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Nebraska site information
list of firing batteries -
- LI-01 Ceresco/Davey
- LI-50 Crete
- OF-60 Cedar Creek
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Name, family name first
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dates at
Bn Omaha .
. Mason, Phillip, Capt, BN S-3 /61-/62
LI-01Ceresco/Davey .
. Curry, Bill, 266 nw 117 ct ocala, fl 34482/62-/63
. DeNardo, David, IFC parts clerk6/64-4/66
. Hart, Lee Andrew, PFC,worked as launcher crewman I worked in our assembly building. Drove the cherry picker with air compressor to maintain hydraulic pressure at the launchers. Also was member of thr warhead team Reinlisted for HAWK CW school at t Bliss. Enjoyed the time at the site and in the surrounding small towns where we were welcomed and treated with the same respect we displayed.10/62-7/64
. Pytko, Walter C., I was a IFC mechanic and I also worked on the ABAR radars. I closed the site down and was one if the last to leave. My rank was SPC 4.The day the site was sold I was on guard duty. The IFC site is pretty much intact and is Raymond Central High School. - 1621 Benton, Lincoln NE 68521-1635 10/64-06/66
. Thieman, Theodore J (Ted), PFC-SP4 IFC Missile Tracking Operator, In Nebraska the IFC area was with the barracks, mess hall, and offices. - P.O. Box 86, Petersburg, NEbraska 68652 9/60-1/62
. Vickers, Bruce, My name is Glenn and I am the son of SFC Bruce Vickers. Dad is well and has little to say about his time in the sevice. I would love to talk to anyone who may have served with Dad. He would probably be glad as well. I have great memories of being stationed there. /64-/66
LI-50Crete .
. Zellers, Charles R. (Chuck), ABAR (AN/FPS-75) mechanic. Left US Army as SP5-E5 with P1 pay. 7/63-2/66
OF-60Cedar Creek .
. Cragin, Marvin, LCT Operator, Cuban Missile Crisis; Kennedy Assassination; SNAP twice; ORE's. CMI's, Foulkes-McCroy-Smith accident; -22° 10/62-7/65
. Curry, Bill, pfc MP. 266 nw 117 ct ocala, fl 3448201/61-/62
. Hayes, Royce C., SP5 E5 Nike-Herc IFC Mechanic Helped supervise the closing of the site before leaving. - 10433 CR 1292 Flint, TX 7576212/64-6/66
. Johnson, Richard, 8/65-3/66
. McFarland, John, LCT Operator,Panel Operator,Crewman - 2812 Tiny Ridge Way,Pacific,Mo 63069 11/61-03/62
. Ragan, Bill R, Sp-4 Missile Crewman/62-/65
. Thompson, Donald L., I was an {ABAR} operator pfc Great place but to far from Omaha. I learned how use a 45 by shooting into a pond. Got caught sleeping on guard duty. Thats a no no...KP>>>KP closed and went to Penn[sylvania] - 337 Kenwood Hill Rd. Louisville, Kentucky 6/65-6/66
. Vento, William, SPc 4 LTC operator10/62-10/64
. Visconti, Ronald, mos 62c20 Engineer Mechanic, SP4. site deactivated June 1966 4/65-6/66
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NewJersey site information
NY-53 Leonardo /Belford or Middletown
NY-54 Holmdel /Hazlet
NY-55DC Highlands AFS/AADB
NY-56 Ft. Hancock
NY-58/60 S. Amboy
NY-65 South Plainfield
NY-73 Summit/Watchung
NY-80 (double)Livingston/Essex Fells, East Hanover
NY-88 Mt. View /Wayne/Packanack Lakes
NY-93/94 (double) Ramsey/Darlington /Mahwah/ Franklin Lakes
PH-23/25 (double) Lumberton
Ft. Dix
PH-32 Marlton
PH-41/43 (double) Berlin /Clementon
PH-49 Pitman
PH-58 Swedesboro
PH-64DC Pedricktown
Camp Kilmer Direct Support Shop, Edison
Site ID or
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dates at
NY-53 Leonardo /Belford or Middletown .
. Cox, Donald T., Sp3, Battery Carpenter [This job title must be a bit of a suprise to the Army. Wonder what Don was patching up?? - Ed Thelen] 11/57-6/58
. Holmes, Ronald H. Sgt. Assembly/Maint 1957-1958
. Petersen, Franklin, Sp/4 Brother Tom and I assgn. at the same time. - 8178 Deerbrook cir. Sarasota,fl. 34238 4/59-6/60
. Petersen, Tom, Part of the ground crew in the Nike Ajax missle site. Remember to old Iron Horse? I do, spent many hours cutting the grass behind it. Very interesting for a 17 year old kid.4/59-9/60
. Platt, James, E-4, Msl Launcher crewman, helped in maintenance - 622 Floral Ave. Colonial Heights, VA 238343/57-4/60
NY-54Holmdel /Hazlet .
. Benary, George, Senior sentry dog handler (Corporal), /60-/60
. Bowers, William F, PFC, TTR & TRR Operator 4637W.87TH PL. Hometown, IL 604561/64-3/65
. Cunnane, William F., Was radar maint supply and then MTR operator Closed site in 1974 - 622 Michigan Ave Libby Mt 599233/73-7/74
. Garrison, Raymond Jr, SP/4 MILITARY POLICE Steady job on main gate supposedly the first MP to do that. Served in 44th Arty in Korea 2/8/65 -March 28.1966 as an MP. I originally went to nike school in Ft Biss, Texas and qualified as a missle crewman and then shipped to Korea. Took basic in Fort Dix, NJ Was discharged at Fort Hamilton on Sept 8, 1967 2/67-9/67
. Holman, Bill, IFC MTR Operator - 502 villanova circle warrington, pa. 18976 9/62-1/63
. Gatto, Timothy IFC operator 68-69
. Petersen, Tom, Assigned to the pits as a launcher crew men at this Nike Hercules site. Almost 3 yrs as PFC not a great success story for a military career. However went in the service as a kid came out realizing what life is all about. My experence in the military certainly helped me in my adult life. I went on to better things and now I am enjoying my retirement years. Love to hear from some old friends.9/60-3/62
. Salata, Dave ICF mechanic MOS 44-N-226.1 (23G20) '66-'68
. Sigler, Harvey L., Sp5 Very interesting experance at the TDY firing at White Sands, N.M. - 582 Peachcrest Drive, Oakdale, CA 95361 /56-/59
NY-55DC Highlands AFS/AADB - 19th Artillery Group (AD), (AADCP).
. Casey, Michael, (bad e-mail address) Specialist 4th class-Peronnel Specialist for the 19th Artillery Group ARADCOM - PO Box 640462 oakland gdns, NY 113644/65-5/65
. Campbell, Willie, Radar operator, Height finder-surveillance- plotting board E-3--E-44/61-8/62
. Cornett, Steve, When I arrived in 65, we still had Air Force people on base, including AP's, and we were still plotting manually; by the time I left, we were all ARADCOM army had video consoles and computers.I used to run one of them, but by golly don't remember the job title. I do remember other other two guys qualified to sit at the video games were Herman I. Hill from West Virginia and Joe Bivins (or Bivens) from Pittsburg, PA. Others who came and went included Tom Gatto from Long Island, Howie Nugent from NYC, Bruce Jenson from Massachusets. - Canyon, TX10/65-8/68
. Harrington, David, MAJ; AADCP Section Leader (Missile Monitor); Bde S-3;XO 3/51 ADA Bn, Bde S-1. Left there for HAWK assignment in Iran. Ft Hancock was one of the Army's well-kept secrets.1/70-11/72
. Jaynes, Thomas H., Work for 19th Artillery Group Sergeant Major O'Reilly as his unit readiness clerk. - Gathered all information from Nike unit sites in the New York and New Jersey metro area and typed daily unit status and operational reports. E-3 and E-4, 16H - 357 Wauford Drive Nashville, TN 372111/67-3/68
. Pritchard, William Aide de Camp 52 Arty Bd Highlands NJ,plus Tac Director in the AADCP 1970-1971
. Seitz, Ted - TTR operator
Highlands Air Force Station, NJ - Sp-4
. Shanks, Larry, MOS 16K Fire Distributions Systems Crewman sp/5 lived on Ft. Hancock. Then went to Germany. /70-/73
. Stevens, Les, 25B FUIF repairman. Had a Ford Econoline van, a tool kit and a few spare parts and traveled to the missle sites to make repairs. - later, Oct 2011 "I was wondering if you have seen any documentation or photos of the old 4-rack FUIF that coud be shared." 4/69-11/70
. Wallace, Roy, IFC Plt Ldr; Btry XO; trained other battery IFC crews on IFC simulator; Ft Bliss ASP 8/63-3/64
. Wettach, Richard, I was the acting supply sgt ... HHB 52nd bde. As I lived off base I didn't get to know many of the people.I was a member of the NBC team during our DCE's11/68-6/72
Dual Battery
& HQ Battery
Ft. Hancock (Sandy Hook).
