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Los Angeles -
LA-04 Mt. Gleason /Palmdale
LA-09 Mt. Disappointment /Barley Flats
LA-14 South El Monte
LA-29 Brea/ Puente Hills
LA-32 Garden Grove
LA-40 Long Beach Airport /Lakewood
LA-43 Ft. MacArthur (Upper Res /White Point)
LA-45DC Fort MacArthur (Lower Res)
LA-55 Point Vicente (Palos Verdes)
LA-57 Redondo Beach/ Torrance
LA-70 Hyperion /Playa Del Rey
LA-73 Playa Del Rey /LAX
LA-78 Malibu
LA-88 Chatsworth/ Oat Mtn.
LA-94 Los Pinetos /Newhall
LA-96 Van Nuys / Sepulveda
LA-98 Magic Mountain /Lang /Saugus
Los Angeles - other


San Francisco -
SF-08-09 San Pablo Ridge / Berkeley
SF-25 Rocky Ridge
SF-31 Lake Chabot/ Castro Valley
SF-37 Coyote Hills/ Newark
SF-51 Milagra /Pacifica
SF-59 Fort Funston/ Mt. San Bruno
SF-77H Presidio of San Francisco
SF-78H Presidio of San Francisco
SF-87 Fort Cronkhite/ Sausalito
SF-88 Ft. Barry /Sausalito
SF-89 Presidio of San Francisco (Fort Winfield Scott)
SF-90DC Mount Tamalpais
SF-91 Angel Island
SF-93 San Rafael
San Francisco - other
Travis AFB -
T-10 Elmira
T-33 Vacaville - Dixon/Lambie
T-53 Fairfield - Potrero Hills
T-86 Fairfield /Cement Hills
Travis - other
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LA-04Mt. Gleason /Palmdale .
. Beazley, Gary L, Left site due to deactivation. Went on to KeyWest and worked with Hawk system. Can't remember everyone from back then. I can only remember about a hand full people. I have pictures from the time I was there. Still in the military. I remember the snow storm that trapped us in that winter and claimed the life of an airman along the excess road off the site to the main highway. I was 19y/o. How time flies!!12/73-6/74
. Bendt, Larry D., 2d class artilleryman nike - lancher crewman - 2895 desert vista dr. bullhead city AZ 864293/57-2/60
. Black, Charles D, Ifc sec chief. Best duty I ever had in the A[ir]D[efense]. SSG.was there until closed. Old friends SFC Thompson,Sp6 Romans, WO Slickleman, sgt Davis,My crew ,Wo Bickerman, Lost one parts clerk drowing in little Rock dam, sp6 Perez, Sfc Brandt still in contact with him. Capt Brown,If anyone knows where these people are give me a email. just click on my name buddies.I retired here in Palmdale I loved it so much. Let me know who is out there that remembers me.Thanks for the good times. 2/73-6/74
. Blankenship, Randy, SP/4 Launcher Crewman 16B20R2, C section(pit). I served with Dave Sutton, Dan Beckner, David Dean, Dan Jackson, Marty Cuffee, SFC Von Kozee, SFC Littlejohn, SSG Rick Volk. - 5306 S. Mosley Wichita-Kansas 6721611/72-7/74
. Borden, Bruce, "War is hell" 10/66-10/68
. Bryn, Fred, guard with the MP det, and remember the fires of 70 well/70-/70
. Carpenter, Donald, E-4 when I left Panel operator Launcher area - 187 Spruce lake rd Little Falls Ny 13365 12/72-12/73
. Charlton, Stanley, E-5 AQU-Operator, The duty was good from March - November winter was not good in the IFC area. Still see or talk to a few people in that defence system. I spent sometime TDY on the ARADCOM pistol team Late 1962- early 1963.10/60-8/63
. Collom, Paul D., SP/5, started as Duty Driver, then Training Clerk, then Company Clerk. Don't remember it being called Mt Gleason, just Palmdale - but then memory does fade!11/68-01/71
. Dugan, Alan, Sp/4 Computer Operator 8/59-6/60
. Durffee, Ed CW3 IFC Plt Ldr - 43297 W Oster Dr, Maricopa, Az 85138 '67-12/68
. Edmiaston, Bob, 16b - brings back fond memories. recall ,doug allen ,sgt dobbins,sgt dimiglio, lt kohn, la forte, sokol (,one for me and one for the sarg) roland perkins (,my partner in crime.) big john cady, and sgt. james t webb any body remember these guys??7/67-8/68
. Edwards, Roberet, 23G IFC Radar Maint. SP5, great duty!12/66-10/68
. Eldridge, Richard J (Rick) MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint - 126 Shore Drive 5/70- 5/73
. Evans, Frank H. .
. Gattis, Stan, I was a Spec 5 MTR operator trained by Steve Johnson. (He passed about 20 years ago.) Sgt. Thompson was the IFC platoon sergeant. I remember Sgt. Romans being injured pushing someone out of the way of a sliding truck. I remember Tuttle, Misavage, Lindstrom, Tattershall, Lt. Allis and a few others. I was sorry to see that the IFC area has gone back to the trees. I too was there the winter we got snowed off the mountain and relief crews were sent by helicopter. - 16 Georgetown Dr. Dallas, GA 301329/71-4/74
. Grippi, Matthew B, IFC Parts clerk; Plt SSgt. E-6) - Dumont, NJ 07628 /67-10/68
. Kjellsen, Richard C., Right out of basic training, next thing I know I'm carrying a carbine with live ammo guarding IFC; left for OJT at Fort Mac, then to LA-94 in 196412/63-04/64
. Landis, Gary, Great Duty....Beautiful Country..And we had a very good basketball team - 1245 South Zimmer Road Warsaw, Indiana 6580 9/66-1/68
. Lomax, Larry, Sp/4 - arrived as missile crewman but was assigned duties in unit supply. Never remember it being called Mt Gleason, we all knew it as 04 or Palmdale. Best times of my military career were at this site. -/-
. Lovelace, Jeff Generator operator IFC area /70-/71
. McKinney, James, E4, was there with sgt littlejohn, sgt rojas, pfc ford, pfc jump, pfc franks, pfc mele - postal zone 190817/71-9/72
. Merrill, Scott, 23G20-spec.5, radar maint. - 171 bimini cay circle10/67-5/68
. Milburn, Troy, E2-E4 MTR Operator. - Attended NCOES at Ft Bliss prior to duty in Alaska1/73-3/74
. Miller, Ronald, Pvt E-2Launcher crew, L.C.T. operator & ordinance parts specialist, guard duty You could see all Los Angeles on a clear night, and Edwards AFB on a clear day. This place was almost gives overseas pay because it was so isolated. Beautiful area 6/62-11/62
. Missavage, John D., mos 16c20, sp4, Sr. Azimuth Operator Target Tracking Radar at Mt. Gleason. Loved duty at this site Los Angeles Nat. Forest. Had an awesome time during my stay at Mt. Gleason and trips on the chopper down to Ft. McArthur to pick up payroll. The plowing of snow down the access roads was also pretty awesome not to mention the views of the Pacific sunsets and the sunrises to the East looking towards Edwards air base. - 17231 Blackhawk Blvd. Friendswood, Texas 77546 #405/70-/71
. Putthoff, Gary, E3 fire control panel operator, (was supposed to be an E4) Btry A 2nd BN. We used to hike to the gold mines that were shut down. We used to run over the rattlesnakes sunning themselves on the road, and try to hit the head so we could eat them. I was all of 17 years old. Jack in the Box was the first stop in Palmdale. Used to make a run in the evenings and take orders. About an hour round trip. 1/72-12/72
. Simpson, Chauncey L Lchr. Maint. Chief '65-'67
. Szopinski, Al, I ran the Power Generators. Great site, Captains were Booten "bombers" and later Hogan "hero's " Haven't heard or seen anyone since 73. I remember a Ernie "Lacy" Sanders, Jack Graham, Keller, Cameron, and someone named Mourice, thought to be Billie Jack's cousin : -), - 4942 Stoneledge Rd., Ashville NY 14710 12/72-12/73
. Sutton, David L,, Panel Operator, then Section Chief, Charlie Section, Section Chief, Alpha Section, Forklift operator During Site Closure. 01/73-08/74
. Tejeda, Juan A., SP4 / 16C IFC Radar Operator Left to go to Tech. Maintenance. School at Ft. Bliss, TX. School closed prior to my start and I was given the oportunity to go to HAWK Maintenance School, 24F. Graduated, and stayed at school as an instructor-technition and eventually made SSG. Most of my class went to Nam, about a qurater of them went to Key West. I stayed in good old Ft Bliss. Taken off orders for Nam twice09/66-12/67
. Thiel, Freddie E., Alt. Security Sgt. for Launch Area 101st. Airborne Security Sgt. /67-/68
. Trussell, Eddie J., Target Ranging Radar/Assigned to radar and communications/E-4/ work station was about 2 to 3 miles away from main base. traffic was 0ne way 7 miles from main road to main base. had to call on E-88 land line. When It did not work I had to walk the 7 miles till I found the break which was the forest service cutting fresh fire brakes. Then there was the 3 miles to the radar location as well. Batalion was In pasadina think it is C.I.A. now. Fort Mac was so cool right at the Harbor on north end of San Pedro. I understand It Is long gone now. I went for a visit to 04 about 74 the National Guard was operating It then. We were obsolete even when I was there. we would try to track the X-15 when they tesed It out of Edwards haha we could not lock on it was way too fast. I served my 3 years there and left they Army. Small world 5 or 6 years later I work with a buddy from 04 In civilion life In Phoenix Az. what would the odds be for that to happen. Thanks for setting up this web site. 7/61-2/64
. Tuttle, George D., SP/4 MTR Operator / Range Operator 16C10, I live in Eagle Idaho. 2/72-9/73
. Vadnais, Ed, Firing panel operator,Sp-4, Got on site when the Cuban Missile Crisis started. Many trips down the hill to Pasadena to party.9/62-6/63
. Van Cleve, James, Launcher Control Trailer as radio and switchboard operator, PFC. I worked in the commo section and as a missile crewman. BEAUTIFUL REMOTE LOCATION- I will probably NEVER forget the rides on the "pass bus"! Painted rattlesnakes with ugly yellow paint as they crawled from under the launcher pads washed ajax and hercs every day, painted everything else at the war-camp some times I had to salute some officer that wandered into the work area accidentally - played a game called RED ALERT several times per week went to LA or Pasadena when I could spent a lot of time wondering how our pass bus driver kept his cool on those "roads" bought half of a 1939 LaSalle with a guy we called "Fudd". - San Antonio, Texas 09/57-04/59
. Williams, Larry SP4 Loaded last Warheads as the site closed in 74. '73- '74
LA-09Mt. Disappointment /Barley Flats .
. Kriebel, Laverne IFC MAINTENANCE CHIEF Looking for any one who served at site LA-09 with B Btry 933 Msl Bn 1/56 - 12/57
LA-14South El Monte .
