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New Items and Updates

This list does not include "minor" additions/corrections nor changes to Nike People.

Activity of year 2021
August 24 EXTRACT-38-pt1 Army Correspondence Course Program of the US Army Air Defense School - for use with ADA Subcourse 8000 Nike Hercules Missile Crewman,, Part 1 (16B20)
further down are:
- FM 44-16B/CM, Commander's Manual, Hercules Missile Crewman, MOS 16B
- FM-44-24Q1-2 Soldier's Manual MOS 24Q - Nike Hercules Fire Control Mechanic Skill Levels 1 and 2 G
March 26 SF-88 - Battle with the mice Nike SF-88 On-going Maintenance
March 12 MIT - Lincoln Laboratory - SAGE

Activity of year 2019
August 2 Greg Brown re-visits the SF-88 IFC Area, top of Wolf Ridge
  Burial at sea via Thomas Pepper
July 12 FM 44-9 - AN/TSQ-51 Missile Mentor System, August 1967, 5.4 MByte, copy from Cory Newman
linked fromDocuments with Numbers

Activity of year 2018
Oct 11 Soviet SA-2 missile system
Sept 26 A Nike Simulation game, as viewed by the Battery Control Officer, playable on your table top or lap top computer here
March 26 Added a monster Nike Launcher Manual TM_9-1440-252-34. This is way more than "most of us" want to know - but, for maintenance and problems, ...
It is linked from the main page near numbered documents.
March 13 Added Target Practice, Record Of a Shoot
Feb 7 Added Pictures of National Park Service site HM-69 - in Everglades National Park, Florida City

Activity of year 2017
Oct 6 Added NFL is NFG
September 20 Added "Relativity : Special and General Theory" by Einstein
July 17 Good news ;-)) Nike not considered obsolete. ;-))
April 30 Added .pdf copies of
Nike AJAX Historical Monograph PDF, by M. Cagle
and Nike HERCULES Historical Monograph PDF, by M. Cagle, via M. Berhow
linked from main page
Feb 15 Added Red Canyon Archeology, via Mark Sale, permission granted
linked from main page

Activity of year 2016
May 14 Added The Cuban Missile Crisis by James Whitaker (Nike, South Florida)
Feb 8 Added
- pictures and info about launcher section consoles
- pictures and info about (missile) rails
- an interesting 1996 article about SF-88 Nike site restoration
Jan 31 A Great Photo Study of an abandoned Nike site Lumberton, New Jersey PH23/25 by Rich Lewis
Major improvement in this site's presentation of Dept of Defense 100 page book
Jan 17 Big addition of explaining radar displays and plotting board displays based on the Nike Simulation program.

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