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Ohio site information
88th Artillery Gp Wilmington
CD-27DC Wilmington
CD-27 Wilmington
CD-46 Felicity
CD-78 Oxford
CL-02 Bratenahl
CL-11 Painesville
CL-13 Willowick, Lake Co.
CL-34DC Warrensville/
CL-34 Warrensville/ Highland Hills
CL-48 Garfield Heights
CL-59 Parma/ Midpark Station
CL-67 Lakefront Airport
CL-69 Lordstown Military Res/Fairview Park
Site ID or center Name, family name first (rank & duty optional) dates at location
88th Arty Gp Wilmington .
. Almond, Wayne N., PMOS 26H20 Air Defense Radar Repairman, Sp4 - 408 Clymer Ave., Morrisville, PA 19067 12/68-9/69
. Compton, Tommy J., SGT E-5 Billeting NCO and Missile Engineer Equipment Supervisor 618 Pine Ridge Road, Clinton, TN 37716-5235 3/66-4/68
. Dowd, Edward, I held the final property book as CO of Hq and Hq Battery for the Brigade and site CD-27, as the base closed in February, 1970. Turned radars, missiles, etc. over to various agencies and moved on.Facilities were turned over later to Clinton Co. See Closing. - etowah, nc 28729 6/68-2/70
CD-27DC Wilmington .
. Bear, Larry, Group S-4, 4/68-10/68
. Freed, Thomas, SP4, MOS 16K Fire Distributions Systems Crewman. I was one of the last to leave when the Site was deactivated. I spent several days alone in the Bldg, while waiting for orders for my next assignment to begin at Ft.Sill, Oklahoma./68-/70
. Presta, Paul M., Pvt to SP4, Bn S-1 Clerk. Also PIO Clerk & Photographer. 4000 Lisa Lane, Middletown, Oh 45042 8/59-10/60
. Salerno, Robert J., Looking for friends who were there at that time4/62-3/64
. Shanks, Larry, MOS 16K Fire Distributions Systems Crewman sp/5 left 1970 after it closed 6/69-/70
CD-27 Wilmington - .
. Blosser, Kenneth D. (Ken), Serviced FUIF's at all of the sites in the Cincinnatti/Dayton A.D. - 1404 S. Clay St.5/62-3/66
. Brite, Ronny, (Fire Control Crewman - MOS 179) ("scope dope" in the TTR/MTR van) later E5 in MOS 151 (Operations & Intelligence Specialist - Plotter). 9/61-12/64
. Camp, Dean, T1 oper 3/69-9/69
. Copeland, Donald Patrick "Pat", E-2/PFC/SP4. Tour began cutting grass and painting rocks until my clearance came through. Became Generator,SWBD,Acq,and computer operator. What I enjoyed was yelling "HOLD FIRE!" when an LT messed up. What I liked least was climbing those damned radar towers in the winter. Left to attend Missile Master repair course, then LA defense at Ft MacArthur, CA. Reunited with Ronny Brite at Signal OCS and retired as an LTC. Wouldn't trade my Armt days for anything. 3/62-12/63
. D'Amato, Anthony M., MOS was P179 (Range Operator) One of events I will never forget was the Cuban Crises. I was a 17 at the time. But most of all I wont forget all the guys assigned to the Site In fact I still have the Battery Roster. I left Ohio and relocated to the Ansonia Ct. Nike Site. 10/62-05/63
. DeLong, Roger, IFC, TTR operator and then Generator Operator. I was on duty during the Cuban Missile Crises. Commander for A Battery when I arrived was Capt Underwood then Lt. Anderson.10/61-3/64
. DeVall, Jerry, 24Q mechanic. It sure was cold climbing the radar towers. 6/69-1/70
. Dodd, Willard, PFC assigned to Supply, Sgt Leary in charge. I was present during the Cuban Missile Crisis and when President Kenndy was shot driving to King Mills with SP4 Roger DeLong taking equipment there, we hurried back to base thinking we would go up on alert status, which was not the case. I pulled some guard duty and then got assigned to Duty Driver, 24 hour shift, but could sleep if not driving somewhere. - 1764 Candlestick, Zanesville, OH, 43701 4/62-1/65
. Dowd, Edward, I held the final property book as CO of Hq and Hq Battery for the Brigade and site CD-27, as the base closed in February, 1970. Turned radars, missiles, etc. over to various agencies and moved on.Facilities were turned over later to Clinton Co. See Closing. - etowah, nc 28729 6/68-2/70
. Fidler, Clinton Jr, Acquition Radar Section Chief, separate but, our video was transmited to the IFC scopes for display. Our site was never "Up" to our allowance of manpower. I remember our comm ander made a survey of all personnel in the unit, and we were averaging close to eighty hours a week. Some of the men in my section were: SP-4 Baker Berger and Childs. SSG Ervin was our radar maintenance man. He did an excellent job. When I first arrived at CD-27, the barracks were not entirely completed. Our Commander was 1LT Anderson; I beleive he spend more "time on site", than anybody else. Our XO was also a good officer. The Air Force made our training realistic. Wilmington was a friendly, little town. My wife loved the little goverment house we lived in, at 958 Fife Avenue. Your website has brought back many memories. THANK YOU !! 9/59-12/62
. Gordon, Joel, SP4-SP5 Missile Tech maint, test and assy 24U. Closed site, was there till all missiles were shipped and doors welded. 7/69-2/70
. Lawson, David, Fire Control Mechanic, Radar Technician, Spec 5 - I was the pilot that crashed a plane with my SGT. aboard 1 week before I got out ot the service. It was a great duty station. We had 3 radar mechanics, 1 day on and 2 days off. I made flying money from poker when we were "hot". I have pictures. 1/67-12/68
. Lester, John A, Radar Ord. Parts Spec - 2604 Pike St Parkersburg WV6/64-4/67
. McMullin, James, Military Police, PFC; Security guard at missle site. Also worked street duty with the Wilmington Police Department.12/66-6/67
. Moats, Ronald P, Came in from Basic at FT.Knox and stayed until end of enlistment. Went to SNAP 3 times, 1 as driver, 2 as Range OPR on theTTR, 3 as IFC Section Chief. Got to sit in the bleachers at Site 26, Tail End Charley and watch a Herc lift off. Met a bunch of great people while I was there. Got to do some crazy things. Site 27 IFC was turned over Clinton County Board of Education. The Launch area was sold to some local person and is just rusting away on its own. My wife, son and I went back to Louisville and I spent 35 years in the petro/chemical industry. I retired in 2001 and we spend winters at our place in central Florida. Thanks a bunch for this site, I wish I had found it sooner, God bless. - 8749 Running Fox Circle,Fern Creek,KY 6/62-3/65
. Penn, Jerry W, reenlisted for school at El Paso, Tx. after graduation, went Lincoln, MASS, and then to Italy ending career 9/71 - 3626 s pecos rd, las vegas, nv 89121-37498/67-11/67
. Tincher, David W., launcher crewman, - Mcgregor 4/60th A.W.S.P training for R.V.N.Training in desert for jungle?????? 2/65-8/65
. Upton, Richard (Glen), MOS 25D20, BIRDIE repairman. Also did maintenance on FUIF's at sites. Married Mary, daughter of the old Lucky Horseshoe Bar across from Fairgrounds. Have fond memories of Wilmington...10/65-10/68
. Valdez, Roberto, MOS 25D20; BIRDIE (Battery Integrated Radar Display Eqluipment) technician. 1/69-12/69
. Wilkinson, Harry E, Launcher crewman-Console operator; Promoted to Sgt E5 and then to Launcher section chief; 2-tours to McGreagor Range(63-64); On duty during Cuban crisis and Kennedy assination. Lived off base with wife Linda and daughter at 897-1/2 Fife Ave in Wilmington. Home was Lancaster Ohio. Currently live in Lockport Il (Summer)and Ocala Fl (Winter) Have many pictures and also 8mm film of the site turnover ceremony to the guard and missle preparation and launch at McGregor range. 4/62-4/65
CD-46 Felicity .
