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  • PH-07 Richboro
  • PH-15 Newportville/ Croydon
  • Ft. Dix SE Wrightstown
  • PH-32 Marlton
  • PH-41/43 Berlin/Clementon
  • PH-49 Pittman
  • Ft. Mott Salem
  • PH-64DC Pedricktown
  • PH-67 Chester /Village Green/ Media
  • PH-75 Edgemont /Delaware City
  • PH-82 Paoli /Valley Forge
  • PH-91 Worcester /Center Square
  • PH-99 Warrington /Eureka
  • Pittsburgh
  • PI-02 Rural Ridge
  • PI-03 Dorseyville /Indianola
  • PI-25 Murrysville /Monroe
  • PI-36 Irwin
  • PI-37 Cowansburg /Hermine
  • PI-42 Elizabeth
  • PI-43 Elrama
  • PI-52 Finleyville
  • PI-62 Bridgeville /Bryant
  • HHB 31st Brigade Oakdale
  • PI-70DC Oakdale
  • PI-71 Corapolis /Beacon
  • PI-92 Bryant /North Park
  • PI-93 West View
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    Philadelphia Air Defense Command Pedricktown, NJ 08067 - AADB. until 1966 then merged to Highlands AADB .
    . Krueger, Carl, 12/62-8/64
    PH-07 Richboro web site .
    . McCormick, John J. Jr., SP3 SAM Launch Crewman4/55-9/56
    . Ramsdell, William. Served as Commo Chief,IFC Platoon Sergeant. Funny thing most of the Plt were college grad and draftees. Variety of MOS's because missiles were a priority in the US Army then and many personnel were malassigned. We had a dual site at Norristown an a change from Ajax to Hercules7/55-6/56
    . Scoville, Oscar Gates, 2/LT Launcher Platoon Ldr. 2/58-7/58
    . Tomblin, Otis M., Started as a Fire control Crewman - and became a Fire control Section Chief at PH99 - 2465 Churchill Downs Cumming, GA 300418/59-6/60
    PH-15 Newportville/ Croydon - web site .
    Ft. Dix SE Wrightstown .
    PH-32 Marlton .
    . Russell, Daniel, Launch Specialist sp4 flew to white sands twice to fire missiles - will always remember my first nite launch - 3770 lakw waterford way melbourne florida4/57-12/58
    PH-41/43 Berlin/Clementon .
    . Larsen, Doug, Worked in IFC area; Made E-4, (spec 4) in 8/70-after only 10 months in Army. - 72 Gregg Pl. S.I., N.Y. 103014/70-4/71
    . Picklesimer, Francis L., SP 5, 24U40 Assembly; Warhead; Lots of good memories; send mail!7/68-2/72
    . Woods, Gary, 307 Blocker Street Huntsville, Alabama 35806/69-/71
    PH-49 Pittman .
    Ft. Mott Salem temporary site .
    PH-64DC Pedricktown .
    PH-67 Chester /Village Green/ Media - web site .
    . Boudreau, Ferdinand F., IFC crewman events recorder and Crew chief e-35/55-9/56
    . Dockery, William F., NIKE-AJAX OJT Previous PH-66(90MM)Collingdale, Pa 3/56-5/60, 8600 Wild Wood Forest Dr., Raleigh, NC. 27616 5/60-4/64
    . Wallace, Larry Squirrel trained National Guard for transition '58-'60
    PH-75 Edgemont /Delaware City web site.
    . Breedlove, Ron, Hq Bty, Supply Sp/4, Loved those Philadelphia hoagies and cheese steaks10/61-06/62
    . Brown, Thomas, SP4 MP/Missile Crewman. PO Box 292 Folly Beach SC. 9/65-7/68
    . Collier, Hardy Lee Sr, Spc 3, Radar operator - Rt3 - 15793 hwy 181 Sinton,Texas 78387/55-/57
    . Dunlap, Evertt, Capt. B. Yeager was CO. the dec/jan ice storm was one of the worst in a century. I explained to CO (of OD) the knife switches at top of power line could be disconnected and site could run on generator power .... suggestion was not accepted ... 3/58-8/59
    . Farrell, Patrick D., Rank SP-4; job was FC Computer Operator and Fire Conrol Section Chief (that last was my TOE job, but they didn't give me the rank or MOS!!!). PS: Why the hell aren't we eligible for the National Defense Ribbon? If any klutz fresh out of Basic gets one now, but we who were in actual active combat status for all those years aren't eligible, what's the reason? Ya got any ideas?8/56-5/58
    . Felin, Joe G (E-4) IFC crewman, BC van 5/56-8/57
    . Humphries, Samuel, Transferred to Chicago-Gary ADC - postal zip = 405041/58-11/58
    . Lawler, Robert, Fire Control Crewman/Parts Specialist SP/410/62-08/65
    . Lavenson, Joel, E-4 16B10 Crewman. Where ever I go, the reputation of Nike Hercules Missile men is always met with high praise, respect and honor. Very proud to be associated with this group of men - 109 Sahagian Road, Belgrade, Maine 0491712/66-9/68
    . Lopez, Dennis, J., My brief but fascinating career as a Nike Hercules Integrated Fire Control Crewman began the day I arrived at the battery...the place was on fire! Did a brief stint at Edgemont and then moved on to overseas duty by request. It was an interesting time and an interesting place. 3/67-6/67
    . Murray, Fred L, fire control operator sp58/65-6/68
    . Peltonen, George S., Started as Assembly Helper, went to IFC when there was a severe shortage of IFC Personnel, stayed IFC.PVT-2, ran Site PX. -now Telford, Pa
    Sr FC Operator. PSG E7 - Was stationed in Alaska, Eielson AFB 1960 -1962,between assignments to PH75. Made every promotion from PVT2 to E7 at this Site. When the Site was closing I was getting a lot of teasing that I would never see another promotion since all my promotions came at this Site which would no longer exist. Thank goodness that didn't hold true since I made E8 while at Massachusettes Site B-05.
