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Tom Compton found a patch he wanted on e-bay :-)


Items, Wanted or for Sale

Question about AN/TPS-1D in Naval use - September 12, 2018
From: Don Hilgert < dholdguy @ yahoo . com >

I was a Army radar crew member with Hawk missiles. I have been doing some research on the AN/TPS-1D radar history. In my research I found that the Navy utilize this radar on some ships. I read several years ago the the navy decommission this system 1958 do to concerns of the safety to the crew members because of radiation exposure. When the Hawk ADS units were organized in 1960 this system was used by the HQ operators to assign tracts to the line batteries. If you have any information or you can advise me on where to get information on the Navy ships that utilize the tipsy and the reasoning behind Navy decommission I would truly be very grateful. Thank you for your help in advance. Don Hilgert

2017 Alaska Nike Reunion - Colorado Springs, CO Tuesday 10/10/17 check-in
Info "Alaska Nike Vet's" < >

The seventh annual Vintage Everglades Day on March 11, 2017 - posted Feb 7, 2017
The seventh annual Vintage Everglades Day on March 11, 2017 and it's shaping up to be another fun interpretive event!
All sorts of people, volunteers, rangers dressed up as historical figures that had something to do with South Florida. Great history day, especially for grandkids.

[ There will be a 1/5th scale 8’ Nike Hercules missile with launcher and scale acquisition / tracking radars at the Royal Palm Visitor Center event area ]
{ Free entrance to there “ IF “ you ride the trolley from the Ernest F. Cole Visitor Center at Everglades National Park entrance }

HM-69 Nike Hercules Missile site “A” Battery 2nd Battalion 52nd Artillery tour will start from Daniel Beard Research center ( old Adim / Barracks / IFC ) at 2 pm (1400) Be slightly early ! Tour length: 1 1/2 to 2 hours. [[ bring own water – no restrooms ]]
( Get directions from the Cole Visitors Center )
You will need your own transportation to get there and to the launch area. Park entrance fees apply. NIKE HERCULES A BATTERY - 2nd ARTILLERY - 52nd BATTALION

Theodore L. (Ted) Swanson
SP-5 IFC Radar Maint Chief
A/2/52 (HM-69) 1966-68

Can you identify this patch? - posted Aug 23, 2016
Subject: Nike Patch
From: Hole in the Head Press < >
Date: Thu, August 18, 2016 10:37 pm

Got some photographs off Ebay with what appear to be a bunch of early Nike guys, with field artillery insignia, but a Nike shoulder patch. Some seem to have occupation of Japan patches.

Can't find the attached patch on the Google.

[do you know?] [no, posting for help]

I'll scan them for you, if you want.


Sam Stokes, Publisher, KG6XYZ

2016 Alaska Nike Reunion - Tucson AZ. Monday Oct. 31 check-in
Taking the results of our on-line poll, Tucson AZ. was the winner. We have booked the Desert Diamonds Hotel/Casino as our Host Hotel. Dates are Monday Oct. 31 check-in with our last day being Thursday Nov. 3 and check out on Friday Nov. 4th. ...

As always all future reunion 2016 information will be placed on our website for your convenience so you can keep abreast of changes / additions. Visit the reunion section at
Ed & Penny Hansen
Roger & Karen Babler

Missile Man Hearing Loss, Warrented - Feb 10, 2016
Bob Robbins
My VA compensation letter specified:
“Service connection is warranted because your military occupational specialty (MOS) of missile man is consistent with acoustic trauma and your hearing loss has been linked to that acoustic trauma.”

I was a Nike 223.68. ... Mine is effective January 1, 2016.

Bob Robbins

2015 Alaska Nike Reunion - San Antonio TX. Oct 6-7-8
This year we will be going to San Antonio TX. Oct 6-7-8 for our reunion. Below is a direct link to the reunion section at

3rd Battalion 71st ADA has a large reunion in Colorado Springs August 17-20, 2014, posted April 10, 2014
If anyone who ever served in this battalion in any years please contact Donald (byrd) Yarbrough at 309-689-0449 even if you can't attend this event because I have already located over 6000 of our former soldiers.