An oral history of Roger Cote (below) - via James Biles
. Adams, Bill, Launcher Plt. Ldr. (stories) 9/66-7/67
. Aultman, John, SFC, was IFC maint. chief until Msgt. Butke ranked me out. Left to attend OCS where I became a 2lt with 12 years enlisted service. And that's another nike story for later.6/60-4/63
. Baranek, Robert, AZ operator, SP-4.. this time of my service is a blurr, but I do know I served with some great men - 57 Idlewell Blvd., Weymouth, MA 021888/70-12/71
. Beckham, R J, ` MTR Operator 11/68-1/71
. Benary, George, Senior sentry dog handler (Corporal), I also worked as a life guard at the EM beach, the best party that I have ever been to/58-/60
. Carter, James, was a LTC operator batt.c 4th missle 71st art. /59-/62
. Cote, Roger J., SP5/SGT Delta Section Panel Operator, Assist Section Chief,SP5, later Sgr E5 Msl Crwmn, Asst Section Chief, Bravo Section, Warm beaches in summer, close to civilization, Great trip to New Mexico for SNAP. 8 Ontario Dr. Sinking Spring, Pa. 19608 7/68-8/69
. Cote, Roger J., Sgt.HQ Btry, 526 AAA Msl Bn. Missile Assembly & Testing. Fort Hancock was a great site. Terific fishing. - 3737 Sapphire St, Keller TX 76248 1/54-3/56
. Cunnane, William, Went from Pvt 2 to Spec 4 Maint clerk and then MTR operator - 622 Michigan Ave Libby Montana 599233/73-4/74
. Decker, David, Sp3 Batter C 526 AAA Battalion Battery Clerk - 9715 Whitley Park Place 11/55-10/57
. DiGregorio, Thom ("DG"), Pvt/E2 and left as an SP4. I manned the MTR (missile tracking radar), range on the TTR (target tracking radar), and Acq (LOPAR/HIPAR). During the Summer of '70 we were called "hot" (at a "5-minute status") from "training" status, with the nukes "up and armed!" We never learned what caused the circumvention of the 24-hour notice to "assume status" (from training status), the bypassing of 20-minute checks, or the fact that the arming plugs had been inserted (which, as you know, was never done!). After 30 to 60 minutes or so we were called down, and resumed "grass cutting status!" (That episode was a bit un-nerving!)
Late one night (actually, early morning), while on guard duty, I was contacted by battalion HQ and asked if I had "launched a missile!" After stepping outside to check the sky over the launch area, I assured HQ that I (we) hadn't! Apparently, a weather rocket had been fired from Wallops Island, Virginia, which was seen all along the Eastern coast, raising calls to the military by the public and police!
We did occasionally have some "fun!" Fort Hancock was a closed base, at the end of a long peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic. As such, there were long stretches of open roadway, with nothing around but ocean, bay, sand and seagulls; no one paid attention to the posted speed limit. One afternoon the base MPs decided to set up a radar speed trap, about a half-mile or so from the IFC area. With the understanding that we had to put it back up, our crew chief allowed us to pop the canvas radome. We attached the alignment scope to the MTR, put the cross-hairs on the MP's radar unit, and fired-up our antenna. We overloaded three speed radars (as in, "burnt them out") before the MPs gave up for the day! (They probably ran out of radar units!)
By the way, I painted an elaborate compass rose at the entrance to the IFC area for a drill, which, as of the early 90s, was still visible! If it's still there, don't trust its accuracy; I didn't have a compass to lay it out with!
. Drews, Dennis, C-2 IFC, as range operator, then MTR and section chief. ... recently visited the "Hook" and was able to tour the IFC during an open house (it's within the National Recreation Area now). Don't know if I can be of any help, but let me know if anyone needs my recollections. My wife and I lived on post at the time and we were able to dig some things out of our collective memory together. 8/68-12/71
. Dunn, David A., SP5, IFC Computer Operator, proudly served on Joe Bremby's crew; locked horns many times with CWO Piland on ORE's; 3 ASP's; Call-sign "DELTA-ALFA-DELTA"; closed the site in 1974 :-( - 100 Four Bridges Road, Somers, CT 0607111/71-7/74
. Hanley, Michael, Lancher Crewmen - A great place to be stationed. At the time almost the whole "hook" was restricted so we had the beach to ourselves. It was great just wandering around. 1/60-3/61
. Hawk, John, When I left I was the Bn Eng NCO. Traveled throughout the Bgd and also assisted the I Rgn CMMI Team. - 1105 Cedar Creek Dr Belton Tx 76513 - [German tour of duty] -Left before Nike was disbanded( was assigned to Recruiting Cmd) Then to Ft Hood Tx where I retired in 1981 - Will be visiting NJ in Oct 07 would love to meet with anyone still in area! /64-9/69
. Jackson, William A., Began as a Launcher Crewman (PFC E-3)and rose to Assistant Section Chief (SGT E-5) by the time I left Fort Hancock and the Army. Still go back there since I live in the area and also serve as a tour guide for the National Park service proivding tours of the missile base on weekends. Hope to see some of our veterans at these tours. - 1203 Jeffrey Street, Asbury Park, NJ 07712-49541/69-7/72
. Jula, John (Jay), missle assy 22F before it became 24U, 5224 Sun Valley El Paso Tx 79924 11/66-11/67
. Keough, Edward, 16B10, 16B20. Also ran base theater for a time. Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on what was left of the site. Have annual qualification list 3/69. TDY Ft. Bliss for annual qualification 8/69.11/68-8/70
. Kellis, Billy Joe, Cpl - 133 Vestal Rd. Troy, N.C. 273712/54-1/55
. Lippert, Robert G, Started in A section with JB Brown as Sp4, then made 5. Went to work with Sgt Walden as his assistent.Filled in as security NCO for a while, got out in 74 - 11881 Wilson St.,Wolcott,NY 145903/70-3/74
. Littrell, Doug, Acq operator-spec 5, Evertime we were hot battery we would get called up for an unknown. Training was extensive and we could do the drills in our sleep. Also we would have missions on wednesday mornings until about noon. We were always having tactical evaluation from battalion and everyone of them was interesting - 545 Sherwood dr Crown Point in 8/68-8/69
. McKenna, John, Chief IFC Maintenance- at C2-3 IFC NY-56 was a dual site. I was at C2 (of C/3/51). Revisited a few months ago. Platforms and some buildings still there; but, sight mostly overgrown.6/64-6/66
. Minton, Thomas P., Intern with the Nat'l Park Service. For the last 9 months, I've slowly carved the battery out from 30 years of unchecked vegitation. It is an honor to work on such a project, and in some cases actually meet Nike Missile vets. I just wanted to say thanks, guys. If you're ever out by Fort Hancock, stop by, we'd love to have you. PS: If you are a Nike Veteran (or any veteran) of Ft. Hancock, we would love to interview you for our oral history program. Please contact me either way. Blazing Skies!!! - Tom 1/2004-
. Mitchell, Jim, 24P20 - Later sent to Korea and was transitioned into HAWK. Retired in 2006 as CW4 with over 32 years in ADA. /68-/69
. Monahan, James P., 9/61-7/63
. Nash, Elby M., Launch Platoon Ldr, NY-56, Bn S-2. Was with C/3/51 when we scored a 100 on SNAP (first RA Nike battery to do it)in March '72. Visited launch site in April 2006 and was surprised to see launch site buildings still intact. Launch area itself still in pretty good shape, although no rails were standing. Brought back some good memories of a great team. Currently a management consultant and adjunct professor at Stevens Instittute of Technology.11/69-5/72
. O'Connor, Dan, I was the Company Clerk (S-1), and Mailman, for Headquarters Battery, 52nd Artillery Brigade, ARADCOM - 3218 South 4th Avenue, Whitehall, PA 18052, T - 610-261-0202 1/64-6/65
. Orma, Frank A. SPC 4, trainer & moved about quite a bit '60-61
. Peterson, Robert, Arrived at Fort Hancock with about 20 other guys who had OJT'd as gun bunnies on 175's at Fort Carson. I started in the training room as a clerk (knowing how to type helped) and ended up working as battery clerk for 1st Sarge Don Wood. Had the chance to make E5 but I took an early out and went home to finish my business degree at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks). Glad to see the work being done to restore the site and get the story out about what it was like to be a Cold War Warrior. Suiting up for aggressor training with the dogs, firing several hundred rounds to qualify with a .45, driving to Ft. Monmouth to pick up our cash payroll - all great memories. Would love to hear from anyone who was on site at the same time. 1/71-12/71
. Powers, Glenmore, E-4 "Pit Rat" otherwise known as Launcher Crewman 16B. Also worked in Rec Center, after duty and ran the post theater. Had the Best NCO Club I've ever visited. Paid the base a visit in 1995. After looking at the run down condition of the entire base I realized how long it had been between visits... too long. Enjoyed reminiscing.8/68-11/69
. Pugh, Walter, Sgt. - I was assigned to Engineer section. I was CBR NCO My inspectlor was John Hawk. I transfered to Hqts Where Patrick was first sgt I took SSGT hawks place as CBR inspector. I got out of service Feb 1970. Wound up with a BS degree, Was ordained as a Minister of the gospel. I was a home builder for thirty years, and preached the Gospel of Christ. I enjoyed my time in the Nike field. Would love to hear from any of my fellow nike men. 2/67-2/68
. Roby, James, E2-E4--IFC--Missle Tracking Radar3/69-9/70
. Rosen, Lester, Launch Section -- Fired Missiles 3/56 at Red Canyon, New Mexico4/55-12/46
. Rowinski, John P., Rank PFC,worked at S-3 with a M/Sgt John Sides. Soon came down on orders for Eighth Army Support Command, Seoul, Korea. Left Korea after 16 months E-5 - 7719 Hanoverdale Drive, Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 1/64-3/65
. Singleton, Robert S., Radar/Computer maintenance, The 526th AAA Missile Battalion was the first Nike group at Ft. Hancock, operation in field conditions prior to permanent sites. 9/53-3/55
. Skrocki, Stan, PFC to SP4 16C20 Nike-Hercules Fire Control Crewman. C/3/51 – IFC#1 TTR Operator and Computer Operator. Participated in a SNAP exercise in White Sands. I have good memories and it was an honor to serve with such a great bunch of guys. I remember that just before Halloween once some of the guys placed dark cardboard cutouts inside the HIPAR dome with backlighting to make it look like a giant Jack-O-Lantern. It made the local newspaper!! I also remember the entire Battery going “Hot” during the summer of ’70 with no explanation…missiles up and armed on 5 minute launch status, it was scary and exciting!! I also remember some of the guys burning up several of the base MPs’ speed radar units with the MTR in retaliation for their speed trap harassment. Blazing Skies!!! 6/69-11/70
. Smith, Jeff, Some good people there MSG E J Mitchell (then SSG) CW4 Versaw (then WO! who drove his jeep into the ocean by accident????? /66-/67
. Smith, Timothy L., 16C SP4 - 834 Indian Creek Dr, O'Fallon, IL 622693/72-9/73
. Stecher, Doug, Engineer Section C/4/71, 9750 E. Celtis Ave. Tucson, AZ 85748 60-61
. Stewart, Jerry, 16c I was a range operator./71-/72
. Sylvester, Bob, Nike Hercules Launcher Crewman 16B20R2. I was in Alpha pit, which was the pit nearest to the southwest corner of the inner exclusion area (the pit with the dark inner rectangle (water?) in it now). It's so strange to see it from the air after all these years. There were four launchers in the inner exclusion area. Each had about 6 Nike Herc's in it. The area just south was the missile assembly and maint. buildings surrounded by a large berm. Thanks for the look at the old place. /71-/72
. VanLehn, Jerry, Private e-2 and finished as a Spec 4. Spent many lonely nights with my dog walking the fence line at Fort Hancock, chasing rabbits, birds and many beasts of the area.8/69-2/71
. Wallace, Roy, I was IFC Plt Ldr at IFC#2 in 1963 for a few months. [ In response to problems identifying the IFC areas Roy provided an image and said - There was ] a HIPAR on the north side of the IFC#1 area. /63
. Weddle, Mike, 22F20, SP-4 Maintenance Sargent - 942 No. Oaks Ave., Ontario, California 917625/67-2/68
. Wood, Donald H., ISG - short version for first Sergeant6/70-5/72
NY-58/60S. Amboy .
