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Virginia site information
- Norfolk
100th Arty Grp Norfolk
later 17th Arty Group
Ft Belvoir
N-02 Fox Hill
N-08 Ft. Monroe
N-20 Ocean View
N-25 Ft. Story
N-36 Kempsville
N-52 Portsmouth/Deep Creek
N-55DC Hampton Roads Army Terminal
Norfolk International Terminals
N-63 Suffolk
N-75 Smithfield
N-85 Denbigh
N-93 Hampton
- Washington D.C.
W-64 Lorton
W-74 Fairfax
W-83 Herndon / Dranesfille (Great Falls)
. .
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100th Arty Grp
later 17th Arty Group
Norfolk, VA .
. Parrish, Robert, Plotter, Command Post Clerk, S-4 Housing NCO8/65-6/68
. Richardson, Alec, 16C working for SSG Boyd on the HIPAR & ECCM console. I also ran the generators for Tac power. I worked mainly with J D Coulston, Freddy Miles, Don Burton & Dick Stack. 1/69-1/71
. Semple, Bob Sr. Tactical Director 1/66-10/66
7th Signal Detachment Ft Belvoir, Va .
. Daniel, Scott, Spec. 5, Left the Missile site (W-26) to go to 7th Signal Detachment for area support, HI-par, IFF, MTR, TTR. Maintainence for radar and I.F.F. for the Washington/Baltimore sites. A lot of travel to support On- Site personnel to "keep them up". ( E.T.S.) 3/64-2/65
N-02Fox Hill .
. Baxter, Robert Allen, Assembly Sgt - 204 Marshall Lane Carrollton, VA 23314 9/59-4/64
. Benthalll, Henen (Ben), Fire Control Maint Officer(WO1) 6/59-7/61
. Smyth, Dennis (Smitty), SSgt. Electronic Missile Assembler Nike Ajax (MSOS 223.60) Upon arrival in VA we were stationed at Fort Monroe until site construction was complete. Moved to Fox Hill in Late June '55 to start equipment set up.5/55-5/57
. Villademoros, Joseph (Joe), Launcher Crewman, - 801 Windsor Cir/57-/60
Ft. Monroe .
. Abbott, Ira H. A., GM Mechanic Sp3, 221.20 Was stationed in the headquarters battery althou assigned to C Battery. [N-85] Was the Battlion machanical chief. Headquaters was on Ft. Monroe. I have photos of a model of a site we built. It is on two 4x8 tables. 5/55-1/58
N-20 Ocean View .
N-25 Ft. Story .
. Boutte, Edmond G., 16C20 SP5 Target Tracking Radar3/71-3/74
. Cooper,Lyle E., : I came to this site directly because of the Salt agreement. I had switched to the Safegard System and received a 4 year "Stabilized Tour" at Ft. Bliss. Ha! We dismantled this site at Virginia Beach, which was kind of fun. I enjoyed climbing up onto the Hipar antenna and removing it piece by piece. Virgina Beach was a great place, and I spent a lot of time fishing for bass in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.1970?-1972?
. Fleming, William L., 16B, Launcher Crewman. Departed as SP4. Good times. 1/67-12/67
. George, David J., SP4 in the supply room. I remember that the Supply SGT's first name was Dennis. My barracks roommate was Sankie Wright from West (By God) Virginia. He had a busted up arm and was waiting for a medical discharge. My other roommate was Jeff Brandt(?). I wanted so much to stay in that unit, but since they were disbanding the stateside Nike sites...... Just before they transferred me, I did some OJT in the mess hall. There was a marine convert there as a cook. I mistakenly sold him a car that I should have kept. LOL - 423 East 11th Ave, Hutchinson, Kansas, 675018/72-?/73
. Harris, James, launch crewman b section, security, admin. went to mc greg. once - 4670 Page Rd, Galivants Ferry, SC 295448/62-2/65
. McCoy, Ernest R., 16B20 Pit Rat and had a good time there and would like to hear from any of you guys. These are the names I can remember Curry,Rose,Bowman,Clark,Patrick,Pigg,Rector, Turner,Wheeler,Baum and Stalker - 161 Cresent Dr Asheboro NC 27203 9/68-3/70
. O'Connor, illiam, Military Police Sentry Dog Handler - MOS 95B2D - The only exciting thing that happened in 18 months was a Marine Recon jump into adjacent area that had mock -up of Vietnames village. Two marines landed just out side launch, caught one, the other unbelievably scaled fence.The one captured pulled knife, was afraid of dog, scary guy. I convinced him I waould not let dog loose. Backup team arrived. Sometime latter a Navy officer came and took him away. - 268 Babbitt Road Bedford Hills NY 105071/67-7/68
. Partridge, Francis Milton, Served in a Hawk Unit in Germany during the building of the Berlin Wall. Returned to Portmouth Nav Hosp. with a broken leg. Spent the remainder of mu Army time At the Herc near Patrick Henry airport. near Ft Eustus VA. - 303 Wilson Rd Central SC 29630 ?-/57
. Plogger, Donal, Supply Sgt. 01/70-08/70
. Ray, LeRoy, sgt asst section chief, swapped duty back to PI-37?/65-6/66
. Rigney, Roger sp-4 '66-'67
. Rosenberry, John R, Military Police (Guard Duty) SP4 1310 Anchor Ln, Merritt Island, Fl 3295210/71-5/73
. Smith, Jeff, IFC mechanic worked with Lyle Cooper and closed site in late 74 /70-/74
. Storemski, Steve J, IFC area, closed site in 1974. - 37301 Elberta Ln Brookshire Tx2/74-8/74
. Zier, David, SP5 Senior Launcher Crewman Pit Rat, loved ORE's in the hurricane season. - 7809 Ocali Drive , Lakeland, Florida 33810 5/70-1/72
N-36 Kempsville .
