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Locations of Former NIKE MISSILE SITES (text)


For locations and views, fly in using Google Earth thanks to NikeSiteSearchers

- Norfolk
N-02 Fox Hill
N-20 Ocean View
N-25 Ft. Story
N-36 Kempsville
N-52 Portsmouth/Deep Creek
N-55DC Hampton Roads Army Terminal
N-63 Suffolk
N-75 Smithfield N-79 ??
N-85 Denbigh
N-93 Hampton
- Washington D.C.
W-64 Lorton
W-74 Fairfax
W-83 Herndon / Dranesville (Great Falls)
Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
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N-02 Fox Hill C - NE Hampton, Bells Island Rd ((P) Hampton City School District maintenance
[{Siegfried, W.} (April 2014) The control area, located off Wind Mill Point Rd., is used by the Hampton City school system as a maintenance facility and is locked, gated and secured. ]
[{Rubbo, A.} Site is due east of Langley Air Force Base and NASA Langley Research Center. Control area is fairly intact, launch site is on private property. GPS Long: 76W-17-54 Lat: 37N-05-03 ]

L - end of Bells Island Rd ((I) private owner
[{Siegfried, W.} (April 2014) The launch area entrance, located at the end of Grundland Dr., is also locked, gated and secure. It appears to be used to store some construction equipment and personal junk. I didn't have time this trip to ask around to see who owns the place ... ]
[{Rubbo, A.} ... launch site is on private property. GPS Long: 76W-18-00 Lat: 37N-05-27
Jan2002[{Murdock, S.} ... The launcher site GPS Coords 37-05-29, 76-17-14.]

N-20 Ocean View C - Ocean View Ave (residential/commercial)
*Tempory site; battery ops to Fort Story
[{Rubbo, A.} ... has been overbuilt, with no signs left.]
Ft. Story C - Atlantic & Vung Tau ((I)USAR 159th Transportation Group (Det)
[{Siegfried, William (Bill)} (July 2012) N-25 Ft. Story is currently an active military base but is very quiet on the weekends. You have to have proper ID and pass through military gates and security to enter. The IFC area is gated and secure but most of the facility is visible from the street. The building are in use by the US Marine Corp. and the area is in good repair. Two radar towers have USMC paint jobs and logos but no radar units. ]
[{Rubbo, A.} Ft. Story encompasses Cape Henry, where there is an operating lighthouse and the first lighthouse on the east Coast. Cape Story is just west of Ft. Story. ...with the exception of missing radomes, is intact, and is used by the USMC for part of their recon school. The Marines have done a great job of preserving what's left. GPS Long: 76W-01-27 Lat: 36N-55-49 Fenced compound located north of the road, next to the beach. ]

L - W of Desert Rd, S of Hospital Rd ((I) USMC/Amphibious Reconnaissance Training Board
[{Siegfried, William (Bill)} (July 2012) The Launch area that remains is located along roads that are marked with "Danger, No Tresspassing, Training in Progress, Authorized Personnel Only!" signs. I strongly suggest you ask an MP for permission before entering this area. I was told not to pass through any shut or locked gates but, since nothing was going on he didn't see a problem with my walking along the perimeter fences or on the roads leading to the site. On the Saturday morning I was there there were no activties taking place and the gates were left wide open. The launch area itself is gated and secured. A view from the gravel road (left side as you face the entrance) that goes past the water tower and into the sand dunes shows an intact facility. The hatches were down and appeared to be secured. ]
[{Rubbo, A.} The area of Desert and Hospital Roads has no signs left of a launch site. There is a large cleared field, app 20 acres. ( Possibly the Hospital Rd. launch site was obliterated.) This area was used by the US Army as part of their cargo handling school. However, a friendly MP ... showed me another launch site. It is on Al Jubyal St., across from a former double 16" coastal gun battery (there were 3, 16" batteries, total of 6 rifles) which has been taken over the US Navy EOD unit. A base water tower is next to the site. The 3 magazines are locked up, but looking through an air shaft found no signs of water. Several buildings and guard shack are intact, but in poor shape. ... An interesting note is that this base was totally flat. With the exception of sand dunes, all the hills are man-made, ... ]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=36-55-23 76-01-09

