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Taiwan site information
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2nd Msl Bn 71st Art around Taipei .
. From Moody, Stuart, near the Shu Linkou Air Station. Served with the 2nd MSL bn 71st Arty. during the Quemoy/Matsu crisis in 1958/59. Received the Taiwan BOH and US expeditionary medal for this duty. Was assigned to HQ Btry & B Btry as an electronic Maintenence specialist. Was transferred to MAAG as an advisor after the outfit was disbanded in 8/59. I knew one of the guys that was killed on Okinawa. He transferred there from B btry. shortly before the accident. I was probably the only draftee with a 225.1 mos and actually had to use it. No Army school, just ojt. Good books and a good sgt. got me through. It was a scary time. 10/58-11/59
--Alpha coast NW Taipei near Tam Sui .
--Bravo mountain ridges near Lin Kou Air station .
. Lapsley, Walt (Chuck), IFC Specialist 1958-1959
--Charlie mountain ridges near Lin Kou Air station .
--Delta further south in Young Mei
between Hsin Chu and Tau Yaun
From Dave O'Connell,
All the information on the 2nd Msl Bn 71st Artillery(Taiwan) that was sent to defend Taiwan during the Quemoy/Matsu Crisis in August 1958 can be found in an article written by Blair Case in the Oct, Nov, Dec Issue of ADA magazine. It is on line at the Ft Bliss Web site.

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Texas site information
  • BG-40 Elroy
  • BG-80 Austin
  • DF-01 Denton
  • DF-20 Terrell
  • DF-30DC Duncanville, AFS
  • DF-50 Alvarado
  • DF-70 Ft. Wolters
  • DY-10 Ft Phantom Hill/ Abilene
  • DY-50 Camp Barkeley/ Abilene
  • .
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    dates at
    MASTER? Ft Hood, TX .
    . Mallery, Alan, Spec 5, TTR Crewman We originally were on TDY from Ft. Bliss. We had all of our radars and vans and generators at Hood. We were basically playing war games. They would run all kinds of aircraft against us, trying to get past, and we would be busting them!! We also played with some other simpler versions of radar other than Nike. We eventually were made permanent duty at Ft. Hood. 10/70-3/73
    . Rowan, Larry, 63b wecker opator sp4, e co.17 the end. ft hood - 5186 Elaine Dr Tyler Texas 75703 9/79-6/81
    BG-40 Elroy - near Bergstorm Air Force Base .
    . Fulton, Ron, Generator operator in the IFC Opened up base in Elroy, although spent a few months on bergstrom AFB till site was occupiable. - 11896 Black Diamond Rd. Doylestown, Ohio 44230 5/60-4/62
    . Garza, Jose Jr., I came from Laredo Texas into the military, always wanted to become a paratrooper with the 101 Airborne, but never got picked. I loved working in Elroy, because it was close to Austin, Texas and always hung around University of Texas, looking at the young students that missed out in the military. - 5511 East Saunders St. Laredo, Tx. 78041/65-/66
    . Mathews, Dan, Spec-4 Launch Crewman 4/59-2/62
    . Rosales, Pete, Was a 16B20 Sp/4 Launcher Crewman (Charlie Section) Got out in 1965, Enlisted again in 1966 Stayed for 20 years Retired in 1983. - 1308 Krause Ln. New Braunfels,Texas 7813011/63-11/65
    . Sanchez, Robert, sp4 16b20 launcher crewman with Bravo Section. Left to attend OCS. Left service 4/72 as inf captain. - 2908A Garrity Blvd., Nampa, Idaho 836871/6-10/65
    BG-80 Austin - .
    . Anderson, James D, IFC Operator. Herc SP4 2/60-5/61
    . Brewer, Rex, Fire Control E-4 9/65-?/66
    . Fitzgerald, James E., SP/4 MTR Operator for ASP in 5/63 delayed my pcs to go to range. Reenlisted for Maintenance School. - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 5/61-6/63
    . Jegelewicz, James , Great site, got married,had my daughter, and made SSG, and closed it down. 5/64-5/66
    . Mills, Roger D. spec.4;launch crew member 8/61-5/63
    . Prouse, Joe, E-4 Senior Fire Control Operator Was there thru the Cuban Missle Crisis. Was 19 years old and wasn't sure I'd see 20. - 11539 W. 1st Wichita KS 672128/62-4/65
    . Schulz, Ronald W., SP/5, launcher crew, launcher fire control panel op, generator op for launcher site, 09/62-01/64
    . Toliver, H. Mack, Special Orders Clerk in Personnel and Company Clerk1964-1965
    DF-01 Denton .
