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Washington site information
  • F-07 Spokane
  • F-37 Cheney
  • F-45 Medical Lake
  • F-87 Deep Creek
  • S-03 Kenmore
  • S-13, 14 Redmond
  • S-20 Cougar Mountain
  • S-32 Lake Youngs
  • S-33 Renton
  • S-43 Kent
  • S-61 Vashon Island
  • S-62 Ollala
  • S-81 Poulsbo
  • S-82 Bainbridge Island
  • S-90 * Ft. Lawton
  • S-90DC Ft. Lawton
  • S-92 Kingston
  • Camp Hanford
  • H-06 Saddle Mt.
  • H-12 Othello
  • H-52 Rattlesnake Mt.
  • H-83 Priest Rapids
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    Ft. Lawton Seattle area .
    . Clark, Richard, US Army Signal Corps Missle Master Support Detachment, Rank PFC, Repair Technician Tracking Subsystem PO Box 1258, Anaconda, MT 59711 11/62-04/64
    Ft. Lewis Seattle area .
    . Davis, Jim, Civilian technician in Ordnance group at Ft. Lewis, Wash. Supported all Nike sites in Puget Sound area Acq. Radar, TTR, MTR, Computer, Internal Guidance. Hunstville schools in 56,57&58 10/55-6/59
    Fairchild AFB 12 miles W Spokane, US 2 .
    . Snider, Gary S., PFC working in S-2 while at Fairchild AFB, I enjoyed my time a Fairchild AFB and with the Nike-Hercules Unit. I have been trying to find a 43d artillery patch with no luck. If anyone has a extra one or a photo of it I would lover to have it. - 4855 S 71st East Ave, Tulsa, OK 7414510/62-6/63
    F-07 Spokane .
    . Cassidy, Robert J, E-2,3,4,3,4,3. Gen Op, selected as Training NCO because of Varied uses of Language. Most students didn't forget my lessons1/56-9/59
    . Doan, Rodney R., 954 Barneck rd port haywood Va 23138/56-12/58
    . Smith, Albert (Tom), good soldier-lousy civilian--always in trouble /62- /65
    F-37 Cheney .
    . Cunningham, Bruce S., TTR Crew Chief, SP-5, Battery Commander Capt. Thompson, Lt. Lowe, Lts. Scarbrough Supply Sgt. Charles Clarke - 3223 Schofield av. Indianapolis In. 46218 10/56-7/59
    . Wentworth, Neil, I was in the Fire Control area. Have many fond memories of time spent there. Great country and great guys to work with. It'd be great to hear from any who were there then. - Woodland Drive, Skowhegan, Me 04976 1/57-7/58
    F-45 Medical Lake .
    . Burke, James (Jim), Discharged early to attend college. I remember many people from my Army days. Just spoke with Lynn Dickerson of Penn. - 12121 Gilmore Ave., LA, CA 90066 12/56-4/59
    . Elbell, Bryan, Stayed until closing, then was reassigned to the MP company at Ft. Richardson as a game warden until 5/80. ETS at Ft. Dix 1/81. I remember getting a broken left wrist playing football for the unit team, the great fishing in the lake behind the down range area, walking down range for duty because the road grader wouldn't start and the deuce+1/2 couldn't get down the road. I also enjoyed seeing the iditarod teams when they came into the staging area at the Knik bar, loved the salmon fishing, Arctic Valley ski slopes, waking up and seeing Mt. McKinley in the morning, the all night pinochle games down range, hated the tower heaters that never worked and the push button cigarette lighters in the towers that never got hot, I had a great time with a great bunch of guys, pit rats and scope dopes included. I left the service to become a Technician for the Fed. Gov't, and currently I'm a division mgr. for a large robotic overlay welding company that works in power plants all over North, Central and South America. - 2981 Harrow Rd. Spring Hill, Florida. 34608 5/78-8/79
    . Holman, Bill, IFC MTR Operator - 502 villanova circle warrington, pa. 18976 /59-7/61
    F-87 Deep Creek .
    . Boone, Jim - send e-mail via Rigney, Roger 62-65
    . Brown, Daniel C., 16B10 - I worked as missile crewman; and mostly Gate guard & security platoon McNamarra; (Sec. of Defense) closed some bases had fighter squadrons of defense aircraft in the vicinity. I was ill and in hospital at Fairchild AF base so didn't see the base closing procedures and warhead removal. Last Summer (2005) I had occaison to drive by Deep Creek site Government Vehicles still park in the compound too what purpose I've no clue - 1107 N. Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98103 9/65-2/66
    . Cottam, Michael, was pit-rat and security6/65-6/66
    . Jungers, David, PFC-Launcher crewman-LCT switchboard operator. As I was AJAX trained, I was expendable when the HERCs came in. I then was sent to Germany. 1224 Deer Horn Ln. N.Las Vegas,Nv 89031 11/57-4/59
    . Mitchell, Richard (Dick), SP5, IFC Ops Section Chief, Tracking Operator. Helped set IFC on the ground. 12/56-11/57
    S-03 Kenmore .
    . Bellah, Troy, from ? - Troy served with A of the 28th during the transition from 120mm to Nike. Troy passed away June 2005/54-/55
    . Cross, Patrick, started at 120mm Gun site, A bty of the 28th gun btn. Ballard Wa, 1/54-12/54 went to Ft. Lewis for conversion to Nike - 66136 nipperville rd North bend, or 97459 12/54-6/55
    . Ross. Charles, Spec 5, My primary duty was a target tracking radar operator. I was a full time Army National Gaurd Technician. We manned the site full time and trained the National Gaurd One weekend a month and 2 weeks per year. We provided minimal manning 3 weeks per month and pulled alert duty one week per month. Activated during Cuban missle crisis. 260 South St. East , Hagerman, Idaho 83332 - More info about National Guard here 3/61-12/62
    S-13, 14Redmond .
