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Maine site information
L-13 Caswell
L-31 Limestone
L-58 Caribou
L-85 Connor
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L-13 Caswell .
. Dorton, Billy, Launcher area - . i can still here those big b52s roaring at night during the cuban missle crisus. that was a little spookey for a while. but after everything settled down a little i started to enjoy my stay up in the boon docks. i miss my friends ... [living in] church hill tn 37642 /62-/64
. Fitzgerald, James E., SP/5 Fire Control Maintenance. Did not like working on the Antennas kin the -20? weather. Closed Site. - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 1/65-?/66
. Le Besco, Kurt, SP4 Fire Control Mechanic - Mostly remember climbing the towers, the snow drifts, and thinking how much nicer it was in Caibou (weather wise). - 3 Berncliffe Av Albany NY 12208 4/64-6/65
L-31 Limestone .
. Nelson, Gary, IFC opr. to section chief, Pvt to SP5. 2843 N. Canal St. Ludington MI 49431 11/56-9/59
. Myers, Irvin (Bud), E5 to E-7 Fire Control Mechanic - 747 Pushaw Road Bangor ME 0440111/59-4/62
. Shannon, John E., Sgt,launcher area, stationed out in the middle of nowhere. lots of snow 8/62-5/66
AADCP Loring Air Force Base .
. Fleer, Roland, I maintained the engineer equipment 9/60-9/61
L-58 Caribou .
. Boehme, Larry R., Sentry Dog Handler, Had great times, lots of robins in the early AM & I can still smell the aroma of the potato blossoms. - W1305 State Road 59, Albany, WI 53502 6/64-9/65
. Clark, Bruce, SP/4 Radar Operator Now living in Caribou area. I enjoyed staying up all night running R.B.S. missions. 12/62-09/65
. Crawford, Harold A., IFC area 12/61-10/62
. Darragh, Shaun, Crewman, served with SP4 Michaud, SP4 Kalbe, PFC Deane, SSG Caverly, SSG Boatwright, fellow crewmen Alvarez, Monzon, Brooks, Wilkes, Duffy, host of others I'll remember, Dog Handlers, Bobbydean Hill, CPL Mays, Larry Love, Larry Boehme (both from Iowa), SSG Dube. Moved to HHB in late 63, ran into old C Btry member Tom Harvey from Fort Kent, reenlisted Special Forces in '65, ran into then LT Harvey at Benning (jump school) and again as CPT Harvey at Fort Bliss in 1969.

One of 2 best units I served in in 27 1/2 years of service. We could get on each others nerves, and often did, but if anyone screwed with one "Pit Rat", you screwed with all of us and we were going to come looking for you. We had old school NCOs, ranging from O'Hara, a WWII 82nd Abn vet with 3 combat jumps, to SSG (E-5, yes) Hornback, a crusty Korea Marine. Warrant was Mr. Boldt, a Korean war ranger. Sad to say, neither the IFC nor the HHB had the same esprit d'corps. Maybe it was the savage winters and isolated location. Right out of "Northern Exposure". You had to have been there to understand.

. Le Besco, Kurt, SP4 Fire Control Mechanic worked with Bud and for Billy Boles and CWO Corle. A great learning experience. - 3 Berncliffe Av Albany NY 12208 4/64-6/65
. Myers, Irvin (Bud), E5 to E-7 Fire Control Mechanic - 747 Pushaw Road Bangor ME 044015/59-4/62
. Ridge, Henry M. (Mike), Was on guard a lot, launch area, PFC.10/65-4/66
. Roberts, Danny, 10/65-4/66
. Roehrig, Bob, TRR operator / SP4 - 314 S. Harrison St. Batavia, IL 60510 12/63-07/66
L-85 Connor .
. Heck, Billy W, Volunteered to join the Army's ARADCOM demonstration team, "Nike in the Attack" - 402 S Yaupon, Richwood, Tx 77531 /61-/62
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Maryland site information
  • Hdqs - 2nd Region ARADCOM
  • 19th Group Suitland,
  • 35th Aty Ft. Mead,
  • 36 AAA Bn. Ft. Meade
  • Missile Master . Ft. Meade
  • BA-03 Phoenix/Sweet Air
  • BA-09 Fork
  • BA-14 HHB Edgewood Arsenal
  • BA-18 Edgewood Arsenal
  • BA-30,31 Chestertown, near Tolchester Beach
  • BA-43 Jacobsville
  • BA-79 Granite
  • BA-92 Cronhardt
  • W-13 Fort George Meade
  • W-13 DC Fort George Meade
  • W-25 Davidsonville
  • W-26 Annapolis /Skidmore/ Bay Bridge
  • W-35 Croom/Marlboro
  • W-36 Brandywine /Naylor
  • W-44 Mattawoman /Waldorf /La Plata
  • W-45 Accokeek
  • W-54 Pomonkey
  • W-92 Rockville
  • W-93 Laytonsville/ Derwood
  • W-94 Gaithersburg
  • .
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    Hdqs - 2nd Region ARADCOMFort Meade, Md..
    . Nelson, Lloyd J., Headquarters, 2nd Region ARADCOM, Fort Meade, Md., 6/61-6/62
    Hdqs - 19th GroupSuitland, Md..
    . Lappala, Bob, Clerk-Typist, and operated theatre - P. O. Box 1110, Howell, MI 48844 8/59-3/60
    . Lynn, James, Left (as Spec 4) Worked with John Sadowski for MSgt Joe Coleman under Maj Mayes 3/60-1/61
    35th Artillery Brigade Ft. Geo. Mead, MD. .
    . Burnham, Roy H., teletype operator, peacetime, rank frozen (except for Elvis) corporal, Pusan Korea,58-59. 3272 Circleview Drive, Dover, OH 44622 10/59-2/51
    . Eckerman, Dean Edward, Spc. 3rd Class, I was in the Fire Direction Center. 1120 Cummins Rd. Dsm, IA 50315 07/1955-07/1956
    . Hamp, Kenneth, I was a fire distribution crewman (186mos). Worked in Missile Master (AADCP) 3days, 3nights, 3days off. 501 S Dibble st. Hastings, Michigan3/63-9/65
    . Lappala, Bob, Clerk-Typist, and operated theatre - P. O. Box 1110, Howell, MI 48844 3/60-2/61
    . McNamara, John, Motor pool just looking for some people i seved with - Monsey NY5/61-2/64
    . Ries, Paul A., Last in S-2, SP5, managed site security, sentry dog program and personal clearance along with communication security. We had a very tight little group and most of us were there for a full three year commitment. We really got to know each other and had a great deal of fun during that time. I am sure some of the older enlisted and officers are "gone" at this time. ... I did run into a bird colonel that managed the dismantling of the facility in the seventies and that was a real interesting encounter. - 330 Hiley Terrace, Lynchburg, VA 2450411/65-8/68
    . Speicher, James (Jim), After Painesville, Ohio and going to Fort Mead I was assigned to the Information Office with the 35th until getting out in December 1970 as a SPC5./70-12/70
    . Williams, Franz O., SP2, Communications Center. Mos's for Teletype and Crypto repair. Helped set up comm center, Re-enlisted 3/57 and went to Ft. Bliss for Ajax FCS Maint School. Assigned to W-35 in Croom, MD. Went to Ft bliss for Radar Target Sim Maint. Discharged 6/60. 10211 Portland Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901 7/56-3/57
    Hq. 36
    AAA Bn.
    Ft. Meade.
    . Brown, Thomas H., Pvt - Sgt. - Box 186 Luling, Texas 78648 1953-1958
    . Sandrock, Harrison M. "Warhead Technician Will Travel", 12 sites in area 4/67-6/72
    Missile Master Spt. Det. Ft. Meade .
    . Hawkins, Eugene, MP Security @ Missle Master #1, Special Installation Secuity - 35 Arty Bde - We were the first detachment of "real school trained" security police to take over security for the AACP, before it was just who ever was on guard duty. I guess we must have done a good job, the bad guys never took over the site......... 1/64-5/65
    . Morris, Earl J, Sp/5 Worked on Tactical display/Height determination subsystems. Went to the gap filler site at Ft. Miles, Del. 12/62 to 11/63 when it was deactivated. On return to Ft. Meade I worked on Tracking/TDE/HDE. Moved on to Ft. Monmouth and STRATCOM in bangkok.6/62-11/64
    . Scardina, Guy, PFC/Radar Repairman - height finder radars. I volunteered for transfer to Oakdale to be closer to home. It hurt my chance for promotion but I am not complaining, SMMSD was great duty. - 2359 Breezewood Dr Youngstown, OH 44515 12/63-12/64
    . Smith, Thomas, Sp/5-Data Tech. Signal Missle Master Support Det. Served at Ft. Meade and Camp A. P. Hill, gap filler. 5/60-6/64
    BA-03Phoenix/Sweet Air .
    . Frey, Loren R., I was one out of 15 advanced party who set-up this Missile site, I operated all of the equipment on the site in the IFC area, I started out at the Army Chemical Center in a 155 AA Btn.Edgewood Md. 5/56-8/58
    . Mertes, David, I was the last battery commander of BA-03. I turned over the keys of the site to an MP company of the Maryland National Guard. I had served as IFC Platoon Leader, Launching Area Platoon Leader and Executive Officer. When the site closed, most of the National Guard technicians were transferred to other NG units. I became the Training Officer for an Infantry Battalion. (see ba-79) 1/68-9/74
    . Richardson, James, IFC Maint, included Cuban Missile Crises. No OREs, CMIs etc and constant 5 minute status for 30 days. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 6/62-1/63
    . Wolverton, Stan, Launcher area - came from Gaithersburg site 9/60-9/61
    BA-09Fork .