    I spent my entire career (22 years) in Nike (except for 3 years in HAWK that I sure didn't ask for in Fulda, Germany, was first unit to become operational Self Propelled HAWK. I was so happy to get back to Nike when I left since I had felt so out of place in HAWK, but I belive this helped my career).Went from Ft Bliss, Package 42 to Edgemont, Pa which became a dual site until conversion to Herc in 1958 when PH 75-(2) was closed down. Had 30 months in Alaska (Fairbanks Site, above Eielson AFB) then reurned to PH75.
    It has been 31 years since I retired and your Site sure brings back vivid memories. We spent so much time in those vans. All those years of "HOT" Status, and Crypto Runs, ORI's, TPI's, Command Inspections, ASP's (once 3 times in 1 year all were sucessful) and additional duties (ie., Fire Marshall, Safety NCO, Document Custodian, Key Control and what ever else they could think of)
    . Perless, William,Was on the Radar side as a MTR & TTR operator, later begam the parts guy.Made E-4 and was shipped to Germany.11/62-2/64
    . Reynolds, William, 3/66-1/67
    . Rideout, Charles E., Worked as 1SG HHB, then Launcher Section Chief Requested and was sent to Nike Ordnance School, Redstone Arsenal. SP - 6246 Res Cir, Lakeland, Fl 33810 9/63-7/65
    . Turner, George, Launcher Crew Chief 16B, later Launcher Plt Sgt4/57-6/63
    . Turner, Ronnie, Worked launch area/A&T Great times @ Edgemont! Best friend there was Mick Williams (65-68)A wonderful experience made E-6 there. The womens college in West Chester also had great rewards. I retired in 1979. Completed my PhD and went to work with state government. - 232 Cannon Rd., Lyerly, GA. 30730 7/65-3/68
    . Wallace, Larry Squirrel Dual Battery Ajax and Herc '60-'61
    . Warner, Vic , E-4 Ord. Parts Specialist. '58-'61
    PH-82 Paoli /Valley Forge .
    . Adams, Marion (Nick), pfc when left, was launcher crewman, left when national guard took over 10/59-5/60
    . Freudenthal, Jon, Motor Sargent, Driver and wheeled vehicle mechanic. Rock Hill, SC10/56-6/59
    . Kundert, Robert, 5/56-9/58
    PH-91 Worcester /Center Square .
    . Cipperly, Wayne, Transfered from PH 91 to PH 64DC as the Btry was being transfered to the National Guard. - 2464 Belle Glade Ln. Manteca, CA. 953362/60-4/60
    . Hand, Stanley B, advanced training at Ft. Bliss Texas. Back at the site , I was in the motor pool. My final rank was corporal.3/59-5/65
    . Jones, Vernon A., Lchr Hlpr; Msl Assy Tm. Departed site to attend MOS 225 Course, Ft. Bliss, TX: 11/63 - 5/64. Hercules Package Training: 5/64 - 8/64, E-42/60-11/63
    . Masters, Fred K. Missile Crewman, 129 S Lincoln Ave, Scranton, PA 18504-2417 - still attached to Ellen Kirk, met there 5/55-9/56
    . Wallters, Michael, 1956
    Warrington /Eureka - web page, a web site .
    . Buffington, Jim D., battery clerk 8/59-4/61
    . Cengel, John, 16C20 63-64
    . De Hennis, Philip, Administration---Finance---Cw4 111 Sparks St., philadelphia, Pa 19120 /64-/72
    . Dockery, William F., NIKE-AJAX OJT - 23G20 Ft. Bliss, Tex. 4/66 to 5/67 - 8600 Wild Wood Forest Dr., Raleigh, NC. 27616 ---- [In 1967] went to work for DSA (Defense Supply Agency) in Phila., Pa and there we gave Ordnance and Fire Control Support to the Units in the Phila-NY_NJ Air Defense area.