    . Abker, Terry L., I worked both in the Integrated Fire Control and the Launcher Area. I now live about a mile from the Launcher Area on NE 95th St. in Redmond Wa. /65-/74
    . Benak, John, launcher platoon sgt 8/61-9/63
    . Blurton, Neil E., IFC elevation/range operator. PFC. Discharged 11/60. Went to work for National guard at S20 Cougar Mt out of Issaquah WA. Worked there till Ajax phase out and Guard took over S13 at Redmond WA. Stayed there till the bitter end of Hercules program. Then went to Spokane to take job as UH-1 and OH-58 Helicopter Mechanic for the National Guard. Retired 5/85. I really enjoyed the Missile program. Sad day when we started breaking down the equipment. - 553 B Aladdin Rd Colville WA 99114 10/59-11/60
    . Britten, Charles Randyl, Computer operator, SP-4, probably the only enlisted man there with solid math background, gave a talk explaining the math for the whole guidance system. Experience launched a 50 year career in computers and software. Worked for Boeing 1962-1974 in flight simulation. BSci in Applied Math, EE, U Colorado, 1967 (on educational leave), MSci in Computer Science, U Washington, 1982. Taught Computer Science at UW Extension, 1994-2004. - Seattle, WA 11/59-8/62
    . Gardner, Jim, at both S13 Redmond and S61 on Vashon /66-/71
    . Jordan, Robert R., Staff Sgt, M-33 radar and analog computer tech. Lived for some months on a nearby National Guard base, commuted to the site. Great days spent at Green Lake in Seattle. Dated a Seattle U. student nurse who lived between Kirkland and Redmond for a few months. I still fondly remember her. - left site 1/56 (on Friday the 13th, 14:30 hours ) - Nike guided missile school and field experience inspired me to use my GI Bill to acquire a BA in physics at UC, Berkeley, in 1960 and later in 1967, an MS in physics from San Jose State. I then had a 40 year career in aerospace and defense with over 20 years as a contractor dealing in technical intelligence issues. My wife, an RN, and I both retired in 1999 and subsequently have traveled extensively OCONUS, returning to the US on 3July09 from a 3-week safari in Kenya and Tanzania. - 206 Charter Oaks Circle, Los Gatos. CA, 950325/54-1/56
    . Holt, Ernest Missile lauching area. We never had a water problem! - 88 Husted Station Road Elmer NJ 08318 8/55-3/57
    . Ikard, Thomas, Acting Supply Sgt. Acting IFC Platoon Sgt. - 1111 West Eskridge Place, Stillwater, OK 740758/57-5/60
    . Loyd, William (Bill), Launcher Area CWO, Served with CWO Len Olive/61-/63
    . Servati, Richard (Dick), LCT Trailer - 1005 Northridge Rd. Moore OK5/55-3/58
    . Skye, Gordon S., I worked in the IFC control van as a senior operator. I was discharged as a Sp5. Met and made alot of great friends. Worked 35 years in the logging industry as a truck driver. - 778 Elma McCleary Rd #32 McCleary Wa 98557 /60-4/62
    . Staggers, Charles, - More civilized then Cougar site. Closer to Tavern. Did all of IFC duties. TTR, MTR, AR, COMPUTER, PLOTTER, and others. /59-5/61
    . Strobel, Rick, Full time National Guard.."Pit Rat" Started as Missile Crewman and went to Ft. Belvoir for Engineer School MOS 62C20. "Guided Missile (NH) Engineer Equipment Maintenance Mechanic" whew! Operated the 3, "300 Cummins Diesel Engine Driven, 150 KW GE Generators. Maintained the hugh elevators, converters, heaters, and high psi compressors (used for filling accumulators) I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at Redmond. We had lots of time off as we could manipulate our schedule and even had a second job. Did SNAP and Juarez a couple of times and was one of the idiots that bought one of those huge mexican pictures and then had to try and get it on the airplane home. Enjoyed the ORE's, but didn't care too much for the original DCE's as they were very long, but it got better.
    If I can be of any assistance on Engineer Technicalities please feel free to write.
    . Swank, Allan, Old national guard ajax support facility run by civilians. there were only 6 gi's there when I was there and we were asigned gofer and janitor duties - big prairie, ohio 3/63-5/63
    . Swayze, Ernest R. Jr, TTR Began training on TTR. Do remember VIP visits pretty often. My buddy that I enlisted with worked at the Launch area. Trained on TTR before I was transfered to Germany. Redmond was a good place to visit in those days. It's all grown up now. The site was right above the town. I haven't been up there for years. - 223 Porter Cr. Rd. Elma, WA3/60-10/60
    . Williamson, Randy, IFC MTR & TTR operator. In '69 they ran an SR-71 from Anchorage, AK to San Diego, CA. He gave us position updates every 30 secs. We locked on at 202K inbound. We broke lock at 200K when he started jamming. We didn't even get a smell until he quit jamming at 198K outbound. The computer said the missile couldn't catch him. I said, "I'd better find another job!" I took the test for Border Patrol and started there 11/70. They closed down our site while I was in the BP academy. I retired from the USBP 11/90.8/66-11/70
    S-20 Cougar Mountain .
    . Crocombe, Norman, spc-4 missile crewman ajax site 2 elevator mags. Barracks but mess hall was on top of mountain. truck ride 3 times a day on gravel road to chow. Radar control trailers and AAA gun on top also. Would like to e-mail any other WA veterans. 3/55-9/55
    . Staggers, Charles, - A wonderful mountain top. TTR OP,E-4. Four men to a hut. Oil stoves for heat.7/58- /59
    S-32 Lake Youngs - shared launch facility with S-33 .