. Flicinski, Michael, - 130 Jackrabbit Run Round Rock, TX 7896649/64-9/64
CD-78 Oxford .
. Bookout, Blair E., OANG. E2 started as generator operator with John Flowers. later E3 moved to computer operator. I remember Tom Huff and Larry Vittatoe(spelling maybe incorrect). - Tulu? Colombia S.A 2/65-7/66
. Helms, Curtis (Moe), E4, 24U7/69-2/70
. Melton, Robert, US Army
Ohio Army National Guard (OHARNG) 16B40 Sec chief .
. Helms, Curtis "Moe", E-4 on Nuclear Custodial Team. MOS 24U, National Guard site.6/69-1/70
. Knight, Paul, Panel operator, assemblyman and launcher control operator. - Glen St Mary Fl 1/61-10/62
. Losey, Lloyd, E3, IFC area TTR, MTR, Range, elevation, Azimuth operator - PO Box 469, 1639 Via Simpatico, Hemet, CA 92545 1/64-6/65
. Presta, Paul M., As Unit AST, helped Capt recruit a Ohio National Guard unit that assumed control of Oxford Nike site from Active Army. - 4000 Lisa Lane, Middletown, Oh 45042 10/63-3/65
. Quinn, Mike, IFC Area, Do you remember a guy named John Flowers. He was a generator operator that I think joined the guard at the time of closure of the base. - 12325 Copper Land Huntley, IL 60142 9/62-4/64
. Regulski, Fire Control Operator 188 West Broad St. Nanticoke,Pa. 10/59-10/61
. Tincher, David W., launcher crewman, opened this site, site was in the middle of a pig farm, does any one remember sally jo's - 414 n neptune dr satellite beach fl 329379/59-4/60
. Weisenberger, Robert C., I worked on Nike Hercules missiles./67-/70
. Zeiter, Robert L, Fire control maintenance 10/63 - 11/64 at Ft. Bliss for Hercules Fire Control Maintenance School for OANG taking control of site at Oxford, OH 1965, Cincinnati Defense. Closed that site 3/70. Discharged OANG 6/70 as SFC. - 418 Prospect St., Wellington, OH 4409011/64-3/70
HHB 3/65 Cleveland, OH .
. Verburg, Harry J Jr, CPT, S-2 Again lotsa memories. 160 Garnet, Truth or consequences, nm 8790109/70-??/71
CL-02 Bratenahl .
. Arrants, William M., 2LT,1LT and Cpt - IFC Plt Ldr, Lchr Plt Ldr, XO and CO9/66-12/68
. Bohannon, Terry, 16C, Always in trouble with the Mania twins - Wally & John. - 39482 Marne Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48313 4/67-/68
. Holler, Tom, 16C TTR Operator SP4, - Way too much KP and Guard Duty. IFC duty 24 on 24 off... yuk! 6/67-1/69
. Jenkins, John E., sp/4 senior launcher crewman "charlie section" assembly &service crew and warhead service crew - 3114 W. 155 ST. Cleveland, Ohio 44111/68-/69
. Johnson, Ben, AN/FPS-75 ABAR operator, Range operator,RANK PFC,Grew up in Cleveland Area so I got to live off base.We were restricted to base during the Glenville Riots.We had to go to the Lauch area every day for meals,During open house the base was open to the public , but not many people came ,they thought it was fake, One day the local news paper ran an article, after everyone found out it was real they picketed up trying to close down the base. - 8324 Crestwood Ave N Ridgeville Ohio 4403911/67-7/69
. Marin, Robert (Bob) A., SP-5 Acquistion Radar Mechanic (ABAR) Sure was cold on Lake Erie the night we had to replace the ABAR antenna. Main base gear froze up - 90wt heating element went O/A - Support goterdone !! 5/68-4/70
. Proudfoot, Herman, Worked here until assignment for Europe in 65, Was Chief FC mechanic and worked with CW Roulet, Lawson, worked with McKenzie, Wilson, Old Pappy Skaggs, Some great people who did the Missile System proud each and every year, RBS, firings, ORE, you name it they did it, now in El Paso, Texas.3/61-3/65
. Robarts, Gene, /62-/63
. Stark, Bill, MOS was 24Q20 - Improved Nike-Hercules Fire Control Mechanic - as a SP4 I worked in the IFC area, a narrow piece of land sticking out into Lake Erie. The IFC was practically downtown Cleveland @ 9th Street East. In winter the wind and cold air coming off the lake made it tough to climb up the radar towers. We closed down this Nike site June 1971. - 516 Parkwood Dr., Windsor, CO 80550 9/70-4/71
. Todd, Jack L, I was a launcher crewman at both locations. I would like to hear from any of the men I served with. - 416 Ruth St. Benton, AR 720193/60-8/62
. Wendelboe, Douglas, E-2 to E-5 (Spc5) MOS 16C Fire control operator. Missle tracking radar. Short Notice Annual Practice (SNAP) 4/69 and 4/70 at McGreagor Range, Ft. Bliss, TX.5/67-12/71
. Williams, James G., sp/4 aqusition-computer-trr-advanced marksmanship unit [army A M U] - I served with sgt. proudfoot - 6309 valvalla dr.,douglasville ga. 3013510/62-2/65
. Wilson, James "Doug" "Willie", SP5E5 IFC crewman and Battery Clerk. Very cold winters, wind off Lake Erie. 11/59-08/62
CL-11 Painesville .