    . Hathaway, Cecil, IFC mechanic 57-58
    . Langstrom, Irvin, SP5, IFC, ARO-FCNCO 2/58-2/61
    . Miller, Terry P, Sp4 Launcher area tech. 223 mos Great duty!!! I couldn't have asked for better duty anywhere. I was designated the Ajax guidance control system test/install/repair tech.5/58-4/59
    . Strain, Bobby C., E-2, Guided Missle Fire Control System Maintenance 55-56
    BA-14 HHB Headquarters Battery Edgewood Arsenal .
    . Owen, Daniel, Workes in Bn. S2, came as PFC, left as PS-5. 1368 Pine Ridge Rd. Lexington, NC 27295 7/71-2/74
    BA-18Edgewood Arsenal (off route 24) .
    . Anderson, James D, IFC Operator PFC 9/58-2/60
    . Blaydes, Buddy, Edgewood was a temp.(site B of the 602nd) we moved to Jacobsville and were later designated C of the 36th. Iam not sure of the exact dates of the move from Edgewood.I have pictures of the launch area at Jacobsville. (BA-43) 10/55-3/56
    . Deutsch, Elliot, Ajax and a the beginning of Herc service/57-/59
    . Evans, Vincent, launch area crew, lots of guard duty, lots of driving to Oxen Hill 3/63-6/65
    . Fleming, Zenus, Sentry Dog Handler known as Flip, dog was King 4/67-9/68
    . Gajewski, Joe, Sentry Dog Handler - from Philadelphia, PA/65-/67
    . Haszard, Timothy R., 24P20 Radar IFC Repair8/69-7/70
    . Horvat, Bob, Sp5. Fire control systems maintenance. - We lost our former company commander in 'Nam and I still think about that. It was an unusual time with the war and all but I am proud of my service and what we did. Remember sub sandwiches from Wilt's in Edgewood.6/66-4/68
    . Hughes, Loras P., Acq. operator - trained at Bliss.
    Temp site 10/55-7/56 (Army Chemical Center)
    Perm site 7/56-
    Best Army (Per Btn. Comander) played on A.C.C. baseball team. First Sgt. hated me for that, said I was screwing off. Our 1st site C.O.was Lt. O'Day. Also "C" Bat. 2nd Btn. had Exc. officer (2nd Lt) last name Walker.(Cajun from La.) Both of these men were great officers. Loved my comrades then and love'em more every time I think about them. Where are you Klien, Brumley, Blankenship Campbell, Burns, Armstrong, Sinclair, Outlaw, Wilden, Brown, LaChapelle Etc. I know we are 74,75,76 but lets keep going. - 3811 North Pine St.. Davenport Ia. 52806
    . Hughlett, James D. Jr., 1/LT Fire Control Platoon Leader. 11503 Benwick Way; Knoxville, TN 37922 11/61-8/63
    . Metro, Mike, 16B10 launcher pits. PFC. Found it to be pretty boring work. Lots of sitting around doing pretty much nothing.1/68-10/68
    . Miller, Terry P, Sgt(E-5)Launcher area tech.Transferred from D battery. Really good duty!!!!!! Same as above, ( Fork, Md) only on Hercules. Lots of interesting situations that I'm detailing in my forthcoming book.4/59-7/60
    . Richardson, James, IFC Maint, Would have liked to have been there longer. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 1/63 - 2/63
    . Stark, Bill, MOS was 24Q20 - Improved Nike-Hercules Fire Control Mechanic - SP5 I remember the IFC area being almost surrounded by tall trees. Being close to D.C. we had a lot of brass tour our facility. Last duty station before discharge 3/72. - 516 Parkwood Dr., Windsor, CO 805506/71-3/72
    . Stevenson, David R., SP5, Radar Maintenance, good friends!02/66-07/67
    . Turman, Larry W., Missile Crewman - 58-46 251 Street, little neck,ny 11362 4/67-9/68
    . Wright, Dennis, - 115 Oakley Lane,Cherryville,N.C. 280215/69-5/70
    Chestertown near Tolchester Beach
    Nike site on YouTube
    . Adkins, Barry, Was in generator lanucher end and then in the motor3/71-4/74
    . Bocook, Michael, 95B20 doghandler 1 of 4, was there during most of decommission, left to go to safeguard site in North Dakota. We were the guys in the middle of no where, not many girls but a lot of corn,geese,ducks and deer. 3/73-7/74
    . Choy, Theodore R, Missle crewman, duty driver PFC2/69-4/70
    . Engelhardt, Robert, I was a dog handler. My dog was Mike 329x and I still miss him to this day.Since I was from Md this was great duty for me.Saturdays were great in the summer.Steaks,beer and the largest crabs there were ,from Rock Hall. - 8380 Lockwood Rd,Pasadena,Md. 21122 - I would especially like to hear from my friend Gary Day 1/67-4/68
    . Flowers, Phillip, Missile crewman, SP5, I really loved the area, fishing, hunting and all the wildlife. I was ammazed when I found your site that a few guys I served with are listed. I'm trying to get in touch with them. - 601 Alabama Ave., Kure Beach, NC 2844911/68-7/70
    . Frazer, Billy, E1 or E2 at arrival;SP5 at discharge; computer & switchboard operator; education asst. to CWO Bass; "the" base golf team; guard on the base basketball team; outfielder on the base softball team; fished a lot on the Tolchester Beach pier; enjoyable years; - Postal address: Vincentown, NJ1/64-8/66
    . Freitas, Thomas, Spec 5 Acq Radar Operator. Concord, California - Nike site on YouTube8/68-6/69
    . Garrett, Bernard, Military Police guard, friends Shine, Daughtery, Lott, and many others - 112 poplar hills FarmVille,va 23901 06/69-01/70
    . Grippi, Matthew B, Computer Opr/PArts Clerk PFC Dumont, NJ 07628 11/63-3/65
    . Hardison, Joe, fire control crewman, there when it closed in '74 /72-/74
    . Holman, William, 502 villanova circle warrington, pa. 18976 64-64
    . Howell, Larry, sp/4 launcher area, 16b2010/68-8/70
    . Jenkins, Carson, SP5 Track Sup. Was the last GI on the base, I handed the keys over to the civilian guards. Fired 5 birds over the years at Ft. Bliss. Would like to hear from the old crew. 02/71-07/74
    . Kille, Willard "Bill" M., SP-4, IFC Radar Op's, later Supply Sgt. 100 Hadaway Dr, Apt 2-E, Chestertown, Md. 21620 3/59-4/62
    . LaPointe, Cliff, MP12/73-5/74
    . Mallery, Alan, TTR Crewman / E-3 - Tolchester was a GREAT place to be stationed - 44817 Junius St. Madison, SD 57042 5/69-5/70
    . McKee, Alan, SP5 Assembly and warheading specialist. Would love to hear from some of my old running mates. 7280 Mountain Ash, Memphis, TN 38125 9/72-4/74
    . McKlveen, Richard B., 16B - Started as a pit rat and ended my Herc duties as LCT operator. Departed D-4-1 as a Sp/5. Looking for some of the old timers -- Harold Soucie, Ed Brown, and Ernie Lewis to name a few. You guys out there? 9/64-10/68
    . Newman, Jack A., Launcher Crewman/Sr. Launcher Crewman/Firing Panel Operator/Section Chief/Fueling and Warheading Crewman - Ajax cycled out in 1961. [? no longer a dual site?] leaving us with only set 1186, the Hercs. Some information about the site: We had 3 pits on each side, with C-1186 having only 3 launchers. All the rest had 4. There were 10 rounds in each magazine on both sides. As you have mentioned, the Hercs had a fence inside the primary fence surrounding the full area; ours had a rather sensitive electric "touch detector" that had to be turned off to open the gate. Nobody was allowed inside that fence alone, not even the battery commander. (He tried to get a guard to let him in one time as a test. We passed.) ... We were the last RA Ajax set in the Washington-Baltimore defense area; others were NG. Our 99.something percent at ASP in 61 (Ajax) was supposed to be the highest ever scored at McGregor. We had 3 different warheads for the Hercs, but none were HE. 10/59-7/62
    . Pelletier, Roger, E-4, ETSed 06/71-12/71
    . Reece, Calvin, Medic MOS 911.106/62-3/63
    . Richardson, James, Chief IFC Maint Tech, SFC. Conveniently located 100 miles from everything. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 2/63-1/67
    . Robinson, Fraser F., jr, SP5 IFC Computer operator 16C20 MOS - was stationed at Pinder Barracks in Germany after leaving site and was a computer operator for the Honest John system. Returned to Savannah, GA upon ETS.Came to the Nike Site as a private and made SP5 befoe leaving. - 4/65-8/66
    . Sloey, Jim, SP4 - Started as a FC crewman on Hipar then went back to Bliss for Radar Repairman. Was reassigned to W-92 after training. - 251 Kirkwood Rd, Rochester NY 14612 4/71-5/72
    . Tannucilli, Anthony P., MP Sgt.(no dog) and also the bus driver. Looking to hear from other MP's and dog handlers from the same era. Fishing in the bay and the summer picnic's were great. The girls easy, very easy!10/65-5/67
    . Webster, Tom, PFC-16B Launcher Crewman Deer Park, TX11/68-12/69
    . Westenberg, John C., Was there when it closed. Knew Sgt. Bill Goins...Dave St. Germain...Daryl Tallerico....Joe Hardison....Lt. Andron... - 17508 51st St. Ct. E.12/70-7/74
    . Wood,Gary , 1st sp4 16b senior launcher, 2476 byrd drive north east pa 164281971-1974
    . Zerby, Danny, launcher crewman,LCT operator, KP, guard, bus driver, lawnmower. Once I even repaired the "unit fund" boat. Pvt E1/Sp41/68-7/69
    BA-43Jacobsville .