. Bishop, Gerald S., E-3, GMIEER & driver, Have been looking for a Lt. Loris-Lorus Jefferson.Va NG. Think he was missile officer for the NG. He was the one who got me started in Ham radio. TKS, again, Jerry W8KQ - 2327 Werth Rd.,Alpena,Mi. 49707 5/57-12/58
. Hanchey, Jennings Brian, C Btry, 38th AAA Msl, Bn. Came as a package unit from Ft Bliss in early '55. COs John C Evans (CPT) & Albert McDaniel, CPT), XO Sam Husson(1LT), IFC Plt Ldr Cecil D. McDaniel (2d Lt), Lchr Plt Ldr, Jennings Hanchey (2Lt) & Joe Maupin (2d Lt), Msl Off WO Laird,Lchr Plt Sgt MSGT Peavy. Unit in Corn & Soy bean fields (great duck & goose hunting) leased from Rufus Jordan. Collected garbage from mess hall to feed his pigs. Held a picnic each summer for the unit each summer - 5112 Alteza Dr. Colo Spgs, CO 809179/55-12/57
. Partridge, Francis Milton, Guided Missle Electrical Equip Repairman. Rank SP-5 left 1st site: When it was given to VA. NG - 303 Wilson Rd Central SC 29630 9/56-?
N-52 Portsmouth/Deep Creek .
. Adams, William (Bill), I was a tec in the missile control trailers. I have a place for all the pics and info, pics etc on Facebook, under Nike Site N-52. Please join. I was a spec 4 and maybe spec 5, it's been a long time ago.Please look up and advise everyone you can via Facebook. thanks - 309 Vanette Drive Chesapeake.VA 23322?/70-?/75
. Chaffin, Jerry, left for 9 weeks of Nike Hercules tng prior to redeployment to Thule Greenland - 54260 Avenida Rubio, La Quinta, Ca 92253 8/57-6/58
. Fitzgerald, James E., SP/5 Fire Control Maintenance MOS 226. Site was turned over to Guard. - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 5/64-12/64
. Grimes, Edward, Capt, Site Commander/64-/71
. Honts, Eddie L, Launcher crewman 4569 Jordantown Rd. Vinton, Va. 24179 6/59-1/60
. Hudec, Steve, SP4 Acquisition Operator - Franklin, IN11/60-12/62
. James, Harold, In summer, the base was completely (except for the entry road) surrounded by cornfields. 3 of my fellow soldiers got lost in the Dismal Swamp and had to be rescued. On Christmas day, 1959, the Amish congregation( that owned all those cornfields) came to the main gate and sang Christmas Carols to us soldiers who assembled at the main gate. There was a parade in Portsmouth that summer, my role in the parade was to stand at parade rest on the trailer towing a Nike ajax missle. Good start to a 25 year military career!! /59
. Meltom, Robert, 22F40 maint VAARNG 05/70-06/72
. Powell, James W. Sr, warrant officer on site N-52 until it closed in 1974.-/74
. Ray, LeRoy, sp4 launcher crewman, closed this down , moved to fort story, long time ago ,LOL 7/64-?/65
. Rutherford. Rowen, Fire Control Maint. Sgt/Sp-5, Thank God, I had previously been in the Airborne because that's where I went from here.11/58-11/59
. Strachan, Donald, Cook; Launcher Crewman, and finished as SP5 - Supply Tech. Best peace time assignment with folks like Maj Grimes, CPT "J" Godwin, Chief Maintenance Warrent Powell,and SGM Zeak ?Thompson, good ol'boy Barnes, and many, many others Now retired CW4 State Area Command, Ft Stewart, GA - Seabrook Island, GA7/65-6/74
N-55DC Hampton Roads Army Terminal
7739 Hampton Blvd. (Norfolk International Terminals)
. Beachum, Vernon, E-5, Pulse Acquisition Radar Technician - P.O. Box 1180, Fort Ashby, WV 26719 12/68-12/69