DY-10-50 Group Reunion posted Mar 24, 2014
We will be having our next reunion in Lubbock, Texas on June1-4, 2014 and be quartered at the Holiday Inn Park Plaza hotel/motel. Any questions can be sent to Byron Penrod at: 325-669-1960 or Keep up the good work, Ed, and I especially liked the photo of Hillary in this last edition.

MS-70 St. Bonifacius - Reunion planning? posted Mar 23, 2014, updated April 23, 2014
My name is Don McIntosh and I was stationed at the ST. Bonifacius, MN. Nike Base from 1965-1968. I am trying to set up a C Battery Nike Base reunion with some of the people that I was stationed with back then. I just recently sent out 10 letters to those that I have contact with to see what they thought about it.

We're looking at (new date) June 29th, 2014 which is a Sunday starting at 1pm. in ST. Bonifacius, MN. at the park where an old Nike Missile now sets. If there are more people out there that served back then in ST. Boni that would like to contact me my E-Mail My home number is 218-564-5527.

Last Mushroom Cloud: Inside Operation Dominic, with Charles Carter November 3, 2013 - posted Oct 24, 2013
The Last Mushroom Cloud: Inside Operation Dominic with Charles Carter November 3, 2013
From: "Charles D. Carter" < >

November 3- 4 is the 51st anniversary of the last nuclear atmospheric test. The test was conducted by B Battery 2nd Missile Bn 52nd ADA fired a Nike Hercules with a W-31 warhead (10KT) from Johnston Island in the Pacific as part of Operation Dominic II. The shot was Operation Tightrope but assigned the name Operation Hole Card by the Army. The remainder of the battalion has just been deployed to south Florida in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

My lecture November 3rd [ in Las Vegas, NV ] coincides with the anniversary of the event.

National Atomic Testing Museum web site, poster

BR-17, Memorial to Veterans and Nike Ajax Veterans Dedication Oct 15,2013 - updated Sept 30, 2013
Eric Muth
Latest link Oct. 17th

newspaper article

Two bronze plaques mounted on a boulder will be Dedicated by the Mayor of the City of Milford on:

October 15, 2013 at 11 AM.

One plaque was originally installed when the Milford Nike Site held its opening dedication in 1957. The Site was decommissioned in 1963 and the plaque disappeared at that time. With help from kind individuals I recovered it this year. This plaque Honors those who served their Country in Defense of Freedom.

The second plaque is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Site's closing and it Honors:

Nike Ajax Missilemen especially, for their service during the "Cuban Missile Crisis".

The Nike Site Fire Control Area buildings are intact though overgrown and in disrepair. Bill Finch and I have placed signs on all doors explaining what was there and other tidbits.

As you may know the Site is at the top of Eells Hill and the cross street is New Haven Avenue.

Just drive right up the hill and through the open gate and park on the Site and after the short ceremony take a tour of remembrance or for others, a learning tour. I am uncertain as to the availability of toilet facilities, but if they can be available I'm sure Ms. Nash, Milford Community Development Director, will see to it.

Best Regards, Eric

... looking ... "FM 44-9 Air Defense Artillery Fire Distribution System AN/TSQ-51 - posted Aug 14, 2013
James Newman jamesnewman1976 @ yahoo . com
Dear Ed Thelen,
I am looking for a copy of "FM 44-9 Air Defense Artillery Fire Distribution System AN/TSQ-51" August 1967. could not find reference to it online. I hope some Nike Vet who worked in the AADCPs might have one or know where to find one. This was the Field Manual for the Missile Mentor. The Follow on Command and Control system after Missile Master for the Nike Hercules after 1966. Any Help finding this would greatly help my research.
Cory james newman

Would anyone identify this target ? - posted Aug 14, 2013
Gaston Dessornes gaselen @ earthlink . net
Would anyone identify this target ?
Who made it ?
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. August 2013 um 17:20 Uhr
Von: "Michael Keller" < mike_os @ web . de >
An: gaselen @ earthlink . net
Betreff: Ed´s BulletinBoard
Hello Gaston,

your target is a "Ryan-BQM-34A-Firebee".
A search with the keyword "ryan firebee" at google should provide you with more information.