N-36 Kempsville C - Lynnhaven Parkway, 2.3 W of Salem ((P)City of Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department; admin
[{Siegfried, William (Bill)} (July 2012) The IFC area and launch area still seem to be used by the City of Virginia Beach. No one was at either location on the Saturday morning I passed by. Both facilities are gated and secured. The IFC area had several public trucks and vehicles inside and the building appear in good shape. No radar towers that I could see from outside the gate. ]
[{Rubbo, A.} The site is located just to the right and across the 4 lane street from the ball fields. There is a juvenile detention facility there, and the site buildings are being used by the city parks and rec dept. GPS 36N-47-12 76W-08-35 ]

L - Lynnhaven Parkway, 0.8 W of Salem ((P)City of Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department; vehicle maintenance
[{Siegfried, William (Bill)} (July 2012) The Launch area has many new construction maintenance sheds on and around the magazine areas as well as a variety or trucks and equipment. There were also some stands visible so they may have some sort of public events here or they take the stands to other locations for events. Can't really say for sure. The small part of the actual launch area I could see from outside the fence appeared to be concreted over. Hatches, vents and elevator doors all appear to be level with the rest of the area. ]
[{Page, T} Mar 2008 remains-virginia-beach-nike-missile-site-could-become-history ]
Photos of remedial efforts
[{Rubbo, A.} The L shaped building is original, the other buildings are butler-type erected by the city. The crescent shape is an earthern berm, and the magazines are directly below. GPS 36N-47-12 76W-07-50 ]

N-52 Deep Creek/
C - Minuteman Dr, H of Number 10 ((P) Chesapeake Alternative School)
[{Siegfried, William (Bill)} (July 2012) The IFC area is gated and locked. It does not appear to be currently in use but the grounds are maintained and secure. Lots of buildings that seem to be in good repair but no radar towers that I could see from outside the gate. ]

L - end of Sentry Rd ((P) Public Safety Training Center
[{Siegfried, William (Bill)} (July 2012) The Launch area is now the Chesapeake Law Enforcement Training Academy. On the Saturday morning I stopped by the gates to both the main entrance and launch area were open and there were many cars in the parking lot as well as several transient cars parked on the launch area itself in addition to the well worn training vehicles that are permanently parked there. It appeared that some type of event or training activity was taking place inside the main building. The two magazines are unlocked but filled almost to the top with water. Many of the hatches are frozen in the open position. ]
[{Maxey, G} This site was know as Deep Creek / Dismal Swamp. Out in the middle of farmland, mosquito infested, dark as H--- at night. Final days as B-4-111 VARNG. ]

N-55DC Hampton Roads Army Terminal 7739 Hampton Blvd. (Norfolk International Terminals)
[{Hanchey, J} (Feb 2017) provided Cmd & Cntl over the ..., the 38th AA MSL Bn and the 56th AAA MSL Bn.
N-63 Nansement
/ Suffolk
[{Morgan, M} (Sept 2012) writing to Bill Siegfried - Bill - I hit N-63 during the same road trip where I visited N-75 and a few other sites on that side of Norva. Remember being sorely disappointed that THE LAST AJAX SITE in ConUS wasn't better preserved. ]
C - Shoulders Hill Rd, S of Bridge ((O) USAR Center)
[{Murdock, S}GPS=36-51-06 076-27-58 ]

L - end of Shoulders Hill Rd, 1 W of N-63C ((O) Bennitt's Creek Park)
[{Siegfried, W} (Sept 2012) ... totally obliterated. It is now Bennett's Creek Park which is totally accessible, however, I could find no remains of Nike era construction. ]
[{Murdock, S}GPS=36-51-01 076-28-48 ]