. Calandro, Pete, Panel Operator Launch Control- Sp42/62-7/64
. Hetzel, Robert (Bob), 1/62-6/62
. O'Dell, Dennis Fire control Operator '63-'64
. Perkowski, Edward (Dale), IFC 16C20 SP5 7/68-1/69
. Pinsi, Peter, 11/67-5/68
NY-65South Plainfield .
. Growney, Frank, SP3 Radar operator both ttr and mtr With initial crew that set up site and maintained it for first 2 years. - living in Vermont5/55-1/57
. Klco, Paul W. Az Operator - single site, Now give tours at NY-54, Sandy Hook, NJ, for the National Park Service (volunteer.) H - 856-235-6070, C - 856-904 3930 - 189 Schoolhouse Lane - Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-1048 /62-/63
. Travis, David, Started as launcher area electronics technician. Served on Army custodial team when NJ National Guard took over missile base. 1/63-2/65
NY-73Summit/Watchung .
double site
Livingston /Essex Fells, East Hanover .
. Aultman, John, I was trained at Ft. bliss as an IFC Tech about the same time as my first Btry CO, Cpt. Harley F. Mooney (a highly decorated infantry officer) arrived from Ft. Bliss. Beautiful area. Lots of stories.6/57-6/60
. Bohlander (Bo), Robert F, SP5 MTR Oper at A2 IFC. NY80 ?/71 (deactivated)- NY79 8/74 (deactivated) second_site_comments: Both of these sites were NJ ARNG when I started with them. - 33 W Ivy Lane, Englewood, NJ 076314/69-8/74
. Carlson, Allan, SP4, Missile Maint. Tech. Nike Ajax8/57-9/60
. Cunningham, Harmon, e-4 geneator operatorlaunch area - 200-18 rain bow w. tawakoni, tx. 754744/59-3/62
. Kaluza, Richard R., TTR operator SP410/58-11/60
. Klco, Paul W. Az operator - LCA Plt Ldr - IFC Plt Ldr. - Hercules - single site but had Ajax 6 pits when converted to Hercules only 2 pits were operational., Now give tours at NY-54, Sandy Hook, NJ, for the National Park Service (volunteer.) H - 856-235-6070, C - 856-904 3930 - 189 Schoolhouse Lane - Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-1048 /63-/72
. Lang, Ed, TTR operator SP4, C Battery was a dual site combining site 79 and 80, 10213 E. Stoney Vista Dr. Sun Lks,az7/58-5/61
. Miller, Bill, Computer operator SP/4.. C Battery, Liningston N.J. 12/61-12/62, I have a picture of everyone there in 62 ---- B Battery Franklin Lakes, N.J. 12/62-7/64, 702 S. Academy St. Mooresville, N.C. 12/61-7/64
. Miller, Bruce H., Became Sp-5, E-5 after 19 months of duty. Repaired radar and IFF equipment there, Orangeburg, N.Y., and Livingstone N.J. How good can it get when a Regular Army guy can get stationed on a Nat. guard site. Reported to Highlands N.J. to a Orion Upchurch from N.C. who was the best officer in the Army. I thank God to this day for the duty I had at such a terrible time. God bless all the Vets who served and died for this country back then and forever. Long live America the beautiful!!! I often think about the great people I worked with there and miss the money I took from them playing pool. The N.G.'s were easy prey. - 616 Brighton Dr. Hatfield, Pa. 19440. 12/68-6/70
. O'Dell, Dennis Fire control Operator '63-'64
. Patton, Chester A., MTR operator, E-4 left active duty, went to work on site for the California National Guard. - 10392 Chisholm Trl. Cherry Valley, Ca5/62-2/65
. Perreault, David W., got out in 1965. went to work in mpls mn. machinist, still working, but slowing down. - 6721 168th ave. w . eden prairie, mn. 5534611/62-8/65
NY-88Mt. View /Wayne/ Packanack Lakes .
. Denis, Norman SP-4, COMP Operator'56-'58
. Finkelstein, Sanford J. SP-4, ACQ Radar'56-'58
. Forrester, Sanford, recognized the redesign of the shoulder patch .... how can I get one of these new shoulder patches?/56-/58
Ramsey/ Darlington /Mahwah /Franklin Lakes.
. Brody, Rick, /68
. Fish, Robert L., Launching Group Commander, XO 9/59-6/61
. Friedel, George C., LCR Platoon Leader, XO, BC during installation of HIPAR radar. Launcher site is now an up scale housing development built on top of filled in pits. IFC area is a county riding park with a horse in my BOQ room. 60-62
. Grossmann, A. Glenn, Radar Operator / SP-4 - Homosassa Springs, Florida11/62-9/65
. Gutshall, Wayne H. Jr, Laucher area at Mahway & fire control at Franklin Lakes (dual site) 56 Bell Lane, Mcclure, pa 178418/59-11/61
. Kasabula, John, - Hudson, Florida5/62-11/65
. Kitchen, Chester J., PFC. Launching area, MSL Crewman, Remember the demolitian derbys on weekends when everyone off duty got drunk. Got transfered to Alaska in 10/62. B Btry. was great duty. - Port St Lucie,FL 1/62-10/62
. Langendoen, Jim, USARNG, IFC - 1 Hilltop Circle, Whippany NJ 079819/68-9/72
. Leone, Joseph, Launcher crew ,Panel opperator,SP-4, lived at home, in Fort Lee,NJ, and drove to work daily in my Jag roadster. Tough Duty!!!! 137W Buckingham Ave,Oldsmar, FL,34677
C-battery reunion 2012 clearwater,fl oct.17th till oct.24th call joe 813-855-3077
. Mathison, David R., 9/66-
. Miller, Bill, Computer operator SP/4.. 702 S. Academy St. Mooresville, N.C. 12/62-7/64
. Milton, Roy W., MOS 179.10 Fire Controal Crewman. SP/4. From here was transfered to Korea, F-4-44. 351 Penland St. Apt. 5 Ellijay, Ga. 305409/62-4/64
. Myers, Larry D. E-4 BC van operator, I worked in the PX and pulled a lot of Gate Guard. 04/62-08/64
. Pabis, William J., Location Campgaw Mountain Franklin Lakes N.J. - 24 Donnan Rd. Hagaman, N.Y. 1208610/62-2/64
. Perreault, David W., Acq. operator, E/4, would like to hear from people. - 6721 168th ave w. Eden Prairie, MN 55346 11/62-8/65
. Rydlewski, Pete (Ski), 1959-1967 RANK E1-E6, NEW JERSEY 078564/6/64-/67
. Schudel, Donald, IFC crew chief, E4, remembering the RED alert of 03/58 when the "Russian bomber" was 400+ mi. east of New York City - Postal - Reston, VA04/56-03/58
. Stephens, Gary D., PV2 - SP5. Acq. radar and computer operator.
(See his great web page)
09/65 - 05/68
. Weisberg, Marvin, Launcher Crewman - Postal address: Naples, FL4/66-10/67
PH-23 &
Lumberton .