    . Blaydes, Buddy, (see BA-14 for remarks) (see story Statute Of Limitations) 3/56-2/57
    . Schuyler, Dennis, 357.10 MOS, Electrical equip. repair (trained at Ft. Belvoir, Va); 1958-Red Canyon, 1959 McGregor Range - fired 3 Ajax for qualification. Turned over C Battery to Md. National Guard in 1960. Transfered to D Battery, Chestertown. 3/58-6/60
    BA-79Granite .
    . Anderson, James D, IFC Operator. Herc SP5 8/61-8/62
    . Mertes, David, radar operator, I joined the National Guard straight out of high school. The active army had the Hercules unit. Later the Hercules unit was turned over to the National Guard and the Ajax unit was removed. We spent many late night hours running mission with the Air Force as they were conducting Radar Bomb runs. The highlight of the year was our trip to Ft. Bliss/McGregor Range for our annual service practice. I was a crew chief at BA-79 until I was commissioned and assigned to {see} BA-03. 9/60-1/68
    . Cohoon, Thomas, IFC Plt Leader & Btry XO. Lou Bjostadt was CO much of the time. Company A, 602nd Msl Bn was the greatest!! 1005 Pennsylvania Ave, Suffolk, VA 2343411/57-5/60
    . Mertes, Robert J., E-5 Radar operator 1959-1968
    . Williams, Arthur Wayne, E-3, Motor pool, drove launch area troops back and forth to ifc for mess and such, Ft. Meade for training(firearms). Made daily trips to Ft.Meade for supplies. Remember parting at the tic-toc club, was known as thumper.Dated girls from sykesville,ellicot city.1959-1962
    . Wright, Wayne, MTR operator (and cut a lot of grass)2/57-11/59
    BA-92Cronhardt .
    W-13 Fort George Meade Location unknown - First operational Nike site, 30 May 1954 .
    . Tucker, John M., My full duty was at the first Nike missle site .....W13 and DC. If you want more info. for the unkown on your site, I can probably give it .
    W-13 DC Fort George Meade .
    . Deutsch, Elliot, Missile Master/59-11/60
    W-25Davidsonville .
    . Brocato, Joseph, Lchr crewman, TT radar op, gen op, cut a lot of grass and pulled a lot of guard 4/69-9/74
    . Brown, Thomas H., Sgt E5 - Warrant 1958-1962
    . Burke, Larry, ttr elev operator - won the battery-then the batalion and the 17th artilary golf tournaments in 1960 - 946 fire thorn dr hampton ga. 3022801/60-08/61
    . Federico, John J. Jr., MW4 (Ret) (ARNG site) 2/70 - 9/71
    . Logan, James E. (e-mail via Rigney) MOS = 227.10 '56-'58
    . Maxwell, Ken , I started out as a launcher crewman in Germany but went to mess hall (my request) and on to Viet Nam. After Nam I was mess Sgt E-6 in Davidsonville. - 4917 Santa Ana, Sierra Vista, Az 85650 8/67-7/68
    . Monfalcone, Edward, E-5 computer, high and low power radar,target tracking and ranging radars trained as repair 05/67-10/68
    . Morris, Larry E., SP4, Dog Handler, MP, great duty, good food. Good friend of mine, Joe Leonard, also dog handler, left for Viet Nam 6/65. Spent lots of off duty time at Sandy Point State Park. - Concord, NC1/65-6/67
    . Platt, James, E-4, Msl Launcher crewman, helped in maintenance - 622 Floral Ave. Colonial Heights, VA 238348/64-10/65
    . Rogers, Mark, /70-/74
    . Skinner, William [Bill], 2054 Jefferson #2 Memphis, Tn. 38104 - I come to B-4-1 as I remember it being called OJT, I left qualified in IFC as computer,Target elevation,missle tracking, switchboard, generator. 3/67-10/68
    . Waddell, Clyde R, pfc. A lot of duty, little time off, OJT training not much fun, a very long two years.5/55-2/57
    . Wilson, Al, acq operator/computer operator/ TRR operator/ crew chief. site closed 07/1974010/68-7/74
    W-26Annapolis /Skidmore/ Bay Bridge .
    . Daniel, Scott, 225.1 Hercules, Spec. 4, Left the Missile site to go to 7th Signal Detachment for area support, HI-par, IFF, MTR, TTR. 11/63-3/64
    . Wilson, Al, acq operator07/66-10/68
    W-35Croom/Marlboro .
    . Baker, Franklin L., Fire Control Warrant WO-1-CW2, 2286 Windish Dr. #9 , Galesburg, IL 61401 - Turned the unit over to the MD National uard06/58-08/60
    . Reynolds, Louis, Computer operator, Re-assigned to W-44 in 8/60, Cuban Missile Crisis, Engineer Section Chief, Qualified IFC Crew Chief, transferr4ed to C 5/6 Baumholder, Germany, 1/63 - 12/65 2/60-6/60
    . Sykes, Robert L., Acting Platoon Sergeant & Acquisition Radar Operator, Corporal, Applied for Technician School and arrived at Fort Bliss, TX in February 1958. - 7455 S. Hulen St #110 Fort Worth, TX 761331/58-2/58
    . Williams, Franz O., Fire Control Mechanic SP-2 to S/SGT-E6 - 10211 Portland Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901 3/58-6/60
    W-36Brandywine /Naylor. .
    . Sykes, Robert L., Acquisition Radar Operator, Corporal, Applied for Technician School. - 7455 S. Hulen St #110 Fort Worth, TX 761332/57-1/58
    W-44Mattawoman /Waldorf /La Plata .
    . Baker, Franklin L., Fire Control Warrant WO-1-CW2, 2286 Windish Dr. #9 , Fire Control Warrant CW-2, Turned unit over to MD National Guard 08/60-l2/61
    . Cooke, James Arthur, Battery Supply Clerk in the IFC area. my old site -- Battery 'A'' of the 75th Missile Btn. - In rural Maryland we were surrounded by woods and tobacco fields. I was there when "Sputnik" was launched and recall the concern of one old Master Sergeant who understood the implications far better than I did. US 51330384 - website 4/56-11/57
    . Cote, Roger J., Warrant Officer, Missile Launching Area. Left ary and signed on with Ordnance Corps Missile Maintenance Specialist. Assigned to Pittsburgh area and later, Cincinnati. - 3737 Sapphire St, Keller TX 76248 3/56-2/58
    . Doubleman, Phil, E-4 promoted to E-5. US Custodian on the NG site. My MOS was 225.20 1801 Rincon De Amigos Trail, Las Cruces, NM 880121/65-12/65
    . Hutson, Cecil , Mech Maint Chief, SSG, 4002 27th Ave. Rock Island,IL 61201 2/61-3/62
    . Reynolds, Louis, IFC Computer Operator, then IFC Crew Chief, Cuban Missile crisis, Bomb scoring runs for SAC 8/58-2/62
    . Reynolds, Louis, Computer operator, Cuban Missile Crisis, Engineer Section Chief, Qualified IFC Crew Chief, transferr4ed to C 5/6 Baumholder, Germany, 1/63 - 12/65 8/60-1/63
    . Rhodes, John E2-SP4 Fire Control Operator(Acq/Computer) 1957-60
    . Sykes, Robert L., IFC Technician Sp/5 to Sp/6, : Graduated from Tech School Mar 1959 and reported to Hercules Site at Waldorf, MD. Last Duty Station ABMS Cavalier, North Dakota, CW3 U.S. Army retired. 7455 S. Hulen St #110 Fort Worth, TX 76133 3/59-12/62
    W-45Accokeek .
    . Delaney, Richard, E2/SP4 TTR/MTR oper. 1957-1960
    . Lynn, James, Was supposed to be the Battery Clerk, ended up being the Battery Artist - complete with studio. Decorated everything including the radar towers. Transferred to 19th Gp HQ in Suitland, Md as a S2 clerk 5/59-3/60
    . Reynolds, Louis, Computer operator, SNAP to Red Canyon in 19598/58-2/60
    W-54Pomonkey .
    W-92Rockville .