    . Fuerte, Jose, SP4 Launch crew, Fire Panel Operator. Was there till it was shut down in 1962. 1959-1962
    . Chelette, Waymon, Assembly and test specialist in launching area and generator operator --- rank/ Specialist 4th Class/ - stayed until site closed - P.O. Box 62 Dodson,Louisiana 71422/59-/62
    . Swayze, Ernest R. Jr, IFC I only had a short stay here at the IFC. I remember the CO was Julius J. Jorgensen Jr. My best friend here was Paul Lund from Seattle. I was a green kid straight from Basic training. Soon transferred to Redmond. - 223 Porter Cr. Rd. Elma, WA 9/59-3/60
    S-33 Renton - shared launch facility with S-32 .
    . Morris, Kenneth, PFC Target Tracking radar operator and EW Plotter 12/56-5/59
    . Payne,Gerald T. (Tom),, generator operator, launching area ?1960?
    S-43 Kent .
    . Brough, Charlie E., Missile tracking radar. and also cooked meals on site during hot battery. 6032 E. Sarazen St. Olympia, Wa. 98513 - Award winning Novel, Thank God For Pigs, and Allison's Wedding Dress, a short story book, both on sale for only $16.00 inc Tax and shipping. Send check or money order to Brough Books P.O. Box 614, East Olympia, WA 98540 --Email me @ 10/60-3/64
    . Kuvik, David, E-1 launcher opr. Bus driver - Remember SFC Gardner and Capt. Peck - got any pictures? - 10818 e Adobe Rd Mesa, az 85207/54-/56
    . Lee, Allen D., Missile Launcher Crewman, E2 Started as Onsite Tech WARNG mid 61 or 62. Remember being there day Pres Kennedy was assinated, up all night doing readiness checks. Lived in Kent, then we moved to Vashon Island to go Hercules. 7/61-3/64
    . Pirie, George D, Sgt Fire Control Maintenance Chief, I was there when we installed the sys9/54-12/56
    . Roberts, Donald R., SSGT E-6 Assembly Tech, Launcher area. (my Dad)4/59-9/61
    . Tavares, Gilbert, Rank-SP3 Missile Radar Operator 1955-1956
    . Thornton, James, SP3. Motor Pool- Wrecker Operator, Cat Operator - p.o. box 597 coarsegold Ca. 93614 2/54-7/56
    . Turner, Richard, I was with the WashNationalGuard. We took over 43 Kent Wa in about 1958 from the USArmy [See S-61 for more details] Richard, I can't get through your spam blocker challenge. /58-/64
    S-61 Vashon Island .
    . Brough, Charlie E., Range Operator on the Herc site and was the Missle tracking operator and a SSG when the site closed in "74" One of my other duties as assigned was Commo Sgt. When the Warheads were being taken off by a Chinook Helicoptor, I became ill one day and the project was delayed until I came back to work. that is how secret removal of the Nuke war heads was. 6032 E. Sarazen St. Olympia, Wa. 98513 I retired as MSG E8. PS. I was on the gun site on vashon in 1953 also. do you have any info on them? Charlie.3/64-7/74
    . Edwards, Joseph E., SSG/E6, Target Ranging Radar, Target Tracking Radar, Missile Tracking Radar, Hipar operator, Computer, Swithch Board, Acquisition Radar. Washington Army National Guard. MSG Retired 6/64-6/74
    . Gardner, Jim, at both S13 Redmond and S61 on Vashon /66-/71
    . Holcombe, Thomas, - 7158 south 2085 east Salt City Utah/62-/64
    . Lee, Allen D., Missle Launcher Creman, but cross trained in all MOS's. Last position was Site Security Came to Vashon to train when we started phasing into Hercs from Ajax. Army was still onsite and trained us. was trained in Ft Gordon, GA. Remeber the earthquake of 65, I though the site had went up, and the day we went to "Battle Stations". I lived on the island in Burton. I live in Western Upstate NY now. See site is still there, would like to visit on next trip to Seattle Area. 3/64-8/67
    . Leon, Carl, SP5/E5 - Regular Army on National Guard Site1966-1967
    . McKinney, Glen, Dog handler - 10614 221 St Ave "E" Buckley, Wa 9832110/64-11/64
    . Murray, Robert, sp/5 security guard launcher area/65-/74
    . Patterson, Rick, Started in the Launcher area, moved to IFC sometime in 1969. TTR operator until site closed in 1974. 5/67-3/74
    . Roberts, Donald R, CWO, Launcher Supervisor. [my Dad] served at this site ... I hope someone will recognize his name. He held the rank of Chief Warrant Officer at the time of his death7/64-5/65
    . Turner, Richard, I was with the WashNationalGuard. ...and then took [over] from the Regular Army Site 61 on Vashon Island in 1964 til its close in 1974 when we were deactivated. At one time or another I served as training NCO, Acq Operator, Computer opr and then became an IFC maintenance man for the Nike Ajax and Hercules radars to include HiPar. I eventually became the full time first sergeant till the unit was phased out [in 1974]. I was the last man out the gate and snapped the padlock on it. Richard, I can't get through your spam blocker challenge. /64-/74
    . Walton, Art, TRR operator,E3, we turned the site over to the wash. state national guard 4/63-12/64
    S-62 Ollala .
    . Brown, Harvey G., joined as a private in the IFC and left as a Sp-5 in the IFC - 5007 Hall Ave, Amarillo, TX 7910912/56-7/59
    . Edwards, Joseph E., Sp-5/E5, Target Tracking Radar, Missile Tracking Radar, Ord Parts Specialist. Washington Army National Guard7/59-6/64
    . Roberts, Donald R, W/O 1 Launcher Supervisor [my Dad] served at this site ... I hope someone will recognize his name. He held the rank of Chief Warrant Officer at the time of his death9/61-3/64
    S-81 Poulsbo .
