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Germany site information

(The locations and units in this German section have been made the same as Rolf Dieter G?rigk's former web page "GPS Locations of Former NIKE Sites in Germany". Sites & units are organized from north to south.

Google Earth set up for German Nike sites (as of June 2007) by Rolf Dieter G?rigk. You will need to have "Google Earth" loaded to view these. Spotted by Thomas Olson and Thomas Page

This page gives a link to site with maps of German AA defense sites

Early NATO document about NIKE in Europe AIR DEFENSE 1956/57 Spotted by Thomas Page

Not all European Nike Sites did their annual refire from Crete or Sardinia. Jan Korver provided an old order for a Netherlands unit to refire at Ft. Bliss. (I obscured some serial # info), 1 MByte, added Aug 16, 2014

Firing Batteries and their HeadQuarters
Northern Area, FlaRakBtl 24, FlaRakBtl 25, FlaRakBtl 26
North Central Area, 12th Group Guided Weapons (Netherlands)
Central Area, 9 Msl Btn (Belgian), 13th Msl Btn (Belgian), FlaRakBtl 21, FlaRakBtl 22, FlaRakBtl 23
South Central Area, 2nd then 5th Btn 1st ADA, 4th Btn 6th ADA, 5th Btn 6th ADA, 1st Btn 67th ADA
South Area, 2nd Btn 56st ADA, 3rd Btn 71st ADA,
Far South Area, 520th (French), 521th (French)

Other units here

Please Note: The "special warheads" were physically under U.S. military control. Nike units that were manned by other nations had U.S. troops physically present controlling the warheads. The U.S. units had different unit names than the unit names of the other nations. For an explanation of the dual role, please see US Army units on NATO Countries Batteries by Richard Scheffler and Further comments

"DSP" means "Direct Support Platoon".

Site ID or
Name, family name first
(rank & duty optional)
dates at
***** Northern area - manned by German troops .
FlaRakBtl 24 .
E Tm 35th
A Tm 51st?
Elsfleth/Moorriem, 25 km NW Bremen [{Ronald }Barracks located in Elsfeth on the Unterweser between Brake and Bremen, on Federal Highway 212. Base located in Moorriem (District of Wesermarsch). ] .
. Bloom, Doug, - 1721 wesley chapel Farmington, mo. 636 1/69-7/69
. Carberry, Thomas, 16B, PFC Guard through SP5 Senior Costodial Agent. - Married Elfi, a local girl from Elsfleth. Left the service and became a police officer in Philadelphia. HQ USAREUR CMR 420, Box1472 APO AE 090632/68-9/70
. Jordan, Herb, Security Plt3/78-8/79
. Jordan, Thomas, My team commander's name was Harmatz who had also played football for the military academy in west point. He was a great man that was very well respected He was proceeded by Lt by the name of Whitehouse /76-/78
. Paesler, Hartmut, LOPAR operator, ASP on Crete in 1984. /83-/84
. Russell, John, Sp/4, 24U Consumed more Becks bier than the law allowed, got into a couple brawls with Coco & "Red" the cook. Had a great respect for our German Nike Comrads 10/67-4/68
. Stock, Ronald 12/93 until 07/06 Flugabwehrraketengruppe 24 at Oldenburg Air Base, Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany - Heckenweg 28, 26215 Wiefelstede, Germany 05/90-12/93
. Wooge, Volkert, Crew Chief, Staff Sergeant (SU) Launching AreaThe 1./24 was closed in September 1989/84-/88
--2./24 Sch?nemoor, 12 km W Bremen ?Delmenhorst? .