. Boyle, Lawrence, sp/3 mos was generator operator. duties: engineer maintance clerk in launcher area r&u assistance took care of water supply. 12/55-09/57
. Dell, Billy, E-5 spare parts clerk, and acquisition radar operator. RR # 2 Box 150 Towanda, Pa 18848 3/60-12/59
. Egger, William, 173.10 and 257.10 Radar and Generators Pro rating radar - I knew ... and a dog trainer that caught a perpetrator between the fences at the launching area that turned out to be a officer (major) who didn't know the dogs arrived early. Scared the booster fuel out of him. And many others who were on the first Army crew to fire a Herc at Red canyon. Our CO was Capt. Newland. We tracted Krewchevs aircraft as he approached from the south to land in New York. Used to sign out a shotgun and shoot squirills along the gully behind the barracks in the main IFC area.11/59/59
. Foggan, Norman, SP4 Senor Luncher Crewman - Anyone know what happen to the cook Segera ? - PO Box 152 Brunsick NC 284243/56-3/59
. Giguere, Henry N., Lt. Officer in charge of the PH23 IFC area. Lt. Peter Hearn was the Officer in charge of the PH25 IFC area. - 115 East Kings Hwy. Unit 445, Maple Shade, NJ 3/57-8/57
. Gonzales, Pete, Section Leader Sgt E-5 12/56-12/59
. Judge, Larry, Missile Track Radar Operator Spec. 4 - Albion, IL5/56-8/58
. Lorenz, James B., Chief FC Mech MSGT, later FC WO/BCO, Innumeable drills & inspections, many SNAPs, prior to making WO, was in charge of HIPAR. Great piece of equipment, fabulous range. There til the end! 9/63-6/74
. Lynn, Joe, One of the RA custodians of the war plugs. I left the site, screaming and kicking. I signed up for a third year for the Nike program, and "they" decided the 24th Inf Div needed a few good men.But, I was promoted to SSG E-6 while with the 24th, so I guess it all worked out - 10710 central park ave, Trinity, Florida 34655 1/67-12/67
. Magnuson, Steve, 22F20 Nike Herc Maint, Weapons Arming Plug Custodial Team. Did not fully appreciate being located in the middle of a cabbage field. Good National Guard & Regular Army folks though. Did enjoy my transfer & time spent in Friedberg, Germany. Off hand remember Sgt Little and 'Sonny'. Plus a kind Sgt?/wife that provided Thanksgiving dinner at his home. - 4413 Shadeway Rd, Lakewood, CA 907133/67-12/67
. Owens, Edwin D., Completed OJT and received MOS of 177.10, Nike Ajax Fire Control Crewman. Was a dual site. Became first Nike Hercules site in the US. Would like to hear from Don Bishop, Solomon, Ner, or any of the other IFC guys. Anyone know what happened to SFC Ernie Banks ? 4830 NW Hoover, Lawton, OK 735059/58-8/59
. Snyder, Clarence A ( Tony ), Metamora, Il.4/57-12/59
. Tracy, Martin, Sp4 computer and parts supply operator for control van. - Mr. Becker was Warrent Officer. Remember Ned Diehl, Tom Lorton, Chris Perron, Sgt. Bishop, Sgt. Banks, etc. Some of these and others still get together every year in PA around Veterans Day. - 1519 Canterbury Drive, Murray, KY 42071 8/58-5/61
. Wylie, Bob, Arm Plug Protector Arm Plugs for the Hercs on National guard sites were kept in a two dial safe with the combinations in the hands of Regular Army personnel. I guess so NJ could not attack NY. - 2403 Sagemore Dr, Marlton,NJ 08053 - memorial 1969-1971
Ft. Dix
Temporary site
"Between Pemberton & Browns Mills, NJ" "a few miles north of Brown Mills" On State Route 545, on Ft. Dix mil. res..
. Graydon, Bruce, Cpl. Launcher Specialist, D battery 738 Nike Bn. We hacked out a temporary site in an old peartree orchard just outside of Ft. Dix. I never really worked PH-32 because I was discharged in May/55 before Ph-32 was completed. - 901 Garfield Ft Collins, CO 805246/54-5/55
. Young, Clayton W. (Bump), Target tracking radar operator, Cpl., We moved in there in 1954 and converted a gun btry into a Nike missile btry. 'B' Brty, 738th AAA Missile Btln. 6/54-5/55
PH-32Marlton - .
. Dunlap, Evertt, xferred to Nike Msl Traning site, Edgemont, PA 7/57-3/58
. Ehrich. Gene, SP5 worked FCA, Supply, Orderly room, PX /57-/60
. Evans, Jim, Launcher crewman - Arrived as a PVT, left as a PFC10/59-10/60
. Graydon, Bruce, Launching control specialist54-55
. Klee, Hugo, Radar Operator, Merl Stanley 1st Sgt, Pop Becker IFC Maintenance Chief. Left for FC Maint school 1956, WO-1 in 1957, went to Lumberton site, from Clementon site /54-/56
. Lorenz, James B., Chief IFC Mechanic, MSGT, Cuban Missile Crisis brought us home from SNAP. Just arrived at the range, had to turn around and go back to home site. 5/60-1/63
Berlin /Clementon .
. Akins, Alvin E., SP5 16B20 Missileman - Laucher Control, Served entire tour of service in the Army Air defense Command from 1966 to 1969 with my twin brother. /66-/69
. Bolger, John J, IFC Mech 24Q20 09/69-09/70
. DiMarco, Dino . Assembly Sgt. E-6 Launcher Area Maint, Herc & Ajax'61-'63
. Eckert, David L., Launcher crew chief - Enlisted at 17, right after high school. Had a one year guarantee for the Clementon Site and never left. Started out as a grunt missileman, worked up to panel operator and crew chief. Spent last few months as permanent SOG (24 on-48 off) while the rest of the guys dismantled the site. Was checking the site out on goggle earth today. Launching area is just a field, admin, radar & housing area have been developed. Took two trips to White sands for Snap, they were exciting. Lots of KP & guard duty. - 4037 Byrds Crossing Drive, Lakeland, Fl., 33813 11/70-6/74
. Giguere, Henry N., Lt. In charge of the PH41 IFC area. Lt. Charles Kinningham was the Officer in charge of the PH43 IFC area. - 115 East Kings Hwy. Unit 445, Maple Shade, NJ 8/57-11/58
. Garozzo, Louis, IFC Platoon Leader - 2nd LT4/69-5/70
. Hill, Paul, C., ifc area radaroperator10/62-7/65
. Jones, James, Launcher Crewman / PFC, /65-/66
. Remington, Dave, Guided missile repairman... We were hand-digging trenches for the new site,, installing the underground wiring, really was slow going...went off site and "borrowed" a contractor's backhoe,,,got the trenches dug in 3 hours...returned the backhoe before 6 am...old man gave me extra stripe... another one--my buddy was working the kitchen...bought a new ford, paid cash --hhmmm this is another story... Looking for the shoulder patch (yellow ajax on red background) and the brass epethah we wore inscribed ''try to pass'' had a 2 head lion or dragon, can anybody steer me in the right direction.. 1/57-11/59
. Sharp, James H., Sp-5, 16B69-72
. Stokes, William Stephen, Fire Control Computor Operator on "A" Battery, Spec 4/E4, Also pulled lots of KP and Guard Duty. Enjoyed my duties and those I worked with over the years I was stationed there. - 2126 Marietta Lane, Hudson, N.C. 286389/68-2/72
. Stump, Marvin A, SP4 16C, it was the best of times but i didnt know it 09/70-11/73
. Turner, George, Launcher Plt Sgt PSG - Got bored and tired of Nike systems, especially inspections on top of inspections. I attended 14 ASP's at McGregor Range mostly because I was always on a dual site and attended with both units. Went to Chaparral Maintanence school at Ft Bliss and was on 32nd ADCOM scoring and evaluation team in German. Was the only enlisted member of the S&E team on the first Chaparral ASP in Crete. While in 32 AADCOM I wrote the SOP for the Chaparral ASP. 4/68-1/70
. Weddle, Michael A., 24U40, SSG Maintenance Sargent - 942 No. Oaks Ave., Ontario, California 2/70-2/71,
. Woods, Gary, Launcher Warrant /69-/71
. Wylie, Bob, Fire Control Platoon Sgt1967-1969
PH-49Pitman .
. Giddings, William H., SNAP at Red Canyon three times. 12429 Sand Dune St El Paso,TX7/56-1/60
PH-58Swedesboro .