LA-29Brea/ Puente Hills .
. Abernatha, Harvey, SP/4 IFC MTR, Was Regular Army and worked on several sites from 1965 to 1968 in USA & Germany/68-/71?
. Aughe, Richard (Dick), IFC Maint and Section Chief ABAR SFC '64 to '66
. Ball, Alvin L, Fire Control Section Chief, mostly the MTR, but at one time or another, I did it all. SP5 & drawing P3. Did McGregor 3 times, all missiles were kills. Great time to be in Southeren California. 3/61-9/63
. Conlon, Gary, MISS.ELEC.REPAIR, GEN.OPER. IFC ,LCR, E-4 AJAX & HERC SCHOOL AT BELVOIR,VA SWEET! - Looking down a row of Hercs was awsome ! - corona ca7/60-3/62
. Ramos, Louis, Jr., Lchr Warrant 1327 N. Orange Ave, Ontario, CA 917648/68-4/70
. Robertson, Michael S. 11/64-1/71
. Stevens, Larry B. ?Launcher? 196?-?
. Stovall, Rocky, Launcher Crewman - So in the short time I was in the Nike system I served in both above and underground sites. - 1020 N Main St. Dix,IL 62830/62-4/64
. Wilson, Scott - WO-1, LT '67- '71
LA-32Garden Grove .
. Abernatha, Harvey, SP/5 IFC SSG Headquarters 4 Bat 251 Art/71?-/74
. Cobb, Sam, WO-1 , 12/56- ?
. Edwards, Leon A., SFC (831)395-4546 64-68
. Howell, Jack, 2Lt Launcher Plt Ldr, 1Lt Fire Control Plt Ldr. Was on a crew that fired my second 100% score at McGregor Range, NM. 4thBn 251st fired a total of 6 100% scores with ALL 4 firing Btry's to fire a perfect score. 6/68-3/72
. Kitchens, Lester, MOS 227.10 severed as LCH & IFC Sec Chief. Converted site from Ajax to Herc with package training at Ft. Bliss. Departed 2/60 to pick up Herc package at Ft Bliss for setup at Abliene Tx (DY-10) 56-60
. Ramos, Louis, Jr., Lchr Warrant Officer 1327 N. Orange Ave, Ontario, CA 91764 4/70-4/72
. Scully, John, Battery Commander CPT7/63-2/68
. Stevens, Larry B. ?Launcher? ?- 73
. Wilson, Patrick, SP-4 Warhead Custodian 65-66
LA-40Long Beach Airport /Lakewood .
. Lunn, Gordon, S-4, Hqs BC, Asst S-3 6/63-6/68
. Scully, John, Electrical Missile Sgt, SSG, IFC Platoon Leader 2LT/1LT8/58-1/63
. Wilson, Scott Lchr Sec Chief, Plt Sgt, Maintenance, 57-62
LA-43Ft. MacArthur (Upper Res .
. Dale, Bernard, Ifc 5/66-5/68
. Gilham, Richard, Spec. 4 For a time Captian Hackworth was my commander, he went on to become a Col. and now is a famous author. I thought he was a crazy because he used to make us run all over Fort Mac as is we were ground pounders 1958 -1962
. Gray, Emerson L., IFC, Maint Warrant, 7/62- 2/71
. Howell, Jack, SFC IFC Maintence, Chief Mechanic HIPAR - Was on the first crew to ever fire a perfect 100% score at Mc Gregor Range, NM. Left site 3/68 to attend OCS at Fort Sill, Ok5/63-3/68
. La Berge, Noel H, TRR operator9/65-5/67
. Ramos, Louis, Jr., Lchr Warrant - Closed site. 1327 N. Orange Ave, Ontario, CA 91764 4/72-4/74
. Rhodes, John SP5 Fire Control Operator(Acq/Computer) 60-62
. Willey, Keith CPT, XO, Cdr - Btry XO, Cdr '68- '71
. Wallters, Michael, 65-67
. Williams, Dennis, Range Operator, SP4, was there when we scored 100% in the 6th Region - 27335 Paseo Laguna, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 11/64-/67
. Wilson, Scott LT Plt Ldr, XO, 71- 73
HHB 47th ADA Bde
Fort MacArthur - Nike Missile-Master site
- long-range radar installation (which was shared with the Air Force and the FAA) at San Pedro Hill AFS.
. Baldwin, Thomas, 6th USA Signal Missile Master Support, Spc-5 Trained at Ft. Monmouth,NJ for a year in repair and maintenance of FUIF System, and our team was responsible for the overall maintenance and repair of the FUIF equipment located at the ten Nike missile site protecting the Los Angele area. Great duty-a short walk to Cabrillo Beach, and worked with a group of super guys. 3/62-5/63
. Goode, Gary, Wanted: Patches or pictures /64-/65
. Hall, Dale L., Maintenance on AN/TSQ-51 "Missile Mentor", with a fast Hughes H-3118 18 bit digital computer (memory cycle time 1.8 us). I was the honor graduate of the 1st AN/TSQ-51 class ( one year ) at Ft. Bliss. Class was taught by a hybrid of Army Service Personnel & Hughes design engineers. In 1969, I joined TRW Defense & Space Systems Group in Redondo Beach, Calif, retiring after 37 yrs there - Amateur Radio K3MNN - 19909 Grevillea Ave Torrance, CA 90503 6/67-3/69
. Hrncir, Robert Craig, Nike Hercules Electronic Specialist / US .Army 1972-1974 MOS 24420 MOS11810 -
. Knapp, John, Sp5 26H20 Air Defense Radar Repair6/70-5/71
. Lawrence, Bobby, radar repairman 26H/70-/73
. Malone, Charles, Fire distribution crewman, Sp48/67-10/68
LA-55Point Vicente, (Palos Verdes)
a web site
X found an December 5, 1957 "Torrance Herald" article about the movie "The Invisible Boy" which was set in part at LA-55 (Palos Verdes)
. Barb, Robert L, 55 was a National Guard Site I was full time as a Switch board operator. We scored a 100 at snap in 67 I think we were the only National Guard site to do so up to that date maybe only NG site to do so. If you were with 4Btn 251st ADA please E-mail have contact with other members who were at B Btry. - 1839 elmfield ave Long Beach Ca 908152/67-1/69
. Barge, Earl, SP4 - Admin9/72-3/73
. Cobb, Sam, WO-1 , (xfered to LA-32)9/56-12/56
. Christiansen, Owen J., Generator section both IFC and launch sections3/60-2/63
. Daley, John, SP-4 LCT Operator - 12/55-09/58
. Fitzsimmons, Terry, IFC area71 - 74
. Hammond, Jack L., I was a computer operator. I WAS ON THE 1970 SNAP TEAM THAT FIRED 100% 1967-1974
. Howell, Jack, 1Lt XO Firing Btry was promoted to Cpt prior to closing the site in Sept 1974. Moved on to Camp Robert where I spent the next 17 years and left service as LTC. 3/72-9/74
. Knous, Larry M., 179.0, E-3, Acquisition Operator. - turned site over to NG - 8809 Miami Dr, Rowlett, Tx 750883/63-10/64
. Patton, Chester A., Site closed in 1974, worked at Ft. Irwin Ca, OMS#4 in Riverside, Ca retired from National Guard in 1998 . - 10392 Chisholm Trl. Cherry Valley, Ca4/65-5/74
. Ramos, Louis, Jr., Platoon Sgt/Warrant Officer 1327 N. Orange Ave, Ontario, CA 91764 2/64-8/68
. Robinson, John, IFC operator, Mail Clerk, Courier PFC12/60-4/62
. Willey, Keith 1LT, XO Lchr PL, Btry XO '63- '68
. Williams, Dennis, security force, PFC, took demotion to attend college / later entered USA Rotor Pilot training / retired Master Aviator, CW4, 34 years - 27335 Paseo Laguna, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 /67-9/697
LA-57Redondo Beach/ Torrance .
. Lunn, Gordon, ( Ajax) 1/61-6/63
. Ramos, Louis, Jr., Platoon Sgt. 1327 N. Orange Ave, Ontario, CA 91764 6/57-2/64
. Willey, Keith WO, 2LT Launcher Warrant, Btry XO '58- '62
LA-70Hyperion /Playa Del Rey .
. Gray, Emerson L., Lchr, Elec mat chief, 9/58-12/61
LA-73Playa Del Rey /LAX .
. Aughe, Richard (Dick), Left site to go to school, Ft Bliss, Texas '63
. Gray, Emerson L., Lchr, Maint Warrant, 1/62-7/62
. Holt, Richard L., 1st Lt IFC Plt Ldr Trained Cal Nat Guard to take over site 10/56-4/58
. Howell, Jack, SSG IFC Track Radars Operator. Crew chief - Left site in 62to attend 15 months of Nike Hercules Maintenace course and Hercules Package Tng at Fort Bliss, Tx and McGregor Range, NM7/57-2/62
. Stevens, Larry B. , ?Launcher? '59-?
. Ulery, Fredrick, /57-/61
LA-78Malibu .
