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Bell Telephone Labs . .
. Harmon, William R., I am a retired member of the Technical Staff - Bell Telephone Laboratories, very involved in the NATO improvemts to HERC starting in 1970's until the 1990's. All NIKE ground equipment was manufactured by Western Electric here in Burlington, NC. I was part of the BTL tesm during that period. Numerous WE/BTL people still here. I was very involved in the various radar improvements(?). Would welcome contact with other interested persons. 2804 Amherst Ave; Burlington, NC 27215 - see story1970s-1990s
. Page, Buddy, Transferred to Bell Labs Whippany in 1959. Worked Herc and Improved Herc. 117 South Shore Dr., Holden Beach, NC 28462 10/59-
Douglas Aircraft . .
. Evans, Robert J. (Bob) Douglas Tech Rep, Postal address: 218 Fairway Blvd., Panama City Beach, Florida 32407
Chicago Defense: C-92,94,98 10/58-2/59;
Chicago Defense: C-54,61,70,93 2/59-5/60
Albany Georgia: TU-28,79 1960-1961
FlaRakBtl 24 1961-1973
HMU Mechernich 1973-1976
. Gealt, Leonard, WSPG worked for Douglas Aircraft 414 Monaco I Delray Beach FL 33446 - RSA Training Nato troops and American on the Nike Hercules. I was a Field Rep for Douglas Aircraft and they shiped me a complete Nike Hercules system with Launcher which I set up to train military personel on. This included the trailers ,spare parts and test equipment./54-/57
. Osborne, John (for deceased father Evan J), Father, Evan James Osborne, worked on the project. He died when I was 5 in 1975. Never knew anyone other than family that new him. If you knew him, please contact me. Thank you.?
. Popa, Adrian E., (5/52-1/54) Wired Nike Ajax missiles and DC-6/7 aircraft at Douglas Aircraft, (1/54-1/56), Ft. Ord, Army airplane mechanic (L-19s), Nike Ajax radar operator, Kingston, WA. (1/56-6/61) Research on Nike Zeus, Thor antennas and DC-8/9 aircraft antenna systems at Douglas Antenna Lab. (6/61 - today) Hughes Research Labs, Malibu, CA where the world's first laser was developed. 5/52-1/54
. Ramos, Norman A., at Tobin Wells, a portion of Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX. I was one of a few persons who worked on this "NEW" Innovation of putting complete Hercules Sets together, [ except for the IFC and Launch Area cabling which remained as a consistent part of the system testing ], to be issued to the using Missile Batteries as a complete and tested system, and, there were "NO" malfunctions of the system, so it saved lead time in putting the systems in the field... I was a Missile Engineering Representative and Test Engineer.for the Douglas Co. I got to the Douglas Facility on Sept. 16, 1957, when only 2 or 3 sets were tested and issued, I left the facility when we were at system No. 80 on Oct.1, 1958 and went to the Douglas Thor Missile, Test Firing Facility at Sacramento, CA. As we tested the different components of the launch area, if we found any latent malfunction,or re-occurring malfunctions, we would repair same, and write a written report to the headquarters of the Field Service Engineering Section in Lawndale, CA. Myself and a Keith Johnson developed a Missile Simulator, using the Transponder to receive shaping signals from the IFC area [ Western Electric Co. the prime contractor ] the simulator, an interface, remained on the ground and we lifted the Transponder on the end of the Missile Launcher so that the IFC area could see us from about 3300 feet, as the Transponder was up in the air quite a ways. There was the Supervisor Richard Mansfield, and Al Nell, Keith Johnson, Scott ( I can't remember the last name ) and an ex Lt. Thomas, who was stationed at Fort Baker, in Marin County CA. and my self. In 1960 to 1964 Keith Johnson and I became Polaris Large Stage, and the smaller Second Stage, Test Firing Engineers for Aerojet General Corp. in Rancho Cordova, CA. I also moved into the Vibration Testing Department as it was less ~ ~ STRESSFUL ~ ~ and not on an 8 hour setup and firing schedule.... /57-/58
. Strite, Robert E., Guidance Section of Ajax 1951-1953
Glenn L. Martin Co. . .
. Edgerton, Robert C., Associate Development Engineer, Helped develop Missle Master 8111 pallet, FUIF pallet and served as laison engineer to Otis Elevetor Co. in Brooklyn, NY who developed Missle Master System Power Supply later installed at Ft Meade where I was subsequently transfered to coordinate FUIF installation at Nike sites ia Baltimore /Washington Defense Area prior to being assigned to Vanguard Missle/Satelite Program at Cape Canaveral in 1957. 1956-1957
Sierra Research Corp. Buffalo, N.Y. .
. Thursby, Michael Nike RAEMOD Mod team, Tech Leader Germany, - Koln Air Base MatAmt IV A I worked for Sierra Research Corp. Buffalo NY we designed and build the RAEMOD for the Herc radars, prolonged the life after the range and angle pots could not be made anymore. I travelled to all of the W German sites under Lufftwaffe control. 3/79-9/80
Western Electric . .
. Bilyou, Robert G., Source Representative. Worked at Douglas Aircraft, Santa Monica, CA - for Western Electric, Prime Contractor..
. Frohman, David, Worked on Nike Hercules as a WECO engineer from 6/64 - 8/69, first as a field engineer, then as a development engineer in Burlington, NC. 6/64-8/69
. Hall, Gregory E., I was a line engineer on Nike Hercules Systems and worked under Hi Ratsch who was my Senior Engineer. I then transferred to South Western Bell in Houston, TX. I've been doing telephony ever since. - 18011 Old Preston Ct., Dallas, TX 752525/70-6/74
. Kinner, Ron, I was a field engineer with western Electric and did two tours in Europe. First tour was Dec 70 to Dec 71 on a mod team that spent 6 months in Denmark and 6 months in Dueren Germany. The WECo office at the time was in Darmstadt Germany and a guy named Ralph Beisner was in charge. On my second tour July 73 to Jan 84 the office was in Bad Godesburg and Herb McCandless was in charge. Herb is still alive and lives in Stateline NV. My second tour I was based in at the German Air Force base in Wunstorf from 73 until 79. Wunstorf was rebuilding launchers and later started the BATHIP program which rebuilt IFC equipment. We had three McDonnell-Douglas engineers at Wunstorf. Their German office was also in Bad Godesburg and I think Mel Droege was the boss there. In Jan of 79 I got transferred to Mechernich 55 km SW of Cologne. Stayed there until Jan 84. Provided support to German Nike sites. A WECo team came to Mechernich in 1983 and did the digital IFC mod. for all systems there. Systems were brought to Mechernich for the digital mod then returned and I then went to the site to make sure they worked. - PO Box 3303, Indialantic FL 7/68-1/84
. Nichols, Ray, WECO Field Engineering on T-33/M-33 (predecessor to the Nike systems) Ladd AFB, Fairbanks, Alaska - Governor's Island, Fort Totten, Fort Tilden, [I declare Ray a Nike type 'cause M-33 is so close to Nike IFC equipment ;-)) Ed Thelen] 8/53-6/55
. Ratsch, Heinz, Western Electric - technical advisor in Pennsylvania and California, in Nike program until 12/84 22759 SW 53rd Way Boca Raton FL 1/56-1/64
. Sinclair, Al, I was a Western Electric Tech Rep supporting the 1/65 (in Okinawa). 8/66-10/68

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