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PR-38 Bristol
PR-58 N. Kingston/Davisville
PR-69DC Coventry
PR-69 Coventry
PR-79 Foster
PR-99 North Smithfield
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PR-38 Bristol - photos of people and site .
. Barry, Robert G, Private, 16-B, Launcher Crewman - with a mustache that Seargeant Mosher always wanted off. Went to Germany after this. GREAT at Marshall's Drinking Post, fell for the old line of "get me a bucket of AGs". Fiercely proud of our site and what we did!! STILL think that Nike should have continued with Nike Hercules Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile System. Positive that Herc was in Vietnam. - 1911 Hartog Drive, San Jose, CA 2/67-11/67
. Christian, Todd Michael, Radar Operator, (16C) Nike Hercules site above Newport Bay, Bn HQ was in Rehoboth, Mass. New England was fabulous, took a 4 yr enlistment to go there; then short-term reenlisted for Nuclear weapons electronics (35f2n) 68-3883 Lua Kula St., # 2006, Waikoloa, HI 967387/68-1/69
. Cooper,Lyle E., I came to PR-38 as a very naive E-2 who didn't have a clue about an Army book of schools. If I had know about army schools, I would have enlisted for 24Q, not as a radar operator! The recruiter did say that he could guarantee to keep me out of Viet Nam, and that was the only true statement he made. When I discovered that I could re-up and go the radar school, (one of the longest Army shcools in existence) I did. This mistake later cost me $10,000 - what all the other 24Q's were getting for re-up money! I became a 24Q around Dec of 1970. 4/68-8/68
. Daugherty, Jerry J., Was Acq. radar Op., Early warning plotter, Computer op. Enjoyed trips to fire Missles, really a rush when successful. Met many great guys 3617 Knight Ct. SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6/61-10/62
. Deese, Jimmy E, PFC - worked Navy Civil Service 1965/1997 Lived in Bristol until 1997 - 10256 Hartsell Rd Midland, NC 281073/60-3/61
. DeVall, Jerry, 24Q (SP5) after the Ohio defense I was stationed at, de-activated 1/70-7/70
. Doan, Rodney R., 954 Barneck rd port haywood Va 231384/68-12/68
. Dow, Gerald "Jerry", Spec4 LCG/LCT - 59 Brockbank Place, Sierra Vista AZ 856354/64-6/65
. Duffy, James M., SGT Dave Lewis and I switched jobs. He PCSd to the 507th USAAD and I went to Bristol. A year later, we did it again. Army logic. 1972-1973
. Eldridge, Richard J (Rick) MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint - 126 Shore Drive 5/73-8/74
. Galuska, James, sp4 Launcher area, Motor pool, bus driver. I was stationed with my home town friend Paul Morse and my later knew long time friend Ed Shanks. Ed and I had a drag race on the companies access road. Ed won driving an old Military Van. How embarrassing! Later, Ed and I met up in Germany for a few bruskies. Paul has passed away (so sad) but Ed and I still keep in touch after all these years. 3/68-10/69
. Gelinas, Ronald, MTR op Acq Radar op. Underwent Improved/HIPAR 1961.Our Crew was called the "Magnificent Seven" because of "0 Point loss" SNAP 1962. By 1965 I was IFC crew chief (still SP5). 5/61-11/65
. Greipp, Charles, I was in the launcher area. I guess I did it all. I became the supply clerk for the luncher area. I was on the assembly team and the warheading team. I was always crewman No. 1 during drill because this was the simplest crew position. I didn?t get to practice crew drills because of the other jobs I had.
Our platoon leader was a west point grad. Lt. Nelson. He volunteered for and was acceped to helecopter pilot training. Our battery commander was Capt. Newbury. Our platoon leader was sort of a local legend named Sgt. Butts. When off duty,the Wood St. Café was the place to go.