. Allen, Sidney, Missile Radar Operator. Next assignments, OCS @ Ft. Knox & APG, Md; MMCS @ Redstone Arsenal; 501st Field Depot, Korat & Sattahip, Thailand; Live in Huntsville, AL '65-'66
. Blackwell, Richard (Al), Launcher Crewman3/69-11/70
. Brooks, Davis K., SP/5 IFC Maintenance6/67-6/70
. Couch, Henry A., Sp 4, 16C20, MTR Operator2/72-12/72
. Crossman, Doug, Pit rat, Assistant section chief,SP-5 It would be great to hear from old friends, 12/68-3/72
. DiMarco, Dino, CW3 Launcher Area Maint '72
. Duvall, Donald, I helped close the system down. My second in a row. I retired from here./70-/74
. Evans, George, Battery Cmdr '66
. Ferguson, Mark, Malibu was a great site, except swing blading the hillside.10/72-5/74
. Foster, Danny L., spec 4 16-C fire control operator '70 '71
. Golding, Jim, Mail Clerk & Training NCO 6/65-2/67
. Heise, Lawrence F., acquisition radar operator(OJT) In early 1954, (90mm gun) AAA 1st unit to occupy site... later "cut off" the top of a mountain above Malibu, hauled an acquisition radar up nothing more than a fire trail, and made original "clutter & coverage diagrams, before Nike site was constructed. [I guess we have to make him an Honorary Nike Guy. The Nike site was installed in 1956 :-) ]'55-'55
. Henderson, William ( Bill), Pit Rat section Chief - When I left I had been on the site longer than anyone there. 2/70-9/73
. Mahlock, Garrel, Ord. Parts Clerk - 1600 Mailand Dr. Manitowoc Wi.4/62-1/65
. Massey, Norman R., Worked in the orderly room (still no training, but I knew how to type) until a long talk with the Launcher PSG got me moved downrange into the missile assembly building as Repair Parts Clerk. Stayed there until a slot opened in the Generator Section, where I stayed. Promoted to SPEC-4, ended up as Power Generation Section Chief. Asked to be reclassified as 52B Generator Op/Mech - the Army needed Computer Programmers that week. 74F carried the maximum VRB and I ain't that much of a fool - I jumped. Took me another 17 years to find my way out. Promoted to SFC in 1982, selected for WO appointment in 1984. Ended up retiring as a CWO-3 from USASOC at Ft Bragg in 1991. - 6381 Harris Road, Holopaw, FL, 34773 5/72-5/74
. McMahon, Kevin, SP5 IFC Fire Control Tech 11/68-9/70
. Merrill, Scott, 23G20-spec.5, radar maint. - Orders for Germany, NO Nikes there, would not re-up for 4 more years, so I went to Garmish to teach skiing.. and play, tough war! - 171 bimini cay circle5/68-11/68
. Nelson, Dennis H., MP Security Guard Dog Handler. My dog was named Rebel, and would like to find other guys at the site. Medford, OR 975019/59-3/62
. Palm, Richard, '65-'68
. Pease, Ron, Sp5. Target tracking radar, B/4/65, - 10050 thunderbird Rd sun city az 853513/65-6/66
. Preston, Thomas A, SP5 ACQ Operator Lopar/HIpar, 5170 Kopp Lane NE, Moses Lake, WA 988371/62-11/64
. Richards, Theo D., (no e-mail address given) MOS 179.1 MTR Operator '60-'63
. Rodriguez, Juan, Sgt E-5/E-6 Section Chief/ Platoon Sgt E-7, lots of ORE's TPI's IG's Great site and a lot of good men. Left for Vietnam and think about the good times there. - 10018 East Adrianne Place, Tucson, AZ 8573011/64-12/68
. Rogers, Skip, MP Dog Handler 3/69-6/70
. Russell, Arthur, E-4 Aquisition,MTR,TTR Operator. Worked both IFC and Launch area. Had a prefix 5 on my MOS. Site ID changed from B-3-57 to B-4-65. Check out the Site.... zip code 90265... The Los Angeles County Fire Department has made a few mods. Can no longer play football in the parking lot.... but I'll betcha they still play pool in the Day Room. The Launch Pads/Pits are still there.....The IFC area has been re-worked. No more .357 target practice......9/58-10/61
. Simpson, Chauncey L, Lchr.Maint.Warrant '67-'70
. Smith, Johnnie A. Jr. (Smitty), Sp/4 22f (24U20) missile maintainance. First assignment after completetion of school.. great site and great people to work with. 5/67-2/68
. Speed, Phil, SP5 IFC Azimuth Operator/65-/66
. St. Amant, Richard, (bad e-mail address given) SP4. Hipower radar operator. Great work station and I miss driving PCH as the sun rose & Set.7/73-4/75
LA-88Chatsworth/Oak Mtn.
Greg Brown, web site, requests folks with stories and/or pictures to contact him at
. Beets, James (Jim), Spc 5 MTR Operator, Wife Toni, Lived in Canoga Park Area, lost touch with greart friends of that time, would like to touch back. Some of the best years here!7/68-1/72
. Brocato, Joseph, orders for Germany (Dexheim Site 1965 to 1967) came to quick...Lchr crewman...Loved LA area 4/65-9/65
. Brooks, Eric W, Elevation operator. Remember a lot of good drinking times. Also serious stuff like the watts riots,when the admin gates were locked and everyone carried a weapon. I left a month early to return home for my brother funeral..killed in Veit NaM. I thought the landscape of the site was just like a movie set. - 3884 Lancaster Dr Ne, Salem, Oregon, 973057/65-11/66
. Brown, Daniel C., 16B10 I was base phone (switchboard operator)and projectionist (trained at Ft. McAurthur) again, Security Platoon - 1107 N. Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98103 9/65-2/66
. Brown, Gregory K., 16C ACC & El, 52B Generator operator, cook,dining room orderly and back sink man. SNAP crew 8-71. Saw floods, fires burn over the IFC area and a major earthquake (Sylmar) in 71. (we were afraid the missles would fall off the rails) We could view video from the Air Force Radar at Mt. Laguna on our PPI scope in the BC van with the flick of a switch. It was the best duty you could have, with the best Commanders, NCO's and fellow enlisted men. Went on to study electronics thanks to the Army. What a great experience. - 187 Lloyd Ave. Fremont Ca. 94536 10/68-9/71
. Caniglia, Richard, SP6 Acquisition Radar Tech 24P20. Remember great times. There for the earthquake in 2/71 and fires in 9/71. 7/70-10/71
. Harris, Jim C, Azimuth operator. Went to Ft. Bliss. Juarez sure was fun as a 21 year kid.5/71-4/72
. Heidke, Jon, (bad e-mail address given heidkej& SP4 Acting Sgt, Launcher Crewman-Assembly Helper Conversion from Ajax to Hercules TPI team with WO Paul Tanaka 11/57-9/60
. Hlasny, John, PFC, 16C10, Acquisition Radar. HIPAR, poor little birdies. Some of the best times of my life. THE PLACE to own a motorcyle. The Rock Store. Thanksgiving Day snow?, could see Palmdale a lot easier. Fire Breaks. Arno'sShitonashingle. Boulder climbing in Chatsworth Park. Santa Anna's!!. LA's finest. Valley Girls. Free Zuma. Disney Land. Watched them shithook the warheads out. Party over. Traded Alaska for Germany. - Levittown New York7/73-7/74
. Houghtaling, Craig, 24P40 SP5 Acquisition Radar Mechanic2/71-2/72
. Hurt, Frank, As a SP-4 radar repairman in the IFC area, I was transferred to LA-94 prior to being discharged. I lived in the Los Angeles area for 33 years. I worked in Law Enforcement for 27 years before retirement9/61-2/62
. Jegelewicz, James , The fires were the worst, Goin to town with ... the best, seein Charlie Manson and the girls ridin the firebreaks provided entertainment! 6/66-8/68
. Kimble, John A. pit rat, generator operator, E5 12/72-74
. Lanier, Donald Jr, SgtE-5, Crew Chief pit C? Helped convert from Ajax to Hercules. 57 - 60
. McPheeters, Wallace D., Generator operator at launch site down from big white radar dome on the hill. Listened to Aerodyne testing the Saturn rocket engines across the valley. Lived in Brown's Canyon in a trailer. Drove 50 mi. to PX at Long Beach. Made SP4. Rode BSA Goldstar 500cc motorcycle to the site. Short timer. Out in 3+ years. Headed north to hometown, Oroville, CA.8/64-left site 3/65
. Mote, Phil, Pfc worked mostly in the motor pool as a duty driver. Long Beach, CA3/65-6/66
. Odom, James, Section chief in launching area. - 1048 Highland Cir. Fairfield, AL 350641/71-9/74
. Pazzaglia, Gary, SP4 IFC Computer Operator; Hated the Army - Retired LCDR/USN in 1994 (Go figure:) - Bethesda, Maryland7/71-1/73
. Peyton; Louis G, Launcher Section Chief. Sgt E-5, Not a very enjoyable. Watched fires run through the ADmin and around the Launcher area. This was not fun. Went to Alaska, to Ft. Bliss, Cromwell, Ct, Okinawa, McGregor Range, Florida, Germany Ft. Bliss. Loved it all. Retired CW3 19766/60-10/60
. Ramey, James M., Launcher crewman (Pit Rat) PFC. Loved being guard dog bait11/65-12/66
. Rathbun, Howard W., IFC 227.10 Computer Operator. Helped install site. (Nike Ajax) Company "C" 551st AAA Missile Battalion brought system from Ft. Bliss (1956) Temp. installed in Costa Mesa, CA. until Oat Mt. site finished, then moved up into the mountain. - 8751 McCarty Ranch Drive San Jose, CA 951358/56-6/57
. Smith, Timothy, SP4 Crew and LCT operator. 3675 N. Jones Bl Las Vegas, NV 11/68-12/69
. Sunde, Bill, Fire Control Operator - About Jess, the land owner ;-)) I met alot of good people at this assignment and it was probably one of the best assignments I had during my 27 years in the U.S. Army. 1/65-12/65
. VanPay, Thomas (spanky), SP5 LCT operator, generator operator, PX operator - Green Bay, WI2/69-3/72
LA-94Los Pinetos /Newhall
web site
. Bailey, Michael, Launcher Rat 9/62 - 7/65
. Bennett, Charles, SP-4 Generator Operator, IFC/Launcher Area. Also PX steward. Really did like that place. Great men to work with. 7/63-5/65<
. Blurton, Neil E., IFC elevation/range operator. PFC. 23 year old draftee. Memories of Ace Kanes Tavern. Requested and received transfer to Seattle Air defense. - 553 B Aladdin Rd Colville WA 991144/59-10/59
. Boo, Peter, supply sgt-/57
. DeNardo, David, IFC computer and aquisition radar operator4/66-1/67
. Durffee, Ed , IFC Warrant, CW2-3 Left for Bn Hq mid 67 and was soon sent to LA-04 as IFC plt Ldr, after one year went to Korea. - 43297 W Oster Dr, Maricopa, Az 85138 11/59-7/67
. East, Herman D. Jr., SSG IFC crew chief, . I was there during the Watts Riot and a Forest Fire that killed several of the hot shots. Site 94 was one of the best duty stations I had while in NIke/Herc. /64-11/68
. Geer, Jack, SP5 Guidence and maintenance (Expert Classification) RA19805136 Final duty costodial on National guard site - 2931 Hermosa Ave La Crescenta CA 91214 -3/67
. Guy, Ron, 4/65-6/66
. Huddleston, Chuck, firing panel operator - First assignment from Basic Tng. I pulled a LOT of guard duty and was assigned as a firing panel operator in the launcher area. It always amazed me that when the rain was really bad, the dogs were pulled off and we had to go on roving guard. I understood about their lack of smell at those times and how they could get sick, but damn, we still didn't like it. I left as a PFC to go to Hawk (IFC??) radar repair school. - Fort Worth, Texas11/62-11/63
. Kjellsen, Richard C., Worked IFC, was the PX Steward with Daniel Gaynor just before leaving for OCS at Fort Sill. 05/64-07/66
. Knous, Larry M., 179.1, sp4, Acquisition Radar Operator. Remember Sp5 Iglesias, Mr. Durfee, Sp4 Terrence Clapsaddle, and many more whose names don't come to me right away. To all who served back then, remember to check your records at PERSCOM for medals you earned but didn't receive such as GC and NDSM. Your DD-214 is probably not accurate, mine wasn't. - 8809 Miami Dr, Rowlett, Tx 7508810/64-9/65
. McLain, Don, Sp4 IFC '65-'69
. Lewis, Paul, SP/5 TTR OPTR. was there for tinal siren blow as site was deactivated 11/67-10/68
. Loeb, Thomas J., What a great location. Good duty. 7/62-12/63
. Procuniar, David C., Rank E-5 TTR operator 10/31/66 the site caught fire, 10 fire firefighters died. I remember Cpt. Multz, Lt. Zarren, Sgt. LaPoint (IFC) W/O Mr. Durfee, Sgt. Greco, Sgt. East, Sp5 Iglesias, Sp5 Bill Foster, Sp4 Terrence Clapsaddle, SP5 Kent, Sp5 Dan Gaynor, Sp4 Jack Davis, Sp4 Dan Birkner, Sp4 Paul Rouleau, Sp5-Dan Ruder, two guys named Smith, our cook PFC Parslow. (LAUNCH AREA) Sp4 Gary Lutz, Sp4 Becker, Sp4 Dave Leisure, Sp4 Don McClain, Sp4 Marteniz, PFC then 90 day Lt. Bergeron, PFC Hilkey & PFC Roberts. We had a good view of Lancaster Mountain & the Van Nuys valley. I have 71 photos of the guys and our Nike Site. - 45432 3/65 - 3/68
. Schlotfelt, Don, E5 pit rat then war head team with CWO Brewer the best officer in the Army 10/66-8/68
. Showe, Terry, spent last 4 months at HQTRS battery before orders to Vietnam in Oct 1967 (1st Inf Div) 8/66-9/67
. Vadnais, Ed, Firing panel operator, Viet Nam just started up was really badgered to re-enlist, didn't happen.6/63-7/65
. Zeihen, Richard H., Radar Operator, SP4 - Great Duty2/57-11/59
LA-96Van Nuys / Sepulveda .
