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Sqd. 533 Sigerslev (about 35 KM south west of Copenhagen) .
. Boggild Gammelgaard Lohse (former "Nielsen"), I started as a private in 1969, and left NIKE in 1982 as a Staff Sergeant. I worked as an Operator on all positions in the FCA(RNG - EL - MTR - TTR AZ - TS - COMP - ACO and T1) Had a great time on 10 ASP's in Sardegna, and 1 at Mc Gregor Range, NM. Changed while the Nike system was phased out, to HAWK, where i worked until 2004, in different positions, as Tactival Control Assistant primarily educating TCO's - but also working in the ACE HNSWG (HAWK-NASAMS Simulation Working Group, which meant that I visited Fort Bliss at least once a year from 1994 - 2004. So I've seen a lot of GBAD for the last 40 years. Today I'm CO of a Joint Forces UAV unit here i DK, and still have two more years until I retire. I'm a Chief Senior Master Sergeant, and I've enjoyed every minute of this job. Here in Denmark we have started a "Cold War Museum" last year. Please look at the web adress, If anybody wants INFO about Danish GBAD from 1959 - 2004, please send a mail to - Postal address: Lyderslev Straede 1B, 4660 Store Heddinge. Denmark 8/69-12/82
Sqd. 534 open farm land approx. 20 miles south west of Copenhagen .
. Roggenkamp, Erik SSGT, Assy tech. "225" 9/64-8/72

Subject: Danish NIKE films
From:	"Michael Keller" 	
Date: November 2010 	 
 Hello Ed,

here come a Link to a webside with contains some NIKE Films
of the Danish Airforce.

regards, Michael Keller, Germany.

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