    In June 1974 we were Riffed due to the SALT agreement and then I went with the FAA where I retired from in 1993.
    . Dular, Phillip R., SP-4 Electrical equipment operator and maintenance of Diesel generators, frequency converters. Also launch area Diesel maintenance and launch elevator maintenance. 6/58-12/60
    . Jones, Vernon A., 8/64 - 9/67 Lchr Crwmn, Msl Assy Tm, E4/E5. 10/67 - 7/69 Lchr/IFC Plt Ldr, BCO, CBRO, 2Lt. Xfer to NYARNG: 7/698/64-7/69
    . Kramer, Robert E., SP5 PARNG 16C20 Fire Control Crewman, Gen Oper,Acq. Operater,Computer and Fuif Mech.also Fire Control Systems Maint(24Q20), Dual Nike Hercules Sites are quite different. Nothing like having two firing batteries and a Battalion Headquarters in close proximity. Seemed like one was always hot with an ORE team at the gates. Hard work. Great fun after SNAP.10/64-9/69
    . Moseley, John E., Launcher Crewman 3653 S Bronco Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103 -
    . Rawlins, Richard, Arived on site as E5, Left site as E7. IFC Mech. 6900 Coffeeport Rd Lot 162 Brownsville Tx 78521 1/56-10/65
    . Reed, Alfred G., Warrant Officer CW3, Supervised and coordinated Fire Control personnel engaged in the Installation, Transportation, Synchronization and Collimation of Integrated Fire Control equipment used for tracking aerial targets. 12/57-8/61
    . Scoville, Oscar Gates, 1/LT Launcher Platoon Ldr., site converted to Hercules 7/58-3/60
    . Staffin, Robert (Bob), E-5, radar operator ,ifc mechanic ,also worked on target simulator 1955-1960
    . Tomblin, Otis M., became Fire conrol section chief at this site and received pro pay. - 2465 Churchill Downs Cumming, GA 300416/60-06/62
    . Walters, Robert R., sgt/e6 missle launch?
    . Wright, Glennie L., I was in charge of radar technicians (Acting Sargeant). My battery commander was Lt. Busbee and my CWO was William E. Stives. CWO Stives was very helpful in my getting a job in Phila, PA. working as a radar technician servicing Nike Missile sites. I was formerly at Germantown, PA. 90 mm site. - Box 736, Mcintosh, FL 326643/55-8/56
    . Zafrano, Paul, Spider / Launcher Crewman1/61-7/62
    PI-02 Rural Ridge .
    . Young, James D., SP4, launcher crewman, firing panel operator 9/61-7/62
    . Papa, Raymond, SP4 Launcher Crewman, Firing Panel Operator, and performed duties as procurement clerk ordering component parts for the NIKE AJAX missile. - 6 Logan Way, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 9/56-7/58
    PI-03 Dorseyville /Indianola .
    . Carmack, George Fire Control Operator-IFC '62-'63
    . Devine, Kerry (Pat), Had a 1969 GTO gold in color. Cust. team had Howard Geissman (H), Mike Kelley and Murphy. Spent time at Tonys' and NCO Club in Oakdale. - 7511 stow road Fowlerville Mi. 48836 1969-1970
    . English, Paul L., Battery Commander during SNAP (Short Notice Service Practice), Cuban Missile Crisis. Trained PANG to operate site and transfered site to NG, left site to go to Vietnam. In 1974, as ARADCOM TPI Team Chief, inspected site prior to inactivation.- 14489 Lake Wildwood drive, Cottondale, AL 35453 3/62-10/63
    . Geissman, Howard W., Active Army Custodial Team. Run by the 2/176th of the PARNG. Saw action at Tony`s Halfway House!3/69-11/70
    . Kelly, Michael J., Active Army Custodial Team. Run by the 2/176th of the PARNG. Fond memories of Iron City beer.3/69-12/70
    . Lowe, Wilmer, PFC to SP4, IFC area-acquistion radar operator & sometimes computer, also a driver (mil license up to five ton) helped transition to hipar, remember always having a couple screwdrivers in the pocket due to daily, weekly, monthly checks on system. Also FUIF-fire unit integration facility. Early transitor equipment...incredibly temperature sensitive and generally cranky. Played guitar there with Paul Craigmyle. Remember RBS missions that seemed to go on forever. Whatever happned to Ted Orwig and David Coyeman ?1/61-6/62
    . Suchanyc, Paul E, FC Operator with Active Duty Unit and FC Operator with National Guard Unit C-2/176 Haverstraw, NY 109273/61-10/65
    PI-25 Murrysville /Monroe .