Please check this link for a very good photo.

Kind regards from germany, Michael Keller.

Supporting Nike Site HM-69 - posted June 20, 2013
Charles D. Carter wishes this posted - (shortened for posting)
Subj: Supporting Nike Site HM-69

As we continue to protect Nike Missile Site HM-69 for future generations we will need support from a diverse group of folks. I'm writing today to ask if you would be interested in supporting the future growth of our Nike site within Everglades National Park.

If you would like to be a part of a new group specifically focussed on the Nike Missile Site, please respond to this email and leave your phone number and email address. We will have the ability for folks to call in to the discussion as well, so this is not limited to those living in South Florida. The number of interested people will determine how we set up the meeting so details will follow.

We Need Your Help !

Everglades National Park is looking for motivated individuals who are interested in preserving the military history of HM-69. If you would like to help Everglades National Park document and maintain the history of this place please consider joining us for a discussion. Everglades National Park will convene a meeting of interested persons ... to discuss the needs of the historic missile site.

Specific areas where you can help:

  • Site Management
    ...including regular mowing and vegetation control, gate and fence repair, door and window work along with metal work and welding.
  • Historic Equipment
    In 2012 we were able to bring two Nike Hercules missiles to the site along with some support equipment, now we need your help to maintain these historic items. ... Assistance is needed for the regular care and maintenance and the long term preservation of these 40 foot defensive missiles, whether you have experience with the Nike systems or not.
  • Community Events
    Can you help us by staffing an information booth at community events or attending meeting of local historic societies?
  • Project Support
    ... If you have experience in grant writing or financing in the not-for-profit sector we can certainly use your experience.

Have a Good Day,

Ryan Meyer
Park Ranger, Nike Missile Site Coordinator
Everglades National Park, 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead, Fl 33034
Phone: (305) 242-7015, Fax: (305) 242-7757

Second reunion of the Fourth Missile Battalion 61st Artillery on September 14, 2013, posted May 1, 2013
Dear Nike Hercules Personnel and Family,
The second reunion of the Fourth Missile Battalion 61st Artillery is being held at Denny's Restaurant Banquet Room in Byron, Georgia on September 14, 2013 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.
Address to Denny's is 309 GA HWY 49 N. Take exit 149 off of I75. Meals will be dutch treat. We will also have to pay $50 for the Banquet room. We will collect this at the meeting.

Hotel Information:
Super 8 305 GA HWY 49 N (exit 149 off If 5) $54 and up (478)956-3311 fax (478)956-5885 (mention Nike reunion when calling)
Comfort Suite 103 Dunbar Rd (exit 149 off I75) $69 and up (478)956-1222 fax (478)956-1333

Please contact one of the following by September 1, 2013 if you plan to attend so we can have an accurate head count.
Ernest Cooling Jack Shurling 478-955-8850 or 478-552-9337
If you have an email, please contact me at so I can get your email address.

Thanks so much
Jim Earnhardt 'B', 4, 61 Sp4 --

Mahwah in the Cold War - posted March 8, 2013
Richard Levine < levine1945 @ gmail . com >

Mahwah in the Cold War:
The Nuclear Warheads at the Nike Base In Our Backyard
Thursday March 14 at 7:30 P.M.

Presented by – Richard Levine, George Friedel, Jack Goudsward
This presentation will focus on the Nike missile base that was installed spanning portions of Franklin Lakes and Mahwah during the Cold War period. Included will be two videos: “Weird N.J. Nike Missile Bases,” and a home video tour of the base filmed in 1962. Interesting and little known facts will be presented, including a story about being 30-seconds from launching a missile with a nuclear warhead over New York City. A question and answer session will be held at the conclusion of the presentation.