. Brassell, Wayne G., SP/5 IFC Maintenance Section. 11/68-6/71
. Bucklin, David W, 24 Q20 Fire Control Tech. SP5 From Fort Bliss. to Cleveland Defense worked for SGT Nivola and CWO Jones After Army worked for Caterpillar - 150 Ridgeview Drive Savannah TN 393721/70-8/71
. Buzan, Robert F., SP4 Launcher Platoon LCT Operator Re-uped for Army map school8/69-11/69
. Cabiness, William, Orderly Room Clk trainee, Mainly Supply with sp4 Baker and Sgt Bumgarner, Supply Officer LT Larry Burks 4004 Lindwood Dr Macon, GA 31206 2/66-11/66
. Funk, Don, Launcher Platoon Leader then XO and subsequently Battery Commander12/66-12/68
. Gordon, Joel, SP4-SP5 Missile Tech maint, test and assy 24U. Went to SNAP unit attained a 97% Closed site, was there till all missiles were shipped and doors welded. 3/70-6/71
. Hutchins, J W, I enlisted in the U.S Army for three years on 7/62. I was assigned to the CL-11 Nike Hercules site,(launcher area)in Painesville, Ohio after basic training. I began as a Private and left as a Sargent-E-5. My section chief was SSgt. Ivan Prunty, C-section. My job was firing panel operator. I am a singer-song-writing guitar playing musician, and often performed for my fellow soldiers on post as well as sitting in with area bands off post in the lake towns, Painesville Ashtabula and Mentor, Ohio. I enjoyed helping fellow soldier Kin Gilpin who was learning guitar with a few licks. He got pretty good! I enjoyed flying down to Elpaso,Texas with our team, for firing exercises at Fort Bliss,Texas where we scored 98.25 per cent an all time high, during my hitch. I enjoyed serving my country for three years and wouldn't take nothing for this wonderful learning experience! I still miss my fellow troops. - 646 Rock City Road, Kingsport,TN 37664 10/62-07/65
. Kaye, David, IFC area (mostly acq operator/plotter) and for a while I worked in the generator section. 10/63-07/66
. Luke, Robert J, (Jim), E-3, Assemble & Maint. Snap Team, Warhead Team. Team Job- Toolman. I found a crack in rocketmotor during motor exchange. 4/67-2/68
. Miller, Stephen J, Spec 4 worker in the launcher area remember Jerry Custer, Chuck Jeffery, Tony Nicholas, remember names like Matney, Noyes, - 2047 Willowick Dr. Columbus Oh 43229 10/62-8/65
. Nethery, Martin, 4/70-8/70
. Nickol, Jerry L Hercules missile assembler 5/61-5/62
. Prunty, Ivan M. '60-'65
. Ross, Donald, trained GMIEERS mechanic. Never performed the duties. one of first troops onsite at Painesville OH CL-11, supply sgt going to Korea. i was volunteered to take his job. Made E-5 in less than 2 yrs. Spend most of time in supply. I was picked to go to Greenland, but CO fought it and I stayed at CL-11. Attended college at Lake Erie College, got married, returned to san diego CA after disc. Got BA degree and worked for municipal & fed. governments. - 1529 quail run dr, lewiston ID 83501 10/58-5/61
. Schiavone, Peter, 16B20 Missile Crewman Spec 4 Perpetual KP in SGT Ski's mess hall, Char broiled steaks every Thurs with SGT Ski's homemade rolls. They were the best. - 11911 94th Ave E Puyallup, WA 98373 1/70-4/71
. Schrank, Louis S., Computer operator, SP4. Lived in Cleveland. Joined the Army to see the world, stationed in Painesville 30 miles from home for 3 years. That is the Army way! - 527 Hamlin Ct, Los Alamos, NM. 875447/65-5/68
. Speicher, James (Jim), I was in the RRIS Section in Painesville for about a year. Transfered to Fort Mead Headquarters for about a year. RRIS stands for Remote Radar Intergration System. We provided a gap filling radar coverage between Cleveland and Pittsburg Nike Sites. The RRIS was actually two railer vans located at C11 Company Headquarters in Painesville, Ohio. We were attached to that site so we were part of C11 but yet we didn't participate in all the normal stuff. As I remember, there were only like Five or Six of us in the RRIS Section with three or four of us pulling shifts of 24 hours on and 72 hours off. /69-/70
. Stevens, Howard Paul (Steve), I remember guys like Glenn Brown, David Kaye who worked with me in the generator section, Sam Fortune, Sgt. Jones, Ronnie Abraham. - 3002 11th St. SW Lehigh Acres, Fl. 339728/62-6/65
. Sutphin, Kenneth, I was in the 101st airborne and reenlisted to be a missile crewman in Painsville Ohio so I could be closer to my family. Little did I know that the glamous job, missile crewman, was the guy who got to scrub the missiles with ajax on a regular bases. We also got to grease and paint the launchers clean and scrub the missile bays. They did not even wait for them to get dirty. The thousand of hours practicing to fire he missiles that never would be fired. Not that I am complaining about that. The worst was the guard duty where the NCO liked harresing us and the inspections. I know that what we did was important and that we were protecting our own familes.
I had signed upfor 14 months gaurenteed duty in Painsville but after 8 months I got orders to go to Veitnam. I protested that I was supposed to stay and all the way down the line I was told to do as told and someone would change the order before I got there. In June of 1968 I found myelf in the heat of Ben Hoa, Vietnam still being told to report to my new unit, a Hawk Missile battery in the Central Highlands above Camh Rahn Bay. I went to my platoon leader and explained my problem and he sent me to HQ and they had me fill out a form. They said as soon as the paperwork was completed I could go home.
