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Dilbert vs SalesTypes

A tale of two guys at a party, Dilbert's view

(who goes to a dance?)
Dating at work, in 2017. - A fake GE sexual harrassment video
- what they don't, but should, teach you in sex education class -
Situation Techie (Dilbert) SalesType (Clinton)
Get a date for the party? Three female co-workers turned him down
- two needed to wash hair,
- one said to get lost
Why bother with old baggage?
Drives to party in Own reliable square car, full of gas Borrowed BMW, little gas
- With
$200 in pocket Borrowed $100
- Wearing
Dull brown sports jacket Borrowed tux
- Hope?
None, maybe I can find a girl friend? Condoms in pocket
Arriving A little early for a better chance Late, friend wouldn't lend him more money
... ... ...
Sits next to Wall Flower (WF) After working up courage for 10 minutes To take a break
- Opening line to WF
"I can differentiate a hypotenuse." "You have lovely hair,
What is your sign?"
- After 5 seconds, WF
Sees a girl friend and leaves Is smiling at Clinton
- another WF
Passes up empty seat next to Dilbert Sits on the other side of Clinton,
trying to break in
Calls Wall Flowers "Miss", just like Mommy said "Sweat Hogs"
Dilbert and Clinton
call each other
Dilbert calls Clinton "Jerk" Clinton calls Dilbert "Wonk"
Dancing Danced once
- She kept looking around, frowning
Danced a lot,
Girls smiled a lot
... ... ...
Leaves dance in Own reliable square car Borrowed BMW
- With
No one New girl friend,
she has her hand on his crotch.
- With phone numbers
One, made up by WF on the spot Four "HOT ones"
- With $
Same $200 in pocket Broke
- Pays for gas
Doesn't need gas New girl friend pays
- Going to
Own apartment New girl friend's apartment
- Thinking
"CRAP, another wasted evening :-(( " " SCORE ;-))"

Dilbert knows that even if he can get a girl friend, all a Clinton has to do is wink at her, and she is gone.