N-79 ?
Smithfield /
[{Burckard, A.} (Mar 2013) sent this newspaper clipping, 380 K Bytes ]
[{Burckard, A.} (Feb 2013) ... short piece put together by our talented and lovely Historic Resources staff.
[Nike] page on our county website
Nike Park, open from 8:30 a.m. until dusk, is located at 13036 Nike Park Road in Carrollton. For more information, contact Isle of Wight County�s Historic Resources Department at (757) 357-0115 or visit]
[{Morgan,M.} (Sept 2012) Several of the Nike sites in Tidewater were renumbered at one point but this is the first I've seen of "N-79" vice N-75. I hit this one in March 1995, marking the completion of yet another defense area. ]
[{Burckard, A.} (Sept 2006) ... dedication of the new Cold War historical markers at Nike Park ... A petition is available for all who wish to express support for preservation of the buildings at Isle of Wight County's only surviving, completely-intact military facility built since 1862. For more info contact Albert Burckard at 357-6685. Also mark your calendars for Saturday, 1 September, 2007, for the second annual Cold War Veterans Day at Nike Park.
[{Burckard, A.} (April 2004) Nike-Ajax Missile Site N-75L (Carrollton/Smithfield) has now been recognized, sort of, as a county tourist attraction. ...
Self-guide tourist brochures are available at the Parks and Rec. Office at the site. I will mail one to anyone who sends me a USPS address. ... The Isle of Wight County Museum is also working on a historical display on the history of Sites N-75L&C to be located at the site.
[{Burckard, A.} (June 2003) I noticed you called this site "N-75".
The 1954 site survey maps read "N-79L" and "N-79C". Did the designation change after 1954? Do you agree with my theory that this site might be the best preserved site in Hampton Roads that is still accessible by the public, i.e. not on US Gov't property?
As a member of the Isle of Wight County (Virginia) Historical Society, I am working on an application for "Landmark" status from the State of Virginia Dept of Historic Resources (DHR) for a former Nike-Ajax site here in the county. The site is a 95% intact Chatelain Underground Magazine Design that is owned by the county and is currently our county's premier Parks and Recreation facility. The only disturbance to the original construction on the main launch site (N-79L) was the removal of part of the protective berm around the missile test and assembly building and the demolition of the barracks building on the nearby Control site (N-79C) which is now one of the county's recycling facilities.
Extant at the launch site are the barracks, mess hall, admin and supply bldg, test and assembly bldg, the massive concrete underground missile storage bunkers, and about 12 base housing units. All of these buildings are well-maintained, intact, and currently used for a variety of public and private purposes. The base was active from 1954 to 1961, was a CONARC transmitter site from 1962 to (?), was acquired by the county in 1972, and became "Nike Park" of Isle of Wight Parks and Recreation sometime after 1975. ]

C - Boundary Rd & Wood Duck Rd ((P) Isle of Wight County; Jones Creek Dump Site
[{Siegfried, W.} (Sept 2012) the IFC area has been totally obliterated by recent development which includes a park, boat ramp and some maintenance facilities as well as a nearby Jones Creek Landing trailer park. I didn't see anything that looked like remnants of the old base or Nike area construction.
[{Foster, Mark} (Mar 2004) The IFC area has some of the original towers still standing but has been improved with several new multistory buildings. ]
[{Rubbo, A.} GPS Long: 76W-33-40 Lat: 36N-58-29 North of the trailer park. Photo shows the fenced compound with a long building present. That building and most of the fence are gone. The foundation slab, a small section of fence and a small pumphouse remain. A parking lot and boatramp were built by the county. Area just to the right of the slab is a trash transfer station. ]