    . Faulkner, Jim, Executive Officer/57-/59
    . Ratsch, Heinz, Western Electric - Engineer in Charge of all Pittsburgh sites 22759 SW 53rd Way Boca Raton FL 1/56-1/60
    PI-36 Irwin .
    . Cochran, William D, Worked at high power tech at herminie Pa, then transfered to Irwin Pa. for radar training -
    . Gladish, Raymond, From PVt-E1 to Sgt E5, Launcher area crewman to Section chief, Assy helper - 5251 Denmans Loop Belton,Tx 765138/58-12/61
    . Holliday, Robert , SP4 Computor operator, Left site in 63 for Microwave radio school then to Taiwan left service in 66 - Phoenix AZ 12/60-3/63
    . Kriedman, Robert, sp/4,missile launcher crewman. fired honor battery at s.n.a.p in 67 - 3278 shade rd. irwin, pa.9/65-9/67
    . Meine, Fred, Was Cpl in charge of Sentry Dogs/65
    . Oney, James Carl, M.P. dog handler with my dog Welka. Other dog handlers were Price, Ron(Charlie) Brown,and Duane Babcock. - Bermuda Lane, Longview, Tx 7560512/67-10/68
    . Plassio, James J, Tour on Okinawa in between [from PI-37]. Worked in Battalion Personnel, left there an served with ARADCOM IG Team for a year. Then Vietnam, Italy, Army War College and Records Center at Ft Ben Harrison and retiremnt in 1975. - 121 Sandy Circle, Chambersburg PA 17201/64-/66
    . Ray, LeRoy, processing ,etc 12/56-3/57
    . Snavely, Leonard F Jr, SP-4/PFC ACQ oper/Sec chief/Commo. Started at Irwin when site was completed went to Herminie, Pa. - 175 Monroe Vly. Dr. Jonestown. Pa.17038 /56-/57
    . Ostrander, Craig, SP4 worked as personnel specialist/70-/71
    . Pfannenstiel, Melvin, Discharged 1-57 - 122 West 36th, Hays, Kansas 6760110/56-1/5
    . Taylor, Gerald, The launcher area was actually near Manor which was across the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Irwin. I did OJT as a launcher crewman from the day I got there until I left but did make E-4 there so it wasn't so bad. I remember snow so deep it was over the launcher rails.10/60-2/62
    . Wendel, Forest Lee (Jack), Originally assigned to TPS-1D radar site, left to go to Ajax repair at Ft. Bliss. Returned to PI-37 approx 6 mos later. Not sure of dates. 3/57-3/59
    web site
    Cowansburg /Hermine
    Donald Wellman sent the image of the plaque "dedicated during our August 2011 Reunion." and this link to newspaper coverage. "The newspaper article has some basic facts wrong, but it seems that reporters seem to have trouble relaying the facts nowadays!!!"
    . Buchanan, Pat (AKA Buck), SP4, Security Guard, Launcher Area also pptrckbchnn@aol.com12/70-5/73
    . Clear, Dale, was 16BR2, but put in supply under SSg Fred Nolan, sent to Germany in summer of 1972 - 326 W 3rd Hydro, Oklahoma 7304810/71-6/72
    . Cochran, William D, Worked at high power tech at herminie Pa, then transfered to Irwin Pa. for radar training -
    . Davis, Craig, 24Q30 IFC maint SP6. Got to close this one down too. 7/70-9/74
    . Davis, Robert D., SP4 IFC crewman / generator operator, looking for friends & a reunion - 5500 nSt. Johns Rd. Lima, Oh. 45806 11/62-5/65
    . Glover, Bobby R., Relieved 1SG Spots (can not remember his name) It was a mess. Liked the place. Visited Marinos Bar for relaxing times. Best mess Sgt I ever had--Sgt Hobbs-- Got to see a few Steelers and Pirate Games - Retired in 1970 - 1097 Bearcreek Rd, Pinson, Tn. 38366/68-10/70
    . Hagan, Aaron, Acq. operator (16c20)3/66-11/67
    . Harris, Douglas, 16P20, worked up on the hill. Pulled gate guard alot 24 on, 24 off. Mebane, NC 2/73-8/74
    . Harry, Dale W., SP4 Launcher Crewman, Worked as parts Clerk3/67-5/68
    . Herbson, Dennis J., Work at lanch. Gen's cut grass with little yellow tractor. Among other asst'd things. I think the dates are close - 112 Mayfield Lane, West Mifflin, Pa. 15122 8/69-10/70
    . Kal, Robert, SP-4. Was stationed in launcher area as fire panel operator. - P. O. Box 12802 Norfolk, VA 23541 9/62-7/65
    . Kerns,Terry, launcher crewman/ fire panel operator8/68-7/72
    . Krystel, Philip, E-48/69-6/71
    . Love, Robert, Launch Area 17 Months total. Then off to Alaska /68-/69
    . Lundquist, Larry, Ajax Acq. Radar Operator. Good memories. Looking for Shorty Henderson, and others. - 4250 SW. 80th Ave. Ocala, FL 344813/57-11/58
    . McMackin, Harry, IFC Lieutenant 11/67-8/68
    . Mellage, Frank, 1LT -- Launcher area platoon leader. Great assignment I was expecting to be a FO in Vietnam like all my OCS class mates but I was sent to Missile school at Ft. Bliss and then to Herminie. Met ARADCOM commander LT General Underwood during an inspection. He sent me home to see my new baby born the day before. I was tempted to make the military a career but instead re-joined civilian life but I still look back and wonder what if. 10/68-7/70