    . Barrow, Henry, I have many, many great memories of my three years at Rockville. It was 58 miles from the launching area parking lot, to my home in Baltimore. My best friend served with me, also from Baltimore, and we have been entertaining our families with stories for the last 40 years. - 8224 Dundalk Ave Baltimore, MD 21222 6/62-3/65
    . Barnes, Mac H. , E-5 16c20 TTR operater. Mowed alot of grass. 8/68-12/71
    . Estes, Linwood, E-5 HIPAR Operater/trainer, MTR operator - I am now a student at Strayer University now completing an undergraduate course in international commerce law, and this semester I am taking a class in Political Science; IR POL300 to be exact. This weeks discussion was about the Cold War that was started by the Sovietís not adhering to the Yalta Conference. Mr.. Thelen, the information that I pulled up from your web page, was most helpful to me in this weeks discussions and will also help my younger class mates to understand first hand of what the Cold War was really like. - 1753-B Pemberton Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46260 1/71-7/73
    . Evans, William C. (Bill; 'Little Evans') SP4 (16C20); EWPB, Computer Operator 3/67-3/68
    . Gretsky, John, launch area, 801 Litwa Ln., Aston Pa. 190145/65-2/68
    . Hanley, Brad, sp/4 24U20 Grew up during our Red Alert of Oct 18,1973 when we armed 12 nuke warheads.1972-1973
    . Haszard, Timothy R., Deshountins got to stop7/70-7/71
    . Helms, Charles, (2014) Started right out of basic training, E-2, over the three years I made E-4 and went up for E-5, but wouldn't re-enlist. Would like to make contact with old comrads was a great time in my life - Rt 1 Box 1510 Council Hill, Okla 7442811/61-8/64
    . Jegelewicz, James , Pvt to Sp4,16c,Acq/Comp/Mtr oper6/59-9/62
    . Ledford, Jimmy, 333.ponders 4/66-8/67
    . Monfalcone, Edward, 10/68-02/69
    . Richardson, James, From fresh out of IFC Maint school as a SP3, served through Ajax, Herc and Improved NH transitions. 1st and best site I was ever at. Best people, most work, least reward, (SP2),and most job satisfaction of all assignments over 22 years in Nike. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 10/56-6/61
    . Rose, Marlin, I too was there during the Red Alert in 1973. Was a member of "C" Section, the only Section that had a launcher mounted to the elevator/72-/73
    . Sloey, Jim, SP4 - FC Hipar tech - 251 Kirkwood Rd, Rochester NY 14612 7/72-2/74
    W-93Laytonsville/ Derwood .
    . Hyatt, Tyree E., Spec.4 Radar oper. Also swboard & plotting, grounds keeping, guard duty, Kp We did it all. Enjoyed mixing with the folks in the area and dating the girls around Olney,MD Also visiting DC. I remember when Nikita Kruchev came to Wash. to meet the President and we tracked his plane coming in to land.Also the surprize Or's when the siren would go off and we would head for the hill. - Taylors, SC9/19-5/61
    W-94Gaithersburg .
    . Austin, James, I reup-ed for the Nike Herc Missle System, was an airborne soldier trying another MOS...Was assigned to B-Section, loved the site and location....President Nixion visted the site, just before he shut them down... 11/72-11/73
    . Choy, Theodore R, LCT SP5 PFC 4/70-4/72
    . DeAtley, Wayne, ?radar? I left Gathersburg MD. to go to MPQ-T1 Training at Ft. Bliss,TX. /68-/70
    . Handy, Franklin D., Sheduled for discharge 24 Jul 59. I was on leave and had a car wreck and was in WRAH unti; Dec 1959 - 2420 Steiner Ave, Connersville, IN 47331 /57-7/59
    . Jenkins, John E., S/P 5 in the launch control van. ended my military career here - 3114 W. 155 ST. Cleveland, Ohio 44111/71-?
    . Lamorgese, Larry W, 1057 NOVAK.. GRAFTON..OHIO..44044-
    . Wolverton, Stan, I did a little bit of everything, I was a launcher crewmen, worked in the LCT and ended up as stock clerk at the launcher site. In August or September 1960 the site was given over to the permanent National Guards. In fact a couple of the guys I was stationed with were discharged and joined up with the Guards. 2/59-9/60
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    Massachusetts site information
  • B-03 Reading
  • B-05 Danvers
  • B-15 Beverly
  • B-17 Nahant
  • B-21DC Fort Banks, Ft. Heath, Winthrop
  • B-36 Ft. Duvall/ Hull
  • B-37 Quincy
  • B-38 Hingham/ Cohasset
  • B-55 Blue Hills
  • B-63 Needham
  • B-73 Lincoln
  • B-84 Burlington
  • B-85 Bedford
  • PR-19 Rehoboth
  • PR-29 Swansea
  • .
    Site ID or
    Name, family name first
    (rank & duty optional)
    dates at
    B-03Reading .
    . Dennis, Robert V., sp4, launcher pit crew chief, fire panel operator, motor pool,guard duty, kp, much weekend poker playing - 6562 ector ct. jacksonville,florida 32211 10/57-10/60
    B-05Danvers .
    . Brock, Mike, DOS Handler, 410 Laurel Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025 62-64
    . Campbell, Richard, Arrived PFC, transferred to Ft. Heath, Winthrop, MA PO Box 248, New Boston, NH 03070-02486/59-7/60
    . Clemons, Dexter J, LCT operator, sgt of the guard - 11 rounds dr peru, ny 1297211/71-06/74
    . Clolery, Robert, No one believes me when I tell them I stopped the VC from over running Boston for threee years and mane E-5 on the computer!/72-/75
    . Doyon, Leo G. Jr., (16B) Asst Section Chief SP/5. 1SG(ret), Served in ADA 25 yrs HERC/PATRIOT, PO Box 804, Clint, TX 7983612/68-4/72
    . Elliott, John Roland, Acquisition Radar Operator - SPC4. Bugler for formations - I knew Adjutants Call and To the Colors, that's it. After court martial for possession of controlled substance (LSD), found not guilty on a technicality, (due to suspicion) removed from Nuclear Weapons PRP and made Battery Carpenter and Battery Gardener. When new commander arrived, since these positions weren't on the TO&E, personnel flags removed, shipped to {Kimje} Korea. 12/71-07/73
    . Federico, John J. Jr., MW4 (Ret) 9/71-4/73
    . Goltman, John, Battery Commander9/68-5/69
    . Griffin, Roger W, 16B First time, 24Q30 second time(AN/MPQ-T1, Track & Computer Mech.) Anyone seen Jim Willard? Roger White? - 12687 Goose Egg Rd., Casper, WY 82604 9/65-7/66
    . Kuykendall, Dan, .09/72-01/73
    . Murray, Robert M, PFC - motor pool driver. Drove for Major Lowell at the Burlington Hq. for a short time4/59-3/62
    . Nowicki, Ron 63-64
    . O'Leary, Paul, HIPAR operator and Acquisition Radar operator. Also served for a time as a section chief and in the motor pool.2/71-2/74
    . Peltonen, George S., IFC PSG, served as Lchr PSG in 1973, went through an ARADCOM TPI then returned to IFC PSG. Made E8 as site was closing. Promotion had me all screwed up, from Site closing in August 1974 until I received E8 Assignment Orders in October 1974. Just sat in my quarters in Beverly, Ma (Laurel Street), calling DA about orders which finally came assigning me to HHB, 5/6th ADA Baumholder, Germany as Battlion S2 NCO. 2/72-10/74
    . Sterner, Joseph, I were the cook! Who suck the pinball out the glass with the HIPAR magnet? Where is Bob Mowdy and Doc?/72-/72
    . Stokes, David, - SFC Shelky and his crew of five travel to different Nike Sites with engineers from Raytheon to test long range radars. 12/58-12/59
    . True, Richard, SP5 Assembly Crewman. Left MA to Athens, Greece served as Security NCO and Warhead Assembly Crew on a Greek Air Force Site. (SASCOM UNIT) - 35 Granite Ct SE, Mason City, IA 504017/71-1/72
    . Wood, Rich 16c tracking station, Helped put the lock on the place as I left for Germany. 72-74
    B-15Beverly .
    . Boucher, Normand O., Pfc,Mos612.10,Comp Operater, On the fueling team,Parts crib ,launcher crewman 12/56-9/58
    Brush Radar
    Nahant .
    . Bostaph, Thomas J., 29162 Dalgado Rd., Hayward, CA 56-59
    . Butler, Jerry, "mascot" - I was not in the ADA, but from summer 1960 to June 1961 I was sort of a "mascot" of a Regular Army battery. I did cartoons and a welcome sign to the IFC area, and sort of hung around. Great bunch of troops! Most of my high school off-time was spent at the site. While other young lads my age were chasing girls and learning how to drink beer I was learning the components of the MTR / TTR and bathtub radars. I often think how fortunate I was to be able to do this. Sometimes I wonder how or why it was allowed - it sure wouldn't happen today... 76/60-6/61
    . Kobey, David, 1928 Independence Avenue, Viera, FL 329409/59-1/60
    . Stone, Dave, spl4, computer operator, member of USARADCOM softball team that won U.S. championship./57-/60
    . Stokes, David, - Brush Radar was located at a light house; which were coverted to an Early Warning Radar (AN/TPS/1D) site, all the men at this radar site were assigned to Charlie Battery 605th Msl Bn. for rations, quarters, and administration. The site claim to fame was tracking Russian Aircraft that flew to the United States prior to Nikita Khrushchev visit which came a few month later. SSG Rousell was the NCOIC, with Sp5 Cook, Sp 3 John Paul, Fred West, Milton Rogers, etc 10/56-11/58
    . Swartz, James R., Installation Electrician Power Generation, Elevators & compressor repair/60-/62
    B-21DC Fort Banks, Ft. Heath, Winthrop .
    . Alperin, Stuart, First Lieutenant - Air Control Officer ECCM School Ft. Bliss 12/62-10/63
    . Campbell, Richard, Transferred to 32nd Artillery Brigade, Kapaun Barracks, K-town, Germany - PO Box 248, New Boston, NH 03070-02487/60-6/61
    . Crescitelli, Richard, Did ECM/ECCM training with van mounted jamming equipment. Caused quite a stir when we jammed a site late one night and the director failed to notify the site that a sneak excercise was going to, take place.