Ramapo Reformed Church Education Bldg.,
100 Island Road, Mahwah NJ
Reservations recommended:
Admission $3.00 – Members free, refreshments served.
For additional information on the Mahwah Museum Society, see:

Nike Rate Gyro, Shed light?? - posted Feb 10, 2013
Aaron Delong < delong . a@gmail . com >
I am hoping you will be able to shed some light on this. I picked up a rate gyro at a thrift shop. From what I can tell it looks like one used in the Nike guidance computer. Square lump at bottom of the the first picture. Mine is the second picture.

thrift shop

Square lump at bottom

Looks like Nike Hercules MMS-900-Ch02.pdf Fig 11 Flight control Group. A control diagram is just below the picture.
Ed says "Looks different to me, dimensions and labeling ?
but heck, I'm an IFC guy - never saw one in real life :-(( "

More than you ever wanted to know -
MMS-151-Ch02 ( Figure 5. ) gives its data flow. It would be used in the servo control to prevent "hunting" about the desired value.
Early WWII U.S. naval torpodes "hunted" about the desired depth, and were almost useless :-((

For die-hards (me??), mono-3b.html NIKE 48-1 Test Series - gives the reason roll rate gyros were added to Nike Ajax guidance :-|

Any Nike missile guidance unit folks about to give specific info ??? (Please copy me too.)

FOY, ROBERT H JR - e-mailed Feb 11, 2013
Aaron and Ed:
The rectangular boxes in the Nike Herc guidance package you are showing in the second picture are the Yaw and Pitch Accelerometers for the Yaw and Pitch rate gyros (Top and Center). The Roll Amount Gyro is the large circular item on the lower right hand side and the roll rate gyro is directly above the Y Accelerometer on the left. The markings on your item indicate that it is a rate gyro, not an accelerometer.

Therefore, I believe you have a roll rate gyro from the Nike Ajax guidance package.

Ajax Parts wanted for restoration ( posted Sept 23, 2012)
Tim Scott < tim @ scottfreemail . com >
... about a Nike Ajax wind tunnel model I found in a California auction, and you posted a photo of it.

I have been acquiring actual Nike Ajax parts, pictured, but need a number of components. Do you know anyone who might have Nike parts for sale? I need three forward guidance fins, all main stabilizer fins, a fuel tank section, nose cone and numerous other smaller parts, as you can see. I have no parts, whatsoever, for the Ajax booster. That’s my wife, Jeanne, giving the collection some scale.

Items, Wanted or for Sale

For Sale - NIKE Ajax / Hercules ARADCOM VETERAN Challenge Coins - posted March 15, 2016
from Paul W. Klco < GIDAD1 @ aol . com > - Tour Guide at NY-56 - Nike Veteran (1959 - 1972)
U. S. Army Retired (1959 - 1998) - Tel: H - 856-235-6070 / C - 856-904-3930

left front, right back
Plus a nice plastic stand, and Bonus Pictures -
For one delivered $16.95 - For two delivered $30.50 - For three delivered $44.00 - For four delivered $57.50.
Only had 200 made.


Have 3" Diameter " NIKE Ajax / Hercules ARADCOM VETERAN " Patch coming soon.

For Sale - Nike items available Commercially - posted May 6, 2013 - updated July 2018
pointed out by
Charles Everett
German Revell has re-released Nike Ajax kit in 1/32nd scale (ex-renwal). Amazon - also see here (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page) will design personalized Nike Hercules Artprints to include unit insignias, time of service, rank, location, etc ... Prints are $45 a piece, framed I believe $105.00…..
Germany company,, will construct Nike unit wall plaques, no cost for set up. Wall plaques cost 25 Euros (around 30 dollars) plus international postage.

If you have comments or suggestions, Send e-mail to Ed Thelen (