. Harrington, David, CPT; BC - Great assignment, left from there to Korea8/64-8/65
. Hewitt, Philip, Launcher Crewman 16C. "Pit Rat", I came to the Site right out of Basic Training and was not awarded my MOS until a period of OJT. It was here that I saw my first Warrant Officer and set my goal of becoming one myself. (Received my Warrant in 1977). I've been back to the site (2002) where the launching area is now a small RI College. The barracks are still standing and are being used as student dormitory and the missile assembly building is being used as some kind of laboratory. I reuped here to go to 24U school at Ft. Bliss. 244 Delynn Dr, Hazel Green, AL 35750 3/67-6/68
. Hollis, Fred L, Was stationed at IFC area as a mechanic in small motor pool. Left there and was transfered to 809th Engineeers in Thailand. Came back to States was stationed at White Sands Missile Range - spent 33 years there as a civilian working for Army. Knew Jim Eckels (see Red Canyon) real well. - PO Box 83 San Antonio, New Mexico 87832
Jim Eckels says Fred is a "can do" guy. For a 3,000 person show, the port-a-potty contractor didn't deliver. :-(((( Fred got folks to move port-a-potties from all over to the needed location, in time :-))
. Horn, Steve, I got out for a year and a half, then came back in and went to language school... I retired in April 1989 as First Sergeant, 98G5MRU... I was a Czechoslovakian and Russian Linguist. I just retired again after 22+ years as a Senior Technical Editor/Writer for ManTech International. 07/70-09/71
. Lemke, Carl W., PFC-SP/5. 16B Worked in Securty and was an LCT operator. There when we closed the site. 10/71-/74
. MacDonald, Raymond, Launcher Section Chief and as Site Security Sergeant8/66-9/68
. Mandeville, Paul 52B E-4 66-68
. Martin, Robert O., Came as e-6 section chief F.C, Then Plt Sgt 6/68-3/73
. Mason, Phillip, Btry Cmdr /60-/61
. Peters, Edward F. (Pete), Pit Rat 16B20 SP-4, Whitman, MA 07/68-08/70
. Pritchard, William IFC Plt Ldr 69-70
. Shanks, Edward, Launcher area - How lucky was I to be stationed as a panel operator 45 miles from home at the height of the Viet Nam war? Awesome duty. friends like MP's Dusty Trado, Al Cianci, Mike McGill, Security Sgt Smith. "Article 126 of the UCMJ, covers everything from Statutory rape to spitting on the sidewalk" funny guy. Great memories. - Delray Beach FL 33445 9/68-12/69
. Shaw, William (Bill), IFC Maint- A FUIF Missile Master computer connected us to the SAGE system in Massachusetts.The FUIF computer was in another small building and all the transistors used to turn on when the HIPAR turned on so Martin Co.(designer of FUIF) had to shield the building really special. We used to watch the beach below us with the 32 power collimation telescope mounted to the MTR quite a bit also. I was there when the Cuban Msl Crisis broke out and had to move onto base and be armed all the time. Lucky nobody was shot because some local kids used to come to the fence at night and throw firecrackers over. 9/56-6/63
. Sieron,Stephen Jr. 1962
. Silva. Bill, Hi-Par & Acquisition Operator 16C20, FUIF to BTE conversion team - good-bye Mr. Tubes12/66-3/68
. Stylski, Thomas W., LCT operator SP-4, Herc - 161 Dudi Trail VonoreTn.9/59-7/61
. Stewart, Ed Jr., Buck Sgt. and Section Chief, Launching area MOS 16B40 2/68-2/71
. Venezia, Charles, trained as a 16C20 Fire Control Operator,but spent my year+ in Bristol in the Orderly Room as Training NCO 3/72-5/73
. Woida, Carl J., CW2, Launcher Warrant. Closed up the site in 1974. 7/72-6/74
. Woods, Gary, CW2, Launcher Warrant. Closed up the site in 1974. - 307 Blocker Street Huntsville, Alabama 35806/72-/74
PR-58 Kingston /Davisville .
. Van Zandt, Olney Y. (Fred), PFC acq. radar operator 12/57-11/58
24th ADA Gp
Coventry .