    I was on the ECCM cosole when the Air Force did a simulation of an attack on the Boston Sector. They were using the RB-66 Hustler and we stopped them cold anyway! A Very nice night that was... - 844 Cypres Pines Way, Henderson, NV 89002
    . Harrington, David, CPT; M/M Crew Leader and Ass't Section Leader, 56th Bde7/63-7/64
    . Katz, Burt, 17 Adam Place ,New City,NY 109565/59-1/61
    . Noakes, Robert, technician on the AN/FSG-1 Missile Master. MOS was 299.1 Signal Air Defense Fire Distribution Systems. Arrived at Ft. Heath in October, 1962 right in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 10/62-12/64
    . Slattery, Thomas, Boston Harbor, Winthrop temp site, three ajax msl - I was a corporal I had been in the Infantry and choose ADA when i re enlisted. I was then transfered to a site just south of West Point NY because of an ongoing dental problem - 4211 D Canterbury SQ SO Indianapolis, In 462608/56-2/57
    B-36Ft. Duvall/
    Hull / Weymouth
    . Blanchard, Al (Doc), IFC operator, (was to ETS in Feb 62 but spent a two month extention (Berlin) and got out in April.)4/61-4/62
    . Clement, Robert W., Fire Control System Maintenance Technician, after 47 week school at Ft. Bliss, Texas (MOS 226.60) - would very much like to hear from fellow "comrads in arms", who were at Hull or Weymouth, and Ft. Bliss, Texas 7/59-3/61
    . Cote, Ronald, Started as LAuncher Helper and ended as GMIE. 7 Lake Ave Tiverton, RI 02878 1/65-8/74
    . Dow, Gerald "Jerry", Pit rat till MA ARNG took over site - after to Bristol RI - 59 Brockbank Place, Sierra Vista AZ 856359/62-4/64
    . Pearce, George, medic/spl. , Pfc E3 in rank at time of assignment. Family living in N.J. at this time so this was great duty and able to commute weekends. E-mail welcome.1/62-9/62
    . Pearson, Arthur H, - Launcher Crewman E3 PFC Gen Oper,Security. P.O. Box 247 Eastham MA 02642 - Site closed soon after left site 11/69-5/74
    B-37Quincy .
    . Simmons, William, Launcher Panel Operator (171.1) & Missile fueling. 34 Warren Ave., Middleboro,Ma. 023469/59-11/61
    . Starkweather, Rex, Pkg 22 assigned to boston area, Bn Msl Mech assigned HHB 519 Merrymount Park Quinsey, Sp3, Part of 6 man team that assembled and maintained the msls assigned to the 519th. I also attended the Msl Aux Systems School at Ft. Belvoirduring Po Aug-Sep 1955. - 1608 E. Gastel Circle Mission, TX 785723/55-5/56
    . Wigglesworth, Russ, Spec 4. Senior Launcher Crewman built the site. First quarters in the old Naval Air Station Officers' Club.2/55-5/56
    B-38Hingham/Cohasset .
    . Bennett, Donald L., GMIEER MOS 357.1 1/57-1/60
    . Van Able, Ron, Guided Missile Material Maintenance was assigned there when it opened. 6/56-10/57
    B-55Blue Hills .
    B-63Needham .
    . Lunn, Gordon, B/2/241 Btry Exec 7/59-7/60
    B-73Lincoln .
    . Eveslage, Donald, Acquisition Radar & Computer Operator8/58-5/60
    . Healey, James, Analog Computer Operator8/62-6/63
    . Hinton, Joe, TTR Operator, Sp410/58-8/61
    . Myers, Irvin (Bud), E-8 Custodial Team Chief4/69-6/70
    . Penn, Jerry W, E-5 Spec. Radar Tech. National Guard Site, Co-host 6 US Army personnel. 7/68-12/68
    . Wild, Gerard (Jerry), MOS 177.0 - 2917 Needlewood Lane,Bowie, MD12/62-06/63
    B-84Burlington .
    . Bennett, Donald L., Sr GMIEER Tech 357.6 1/60-7/60
    B-85Bedford .
    . Gelinas, Ronald, Launcher crewman OJT, fresh from Basic Training, Section Chief was SSG Eubanks 7/58-12/58
    . Schnack, Robert W., SP-3 First Personel on site. (Package 43) Came from gun site in Lynn MA. Launcher Panel oper. 2 trips to Red Canyon Range, Discharge at time of reorganization to 5th Artillery Bn. 4/56-9/58
    Rehoboth .
    . Clarke, Joseph, launching area crew member sp4 a lot of good times /58-/61
    . Daugherty, Jerry J., Was Acq. radar Op., Early warning plotter, Computer op. Pulled a little guard duty, KP. 3617 Knight Ct. SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1/60-6/61
    . DiMarco, Dino Launcher Area Maint SFC E-6'58-'61
    . Doan, Rodney R., SSGT TO-SFC E7 - 954 Barneck rd port haywood Va 2313812/68-7/69
    . Goltman, John, HHB Commander, S-45/69-1/70
    . Hawkins, David Lemoyne E-4, Acq. Opr. MOS 173.10 Sweetwater, TX. Ran 16mm projector for Battalion Commander's talks in community and movies for the troops. '59-'61
    . Mason, Phillip, Battery XO/58-/59
    . Malecki, Eugene M., 1st Lt., Asst battalion S-3, Ops and Trng; add'l duties Bn TI&E Off., Asst PIO, Bn CBR Off. Attended SAM OBC Class 3 at Ft. Bliss 9/55-1/56. 4/56-9/57
    . Palmatier, Kenneth, cook hq mess hall10/61-4/63
    . Pritchard, William asst S3 Bn Hq 1970-1971
    PR-29Swansea .
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    Michigan site information
  • HHB 28th Arty Gp (SAFB) ?Detroit?
  • D-06 Utica
  • D-14 Selfridge AFB
  • D-15DC Selfridge AFB
  • D-16 Selfridge AFB
  • D-17 Algonac/Marine City
  • D-23 Detroit City Airport / Kercheval.
  • D-26 Ft Wayne/Detroit
  • D-51 NAS Grosse Isle.
  • D-54 Riverview/Wyandotte
  • D-57 Carleton/Newport
  • D-58 Carleton
  • D-61 Romulus/Dearborn -?Inkster
  • D-69 River Rouge Park
  • D-86 Franklin/Bingham
  • D-87 Commerce/Union Lake
  • D-97 Auburn Hts.
  • .
    Site ID or
    Name, family name first
    (rank & duty optional)
    dates at
    D-06Utica .
    . De Luco, Ronald, Custodian, E-5. Same as D-58 (below) with a little more politics. Still maintain friendships with former class mates and buddies from sites. It was at this site that I achieved the coldest I ever want to be while stationed at this site. If we ever meet and you want to hear the story, I'll be glad to relate it. (Golly Ron, I hope you didn't freeze anything personal!! ;-)) - 2430 Galbreth Rd. Pasadena Ca 911043/63-3/64
    . Klopfenstein, Raye , teacher of aerospace program INSPIRE using remaining buildings on the site - I would like any info or contacts that would help preserve the history of the site..
    . Purkey, Ronald C., Sp/4, missile radar operator - We had a great group of men. We won the annual service practice in 1957 and the national Nike basketball tournament in 1957. Men from B Battery of the 516th AAA Msl. Bn. won many the "soldier of the month" award while I was stationed there. 10/56-7/58
    . Rhodes, James H., Spec. 4th Class, 173.10 , IFC DC Analog Computer Operator04/58-01/61
    . Scully, Jan L., IFC E-4 Unit: B 516/57-/61
    D-14Selfridge AFB - (Shared IFC with D-16) .
    . Bailey, Tommy R., - would like to hear from other scope dopes like me.2/66-7/67
    . Champion, Larry E3, Launcher crewman, 2050 Eleanor St., Vidalia, La. 713731/66-5/66
    . Fox, Stewart "Del", Radar Maintenance SP4 - Played Guitar in locaL band - POB 236066, Cocoa, F32923 10/59-11/61
    . Golip, Michael, Stationed at Selfridge for 2 weeks, was declared excess, sent to White Sands for Sentinel/Safeguard Training - end of Nike Herc career, was trained as a 23g20 Nike/Herc FC Maint3/68-3/68
    . Miller, Howard, SP4 - Aurora, Indiana 4700112/56-8/59
    . Twyman, Spencer, SP4 Launching area - 30625 Lebanon Dr. Warren, MI 48093 10/56-10/58
    D-15DC &
    HQ 28th Gp
    Selfridge AFB .
    . Callahan, Chester, Teletype Operation Supv. 28th Group. Worked in the communication center near the front gate, near the big radar tower. Distributed crypto codes for all sites in the Detroit area. Sure with I could remember the name of the officer in charge of communications when I was there. 4/64-3/65
    . Caloia, William , What happened to the guys who repaired the TSQ 51 or the FUIF?6/68-1/69
    . Garrett, Frank, 2nd Lt. Fire direction Officer in ADCAP blue room. Transf. to 2nd Rgn ARADCOM Selfridge AFB
    Started as 1st Lt XO of Hdq Btty While unit relocated. CO was 1st Lt George Stone. Was Promoted to Capt and Given CO when Stone left. Was last person on site which closed two yrs later. Had Gen Dean and Maj Gen Barfield on my morning report.
    . Novak, Jim, Worked on switchboard in blue room. worked off base during riots. Worked at Rhule's Ambulance in Mt. Clemens when I was off duty. - 1755 S Naperville Rd. Wheaton, Il 60189 9/66-8/67
    . Prather, Kenneth J, Worked in the Missile Master Blue Room - 209 Teneva Cove, Cibolo, TX 78108 2/63-7/64
    . Verburg, Harry J Jr,, Captain, HQ 28th ADA Group Headquarters Battery Commander, then Ass't S-3 - 704 Gibson St. Truth or Consequences, NM 8790105/71-02/73
    D-16Selfridge AFB - (Shared IFC with D-14) .