    . Dewlen, Robert, Guided Missile Installation Electrician (MOS 357.I). Rank SP4. Was reassigned to a HAWK Unit and went to Germany in 1/61. Discharged 6/62 as a SP5. The Denton site won the Commanders Trophy for 1960 in our first year of operation. - 6 Acord Cluster Court, The Woodlands, Tx, 7738110/59-1/61
    . Francis, James R., Acq. Op. - Spc4 - Enlisted for the D/FW Defense Command in 9/59 was assigned to A BTY DENTON TX 11/59 as a ACQ. OP. was SPC4 when discharged in 9/62 - 5707 DEERWOOD DR TEXARKANA AR 71854 11/59-9/62
    . Franklin, Donald, Assembly and Warhead Crew. Arrived as initial party of working troops from a holding company at Ft Wolters, Texas. Worked in Assy and Warhead crew and left there as SP/4. - 1506 Nighingale Lane, Corinth, Texas 76210 12/59-07/62
    . Franklin, Ronald L., SP/4, Launcher Control Trailer Operator. P.O. Box 776, Sonoma, California 95476 12/59-07/62
    . Gaither, Ken, Missile Crewman - Honor Guard - E3 - I have lost all contact with all. I went to S. Florida in 1964. 972-896-4163- I live in Princeton Tx.8/62-2/64
    . Herman, Conrad, SP/4 Target Tracking Radar - 853 Live Oak Lane Blanchard, OK 73010 08/60-03/63
    . Hosick, Joseph, 2531 Millcroft Lane Carrollton TX 75006 /59-/63
    . Shell, Lewis, Spec 5, Target Tracking Radar 12/63-4/68
    . Toliver, H. Mack, Battery Clerk. Site turned over to National Guard. Transfered to Duncanville. Tx1963-1964
    . Wood, Bob, I was a "pit rat" spent many hours in the launch area, primarily as an LCT operator, but, did my share of patrolling and guarding the above ground launchers as was typical for the SAC sites. We were deemed operational in about September of 1960 after receiving a total of 12 missiles and the associtated warheads, all nuclear.
    After about eighteen months, I rangled a ckhange of MOS and a transfer to the Fire Control as I had hung out up there in my off time and had learned several positions and someone recognized my ability to do those positions along with my positon in the Launch area. I became proficient in all positions and added the ability to do Radar Bomb Scoring, as well.
    Then came Cuber, ugh, Cuba. We had just cleared our first aircaraft onto the range that fateful day, I was the designated RBS controller under the supervision of our Air Force designee. About half way through the intended bomb run, the aircraft called, declaring that he wa aborting his run and terminating all further activites with our site, code name Bermuda Holliday. An attempt was made to ackowledge but was meet with silence on the aircrafts part. Thus began our participation in the Cuban Missle Crisses.
    ... Soon after separation, it was announced that the Texas Army National Guard would be taking over the air defense sites at Denton and Terrell, TX. I immediately applied for a postion and was accepted - 8847 New Country Dr., Apt 8, Cicero, NY 13039
    DF-20 Terrell .
    . Adams, Milton R. "Dick", launcher crewman, later LCT operator 5740 N. Senita Way, Tucson, AZ 85743.96115/62-2/64
    . Brown, Harvey G., Left Terrell to go to Alasks defense system. Remained a SP-5 in the IFC- 5007 Hall Ave, Amarillo, TX 7910910/59-11/60
    . Dunklin, Randy, IFC on the Acquisition Radar. I went back in 1963 and worked for the National Guard there until 1966 - 607 W. 16th St Cisco, Tx. 76437 /50-11/52
    . Finley, Jim, Launcher Platoon Leader - 9453 Angleridge Road, Dallas, TX 7523809/63-12/63
    . Garza, Roger, 10/59-8/60
    . Hallenbeck, Gilman, IFC & Launcher Platoon leader. XO then CO. As Battery Commander I turned the site over to the Texas National Guard on 15 February 1964, Have had a great life a lot of jobs, and being CO of "B" Battery was the best job I've ever had. Went from B Battery to Duncanville Headquarters as Asst. S-3. Left Army in June 1964.2/62-2/64
    . Herrin, Thomas E., (Tx Nat Guard) Acq Radar Op.E-5 Sect Leader; Ft Bliss 226 school Maint sect attained Rank of SFC. Trans to 949 Mt Bn after Base Closed. Retired In 1980 at the old Nike base as Supply Tech. 10/63-10/68
    . Judah, John, ABAR & Acquisition Operator, TX National Guard, We took over the site from the Army.2/63-9/68
    . Miller, Ted, ABAR Mech. and Operator E4. also operated Army MARS amateur radio on site - 6431 N. Rafael Ave. Fresno CA 937115/61-8/63
    . Owens, Edwin D., MOS of 179.10, Nike Hercules Fire Control Crewman. Completed "package" training at Ft Bliss before moving to site (still under construction). Discharged as a 179.20, Nike Hercules Fire Control Operator, in May 1961, re-enlisted in August 1961, and finally retired in March 1984 as a MSG, E8. Would like to hear from Pieplow, Dunklin, Herrin, Marrs, or any of the other guys in the IFC platoon 4830 NW Hoover, Lawton, OK 7350512/59-05/61
    DF-30DC Duncanville, AFS .