L - Nike Park Rd & Titus Creek ((I) Carrolton Nike Park; Isle of Wight County Public Recreation Authority
[{Siegfried, W.} (Sept 2012) The historical signage at the Smithfield/Carrolton launch site indicates that N-79 is the proper designation. The launch area is still very recognizable as many of the buildings are in current use by the local community for maintenance equipment, special interest groups and a senior center. The actual launch area is in current use as a parking lot and a fenced in skate board arena. The refueling berm is still recognizable and most of the elevators and hatches are still visible and are concreted over. The metal blast pads are still in place and some historical signs briefly tell the history of the Nike era. I found no access to the magazines which I understand are still intact but sealed off. An area nearby that appears to be old military housing is also in current use as residences.
[{Foster, Mark} (Mar 2004) The launcher area buildings look just like the day the Nikes were removed. ]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=36-57-45 76-33-49
[{Eriksen, E} The N-75 launcher site is still very recognizable, with the surface concrete pad / blast deflectors and raised areas surrounding the former elevator doors still in place. It appears everything below ground including the elevator door area itself has been filled with more concrete and graded smooth, though. ]

N-85 Denbigh/
Patrick Henry
/Camp Patrick
C - Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport; end of Cherokee Dr. ((P) Peninsula Airport Commission; abandoned)
[{Siegfried, W.} (April 2014) The control area of the DenbighPatrick Henry N-85 site is located at the end of Cherokee Dr. on the grounds of the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport. From the main road I was only able to get within a couple hundred feet of the IFC. There are some very serious airport signs and gates there but it looks like it would be easy to walk along the fence line in the woods to see the property. ]
[{Page, T} - Dec 2012 - N-85C IFC (radar) site: 37� 08' 25.22" N, 076� 29' 56.97" W ]
[{Taylor, H} - Dec 2012 - There is a radar site that may, or may not be, directly related to the Nike site. There are 4-5 pylons but no domes at 37 degrees, 08', 26.81" N by 76 degrees, 29', 59.05" W. ]
[{Schang, J} - 1985 - It was abandoned and overgrown with weeds.]

L - Lockwood Ave & Peebles Dr ((O) Mary Immaculate Hostital/ Warwick forest Retirement Home
[{Taylor, H} - 2012 - ... has a four story medical arts building on top of them [magazines] as part of Mary Immaculate Hospital. It is located on Google at 37 degrees, 08', 37.96" N bu 76 degrees, 30", 43.62" W. The launch pits were filled in before the building was erected.

A -
[{Taylor, H} - 2012 - The Admin and Launch Control area is about 2 blocks away at 37 degress, 08', 38.46" N by 76 degrees, 30', 31.00" W. The main building was still standing until about 10 years ago when it was torn down. You can still see the outline of the foundation on Google. ]

N-93 Hampton
C - N of Marcella, E of VA 172 ((P) USAR 359th Transportation Company (site scheduled for demolition)
[{Murdock, S} GPS=37-03-07 76-23-19 ]

L - S of Hampton Roads Parkway, E of Caldwell ((I) USAR 302d Transportation Company)
[{Siegfried, W} (June 2013) ... and found it surrounded by housing and commercial development and gated and locked. The Hampton School system owns and maintains the property but I didn't see any evidence of actual use. It seems vacant but reasonably well kept. No holes in the fence but the main gate is fairly high off the ground at each end. The buildings and guard shacks are intact and don't show any evidence of graffiti or vandalism. Just disuse and minimal maintenance. The hatches of all three magazines are welded shut and completely full of water. The elevator doors show evidence of cutting and rust holes so it's not a good idea to walk on them. One place in the elevator door closest to the main gate has a substantial hole that may take you straight down in 25 feet of water. Very dangerous. This site can be completely and legally viewed from outside the fence at two locations. The main entrance at the end of Caldwell Dr. and the parking lot behind the Sentara medical facility. The neighbors on Caldwell were indifferent to my presence and the Sentara lot is open to the public. ]
[{Taylor, H} - 2012 - ... still exists and is at 37 degrees, 03', 33.44" N by 76 degrees, 23', 44.55" W. There is also a remaining building on the site. It was last used by the 302nd Transporation Company and it was commanded by a friend of mine. He pumped out the pits and stored his military equipment in them. ]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=37-03-34 76-23-44 ] A -
[{Taylor, H} - 2012 - The Admin/Launch Control site still stands at 37 degrees, 03', 07.12 N by 76 degrees, 23', 16.88" W and is still a complete site including the Mess Hall.. It was used for years by the 359th Transportation Battalion and is now used by the Hampton Public Schools. There is a new Virginia National Guard center next to the site and it was build on the old motor pool area.of the Nike Admin site. ]