    . Mitchell, James Kent, Launcher Platoon Leader, Battery Exec. for a short time, Battery Commander for two months while main group was at Bliss for Hercules training; 2nd and 1st Lt.; was in the Launcher Platoon for more than a year as I recall, with SFC Logan as Platoon Sgt. who was great to work with, every young Lt. should have a great Sgt. like him to show him the ropes. Recall James Plassio in the Battery CP. Also, remember Sgts. Ford and Hudson as excellent crew chiefs. - 1711 Ridge Road, Champaign, IL 61821 1/58-8/59
    . Morningstar, Dale E, Launcher crewman, We were the group that converted from Nike Ajax to Nike Hercules. That was long Hard hours, very unforgetable, but awarding, loved being there. Won't ever forget SFC (Jellybelly) Logan, platoon Sgt, and SSG Ford. Thanks for the memories. 10/58-6/60
    . Plassio, James J, Supply Clerk for a short period; then Battery Clerk. Served under Battery Commanders Dewey Coles, Frank Bartlett, and Leo Hergenroeder. Herminie was my hometown. - 121 Sandy Circle, Chambersburg PA 1720105/58-06/61
    . Ray, LeRoy, launcher crewman, i remember SGT Logan (big pete), sgt lett , sgt ford, sgt hudson and a lot of great guys, they called me "humphrey", i was in the motor pool for a while ,drove that raggedy duece and a half, throwed a rod on the hill, back and forth for chow runs and snow plow,
    sgt transferred to 2/59 field artillery SP, 3rd infantry div !!
    . Ream, Randy, SP4 16B10 Launcher Crewman, 3/73-6/74
    . Rice, Clark, ETS time!!!!!!!!! - 143 E. Paseo de Golf8/70-2/72
    . Rodriguez, Richard, IFC Section Chief. Stationed in Herminie 8/67 to 5/70 then went to Korea and reassigned to Herminie from 6/71 to 11/73. Assigned to Alaska 11/73 until discharge in 7/77. Have been in Alaska ever since. Married with no kids. Wife and I own AllState insurance agency that she manages and I've worked for VA for past 15 years. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me (good or bad). 08/67-11/73
    . Senatore, Gary L., SP/4, 16 'CHARLIE', Stationed at B battery until its closing in 1974. /72-/74
    . Snavely, Leonard F Jr, IFC section chief and Plt Sgt for short while we had reunions and I was at 2 but the last one and this year unable to attend, had fun w/guys. - 175 Monroe Vly. Dr. Jonestown. Pa.17038/57-/58
    . Wanless, John, Computer and Acquistion operator. (bad e-mail address supplied) I remember some of us blowing up the sidewalk on the end of the barracks trying to kill a bunch of yellow jackets with gasoline. Did make the BO really unhappy. Also remember the pesky pet deer we had on the hill that gored everybody. - 608 Maple St. Elkins, WV 2624110/58-9/61
    . Wellman, Don, Served as Acq Operator. - and was there when the site was converted from Ajax to Hercules in 1959. Me and my family visited the Launcher site in June of 2006. The folks that have a business at the Launcher Control Area are very friendly to the veterans of the site. I am trying to compile a list of PI-37 (Herminie) veterans for a possible future reunion. Please e-mail or snail mail me if interested. - see his launcher section model - 7236 Walling Ln. Dallas, TX 752316/58-2/61
    . Wendel, Forest Lee (Jack), Ajax repair at Ft. Bliss. Returned to PI-37 approx 6 mos later. Not sure of dates. 9/59-3/61
    . Winger, Allan L., SP4 MP Security Guard. Wore the suit once for a security dog test. Scared me to death. Some of the guys thought I was a NARC because I was loner, but I never was. Still got a scar on my right arm from flying off the hood of a car in the parking lot by the barracks. Got transferred to Armed Forces Police in San Francisco after Herminie closed. Went out there with Bob Wolfgang, another MP from Herminie. - 200 Manor Ave, Langhorne, PA 1904712/73-/74
    . Zangla, Thomas, I was supposed to go to work as a radar operator up on the hill but they needed someone who could type and work in the supply office. I took that job because it got me out of all the extra duties, guard duty, kp, for a while. When they really got short handed they gave me a choice of going back into the radar operator job or changing my mos to supply clerk. They also told me if I changed my mos I would probably be going to Vietnam in two months. Every few weeks a re-enlistment NCO visited the site and I asked him about Military Intelligence and how I could get into that. They were really worried about the MI guys doing something concerning the security of the site. That is how I got wind of MI. Well I had to extend my enlistment for eleven months and got into military Intelligence and after graduation..... off to Vietnam. I did visit the site once I graduated from the MI School and they put two guys to watch me while I visited the PX. 11/67-7/68
    PI-42 Elizabeth .