. Gruenrock, Ulf, RCT, Elevation operator, Tracking Supervisor, RCT maintenance Then I went into PATRIOT training.12/82-04/88
. Horner, Jim W., 8/64-6/65
. Huismann, Siegfried, TTR-Az-Operator, Tracking Supervisor, RCT-Maintenance82-89
. Kreuzer, Rainer, TTR-Az-Operator, Tracking Supervisor, RCT-Maintenance 05/81-07/93
. Mauermann, Rainer M., Lopar Operator, IFC Area Specialist12/82-09/89
. Tiggelbeck, Thomas "Teeny", EL-, AZ-, Rg-, MTR-Operator, RCT-MTCE, Track Sub now a warrant officier at Btl 22/ Penzing(Bavaria). Greetings to everybody of you! 07/77-08/90
. Valentin, Christian, LOPAR Operator10/82-09/83
C-Team 51st USAAD
Westerscheps (Oldenburg Edewecht ) 20 km W Oldenberg, 60 km W Bremen
Web Page C-Team, 51st USAAD by Laurence Hart
[{Ronald }Barracks located at the Oldenburg Air Base. Remained at the Air Base after being re-equipped with the Patriot Weapons System. The installation [in Westerscheps] was abandoned.
. Carberry, Thomas, Reentered army as a 24U (Nike Electrical Maint Tech) - HQ USAREUR CMR 420, Box1472 APO AE 09063 11/73
. Hart, Laurence W , SFC I was assigned as a Pvt E-2 in 1982 and was the Assembly & Maintenence Sergeant from 1985-1987. The Administration area was in Edewecht, FRG and the Launch area was located in Westerscheps, FRG. The Special Weapons were removed in early 1987 and I was reassigned in March 1987. 82-3/87
. Stock, Ronald 1/97
. Zilian, John, MOS.24U Electronic Tech 10/79-10/80
D-Team 51st USAAD
Ristedt (pretty close to Syke), 20 km W Bremen .
. Baker, Herbert, Missile crewman e-4 - 7348,DESIERTO ROJO CT. ELPASO TX 4/83-11/86
. Carberry, Thomas, Made SSG and was reassigned as Assembly Sgt - also filled in as acting Team Sgt when position was vacant. Returned to Ft Bliss in Jan 77. - HQ USAREUR CMR 420, Box1472 APO AE 09063 7/75-1/77
. Denney, Claude E.(Gene)III, 1/81-12/83-3/87
. Dittmar, Enno, I served as Battery Control Officer (BCO) from Nov 86 thru May 88 (end of operational status), my rank was 2nd Lt. Our liason team was D-Team 51st USAAD. We actually called ourselves the "Delta Tigers" - complete with a badge and everything. By the way: The actual name of the site was Ristedt (pretty close to Syke, mentioned here as the site's location, but not the same place). - Berlin, Germany 11/86-05/88
. Di Vito, Joe, Last of three sites I helped close. Got married here. 10/87-5/88
. Flinchbaugh, Scott, E-4, 24U10, Second Site closed. 10/87-5/88
. Horne, Robert M, 1LT; Team Cdr9/74-11/75
. Longstreth, Richard, 95B20 (MP), Sgt. Closed this site and never looked back. The people I worked with were great but this was by far the worst duty assignment I encountered in my military career.2/87-5/88
. Mead, Scott 24u10 Sp4 86-88
. Meissner, Michael, IFC LOPAR/ KB1 Hot Crew?
. Zilian, John, MOS.24U Electronic Tech 10/80-3/81
FlaRakBtl 25 . .
-- D Team 42nd USAAD
Varrelbusch (Ahlhorn), 5 Km N Cloppenburg, 50 km WSW Bremen .
. Erich W. Iller, IFC maintenance man and crew chief, MSGT I currently teach the ROLAND ADA system at Eschweiler Germany. From Rolf G?rigk "ROLAND is a short range air defense missile system (SHORAD). (Missile operating range is about 8-11 km`s I guess.)" 3/79-2/85
. Gahrau, Sven, Launching control area, CoS/LCO /71-/74
. Kendrick, Fred[ Stanley], PFC left some great guys norman cherry Clifford jay /willy. We all were in the casino bar when we got news kenedy was shot / didn't take long for us to get back to base - fligerhorse air base - love to hear from some of the guys / i have located bert olson through face book - 10435 longview dr w foley al. 36535 12/63-12/65
. Sherrell, Steven M., Orig member of the 51st arty from Ft, Bliss absorbed into the 42nd. 10/73-08/75
. Wagner, James, 1SG USA Retired - 1423 Kilmer Way, Clarksville, Indiana 471292/78-2/79
. Williams, Thurman Jr, SP4 - I started in Alhore Germany and then we moved to a small town call Putz 3/63-4/65
-- Inst.FlaRakBtl 25
A Team 42nd Arty Det
in Barnstorf, 40 km SSW Bremen .