    . Hanson, Norman, launcher 55-57
    . Hogan, Donavan, Launch Control trailer. (bad destination mailbox address) ?-/62
    S-82 Bainbridge Island (Winslow) .
    . Blue, Rodney, Sp4 Missle Tech MOS 225 7136 Highway 41 - Jasper, Tn. 37347 4/58-3/60
    . Fairfield, Russ, Acquisition Radar Operator. All of us enlisted personnel came straight from Basic Training and were all OJT trained. I developed a special skill on the Acquisition Radar, and that distinction got me the full time job for all Hot Battery, Ops Checks, and Annual Service Practice. We had the distinction of being "3 for 3 and 3000" for every year that the battery was operational.
    By 1961, we were getting very short on personnel because of the planned closure that summer. Almost our entire crew came in together, and we left at the same time. By April we were down to only one operating crew, but still had to act like we were at full force. We had survived a similar situation for several months in '59, but we got several replacements when the Ollala site was transferred to the National Guard.
    . Gibson, Stanley M, Our group was the first to be stationed at this site.10/54-2/56
    S-90 * Ft. Lawton - * (Temporary site - /55-/56) .
    . Robert, Robert Jordan, IFC - 48-week FCS course at Bliss, 1953. D battery was a merger of Nike people from Bliss and people from a recently disbanded AAA 120 mm gun battery, if memory serves me. We spent half of 1954 at Fort Lewis prior to setting up the site outside Redmond.
    I recall spending a miserable day at the site on Cougar Mountain which had been established because it ostensibly would give the M-33s clutter-free PPI displays. The opposite was the result. Evidently, the radar's side lobes were being swamped by unwanted reflections off the surrounding terrain.
    My on-site service was for about 18 months, being discharged on Friday the 13th, 1956. - then starting college at College of Marin, Marin County, CA, 2 weeks later to begin my study of physics. That resulted in a BA from UC, Berkeley, in 1960 and an MS in physics from San Jose State in 1967. That was followed by some 40 years working in aerospace and defense---a Cold War warrior.
    Retired since 1999, - 206 charter Oaks Circle, Los Gatos, CA, 95032
    S-90DC Ft. Lawton .
    . Bryson, Gary D, was at C/1-61 ADA 1969, then to S-90DC, From S-90DC to 25 NORAD McChord AFB, WA and ETS Jan '72. Joined OR Nat Guard 1974, return to AD 1986, retired 2000: Miss Army Family dearly. Currently w/ OR State Police. Might be fun to have big reunion at the CA Site.../70
    . Cool, Dave, I enjoyed reading your trip reports to that area. I have missed being up there and donít know if I will be able to return. My function was to repair the IFF (MOS 26H20) at three sites: Redmond, Kingston, and Vashon. Unfortunately I took no photos of the fort nor the sites. I donít know if you have any or know where I can find some. I appreciate any help you can give me./68-/69
    . Krueger, Charlie, Worked in Missile Master from the beginning and later as Housing Coordinator and Adminmistration (S-1) - Camano Island, WA1/60-
    . Loyd, William (Bill), served in S3, Hq Battery Retired 10/66/63-10/66
    . Lyon, Richard, Worked in Supply room, next to blue room, NCOIC was a SSG Hill, OIC a WO2 Foss I belive1/71-12/71
    . McKinney, John B., Initially to Missile Master and helped convert to BIRDIE system in '63. 2LT/1LT 2/62-12/63
    . McMakin, George, Served as crypto operator. Would like to get in contact with ones during that time. - 859-970-5534/63-/64
    S-92 Kingston .
    . Cann, Rendell L (Rendy), First assignment out of 24U school. SP49/69-4/71
    . Cariaga, Alonzo J. Jr., 802 E. 33rd St. #4 Los Angeles, CA 900114/71-5/73
    . Doan, Rodney, Mos 62C40 SSG E-6 in charge of engineer equip on site HYD Elevators Generators compressors motor generators both IFC and Launch area. Located on puget sound had to go by Ferry to edmonds wn on ferry from winslow wn to seattle. interesting story The people complained the diesel generators starting at 0300 am were too loud too much noise. during an ORE. ONE time a guard in the lanch platoon shot a deer with his carbine. we cleaned the deer and had a party and got some beer at a sgts house ate the deer the capt ate some him self latter when the guy got a art-l5 the lanch warrant officer you ate the edevince your self capt.
    Looking for friends at site. Does any body know what happened to
    - Capt. Donald Vogel He was BC at site 92 1964 -1966.