    . Abernathy, Russell, Platoon Sgt. - Launcher 119 Persion Drive Oakdale, PA 15071-9327 6/59-10/63
    . Foster, Dallas, Began as Azmuith Operator, went to FC Maint school in 1962-1963 305 Irelan Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606-1123 2/59-3/63
    . Graul, Thomas L., e4-e5 ttrelev -ttrazimuth 59-63
    PI-43 Elrama .
    . Belfer, Bert, SP 6, IFC Maintenance, 24Q, Shut this site down to, becoming a habit. Next stop 2/52 McGregor Range 6/71-6/74
    . Eubanks, John W., Fire control,CWO, I enjoyed my tour at Btry B. Served with Some outstanding Men. They will always be in my memory. - 28191 Pinedale Rd. Ardmore,Al.3573911/65-12/68
    . Gurley, Mark, 6/69-4/70
    . Klein, Frank OJT'd as a IFC Computer Operator. First stationed there after basic in Ft. Benning GA, was Made it to SP/4 then off to Alaska. also 520 Wexford Ridge Roswell GA 30075 6/67-5/68
    . Krasowski, Bernie, Acquisition Mechanic 24P20, Lopar, ABAR, IFF, BTE. arrived E-3 left SP6. Enjoyed the work and worked with some fine professionals. Dick Brogdon, Bob Crosby, Fred Smith, John Wickstrom and other mechanics and Sam Ramseur, Terry Watkins, Rob Carson, Bob Jackson, and a lot of other great operators. - 11637 John Weir, El Paso, TX 79936-406410/70-02/74
    . Lee, Donald W., assigned as an Acquisition Radar Operator, later as battery company clerk. TDY to Electronic Warfare Countermeasures training at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi. Had a twin brother Ron Lee stationed with me. Short stay, re-up for Computer Repair went to Fort Monmouth NJ. - 611 Silver bell Drive Edgewood Maryland 2104012/69-6/70
    . Lee, John L., SP-5, MOS 179.10, MTR, TTR-all positions, ACQ, FIPSY etc. etc. etc... Later on served as Perm. CQ while unit was O/A to add TRR system by Western Elect. Left the Army before conversion was complete. 6/61-3/64
    . Losch, Albert, TTR & MTR operator, SP-4, 11413 NW 33rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32606 10/60-8/63
    . Moss, Joe D., SP4, Battery Aid Man, also served as pharmacist at South Park Dispensary whenever I had opportunity, just to keep my hand in. ... Returned to site in early 1980's was a depressing sight after PA National Guard took over! They turned it into a storage area.4/58-01/60
    . Oney, James Carl, M.P. dog handler with my dog Welka. I think they shut down the Irwin site and we were moved to the Elrama site. I have a lot of good memories of those times and I visited one of my army buddies(Jerry Kasing) a few years ago who has Kasing Auto Sales Inc. in Harmony, Pa. Jerry was quite a salesman, he sold a number of 1969 Plymouth Roadrunners to the men at our site. I left the army as a SP4 in 1969. Elrama was my last duty station. I am not sure of the exact date I moved to Elrama, Pa. In my army folder I still have a paper towel signed by the group who worked at Johnny's(a place where we ate very often). - Bermuda Lane, Longview, Tx 7560510/68-5/69
    . Rhea, Jack, 24U20 Maintenance....Met a lot of interesting people - 8226 Claiborne Dr Southaven, Ms 38671 9/72-3/74
    . Snead, Charles C, SP4 IFC Computer Operator. I haven't been back to the battery since leaving on 8-22-61 But would love to tour the site on foot again. All of the buildings,Control vans, generator building and the radar pads plus the new TRR AND HIPAR RADAR buildings and pads plus the 200 fut communications tower still exist. I would like very much to hear from anyone who served in D-3-1 before it was deactivated in 1974. Some sites have held reunions and I would very much like to have a reunion. The three men I joined the army with on 8/20/58 and who also served with me at D-3-1 are deceased now and their names are Don McNeally, Donald Keyser and L.C. Smith. - My number is 540-354-3416, 541 N Alleghany Ave, Covington,VA 10/58-8/61
    . Stull, Richard, Although trained as a 16C, I was made the hill's Parts Clerk and served under Mr. Eubanks (AKA Daddy Banks). I had a great time and did a lot of growing-up there. I live 15 miles from the site now and visited it when it was a NG site. Its closed and padlocked now, but I still occasionally drive by it just for old times sake. 10/67-4/69