. Haverty, Cecil, Converted 95B to 17H (later 16K) Plotter. Worked out of the Norfolk AADCP The unit was the 100th Arty Gp (?) and then changed to the 17th Arty Gp (AD)around 1970.01/68-06/70
. Maxey, Gale L, operational control of the fire units, we provided support for them as well. /68-/70
. Motley, William H., There is one man that remains in my mind all these years. It is SFC Gene A. Ross. He was a personnel sgt. for at least six years /63-/66
. Parrish, Robert, Served as Plotter then CP Clerk then S4 Housing NCO - 1752 Elijah Loftin Rd. Kinston, NC 285048/65-6/68
. Patton, John, MOS 16K then 16H,Many great memories1/69-4/71
. Potter, Darryl M., 17K20 Status Plotter, SP4, Crew #11/67-10/68
N-63 Suffolk .
. Rutherford, Rowen, The start of a 23yr association w/mil electronic equip(radar). Nike+USAF ADC AC&W Sites.12/56-12/57
N-75 Smithfield .
. Dvorak, Joe Jr., Launch site aux aux elec power. Rank SP-4 - Trained @ Fort Belvore,Va. & White Sands Proving Grounds - 24 Riverside Dr. Smithfield Va. 2343005/58-04/61
N-85 Denbigh .
. Baxter, Robert Allen, IFC Platoon Ldr - Received Commission in 6/69 Was Batter Cdr Hq Btry then back to full time At Great Bridge Site. Went to Denbigh Site as Launcher Plt Ldr 9/72 Closed site in 9/74 - 204 Marshall Lane Carrollton, VA 23314 3/67-6/69
. Davis, Raymond L., - 24420 Batten Bay Lane Carrollton,VA. 233147/68-7/74
. Langford, Berkley A. Jr., IFC area in varing capacities. Was there first as an enlisted soldier. Got out of the Army in Dec '64 and then went to work for the VA. National Guard until the site closed.3/62-9/74
. Schang, John, IFC radar technician. After qualifying at Red Canyon, we loaded our radar vans on boxcars and followed them to Virginia. Once on site we dug the trenches to bury the cables, leveled the antennas and anchored the radar vans. Within two weeks of arrival, we were on line.3/55-7/56
. Smithley, Michael, Sentry Dog Handler - 1021 Dare Road, Yorktown, Va.6/68-2/74
N-93 Hampton .
. Nakashima, Larry, SSGT SAM Elec. Assembler. I was part of the original group that made the battery operational as a SAM site. /55-/57
W-64 Lorton - News Paper Article spotted by Charles Marcum .
. Barber, Michael, /55-/56
. Pickinpaugh, Ronald G, CPL, MOS 1512 (SAM Panel Operator for Nike Ajax) Launcher Area. I trained at Fort Bliss, TX during the summer of 1953. We were assigned to Package 6, 1st Guided Missile Group. Our group helped construct the underground revetments at Red Canyon, in the summer of 1953. We trained at Fort Bliss until April 1954, when we were transferred to Fort Belvoir, VA, as the 71st AAA Missile Bn. We had four batteries, A, B, C, and D, I was in "B" Battery. Our site was located on the Federal Correctional Institution property at Lorton, VA. Our group, package 6, held its 2nd reunion at Branson, MO in Sept. 2000. We had 31 people there, including spouses and relatives. 5/54-4/55
. Smith, Thompson C. LTC(R) Lchr Plt Ldr, IFC Plt Ldr, Executive Officer -CPT Started in Nike-AJAX Army NG program in 1959 on Battalion Staff. Upon deactivation of AJAX program was assinged to site at Lorton. 8/63-7/64
. Warren, Bob, there during Cuban missile crisis, miserable existence there. Went to HHC in Suitland in s3 section, Changed mos to non critical and went airborne, 173d abn bde till discharge in 65 - living in Liberty Lake, Wa 9/62-3/63
W-74 Fairfax .
W-83 Herndon / Dranesfille (Great Falls) .

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