    . Finley, Jim, Operations Center; then Hq Battery Commander - 9453 Angleridge Road, Dallas, TX 7523812/63-07/65
    . Flockoi, Robert Timothy (Tim), HHB, Birdie and FUIF maint. Initially was a FUIF maint tech, later a Birdie tech, trained OJT from Don Karbaker, Martin-Marietta. Went from E3-E6. Left to go to Arty and Msl OCS at Ft. Sill - 7407 NW Hunter Rd. Lawton, Okla 73505?-?
    . Rider, Ken, Pfc, clerk served at beginning of the Cuban Crisis 9/62-11/62
    DF-50 Alvarado .
    . Anderson, Tim (Andy), PFC 95B Sentry Dog Handler - Dogs name "Shawn" Blk Belgian Shepard. I drove a 1956 Ford Crown Vic (Pink and Primer Grey)Wish I still had it! - 213 Adcock Rd, Hot Springs, ar 719133/68-1/69
    . Beckham, R J, ` MTR Operator 2/68-9/68
    . Brassell, Wayne G., SP/5 IFC Maintenance Section. 10/67-10/68
    . Brown, Thomas H., CW3 Fire Control Maint Officer - Box 186 Luling, Texas 78648 8/63-7/67
    . Chavez, Raul, po box 3281 lacey wa.3/67-3/68
    . Davis, Craig, Started training as an ACQ operator. Got to close it down. 8/68-11/68
    . DeGrant, Paul W. , IFC Computer Operator, E-5, spent 3 years duty at C Btry. 4th. Msl. Bn. 562nd. Arty - No doubt, the best time of my life. - 5909 Pecan Circle Alvarado, Texas 76009-6336 5/65-5/68
    . Dodds, Ralph A, Btry CO. This btry was a fine group of soldiers and I was priviledged to serve with them. 4/64-10/64
    . Dunn, Milton, 16B Launcher Crewmember - 1334 Clinton Abilene, Texas 7960310/65-10/66
    . Gardner, Roy Sp5 Fire Control Technician '65-67
    . Garza, Roger, 8/60-12/62
    . Gray, Everett, Assistant section chief, B section, Sergeant of the Guard. - 1507 Stewart Ln. Russellville, Ar. 7280210/65-7/68
    . Griffin, Roger A., Launcher Plt Ldr, then XO. Went to VN as MACV Advisor. Had two othe ADA assignments in FWD Area Wpns; SP C/V Bn in 3rd INF Div and Towed Vulcan BN 82nd ABN Div. Retired as O6 in 6/92 with 27 years. 12/65-2/67
    . Henderson, Jack, PFC, I was a launcher crewman under Section Chiefs Sgt Lowe and Sgt Grace. Some fellows I remember: Ray Laymond, Ralph King, Vince Campanile, John Ragusa, Richard Daughtry, Don Ingle. - Live near Azle, TX09/62-06/65
    . Manche, Robert L., SP/4 16C20 Computer Operator, I.F.C. area - also generator operator, high power radar operator and I.F.C. parts clerk. - 2100 Valley Road, Chesterfield, Missouri 6300512/65-5/67
    . Materene, Thomas R., Missle crewman charlie pit. Left mar 68 to RVN Door gunner for three years 13th CAB 336th & 121st AHC. 908 Big 5 Road Pahrump Nevada 89048 1/67-3/68
    . Norwood, Frank, Acq/Computer Operator and Ord Part Spec and 15D2 operator. It [the 15D2] was a van mounted simulator that was used for training IFC crews. It could simulate any ground cluter or terrain feature and 4 or 6 aircraft along with ECM. The first one I saw (SN #2) was at the Northfield Nike Site North of Chicago in 1960 ,later SN 15 was at the Alvarado Nike Site. Was really a great piece of equipment for training. We did not need it at Alvarado since we did Radar Bomb Scoring for the AF one week a month. Not familar with the T1 /60-/62
    . Poil, George, IFC Pvt-1 through Spec 4 - Oklahoma 10/65-5/67
    . Preble, Lamont, IFC operator - 20 Robinson St. Saugerties, NY 12477 6/62-12/62
    . Sherrill, Lynah, Battery Commander, My wife and I are going to visit the site on 10/1/2002. 9/62-3/63
    . Stokes, Donald K, M.P. security Police Came a PFC Left a PFC.Worked with the dog handlers.6/60-1/61
    . Wurzbach, Peter, SP4 Supply Specialist/Armorer - 605 Ashford Drive Coppell, TX 75019'66-67
    DF-70 Ft. Wolters .