One year later they said I was to return to Painsville to finish up my enlistment contract. I cried foul and demanded to be let out early. Guess what. I was told to do as I was told and they would let me out as soon as the paperwork was done. I returned to Painsville and after my original three year enlistment was up they let me out! Anyone know what happened to SGT Cobb. He was the meanest sgt I ever met. ----- back in Painsville ------
First Sgt called me in and said the DOD had called him and said to let me out as soon as I wanted. How soon do you want out he said. I replied TODAY! He said that would not be possible but I was to do as I was told until the paperwork was done. Two weeks later I was out but you know that is the Army way.
10/66-6/67 ------ 6/68-9/68
. Toogood, Jack, SP5, IFC, 7747 Whitesboro Ct Las Vegas, NV7/68-10/69
. Turner, Ronnie, Worked launch area/A&T with Jerry Custer, Ivan Prunty, Vicellio, George Warren, CWO Raines.I Retired from military 1979, Great times @ The Blue Diamond Bar and Vagabond Bar - 232 Cannon Rd., Lyerly, GA. 30730 8/62-7/64
. Warner, Mike, 16B20 Missile Crewman Spec 4 Ah yes, Pete and I would car pool back to Batavia/Rochester in NY in blinding blizzards for weekend passes. Yup, SGT Ski's mess hall with char broiled steaks on Thursday luches, drawing every officer from within 5o miles. And Eries Colledge for Women located in the sleepy little hamlet of Painesville. All those Long Island girls sent to the wild of Ohio to protect them from NYC boys - and a whole Battery of us bachelors. Tough duty. Then we closed the unit down. Most of the guys went to Germany and I was off to Korea. 3/70-4/71
CL-13 Willowick, Lake Co. .
. Hancock, John D., MTR operator, ditch digger, snow shoveler, truck driver, etc. Arrived as a PFC; left as a SP5, 1314 N. Atlanta Pl. Tulsa, Ok. 4110 10/57- 9/59
. Michelbrink, Jerry , Ajax '59-60
. Nickol, Jerry L Ajax missile assembler 9/59-5/61
CL-34DC Warrensville / now Highland Hills web page .
. Baumbach, Dick, Was PIO specialist for headquarters group; met future wife at St. Luke's Hospital; transferred to 8th Army Headquarters, Seoul Korea. Most remember the barracks and guard duty at front gate. - 3103 SMU Blvd Orlando, FL 32817 10/65-7/66
. Guedea, Silverio, A Spec4, assigned as Bn S-l clerk Worked with SGM Waller. Bn Cdr LTC Heaser. Great duty. - 862 Vermont,, San Antonio, Texas 78211 /65-/66
. McCoy, David, SP5, clerk to defense commander, deputy defense commander. 6273 Schaaf Dr, Brook Park OH 44142-385810/62-8/65
. Staats, Wayne P, Signed up for 13 months - ended up there the whole 3 years... only 24 miles away from home. See the world! I had a great time and have been past the old place (what's left) many times. Spent the frist two years in AADCP then last year in the PIO (information office) I just moved 2007 from my old house... almost a mile to my new one here in Akron. Great memories. - 1523 Sackett Hills Drive - Akron OH 443134/65-4/68
. Verburg, Harry J Jr,, Captain, Battalion S-2, Pretty much helped close down the Milwaukee Defense in 1971. - 704 Gibson St. Truth or Consequences, NM 8790108/70-05/71
CL-34 Warrensville / now Highland Hills .
. Conway, William H, Signal Supply & Parts Clerk also driver for battalion commander. Lt Col Raymond Bouchard Commander CWO Harold E Golightly was in charge of signal repair shop. - 5383 Library Road Bethel Park PA 151027/61-10/62
. Goettner, Harold, Spec-5 in Communication Section. 9/64-9/66
. LaGanke, Tim - Ohio Natl. Guard-6/64
. Michelbrink, Jerry , Herc. '60-62
. Shinn, Dick, The sun never shines in the winter in Cleveland! 11/68-9/69
CL-48 Garfield Heights .
. Campbell, Duncan, I was only there about 5 months, I had hay fever so bad that I got sent to school at Ft. Bliss. That cured the hay fever. While I was in Ohio I loaned out some money then left for Texas. What surprised me was that when my old Garfield Hts. unit came for their annual service practice firings I was paid back all the money that I had loaned out.....great guys! PO Box 1726 Waldport, Oregon 973945/58-10/58
. LaGanke, Tim Ohio Natl. Guard - 14054 Sweetbriar Lane, Novelty. Ohio 440726/59-
. Zeiter, Robert L, Acq/Comp operator, SP5, closed site 8/61, xfer to Detroit defense Grosse Ille Ajax site. At site 1 wk when rcvd close orders. Closed #2 & xfer to Belle Isle Hercules site. - 418 Prospect St., Wellington, OH 4409010/58-8/61
CL-59 Parma/Midpark Station .
. Proudfoot, Herman, Battalion S-4 NCO. Proceeded to make rounds of units in Defense, worked at 48, 69, 02, in fact worked in turning units over to National Guard Units until 1965 6/59-12/59
CL-67 Lakefront Airport .
. Todd, Jack L, I was a launcher crewman at both locations. I would like to hear from any of the men I served with. - 416 Ruth St. Benton, AR 7201911/59-3/60
. Wend , Walter R., PFC was at Loardstown for 6 months prior, trained at Fort Belvoir, Va for guided missile electrical repair 56-58
CL-69 Lordstown Military Res/Fairview Park .
. Adams, Carl M., SP-4 crewman charlie pit 10/59-8/62
. Barth, Richard, Rank SP4(T)(E4) - MOS #357.10 (GUID MSL INST ELEC - Guided Missile Installation Electrical) - 5615 West 54th Street, Parma, OH 441294/58-7/59
. Carrabine, Timothy M., Launcher Area Crew Chief, Warhead assembley crew, Section Panel Operator, Launch Control Trailer Operator, Launcher Helper 134 Hartfield Ct Powell, OH 430656/65-6/72
. LaGanke, Tom, 16B10 Nike Hercules Launcher Crewman.Sergeant3/63-4/68
. Michelbrink, Jerry Herc. E-6 Chief Engineer Maintenance MOS #357.60 ONG '62-68
. Proudfoot, Herman, Fire Control chief mechanic, and worked with some of the best people in the system. Again, lots of good hot time, hard work, long hours, would not take money for the memories, would never want to do it again.... Lots of memories, not all bad....or good. Assigned Missle Battalion at Lordstown as first Sgt 6/56, now in El Paso, Texas 3/60-3/61
. Roberts, Larry Lee, PFC Radar Operator IFC Crewman - 2700 Rollingbrook Dr. #7209 Baytown, Texas 77521 6/59-7/60
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Okinawa see map
Okinawa site information
Naha AFB
30th Atty Brig (AD) Kadena
38th Atty Brig (AD) Osan Air Base 2/61 - 2/1st ADA ?30th Atty Brig
--Alpha Site # 1, Bolo Point
--Bravo - Site # 2, ?Tokeshi? ?Ishikawa Dake
--Charlie - Site # 3, ?Ishikawa?