Lorton [{Page, T} (Nov 2015) link to Lorton Nike Site W-64
[{Swain, C} (August 2007) link to Historical Marker E 97 ]
News Paper Article spotted by Charles Marcum

C -S of Silver Brook and VA 600 ((P)District of Columbia maintenance yard)
[{Siegfried, W} (July 2012) The IFC area off Silverbrook Rd. is now totally obliterated by new construction. Nothing left to see here. ]
[{Brown, R} {Sept. 2000} The IFC area is part of the maximum security prison which is still in operation with plenty of "No Trespassing" signs, etc. I havent been able to make out any structures from the road (Silverbrook Rd.) that look like they belong to the former Nike IFC. By the way, the GSA has a web site with some pictures of the barracks. The address is: ]
[{Page, T} GPS=38-43-15, 77-14-42 - ]

L - Hooes Rd and VA 611 ((P) District of Columbia minimum security prison)
[{Larsen, D} (Nov 2015) A number of Nike buildings remain including Missile Assembly & Test Building adapted for other use. Features at launchers are cut down to grade and concrete caps have been placed over elevators. Note the two rows of launchers are at slightly different elevations. Lots of newer buildings are integrated into the property and these do not appear to be currently in use. Some temporary contractor buildings in place as well. Area fenced and gates were closed on the weekend.]
[{Siegfried, W} (July 2012) The immense launch area is located near the intersection of Furnace and Hooes Rd. in what is now called Laurel Hills Park. The gate to the park is often left open for access to the sports fields. You can drive right onto the launch area of two magazines which are still recognizeable but all of the elevators and hatches are encased in concrete. A fence separates this area from the rest of the launch facility. The Hooes rd. entrance is a Fairfax County maintenance facility. There are a couple Nike era buildings that are in an excellent state of repair and are locked and secure. This entrance offers access to the other four magazines which are also encased in concrete and surrounded by abandoned prefab steel buildings that were formerly part of Lorton prison. There is no access to the underground magazines although I understand they are intact. The plan to open one as part of a Cold War museum has not materialized and there is some talk of building a new school on the site. If there are people working be sure to stop in and let them know what you want to do. I've never had a problem with permission here. ]
[{Kastner, D} {Feb. 2006} The Curators of the Cold War Musem have officially obtained permission to convert the launch/magazine area of W-64 into the Cold War Museum. The entire Lorton federal area, which used to be a maximum security prison for the District, is being razed and converted into a housing development.

A photo of the IFC facility is at the bottom of this PDF:
Looking at satellite imagery, it looks like they have torn down the radomes, but some of the original buildings look intact. My guess is the IFC will be completely razed for the new development. The real estate market in Northern Virginia is really hot... ]
[{Brown, R} {Sept. 2000} ... site has not been completed obliterated. There appears to be 2 remaining barracks buildings and the magazine/elevators may still be there. Newer buildings were built around the site. The site is enclosed in razor-wire fencing since it is now a former minimum security prison. The launcher area was used as a juvenile detention center. GSA (General Services Admin) has possesion of the property and they patrol it frequently. ]
[{Morales, R} Sept '99 - ... W-64, Lorton, VA was demolished about 2months ago as part of the on-going shutdown and demolition of the Lorton prison facility. ...]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=38-42-33, 77-15-10 - ]
W-74 Fairfax /Pohick C - 110405 Popes Head Rd ((P) Fairfax County maintenance yard)
[{Siegfried, W} (July 2012) The IFC area is partially intact and is used as a storage and maintenance facility by Fairfax County. The main entrance is at the end of LaDue Ln. off Popes Head Rd. It is gated but often open during the week as work crews come and go. Many buildings are still standing and in use as storage facilities and two radar towers are standing. The ladders are removed and there is chain link fencing around the bases. If someone is working there stop by to say hello and let them know what you're doing there. I've never had a problem getting permission to look around here. ]
[{Page, T} GPS=38-43-15, 77-14-42 - ]