. Cottam, Michael, security left for Germany as they were closing launch site in Van Nuys.. 6/66-11/66
. Evans, Frank H. .
. McBride, Charles, pfc/sp/45/61-5/63
. Kleven, Merle "Mel", Missile crewman/panel operator SP4. One of my best friends there was Luther Redding---yes, Otis'es brother---we went to see Otis in LA on several occassions. The 2 trips to Bliss for SNAP exercises were a unigue challenge on the warhesd time. In 8/66 sent to Germany where my Nike-Herc orders to Permasans (sp?) were changed to armor crewman and eventually a tank commander. - 2054 W. Avenue J5, Lancaster, CA 935364/65-8/66
. Massey, Norman R., Due to a security clearance snafu (I was born in Germany prior to the 1956 SOFA agreement, which dogged me throughout my career), I missed my class date at Ft Bliss for 16B training and arrived straight out of BCT [Basic Combat Training]. Worked in the S1 shop and briefly as Bn Mail Clerk. Got shuffled off to LA-78 April or May 1972. Came and left as a PFC. - 6381 Harris Road, Holopaw, FL, 34773 1/72-5/72
. Sykes, Jim, SP4 Generator operator, and any thing else that came about. - St. George, Ut8/61-6/63
. Tyner, Harmon, - 5090 Shadow River St. Las Vegas, NV 89148 obituary6/55-8/58
. White, Newell R., SP/5 IFC OPR. 47TH Artillery and 6TH Region Pistol Team 61-63 - 3415 Pansy St. Pasadena, Tx. 7750512/60-10/63
. Whitmire, Albert L., SP-4 Acq operator in IFC. Our crew had two perfect scores in Annual Service Practice first at Red Canyon then next year at White Sands. Enjoyed the job - did not like painting the rocks white. Enjoyed working with the crewmembers. ALW - Bushton, Kansas /57-/60
LA-98Magic Mountain /Lang /Saugus .
. Holt, Richard L., XO, Btry CO9/58-11/59
. Hurt, Frank, I was an IFC radar operator. I took and early out and reenlisted to attend Fire Control and Missile Master Maint. school at Fort Bliss. Returned to the site as a SP-4 performing Maint. on the radar equipment in the IFC area.9/57-9/61
. White, John N. III, Sp5 - Security Clerk - Discharged from service1/68-3/69
Los Angeles - other
Pasadena Army Support Center Pasadena .
. Mortensen, Charles, 2nd Lt. Medical Service Officer - 933 missile battalion - HQ
- 1st Lt. , Group Medical Service Officer - 12th Arty. Gp
Hq 1/56 Pasadena .
. Durffee, Ed CW3 IFC Warrant CW3 '67-'68
. Geer, Jack, Launch Specialist, Nike Herk, I worked out of San Pedro'66-'68
Hq/4/65 Van Nuys .
. Evans, George Bn S3 & XO 56- 60
Support Shop, Van Nuys, California.
. Sharp, Dave, It was Formally named NWSS #5 (Nuclear Weapons Support Shop #5) and was slightly different than the shop across the road to the east that was the site 96 support shop. I was one of the 35F folks (weapons tech specialist). We were the depot level repair and handled all the nuclear weapons for the entire LA area. We were in the cornfield off Victory at Vanowen to the SW. (Still shows as a building on Google Earth) - Houston TX?
. Schnabel, Richard, 254.1, SP6, 4/69-2/70
Hq 4/251 Long Beach/Ft MacArthur (It moved around a little) .
. Clark, Richard, US Army Signal Corps Missle Master Support Detachment, Rank Spec. 4th class, Repair Technician Tracking Subsystem PO Box 1258, Anaconda, MT 59711 11/62-04/64
. French, Willard "Jay", [Ft. McArthur, CA (Missle Master - Signal Corps)] SP/4 - Fire Unit Integration Faciliity (FUIF) Maintenance - Later Electronics Supply 5/63-5/65
. Wilson, Scott, SFC
came back later as, CPT S2/Hq Cdr
47th AAA Brigade Ft. MacArthur, CA; 47th AAA Brigade - .
. Berg, Stanley, 35th AAA Operations- Radio Communications- Operations and Maintenance. Worked for Jim Spencer, Philco Tech Rep, installing radio communications equipment between Los Angeles Area Nike Ajax sites, before Western Electric had their gear up and running. Jim gave me a great practical education in radio communications of the day- using discarded equipment from the Long Beach Navy supply depot, etc. Excellent assignment for a draftee! 3/54-9/55
. Bright, Jim, Commanded Calverina under Dean Levay from '76 to '80 - Mt. Calverina, 47th USAAD/76-/80
. Noonan, Robert, 47th art bdge worked in the supply room. selbyville de 1/67-12/67
. Rose, Hardy (Harmut), SP4, S4, Motor Pool, Assist Bde Newspaper, Unit Welfare Fund 12800 Webb Chapel Road, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 3/66-12/67
6th USA Signal Missile Master Support Detachment Ft. McArthur, California (San Pedro). .
. French, Jay, Fire Unit Integration Facility (FUIF).(Missile Master) - see More Missile Master ... [at Ft. McArthur] Our barracks was right on the water ... We sometimes referred to ourselves as the 69th Surfboard Assault Group. ... There were four or five of us FUIF men in LA and our duties were to go to each of the Nike sites surrounding the LA area and perform maintenance. We were subject to 24 hour call out if one of the sites went down. ... Anyway, being assigned to the Los Angeles Missile Master was probably some of the best duty available anywhere and I thoroughly enjoyed my tour there. 5/63-5/65

NORAD - Beale AFB located approximately 8 miles (13 km) east of Marysville, California.
from wikipedia entry
. Carter, Kevin Artillery Director - Unknowns penetrated in 4/63 and flew over Golden Gate, Cuban Crisis 10/62 - 4531 Northaven Rd , Dallas, TX 752296/62-9/63
SF-08-09San Pablo Ridge - Tilden Park/Berkely .
. Connolly. John, IFC Platoon Leader of Dual Battery (C Battery) - 16 Apple Orchard Dr, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 7/58-1/60
. Dale, Bernard, Ifc area then mail clerk and motor pool 3/57-1/60
. Faltynski, Frank, Dog handler 1001 Mayflower Rd. Lot 69, South Bend, Indiana 46619.
. Ingle, Robert, Mostly in Radar Van, Sent to Fort Cronkite in 1954 till Jan 57. 90 MM and later 120 MM antiaircraft gun, in 1955 we were sent to Tilden Park at Berkeley, CA. for Nike missile duty./55-/57
. Robbins, Robert G (Bob)., SP-5. 223.68 mos, launcher crewman at tilden park, - spent time at Oakland Army Terminal in school until sent to SAM Mat Mtc Sch FtBliss - 16 Donner Pl. Ponca City, Ok. 74604 10/56-03/57
SF-25Rocky Ridge .
. Connolly. John, Exec Officer, B Battery - 16 Apple Orchard Dr, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 1/60-3/60
SF-31Lake Chabot/ Castro Valley .
. Blonski, Ed, MTR operator the whole time then was promoted to SP5 and trained the National Guard staff who took over the site in 196312/60-4/63
. Frechette, Carl, 1lt Launching Area and the IFC area 10/68-9/74
. Goodwin, Robert D Dale, Assembly Crew E-4, Current Mailing address: 923 Shangri-La NE Salm OR 973036/65-7/74
. Johnson, Russell, Missile Crewman03/62-07/63
. Lyall, Robert, Launcher crewman 4/63-/71
. Moseley, John E., IFC Computer Operator Sp/5 Till Phase out 1974. Started in ADA in 1957 PARNG 90mm Gun Bn. Calingdale Pa. Completed total time in service 39 years. - 3653 S Bronco Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103 ?/70-?/74
. Rieders, Art E-3, Radar Op (Long Range) 57
. Ronhaar, James L. (Larry), Army Custodial team on NG site. SP5 & SSG. Great duty at great site. Re-upped while here. 10/68-10/70
. White, James, sp4 computer operator - 117 happy acres rd,charlestown,n.h. 03603/62-/63
. Woods, Gary, (Custodian)- E6 One of the few full time regular army soldier's that had the good fortune to be stationed at this location. E6 during my tour of duty. /65-/68
SF-37Coyote Hills/ Newark .
. Heyman, Alan, I help build two sites, one was temporary at Parks AFB in Dublin, Ca in late 1955. We moved to a permanent site in the hills near Newark,Ca in late 1956. I think we had #79./55-/56
SF-51Milagra /Pacifica .
. Beaty, John, PFC mos 177.10 launcher area crewman, also worked launcher control trailer part time. 10/61 I was transferred to Germany.5/59-10/60
. Bridgman, Richard IFC 63-74
. Bridgman, David IFC 73-74
. Connors, Daniel M., IFC Mtce. Sgt. - PO Box 111 Guerneville Ca. 95446/62-/63
. Edwards, Leon A., SFC (831)395-4546 63-64
. Frechette, Carl, PFC, Launcher Crewman and Supply Clerk in the IFC, while at SF-51 I went through the California Military Academy (CA ARNG OCS) and transferred to SF-31 when I got my commission. 9/65-10/68
. Mahoney,William, Dennis, CW4 .