--Delta - Site 4 @ White Beach?
--Alpha - ?site #5?
--Bravo - site #6 Chinen
--Charlie - site #7 - ?Yozadake?
--Delta - site #8 - Naha Air Force Base
Please note: There was/is considerable uncertainty about place names and organizations on Okinawa - as evidenced by the many question marks. Folks send in what they remember, which fades with time, and many places had several different names, made more "interesting" when converting Eastern sounds to Western spelling. And it is possible that the Army renamed locations/units. I hope the following is better than random guesses ;-))
Site ID or center Name, family name first (rank & duty optional) dates at location
. Brown, Thomas H., CW4 , HHB 8th Bn, 3rd Arty - Box 186 Luling, Texas 78648 72-73
Naha AFB AADCPNaha Air Force base .
. Freed, Thomas, SP4, MOS 16K Fire Distributions Systems Crewman. The AADCP (army air defense command post) was on Naha Air Base located in same bldg with the Air Force.. Exciting moments when the Russian (bears) would play games on the edge of our air space.. Quarters in the Air Force blg.....Navy messhall..Nice Duty assignment!!!!!/70-/72
. Jenkins, David, My Primary duty was as a Fire Distribution System Operator,16K40, I had an additional duty as Mail and Document Courier. - 1855 Maple Grove Rd, Boonville, IN, 47601 3/69-8/70
. Parker, Lewis, Incoming aircraft plotter. 705 Hack St. Anderson,S.C. 296243/69-11/69
. Walton, Art, plotter,mrts operator, sent to A.F. AC&W site at Yosa Daki as back up Adcap SP4 - "Naha Air Force base was the command and control center for the air defense of Okinawa. The Army had Nike and Hawk sites, we coordinated with the A.F. The plotter followed all aircraft in the air on a huge Plexiglas board. We listed all aircraft bye number and elevation. This allowed us to get the big picture of the potential threats and direct which battery to engage the target. We also had A.F. interceptors that we had to id. The MRTS, Master radar tracking system was something new, it was to take over the manual plotting. Allowing for faster id. 12/64-6/66
30th Artillery Brigade (AD) a web site.
Kadena actually Sukiran, a few miles south of Kadena .
. Bogan, Alan T., PFC-SP5, 81A/81E, Draftsman/Illustrator, Bde S3 HHB, 30th Arty Bde (AD), 7/70-1/72
. Cook, Richard, SP5 in the supply platoon which ran the warehouse at the depot. next to the bay where the electrical generating ships were located. There was no other power plant in Okinawa at the time. These ships were old liberty ships which had power plants installed and were towed to Oki from san francisco after ww2. A bad time because of race tension,lots of pot, etc. Easy duty, great location, great view of the bay. Took some great shots of launches at Bolo Point, including premature burst of a hawk. 9/68-4/70
. Crews, David, Brigade Photographer as my Mos was 84G20 Photo Lab Technician. The problem with that was the 30th wasn't authorized any photographers so I could neither advance in rank nor order necessary photo supplies to do my military photo assignments. This caused me a lot of problems. I had some truly excellent friends in the 30th who helped make my time there be a great adventure. Most of us guys loved being in Okinawa with its Asian culture. I'd like to hear from anyone who knows just how the heck the 30th ever finagled the Army paperwork to get me assigned to them.7/70-?
. Hintz, Les, I was originally with the 86th Signal Detachment which was merged into HQ of the 30th. I primarily supported IFF equipment on all the Hawk and Nike sites. I worked with Raytheon on the installation of the AN/FPS-69 at Site 8 in Naha, and spent a year at the AN/FPS-69 site known as Site 18 above the village of Toguchi. Spent the balance of my time as a Radar Repair Inspector. /66-/69
. Law, Dave, 30th Bde S-2 Security/CBR NCO64-67
. Richardson, Edward, SP5 - Served as Morning Report Clerk and later as the XO's assistant. The 1SG was Donald E. Groves and the Battery Commander was CPT Henry D. Thornton. The XO was 2LT Joseph Mucha. I was moved over to the XO's office where I worked for 2LT Mucha and later, 1LT Paul V. Brennan. Battery Commanders during my tenure, following CPT Thornton, were CPT William I. Aronwald & CPT/MGJ John D. Ricketson. I was privileged to experience two typhoones. My buddies were Mike Brown, Robert Marriner, James Slonaker & Wayne Hoch. I met CPT Thornton,MAJ Ricketson and 1LT Brennan many years ago at Ft. Sill. Shawnee, OK08/66-01/68
. Whitworth, Richard (Dick), Battalion Ops Sgt(MSG E8) near Sukiran, Okinawa, Nike Herc & Hawk P.O.Box 2193, Newport Beach, CA 92650 /67-/68
HQ, 38th Artillery Brigade (AD) Osan Air Base, .
. Jaynes, Thomas H., Worked in the Bde S-3 section for Sergeant Major Roberts as the assistant operations NCO and classified files custodian. Sergeant Major Roberts had been the First Sergeant for my training class at AIT at Fort Bliss. My tour was involuntarily extended in March 69 after the North Koreans shot down a Navy ECM plane (a converted Constellation) and the whole country was placed on alert status. - 357 Wauford Drive Nashville, TN 37211 4/68-5/69
--Alpha A-2-61 Bolo point Site # 1, Bolo Point .