    . Thompson, Donald L., I liked pittsburg area a lot better than Omaha. Being an ABAR oper.was a gravy job and kept me from going to Vietnam. Met some of the greatest guys there. Sgt. Crissman was great. Terry Watkins took his place and retired from there.I went there in 1990 to see the place. It was still there but there was no one around. I was drafted in the army and landed with the best job. I left the army after 2 yrs. It was the best thing in my life. I had a tumor when i got out and the army paid for it. They give me money every month... I was a Spec.4 when i got out. I wish i had of stayed in.. One time i got drunk and made a fool fo myself in front of the Captain. When I was up for spec.4 i had to go into his office. He told me he would give me the spec.4 if I wouldn't drink anymore. I said you can bet your life on it. I've had two beers since. Give me a call 502-439-5672 friends - 337 Kenwood Hill Rd. Louisville, Kentucky 5/66-6/67
    . Wright, Terrence (Terry), SP-4 Terry Wright Acquisition Radar Operator 16-C-20 transitioned to vulcan/chap unit Ft Bliss Tx. Currently serving as Army Reserve Officer COL (0-6) 25A00. (Ret.) - 219 Siebert Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 12/72-4/74
    PI-52 Finleyville .
    PI-62 Bridgeville /Bryant (near Oakdale) .
    . Pettit, Noel, Started at Nike Ajax on Oakdale site then moved to Nike Herk at Site 71 as Ord Parts Spec3/59-11/65
    HHB 31st Brigade
    18th Arty Gp?
    Oakdale, Pa
    near PI-70DC
    . Clark, Tom, Had 2 mo TDY at Oakdale after assignment to 21st corps unit at Pittsburgh airport was cancelled. after 2 mos assigned to RVN... enjoyed the area... especially Paladin's in Oakdale...11/66-1/67
    . Fissori, E. Jack, In charge of Brigade Secret Documents. Sp4, with less than 5 months left, had a good time. Note: 2 years working with missle sites, and I never saw one. - P.O. Box 800 Santa Margarita, CA 93453 3/68-8/68
    . Herbson, Dennis J., Bookmobile, Service Club buses, Junk to Letterkenny, Pa. Other things that I can not or do not want to remember. - 112 Mayfield Lane, West Mifflin, Pa. 15122 /72-/73
    . Kelly, Arthur F, PFC, Supply. Sent to Vietnam with only nine months remaining in two year enlistment, I guess the Army needed me more over there. Remember going to Paladin's Bar in Oakdale, only nineteen at the time, it was great.5/67-12/67
    . Knapp, John, Sp5 26H20 Air Defense Radar Repair9/71-3/72
    . Oravitz, Michael, Worked in the S-3 shop for MAJ Hudson, later MAJ Wallace Philbrook. Moved "up on the hill" after 31st moved to Florida and we became 18th ADA Gp. Oakdale site (now Charles E. Kelly Support Facility) remains pretty much the same, even the PX.7/68-10/70
    . Zynski, Michael, Some of the best times of my life. Was fire control officer (SP/4) 16K20 in the Blue Room. Worked for MSG O'Toole doing a little bit of everything. Lived in the barracks on site. Met my best friend there. 2/73-7/74
    PI-70DC Oakdale AADB, Missile Master & Missile Mentor & HHB 18th Arty GP (AD) ,
    . Bethman, Robert, 16K SP-4 First Enl Red Team member. "C" Crew. Made as ID "Officer" even though enlisted AN/TSQ-51 w/Mk-X IFF/SIF. TNG NCO as SP5 -Retired 30 JUL 88, Amateur Radio Operator - N0DGN, Manassas, VA - my Nike Story, web site4/70-3/73
    . Botamer, Christopher, LT Tac Director, Served with Lt. Mike Huffy, Sgt. Harmon & Col. Max MacCarthy, Roommates off post w/ Lt. Karantonis & Lt. John ? (New Jersey) - postal State College, PA 3/68-11/68
    . Evans, Jim, Arrived as a SP4 and left as a SSG, Crew Chief in AADCP Blue Room.12/62-11/66
    . Fisher, Charles D. "Dusty", 186.10 Fire control distribution (scope dope) Made E4 Great place to be except for Cuba Crisis period and my last week which was when they started bombing in N. Viet Nam. 5/62-2/65
    . Goode, Gary, Wanted: Patches or pictures /61-/63
    . Gordils, Hector M SP5 Fire Dist Syst Cramn5/70-9/71
    . Mason, Tommy, I was only there a short time, we went to air shows with a NIKE HERCULES MISSILES, one of the places we went was Lake Erie. We were stationed along with the Air Force. - 5428 scarlet saga dr Charlotte Nc 28215/69-/70
    . McMackin, Harry, Duty officer with Missile Mentor 8/68-8/69
    . McMackin, Harry, IFC Lieutenant 11/67-8/68
    . Patton, John, 16K fire distribution, short stay then off to Germany, Son born in Pittsburgh 4/71-6/73
    . Scardina, Guy, PFC/Radar Repairman - height finder radars. 2359 Breezewood Dr Youngstown, OH 44515 12/64-5/65
    PI-71 Corapolis /Beacon .