    . Balley, Tommy Reid, ran hipar and made sp/4. got married while there.cw3 hanson was one of the maint. warrants. i lived in nearby utica, mi. we had six batteries in detroit defense. 3/66-6/67
    . Baumgarten, Ronald L., PFC LCT Selfridge AFB - now SANGB. The site is completely gone, how do I know ? I have lived across the Clinton River, about a half mile away, for 41 years. - 39911 Memory Lane, Harrison Township, MI 48045 12/56-09/59
    . Chase, Bill, FUIF - PFC9/62-8/64
    . Clark, Gary, I was only at Selfridge for a little while. I shipped from school at Fort Belvoir and was here TDY pending assignment. - 18864 Gillman, Livonia, MI 481527/60-8/60
    . Evola, Charles T, TTR operator 6/62-10/63
    . Fox, Del, closed site shipped to 155mm SP unit at ft Sill OK - POB 236066, Cocoa, Fl 32923 10/59-12/61
    . Hancock, John D., SP5 IFC Section Chief 1314 N. Atlanta Pl. Tulsa, Ok. 4110 10/10/59-1/61
    . Knapp, Jeffrey A., 1959-62
    . Ledford, Joseph R., Launcher Crewman, PFC, I would like to hear from [folks]. Box 176 Delano, Tenn 37325 11/56-10/58
    . Paul, Billy A., SP4, Senior IFC Operator and Instructor. 4 Mesa Ridge Abilene, Texas 79606 - played on battery flag football team, battery basketball team and base baseball team. Worked with some of Nike's best. 11/56-9/58
    . Shinn, Dick, Lake St Clair is very cold when you are standing in formation in the winter! 9/69-9/70
    . Trewhella, Joe, 3/62-8/62
    D-17Algonac/Marine City .
    . Bowers, Dalton L., /67-/68
    D-23Detroit City Airport / Kercheval. .
    . Harvey, Val S., Radar Operator I used my brothers name because I was too young. 5/55-11/57
    . Lukomski, Luke, -6/64
    double site
    Ft Wayne/Detroit (launchers at Belle Isle, Blue Haron Lagoon).
    . Bush, William J. (marc), CW2 Interested in hearing from other members of 1/177th Missle .
    . Fultz, Dallas, Rank E-58/65-6/68
    . Kroy, Ralph, 2nd/1st - Launcher plt ldr, fire control ldr, exec off. Will help clarify site info. Add'l duties: Assit bn Trial Council Btry sec off, motor off, supply off, etc (shortage of officers) Btry cmdr was John.F. Shannon/later Mjr McKibbon. Did have "Battle Stations Guns Tight" experience, 1957, as fire control leader. Also flooding of the launcher pit when the pumps failed when I was launcher plataoon leader. - 12901 Titian Avenue ,Granada Hills, CA 913443/56-3/58
    . Logan, Richard, I was in charge of LCT and communications. - Original site for A bty 85 was a shared launch area with B bty on Belle Isle. We activated the site 9/55 - D-23? 8/55-12/56
    . Lugauer, John, 16B - Missle Launcher Crewman - Left to go to Nuc.Weapons Electronics. I remember the COLD winter I spent there! ;-) I still remember putting a second mattress over me one night. The glass of water by the bed was frozen solid! LOL
    I don't really know how I found your site, but man, it brought back memories. Running from the barracks to the pit to raise the missiles. Man, some of the memories. :) Including the times at Ft. Bliss and Juarez, Especially Juarez!
    . Marple, Raymond, SP4 motor Pool, cbr/cbn NCO B Battery was at the foot of Conner Ave. in Detroit right on the River. The launch area and dog handlers area were on Belle Isle right next to the Detroit Yacht club. The snow was so bad there that I had to plow Conner all the way from Jefferson to the guard post by the river several times.There is a park there now I believe that the Lennox street that is mentioned is one street east of Conner. 1-313-541-8607 - 18274 Norborne Redford MI 48240 12/66-6/67
    . McCubbin, Ron Sr., with launchers on Belle Island1/57-10/59
    . Partington, Dennis K., PFC LCT operator. Johannesburg MI7/58-3/61
    . Quirk, Quentin, At age 22 I was acting Btry. CO until cadre arrived in September with Capt. Gallipeau. Then I acted as Exec....meaning I did nothing as we had two many Lts. 3/55-3/56
    . Seach, Arden W., SP-4, Helped dismantle the Ajax Missiles and then finished my time as permanent gate guard. 5519 E. Co. Rd. J Clinton, WI 53525 - 8/61-5/62
    . Searls, James, One of last people to leave this site as it was being shut down2/68-6/69
    . Sisman, Robert, Foot of Conner- Belle Isle - North Olmsted, Oh - also dtigers06@gmail.com11/59-8/60
    . Zeiter, Robert L, Fire control operator, SP5, Discharged 3/22/62. Enlisted Apr '62 in Ohio ANG at CL34 Ajax. CL34 closed and OANG took control of CL69 Hercules. 10/63 - 11/64 at Ft. Bliss for Hercules Fire Control Maintenance School for OANG taking control of site at Oxford, OH 1965, Cincinnati Defense. Closed that site 3/70. Discharged OANG 6/70 as SFC. - 418 Prospect St., Wellington, OH 440908/61-3/62
    D-51NAS Grosse Isle. .
    . McKinnon, Gordon, TTR Operator, E3 - 435 sunset road ely, mn 55731 /60
    . Smith, Melvin, 6827 Matthews Road, Bryans Road, MC 20616 - Please send me some information of the base then and now 5/56-2/57
    D-54Riverview/Wyandotte .
    D-57Carleton/Newport .
    . Betts, Herbert G, I and three other E-4s and the 1st Lt were the last ones out the gate leaving a warrent and some civilians to finish the dismantle. By the way, the bronze unit placque that was at the base of the flag pole found its way to behind the counter at the "Little Brown Jug" LBJs is gone know and I assume the placque with it. postal Milford, MI4/73-9/74
    . Lukomski, Luke, Would like to hear from others.8/58-
    . Peyton; Louis G, Launcher Crewman Ajax, Pvt-1 Arrived from Ft Bliss, green rookie, SFC Robert Hatcher, insured we learned fast. Installed the 1st Missile Site at Carleton. Helped set up in field next to runway before pits were completed. Lived in Q-huts until barracks were compledted in 1958. Cold winter. Help set up 1st Nike Hercules in 1959. Good memories. Retired CW3 1976 - 384 Fairlane Dr., Spartanburg, SC 293074/57-5/60
    . Quirk, Quentin, Lt., Abandoned Navy Base. Shared quarters with two other batteries as construction not completed. It seemed to be all mud1/55-3/55
    D-58Carleton .
    . De Luco, Ronald, Custodian, E-4. For the most part, custodians were an unknown entity early in 63. Our duties were to maintain federal custody of Nuclear weapons for the Federal Govt.. We oversaw assembly and maintained custody of the arming plugs for the missiles. When we were assigned to the sites, there were no mess halls nor were our perdiem allowances on our pay. (Custodians were to live and eat separately from the other people on the site, usually National Guard or foreign troops who manned the equipment. as told to Ed Thelen)

    Our sergeant, being resourceful, scrounged the mess halls for any surplus they could spare. We bought our bread from day old outlets. With a hot plate we cooked whatever our Sergeant could scrounge for us. Generally eggs, butter, some bread, large sausages like bologna etc., (for which we had another expression), cheese, bacon, just anything any mess hall could spare.

    Sarge immediately called headquarters and explained our dilemma and got a refrigerator shipped out and arranged for a stove to be installed. We all chipped in and bought our bread, and common cook wear, pot, pans etc.. We all bought a knife, fork, spoon, a large jar of peanut butter and a large jar of jam. We all had our corner of the locker and our corner of the refrigerator. It was while stationed at this site, that I met my future wife. She was teaching school at the near-by town of Waltz. - 2430 Galbreth Rd. Pasadena Ca 91104
    . Hewitt, Philip, Warhead Custodian 24U. I was assigned to Carlton MI after graduation from Launcher Maintenance School. As this site was a National Guard facility our duties included custody of the warheads and the authentication system. The National Guard units operating Nike Sites were federalized some years later and Active Army Custodians were no longer required. There were only five of us and it was great duty! Most of us held part time jobs in the community. I was married here in Aug '69, bought my first motorcycle (1969 Triumph Bonneville) here and generally enjoyed myself. I left in December of 1970 to go to Wiesmoor, FRG as a warhead custodian and exclusion area guard. This would be my last assignment in the ADA. In 1971 I reuped for SATCOM school and left for Ft. Monmouth NJ in June of 1971. 244 Delynn Dr, Hazel Green, AL 35750 02/69-12/70
    D-61Romulus/Dearborn .