L - 1 W, S of Popes Head Rd ((o) Fairfax County)
[{Siegfried, W} (July 2012) Is located on Quiet Brook Rd. off Popes Head Rd. The parking area and tennis courts are where the main entrance was and a short walk on a wooded lane takes you to where the launch area used to be. The magazines were filled in and covered many years ago and are now open sports fields. There is no evidence of the refueling area. I believe it was used to fill in the magazines. Although the area still retains the general layout of a Nike launch facility, all that's left to see is the perimeter fence. ]
[{Swain, C} (August 2007) link to Historical Marker E 98 - near Launcher area ]
[{Ruth, D} ... The marker is E98. The site is just south of Pope's Head Road and just west of Virgina Rte 123 (Ox Road). ... The marker indicates it was one of three complexes Fairfax County.]
[{Page, T} GPS=38-43-15, 77-14-42 - ]

W-83 Herndon /
(Great Falls)
C - Springvale Rd, S of VA 193/ Georgetown Pike ((P) USAR; scheduled for demolition)
[{Seigfried, W} (July 2012) The IFC is now Turner Farm County Park. There are two radar towers standing in a gated area that is usually locked but often is open. One tower has been used as an educational observatory and the other appears to be unused. Both are locked and secure. All of the buildings are gone. ]
[{Swain, C} (August 2007) link to Historical Marker T 46 - near IFC area ]
[{Page, T} (October 2004) It appears ... Nike-Missile IFC site (W-83C) now has been torn down, except for two of its ex-radar towers ... ]
[{Murdock, S}GPS=38-59-44 077-18-45 ]

L - Utterback Store Rd ((O) abandoned)
---------- just a little fun ---------------
[{Foster Mark MATF} April 11, 2020 Just a WAG but I think one of the O-6's or above at the Drainsville Underground (AT&T/DoD) facility lived in the area and had an excess property dome installed at the park for his and his neighbors kids.]
[{Page, T} (April 11, 2020)
We are still wondering why that Air Force gap-filler radar domes is displayed at this park. We are also still wondering where the radome came from.]
---------- back to business ---------------
[{Seigfried, W} (July 2012) The launch are is located at "Nike Park" and is basically behind Forestville Elementary School off Utterback Store Rd.. Both the school and the park share an access road and some parking facilities but there is no need to check in with school officials as long as you don't walk around on school grounds. The refueling berm is intact and overgrown with trees and bushes. The park is a busy place on the weekends with many baseball fields, soccer fields and tennis courts. A corner of the elevator and one of the hatches closest to the refueling berm has been exposed by erosion. Both are covered in concrete and asphalt. I understand that the magazines were plugged but not filled or destroyed. Based on what I've seen at other sites, the appearance of this little bit of evidence supports that conclusion. The tennis courts cover part of the actual launch area and an open field with a few trees and a few feet of earth cover the rest. The radar dome mentioned in other reports is still there and serves as an entrance to the refueling area which functions today as a quiet, nature type area in contrast to all the sports activities. ]
Facebook pictures Dec 2010, from Jeff Stoner
[{Page,T} (March 2007) re: M. Warren's comment below:
    The radome on display actually was for an Air Force gap-filler radar (definitely not a Nike HIPAR). Not sure what site the radome came from, but an AF serial number is stenciled inside.
[{Page,T} (April 2004) found this "Geocaching" web page which lists N 38� 59.526 W 077� 19.644 (WGS84) or UTM: 18S E 298432 N 4318477 ]
[{Warren, M}W83L on Utterback Store Road is now the Great Falls Nike Park. Demolition is nearly total. Things still visible are the refueling area and what appears to be the environmental cover for the Hipar < see comment March 2007 above > sitting on the ground. Two of the panels were removed to allow kids to play around it.]
[{Murdock, S}GPS=38-59-31 077-19-35 ]

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