    . Abernathy, Russell, Platoon Sgt. & Ele Maint. Sgt. - Launcher 119 Persion Drive Oakdale, PA 15071-9327 10/63-7/74
    . Devine, Kerry (Pat), site bookie was louie(N.G.) cust. team had Emmit Engel(Kansas), Don Rod.(Minn.) Had my 67 Triamph 650 motorcycle - 7511 stow road Fowlerville Mi. 48836 1968-1969
    . Shoquist, Robert, Spc4, Fire panel operator, "A"battery, 509th3/55-6/56
    . Foster, Dallas, Plt Sgt, then accepted FC WO position, and retained that until 1971 305 Irelan Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606-1123 2/59-3/63
    . Taylor, Clifford , Generator operator, PFC 7384 macedonia rd oakwood village oh 9/61-11/62
    . Graul, Thomas L., e5 ttrazimuth, third site that i closed (anybody see a black cloud around here?) 71-74
    . Honts, Eddie L, Missle assembly, Warhead Crew..Tdy Red Canyon Range, McGregor Range - 2821 riverview rd. s.e. roanoke. va. 24014 1/60-6/62
    . Pettit, Noel, Started at Nike Ajax on Oakdale site then moved to Nike Herk at Site 71 as Ord Parts Spec3/59-11/65
    . Reder, George Edward II, I could'nt believe it, my hometown. From SP5 got a direct appointment to WO-1. Upon appointment immediate orders to Brty B 2nd 56 Landau Germany - POB 241663, San Antonio, TX 78224-8663 /65
    PI-92 Bryant /North Park .
    . Jones, Timothy G. Acquisition & firing radar operator '57
    . Young, James D., NIKE Ajax missile assembly technician, Appointed warrant officer 24/7/62 7/62-1/63
    PI-93 Westview .
    . Farley, Denver D., IFC Spare Parts Clerk and Battery Supply Sergeant, 126 South 4th Street, Hampton, VA 23664-1304 07/58-10/61
    . Graul, Thomas L., e5-e6 ttr azimuth fc mech(24Q) 63-71
    . Harvey, Val S., Sr FC Radar Operator. 4/58-1/61
    . Jones, Timothy G. Acquisition & firing radar operator '57-'60
    . Miller, Gerald, launcher site (panel operator), Virginia Beach, VA 11/58-8/61
    . Morris, Denny- (no e-mail address given) Worked at the launcher site. 2301 Center Street, Moundsville, WV 26041-134511/58-8/61
    . Soscia, Anthony R., Missile Track Radar Operator - Loved my job as MTR operator - NOT KP - I remember West View Park and the dances they had there - I stayed in the electronics business to this day - Now its computers - I wuld have to say it was a good experience being in the army even though it did not seem so at the time. I would have to say being an MTR operator was the best job I ever had. It was fun - like bideo games - I am married for 35 years - 3 sons, a doctor, software engineer, and electrical engineer. I don't know where the smarts come from - must be my wife. - 201 Cornell Street, Cranston, Ri. 0292011/60-05/62
    Pittsburgh Signal Co., Oakdale .
    . Carver, Alexander, 2LT Comcenter Officer. I spent 8 months behind a steel door with a peephole in the Comcenter, in which was located the two-man nuclear release authentication system - playing card sized items in which were the codes. Also had the crypto gear for the teletype systems. It was my first assignment after Infantry OCS and I had no idea how anything worked. The 24-7-365 Comcenter was crammed full of "top secret" stuff and always was supposed to be manned by two soldiers, but we had so few troops that I pulled days 7-7 and rotated the three enlisted men nights. When I got my orders for Vietnam we were missing a page from one of the top secret manuals (my predecessor probably had burned it by mistake, but I had naively signed for it). I was not supposed to leave until I had been relieved of responsibility for the missing page, but anything was better than sitting in that windowless vault, so off I went. Months later in Vietnam I received a letter relieving me of responsibility for the missing page. Whew!
    The ComCenter was not a fun place to be, but because there was a limited access list, the steel door kept most people at bay, which was not a bad side benefit. Zan Carver - Old Tappan, NJ 07675
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