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Locations of Former NIKE MISSILE SITES (text)
Training and Ranges
Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
Ft. Bliss El Paso, Texas just north of town
[{McDonald, R} (Jan 2001) I presently live in El Paso. The only reminders of Nike at Fort Bliss are a dummy missile erected at the ADA Museum, some 'booster tail' ash trays in front of buildings and the missiles, launchers and radars still being utilized at the German Air Defense School, which is planned to be shut down and moved to Holloman Air Force Base, Alamogordo, NM. --- ED, The {ADA} museum is in a state of flux at this time. The 'NEW' ADA Museum will be in the old PX complex on Marshall Road. I will try to keep you posted at to this status and the status of the Nike {diorama} ]
Ft. Churchill Ft. Churchill, Manitoba, Canada West edge of Hudson Bay - near lat 58.7 lon -94.1
Wikipedia, cold weather testing 84 KB .pdf
McGregor Range 40 miles NNE of El Paso, Texas To get to the McGregor Range Control Building, leave Ft. Bliss on Highway 54, head NNE, about 50 miles, turn east at the McGregor sign, go east a few miles, through the guard station, east a few more miles looking for a building with communication dishes on a hill about 400 meters south of the road, go slightly past and turn south, and there you are. GPS N 32º 04.417 W 106º 09.149
[{Bogges, D}McGregor Range Camp was or still may be located north of El Paso via 54 about 20-25 miles into New Mexico.]
NATO Missile Firing Installation
Chania/Khania/Hania (Crete) (town on N.W. coast) As best I remember from a trip to see the range and firing (July 1998), (using Google Earth)
- Observation Building (VIPs) N 35.569786, E 24.172439;
- Launcher Area N 35,573900, E 24.173755;
- IFC N 35.571445 E 24.142890;
- Range Safety?? N 35.579252, E 24.148470
[{Mikkelsen, S} (Feb 2013) YouTube is 2010 german Patriot ASP from Crete with some footage of the surroundings . ]
[{Kalderis, D} 3 miles from the Chania airport, active, launchings in late June 1998]
Red Canyon Range

from Andrew Gomolak
100 miles N.E. Los Cruces, NM GPS N 33º 43.100 W 106º 07.383
[{Bogges, D} NNE corner of White Sands] (see below) (abandoned), description, map (600 K bytes) see upper righthand corner
The Butler buildings we lived in had no concrete pad, they sat on plywood laid directly on the ground. Many thanx to Doyle Piland, WSMR Museum Archivist. ------ added 3/2002 ---> WSMR, nee WSPG, covers a huge amout of real estate, hundreds if not thousands of square miles. The Ordnance folks down at WSPG/WSMR grudgingly allowed us AAA Nike types to pitch camp on a tiny plot in their territory until McGregor range could be opened. The camp (and it was definitely a CAMP) existed for 6 years...53 - 59. Even today, very little about RCRC can be found in the WSMR Museum. It is directed more to things related to Ordnance types. JP Moore - RCRC 54-57 ]
- - Oro Grande About 60 miles N.E. of El Paso (Ft. Bliss)
[{Moore, J.P.} Launched RCAT targets for Nike Hercules fired from McGregor Ranges. map (57 K bytes) see road N.E. of El Paso
- - Oscura Range Camp near Oscura, On White Sands Missile Range Launched RCAT targets for Nike Ajax fired from Red Canyon, map (600 K bytes) see midway up righthand edge
southeast Sardinia, at a location called Salto di Quirra,
[{Page, T}
[{Page, T} (March 2008) I found three "Google Earth Community" placemarks in southeast Sardinia, at a location called Salto di Quirra, pin-pointing a Nike missile IFC, a Nike missile launch site, and a HAWK missile launch site.
Respectively, those three sites are located at: 3930'14.5"N, 00937'22.6"E; 3931'38.5"N, 00937'58.4"E; and 3932'32.6"N, 00938'02.5"E.
[{Aresu, Roberto} (December 2009) firing range Capo San Lorenzo Range, Sardinia, Italy (used by Italy and Turkey LAT 39.50 N LON 9.62 E
"Sea Range" Taechon-ne, Korea
on Yellow Sea
see Bravo Btry, Korea
White Sands Proving Ground 40 miles N.E. Los Cruces, NM [{Bogges, D}The base itself was located 18 miles West of Carrizozo, New Mexico via Highway 380 and then 4 miles South by dirt road to the base.]

A historical note from Doyle Piland - Archivist for the WSMR Museum - "In addition to Red Canyon Range Camp and McGregor Range, there were 3945 Nike Ajax and 646 Nike Hercules Missiles fired from White Sands Proving Ground/White Sands Missile Range from 1946 through 1967."

William C. Godby notes (May 2019) "if you aren't aware of my newspaper site you'll want to check it out. I had the Wind and Sands paper's scanned in and OCR'd. It's an incredible resource. Have a look:"

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Design & manufacturing
of Nike Ajax and Hercules
Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
Bell Telephone Labs Whippany, New Jersey
New Providence ("Murray Hill")
Douglas Aircraft Charlotte, NC .
Western Electric Burlington, NC National Register of Historic Places

From Donald E. Bender
Bell Telephone Labs in Whippany, New Jersey was heavily involved in the Nike program, and in many other military-related schemes, including missiles, radars, strategic communications, the SAGE air defense system and much more.

I understand Whippany was an especially good site for testing radar and radio equipment being something of a "dead area" (so I am told) which did not receive much interference, nor cause much interference with normal radio or TV reception for example.

Yes -- it's the same Bell Labs which is now the research arm of Lucent. Lucent has their big facility on Mountain Ave. in nearby New Providence (I live about 5 miles away) and the Whippany facility is still there, although I don't know exactly what they do today.

The Holmdel facility of Bell Labs (LONG and interesting history with radar, etc., and features an impressive modern glass facaded building with a very unique water tower design, all done by ... hmmm ... one of the Saarinens, the famous Finnish architects, back in the 1960s.

The proximity of the Bell Labs facility in New Providence (sometimes referred to as "Murray Hill") to Nike site NY-73 and the proximity of the Holmdel site to the Holmdel and Hazlet Nike sites has been the source of many mythical stories relating to UFOs and Bell Labs alleged reverse-engineering of captured spacecraft! Really!

BTL was very much a "basic research" type institution for many years. When Lucent came into being, the research aim was changed more to "applied research", to developing practical sellable things, rather than pursuing things which might be of great value 10, 20 or 50 years in the future. At least that's what I've been told.

But, yes, it's the same Bell Labs which is now associated with the new Lucent moniker.

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