. Antritt, John, Specialist with US Army It is great to find so many people that served during the time that I did in these areas. I hope someone might recognize me and email. 04/86-01/88
. Blokesch, Wendelin, FCO - says he was at Diepholz - I was a fresh "Leutnant"/Second Lieutenant at that time and suddenly found myself being in charge of the staff battery, because our chief suffered a heart attack. 1/64-3/64
. Danyo, Edward, I was a comm guy 31cv9 who ended up working in the crypto facility the whole time. I was looking for the name of an old commander I served with. 8/83-12/86
. Fulmer, Brad, CPT. A team maintance officer, detachment XO and Team Commander. Deactivated A team 8/84-7/87
. Harrison, Sandy, Started as C Team Commander and then assumed 42d Det command. Left Barnstorf for Ft. Bliss and some schooling and then in 1980 back to Germany as commander of D Btry, 2/56 in Zweibrucken. 9/73-12/76
. Herbold, Paul E., A-Team Commander - I am currently writing a blog about my first 2 years in SASCOM with the 1st USA Missile Det in Wesel. - Major, USA, Retired/67
. Leary, David, I was an MP -I was only on site as security for a couple of months prior to being shipped back to the U.S., after the closure of D Team 66th. Good people and I enjoyed my time here as well. - 1312 Sharon Ave. Zillah, WA 98953 10/86- /
. Meyer, Rolf, (E-mail bounces - "permanent failure") Started as SPO, went through reserve officers training and was still on shift as Lt. in 7/72 (Nicknamed "Cola-Kid" by the US guys in Barnstorf") Great time with the US detachment there 10/70-7/72
. Miller, Glen, MOS: 16B10 Nike Hercules Missile Crewmember. Thoroughly enjoyed my tour in the Barnstorf area. I sm still in contact with German friends to this day! 5/81-12/82
. Mitchell, Jimmy, Senior Custodian at A Team. (SSG RETIRED) /66-/69
. Neuendorf, Helmut, HGfr in IFC (Tracking Supervisor) 12/75- 09/79<
. Ponte, Thomas, Still a 2nd LT. Transferred to Hqs USAREUR, DCSOPS, Nato support & Special Weapons in 9/67. Served as a staff officer for a year before REFRAD. Good experience serving at that level HQS. Got to authorize my old team in the 508th to draw their weapons after they passed all their inspections.6/67-9/67
. Rothe, Peter, Member of the ORI team12/61-12/64
. Sieker, Rene, Repairs and Maintenance of Missile,worked in Repair-Center and Field-Repairs at all Sites 1-4./FlaRakBtl 25 WS-INST Ladberger Str.12 ,49536 Lienen,Germany 4/83-2/84
. Temme, Frank, HIPAR Operator und Ausbilder unter Maj. Elsen, 49824Emlichheim, M?ldersweg 24 /83-/87
. Toth, Bill, 3/70-5/71
. Valdez, Jose O., SGT,Crypto/Documents Custodian/EMAS/SANRAS, will always remember those 48hr SDNCO tours, and those long trips to Buren for materials with a German driver that did not know his way around Germany. 7/79-7/81
. Vogt, Peter Repairs and Maintenance of Missile TCG, Flight-Simulator, all Test-Sets, worked in Repair-Center and Field-Repairs at all Sites 1-4./FlaRakBtl 2503/77-02/81
B Team, 42nd USA Arty Det
Wagenfeld, 60 km SSW Bremen .