. Moller, Lawrence D., 16B2N - Launcher Crewman09/62-10/63
. Roehm, John C., Discharged E5 SGT, Our Battery was stationed at Ft. Cronkite until Jamesway quonsets were ready above Sharp Park. With no water but what was in small trailers, we showered at Ft. Funston. Capt. Voss and Lt. Mahan were my superiors too. Along with being a launcher site member, I served in the orderly room and fueled the missiles. Was discharged fro Presidio in July, 56. Have not been in contact with anyone from that group since I left. In charge of one launcher section. Responsible for lots of equipment, but when discharged, they couldn't find one screwdriver so I was docked $1.75 out of my discharge money of about $200. - Spent the next 25 years or so in the Bay Area, and am now living in Tucson, Az.7/54-7/56
. Snyder, John B., Was E-4, MOS1354, Nike electrical Materiel Maint. Arrived at Fort Barry 6/54 where decommisioning of 90 mm AAA sites was in progress. Traveled daily from Barry to SF-51 to install launching equipment. Then moved to SF-51 where we lived in tents, ate from field kitchens, traveled to Fort Funston every third day for showers. Had CQ,Sgt/Guard duty (as an E-4)as well as maint. the nike missiles and launching eq. in state of readiness. Launch area officer was Lt Norman Mahan; C Btry, 740th AA btry Cmdr was Capt. Arthur Voss, both outstanding officers. - 910 Loganwood Ave, Richardson, TX, 750806/54-10/54
. Stevens, Wayne L., PFC, missile launcher crewman and also supply clerk I was at Fort Funston on the 90mm Guns when the nike battery was organized at Fort funston. I was not trained on the Nike as were most of the personell who came in from Fort Bliss but was intergrated into the missile program. I served at Fort Funston from Oct. 1953 Until april 1955. My primary mos was that of a missile launch crewman and secondary duty was supply assistant to Sgt Virgil Brady.and Sgt Dominidor Manio. My commanding officer was Arthur Voss and My supply officer Was 1st.Lt Mahan(he also served in other capacities as we were under strength) - and remember too the trips from Milagra Hill launch site down the narrrow mountain road for showers at Fort Funston.Returned to San Francisco in 1991, but could find no remains of old Fort Funston. Would like to hear from anyone who served there during this time period. - 155 Resaca Shores Blvd. San Benito,Tx.7858610/53-4/55
. Stokes, Ralph, After ets worked "civil service" at CalARNG - Portland, OR 10/63-/64
. Thomas, Gary, PFC Fire Control Operator. Previous Sage Radar operator in USAF. Civilian employee and in California National Guard. - 1913 Hampton Dr Lebanon, TN 3708710/64-11/65
SF-59Fort Funston/ Mt. San Bruno .
. Bridgman, Richard, IFC Warrant /59-/62
. Connors, Daniel M., IFC Mtce. Sgt. - PO Box 111 Guerneville Ca. 95446/58-/62
SF-77H Presidio of San Francisco .
. Cole, Willis S, Too short to go to site, worked as temporary Legal Officer3/64-1164
. Langsdorf, James, Security clerk for 40th Bde (S2) & 13th Gp (S2)-Security clearances, dog reports, entry rosters etc. 09/70-1/72
SF-78H Presidio of San Francisco .
SF-87Fort Cronkhite/ Sausalito .
. Allen, Jim B.51. 66-69
. Bailey, John R., 1054 Meadow Lane, Lawrenceburg KY 40342-9249, IFC-ABAR (improved/black box) Maintenance Man. Would like to contact my sargeant (?) who was from Montana. We had a wonderful view of the GGB! 6/65-l1/66
. Berg, Steven, Started as launcher crewman in A section. Then worked as repair parts specialist in assembly and service 11/68-4/70
. Bussard, Larry, Target, missile, acquisition radar operator, Minor computer maintenance, also at San Pablo Redge site - 2230 Sunny Creek, Newman, CA. 95460 9/55-6/57
. Carlson, Jacob C. (Jake), Panel Operator in B Section under SSG William Hickman. - 157 Clover Ridge Dr.1/68-8/69
. Carnine, Everett, Communications10/56-10/59
. Cattrall, Bill, Lct operator, sp44/68-9/69
. Cobb, Sam, IFC Maint. with installation of site in '54.9/54-10/56
. Eshleman, John, Fire Control Maint. WO2, 132 N. Summit St., Derry, PA 15627 /70-/71
. Flockoi, Rolf, pfc/ radar maintenance on Nike sites in the Marin County area. 194th Ordinance Detachment ststioned at ft. cronkite1959
. Gafford, Darrell, Launcher crewman. 3521 South Kimball Ave. Caldwell , Idaho 836056/61-5/62
. Gartz, Steven, sentry dog handler, my dog"s name was rolf - 716 Mc kinley pkwy,Buffalo NY 5/67-6/68
. Green, Kenneth E., PFC - MTR Operator11/66-11/67
. Hahnlen, Gary, MP Gate Guard and friend of Jim Allen & Steven Gartz and several other Guys there during that 1 1/2 year stint after Nam. What a great place to be stationed during that Summer of Love and the year following. Little yellow Corvair and plenty of beaches to beach comb. 4/67-10/68
. Howard, Eugene J, (GENE) CW3, 1521 Wadsworth Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403 57-62
. Hughes, Harry P., Panel Operator, Sr. Launcher Crewman. 17880 Robin Rd. Twain Harte, Ca. 953839/62-6/65
. Liles, Samuel R., Sgt. 1st Class, Maint & repair Tech, ground fire control equipment. In charge of setting up the original site on the hill near the G.G.Bridge.Road now washed out.Made MSgt. then WO and assigned to 441st Msl Battalion on hill behind Berkley as Battalion Radar Officer. - 1226 Linwood, El Dorado, AR 7173010/54-11/56
. Lossing, Delmas, STAFF Sgt - I am his widow Neva, and I would like to contact anyone who was in ord. during our stay there.12/58-2/64
. Madison, John, Work in the generator shop MOS 52B, PFC3/70-9/70
. Martinez, Enrique, 16C 12/68-7/70
. Nethery, Martin, 10/69-3/70
. Pearson, Herb, Guid Msl Inst Elec (MOS 357.10) Transfered into B Btry, from Ft Belvoir, VA, after training for Guid Msl Inst Elec (MOS 357.10). After time in C and L, ended up in A as Btry Clerk since First Sgt needed someone that could type. At this time, Btry had 2 West Pointers(class of '58). 09/58-12/60
. Petosky, Paul, SP4, MOS: 16C20.Range Operator, IFC P.O. Box 537 Munising, MI 49862-0537 Phone: (906) 387-2101 Those were the good 'ole' days and I did...Leave My Heart in San Francisco. Just about got married to a wonderful girl in 'Frisco. Oh well, we won't get into that. Ha! I am happly married and have 3 grandchildren. /62-/65
. Simpson, Jack, Supply Clerk, Dennis Newton Supply Sgt2/58-4/62
. Sirmans, James Ed., mos launcher Crewman also trained in launcher control and testing warhead. - 2106 Division St Augusta Georgia 3090411/62-9/64
. Smith, Robin E., SP-6, 24Q20 Fire Control Mechanic Also worked & qualified 24P20.9/68-4/71
. Woolf, Richard, mail clerk / courier6/54-11/54
. Zwolinski, Eugene, Launcher/assembly site section chief. Assigned to "D" Battery 441st Nike missile battalion. Trying to locate officers and men that served with us during that period of time. 10/55-2/57
SF-88Ft. Barry /Sausalito .
. Anderson, Dennie, Nike Missile Launcher crewman Section Chief was SSG Anderson..1SG Goodman Company Commander Cpt English2/67-3/68
. Blades, Donald K., Promoted to Spec 4 and later Sgt as crew chief operations. A great duty assignment. - 8233 Hwy 38, Greensburg, LA 7044111/56-2/57
. Brock, Joseph, Radar operator. Better known as scope doper. I was an E-4 when I ended my service. - 25719 S 623 Rd. Grove Oklahoma 743446/72-6/74
. Brooks, Thomas F., Launcher crewman then LCT Operator - SP-4 before leaving had a silver and blue 180cc Yamaha motorcycle, 5'9", stocky, black hair, glasses, spit shined boots every morning for inspection and broke starch everyday. Rarely ever cused but the one time I do, we are all watching a movie on TV in the ready room, I cuse, everything is quiet, and the Chaplain is standing behind us. - 7904 NE 12th street Apt. 68, Vancouver WA 98664 3/67-6/68
. Browning, Gerald (Jerry), Launcher Crewman, Panel operator, Section Chief1/65-10/67
. Buckner, Daniel E., MP Site Security MP - Vacaville, CA6/72-8/73
. Carter, Kevin Lt Launcher Platoon Leader, XO. - Left SF88 because of an incident in 5/62. Detained 3 suspicious individuals photographing missiles and bases who were turned over to CID in 5/62. Went on to NORAD at Beale AFB from 6/62 to 9/63. - 4531 Northaven Rd , Dallas, TX 752294/61-6/62
. Coles, Lawrence, Parts clerk, LCT operator, part time guard when they ran short of MP's - PO Box 24, Brighton, IL 62012 12/88-7/70
. Corwin, Dave, SP4 and ran the generator shop9/68-8/70
. Eberle, Gary J, MP with Tom Shanley, James Deitz, Bill Locklin, Sgt. Reese, SSG. Stovell. I had a blue 650 yamaha motorcycle. Went to Fort Carson at closing.8/72-/74
. English, James F., Headquarters Platoon,Communication Section, SP-3. 1956 Chain of Command Capt. Henry Paine,Commanding Officer, 1st Lt.G. Milligan Launcher Platoon Leader, 2nd Lt.E.Gross Launcher Platoon,1st Lt. L. McCabe Executive Officer , 2nd Lt. J. Erlach, IFC Platoon Leader.CWO P.Bonan,Missle Officer.CWO L. Chandler IFC Warrant. M/SGT J. Johnson First Sergeant. I have a group picture of all 91 people assigned to A Battery in 1956.7/55-2/57
. Eshleman, John, Fire Control Maint. E5 to WO1, 132 N. Summit St., Derry, PA 15627 9/62-3/67
. Gutshall, Wayne H. Jr., Was also in w. Germany 5/62 thru 5/65 & Omaha defense (site OF-10 5/65 thru 6/66 (fire control) - 56 Bell Lane, McClure, Pa 1784111/61-5/62
. Hagewood, Eugene Gordon, IFC Platoon Leader - was reassigned to Vietnam in early 1971 following the Duster and Quad 50 course -- which I never saw again! Served as a Civil Affairs Platoon Commander with the 2d CA Co in Dinh Toung province (My Tho).1/70-12/70
. Hanley, Brad, sp/4 24U20 Helped deactivate the site.. saw the last nuke warheads leave by ch-47.1974-1974
. Hershberger, Terry, LCT operator, E-3 11/72-11/73
. Hirshman, Jerry, 16c20 Nike Hercules Radar Control Crewman 73-74
. Hogencamp, William H., MP, Sentry Dog Handler. Worked with Mike Reese, Dave Cullen, Sgt. Snovell. Dogs were Brandy and Baron.2/72-4/73
. Klein, Raymond F., SP/4 16C20 4/71-4/72