    . Arbour, Harold C., I served on a custodial team. I was Regular Army assigned to a National Guard site. We monitored the status and mvement of the nuclear warheads and controled the access to the arming plugs. We represented the federal control over the nuclear weaons that were on the National Guard site. I didn't see any mention of "Custodial Teams" anywhere in your stories. - 17653 Cove Lane, Port Vincent, LA. 70726 1/63-3/65
    . Black, Charles D., Pvt left as SP5 a few good friends There. The cuban threat. Staying on the Radar all day and nite. Friends Norman Woolfolk,Billy Price, ... and the Middlebelt Bar. - 47311 47th st. E. sp-139 Palmdale Ca 935529/59-2/64
    . Clark, Gary, I was a Spec 4 in charge of the generator shack in the launch area. MOS GMIEER. Lived in the IFC until 12/61 when I got married and moved off base. Years later after retiring from Ford's, I started teaching for their apprentice school at New Boston not far from Headquarters battery at Carleton where I was mustered out of the Army. Come to find out one of my fellow instructors at the school was at D-61 the same time I was there. Rick Custer, he shipped out to Germany soon thereafter. - 18864 Gillman, Livonia, MI 48152 8/60-6/62
    . Hewitt, Philip, 24U Warhead Technician as active Army on a NG site. 244 Delynn Dr, Hazel Green, AL 35750 2/69-11/70
    . Israel, Willis, Assigned right out of basic training as a Pvt. E-2 OJT. While waiting for my security clearance I operated the civilan switchboard, pulled kp and guard duty, and worked for Sgt. Williams in the supply room. Sgt. Williams was a fine man and NCO. I received my security clearance and was shipped to Okinawa in January, 1963. - Hale, MO 646439/62-1/63
    D-69River Rouge Park .
    . McKinnon, Gordon, TTR Operator, E3 - 435 sunset road ely, mn 55731 10/58-/59
    D-86Franklin/Bingham .
    . McKinnon, Gordon, TTR Operator, E3 - 435 sunset road ely, mn 55731 /59-/60
    D-87Commerce/Union Lake .
    . Beach, C., C-3-517th, SP4 - Senior Comp & Acq, 16C20, Improved Nike Hercules - IFC Area - SNAP x2 in W. Sands, NM. Juarez was interesting ... 1967 riots in Detroit brought out tanks to guard us for real. 5/66-3/68
    . Betts III, Herbert (Glen), 16C10 & 16C20 PFC to E-4.. I and three other E-4s and the 1st Lt were the last ones out the gate leaving a warrent and some civilians to finish the dismantle. By the way, the bronze unit placque that was at the base of the flag pole found its way to behind the counter at the "Little Brown Jug" LBJs is gone know and I assume the placque with it. - postal Milford, MI4/73-9/74
    . Bohannon, Terry, PFC - SP4 - PFC - SP4 - PFC they should have had velcro back then! 16C IFC AREA, left for Germany in late 69. - 39482 Marne Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48313 /68-/69
    . Brewer, Dwight, Sp5 Launcher Crewman 1/69-12/70
    . Brittain, Roger D., SP/4 Acquisition Radar Operator. Michigan5/66-1/68
    . Brown, Dwight E., A Section SP-5 Launcher Repairman, Console Operator SNAP 71 - phone 352-205-8536 - 2570 Edgemoor Terrace, The Villages, FL 321622/69-6/71
    . Campbell, Woolery "Woody", 7/72-7/73
    . Evola, Charles T, Maintenance 226.61'66-10/66
    . Hinklin, Robert E, Company clerk; arrived straight from basic tng as E-1 and became E-4 before duty station in Thailand. 1SG Norman C Bell, Cpt Dennis R Perry, Cpt Joseph E Girard, CW2 Richard Mitchell, others. Also played in bands in local night clubs on weekends...overall nice duty. - Cincinnati, Ohio3/68-10/68
    . Jegelewicz, James , Made SFC took over as Maint.Chief 6/66-8/68
    . Jones, Kit, nike crewman - worked for Sgt. Morino e3 72-73
    . Klinger, Richard, 12/70-12/70
    . Kolarik, Larry A, Sgt E5, Crewman 16C, Was a Radar operator.- 57365 Woodcreek Lenox, Mi 4804811/68-6/72
    . LeCours, Roger, NCO for Training, Public Information, and various other duties. Worked in headquarters building1/55-10/57
    . Marple, Raymond, Motor Pool, Left C Battery and went to HHB Selfridge Air Base 11/67 remained at HQ till deployment to RVN 3/68 - 18274 Norborne Redford MI 48240 6/67-11/67
    . Mitchell, Richard L (Dick), WO, Retired and went on to bigger and better? things. Apollo, 8 thru 14 and Shuttle payloads from 80 to 97. Now retired, still very healthy and active. 1967-10/69
    . Pickett, Greg, E-3 16B20 missle crewman, closed site headed for Italy - 7137 Welles st. Brown City MI. 4841612/73-7/74
    . Porter, Arthur L., Target Tracking Radar Supervisor. I also was in charge of the Generator Section for a short while. My highest rank was SP-5. I met lots of nice and interesting men while there. Some may remember me, I played the guitar and sang. Had a good time. My home town was Banner, Virginia. I now reside at 819 Panacella Drive, Abingdon, Virginia 24210. My phone number is 276-608-8210. I would love to hear from some of the guys. I'll be checking for reunion information.9/65-6/68
    . Sloman, Ron, Pvt to Sp5. IFC area Senior Azimuth operator by end of tour. Hipar building was constructed during cuban missle crisis (by accident). While at SNAP we pilfered a drone and had it shipped back. Mounted it at the IFC area.
    OUTSTANDING !! - You guys were something else !! - Ed Thelen
    . Storemski, Steve J, IFC area - 37301 Elberta Ln Brookshire Tx2/73-2/74
    . Waibel, Richard (Dick), Held all Battery Office Positions - mostly IFC & Launcher PLT LDR Positions. Fired both Ajax and Herc at "SNAP" in 69 annd 70. Phone # 570-420-1114 - RR 7 Box 7345 Stroudsburg, Pa 183608/68-6/70
    . Welnicke, Larry A., 16C20 Fire Control Crewman - Missile Tracking Radar Operator Alot of good times with one hell of a crew! 09/72-06/74
    D-97Auburn Hts. .
    . Jones, Morton G, PFC/E3 - launcher crewman, later in motor pool - locals were very supportive of "missilemen" 2/58-10/58
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    Minnesota site information
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    dates at
    SAGE 23d NORAD RGN (SAGE), Duluth IAP, MN .
    . Eley, Frederick J. (Fritz), ADAO 23d NORAD Rgd (SAGE) - Graduated from OBC USAAADS in 04/62 attended HAWK crs and deployed to Germany with 6/562 HAWK. In 71-72, assigned to 1st ARADCOM Rgn, 45th ADA Gp with duty as ADAO 23d NORAD Rgd (SAGE), Duluth,MN - then control of NIKE defense of Chicago and Detroit. In 73-76, stationed in Ludwigsburg, FRG. My HQ was just 8KM from the old 1st ADA in Wilkins Bks, Kornwestheim. Retired from actice duty 04/82. Now at Ft Lee, VA - home of old 21st NORAD Rgn (SAGE). Historic interest in old NIKE sites in the VA area. 12/71-09/72
    MS-40Farmington .
    . Belfer, Bert, SP 6, IFC Maintenance, 24Q, 1st site I helped close, but not the last. Next stop Pittsburg. 06/70-06/71
    . Black, Charles D., Sp5 MTR operator Was cold in winter time1/63-8/64
    . Brody, Rick, /69-/70
    . Garon, Rudy, 7/69-2/71
    . Lewis, Paul, SP/5 TTR Radar Optr. went thru system exchange and a horrible winter 10/68-11-69
    . Mc Daniel, Gary, sp/4 fire control operator, 16c20 - 10915 Goodall Rd Unit 323, Durand, Mi.48429 9/62-9/63
    . Metzker, Mike, 24P20 HIPAR Mech. - I was at MS-40 when it was closed down. SP5 trained at FT. Bliss,TX.
    - Once during the winter of 1970 ( don't remember quite when), the Hipar antenna stopped rotating when the temperature reached into the 40 below range in Minnesota. It burned out the servo drive amp circuit. I can't believe I worked on that tower under those conditions. young and stupid....
    - On not such a good note...although I have no proof of my conclusion....I was hospitalized during my service there, in my mind due to exposure.....I was taken to the university hospital and examined for rheumatoid symptoms by doctors who only said my blood work showed high inflammation levels.
    . Sherrard, Robert J., Fire Control Operator/ Section Chief (SP5, Acting SGT). 11/60-8/61
    . Torres, Victor P., 5/61-9/63
    . True, Richard, Site was closing. 35 Granite Ct SE, Mason City, IA 504017/69-6/71
    MS-48DC S. Minneapolis .