. Adcock, Phillip, MOS 24U, SP4... Had a great time in Wagenfeld! A great time with 24 hr. CQ and down range duty at LEAST every 3-4 days! LOL I was promoted to E-4 at Wagenfeld by the then, Command Sgt Major of the Army who visited our team /80-/82
. Archibald, Coster "Arch", B Team Clerk; Senior Custodian2/64-8/66
. Bramsiepe, Bernhard (Benno), BCT/HIPAR Maintenance - Oberfeldwebel03/73-02/85
. Carberry, Thomas, Commissioned in Apr 78 and assigned to B Tm 42d in Wagenfeld - Worked as Assembly Officer, then Security Officer and finally as Team Commander. I beleive I am one of the few people that has pulled every position on the Custodial Teams from PFC Guard to Team Commander (except cook) during my 9 years associated with these units. I retired as a Major from HQ USAREUR in 1992 and stayed in Heidelberg. I am currently a DOD Civilian working for HQ USAREUR as the Readiness Officer. - HQ USAREUR CMR 420, Box1472 APO AE 09063 11/78-11/81
. Colbert, Steven J, Rank SPC, MOS: 94B, After the deactivation I was PCS'd to the @3d USAFAD in t'Harde the Netherlands, upon PCSing in 1992 for recruiting duty, I spent time in both the Pittsburgh and Chicago Recruiting Battalions, with my final assignment as the HHC 1SG for "The Old Guard" 03/87-05/88
. Conrad, Heinz K.P., MSG, ret. IFC, first TTR op, maintenance for the whole electronics, than specialist in anti ABC warfare. - 61 Tillotson Rd., TEMPLE, GA, 3017904/65-03/79
. Cruz, Cesar, SGT Cesar Cruz custodial agent, I remenber each one of the men that work on security, also the good time at the DISCO. I was PX dispatch. We was small group but very good soldier and friends. I would like to make contact with friends that works during this years at Bravo Team (1980-1982). Hi, Sgt. Philip - HC 2 Box 7095 Las Piedras PR 00771-97795/80-6/82
. Downs, Ronald P., Was assigned to the unit 6 months after it arrived in Germany. The Team Commander was Lt Miller from Morgantown, West Virginia. Team Sgt was SFC G.J. Mann. There were a lot of folks from Tennessee. Would like to hear from any who may make contact. I went by the Nickname "Chantilly". That was my hometown in Virginia. I now live in Gary Texas in the winter and Canon City Colorado in the summer. Wife and I are retired. Hope to hear from former members soon.- P. O. Box 261 Gary TX 756427/63-9/65
. Gans, Nicholas A., while waiting for the finalization of my clearance, the battery's Second Cook was relieved of duties and I was asked to "fill in".. This later became my permanent MOS. I served in this position approximately 1 year. I was then transferred to HQ/A Battery where I served until the end of my enlistment in 2/66..12/64-2/66
. Halliwell, James R., 16B, Specialist, Still remember those cold days standing guard on the barns.12/84-12/86
. Hoppenstedt, Wolfram, Served as draftee of the German Luftwaffe. Crewman 2 at Launching Section (Combat Crew of Feldwebel Bunzel)10/84-9/85
. Jones, Daniel F, E-5 leader of the 24U Nike Missile. Greatest time of my life. We were the champs of beer drinking. 3/67-6/69
. Kernan, James, I arrived at 42nd with a number of new E2's for custodial duty... what I remember is all we did until almost Christmas was train and wait for our security clearences... I had a short period where I actually went to the missile site and had guard duty on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours (we trained during those 12 hours)... after Christmas I was told that I was being transferred to the 552hdq and my job was ass't operations sargeant ... I believe this was unusual since the operation sargeant was an e9 rank and I was a know nothing e2 draftee who at that time had about 1 year left in the army ... it was however a very interesting 12 months and I'm grateful I had that opportunity. 6/65-1/66
