caza, CA 926798/58-9/60
. Isaacson, Loren D, "C" Station as part of the guidance control unit. Went to Guided Missile School - Redstone Arsenal. Unit area used civilian personnel with Army personel as backup. Became acquainted with Mesquite and Sand dunes or "Boondocks". Discharged from Ft.Bliss in Dec 1954. Taught Agriculture and farmed later. Looking for several classmates I graduated with at Redstone. Located all of original class but not located some of the second. If you would know of Thomas A Griffin Jr, William J Morgan, John F Miller or Gilbert H Gleason I would like to hear about them. Some OGMS grads from Redstone and other friends located started having reunions every 2 years in 1992 and this year at Alamogordo, N Mex in October and would like to invite them to attend - Postal, Scandia, Kansas 2/54-12/54
. Lukehart, David, MOS 23U20, High power radar and T1 Simulator support. SP4/77-/79
. Madden, Thomas J., Det-2 - mos 254.6 internal guidance, work installing telemetry in 1961 was place in charge of little know project "TP-11", we test 20 missile record failures due to testing, had 5 man unit I was SP/5. Was able to fire missiles during several firing great experience. I never lost interest in watching missile firing great fun. Work with telemetry tracking of Zeus launches at end of my tour. I went to work on Atlas ICBM after leaving the Army, I learn a lot and had a good experience while in service. - 8 Ward Lane Pottsboro, TX 75076 6/59-2/62
. Moore, Charles, I was I believe one of the first to go through the Red Stone Arsenal school for the Army Ordinence in 1953, After the school I went on to WS missile range and worked in the Nike Ajax program.1953-?
. MOORE, J.P., Spec3, Nike Set# X-SAM-A-2. TTR Range Operator 4/55-4/56
. Page, Buddy, Went to work for WECo in 1958 in Tech Pubs org. Transferred to Bell Labs Whippany in 1959. Worked Herc and Improved Herc. 117 South Shore Dr., Holden Beach, NC 28462 9/58-8/59
. Puls, Anthony R., 4th of the 62 School brigade, 22N20 NIKE Missile Repair/76-/77
. Radisch, William, Western Electric engineer at Engineer User site 10/53-9/56
. Schnabel, Richard, Special Projects, MOS 433.1 SP54/64-9/65
. Tafalla, Richard, 9393 TSU, Det.. 2 - Nike Assembly section. Assembled, pre-flight checkout, telemetry modifications, booster/launch rail assembly, transporting, fueled, test firings, recovery, and tried to keep cool. 130 deg in the shade. Had to run the front of my truck up on a sand dune and crawl underneath for shade at break time. Great duty and spent much time in Las Cruces. - - Trained at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville,AL 12/53-5/54 In the earliest class of mechanics. Trained on V2 rocket engines and assembled section of Hermes missile as each class did. When it rained the red mud got into everything. Had grad party at Guntersville Dam. - 10002 Athenia Circle, Cypress,CA 90630 5/54-8/56

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