. Love, W. Truman, Out of Army 2 years then back in and spent a year at SF-88 in San Francisco. Out 1969. /67-/69
. Lovvo, Donald, I started as a launcher crewman and re-trained into Missile Tracking Radar operator. 5/62-11/63
. May, Steven, E-5 24U nike hercules electronic repairman9/68-10/72
. Mead, William, R., Sp/4, 16B, A section, Launcher Crewman 1/73-4/74
. Powers, Larry W., My M.O.S. was a 16B10 then 16B20, Missile Launching Crewman. "A" Battery was at Point Bonita in Marin County, Sausalito, CA. where San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean merge. The Battery closed (as a military facility) years ago. I arrived at A-2-51 as a Private right out of Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood. MO. and was 21 years old. Our Commander was Capt. Donald Beebe. I left with orders to go to South Korea. A good friend of mine was Corporal Willard W. (Bill) Wilkins. He was an MP and a dog handler. I would sometimes help him train his beautiful German Shepherd dog. - 20601 E. Apple Drive, Benton City, WA. 99320-6516 (509) 205-1646 5/65-12/66
. Seward, Kevin, I was in the Air Force '66-70 and spent 6 mos as Liaison NCO to the Army Nike sites at the Presido and 6 mos at Fort Mac Arthur, San Pedro. I coordinated and scored the RBS (radar bomb scoring) runs. The AF would fly a SAC squadron of B52's out to sea and turn them around to see if they could penetrate. I worked at all the sites from Tamalpias, Fort Chronkite, San Bruno, Travis and Fairchild. I lived in the barracks (all to myself) below SF88. /66-/70
. Shell, Dexter(Mack), 10/68-11/71
. Sobocan, Joseph, sp/5 radar control operator - 278 Bonita Lane, San Francisco,, CA 11/65-11/67
. Stokes, Ralph, IFC: Ack-primary & ASP, TTR and MTR secondary. - SF-88 (formaly Rusty-88) A-2-51, Ft Barry - Portland, OR 11/60-9/63
. Surprenant, Jerome A. (Jerry), Sp-4 Assisted closing site. Worked in generator area in ifc area - Hales Corners, Wi/73-/74
. Thomason, David, SP4, 76C, Repair Parts Specialist6/68-8/60
. White, James, sp4 computer operator - 117 happy acres rd,charlestown,n.h. 03603/63-/64
. Woods, Herb B. Launcher crewman Sp/4, MOS177B20, Plt Sgt Toynes was a great role model for a young troop. 5/64-5/66
. Woolf, Richard, mail clerk / courier11/54-1/56
. Yant,Shelby, r-2 box 2620 piedmont. mo. 6395710/68-4/70
SF-89 Presidio of San Francisco (Fort Winfield Scott)
there is considerable uncertainty of the early history of Nike at the Presidio - Rings of Supersonic Steel has shows a site "T-89" at the Presidio, with no location, no unit. The only reference to B 740th is at an unnamed temporary site in Benecia, 20 miles away N.E. across the bay. along with C/740th in 7/54-/55, followed by C/411th (55-/57)
. Owens, John S., SP3 Msl inst electrician Powerman - B Btry 740th 10/55-6/57
. Worrell, Bill, Spc5 - 35FN20 ? (dont remember for sure) We supported sites in the bay area. -Basic training-Ft Bliss, El Paso, TX; -Basic electonics-Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL; -Nuclear weapons electronics-Sandia Base, Albequerque, NM; -Nike Hercules Weapons Support Section, Presidio, San Francisco, CA 1/68-12/68
Mill Valley AFS
Mount Tamalpais .
. Meadows, Jerry E., I was with the U.S. Army 40th Artillery Brigade of Persideo station at Mt. Tam, I was a Plotter, Radar operator, scope dope, and supply Clerk, I spend all my time on Tam. and enjoy every minute. very beautiful place I worked with a bunch of great guys, of which several was sent to nam. and have lost track of all. my rank at the time of leaving Tam was Spec. 4th class. - Rt. 1, Box 109B Lindside W.Va. 2495110/64-7/66
. Peters, Jess, I was a 16K fire distribution crewman, plotter, plot teller, and radar operator aka scope dope. This site was almost paradise located on a mountain top in a forest, near Stinson Beach and views of the entire beach. i remeber myself, Rob Rankin, and others piling into Marvin Osborns tiny austin healy sprite and heading to Stinson beach. This was easily the best assignment you could ever have. In my years of service this was the best year of all. spectacular views, great friends, great duty /66-12/67
. Rankin, Rob, - Great memories serving with L Young, T Dallara, M Taylor, M Peters,M Pate, McWilliams, M Ewing, John Dollar, C McClure,Hare, Fouts, Hilton, Warne, J.Gettings and others! Mt. Tam may have been one of the best duty sites world wide. 10/66-3/67
SF-91Angel Island .
. Gafford, Darrell, launcher crewman. Nike Ajax. 3521 South Kimball Ave. Caldwell , Idaho 836059/59-6/61
. Howard, Eugene J, (GENE) CW3, 1521 Wadsworth Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403 54-57
. Walton, Arthur Raymond (Woody Walton), SP/4 - Nike Ajax, Assembly Site (w/ Mr. King and Mr. Quarterbaum). - Pennsylvania/58-/61
SF-93San Rafael .
. Anderson, Tim (Andy), PFC 95B Sentry Dog Handler - I remember it was the most expensive place I had ever been. Rent was over $125.00 a month in the town of Novato.I had just made Sp/4 and this was the cheapest place I could find. I didn't have a car ,so I hitchiked to the btry each morning from Novota. A local CHP got to watching for me and often give a ride all the way up the the Launcher area gate. I worked a dog named"Thor" . - (Levy for RVN) - 213 Adcock Rd, Hot Springs, ar 719131/69-5/96
. Bailey, John R., IFC, ABAR operator. I best remember the Fonz, Chico Morales, Hose Nose, etc. All the best times..... really good memories. Went back there 10 yr ago, but was closed to visitors. 1054 Meadow Lane, Lawrenceburg KY 40342- 9249,6/62-6/65
. Blades, Donald K., First assigned to launch section. Promoted to PFC and moved to LCT. Great duty, good people good officers and non-coms. 2/57 told to report to operations Ft. Barry for interview. - 8233 Hwy 38, Greensburg, LA 7044111/56-2/57
. Blonski, Ed, 6/63-9/63
. Chaffin, Jerry K., Sp4, operated the acquisition radar, would like to hear from anyone who served in this unit during this time frame.... La Quinta, Ca.06/59-07/60
. Coyle, Roger Pat, Started as a missle crewman. Ended up in the assembly building. Fort Baker was our headquartes. Right at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. We used Hamilton AFB for PX and Hospital stuff. It was a fun time. Flower children blocked the Golden Gate Bridge one day and we were restricted to the battery. Had a much better time there than in Germany - 8170 Tapia Via Dr. Rancho Cucamonga . Ca. 917398/68-5/70
. Custer, Michael A., P.F.C. Duty driver, just there for a few months before I got orders for Viet Nam. 11/70-3/71
. Daniel, Dwayne, Crewman, B section. I will never forget the day the wind caught one of the missles and it got a way from us and crashed over the pork chops and was hanging over the edge of the elevator. The Captain was standing at the ready room watching and never knew we had had a problem. Im glad it didn't fall in the section. - Bakersfield, Ca8/68-5/70
. Fields, Roy, IFC. was tdy to Winfield Scott in the "Nike goes to school" showteam under Gen. Loli. Mid 59 till discharged 7/6112/58-7/61
. Geary, Mike, Went to Fort Belvoir, Va, about a year later, otherwise on the job training. /60
. Harris, Jim C, Azimuth operator. (re-upped from 82nd. Airborne) Went to Ft. Bliss 2 times. Juarez sure was fun as a 21 year kid. Was sent to Chatsworth, Ca. when the base closed down.8/68-5/71
. Houghtaling, Craig, 16C20 SP4 TTR Azimuth operator. (Held the unofficial fastest time up to the IFC in an Army van ;) As a 24P40 (Acq RADAR mech ) I was primarily assigned to NIKE IFC facilities. However, due to a small "loop-hole" in the MOS, I was assigned to a HAWK missile unit (HQ-2nd-71st) in Korea for 13 months (better than going to Nam I guess). ... here's one of the pages I have on the web about the Hawk RADAR site. It links to a story I wrote for some "Jeep enthusiasts" who wanted to read about "war stories" from Jeep drivers, you might find it amusing: 1/68-1/69
. Mahan, Kenneth R. , Launcher crewman,Pfc-E/3 sure miss my old buddies - 2404 Van Arpel Dr. Laplace,La.7006811/62-7/64
. Maxson, Bob, SGT E-5, Asst. crew chief launcher, then security NCO. C-2-51 was the "Show Base" for the visiting brass at that time. Great crews, many sent to Nam. 09/63-09/66
. Myers, Steve, 4/70-4/71
. Preston, Harlan, SP/4 Launcher Crewman 19 Hitchcock Dr. Villa Rica, Ga . 30180 2/58-6/58
. Rigney, Roger PFC '65- '66
. True, Phil, ... great duty station. Everyone pulled together. I was the LCT operator. E-2-SP-4. Sgt Decker Almost got me to re-up.2/66-7/67
. Turner, Larry, Acq operator, Base projectionist11/65-8/66
. Weaver, Gary, 24P 12/69-1/72
San Francisco - other . .
6th Region Army Air Defense command SF, Calif. .
. Ratsch, Heinz, Western Electric - technical advisor in CA, and similar activites in Nike program until 12/84 22759 SW 53rd Way Boca Raton FL 1/60-1/64
HQ 2nd/51st Art San Francisco .
. Howard, Eugene J, (GENE) CW3, 1521 Wadsworth Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403 62-66
. Jenkins David, Primary was 16K40 but was assigned to the S-3 section as a AN/MPQ T1 Radar Target Simulator Operator. Our section worked at various sites in the Presidio area providing Battery Control Officer and Fire Control Training. - 47601-213310/70-6/71
? Air Force Mill Valley .
. Mercado. Paul, Army crew member(16K2P)at Mill Valley Air Force Station and have some recollection of the night we trained and tracked an SR-71 from Edwards AFB to the state of Washington over the Pacific Ocean with our 9 Nike Hercules sites./68-/69
HQ Btry 40th Arty Bde (AD)Ft. Barry, California .
. Kinder, Richard, plotter /65-/67
. Preston, Harlan, 19 Hitchcock Dr. Villa Rica, Ga . 30180, 4/59 Ttansfred To 666th AC&W SQD. MT.TAMALPAIS remained at this site until release from active duty 2/61. 6 /58-4 /59
13th Group AADCP Mt. Tamilpias on the North Side of the Golden Gate Bridge. .