. Anzalone, Phil 16C40 Staff Srgnt Fire Control also ran on site PX '68-'71
. Babula, John, Began as Missile Crewman. Moved to Radar Area Reception Desk and telephone operator. Worked for Lt. Sponski.12/62-8/63
. Bailey, Don, IFC Plt. Ldr, Launcher Plt Ldr and finally the Battery Commander, ... to the closing of Aug 1974. I was very pleased to see the front page article on the sites in the NJ Courier-Post.1/73-8/74
. Baranek, Robert, SP-4 AZ operator, KP and Gate Gaurd Duty, yea I was the guy with all the pin-ups in his locker - 57 Idlewell Blvd., Weymouth, MA 021882/68-1/69
. Beach, Charles, IFC Operator (Computer, Aquire Radar, Left as SpcE4. Also operated PX while there. 11/60-11/63
. Croll, Larry, 16C20 E-2,E-46/73-7/74
. Cullen, Jim, IFC - first as MTR operator and last as crew chief. Got to go on SNAP 3 times. Regular Army; Assigned to Swedesboro right out of Basic Training and left unit as an SP5.9/62-6/65
. Edgerton, Robert C., Radar Technician, Nike Ajax, Note: Sgt. Phil King, lead radar tech PH-58 was best man at my wedding 1956. I don’t know what became of him. Lt. Paul Hershey was PH-58 Exec. Officer. 1955-1956
. Gambino, Richard, PFC 16C20 Trr Oper. Volunteered for Alaska with Barney and Duck3/68-1/69
. Garcia, Raymond, Acq operator, Track Sup, the site closed down, made SSG went to Hawaii into Chaparral ADA. Went into US Army Recruiting after Hawaii tour. Retired in 1984 as SFC. 9/73-8/74
. Gardner, Ray, SP4, scope-dope, tracked UFO6/69-6/70
. Hagewood, Eugene Gordon, Command - and changed command following a second succesful annual service practice where the guys did the impossible and outscored a National Guard unit -- a rare event. Assumed duties as Battalion S-3 in September 1972, beginning closure of our sites in 1974, and then was reassigned to Fort Bliss for the Officer Advanced Course and the 4F1181, Guided Missile Systems Engineering course. Later commanded HAWK battalions in both Germany and CONUS, splitting my duties in air defense with research, development, and acquisition duties. Retired in 1997 and currently work for SAIC on the Army's Future Combat System (FCS) program. 06/72-09/73
. Hopkins, Richard, 16B Missile Crew and Assembly area11/62-11/65
. LeCroy, George, Great times- Sams steakhouse- numerous bars. Romadella, Lombardi, Charlie C (philly). Came here from Okinawa Hawk site.8/64-8/65
. Martinac, Richard, Sr Lchr crewman/SP-5 C-Pit Worked with Sgt. Beverly. ETS as site was being deactivated./71-6/74
. Mc Donald, Thomas, Mario, Do you remember SSG Schlam , John Weatherly,and Larry Petrowski? 3/71-3/72
. Pasierb, Bernie, Launcher Platoon Ldr, IFC Platoon Ldr, and Exec Officer -- Really got to enjoy eating asparagus after watching the workers harvest it everyday outside our fencelines. My recent visit to SF-88 near San Francisco really kicked up some old memories -- amazing what they've done out there. Would highly recommend a visit to see both well preserved and restored equipment. Would love to hear your stories about PH-58. Thanks.12/72-7/74
. Rizzo, Eugene, SP5, Launch Control Operator, Parts Clerk, Battery Clerk - Staten Island New York9/67-5/70
. Saia, John, Spec 5 MTR operator - 9 Silver Saddle Lane, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 1/69-5/72
. Tomaselli, Mario, 16C, "Scope-Dope", along with doing KP, guard and set guard duties, and not to mention working the mail room and very small theater we had on site. Does anyone remember "Snowtime"? An annual training mission between the US Air defense and the USAF.1970s
. Ulery, Bill, 225/22F20 sp/5 Was a lot of nice people at this site - E.T.S - 396 Orchard ave. Scottdale Pa.15683 10/68-9/69
. Zellers, Charles R. (Chuck), IFC operator and trained at Pedricktown, NJ as FUIF mechanic for Swedesboro. 12/60-3/63
. Wright, Ralph F., 16B - Missle Crewman but more guard duty than anything else! Helped close the site. Looking for any past co-workers. 5/73-5/74
PH-64DC Pedricktown, N.J..
. Babula, John, Began in Personnel Section then Classified Documents Control Clerk for Major Vernon E. Potter. Discharged 8/65 from Ft. Dix, NJ Sp5. Enjoyed maintaining the Classified Documents. Interesting work to maintain, control and destroy when required. 4/60-5/63
. Cipperly, Wayne, Missile Master Tracker. MOS 186.60. Attended Martin Tracking school in Orlando, FL. Discharged as Sgt. E-5. Sorry to report that Sgt. Jerry Tow who I was stationed with passed away in either 2006 or 2007. Lousy memory! :-( - 2464 Belle Glade Ln. Manteca, CA. 953362/60-4/60
. Johnson, Philip J., Worked in Personnel for Spec. 5 Spangler?3/64-10/65
. Smith, Ronald, I had a 179.00 mos I was a radar operator with a top secret clearance. looking for anyone I was stationed with. P.O.Box 1213 Pekin IL 61555/61-/63
. Tow, Jerry M, Missile plotter in AADCP. Target Tracker to Friendly Protector in Missile Master. SGT E-5. I aced the Target Tracker course at Martin Co in Orlando and scored the highest on the 186 MOS pro test for the whole Army. I also served on the blue room ORI Team for the 52nd BDE. Went Into the Army CIC, many security and background investigations for Nike personnel in Germany. 82nd Airborne, Civilian 12/59-8/62
Camp Kilmer
Direct Support Shop - 8 miles west of Perth Amboy .
. Piland, Doyle D E6 - Nike Missile & Launcher Repair, big backlog! 12/64-5/65
. Seward, Tom, Nike AHerc Launcher Control Repairman stationed at Camp Kilmer NJ> in 1966-1967 and worked at all of the six sights that we supported(NY54, NY 56, NY65, NY80 (Ft. Hancock and Livingston were double sites) Ft. Hancock the most. /66-/67
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NewMexico site information
WA-10 - Walker AFB - Roswell
WA-50 - Walker AFB - Hagerman
Site ID or
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(rank & duty optional)
dates at
WA-10Walker AFB - Roswell .
WA-50Walker AFB - Hagerman .
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NewYork site information

BU-09 Ransom Creek/Millersport
BU-18 Lancaster/Milgrove
BU-34 Orchard Park
BU-35 Orchard Park
BU-52 Hamburg
NF-03 Model City
NF-16 Sanborn/ Cambria
NF-17DC Lockport AFB
NF-41 Grand Island
NY-03,04 Orangeburg/ Mount Nebo

NY-09 Kensico /White Plains
NY-15 Ft. Slocum
NY-20 Lloyd Harbor /Huntington
NY-23 Hicksville /Oyster Bay
NY-24 Amityville /Farmingdale
NY-25 Rocky Point /Brookhaven
NY-29-30 Lido Beach
NY-49 Ft. Tilden
NY-99 Ramapo
Site ID or
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dates at
HQ 1st Region Stewart Field, NY .
. Evans, George G3 Ops Off '74
Ft. Totten
1st Region ARADCOM
Ft. Totten, (Bayside)(Queens) - .
. Heck, Billy W, Spec 5, Main speaker at putting on shows at fairs, high schools,public in general. Miss my old buddies - 402 S Yaupon, Richwood, Tx 77531 /622-/63
. Lowery, Richard, Toured Northeast with Nike display unit. County fairs, schools, etc 11/61-4/62
. Nelson, Lloyd J., Performed clerical duties for 1st Region CMI (Command Maintenance Inspection) Team. 1/60-6/60
. Rothermund, E.J. (Ed), I was classified as "Broadcast Liasion" to the radio/TV media in the region and I was CBR NCO for the region. I was also in public relations and, as such, was requested to make many public presentations. To that end, I used a film that featured Raymond Massey as narrator showing Nike operations with a plethora of launchings. It always got a great response from the groups. I also had a model of the ZEUS that I took along (with a HERC). Do you possibly know of anywhere the film might be located? I don't remember the title or producers. Also, do you know of the whereabouts of the ZEUS model? I still have the AJAX and HERC. I would appreciate anything you can provide me. /63-/64
. Simmons, William, A small missile demonstration team with an Ajax Missile Site on wheels for public showing, called "Nike in the Attack" to drum up more backing of the Nike Missile System. - 34 Warren Ave., Middleboro,Ma. 0234611/61-6/62
. Tully, Dennis P., Battery Clerk (Radar)for HQ Company 1st Region ARADCOM. 1st Region ARADCOM covered the entire East Coast Army Air Defense Command (AD)(Nike) Ft. Totten was at one time a Civil War Army Post and was closed in the 80's. We did not have any Missle Units, just Headquarters for ARADCOM. 11/63-12/64
. Wallace, Roy, Aide-de-camp to Deputy Commander (BG Waterman) 3/64-8/65
HQ 5thMsl Bn 7th Arty Western Highway, Tappan, NY .
. Buchheim, Mark, HHB CO, 1/lt 04/66-10/66
. Hoff, Frank, 5/64-12/65
a Tipsy radar site ;-)Swormville (N.E. Buffalo, N.Y.) .
. Wylie, Robert, E6, In Charge of Tipsy(long Range) Radar - 2403 Sagemore Dr,Marlton,NJ 08053/57-/59
BU-09 Ransom Creek/Millersport .
. Ryan, James T. III Commander, site deactivated Nov 62, also senior evaluator ARADCOM Service Practice Unit and ORE Team Chief HQ 2d Region late 59-Nov 62
. Wylie, Bob, Long Range Radar (AN/TPS-1D) Sgt I was the Tipsy Dog boss in The Buffalo defense. - 2403 Sagemore Dr,Marlton,NJ08053 6/57-11/60
Bn Hq Lancaster (near Buffalo, N.Y.) .
. Close, H. Earl, BN S-3 at Lancaster till retirement Jul 68. Have photos. Fallout Shelter built for IFC vans and crew in 1966. - 415 East Glenhurst Drive Tucson, AZ 857045/64-7/68
BU-18 Lancaster/Milgrove .