. Craft, Robert (Bob)e, As an E-5, I helped set up equipment on the original "Temporary" launch pads on the clifts at Bolo Point. Did the first TPI, in a tent on pallets because the ground was wet from rain storms. Applied for WO status, and left the site when I was accepted. - 414 Windsor Ln, New Braunfels TX 78132 8/57-9/59
. Fey, Russell, missile mechanic 16C assembly and test section spec. all sites came to bolo point for annual service practice so I got to see all 8 fired in January 685/67-10/68
. Gilchrest, Joseph Larry, 2nd class missileman/elevation/fire control. school trained medic with no open slots, medic slots were full at herc site/volunteered/ went to viet nam to join the LRRPs/1st CAV DIV8/66-3/67
. Lackey, James, 3811 Mark Rd Cambridge, Oh 437257/67-2/70
. Littrell, Douglas, I replaced Arlan Kickbush as a Acq operator. My originAL mos WAS 16c. I got to see two Annual service practices in January and witnessed the missle firings of all the sites. I loved going to Tory Station at the enlisted club for 10cent drinks during happy hour. Loved the rock-it was a great adventure. 1/67-8/68
. Peyton, Louis, Assembly Sgt Made E-6, Watched a lot of Herc's fly. This was a good assignment. Retired in 1976 CW3. 1/66-8/66
. Prunty, Ivan M, /67-/69
. Rawson, Elwyn, Officially stationed A Btry 2nd Msl Bn 61st Arty as a 16B10 Herc Msl Crmn I also worked on the Assembly of the Nike for Training and firing at Bolo Point. I was a Spec 4 when I was released in 1967. Survived 1 Earthquake and a couple of Typhoons. - 5325 Townsquare Dr. Macungie, PA 18062 10/65-4/67
--Bravo Site # 2, ?@ Tokeshi? - Ishikawa Daki, Ona Point? .
. Bailey, Paul, SP5 Radar and Computer maintenance, also helped guard the bars on Gate 2 Street :) 5/68-3/70
. Barnett, Frank W., launcher crewman, This was my late husband. He didn't like the beer: - 134 Warden Ave NW, Soap Lake, WA 988518/65-2/67
. Bowers, Bill, SP/5 IFC, I operated all equipment in both vans Mailing address was Btry B 2nd MSL BN. 61 Arty. - At the time it was one of two ATBM sites on the island. I also remember stopping at Tonash village for a warm bottle of Orion beer on the way to Kadena Cricle. - 4637W.87TH PL. Hometown, IL 604565/65-10/66
. Chavez, Raul, po box 3281 lacey wa.4/68-?/70
. Fleming, William L., 16B, Launcher Crewman, Departed as SGT/E-5. Great Time. 1/68-7/69
. Frank R (Buck) III, I initially was the Cdr at Bravo Btry (Site #2) and worked for Donald S. McLean-Kennedy, followed by Francis Kelley and finished with Edward Sparrow as the Bn S-3. From Okinawa I went to Ft Bragg then to Viet Nam in March 1969.8/66-3/68
. Holler, Tom, 16C TTR Operator SP4, - After being at Site 2 about 1 yr. was sent to Motor Pool attached to the Hospital in Okinawa, drove mail truck, then sent to another Site(Can't remember #, South of Site 2??) and became records clerk and training NCO, Then went back to Painesville Ohio Nike Site and finished up Apr 01, right before they closed. 1/69-7/70
. Israel, Willis, Crewman, Panel Control Operator, and LCT Operator. Shot competition on the Brigade Rifle Team and was stationed a Brigade Headquaters in Sukran for several months. We were the last group to use the M1 Grand in competition. I've been back twice to visit my Okinawian friends. Site 2 was on old Highway 1, now Highway 83, located between Moon Beach and Onna Point, just up the hill from the small village of Tancha. The site was manned by the Japanese the last time I was there. There is a nice restraurant now on the China Sea Coast just across from the old site. Moon Beach has a Four Star Hotel and is a tourist destination. - Hale, MO 646432/63-8/64
. Jordan, Terry, 24P maintained HIPAR, one of Riffy's Raiders. Returned in April 72, (A/8/3)Trained JSDF in HIPAR, turned site over in May, 73 Made SP6 10/67-4/69
. Mahan, Kenneth R. , Launcher crewman,Pfc-E/3 sure wasn't like State side - Made a lot of good friends,had a drinking good time.- 2404 Van Arpel Dr. Laplace,La.700687/64- 9/65
. Mills, Rogers G., IFC tech - (following note received August 2005) "I served on site 2 a, the fire control area. It is shown as site 1. Site 1 was also HQ and was located at Yomatan. Site 2 was located where site one is shown." 8/67 to 2/70
. Pettinari, John I was a 16C Acquisition Radar and Computer operator there.We were there when the JASDF operators came in to become comfortable.They were all very competent. I was there when we handed over the site on Reversion Day,May 15,1972 to JASDF.We staged a fake convoy to appease the local population into thinking we had had removed the nuclear warheads but we had not. There was a Special Forces camp complete with a 9 hole Par 3 golf course,a theater that showed movies on weekends and an Officers/NCO club too.-5/72-
. Rideout, Charles E., Launcher assistant section chief & section chief. Moved to orderly room as security NCO. - Last of initial Herc crew was beginning to return to states. - 6246 Res Circle, Lakeland Fl. 338105/60-9/63
. Roberts, James D. (J. D..), ( bad e-mail address provided ) I was a Sp4 Launcher Crewman, having arrived in Okinawa in March, 1963 and left the area in September, 1964. I met some really great men while in Okinawa, some were Willis Israel from Michigan (he came to see me in 2011); Willian Felty from Ashland, KY (saw him at a Veterans Dinner in Ashland); also remember William A. Leonard III and many more good friends while stationed there. - Grethel, KY3/63=9/64
. Rudy, Aben, company clerk9/59-11/60
. Rydlewski, Pete (Ski), 1959-1967 RANK E1-E6, NEW JERSEY 078568/60-4/62
. Wool, Dennis R., Launcher Crewman - Up North by Nago - 18 Norwich Ct. San Ramon, Ca. 945834/67-6/67
--Charlie Site # 3, ?Ishikawa? .
. Blanchard, Al (Doc), IFC operator, 10/59-4/61
. Halpin, Terry, TTR range operator -I was a medic way I was shipped to Okinawa in August of 66 and was retrained. I was a range operator on the TTR and also learned to operate the MTR. Went through a typhoon. I was at 3 when they added a TRR and also during an ORI. I fell while painting the on trim around the roof of our generator building.I was promoted to E4 and had to transfer to site 188/66-10/66
. Woods, Gary, 24U40 307 Blocker Street Huntsville, Alabama 35806/67-/69
--Delta Site 4 @ White Beach .