. Martin, Gary L., assistant team commander and as team commander of B Team, 42nd US Artillery Detachment, Wagenfeld, Germany My wife and I spent our first three years of married life in Germany and lived for several years in Diepholz, Germany where I commuted to the site daily. My wife and I enjoyed the country and were able to visit a total of eleven countries during my tour there with B Team. I bought a new VW from a dealer in Bremen and drove the car for three years - finally shipping it back to the states when my tour was over. I was able to learn quite a bit of German during my tour and had many opportunities to use the language both in my position as team commander while supporting one of the Batteries of the 25th FlaRak Battalion. I would love to hear from any individuals that served in the 42nd Arty Detachment from May 1963 to May 1966. I did recognize three names on the website listing that were in my unit. Last year (2005), I was able to locate the commander of the 42nd Arty Detachment who I served under. His name is Heston Higginbotham (captain in 1966) and he now retired and lives in Loveland, Colorado. I would appreciate contact with anyone associated with my unit. It would be interesting to hear where everyone went after serving in Germany. 5/1963-5/66
. Mills, Roger D., B Team - E5 63-64
. Pidlaoan, Faustino L., 1/78 - 2/83
. Rose, Robert T., NATO custodial duty - baby sat the weapons. - and part of the dismantling for the German special weapon program. - 4526 Rivermist Drive Melbourne Florida 329353/83-3/86
. Schlossmacher, Hans-Georg, And I tell you what man !! The beer in your Basement bar was the best of all. Pinedo and I emptied hundreds of bottles each. Next morning it was almost impossible to do the Job as LOPAR Operator in the IFC. But I had a great time in Wagenfeld. Would be nice to hear from other US or German veterans. 9/69-12/70
. Tanis, William, Left early for Buren, 5th USAAG, W/CPT. McGee, Ralph M. to perform COMSEC duties. - 7490 Woody Creek Dr., Colorado Springs, CO. 80911 03/85-02/86
. Thomas, Clayton, 225 or 22f20 spec 5 - 423cr194 gary tx 7564310/64-11/66
. Wildman, Barry, I was one of the original B-Team members to establish the unit at the Wagenfeld location 12/62-9/64
C Team, 42nd USA Arty Det
Lohne, 60 km SW Bremen .
. Brophy, J. Michael, PFC, Guard/Warhead Team 8/66-9/67
. Giampocaro, Manuel L. (Mallie), Sp/4, Served under Capt. Williams, Lt. Casey2/65-2/67
. Hetzel, Charles W, 16B Swcurity - 2542 23rd st Cuyahoga Falls oh 442232/70-6/72
. Mumaw, Phillip, Missile assembly and crew man1/65-8/66
. Oliver, Jack, spec 4 sca and sanras qualified. Spent over 8000 hrs on guard duty in lohne "downrange" Thought it would never end. Made many german friends and learned the language out of bordom. Even married a german girl that lived right down town named elisabeth kreymborg (not still married). Anyone remember the club i-punkt? How about shutzenfest? azbach fantas? My c.o was lt. steven edwards, a nice guy. never caught me sleeping on c.q. -Talk about boredom. anyone that served with me, i'd love to hear from you.361-592-3638 in texas. - 1518 virginia st. kingsville tx, 783633/72-10/74
. Shanks, Edward, Great time, my ancestors are Grerman and mom was THRILLED at the level of my language skills. Remember martins Bistro downtown? I still have contact with martin and Karen. Would like to know what happened to Ulla Hempleman. I remember Biggers, Walter Hare, Kie Deswit, Tom Harmes, Purcell in the kitchen, and I forget his name, cool kid from Jersey, was pissed that he missed woodstock, and my BEST friend Bill Nierman from Minnesota. ( Bill stayed up and shot the breeze with me ALL NIGHT the night I received word that my father had passed away. I will NEVER forget.) And my roommate Bob Vernali from brooklyn, Cecil Wise? Man the memories keep flooding in. - Delray Beach FL 33445 1/70-12/71
. Sutton, David L,, Started as SCA, Moved to Security SGT, Transferred to HQ/42nd at Barnsdorf as Crypto NCO 9/74-3/78
. Temme, Wolfgang, Launching Area Specialist & Launch Control Officer '79 to '85
. Williams, Joseph, Team Commander, 1Lt, Lohne, Team C, 42d Arty Det Passed TPI and NSI, Stocked, then warheads removed. Site was sinking and unsafe. Later had to move all warheads to the Ord Company via first ever NATO Nuc convoy. Left when I made Captain. - 18 Belleza Way, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 11/64-11/65
FlaRakBtl 26 . .
StBttr/26 Dolgner, Horst 7/75 - 9/77
A Team 35th USAAD
Hohenkirchen, 20 Km NW Wilhelmshaven, [Niedersachsen] [Lower Saxony] - (?was moved from Jever, 12 km away?) Flugabwehrraketenbataillon 26 web site .
