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  • BD-10 Bellevue
  • BD-50 Stonewall
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    BD-10Bellevue (N.E. of Shreveport) .
    . Bailey, Tommy R., site closed in march 1966. i was sent to selfridge afb, mi. didnt do much at bellvue but pull a lot of kp.- would like to hear from other scope dopes like me.11/65-3/66
    . Clark, Paul, lchr control area grunt, reuped to get back to la.stayed there until base phssed out,was sent back to minnesota d btry 68th arty to finish my watch12/64-5/66
    . Doan, Rodney, MOS 357-20 eng equipt mech 351-20 Generator mech 5 men from the IFC platoon were arrested for intergration blacks and whites in the same bar up front Capt weatherby said shit i dont belive it . we were really in the boon docks the local bar had no running water or bathroom and iced down the beer The name of the joint Hommer BIGGS. See Story
    Some one asked a while back about sites that had tents over the Missiles. We had the tents over the Missiles. Does any body remember the Shorts and peth hats we wore for a while. We walked guard with 12 gauge Shot-Guns. - 954 Barneck rd port haywood Va 23138
    . Doyle, Thomas A., Battery Clerk E4 Lived on site. 15mi. from Shreveport. 8 to 4 duty. Hot in the summer. Good duty; compared to some assignments. 8/61-2/64
    . Elliott, Charles O,, e-3 thru pfc,spec 4,to pfc to e-3 I was really a good boy as ross henderson. 328 sycamore st Leland ms 9/62-9/65
    . Hodge,William O., launcher crewman E-3, looking for old friends 1/63-10/65
    . Huntoon, Gary, Corporal, company clerk, replace Phillip Quentero from San Antonio, Tex - 224 Meadow Rose Dr, Travelers Rest, SC 29690?/65-2/66
    . Logan, Donald N., Assigned in the initial Package Group in ElPaso. Opened the Site and stayed until duty over just prior to Kennedy Year. Worked part of the time out of Headquarters located at the old munitions factory. Lived in Doyline and fished the Lake for fun. This site was a payback site to a congreeman who wanted one for Barksdale AFB. A couple of intresting events occured here which were negative. Guard accidently shot himself with me as NCO in Charge. Thank God he did not bleed to death. Rather not mention other events. - Long Beach, MS /60-8/61
    . Maloney, Michael, MP K-9 security (dog handler) Pfc to Cpl. ETS when site closed. 12/64-2/66
    . Moore, John W., SPC-5, BIRDIE. (Bastered Installation Requiring Dammed Intellegent Engineering) repairman. Locked on base during Cuban Missle crisis and Kennedy assassination. - 1520 S. Tipsico Lake Rd. Milford, MI 48380 6/61-12/63
    . Van Roekel, Robert G, 6/64-9/65
    . Williams, Joseph, Launching Platoon Leader 2Lt & 1Lt - P.O. Box 2019, Hawthorne, NV 89415 10/61-7/63
    BD-50Stonewall .
    . Champion, Larry, E3, Launcher crewman, 2050 Eleanor St., Vidalia, La. 713738/65-12/65
    . Frazier, Stanley M. , Berm worm 16b10, site was deactivated - 1229 vine weatherford TX 8/65-10/65
    . Huntoon, Gary, - 224 Meadow Rose Dr, Travelers Rest, SC 296903/65-?
    . Osbon, Ralph, MOS 181.10 Acq. & Surv. Radar crewman on TPS-1D radar ... 104 Lakewood Dr. West Monroe, La 71291 01/62-11/65

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    Updated July 7, 2016