    - Sp/5 Rice 62C30 1964, Sp/4 Whitsel 62C20 1965
    - Msgt Beal Lch pltoon sgt. 1965-1966, CWO Sinderguard Lch Area 63-66
    - I am at - 954 Barneck rd Port Haywood Va 23138
    . Daum, Ronald H. 9/66-12/67
    . Fitzgerald, James E., SP/5 Fire Control Maintenance. Left for WO charme school. - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 ?/66-6/67
    . Flatness, Michael G., SP5, worked as 16C Fire control, computer operator, and as training clerk for a while, then company clerk. Great job and have not been back to the site since I left in 72 9/70-7/72
    . Fulmer, Harvey, Arrived a PFC,left a Spec 4, served as launcher crewman. When I was there the officers for the most part were a sorry lot. The platoon sgt was pretty sorry also. There were some good people though. I served with Russell Laney, a panel operator,and Fred Roden, my section sergeant. I remember also Rodney Doan, Sgt Ferguson, Sgt Crow. They were good men.I left for the nike site in Greenland. I had intended to make a career of the army but the inefficient handeling of my officer's candidate school application and the sorry attitude of the most officers and senior NCO's hastened my return to civilian life and I never regreted leaving the army. Being from San Antonio, Texas, I never got used to the rain there so much of the time. My son was born at the Bremerton Navel Hospital in November of 1963. I am now 66 years of age and live in San Antonio. My wife and I had 9 children, who are all grown up and married except one. I often think back on those days. We were al ways short-handed and had to be on duty too many hours in the week. I became an eternally happy civilian on 18 May 1965. - 6300 Rue Marielyne Unit 1003 San Antonio, Tx 7823808/62-04/64
    . Gavin, Frank, I have names of quite a few other guys that were battery members. The place sure had a view. - Tomah Wisconsin5/73-6/74
    . Hill, Pete, Met some great people and had some fun, felt sorry for the friends in Nam and I had couch duty /68-/69
    . Jansen, Nicholas, Started as 16B10, Launcher Crewman(E-2), next duties were assignment to motor pool and chow bus driver from Launch area to IFC. Promoted to 62C30 generator Operator(SP5). In 1969 transfered to Korea. 11/66-1/69
    . Kennedy, Steve, E5 / Nike Herc Launch Site/68-/69
    . Kinney, Richard, gate guard the whole time there. PCS orders to Vietnam ended up in Korea 01/71-12/71
    . Perovich, Tony, M.P. /71-/73
    . Philley, Bill Jr., computer operator in ifc. Sid Burns where are you?6/68-6/70
    . Popa, Adrian E., radar operator/repairman. Reassigned from 6th Army Aircraft Repair Team in California to Kingston WA, because the Army figured that aircraft electronics and NIKEs were similar (a move from heven to hell). Set up NIKE AFC site in mud, lived in tents and Jamesway huts, had slit trench johns, and used manuals to become a radar operator/repairman starting my 45+ year career in microwave, maser and laser technology. R&D at Douglas Aircraft and Hughes Electronics Research Lab. 1/55-1/56
    . Rice, Clark, Went to ROK site - 143 E. Paseo de Golf6/68-5/69
    . Richardson, Stephen, !6C10 , 16C20 Fire control operator , Then selected into the National Security Agency by executive order of President Richard Milhous Nixon MK Ultra training , @ Ft. Lewis Madigen General Hospital - Code named Monarch Butterfly involved with Operation Monarch NSA/CSS. A member of the Intelligence Community . The CIA ( non official cover ) or NOC 'S Of course no body knew that I was CIA except Sgt. Cid Strong. Army CID . He and I had some extremely sensitive National Security Issues to deal with on the Battery . Don Cheney , Mike Jensen , Sgt. Ziegler , Ron Wilbur , Ron Hoffman , Warrant Officers , West Pointers like Lt Willeby , Battery Commanders , many , many more like Mike McMeckouchen , Total - Tri- Battery Col . Richardson ( my shirt tail cousin ) The list goes on and on , guys please forgive me for the names I have forgotten , but hell I am 65 now ! You people never knew I was in the CIA program MK Ultra that's why I was taken to Madigen General Hospital at Ft Lewis so many times for my training we"ll you guys can read my Auto-Biography soon and sit back and enjoy the movie named as my book , my code name "Monarch Butterfly" Given to me in the the spring of 1969 when the two DOD officers signed me aboard for Tricky Dicky Nixon's selection after hardly three months as a 16C10 and 16C20 as one of your fire control operater's and sent me on a 40 year time of great sorrows , joys and now memories of my Meritorious Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty ; not unlike all of you . I was Nominated for the Medal of Freedom award and received many letters , awards and citations and even invites to the White House for Dinner .Thank you all for your comradeship , good times and bad .... Most humbly your friend and loyal servant Stephen ..... Vancouver , Washington 98666 Share House POB 1209 001-360-558-0487. 3/68-7/69
    . Roberts, Danny, 11/67-7/68
    . Rufenacht, John Frank, 219 Woodson, Raymore, MO 640834/64-12/66
    . Scharf, Bob, MTR left as E-5 - We won trophy at SNAP for best unit in 1969 I was sent to Vulcan unit in Ft. Bliss and made SSgt Our Vulcan unit was sent to NATO base in Germany 1/67-9/69
    . Scott, Barry, Spec 5 (16C20) Fire Control Computer and Acquisition Radar. I still live in the Puget Sound area. The last time I was by the site, the Fire Control/Admin. area was a labor school and the Launcher area was a school district's bus barn/maintenance area.5/71-10/73
    . Taylor, Robert, Looking for anyone who served with those sites while I was there10/68-3/69
    . Tobin, David, TTR and Generator Operator, Site Closed June 19748/71-3/74
    . Vigue, Jerry L., Launcher Control Trailer-Section Chief SP/5 The nights riding the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds, and 2001 Space Odyssey in the Cinerama Theatre in Seattle. What a time it was. 3/68-10/69
    . Wilbur, Ron, Panel operator in the missile section. It was a time of Jimi Hendrix and the Eagles Auditorium in Seattle. Jammin' in the fallout shelter with guitars and sounds.2/68-6/69
    Camp Hanford 10 miles NW Richland .
    . Sheffield, Sherwood, 1/54-4/57
    H-06 Saddle Mt. .
    . Hall, Dale, Acq Operator, primary crew, SP3, winters were 30 below, wind like you can't believe, loved it. we single guys would stay on site for 30-40 days at a stretch, because we were so far from civilization, and the old man would finally take pity on us and give us a 4-day pass, an unheard of thing in the army. I served with great guys, still think about them after 48 years. - 1829 Oriole Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (Comment by Ed Thelen - 4 day pass - Outstanding idea! As part of the 3 day pass system guys would try to drive say 1,000 miles home to party and then try to drive back - sometimes with tragic consequences. When I was there we had to sign a form saying we wouldn't drive more than ?300? miles away on a 3 day pass - and just how do you enforce that? Yeah - you guessed it - my parents and girl friend were 400 miles away.)1/57-12/58
    . Hudec, Steve, PFC Acquisition Operator - Franklin, IN4/60-10/60
    H-12 Othello .