    . Coffee, Raymond , Launcher Crewman 66-67
    . Frazier, Stanley M., SP4 Launch control LCG operator mos 16B20 - 1229 vine weatherford TX 8/65-6/68
    . Geist, John, K-9 handler6/67-9/68
    . Herrin, Thomas E., RC van Elev oper PFC left in 1963 as SP/5 Sect Leader 10/59-02/63
    . King, Edward W., Billeted at Duncanville Air Force Station until new barracks were completed at Ft Wolters. The site was not yet operational. Left there to go to missile maintenance and nuclear warheading school in Fort Bliss.11/59-11/61
    . Maddox, Robert M., SP/5-Fire Control Mechanic8/64-5/66
    . McCaskill, Charles , Generator Operator 66-68
    . Serna, Rudolph (Rudy), Fire Control Crewman, Computer Operator; Camp Wolters, Mineral Wells, TX; served during stand down for maintenance & equipment upgrades2/62-7/62
    . Shak, Pete, SP4 MOS 179.10 Van Chief (ACQ Radar,CMPTR Opr.) Cuban Missle Crisis, President John Kennedy's Death, Radar Bomb Scoring 7/62-6/65
    . Stanley, K., launcher crewman, i was 17 years old rt. 2 box 367 huntington texas 7594912/66-9/67
    . Terry, Robert, I was a SGT E5 16B Launcher crewman. Worked for SSG Elliot 10765 Eagle Pass Ln., El Paso, Tx 799243/68-3/69
    . Wolff, Raymond L., E-4 Battery Clerk - 4101 Parklawn Ave #113, Edina MN 554351/65-5/66
    DY-10 Abilene .
    . Pappas, Basillis (Bill), Panel operator, Launcher Area6/62-6/63
    . Penrod, Byron, E-4 and panel operator Member of original 55 to join up for the View and Fort Phantom sites of Abilene, TX. These were new sites at the time and were above ground with tents over each launcher, surrounding berms, and below one berm was the panel room with the launcher control panel with connections to the launchers in that section and to the IFC Area. There were three sections with four missiles in each section. The Ready Room was next to the front gate to the launcher area where we ate and slept while on duty. We also pulled guard duty with two gates manned and we also ate and slept in the Ready Room. Abilene's sites were operational from 1960 to 1966. We were supposed to be extra protection for Dyess Air Force Base located here. Our Headquarters was located on that base. Dyess is the only remaining operational military area here. It is the B-1 training base and also has Hercules airplanes on base. We would really like to have a complete Nike Hercules to display on Dyess where they have a static display of various aircraft and they said that we could set up a missile in that area for display. Anyone aware of where we might find an exta one, that is available, please contact me.6/60-2/63
    . Porter, Errol, ... Seven years ago I started a reunion for that group and have had one each year ever since. {see The Launching Pad 5th Missile Batallion Veterans
    . Rush, Harry D. Specialist 5, IFC operator1/60-1/63
    . Sykes, Robert L., IFC Technician, Sp/4 to Sp/5, Retired CW3 8/75 7455 S. Hulen St #110 Fort Worth, TX 76133 6/65-6/66
    . Taylor, Clifford , Generator operator, mos 352-20 SP/4 Learn to run very fast between missle converters, when we went tacpower to turn them on. 7384 macedonia rd oakwood village oh 11/62-9/64
    DY-50 Camp Barkeley .
    . Boubel, Fred, Launch control panel, spc-4 - Also was a coach and shooter on the Air Defence Command rifle team - 2417 Threadway, San Antonio, Texas 78219 09/61-09/63
    . Harvey, Val S., Sr FC Radar Operator. ... Met a great bunch of guys.4/58-!/60
    . Kendricks, Dennis, Firing Panel Operator12/63-11/64
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    Turkey site information
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    dates at
    . Gunalp, Mustafa, I'm a LOPAR Opr. since 1982 and I'm proud to be a member of NIKE HERCULES Family.Peace at home, peace in the world. - Istanbul /1982-
    . Tanrikulu, Taner, NRDCT-T AOCC ASM DCA OFF, Capt 1 st Grp Com 3rd Sqr IFC Section Alemdag/Istanbul01/96-04/02
    . Tek, Adil, 15th Missile Base Ops. Section Alemdag/ISTANBUL It is nice to be here with you in the Nike community. Good wishes from Istanbul. 4/02-
    . Torumtay, Murat, 3rd Squadron Istanbul/98-
    . Ulgen, Erden, 2nd group commander - Turkey, (May 2002) 2nci fuze grup komutan? - fenertepe - istanbul, We still use Nike Hercules.
    Erzurum Erzurum .
    . Gregorios, John, 1Lt US Army. Served as XO and CO while there. The Turks considered it a hardship tour for their troops. We were up in the mountains and it was quite an experience. 7/67-7/68

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