. Eshleman, John, WO2 - MslSysLog Off, 132 N. Summit St., Derry, PA 15627 /70-/71
. Willis, Gregory, PVT - SP4 16K & H - It was located within the Mill Valley AFB,+CA . Our Nike Battries were SF-88, SF-51, T-10 and another that I can not remember at this time. We were part of ARADCOM and 26th NORAD. On duty when Isreal and Egypt went at it, vewed on TV 36 site SF-51 come up in status from 24 hours to 05 minutes to launch. Was also on duty when SR-71 did a run on the West Coast. 6/72-6/75
197 th Ord Detachment. .
. Knoff, Ken, or N9NBC@QSL.NET MOS 1347 - GM External Guidance System - I was in Ord 8 Support, Ordnance Corp, SF88?? - was in first Nike group in San Francisco, We were in operation late 1954. There were 13 guys in my group. We liven is WWII barracks almost on the beach on the scean side below the hill. We were the guys who fised the unfixable problems. I worked on radars and the computers. Bery interesting and I got a great education. Any other of the original Ord guys around? I went to work for IBM Large Systems for 35 year. Nice web site!! I appreciate all the work to preserve this history Thank you - Kenosha, Wi 10/54-2/55
441 Msl Bn HdqtsBerkeley .
. Rieders, Art, E-3, Radar Op (Long Range) 56-57
. Liles, Samuel R., Battalion Radar Officer,CWO Battalion Radar Officer,CWO.Assisted Battery Techs with training & maint. advice. Made numerous operational readiness checks and inspections. Left service to complete college - 1226 Linwood, El Dorado, AR 7173012/56-12/59
Travis-other, .
Hq 1/61 ADATravis Air Force Base, Ca .
. Bland, David, CPT: TDY @ "Spook School" (FT Holabird, MD). Bn S2 & 'unmentionable' intel assignments. Acting Battalion Commander in absence of BnCo, LTC Champion, and XO, MAJ Brown. Served on Travis AFB Officers' Club Advisory Board and oversaw Junior Officers' Saturday dance party venue (throw back from experience at 50th Group ADA, I guess!). Left active USAR duty and returned to Independence, MO to serve in anti-espionage work at a major Army facility (a/k/a, a "quality control engineer"). Later engaged in Federal Top Secret activities until program was terminated by Pres. Reagan. Member: VFW and American Legion. Still subject to recall, but if they recall me, it will be a sign that our country is in really BIG DO DO!!!!6/69-3/70
. Lazzell, Robert A, Battalion Chemical NCO 7/67-2/68
T-10Elmira .
. Armstrong, David R, MOS: 16B20; served as Generator operator in Engineering section, This was one of two active Nike-Herc batteries near Travis AFB (Fairfield, CA). The hazing of newbies still fresh in memory--will have to write a book. My wife and I now live only a few miles from that site, in Dixon, CA. Many buildings at the site are still there, on private property now. 3/68-7/69
. Brockway, Art, IFC. SP5 Taylor, LT.Egner, CPT.Novak, SPC Jorden, SPC Macintre, Sgt Wilken, Sge Wilcox, Sgt Scales, SPC Johnson, SPC Mike Kelly, SPC Dennis Zevely, SPC Springer, SPC Terry Mork, CPT Mackenzie,SPC Cash, SPC Jim DeRoux, SPC Campbell, First SGT Teal. I worked with lots of great people. I always had a car to work on. Long hours of duty. Lots of time on Post one 12/62-11/65
. Garcia, Raymond SP4 HIPAR operator - 1589 Palomino Ave., Upland, CA 9178602/65-04/66
. Heminger, Howard, 16C20 SP5, MTR Operator, HIPAR Operator, later 16C40 SSG, Great duty, great people - reenlisted to 91P40 (x-ray) and then 91W40 (nuclear medicine) Great duty, great people - Especially SFC Mote who was like a great father to me and sent me to NCOES, MAPTOE and six great weeks TDY at a Boy Scout Camp in the high Sierras and who recommended me for the ARCOM as Command Post NCOIC. What a character he was! Also SP5 Jeff Pearson, SP5 Fred Reed, SSG Cowan, PFC Johnson, 1SG “Willie” Booker, Capt Thompson. And who can forget Capt Wilson who ended up in “finance” at Ft. Bliss. Best Active Army Battery in ARADCOM 1973. Helped close down battery in 1974. I recall watching C-5 Galaxy and C-141 Starlifter doing “touch and go” landings at TAFB while on gate guard duty, TPI, NCE, ORE, hot battery, KP, a 3 month stint at the launcher section as a exclusion area guard, learning the nuclear warhead disarm procedure, CQ duty, morning formations, cold Ole beer in PX, great food, payroll driver/guard duty to the Presidio, swing blading the grass on the IFC berm, building the Unit Fund swimming pool, Project Transition as a MONY life insurance agent. I especially remember the great family life with T-10 personnel and manyTAFB enlisted men while living in Vacaville and especially the Saturday on hot battery 4/1/72 when my son John was born at David Grant Medical Center at TAFB. - 323 Snowmoody Way, Ontario, Oregon 97914 4/71-4/74
. Horn, Steve, then to F/4/44 in Korea 02/68-06/69
. Jensen, John Jr., (no e-mail or postal address given) Was just 17 and a Private....Fun place to grow older....being close to Travis and San Francisco was really Fun2/65-5/66
. Johnson, Larry E, Sgt E-5, IFC Section Chief, Opr TTR, MTR, TRR, Lopar, Computer 4/65-4/69
. Masters, Ronald, I spent three years on a Nike Hercules site and it was never a 9-5 job. There were two crews and we worked 24 ON and 24 OFF 365 days a year. To be blunt, that sucked!. As far as week-ends off that never happened so I really have doubts the Pete was on a Nike Herc site. RT2 Box 32, Mannington,WV 26582 (304) 986-1054 4/62-5/63
. Medeiros, Vernon Sgt MOS 16B4C Sec. Chief 6/69-7/71
. Medina, David, 16B20 Missile Crewman, SP4 - Help close down site T-10. Interesting Detail, was the Sheep Ranch across from the Launcher Area. - Bethpage, NY 11714 11/73-11/74
. Ortiz, Julio, MTR operator and crew chief. A Battery (AKA The Rock)2/65-11/67
. Ridge, Henry M. (Mike), Generator Sec./Radar Operator, SP5, Great place, good friends.5/66-7/68
. Roberts, Danny, 5/66-11/67
. Rodriguez, Daniel, E4 Power plant operator - I was one of the last of the draftees into the armed service with a very low number out of Bingham Co. Idaho. I was standing formation at Ft. Ord in January of 72 and the Drill Sargent announced the draft was officially over. Too late for me! I did a lot of duty driving, pushed the Nikes around and just had a high time! Good times, great people! We closed the battery down most of 1974 and I ETS'd out of Oakland CA shortly thereafter. - Boise ID 1/72-8/74
. Smith, Claude, Transferred to USMAPS (West Point Prep) Ft Belvoir Va. Left school following the passing of my father to return to Nike Herc. - 3651 Egerton Circle, Sarasota Fl 3423311/72- 10/73
. Strengholt, David, Missile Crewman, Duty Driver, Rank - PFC, - Helped move warheads at close down. 4/73-6/74
. Watkins, Davis, SP-6 - I was drafted April 18, 1968 and the day I was being inducted I enlisted for 4 years to become a Nike Fire Control Crewman 16C and go to my hometown of Kansas City to one of the Whiteman AFB sites. When I finished my training at Ft Bliss they were closing down that sites around Kansas City so I was given my second choice of San Francisco. I was stationed a Battery B’s sister site Battery C north east of Travis AFB. I got there in the beginning of September of 1968 as a wide eyed 20 year old. I spent the next 3 plus years stationed there I left in January 1971 to go to Ft. Monmouth. While there I meet my wife who I am still married to and have many fond memories of my time there.

Story of Work Schedule

T-33Vacaville - Dixon/Lambie .
. Ables, Johnne, E1 - E5, 16C,Worked mostly as an Orderly Room Clerk/Driver (Hey, I could type!)1965-1967
. Thiele, James S, MOS 76R20P40 Missile Repair Specialist E-5; best food of all the sites. I won't lose any sleep if I never see another sheep again. Removal of warhead for general maintainence. 9/70-8/72
T-53Fairfield - Potrero Hills .
. Bryson, Gary D., Greetings fellow air Defenders - "The way to the stars is not easy." Not exactly sure of all the dates, but left C Btry after we loaded up all the gear and shipped it off. Went to 49th ADA Group, Ft.Lawton, WA then to 25 NORAD @ McCord AFB, WA. ETS'd from there in Jan 1972. Joined OR National Guard in 1974. Returned to Army Active in 1986 from which I retired in 2000. Drop a line if you wish, and hope you are all well and Grinning! Regards, GB. 12/69-6/70
. Lane, Cloyd, LCT Van Operator Pfc , shot a skunk by the admin area, was never forgiven 1/64-12/64
. Mead, Mike, T-86 closed in '71, changed mos from 16B to ?? guarding them/71-2/72
T-86Fairfield /Cement Hills .
. Anderson, Dennie, Pit Rat to Section Chief.SSG Taylor section chief i replaced SSG Taylor... Proud to be 16B306/67-10/70
. Anderson, Walter, 24Q20 IFC Radar Mechanic, SP5. 8/69-12/70
. Arcia, Stephen, Spec. 4 Launching site & Materials Expert - 9480 Wellington Circle, Windsor, Ca. 95492 7/66-11/67
. Begiey, Godfrey, 707-422-2269 .
. Calhoun, Jim L., IFC Crew Chief and Msle Radar Operator I enjoyed my time at Travis. 1958-1961
. Callahan, Richard, TTR Operator 1/70-6/71
. Gauthier, Peter F, TTR Operator, and Repair Parts Specialist, IFC Area1/66-11/67
. Hamlett, Ryland M., Spec 5 Served in section A with Sgt. Santos from Guam. Later served as LCT operator. Took advanced training at SFAADS at The Presidio, San Francisco. This was a very enjoyable time in my early life. I attained the rank of E5 in two years, 7 months and my first child, a son, was born at the hospital on Travis AFB. Went with my team to Ft. Bliss, Texas where we had two practice firings of the Nike Ajax,at White Sands, and had two hits. I now reside about 35 miles from the Western Electric Co. in Burlington NC where many components of the Nike system were produced. - 206 Windsor Dr. Roxboro, NC9/58-5/61
. Hinton, Mike, MTR operator, Sp49/69-6/71
. Mead, Mike, E4 msl crewman. Sgt Taylors pit, a magic time1/69-/71
. Royer, Ray, Got tired of viewing radar screen on the "hill". Volunteered to work in supply, since I could type. Soon after transferred to Mannheim, Germany. (thank God, everyone else went to Korea). 1/60-8/60
. Waltjen, Kenneth, Sp4 Acq. operator. 4/70-11/71
. Rankin, Rob, IFC - The Site (I think it was T53) was off the end of the runways in the middle of a pasture.One of the better days of my life was finding out I was going to Mt Tam.3/65- 10/66
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ColoradoSprings site information
Site ID or
Name, family name first
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dates at
Hq. ARADCOM Colorado Springs, CO. .
