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Nike People

Worldwide, organized by location, family name

The goal of this list is to help Nike people who served together find each other.

People listed here would like to hear from their old friends. Give it a try - fun.
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Firing batteries and directors -
Alabama, Alaska, Belgium, Crazyfornia*, Connecticut, Denmark, Florida, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Italy, Japan, Kansas, Korea, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, NewJersey, NewMexico, NewYork, Norway, Ohio, Okinawa, Pennsylvania, RhodeIsland, SouthDakota, Spain, Taiwan, Texas, Turkey, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin
and Training Schools and Firing Ranges -
Johnston Atoll, McGregorRange, FtBliss, FtChurchill, NAMFI, RedCanyonRange, RedStone, Sardinia, SeaRange, WhiteSandsProvingGround,
and Companies -
Bell Telephone Labs, Douglas Aircraft, Western Electric, Sierra Research Corp.
and Other -

Other Nike oriented people lists include:

Who are "Nike People"? Certainly U.S. Army, National Guard, and military people of other nations who worked at Nike oriented sites, radar centers, service centers, training centers, test and proficiency ranges, and headquarters. I also include civilians who designed, manufactured, serviced, and tested (such as White Sands) Nike equipment and trained Nike people (such as at Ft. Bliss) and help restore Nike sites.

To list yourself
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     Date started at site - i.e. 3/65   (please)

     Date left site - i.e. 3/67 (please)

    Comments (optional), duties, rank, interesting details  

SECOND SITE - some did - 
    Site ID  i.e. XX-25   - or detailed location (Required)
    Date started at site - i.e. 3/65   (please)

    Date left site - i.e. 3/67 (please)

    Comments (optional), duties, rank, interesting details  

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Originated Feb, 1998
Updated December 11, 2018