    . Bland, David, 2LT: D&C Offcr, Asst. PIO (LTC Don Wells: PIO), defense counselor, Survivor?s Asst Offcr x 2, Escort Offcr for Operation Understanding (w/50th Group CO, COL Charlton) trip to NORAD, Ft Bliss, White Sands, and ARADCOM HQ (Ent AFB), CG: GEN Underwood. MARS offcr (K0LCB/KB0GR). Still enjoy copies of TWIN CITY DEFENDER. Enjoyed dinners with Vice President & Mrs. Hubert Humphrey during the time 50th Grp Aviation section provided air support to them, not to mention the great guys while overseeing the EM club; lots of great '50's and ?60's music, parades, and parties! Reconnected with several 50th Grp missilemen while site CO of AADCAP #2, HQ 38th BDE (ADA), Osan AB, Korea. Lots of cherished memories!! So sad to see 50th Grp HQ bulldozed---that's progress, I guess? 5/67-3/68
    . Curley, Patrick, SP5--Crypto. Two fantastic years, with a bunch of great guys. Wild but great. Winters were pure hell, but you could not beat the spring and summer. - Fishers, Indiana2/62-8/64
    . Duoos, John, 17h40 (converted to 16k40) 68th artillery brigade 5/68-5/69
    . Henson, Dan, AN-GSG-5 BiRDIE Repairman - 397 arcadia dr wellington fl1/64-6/67
    . Lundgren, John E, Air Defense Radar Repairman, 26H, SP/4 on AN/FPS-69 Search RADAR, IFFs (Nike Herc). Visited 4 surrounding batteries at Farmington, St.Bonfacius, Mound, Hudson WI, etc. HHB, 50th Arty Gp, Snelling AADS, Minn. 55111 - SAC 1530 W. 17th St. A-124 Santa Ana, Ca. 92706 3/67-12/67
    . Nelson, Dan, Sp5 Crypto Maintenance communications center. Was part of STRATCOM AD at this site. Served all my time there. Great duty and great people from so long ago. 4/69-3/71
    . Pacetti, Dick, Nike Hercules Headquarters site 3rd Missile Batt 68th Arty - Carmel,Indiana/60-/61
    . Peterson, Robert D., PFC, radar Plotter Minneapolis, Fort Snelling, Headquarters. I always enjoyed visiting the sites. St. Bonifaceus was my favorite to visit (it was the people that made the visits great). - 3232 Vine Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 8/62-8/63
    . Riley, Robert N. (Bob), MOS--25D20 (BIRDIE Repairman) Trained at Fort Bliss 1-69 / 7-69. Rank--SP-4 Lived in Radar barracks. Section Chief CWO McDowell, Section NCOIC-SFC Grissom, Others: SP-4'S Smith, Grimshaw, Morrow, Dueffer, Sp-5's Bennett & Schultz, SP-6 Toomer. Also Sp-4 Brookman from Radar. I once got locked out of section for 6-7 hours during midnight shift, but nothing happened, Our section pulled many Vietnam-related funeral / burial details since we were located across street from Snelling National Cemetery. ARADCOM was good duty, very decent chow--lots of steak and lobster. - 12514 Kurtell Lane Cypress Texas 77429-2294 7/69-5/70
    . Roschow, Fred M., (Hdq 3rdmsl 68th arty Snelling AFS) 31k20 cryptographic repairman commo SP/5 Blockhouse, Crypto & Teletype equipment in Como. SP-5 - 190 Brookwood Park Road - P.O. Box 26 - Bristol, New Hampshire 03222 6/64-6/66
    . Rovner, Jan '68-'70
    . Ward, Amanda J., Operations and Intelligence Specialist 16H69-70
    . Webb, Jim, Battery Clerk for HHB 13th Arty Gp (ADA)(NH)6/69-10/70
    C Batty 3rd MSL Batt 68th ARTY
    St. Bonifacius .
    . Clark, Paul, pit rat lct operator 10/62-12-64
    . Drobny, Paul Joseph, I was a SP. 5 and had a 16c mos, mostly I was a computer operator cross trained on both Hi power and low power Acq radars. This site closed and I was assigned to B btry 1st BN 60th Atry Munster, Ind. 6/71 to 3/72 2/71-5/71
    . Evola, Charles T Maintenance 226.6 2/65-12/65
    . Frith, Donald M., generator operator e-3 stayed in trouble--restriced was my middle name - to cold in minn for louisana boy - 195 peaceful monroe la 7120311/62-7/65
    . FitzGibbon, Michael, E-4 custodian / missle crewman/cook3/66-11/67
    . German, Don, Spec 5 26J Acquisition Radar Maint. Freeze to death in winter, eaten alive by mosquitoes in the summer.
    Hey - Ed Thelen here - boss of this web site - I was raised in Minnesota!
    A word - the official state bird is the loon - but the UNofficial state bird is the female mosquito. Clouds of big, mean, aggressive, ever hungry, voracious, vicious female mosquitos. (I'm afraid to go back!)
    Now I live in California. The mosquitoes here are tiny whimps!! We elect loons to the legislature and congress. - Cheers -
    . Hartwig, James, SSG Section chief 12/65-3/68
    . McFarland, Ross 10/59-8/62
    . McIntosh, Donnie, MSL Crewman and LCG Operator. My last 6 months I was in the LCG trailer building. I was an E-4 when I was discharged from the service. - PO box 143 Menahga, MN. 56464 - phone 218-564-5527 11/65-6/68
    . Miller, Dennis, SP-4 Supply Clerk 6/69-9/69
    . Pelletier, Roger, Site closing, E-4, 1/71-6/71
    . Renner, David, I was a HIPAR operator and frequent gate gard. Pulled alot of KP, too. I remember some serious snow and cold at St Boni! Both IFC and the Launching area are still there. St Boni has a city park with a Herc on display and a plaque thanking all of us for our service. Corky's is no longer Corky's. I remember Capt Fee, Mr Griffith, Sgt Williams, Sgt Hartwig, Sgt Hewitt. I remember a guy named Stafsholtz (spelling?) who would get so wasted he could hardly drive thru the gate with both gates open. Man that guy could snore! Once we carried him, bunk and all out of the barracks and left him outside for the night. I spent about three years at Herc sites in Darmstadt(A/1/67) and Pirmasens (C/2/56)in Germany. Not a bad way to spend your military service in those days! I've done a little research on other batteries in MN using the web and Google Earth. You can view satellite photos of most of them if they're still there.12/66-12/67
    . Sykes, Robert L., IFC Technician, Sp/ Received appointment to Reserve Warrant Officer. Retired CW3 8/75, 7455 S. Hulen St #110 Fort Worth, TX 761336/66-4/67
    . Tether, Mick, Pit rat - 16B. Great duty but not technical enough. Took a short reup to got to Redstone Rest Home for Fire Control Repair course 22L. Still drive by the site once in a while for nostalgia purposes.11/68-5/69
    MS-90Bethel/Isaniti .
    . Benak, John, launcher platoon sgt 9/64-?
    . Kuehn, Bob, Sp5. Scope Dope - TTR Range Operator, Computer Operator. Lots of guard duty. Lots of KP. Off duty was often spent at the St Francis community liquor store and bar or one of many watering holes in ?the cities?. Worst thing was Charge of Quarters and having to wake up the Pit Rats as their barracks usually reeked. Best part was either playing cards or listening to lewd comments made as fellow troops watched Nurse Carmine on Axel's Tree House after morning equipment checks. 9/65-6/68
    . Lee, Fred, Ran the PX while there--good times--we did a lot of painting... my son was born while stationed there. - 520 N Leadale Ave, Sioux Falls SD 57103 ?-12/70
    . Norman, William J., Paint on walls still wet on arrival, 1st to go hot battery. 2 year draftee! Dog soldiers were short timers from Germany. 8/59-5/61
    . Pesuit, Michael, Maintenance Logs, inspections/ Arrived and left as an E-3. Arrived Vietnam Nov. 1967 and departed June 1969.1/67-10/67
    . Theisen, Roger T, sp5/E5, Did a lot of guard duty. lots of painting and snow shoveling - 8065 4 ave Lino Lakes, mn 5501412/63-8/66
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    Missouri site information
  • KC-10 Lawson
  • KC-30 Pleasant Hill
  • KC-65DC Olathe
  • SL-60 Pacific
  • .
    Site ID or
    Name, family name first
    (rank & duty optional)
    dates at
    KC-10Lawson .
    . Graves, Danny, had a few good friends - claude morgan, e.vega, gerald jennings et al. /62-/63
    . Janne, Rich, Funny it was such a short time but so many memories. 11/62-02/64
    . Jennings, Jerry, launcher crewman---battery clerk 7/62-2/64
    KC-30Pleasant Hill .
    . Nelson, Gary, IFC section chief and radar opr. SP5. 2843 N. Canal St. Ludington MI 49431 9/59-3/62
    . O'Donnell, Adrian J., IFC, 179.10 Target tracking, Made P.F.C. at least twice,finished as Sp/48/61-2/64
    . Wiss, Thomas M., medic sp/4 - gordon,wi.8/61-8/62
    KC-65DC Olathe.
    . Jennings, Jerry, battery clerk 2/64-5/65
    SL-60Pacific .
    . Barnes, Raymond C., Made rank of e5, chief of ajax section. First oneout here. Before they even had roads. Way out in the boonies. Married girl from that area and liked it so well I never left. Retired from G.M. after 30 years. - 548 coventry farms rd,villa ridge,mo 630896/59-6/62
    . Bauer, John G., Scope-dope MTR. 1009 East First St. Mountain Home, AR 72653 11/62-11/65
    . Bonnot, Jerry, TTR, SP5, 5/62-5/65
    . Duvall, Donald, Launcher area Maint Sgt 8/63-/65
    . Gottwald, Chester F., sp 4 unforgetable4/63-11/65
    . Hunter, Terry, 2286 jackson dr apt a arnold mo 63010, assembly building taers spec maint hercules missile log records however mos indicated fork lift operator 8/65-4/67
    . Rukgaber, John L., SP5 MTR operator8/65-5/68
    . Short, Robert, Acquisition radar SP/51/63-9/65
    . Shurley, Michael O., e-4 mtr operator. - like to contact army pals. off time we drank lots and partyed lots - had lots of fun. - 816 e st se ardmore okla 73401 8/65-6/68
    . Ulery, Bill, 225/22F20 sp/5 Was there when site closed down. Hated to leave. - 396 Orchard ave. Scottdale Pa.15683 6/67-9/68
    . Wallace, Larry D, E-4 Had Mos. 352.2 (electrical msl repairman)operated Generators in IFC area, pulled a lot of guard and KP. it was definitely unforgetable. 9/61-5/64
    . Washam, Johnny L, Sp/4 Generator Operator 6/62-1/64
    . Wolfmeyer, Jim Fire Control Operator '67-'68

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