. Braden, Frank (Buck) R. , III, I worked for ... the Dir of Training, Synthetic Exercises . ... Loved those trips to Cheyenne Mountain!4/70-7/72
. Brown, Thomas H., CW3-CW4 Box 186 Luling, Texas 78648 67-72
. Davidson, Marian, WAC. SP4. Stenographer G4 Supply & Maintenance (G4 S&M). Colorado Springs was the headquarters for US ARADCOM and was on ENT Air Force Base. ENT is now an Olympic Training Center. Many of the US ARADCOM buildings still exist, but the HQ building has been demolished. The streets surrounding Ent are Boulder Ave., N. Meade, E. Monument and Union Blvd. 8/59-2/62.
. House, Benjamin H., Assembly and Launcher Evaluator for SNAP CW4 Ret 8639 Springfield Road, Denham Springs, LA 707066/68-6/75
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Connecticut site information
Bridgeport -
BR-04 Ansonia
BR-15 West Haven
BR-17 Milford
BR-65 Fairfield
BR-73 Westport
BR-94 Shelton
Hartford -
HA-08 East Windsor /Warehouse Point
HA-25 Manchester
HA-36 Portland
HA-48 Cromwell
HA-HQ New Britain
HA-67 Plainville
HA-85 Avon/Simsbury
Site ID or
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dates at
BR-04Ansonia - .
. D'Amato, Anthony M., Served 1 year with the Army and transferred to the CTNG 07/64 Thru-out my military service with the Nike Family, I was assigned to the RC Van as TRR and MTR Operators. I attend Acquisition Radar Maint. Course at Ft. Bliss in 1969. When the site deactivate I transferred to the USAR and retired from the Military in May 1983. Postal Address - 6905 Country Lakes Cir Sarasota FL 34243 05/63-05/71
. Christopherson, Myron Walker, 3125 Boston Way Costa Mesa, ca 92626 - Went to Army eng school oct 60-jan61 reassigned to Hawk HOS 8, Okinawa till May 6301/60-2/61
. Deming, James(Jim) E., Primary Duty as a Launcher Control WO all phases /63-/65
. Farrell, Jim. SP4, TTR Operator, duty driver, KP, guard duty, CQ. Went to White Sands to fire in Jan 1960. Left Ansonia June 1960 to go to Thule, Greenland. 68-8 Guess Rd/ Hillsborough, N.C. 27278 9/58-6/60
. Finch, Barry W., Fire Control Crewman / Security, PFC-E3 2/68-6/69
. Frank, David L., E4, Fire Control Mech. 63-64
. Gluhanich, Steve, went back to Ft. Bliss for 225 training 2/64, Honor Graduate 8/64, US Army Custodial team 9/64, PO Box 355 Ash, NC 28420-0355 9/62-5/66
. Hozian, Robert S., Security Supervisor, dog handler, Transferred to Ansonia Natl Guard, same site P.O.Box 543 Bunker Hill, Ill. 62014/61-/64
. Lazzell, Robert A, Missile Assembly 3/61-6/63
. Love, W. Truman, PVT then PFC A section, Sgt. Dodge? Cuban Msl. Crisis - 1st "Battle stations" red status! /62-/63
. Muth, Eric P., FC Maint Mech SSG - Ajax - 25 Parkland Place, Milford, CT 06460 63-69
. Riordan, Rory, security, dog handler, pfc, 15 sodom la derby, ct 07/66-/70
. Smith, Steve E., E4 Fire Control Operator10/59-5/62
. Smith, Ronald K, Crane operator. The only crane on site was a "Cherry Picker" used to move the componets of Ajax and Herc missiles. I was given the duty of building and maintaining the wet cell batterys used in the guidance systems. Also got the duty of helping to maintain , and be sure that the diesel powered generaters were working. Hope I can contact some others that were there. - 23 Riverview Addition, Petersburg, West Virginia 7/61-7/62
BR-15West Haven .
. King, William (Bill), IFC AQ Radar Operator, Computer Operator 03/58-01/60
BR-17 Milford - newspaper article.
. Compton, Lawrence (Larry) I was looking for other members who would like to renew old friendships. I would love to hear from you. email me at /59-/60
. Lazzell, Robert A, Company Clerk to LCT Operator6/59-2/61
. Muth, Eric P., Sr. FC Radar Oper - Ajax - 25 Parkland Place, Milford, CT 0646060-63
BR-65Fairfield .
BR-73Westport .
BR-94Shelton .
. MacDougall, Donald, E-3, Acq. radar operator. We called ourselves the "Shelton" Nike Site, because we did our drinking in Shelton. When "Cowboy" did a radio check, we told 'em, "Niner-four, loud and clear." So it's gotta be A Battery, 44th Arty. Regt. 10/59-05/61
. Roberts, Norman Ray, 54?-60?
??? DC New Britain, (Rocky Hill Ave.)
Hq BTRY 56th Art Bde (AD) (H-B Def)
. Knudsen, Philip A., MEG216@WEBTV.NETduties were in the command center putting together info on the bridge and learning to write backwards on the plastic area map.. My MOS was 151.10, Air Defense Artillary Operations & Intelligence Specialist. radar operator,mtr. 9/60-4/62
HA-08East Windsor .
. Anderson, Arthur, sp/4 ranging radar - 42 wynwood drive enfield, conn. 06082 ?67
. Bednarz, John, Security, Pit Rat, Asst Section Chief, Engineer Missile Equip Maintainer, worked up to Sgt. Army National Guard operated the site with Active Duty Custodians until we became federal employees.(Something about the State owning the missiles) 3/64-3/68
. Brown, Joseph B., radar operator,mtr. 2425 meadow rd clover s.c. 297109/65-6/68
. Dandeneau, James, 16C20 TTR 11/67-12/68
. DiMarco, Dino Launcher Area Maint Member of original package team. '56- '58
. Gallagher, Hugh, Sp-4, radar operator12/57-9/59
. Haverstock, Lon, - 110 Howe Rd, St. Regis Falls NY 12980 .
. Kramer, Robert E., SP5 (CTARNG) 16C20 IFC Crewman LOPAR/HIPAR Operator, Gen Operator, Computer Operator. Signal Equipment Maintenance. This was my third and last site to close.ENOUGH!! 10/69-5/71
. Miller, Robert, Great duty - great crew and friends. MOS 357.1 maintenance of all equip, generators, converters etc. had a great time. Got extended 2 months cuban crisis 5/60-6/62
. Philips, Richard, LT /64-/66
. Ritchie, Dale A. 16C20, SP/4, TTR & TRR operator1/67-12/67
. Rigney, Roger SP-4 '68
. Samuels, Mike, Fire Control Technician11/64-12/65
. Selby, Terry, SSgt. E6 Launcher Crew Chief, I was there during the riots in Hartford. 6/66-11/68
. Servati, Richard (Dick), MOS 223 Electronic Repair man, at the missile assembly - 1005 Northridge Rd. Moore OK3/58-2/61
. Smith, Timothy, 8/67-7/68
. Wallace, Larry (Squirrel) Launcher Area Maint Chief '56- '58
HA-25Manchester. .
. Becker, Stan, I was in Red Canyon in '57. Did six weeks of KP (gained 20 lbs), three weeks on the cement team (lost 21 lbs.). Finished our training, shipped to New Britian, CT., then to Manchester, CT. We were also despised by almost every civilian in town. Perhaps understandable because three GIs in the missile platoon, the real grunts married townies. (We were in the IFC team, run by a civilian. We'd rather drink than go out with townies.) /57-
HA-36Portland .
. Deming, James(Jim) E., Electronics Material Chief. Promoted WO - 1 1961 Launcher Control WO /60-/63
HA-48Cromwell .
. Balius, Gordon "Chuck", I was a Spec 5 Fire Control Operator. (Listed e-mail bounced 1 day - "(reason: 550 chuckbalius IS NOT ACCEPTING ANY MAIL)" SFC Chet Kowalski was my Plt Sgt. I visited the site in 2005. Kowalski is the only prior member I have seen since I left. It would be nice to have a reunion before we all kick the bucket. I retired from the Army in 1977. Was a great trip. - live in Florida6/59-8/63
. Barber, Billy C. launcher maint.CW2 Retired '63 - '67
. Bednarz, John, We closed down our site at Cromwell, Connecticut and took over from the Active Duty Army at East Windsor. he dates may be + or- a few months. 3/68-3/70
. Carroll, David, 1/63-1/64
. Hicks, Ernest, MTR, LOPARR and switchboard operator. SSGT. Fricke platoon leader 10/62-8/64
. Pergolini, Julius, battery supply clerk, acting supply sgt, px manager 4/58-1/60
. Peyton, Louis, Custodian with Ct. National Guard SP-5 - 66 transfered to Okinawa/64-/66
. Scroggs, Don, Sp-4 IFC Maint4/63-9/64
. Schnack, Robert W., arrived at HQ 55th Bn and sent to AN/FPS-61 (BN Defence Radar) at HB48, Closed out BN HQ-150 Rocky Hill Rd, New Britian CT. on 10 Dec 64. ... only 4 of us left when we took sign down,4/63-1/65
HA-HQ New Britain, Rocky Hill Road .
. Keeling, Allen J, short time - see story :-)) /56
HA-67Plainville .
. Allen, Ronald D, PFC Fire Control and Computer Operator. It was some of the best duty I ever had. Great people to work with, no field duty. I hope to go back to the mountain someday. Would like to contact anyone who was on the site while I was there. Left site for Fort Bliss and HAWK then to Germany. I was on active duty from 59/62 and in the AR ARNG and the Regular Army from 1957 to 1999. Retired from the military and enjoying it. - 2718 Jean St. Springdale, AR 72762 11/59-5/61
. Batson, Boyce, IFC area, arrived as E-2 and departed for Korea as SSG E-6 Great Site, Great people and Plainville was fantastic. The locals liked us and we didn't screw it up. I would like to make 1 more trip to see the mountain, 10 Cassidy Dr. again and Plainville, New Britain. I made a lot of good friends there but have only met 1 since I got out in 1966. I went to Korea and New Jersy and finall Ft. Bliss for 4 yrs. FC Maint. school for 1 yr. and taught at bldg.2 for 3 years.9/58-6/61
. Chiusano, Gerald, launcher site initial crew in 1956 /56-6/58
HA-85Avon/Simsbury .
. Webber, Ray, 6/57-3/60

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