    . Bray, Harley, E-5 Computer operator, three years at Hanford site. Good technicians, Mr. Crest, Mr Chase, Battery commander Capt. Maxin. Good crew Enjoyed my time there. Have only been able to contact Norm Blackstad so far. 6/57-3/60
    . Packard, Doug, MOS 357 i.e., Generator Shed. Loved the desert,met my wife there, still live there. 3/57-7/60
    H-52 Rattlesnake Mt. .
    . Jonasen, Dean, late 1950s/-/
    H-83 Priest Rapids .
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    Wisconsin site information
    Web Site Milwaukee Defense Area,
    by Neal Pritchett
  • HHB 3/59 Silver Springs Blvd. Milwaukee
  • M-02 2040 W Brown Deer
  • M-20 Milwaukee, Harbor Drive
  • M-42 Cudahy
  • M-54 Hales Corners
  • M-64 Muskego
  • M-74 Waukesha
  • M-86 Menomonee Falls
  • M-96 Milwaukee, Silver Spring
  • MS-20 Roberts
  • .
    Site ID or
    Name, family name first
    (rank & duty optional)
    dates at
    SAGE at Truax Field, Madison .
    . Carlile, James R., 1st Lt., attached to Chicago Sector SAGE, 30th NORAD Div, Truax Field, Madison, WI as an liason officer to Air Force. The job tile was Air Defense Artillery Director (ADAD), mos 1176. We passed target information, weapons authorization, etc to the batteries around Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis. Another job was to work with Air Force Controllers to keep their interceptors out of the path of launched Nike Hercules missles, including how to execute the proper exit away from the missile intercept point.11/62-1/65
    HHB 3/59 Silver Springs Blvd. Milwaukee, WI .
    . Geist, John, 10/65-01/66
    . Verburg, Harry J Jr, 2LT, Personnel Officer, Lotsa memories, 160 Garnet, Truth or consequences, nm 87901 10/68-07/69
    . Zier, David, Operations and Intelligence Assistant - 7809 Ocali Drive , Lakeland, Florida 33810 11/68-5/69
    M-02 Milwaukee,River Hills, 2040 W Brown Deer .
    . Alexandroni, John, Medic PFC..4/65-3/66
    . Briggs, Gerald (Jerry), Spec-5 TTR TRR operator Remember Funk? Robie? Lefty? - 13022 w. Colfax Butler WI 530078/67-7/70
    . Burroughs, Lewis, - Southaven,ms8/65-8/66
    . Davis, John (Jack), SP-6 Acquisition Radar Mechanic HIPAR & LOPAR 26J20 All thats left now is Pop's Shack. P.O. Box 191664, Sacramento, CA 958192/69-3/71
    . Livorno, Joseph L. Fire Control Mechanic Spc 4th - Spc 6th class I left for Germany. 9/63-12/66
    . Mc Daniel, Charles Richard (Dick), fire control crew chief,computer oper, pkg 48,initial btry operational set up. 1947 Brewster rd, Indianapolis Indiana 462606/56-11/57
    . Miller, Dennis, SP-4 Supply Clerk01/68-6/69
    . Mills, Rogers G., IFC tech Sp/4 - 512/66 to 7/67
    . Nystrom, Gene, Fire control Off. 2Lt. MOS 1180 After Package trng at Ft. Bliss, went to Milw. We set up the site, had interesting experiences, especially in Oct.56 at time of Russian incurson into Hungary7/56-12/57
    . Odom, David, 18 yrs old,E-2,OJT, Transfer to Germany - 2459 N. Oaks, Sp#44, Tulare, Ca. 932741/62-5/62
    . Rawlins, Richard, Arived as E7 Left as W1. Transfered To Chicago C 41 for 1 year, then to Fairbanks AK. Retired as W3 at Norfolk Va N 25 - 6900 Coffeeport Rd Lot 162 Brownsville Tx 78521 10/65-11/66
    . Rotkiewicz, Frank R., Was a Nike Universal Fire control Technician E-5, Extremely cold winter that year. Failed NORAD air defense test because b-58 came 2 hours earlier than supposed to. I was checking out the target tracking radar by myself when it flew over us. It was a short night for the crew. I couldn't handle the three positions by myself even though three officers were behind me shouting to "get on the first target". 10/64-8/65
    . Stelow, Stu, Generator Operator, Motor Pool, Ration NCO. Sp4. lots of good men to be with, and yes I remember Robby. - 9592 State Hi 54 Amherst, Wi11/68-6/70
    . Trentlage, Keith A., Launcher Control Trailer Operator; 16B20; Sp-5; We were awarded "Best Nike Herc Site" in USA just prior to our closure in '71. I did an awsome voice imitation of Mr. Gary!! Fantastic memories. - 1235 Wisteria La. Waukesha, WI 12/68-05/71
    . Usher, Richard (Rick), SPC5, MOS 16c, Fire Control Operator (Acq Radar Operator) 3/71 site deactivation. 10/67-3/71
    . Williams, Paul, Sp5 Launcher Area Assembly Sergeant and then Maint. Chief.10/68-9/69
    . Woida, Carl J. CW2, Launcher Warrant, Closed up the site in 197112/68-6/71
    M-20 Milwaukee, Harbor Drive .