. Bargel, John J. In 20 years retired 1sgt stations 3/71,germany 1/67, fort lewis 3/67 germany, 2/44 korea 10/68-04/70
. Burdick, Dave, LCT Operator, Assembly crew, Rough terrain forklift - 1091 railway crossing webster, new york 1458001/62-11/62
. Close, H. Earl, Site CO Have photos. Fallout Shelter built for IFC vans and crew in 1966. - 415 East Glenhurst Drive Tucson, AZ 857044/63-5/64
. DiJoseph, Vincent D, Fire control operator / Fire control Mechanic /62-2/70
. Moorehead, John B , Aq Operator, SP/5, Section Chief, A section - 568 Case Rd Elbridge N.Y. 13060 3/59-8/62
. Parsons, Clarence (Jack), sp4 senior medic mos911.8 also responsible battalion aidstations - 75 welling lane,palm coast fl. 32164 1/60-2/61
. Pietrzak, James, The ABAR radar was my new job till i left in 1967 to go work for AT&T in Buffalo, and retired in 1990, and moved to 110 Corkwood Bvld, Homosassa Fl, 34446. Friends contact me! - 34446 /62-/67
. Wylie, Bob, FC Platoon Sgt 2403 Sagemore DR,Marlton, NJ 08053 11/60-1/64
Orchard Park .
. Close, H. Earl, Trained at BU-52, CO of dual Ajax site(BU-34) until the site closed Oct 62. Have pictures and paper work of the site and closure documents. - 415 East Glenhurst Drive Tucson, AZ 857048/60-10/62
. DiJoseph, Vincent D, Fire control operator / Radio Mechanic /59-/62
. Pietrzak, James, Trained at Ft Sill Okla to be the sites Radio Mechanic and when job was eliminated became the Acquistion Operater. - 34446 /59-/62
. Stylski, Thomas W., LCT operator PFC, Ajax - 161 Dudi Trail VonoreTn.9/58-9/59
BU-52 Hamburg .
. Parsons, Clarence (Jack), - 75 welling lane,palm coast fl. 32164 7/59-1/60
. Pietrzak, James, Trained in IFC Area with the USARMY while in the NYARNG - 34446 /57-/59
Niagara Falls HQ Btry 2nd Arty Groop Fort Niagara .
. Parker, Vincent, Capt. Taylor was CO - I was a cook. A hangout was Ziggys on the Lake. Ken Nosworthy was Col. driver we hung out together w/guys from NY City and New Jersey. - If anyone contacts me via e-mail, use heading of "FT NIAGARA". Otherwise I will delete w/o opening. - postal address Staten Island, NY 5/58-1/60
NF-03 Model City .
. Allen, Carl, Job MSL TRK RADAR MOS 179.10 SP/4. - NYANG Btry "C" 2nd Msl BN. Tng to operate site at the site. 11/59-11/62
. Steinert, Peter, missile mechanic /55-/57
. Tyler, Richard (Dick), pfc launch area1/59-9/59
NF-16 Sanborn/ Cambria .
. Burke, Michael, SP4 on the Launch Crew, Great tims at B battery. 7 Wealthy Lane Burnt Hills, NY 120277/68-9/69
. Carlin, John A, IFC. I have photos/stories ? would like to share with anyone who was there between Feb-65 & Aug-66 (then in Germany Aug-66 to Dec-67). Live in Buffalo area2/65-8/66
. Ehrenreich, Richard L,] IFC Plt Ldr (2LT) and BC (1LT and CPT) of B/1/4, only Active Army battery in the Niagara-Buffalo Defense. The other two sites were both ARNG and located on Grand Island, and in Lancaster. B/1/4 was located on Upper Mountain Road in Sanborn, NY. The site was actually a dual NIKE AJAX site, but in the Herc days, it was only a single site. Within a three-month period in '68, we underwent a DA IG, ARADCOM ORE (Team Chief was GEN Underwood), SNAP, Region CMMI, and a DASA NSI!! - 8531 Rolling Oaks Drive, Owens Cross Roads, AL 3576312/67-10/69
. Ergott, Dave, Worked on Hercules Missles-Upper Mountain Rd. near Lockport, NY2/68-5/69
. Faulkenberry, Chessley. W, Spec 1st class - Trained at ft bless texas. Package 26. Fired two missiles at Red Canyon Range Camp in New Mexico. Hit both targets. BF1 Sanborn/Cambrea. Battery B 44th Missile Battalion was previously a 90 MM outfit just on the east city limits of Niagara Falls. That is where we reported to when we arrived from Ft Bless in early March of 1955. The Nike site north of Sanborn was not finished. Best i remember we moved in in April. - 2266 Grindstone Road. Millsap. Texas 76066 3/55-9/56
. Gurley, Mark, 16B10 too many funeral details6/68-6/69
. McDonald, David, TTR operator MOS179.10 SP4. Was BTRY B Ist MSL BN 4th ARTY. Was only regular army brty in defense other two btrys had gone national guard. Return to site in summer of 2005 found and toured fire control site radar bases still there, generator, hipar, ttr tower and most of out buildings. Barracks were remodeled and are used as offices for traffic andsurvey control . - 124 Hwy 71N Ashdown AR. 7182210/62-07/65
. Pabis, William J., Part of Niagara Defence located on Lockport Rd. - 24 Donnan Rd. Hagaman, N.Y. 120865/61-10/61
. Porpora, Ralph, SP/5 Fire Control Section Chief, Track Supervisor, MTR < TTR > TRR 4/62-12/64
. Richardson, James, IFC Maint, CWO2 - 2nd shortest and 2nd worst Nike site I ever stepped into. Site closure was best thing that happened there. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 8/69-1/70
. Saville, Marvin W., Mostly CO clerk, some HIPAR, SP4 - site closed 3/70 - 903 Osage St, Alton, Il 6200211/68-3/70
. Smith, John D., SP/5. Section Chief in Fire Control. Acquisition, Hipar, Computer Operator and FUIF maintenance. Tucson, AZ4/62-12/64
. Steinfeld, Allen, We were originally a 90mm AA gun battery that converted to the first Nike site. It was Battery B, 44th AAA Missile Btn. (Nike). It was a Nike Ajax site but we heard it was to become a Hercules site in the future. Started as a TTR operator and became Acquisition Radar operator in late 1956. Still in touch with about 5 buddies who actually came from Ft. Bliss to train us. Originally IFC barracks was on Upper Mountain Road with the Launcher personnel barracks. Then moved to Shawnee Road in 1957 when new barracks were built on radar site. I miss all the guys I served with, a great bunch of guys from all over the USA.4/55-1/58
. Swann, John M., launcher platoon crew firing panel operater SP 4. Lived off post in Lockport. Married at time with 1 child. 11/62-9/65
. Taber, David, Computer operator in the "Fire Control" area. SP-4. Met a lot of great people and would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at NF-16 (B-1-4). I have a few pictures and am willing to send via email. Great memories! 11/62-9/65
. Tincher, David W., pvt- spec-4 launcher crewman, launcher crewman,, ran P.X, fire panel opr, - 414 n neptune dr satellite beach fl 329378/56-6/59
. Vinson, William, 7/68-2/70
NF-17DC Lockport AFB .
. Dueffer, Heinz, R., BIRDiE Repairman, SP4. Nice first assignment. Remember bus trip to the Toronto State fair. Beer busts in Buffalo. Cold place in winter. Remember MSG Daniel Bosksracker, SPs Lemom, Little, Peterson - 3211 W Swann Ave. #1008 Tampa, Florida 7/68-4/69
. Lawrence, Bobby, /67-/68
. Lewis, Kenneth E., E4, Plotter - 2183 West River Rd., Grand Island, NY 14072 10/61-02/62
. Liebing, Ralph, 2d and 1st Lt.; Tactical Monitor in Missile Master electronic command post; assigned targets to firing batteries. I was assigned there with the first USARADCOM MM contingent when it went operational in 6/60 6/60-4/62
. Tamargo, Joaquin, Battery clerk, transfered to Hq. Ft Niagara as S-2 clerk 6/56.10/55-6/56
NF-41 Grand Island .
. Allen, Carl, SP/4 Radar operations - Involved in 21 shooting events without a miss. Nike was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Left NYARNG to attend College.1/63-9/63
. Beeman, Gary, for some of that OJT, then to Germany when the NG took over. 4/62-7/62
. Davis, Michael R, IFC Also had a tour with ... the NY NG at Niagra Falls, NY. (Try collimating track antenna's on 60 ft. towers, in the middle of the Niagra river, at 0700, during January).
I'm from Minnesota, did Nike in Chicago, and wouldn't do your towers on a bet!! - signed Ed Thelen, web master
. Federico, John J. Jr., MW4 (Ret) (ARNG site) 5/67 - 2/70
. Herrington, Robert L., SP-3, Was MTR Operator on Nike Ajax . First unit to occupy this new site. New Braunfels, TX10/55-08/56
. Lewis, Kenneth E., E4, LTC Operator - 2183 West River Rd., Grand Island, NY 14072 01/59-10/61
. Lunn, Gordon, B/44th ADA Msl Bn, Lchr Plt Ldr, IFC Plt Ldr, Btry Exec7/56-7/58
. Meagley, Al, Motor pool, Reg army, Hq was at Fort Niagara, NY before they moved to Lockport air force station (missile master) 3/58-2/62
Orangeburg/ Mount Nebo .