. Boles, William J. (Buddy), Specialist E-5, Missile Tracking Radar operator and other areas. Was almost killed in a Army station wagon accident while on the island. I enjoyed serving and would like to hear from anyone who may have served in Okinawa during that time. - Buddy Boles, 8126 Mobile Hwy., Pensacola, FL. 32526/59-/61
. Duick, Jerome, IFC. technician E5. Finished Ajax 42 weeks.Went to the 5th Hercules class 16 weeks. Chinese got me to okinawa.Others went Formosa.I wanted to reup but to take WO.I was required to complete another 14 months on Okinawa.I went states worked Princeton University Joined USNR air crew S2f's. I would love to hear if any one from BtryD 61 arty (hercules). We Got operational Whle living in squad tents. - 174 fletcher drive morrisville, pa11/58-
. Huber, Roger C., SP/5 Nike Hercules (Parts Clerk) @ Launch area'66-'68
. Mandeville, Paul, 52b generator Operator, Left site Summer of 70 when most nike sites in the area were closed. 6/69-7/70
. Martin, Roy, SP5, 24U20 - Roy provided coordinates for Site 4 /69
. Newell, Dale, 23G20 IFC Maintenance SP-5 Discharged USA Sept 1969 - 102 Christian Ln. Sequim, WA 98382 11/67-9/69
. Wool, Dennis R., Crewman, Section control operator, L.C.T. operator. Left as a Sp/5 grade. Loved my job and tour of Okinawa. Enjoyed the people of Okinawa and how they related to us as G.I.s. I helped one family cut down their sugarcane, Spent nights eating dinner with them, i was like part of the family. The man of the house was in charge of the recreational facilities down at white beach. We played lots of ping pong together and we struck up a friendship. Thanks to my buddy Rodger Huber,he taught me how to high dive off the board. My experience of Okinawa was all good. Especially the family of Okinawa who took me in as their own. We spent a total of 18 mos there. In that time we had one earthquake reg at 6 or 7. A few Hurricanes. Met alot of good men from all over the United States. - 18 Norwich Ct. San Ramon, Ca. 945836/67-10/68
--Alpha - ?site #5? on MCAF, the Marine Corp Air Facility in Futema. .
. Borroel, Roger supplyman in Headquarters Battery, site 7(also called site 7a). - Love it, and it was one big blast, esp.when we(my buddies) went down hill to mamasan! But, all good things must end, and I had volunteered for Vietnam, and left in November. 1/68 - 11/68
. Davis, Michael R, IFC - I spent 32 months on Okinawa, at the Marine Air Facility (MCAF) Nike Site. .
. Koch, Michael L., We could use the Marine Enlisted and NCO Clubs, and on occasion the Medical facility. The Navy Exchange was better than some of the larger AAFES. The things that I really remember is the numerous Typhoons, going to Bolo Point for Missile Practice, and Ville's. Nike Site at the end to the Runway Unique. Spent 18 months fighting Marines and typhoons :) - 2100 NE 159th St., Ridgefield, WA 98642 10/64-5/66
. Monfalcone, Edward, found out just how big a spider can grow on Okinawa04/69-09/69
. Rappleyea, Ben, i still think of all the wonderfull people i met while on okinawa and at ft bliss met and married a great girl from el paso married 39 yrs 3 daughters 7 grandkids - 1400 mockingbird lane durham n c 27 7/67-1/69
site #6 Chinen, right next to the Hawk battery. .
. Baligad, Thomas A., Generator Operator Great time there and enjoyed the view from atop of Chenin ! I also taught at Yanabaru Jr. High School for seven months. Made loads of friends with the Okinawan Security forces ! They'd take me to OFF limits area's and we'd have a gas ! Don't know exactly what they'd do if they caught me there ! Visited the TEA HOUSE of the AUGUST MOON with them ! Also taught students from the University of the Ryukyu's ! I was a generator operated and an E-4 when I left the "ROCK" !1/63-7/64
. Cooper, John, Military Police Sgt 1207 S Payne Olathe Kansas 660611/69-6/70
. Monfalcone, Edward, Typhoon on top of a mountian is an experiance fighting fire at launching area only to find 500 pound Navl shell the next day when we whent to see where we fought09/69-09/71
. Rains, Samuel, SP/4, Long Range and Low range Radar Opr. Spent most of my off time on BC street or Gate 2 street. - 21502 Lee Rd, Humble TX 773391/66-10/67
. Richardson, James, IFC AD Assistant WO1 , CWO2. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 1/67-8/69
. Rusher, J, Actual location on map is near Kudeken as far south and east as you can get high on cliff with the Pacific on one side and Nakagusuku Bay on the other. Spent lots of time in the ocean and on the reefs 1/4 mile off Hyakuna. We took all the "Nukes" off before giving control to Japan.12/70-6/72
. Smith, Timothy, MOS16c20 HIPAR SP4 2/66-7/67
. Wilk, Matthew E-4, generator operator, ... "poor man's Hawaii" ... two major typhoons during my tour, the 1967 one was by far the worst. I spent most of that storm in the generator building providing power since commercial power was cut off. 8/65-11/67
--Charlie site #7 - ?Yozadake? ?Yoza-dake?.