    . Fitzgerald, James E., WO1 / CW2 Fire Control Maintenance - also at M-02 Left for Germany - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 8/67-8/69
    . Hutson, Cecil , Mech Maint Chief, SSG, Milwakee was a great town, met my wife of 41 years there. 4002 27th Ave. Rock Island,IL 61201 10/59-2/61
    . Koch, Michael L., E-2 to E-4, TTR and MRT, Went to Chicago and Re-up'd for Okinawa - 2100 NE 159th St., Ridgefield, WA 986426/62-10/63
    . Rouse, Charles W "Bill", Spc 4 ACQ Operator. 3919 Ruskin, Houston, TX 770059/67-6/68
    . Tigges, Rich, P.O. Box 809 - St. Johns, Az 85936-08091/62-10/63
    . Wyatt, Dana, Sp-4, 24U Assembly & Service. Helped de-activate the site. Commanding officer was Capt. Byrnes, he retired from Army as Brigidier General. Have posted a few photos on Nike Veterans & Friends10/68-7/69
    M-42 Cudahy .
    M-54 Hales Corners, Paynesville .
    . Hartwig, James, SP5 Track radars 8/58-7/61
    . Seach, Arden W., Fire Control Panel Operator, SP4, 5519 E. Co. Rd. J Clinton, WI 53525 5/59-8/61
    . Taylor, George H., Operated battery shop, and various duties in Bn HQ Started as PFC E-3 and left as SP-4 E-4.8/60-9/61
    M-64 Muskego - Not "Muskegon", as noted by Jimmy Danko .
    . Giddings, William H., 12429 Sand Dune St El Paso,TX1/60-7/60
    M-74 Waukesha .
    . Anderson, Mark L., Specialist 4th Class, Regular Army,(MOS was 24U20; Electronics Maintainance Mechanic), was a Warhead Custodial Team member, when the site was operated by the National Guard. 11/69-9/70
    . Boggs, Alfred E., Pfc, launcher crewman and also rebuilt batteries for ajax 6/59-10/60
    . Brouchoud, David J., I served at this Wisconsin Army National Guard site until it closed. web site -6/71
    . Frank, David L., E3, Range operator, 60-62
    . Herman, Bernard, Pfc - launcher control operator - other - Worked in mess hall. One of the first to enter the site. There was not a thing there. Had to stay in Milwaukee tell things came. - 8030 west 55th terr merriam kansas 66202 /56-/58
    . Holke, Al, Radar Operator - arrived at the site 6/56. It was not operational, had to do a lot of preperation to get iton line. We also went down to Red Canyon Range to fire missiles - quite an experience. the best was the night firing. We were there in January which made it pretty nice to get away from the Wisconsin weather. I recently (March 2004) found out thru the American Legion Magazine that we are having a reunion this June. I still have my Loyale Order of the Ozzlfinch Diploma. .. three day pass across the border -- - trying to find a shoulder patch withe the nike missile and AA on both sides of the missile - 15550 Peachtree Dr. Orland Park, Il.604626/56-1/58
    . LeDoux, Paul R., Pvt. Worked in C Launcher pit. Went to site out of Basic Training. Left site to go to Hercules Fire Control course in El Paso. - 8040 Hwy. 54 Sharpsburg Ga. 3027711/57-5/58
    . Murach, Chuck, Regular Army Warhead Custodial Team member when the site was operated by the National Guard. E/5 01/67-02/68
    . Phelps, William Ray, C-section Crewman mostly - Acting Sgt of Guard when had permanent guards 5/57-5/60
    . Sandell, Colin D., Pvt-Sp/5, Radar Operator, We are organizing a 40 year reunion in 2003. Please contact me for details. 10/62-6/64
    . Smedes, Theodore L., I was a launching control trailer operator. I helped to get the site set up when it opened. I started working in the pits, then I went to launcher control panal operator,then to LCT. 6 months working in the mess hall sometime during the 20 monthes I was there. I went to Red Canyon to test fire missiles. 1 hit out of 3. It was a sight to see out the LCT door. [ Ed asks "are you bragging"??? ] I pulled CQ many times also. - 997 S. Garner, Milford, MI 483805/56-1/58
    . Snavely, Leonard Jr., IFC crew chief/acq operater - 175 monroe valley dr. Jonestown, Pa. 17038 11/61-3/64
    . Spencer, Brad, looking for anyone who served during this time,please contact /61-/63
    . Taylor, George H., Guided Missile Installation Electrician, Mainted generators, elevators, power convertors, etc in launching area. Also did mechanic work on all vehicles and drove snow plow, bus, wrecker, etc. Site was actually located near Little Muskego Lake, radar was north of lake and launch area was west of lake. Started as Pvt E-2 and left as PFC E-3 5/59-8/60
    . Tilley, Carrol E. Started work right away as Launcher crewman as Pvt E-2. Worked my way up to SP5 E-5. Did a lot of driving of what few military vehicles we had. Mostly the BUS. A few things I wish I could over and some I'd like to forget. - 10 Wray St Oppelo, AR 72110 501-354-8639 6/57-2/60
    M-86 Menomonee Falls .
    M-96 Milwaukee, Silver Spring .
