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A Typical Day, Some flattering pictures of Ed, a memorial

A "Short" Biography of

- Ed Thelen -

I started this web site in 1996, when most guys showed themselves in their favorite T-shirt next to a red convertible. Being a contrarian, and having no favorite T-shirt nor red convertible, I refused to do that.

In 2003, George Runkle asked for a picture, and J.P. Moore asked for a short bio.
Sensing fame and fortune at my doorstep ;-)) I agreed.

Here goes!

Left puppy died April 2005 at age 16 :-((
Center puppy still writing web sites ;-))
Right puppy was a super dog, died April 2004 after challenging/ignoring an auto for right of way :-(((

Hmmmm - a bio - you asked for "a little bio" -

Ah good, that means I can
    - leave out all the disgraceful stuff
    - leave in only the hero/intellectual stuff.
    - and spin everything to my advantage :-))
    - - Gee - I could go into politics

OK - lets try it -

A "short" autobiography of (bring up the sound of trumpets)

ta ta ta - ta ta

Ed Thelen

Executive Summary of Ed Thelen
A proposed script for "
Dilbert" by Scott Adams
- Lady says to Dilbert, "Say something romantic."
- Dilbert (Ed Thelen) says "Kepler discovered the paths of the planets."
- Lady thinks "I wish I remembered Bill Clinton's telephone number."
Dilbert vs SalesTypes
What NASA is hiding on the moon ;-))

Ed has sophisticated tastes, likes Uff da, Minnesota, Minnesota, St. Partick's Day in Minnesota ;-))
Also a music lesson :-)), a carrot clarinet and OH Yes - Senior Moments, My Life Style
Ok, I really like this, and for a change of pace ;-)) - and this (Hazmat) ;-))

A short tale of my life

In high school I liked physics & chemistry
- but chemistry appeared restricted to DuPont, which seemed limiting
- but I was also stumped by the double slit phenomena, or more seriously
so I became a enjinerr .

Ya do what ya kin do -
A ?universal? truth