. Buchanan, Robert (Buck), Crew Chief2/57-2/61
. Burke, William, 2Lt launcher platoon leader 7/73-6/74
. Campbell, Willie, IFC radar fire control crewman E-1--E-310/59-4/61
. Caroline, Allan, IFC Fire control mechanic. Sgt. Dual site great views to the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge. 4/57-1/59
. Chainey, Rick, 2LT - Fire Control Platoon Leader8/68-5/70
. Dillon. Billy H., E-7 Launcher control Area Section Chief 1963-1976
. Duvall, Donald, Was in Maint. - While it was all Ajax I had 64 missiles including 2 war reserve trainers. I helped open the sites and was there until 1962. /58-/62
. Fasano, Vincent, SP/5 Sr. Launcher Crewman/Panel Operator10/60-6/63
. Haapa, Ted, SP4 Computer Operator 56 - 58
. Hansen, Roger, MTR Operator SP-4 - 1 Wilson Drive, Long Branch, NJ 07740 11/62-/64
. Jones, Vernon A., Lchr/IFC Plt Ldr, BCO, SafetyO, Key Cust, 2Lt8/69-2/72
. Lackey, James, NY Nat'l Guard site Orangeburg, NY Custodial Team 3811 Mark Rd Cambridge, Oh 437254/65-7/67
. Martin, Robert O., SP/5 r.c. Van Operator/Ssection Chief6/63-6/65
. Mosca, Anthony, 1964 Honorable discharge - 6 Chadwick Court, Palm Coast, FL 32137 -2/64
. Pettit, Noel, In 1969 took command of Site NY04 till closing/69-/74
. Rydlewski, Pete (Ski), 1959-1967 RANK E1-E6, NEW JERSEY 078564/62-6/64
. Sharrott, Richard, Site Engineer 352.10 Generator Bldg2/59-3/62
. Slattery, Thomas, this was a Ajax Btry that was converted to a double, six section Hercules Btry. - 4211 D Canterbury SQ SO Indianapolis, In 462602/57-8/60
. Spencer, William C., SP4 - IFC(short time), Launcher Crew, Panel Operator, Assembly Area.8/58-9/61
. Suchanyc, Paul E, 2LT Launcher Platoon Leader then Battery Commander Haverstraw, NY 1092711/65-04/68
. Verano, Anthony, PFC - Radar Fire Control Crewman in the IFC Area. 4 Daisy Lane, Wappingers Falls, N.Y. 12590 Employed there until about mid 1976, when they had the RIF. I was the Probably the last new crew member before they closed the site. 9/74-6/76
NY-09 Kensico /White Plains .
. Detherow, Claude C., MTR operator. I made one trip to Red Canyon as MTR operator and we had three kills. I want to express my appreciation for the NIKE website. 11/57-9/59
. Dillon. Billy H., Launcher control Area 1963
. Greer, Lou, NY Army NG 61-63
. Mosca, Anthony, Was a member of the New York National Guard. Served at White Plains NY and Spring Valley, NY, Btry C 1st Msl Bn 244th Arty. Looking to contact Sgt Phil Sayers and Sgt Sclafani (no first name.) - 6 Chadwick Court, Palm Coast, FL 321372/59-
. Russo, Joseph, elevation oper. TTR PFC 5/59-6/60
NY-15 Ft. Slocum .
. Lowery, Richard, SP4 TTR Operator, participated in firing practice at MacGregor Range, NM in 19608/59-11/61
. McLaughlin, Robert (Mac), Served about a year as TTR on Slocum and the rest of the time on Hart Island as generator Oper. Hart Island had no commercial power, generators required all the time12/55-10/58
. Richardson, Paul, Started as platoon leader of radar unit then later became the executive officer of the battery. 11/56-7/58
. Rydlewski, Pete (Ski), 1959-1967 RANK E1-E6, 8/59-8/60
NY-20 Lloyd Harbor /Huntington .
. DeLise, Stephen, SP-4 Launch Fire Panel Operator2/56-12/59
. Klco, Paul W. Ajax - single site, Now give tours at NY-54, Sandy Hook, NJ, for the National Park Service (volunteer.) H - 856-235-6070, C - 856-904 3930 - 189 Schoolhouse Lane - Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-1048 /62-/62
NY-23 Hicksville /Oyster Bay .
. Spayd, Charles, 10/58-/60
NY-24 Amityville /Farmingdale .
. Cuyar, Jose (Ralph), IFC Area-Elevation Operator on the TTR, 309 Foxhound Rd, Simpsonville, SC 296808/71-8/74
. Graham, Walter R. (Wally), SFC HiPar Radar mechanic - My Dad Passed Away Last May 2009 and I'm his oldest son. He was buried with Military Honors. From the time I was 5 I'm now 54 he was in the NYRNG starting at Lido Beach then Farmingdale then when it closed with a Helicopter Unit at Albany NY. As a 9 year old kid I climbed the Radar tower at Lido beach. I knew Warrant Officer Fox and then Lt. Beck. I grew up around the missle battery's so it would be nice to see my Dad included. That is my email address. I even saw his Battery Fire at McGregor Range in Texas !My Name is Richard W. Graham. Thanks for including my Dad./74
. Hyland, Edward ifc, platoon sgt, later ifc radar repairer - 1006 via jarden, palm be4ach gardens, fl. 33418 - sent bad e-mail address 8/64-8/74
. LaBruno, Don, E4 - fire control operator 6/65-12/71
. Lehmann, Paul, Served as Launcher Control Plt Ldr, Fire Control Plt Ldr, and Battery Exec; 1st Lt 5/6-4/63
. Litwin, Henry A., SP4. MOS 352.10 Guided Msl Inst Elect. - Tel: 1.215.482.9152 - new address 327E Shawmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128 10/59-06/63
. Mondone, John J., Proud son of Sargent Major John Mondone - Anyone who served with him, please e-mail?-?
. Pettit, Noel, Went to OCS and accepted my commission at Site NY 24 in Long Island in Nov 65. Served there as Launcher Plt Ldr, IFC Plt Ldr, and Btry XO. Plt Ldr & XO NY 24; Cdr NY 04 till closing11/65-/69
. Pospishek, Robert E., Launcher crewman / Sp4 / - 5271 Rafton Drive San Jose CA./61-/63
. Schneider, William, Army Reserve Nike missile site. There were 4 regular army personnel at the site to supervise the release of the nike missiles. /67-/68
. Sisco, James, SP5 - Missile Tracking Radar Oper. There when we went "HOT" in Oct 73. Miss all my old friends. Now here in Coloardo Springs, a few miles from NORAD. - 2620 Jeffers Way Apt G Colorado Springs, CO 809185/70-4/74
. Spayd, Charles, Missile radar controller SP-5/60-8/61
. Swartz, James R., /63-/64
NY-25 Rocky Point /Brookhaven .
. Bellini, Nick 1Lt Plt Ldr 64-71
. Borchardt, Duke, Started as Launcher Helper, NGB 5 Step 1(PV2), and left as Electronic FC Sys Foreman WS-08 (1SG). Currently still employed as Labor Relations Specialist for the FLNG. Will retire 31Mar01, and then be employed as a Human Resources Consultant.11/64-02/74
. Bowers, Edwin L., SFC, E-6, Radar Operator, Acting Plt Leader,Plt Sergeant, - 317 North Kiowa Court Junction City, KS 66441 /58-/59
. Burke, William, guard,range,lo/hi power op.1/67-7/73
. Chainey, Rick, SGT, TTR, MTR, LOPAR, Computer Operator Positions9/65-8/68
. Freeman, Sammy L. Sgt. 59 thru 62
. Hyland, Edward radar & computer operator sp/4 - 1006 via jarden, palm be4ach gardens, fl. 33418 - sent bad e-mail address5/60-8/64
. Jones, Vernon A., XO: BCO, Inventory O, Muster O, 1Lt. Btry Cdr: OIC&C, Cpt.
ADA Program phased out 8/74, and with it, one of the Army National Guard's greatest period: 1959 - 1974, 15 years of complete dedication to duty, by some of the Army's Elite Professionals
. Spencer, Harry, Came as PVT E1, left as SP4 E4. Served in motor pool, then personnel. Site was US Army Battery D, 3rd Misssile Battalion (HERC) 51st Artillery until it was turned over to the NY NG Jun, 64. CO's were Capt Coffua (61-62), Capt Ballard (63), Capt Lowe (63-64). Was an Improved Herc site with about 120 personnel total. Bn HQ was Ft Tilden, MissileMaster was Highlands NJ AFS, and logistic support came from USAF Suffolk Co AFB. 11/61-06/64
Lido Beach, a web page spotted by Tom Page .
. Campisi, Joseph S., 1st Lt. Launch Plt.Ldr. Our primary "O&S" point was St.Agnes Cathedral tower at Rockville Centre NY about 6 miles to the north. At that time it was one of the highest structures in Nassau/Suffolk County and sat right nxt to the grammar and HS I attended when I was growing up! So, I often thought that I really was helping to defend my home. Since we were the HOT/BACK-UP Battery more than 2/3rds of the time many interesting things happened--but I'll leave those for another time and place. [3/57 ( completing my active duty obligation )] Nike's computer system really piqued my interest. So much so that I spent 33 years in the computer industry. Many of those years were spent working with/in support of the military. - POB # 7556 Ocean Park , Maine 04063-7556 8/55-3/57
. Craven, Jim, Launcher Crewman. I was part of the six month active six year reserve program. We did our basic training at Ft. Dix NJ and then went to Ft. Bliss TX for missile training. After active duty our unit was assigned to the Hempstead armory where we met once a month for meetings and our two weeks training was spent at the Nike site at Lido Beach, NY. /60-/63
. Graham, Walter R. (Wally), Radar Operator/61?
