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New Items and Updates

This list does not include "minor" additions/corrections nor changes to Nike People.

Activity of year 2017
Oct 6 Added NFL is NFG
September 20 Added "Relativity : Special and General Theory" by Einstein
July 17 Good news ;-)) Nike not considered obsolete. ;-))
April 30 Added .pdf copies of
Nike AJAX Historical Monograph PDF, by M. Cagle
and Nike HERCULES Historical Monograph PDF, by M. Cagle, via M. Berhow
linked from main page
Feb 15 Added Red Canyon Archeology, via Mark Sale, permission granted
linked from main page

Activity of year 2016
May 14 Added The Cuban Missile Crisis by James Whitaker (Nike, South Florida)
Feb 8 Added
- pictures and info about launcher section consoles
- pictures and info about (missile) rails
- an interesting 1996 article about SF-88 Nike site restoration
Jan 31 A Great Photo Study of an abandoned Nike site Lumberton, New Jersey PH23/25 by Rich Lewis
Major improvement in this site's presentation of Dept of Defense 100 page book
Jan 17 Big addition of explaining radar displays and plotting board displays based on the Nike Simulation program.

Activity of year 2015
Nov 19 Added some slides from a presentation by the "Association of Old Crows" about radar jamming and spoofing to ifc_track.html#Track-T1
Nov 5 St. Louis Defense Area Nike Sites by David Novak
Sept 28 Ramiro Carli Ballola has sent much information on the digital computer and digitization of "off shore" Nike systems after 1974.
He also sent pictures of powered_up Battery control console and plotting boards and TTR consoles in Italy.
August 13 Added More work on the launcher
June 7 Added TM9-1430-253-14P_2_2 Nike Plot Pages 125 to 152
March 24 Added picture and data sheet for TTR Magnetron
Feb 24 Pictures of Early Nike tests at White Sands
Feb 21 mirror of J. P. Moore's RED CANYON RANGE CAMP web site

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