. Booty, H W, Spec 4, Assembly and Test Building (A&T Building} Remove and installed boosters,rocket motors and warheads (Conventional and Nuclear). Asked why building was circled by large berm, Sarge said in case we made a mistake. Had to use spark proof tools and grounded everything.Only thing still don't understand if they were nukes why no radiation detectors,etc. 6/67-10/69
. Craft, Robert (Bob)e, WO - Lchr Area Materiel maintenance - 414 Windsor Ln, New Braunfels TX 78132 9/59-3/60
. East, Herman, SP/5 Crewchief - BOX 44, TEHUACANA, TX 76686/62-/64
. Garza, Roger, I was sp/4 LCT operator - c btry was site 6 not site 7. It was by itoma and sucucide clif. - 290hcr2421e hillsboro, tx 76645 12/62-4/64
. Ianno, John, Sp 4 MOS 225, Missile Technician. it was my job to perform 2nd echelon maintenance on missile, launcher and fire control equipment, did monthly RF testing and adjustments on missile guidance system, and painting and sweeping when there was nothing else to do(when we weren't hiding and playing cards. after the 18 month tour, off and on i dreamed of the site for the next 30 years, constantly dreaming i had rejoined and was again assigned to the same site. I was in Osaka in June of 2001 and with two of my sons, finally went back to Okinawa to find Site 7, which i knew was near a place called Yozadake. the locals didn't remember the place and when i got a cab to take me to Yozadake, to a place that seemed like it was our IFC area it was being used by a Japanese hawk unit. Because it was built on i wasn't sure it was the same place, but it seemed right. they didn't know where Site 7 was, or even if they were on it. However, a young Okinawan woman who was a corporal in the Japanese army spent the rest of the day and most of the night driving us around to the new monuments and museum at Suicide Cliff and other places in Naha and Kadina. Two days later, when we were leaving for the airport, she called me at my hotel to tell me her leutenant had found my site and it was still there. unfortunately, we had to catch our plane, but i told her i would be back. i guess i still have unfinished business there. 6/65-12/66
. Koko, Paul, SP4, I was Battery Clerk and also Mgr. of AAF/MPS Theater on site. Remote location atop Yoza-Dake, near southern tip of Okinawa. I have good memories of some great acquaintances, but was very happy to finally get off the island. 02/64-09/65
. Leihy III, Clayton, Battery clerk/S1/S2 & projectionist for on-site theater. 25 River Bank Dr., Roebling, NJ 08554/62-/63
. Murray, Michael J., Sp/4.... Trained at Ft. Bliss as a laucher crewman 16B and wounded up in Okinawa in the IFC as a computer operator. On my free time worked as a lifegaurd at missile site pool and was the movie projectionist. After Greg left I was stuck with being the btry photographer. I enjoyed Okinawa but a lot of my fellow crewman were mostly assholes from the get go. - 1083 Elsbree Lane, Windsor, CA.7/67-1/69
. Tauscher, Gregg, IFC Repairman, best assignment in all 26 yrs! Was battery photographer, but lost all pictures in many military moves.... - 3406 Route 46; Smethport, PA 167498/67-4/69
. Wright, Gene, E4 Generator Operator & Maintenance Also TDY bolo point . All Firing 1963 '62-'64
site #8 - protected Naha Air Force Base .
. Belfer, Bert, SP4-SP6, IFC Maintenance, MOS 23G/24Q Thanksgiving 67 whole unit came down with food poisoning. Was my 1st assignment. Great people, 10/67-5/70
. Brown, Sam , I was stationed at Site 8 from 1962-1964 as a Nike Hercules Launcher MOS but wound up being a dog handler (Ado) for 18 months. Those of us on the launcher side commuted to the mess hall via deuce and a half, three times a day. Other that trips to Namaui or watching the action on the flight line , life was pretty boring on Okinawa in those days./62-/64
. Diedenhofer, Ken, Spec5 Fire control 24q20/68-/70
. Durling, Carl SP4, Missile Tracking Fire Control Operator '60-'61
. Gossage, Henry, C-8-3 Site 8 IFC ABAR8/72-5/73
. Keller, Kurt, 2nd LT. After completing 9 weeks officer training at Ft. Bliss, I was assigned to Okinawa. I served as the fired control platoon leader and then the launch area platoon leader and finally the XO. Best two years of my life. They even shipped my car over there and back. I was ROTC so two years active duty. 8/68-8/70
. Levine, Richard M, Fire Control Technician'64-'65
. Pellow, Alan, SP4, AN/FPS-69 & IFF mechanic. Main job was to supply video to the ADCAP center at NAHA airbase. We were actually part of the 44th. Ordnance Co.. Actually a great job and place compared to some other jobs at the time. - 6017 Brass Tack Ct., Fuquay Varina, NC 275267/70-8/71
. Reaves, John, Section chief in the launcher section When we arrived the site had just been built and was not opperational. We merged with a Howitzer outfit and my section who had just completed training at Fort Bliss trained the other sections. Our battalion commander was Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Castle. I would like to hear from anyone who served there,especially during this time. - 400 Valhalla Dr. Edgemont, Arkansas 720441/59-6/60
96th Ord.Det
?30th Arty Bgd Ordnance ? .
. Gruenwald,Cliff, Sp5 /60-/61
. Keuper, Ken Jr., SP/5 22L20 Test equip. & repair. I forgot what ordnance company I was in. We had Improved Herc. w/nukes and surface to serface cards. Was this common throughout? Why won't they consider nuke tips on THAAD weappns in development? 11/67-5/69
. Piland, Doyle D E6 - Nike Missile & Launcher Repair, supported sites 1 - 8 Ordnance web site'60-'64
137 Ord Co . .
. Brewer (Smokey) 71-73
44th Ordnance . .
. Crawford, Robert, Didn't care much for the Army, but I really liked being on Okinawa. Did too much partying, got into lots of trouble...oh well. Saw reversion first hand and some of the racial stuff that preceeded it. What a time. 3/71-5/72
. Grace, Robert, 11/67-5/69
. Howard, W.P., SP 5 22G 9/68-4/71
. Pittman, Joe, Spec 4 22G20 Launcher control repairman. I provided direct support to each site. ... The 44th Ordnance was not the most desireable unit to be assigned to, overcrowded, 500 people in an area designed for 100, were were larger than Brigade, extremely poor quality food, The "C" Rations were gormet dining in comparison, so bad that people were always sick from what they ate, food shortages, I would stand in line for 30 minutes only to be turned away because there was no more food,kept my locker stocked with Dity Moore Beef Stew and Campbells Soup, a CO who let his rank go to his head, an Article 15 a day for some one whether they needed it or not and racial tensions, fire bombing of the barracks, just to name a few. The fun times I had off duty, Koza, $.08 cents by local bus, $1.00 by taxi, ... did help to make up for the politics in the Company. 10/68-7/69
. Stauffer, Harry M., SFC, MOS 23W5H, QA/QC NCOIC11/67-12/69
. VanBuskirk, Dirk, Sp4 with 44th Ord, Fire control computer maint.1/70-7/72
Site 18 radar only above the village of Toguchi on Mt. Yaedake it had an AN/FSP69 part of the Nike/Hawk defensive system on Okinawa .
. Halpin, Terry, Was transfer to 18 from site 3 after being promoted and went back to being a medic. went through 2 typhoons 1 at site 3 and 1 at site 18.10/66-1/69
. Parker, Lewis, Radar operator, 705 Hack St. Anderson,S.C. 296243/69-11/69
Site 9, 8th 3rd.arty b.brty Eagle, Arloho.g, i had various dutys on okinawa asp support at bolo point.with one great msgt.clyde.smith and sgt.jackson.spent my free time traveling okinawa on my barrowed motorcycle with sp.4.s morgan and carl schone. I had many great times tdy two times at bolo point asp.i remember sgt bell fell off the cliff.his body was never recovered at bolo point. - 1142 calumet,city,ill60409 9/61-2/63
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