. Albert, Robert, Sp/4 Worked in the radar bulding 16C 7/69-9/71
. Barboza, Charles E. Jr., Spec4 52D20 Electrical Power Generation6/73-/74
. De Marco, Peter, HDQ & HDQ Battery 24th Artillery Group (AD) AADCP Assistant Tactical Director New England Defense10/68-10/69
. Fitzgerald, James E., CW2 / CW3 Fire Control Maintenance S-3 & S-4 Classified Document Custodian, Assistant S-3, Operational Readiness Evaluations and CMMI team member. Transfered to Chapparral/Vulcan when site closed. - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 10/72-7/74
. Glass, Joseph, Switchboard operator after return from Nam as Comm Center maintenance 10/71-8/72
. Hottel, David, 2nd Lt. S2 and info officer. Hq 751st AAA Msl Bn (Nike). Spent most of my time visiting local organizations and giving briefings on the missile system. Did a Sunday supplement on the Bn for the Providence Paper. Also served as circuit riding chaplain.9/56-8/57
PR-69 Coventry .
. D'Amico, John C., senior launcher crewman/section chief for C-section. Always busy doing maintenance, drills inspections and training the part timers. Great experience. Do we all remember the activity during the Cuban missile crisis? Thanks for providing this site. I am proud to show it to my family and friends.- 12/60-2/63
. Deese, Jimmy E, PFC - off to Ft Bliss to school 1 year - 10256 Hartsell Rd Midland, NC 281073/58-8/58
. Fulton, Ron, Went to Nike GMIEQR School at Ft. Belvoir Va. Summer or 59 Generator Operator I.F.C. - 11896 Black Diamond Rd. Doylestown, Ohio 44230 8/59-4/60
. Leatherman, David, MTR and TTR, SP4 Assigned 12/60 to PR 58 until 09/61 when we deactivated and I was sent TDY to PR 38. At that time some of us received orders for a 155 mobile howitzer unit at Ft. Sill and I decided I needed a different career change and left Nike behind in 12/61. Short Nike Career but some of the most rewarding in my 22 years active duty. I have pictures of PR 79 in 1960 and 1998 when I returned for a vist. 2017 Oswald St. Honolulu, HI 96816-20095/61-10/61
. Sterner, Joseph, I were the cook! Long time here Where be DeFoe and Kathy? and Okey the cook/72-/72
PR-79 Foster .
. Bethune, Earl H., E-4 MSL. crewman - 0194510/59-3/61
. Disborough, Vince, Event Recorder and Switchboard Operator. 610 Mt. Rainier Dr., Indianapolis, IN 462175/56-8/57
. Hottel, David, Battery executive Officer. 1st Lt. We fired successfully. 8/57-5/58
. Leatherman, David, TTR and MTR, PFC, first assignment after basic 2017 Oswald St. Honolulu, HI 96816-200901/60-05/61
. Phillips, Walter E, I was Assembly Sgt. After this site closed on the conversion to NIKE Hercules I went to FC Mechanic school at Ft Bliss, TX. After completion of the course I was assigned to Slattersville [North Smithfield] Nike Hercules Site. - El Paso, TX 79936 1/61-3/63
PR-99 North Smithfield .
. Allen, Frederick, I was at first a launch pad tech. and then a transfered and trained to be a LCT operator. I made PFC and then Spec/4 before I was transfered to a site in Germany. I have to say that I thought duty at both sites was not that bad. We pulled 24 on and 24 off. - 33 Central St. Marlboro, Mass 017529/61-9/62
. Barton, Gary, Section Chief "B" Section, Member of The "Ancient and Honorable Order of The Oozlefinch" #16295 of June 1957. Loved the duty at PR99. Met my wife of 51 years in Pascoag, RI. - 3042 Stony Pt Rd., Grand Island, NY 140723/56-9/57
. Bethune, Earl H., Launcher Control Group E-4 24 months time in grade. - 019453/61-8/62
. Deese, Jimmy E, 10256 Hartsell Rd Midland, NC 281078/59-3/60
. Gauthier, Glen, Pfc Missile control area, aq radar op - 27262 Borrasca, Mission Viejo Ca. 92691 12/55-08/57
. Phillips, Walter E, I was Chief FC Mechanic until 1965 and promoted to Warrant Officer. I remained at the site until I left for a civilian job. I remain in the Army Reserve for the next 30 years and and retired in 1988 with the rank of CW4. I had good memories of my army services starting in 1946 and ending in 1988. I now live in El Paso and moved here 4 years ago because of good memories of FT Bliss - El Paso, TX 79936 3/63-6/68
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