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Locations of Former NIKE MISSILE SITES (text)

Rhode Island

For locations and views, fly in using Google Earth thanks to NikeSiteSearchers

PR-38 Bristol
PR-58 N. Kingston/Davisville
PR-69DC Coventry
PR-69 Coventry
PR-79 Foster
PR-99 North Smithfield
Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
Demolition of Bristol (PR-38) magazines 2.4 MB .pdf

US Army Nike AA Missile Base Bristol, Rhode Island by "Bill" Shaw

Local Copy of Bill's techie material

Bristol C - Mount Hope, end of Haffeneffer Rd ((unk) abandoned)
[{Mandeville, P}IFC area is now used by Brown University as a museum some buildings still remain. The former radar area is hard to find as the entrance is overgrown with vegatation and the road thougth in good shape is very narrow due to over growth of trees. Once up the road aways you come to the entrance gate which is locked, I dont know why, because all traces of any buildings or towers have been removed and all that remains is an overgrown open field.]
[{McGrath, J} IFC/ Admin Area has not been taken over as a Brown University museum! The museum predates the site. The site was located to the south of the museum on Mount Hope (the actual mount itself!) It is overgrown and hard to get to as current access is blocked by the Brown site.

L - Bristol Point, E of RI 136 ((P) Bristol County Development Center)
[{Mandeville, P}Launch Area- now belongs to Roger williams College and Bristol County Development center. All buildings are intact and in use. The old barracks is now a womens dormitory and is called Nike Hall. The missile magazines are capped with cement and fenced off as a storage area. One magazine had an air shaft removed and was covered with a metal grate allowing a view into the Magazine which was partialy filled with water.( was stationed here 1967-1968.]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=41-39-21 71-15-31 ]
[{McDonald, R} ... July of 2000 and it still looks like the same launching area except for the expansion of the University.]

PR-58 N. Kingston
C - E of Quidnesset Rd ((P) North Kingston Parks & Recreation Dept; Signal Rock Park
[{Murdock, S} GPS=41-37-48 71-26-11
[{Foster, M} (Dec 2018) Ball field, Generator and short barracks bldg still exist and reutilized for storage. Two of three radar pads still exist. Military cable connectors still exist on rear of generator bldg. Historic Aerials show both sites with smaller than usual blogs, possibly as due to location near Davisville for food and billeting.]

L - E of Quidnesset Rd, former NCBC Davisville ((I) EECO)
[{Foster, M} (Dec 2018) One bldg remains, looks like shortened admin barracks bldg now used by local contractor,
- Family Housing in good condition but unoccupied (labeled USCG Property).]
[{Mandeville, P} (June 2000) The launch area has been plowed over covering the missile magazines and now is just an open field surrounded by trees, The warhead building and a few others remain intact and in use. Other than that nothing else remains.]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=41-36-59 71-25-59

PR-69DC Coventry For location and condition see entry for PR-69
[{Larsen, D} the initial radar installation was the AN/GSG-5 (V1)/BIRDIE.]
PR-69 Coventry C - E of Read School House, N of Rt 117 ((I) RIANG; 281st Combat Communications Group, 283d CCS
[{Foster, M} (May 2017) Big military style ABAR type radar with what looked like some sort of IFFy addition on the top, cranking away on a 50 tower next to the gate. Well kept up site. ]
[{Mandeville, P}IFC Area as mentioned in Rings of Supersonic Steel is intact and used by the air national Guard Communications Sq. Site is in exellent condition and the radar towers are in use.]

L - E of Phillips Hill, S of Rt 117 ((P) Central Coventry Park)
[{Foster, M} (May 2017) Big surprise to me! Every structure except the launcher pits and the refueling berm are just like someone boarded them up 60 years ago and walked away. Grass is mowed and site neatly maintained, no weeds or brush! Launcher pits are paved over and where the future pits (4,5 & 6) would have bean is a ball field. Assembly and generator building are resused and in good condition. All the rest untouched and also showing signs of age. Every original concrete pad and walkway still exists, even the trough and trailer bumps in what was the fueling area still are there. At first I thing the City had installed a small skate board park :). Was there about 15 minutes and the local PD stopped by to make sure I was just taking photos! That explains the lack of vandalism and graffiti! Since this was an Ajax only site, I would venture to say it is one of the best example of an Ajax installation I believe exists today. Worth visiting if you are in the area. ]
[{??}Launch Area is a park, All buildings are intact, but are boarded up and run down. The missle magazines are covered up replace by a ballfield.]
[{Murdock, S} GPS=41-41-26 71-37-48

PR-79 Foster C - Oak Hill, S of Rt 101 (Foster/Glouctester Regional School District Offices
[{Foster, M} (May 2017) Mess hall remains and is reused without modifications , however foundations remain for Admin, BOQ/EM, Generator building and Interconnecting corridor. All hot top and walkways still exist. ]

L - S of Winslow, near Boss (State of Rhode Island; State Police Training Academy)
[{Foster, M} (May 2017) Now RI SP Training Site. Gate locked on Sunday and no one around. From the gate most building look still intact. ]

PR-99 North Smithfield [McGrath, J} C - Black Plain Hill (RIANG/Air Force Reserve Center
[{Mandeville, P}IFC Area is an Airforce force reserve ctr and in excellent shape.]

L - N of Pond Hill Rd, W of Black Plain (US Army)
[{Mandeville, P} (updated June 2000) Launch Area is used by a Rhode Island Army National Guard unit, all buildings are intact, fair/good shape. The missle magazine area has been covered over and is used as a motor pool.]

[{McGrath, J} There was also a regional maintenance facility located in Lincoln, RI which served the Nike units in the Providence area. It is currently being used as an Army Reserve regional maintenance facility. ]

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