    . Batleman, Ronald, Served as cryptographic operator, rank SP3 (E4). Trained as radio operator, ended up in telecommunications and cryptography with the 61st AAA Group Headquarters. Hdqs was initially housed at a former U.S. Army detention barracks (looked like a prison) on Hopkins Rd. Later in year, moved into new quarters on Silver Spring Rd. - 9639 Allegro Dr, Manassas, VA 20112-58001/56-12/56
    . Duffie, Kenneth R., Sp-4, Acquisition radar operator. We arrived at Ft Bliss on Dec 30, 1955, and went to RCRC for two months of detail work. Had a great time working in the generator section for the first part of the time and then was the main gate guard for the remainder of the time. My duty time was 12:00 Midnight to 4 AM. Great time to listen to all of the radio stations. 7/56-9/57
    . Holdorf, David E., Sp-4 mechanic, 5th Area Support Motor Pool6/69-8/70
    . Smith, Thomas M, Supply Clerk - worked for SFC Paul Reichert - I was kind of a 'rare-bird' up there; 'US' in a 'RA' unit. When I reported for duty, the Captain's first question was "How the F--- did a f------ draftee get assigned here?" The easy answer was that I had placed in the top 5 in Supply School at Ft. Wood. and had my choice of assignments. Since Europe or Japan was not on the list, I took the one closest to home (Chicago) I rubbed even more salt in the wound when I was selected 'Soldier of the Month' (I'm still waiting for the tickets to a Milwaukee Braves game. Oh well! Of course, being a 'US' I never got past PFC E-3 (Permanent Rank) 3/59-10/60
    MS-20 Roberts .
    . Antley, Bobby G., Sp/5 base Medic. Arrived there from a tour in Korea and was only there for a few months. I was discharged from the Army in Aug. 68. While I was there,I met a girl in New Richmond whom I married and come Aug. of this year we will celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary. Really enjoyed my short time there. - 1892 Philpot rd. West Monroe, Louisiana4/68-8/68
    . Beebe, Gregory, IFC Operator 1/67-12/67
    . Bellore, Ralph, I began in the launch control area on assembly and in pit area as PFC. Ended as Battery Clerk as SP4. January 1970 - 20 weeks, Area Intelligence Specialist training at Ft. Holabird, MD. July 1970 - 32 weeks Vietnamese Language School at Ft Bliss, TX, SP5. Vietnam 3/71, SSG (7/71). ETS 12/71. - 5631 183rd St, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 6/68-1/70
    . Briest, Clifford E., FC maintance tech, radar, computer. Brought the RCAT from Bliss to site in mobile home when moved up from Bliss. Would like to hear from anyone there during that time. - 408 8th St. S.W. Spencer, IA 513019/59-3/61
    . Burns, Thomas D., left as SP5 worked in Launch Control Van, assembly and Charlie section. Also was on Funeral Details. - 2611 Granite Ave N, Oakdale, MN 551283/68-6/70
    . Clodfelter, Jerry V, Fire Control Operator, ... and was attached to the Guided Missile Maintenance Shop in Hawaii. I remember that my unit , GMMS- Hawaii was responsible for packing up the sites and shipping the equipment back to Redstone in late 71 , early 72. I completed my military service in teaching electronics at Redstone Arsenal. 1968-1969
    . East, Herman D. Jr., Arrived as Pvt., left as Sp5, was MTR ooperator and most other positions. Was one of the first memberrs on site. When I arrived, we had no lockers, equipment, etc. Also ran craft shop and cut hair. Most of the crew members were from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas. - BOX 44, TEHUACANA, TX 76686 /60-/62
    . Johnson, Richard, Launcher Crewman B section SP/5 4/66-5/68
    . Leidel, Gregg, SP5 (22F20) Launch Area - Nike Hercules Electronic Mechanic - Served under Sgt(E7) Lawrence Tobin & Warrant Officer Percy Crimmons. Took early-out to attend Univ Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Business (BBA 1972)1/67-1/69
    . McHenry, Paul, My husband, Paul McHenry was assigned to that base in 1959 and was one of the few soldiers who opened it. He spent his whole career there which was only three years but enjoyed going into Roberts for really good meals because the mess hall wasn't opened yet. The base was located in the middle of several corn fields and not many people knew it was there.
          I met Paul right after he arrived and we were married in 1960 and were married until he passed away January 10th,2015. The base had several reunions and Paul attended all of them. Again thanks for all your work.
    Connie McHenry
    . Ouellette, Edmond, computer operator spec 52/62-11/64
    . Ring, Gary F., SP/4 missile Launcher (pushed and washed missiles), Prepared Pit B for Launch if necessary 1/63-10/65
    . Sawyer, Ray (Kid), This was my first Nike site and I was a launcher crewman who just loved ORE's. Didn't everyone!/66-/67
    . Syhlman, John (Jack), SP5 E-5, TTR operator 9/65-6/68
    . Tapper, Vernon D, e5/spc5 assembly crewman warhead team, worst duty folding flag at funerals 9/65-6/68
    . Walczak, Tom, crewman-3 with sgt. Thompson in Charlie section. Worked with a group of top notch guys for the nearly 3 years I was there, May '65 to March '68. Still trying to find anyone who was stationed there while the Battery was operational, '59-'72 for our next reunion in August '18. And thanks to all who made the '14 & '16 reunions successful. 651-247-4848 - 1812 Stillwater St. White Bear Minn. 551105/65-3/68
    . Werner, William [Worm] James, "B" PIT, WARHEAD CREW MEMBER, and SMART ASS SP-4 sometimes mostly Private. - Capt Hanson busted me for answering phone as "Roberts Rocket Center Capt. Midnight speaking". Call me 1-262-284-9882, 714 n milwaukee st port washington wisconsin 01/61-2/64
    . Willert, Robert, (no e-mail address supplied ) Was one of first ten soldiers assigned. Served as Medic. Spec.4. No Mess Hall, hardly any bedding, no payday for a while. 1st Sgt. Poskus took us all to Roberts and arranged a signature loan of $25 for each of us with the local banker - Augie Skow. We took a bus to New Richmond for meals at Mc Gregors resturant. Eventually, as more men arrived, we started to get mess hall up and operating. Bedding and other supplies started arriving and we began getting the two areas up and running. I met a local girl and, after about a year we married. Have lived in this area ever since. - 473 115th St. Amery, Wi. 540017/59-4/61
    . Zielenski, Peter, Btry Cmdr, CPT10/66-11/67

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