. Grohs, Raymond A., Radar Operator. I was on site when all hell broke lose during the Cuban Crisis. If you go to Google or Yahoo, write in my name; RAYMOND GROHS and click go or search and a NEWSDAY article will come up about me and the site during those days. The article was published in March 2002. "The Russians Were Coming, But Long Island was ready with a string of Cold War defenses, some of which are still intact today" If questions, 516-432-7648 /62 +-
. Moates, Tommy, launcher crewman9/56-6/59
. Orma, Frank A. was SPC 4, civilian trainer for Nationa Guard '62
. Orsino, Eugene F., SP-4 TTR operator 11/57-9/60
. Porter, Ronald W. SP-4 Motor Pool-> Missile Electrical Engineer 56-58
. Russo, Joseph, MTR operator SP4 6/60-9/62
NY-49 Ft. Tilden .
. Bailey, David R., Power Gen Spec for the launch site SP4 - Ft Tilden was located in Rockaway L.Is. N Y It had a real nice Beach we had a lot of good time there (My Wife & I ) she from Brookyn. I've tryed several times in the past to locate people from 1962 to 1965 that sta. there haven't had too much success hopefully this time will be fruitfull. It would be good to talk to that was there.3/62-1/65
. Bannon, Dennis, SP4 16B I was able to stay at home(great for a single guy). The Army knew I had it too good they sent me to Alaska after the OJT training. 4/68-1/69
. Barone, James P., PFC. 16C Got my OJT as a fire control perator.7/66-9/67
. Bauguss, John, Arrived as a SP5 and worked in the assembly area as a launching area maintenance tech. Left as a SSG to attend rotory wing flight traing and left the army in 1976 as a CW2. Remember some great friends. If anybody knows what happened to launching area personell like SFC Hoeny, not sure of the spelling but sounds like hoe-nee and he became a warrant officer. Or Allan Hamilton, Finch Arakawa, Bob Rawles let me know what you know. 7/68-1/71
. Bayless, Charles E., Radar Computer maintenance (226.1) E-4 6/62-6/63
. Benthall, Henen (Ben), (Old and new e-mail addresses bounce) GM Fire Control Maint Technician(E5), Outstanding duty and officers. Started my 41 years in electronics with NASA Space Agency(Radar System Supervisor. I delivered some great photos to the historian of Gatway National Park. The base wasn't much to look at but I still recalled the outstanding duty there with good officers and crew. I am still working on radar systems and I have yet to walk away from one I can not fix. - P.O. Box 513 Parksley, Va. 23421 12/54-4/56
. Bohlander (Bo), Robert F, SP5 MTR Oper at A2 IFC. 3 yrs on the beach. Cold in the winter, hot and humid in the summer. A2 was next to the Silver Gull Beach Club. I loved it. A2 IFC always took a back seat to A1. I think it was because we had the HIPAR and the giant Wakashaw generators which were capable of powering the entire post. Which they did for 3 days during the blackout of Oct 65. I think A1 was jealous. We had a lot of really good people. They were dedicated. I took my kids there several years ago. HIPAR building was still standing but destroyed as was the IFC Supply building which was between the 2 IFC areas. Couldn't get back to A1 IFC. Overgrown with trees and brush. It looked like the pits were still there in the Launcher Area. Also overgrown. There was a small Nike display in the Ft Tilden HQ building (now Park HQ). They had some of the facts wrong on the pictures. Plan to revisit next summer. - 33 W Ivy Lane, Englewood, NJ 07631 8/65-10/68
. Bourke, Edward, IFC crewman - Post Office Box 836, New York, New York 1027211/69-4/70
. Burns, Henry F. (Hank), SSG E-6 Chief Equipment Missile Maintenance Mechanic Arrived at the site as an Pvt E-1 Left 4 years latter as an E-6 Went to school in Verginia for 1 year returned to Ft.Tilden as an E-6 and shocked the hell out of everyone. Because I was labled a screw up prior to my return. 6/67-3/71
. Hansen, Roger, MTR Operator SP-4 - Our radar antennas were about 200' from the Silver Gull Beach Club Cabanas. Needless to say where our telescopes were aimed. Very accommodating young ladies. When the tide went out you could walk around the chainlink fence and voila you were a Beach Club guest. Great duty! - 1 Wilson Drive, Long Branch, NJ 07740 /64-8/65
. Holmes, Ronald H., Sgt. Assembly/Maint, temp. set up launchers above ground. 1956-1957
. Hooper, Terence B., volunteered for guard duty - I was home just about every other day . We had day on,day off duty. - 161 ruby s.c.6/65-11/65
. Hosick, Joseph, 2531 Millcroft Lane Carrollton TX 75006 /54-/55
. Kelson, Francis Y., sect Ldr SP/5 with the FC section, through Hercules transition period 6/57-6/60
. Klco, Paul W. Az Operator - SP4 - Mos 179.0 - Hercules when it was a duel site, Now give tours at NY-54, Sandy Hook, NJ, for the National Park Service (volunteer.) H - 856-235-6070, C - 856-904 3930 - 189 Schoolhouse Lane - Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-1048 /59-/62
. Lanahan, Daniel, Transferred from the MP's to Msl Arty, assigned to IFC section at Ft Tilden. sent to Ft Bliss for Nike Electronic Material Maintenance course number 2 Sept 58 thru April 59, returned to Tilden and help complete conversion from Ajax to Hercules. Served under CWO's Daniel Lauber and Evans until discharged. accepted a position as a civilian employee and 1st Lt. NYNG at an Ajax site in White Plains but then declined for personal reasons. total service on active duty 3 1/2 years. Enjoyed the beach and NCO club at Tilden where I was on the Board at a time when we had a few thousand members on a post with a couple of hundred troops. I wasn't alone in enjoying the facilities. - 2360 Mendocino STE A2-350 Santa Rosa Ca.6/58-6/61
. Losi, Robert, Served as Launcher Platoon Leader, IFC Platoon Leader and XO. Battery Commanders were James Q. Lynch and Charles Stephens. - I confess I've never gotten over my fascination with Nike Hercules System ... I arrived at the battery as a 2LT and left as a Captain. The unit was A/3/51st. It was half (4 launchers) of the original dual battery. It remained an active Army site until it closed in April of 1974. I have many found memories of my time at Fort Tilden. The duty was grueling, duty officer every third day. Sometimes every other day when we were "hot." We were generally short of personnel and the "two-man rule" played havoc with many of our personnel. Our battalion headquarters was at Fort Hancock New Jersey along with our sister battery, C/3/51st. The ADCAP was at Atlantic Highlands. - I left for "Duster" training en route to RVN. - I was stationed at Fort Bliss when I returned from Vietnam and was assigned to a C/V battalion that was sent to Fort Lewis, Washington. - Thanks again for the "look back." I think we performed a difficult job during the cold war. 10/69-6/71
. Maione, Frank, /68-/69
. Mandeville, Paul 52B E-5 1970
. Molon, Joseph, Sp4 16B Missle crewman Mascot dog - NIKE7/71-3/74
. Morreale, Fred, E-2 b- pit Sp-4 Assembly - left Tilden went to Ft Bliss as a nco ada trainer for OCS & up grade - Russellville TN11/73-/74
. Poil, George, IFC Plt.Sgt. - Oklahoma 2/70-4/71
. Spayd, Richard "Sam", Moved equip. from Ft Tildon to Spring Valley permanent site 12/56-10/57
. Schiozzi, Tony, Military Police, Sgt. - NY10/68-03/69
. Stephens, Charles E. Battery Commander '70-'71
. Walsh, John C., Alaska was heaven compared to ARADCOM[A/5/7, Ft. Tilden, NY, 8/67-5/68]. Retired 28 Mar 94 from USAR as a LTC. 8/67-5/68
. Wood, James, PV2 - SP4 16C - Closed down site. 11/72-6/74
NY-99 Ramapo/Spring Valley .
. Spayd, Richard "Sam", Pvt E1---Sp5 MTR Operator-- Moved equip. from Ft Tildon to Spring Valley permanent site --Married for 50 years to a Spring Valley gal 10/57-10/59
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Nike Battalion Headquarters Linderud in Oslo .
. Johannessen, Jon, Operation officer. ... bn closed down 1991 8/81-12/91
Asker batteri, about 40 km to the southwest of Oslo .
Nes batteri 40 KM north of Oslo .
. Berg, Arne Einar, Served as a radar operator, TTR. A Herculus missile can be seen at Kjeller Airfield, outside Oslo, and The Air Museum at Gardrmoen Airport have several Nike equipment including a complete radar unit on display. - Kville Sondre, NO1925 Blaker, Norway3/63-4/64
. Johannessen, Jon, 1 ltn LCO/Cos, I've done two ASP at McGregor in the early 80's 12/73-8/81
Trogstad batteri Østfold fylke (county).
Våler Batteri about 60km south of Oslo .
. Ravin, Fred (CPL) ASP in McGregor Ranch New Mexico, & Capo an Lorenzo,(Sardinia?) Italy '79 -'81
. . .

Info from Johannessen, Jon - August 2004
... Bn staff HQ ended 1 dec 1991 when the bn was closed down.
"Semper vigilans" from Norway
Jon Johannessen
Ret capt RNOAF

Info from Fred Ravin
By the way, as I remember we used TCO Tactical Commanding Officer instead of BCO. All our drills and routines were performed in English. And yes , T1 trainer is very familar to me.

The tactical officers were trained at ft. Bliss. ASP was either in Sardinia or at McGregor. In Norway all enlisted men are drafted. But some of us, sign up contracts on three years. In all we NCO could have 3 three years contracts and then - goodbye.

When the NIKE period was over, and the years after 82, some of the young officers in the tecnical branch get jobs in the Saudia Arabia. ( Short time contract I think)

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