. Abbott, Georgia, SP4, 71LF5, mainly pulled duty 24 on 24 off in the box. "The box" is where we received traffic and decoded it. It didn't have any windows and it was tiny. So everyone called it the "box". 8/83-4/86
. Breslin, Peter A., 16B, SP/4 acting SP/5 With original deployment of 51st USAAD, like many others, was transferred early on to the 35th or other established teams. 10/73-11/74
. Bufford, John, E-4 / Spec 4, I was team clerk/armorer/docs clerk. I was at a Nike-Herc site, even though my MOS was field artillery. - received a security clearance in field artillery at Ft. Hood in 155 self-propelled, FDC, 13E20. I did not have to be a guard, which was pretty much 24 on / 24 off. I did, however, have to pull CQ quite often - I'm guessing now, but 2 to 3 times per week??
I was able to bring over my wife of 3 yrs and our 4 mos old son. We lived off-base, in the town, in the same bldg as our team leader and XO. Other enlisted personnel with families lived in separate duplex type housing a few blocks away. It was a pretty miserable experience, but we made it. At least I had my family.
- my remembrance is during the '72 Olympics in Munich.. and that we were only under a "threat" at Wiesmoor.. I think it was, a faction of the Bader-Meinhof group attempted to penetrate our missile site. .."
. Crocker, Henry, 24U 4/84-10/88
. Deffenbaugh, Rick, crypto operatior, spec4 I was in a band called "The Bats" we played in club every weekend. I loved may unit, except I was on call 24/7. I had to leave a phone# everywhere I went. Made a lot of good friends army & civilians. - 2725 33rd ave ne hickory, nc 28601 4/65-4/67
. Fordyce, Keith, Got transferred after a year to C Team. Year in A Team was unforgettable. Good friends and good times. Please write. E-mail pictures, if any. if you remember. 02/72-04/73
. Gehrdes, Rainer, Stabs/Batr. 26 Jever - RAKSLW Aachen / Fort Bliss .
. Goerigk, Rolf D. ACQ-Op., also Hercules Fire Control Maintenance & HIPAR mechanic
ORE Team '78 - '89 (oldest daughter is an american citizen. She was born 1965 in El Paso.)
'61 - '89
. Hoover, Gary A., SP/4 16B Custodial Agent. We practiced destroying the missles and the site, had numerous inspections and worked on our partying skills during our off duty hours.9/68-7/69
. Jessup, Philip, mail clerk, clerk, Satelite Comms - Stockholm, Sweden3/86-11/87
. Johnson, Andy, Fortunately for me, the batteries were not finished and there were no warheads yet. So, life was not nearly as arduous as described in your website. I only lived on Jever Flugplatz a short while and then we were allowed to move to off base housing.
"Fresh" Lt. goes to Germany
. Kettel, Charley (Karl), Our location was then in Mederns (LA). My friend was Joe Blanchard. From 1971 I was the crew chief of the "Charlie Crew" LA Mederns. It was a very long time ago. But I have not forgotten the time. It was a nice time. With kind regards and "Missile away" /70-/73
. Kjellin, Tom, any one who served with me and pulled guard duty and had fun with the herms let me know, what a great experience4/72-1/74
. McDonald, Michael, E5, Mess Sargeant, met James Tate as a Company Clerk, I spent the best years I was in the Army there at Rodenkirchen, - Juarez 75, Col. Centro, San Blas, Nayarit, MEXICO 1/65-12/66
. Nissen, Michael, Elev.-Op from 81-82, good luck and "blazing skies" /81-/82
. Parker, William, Senior Custodial Agent, 24 hr on mostly, cold as heck winters, unbelievable summers, great bier, beautiful women - 411 Harper Carolina Beach, NC12/75-11/77
. Russell, John, Sp/5, 24U With A-Team. Filled in for the HQ Warrant part of the time while we had none, making visits to our other teams for Nike Warhead Assembly TPI's. Served 8 months at E-Tm in Elsfleth, 6 months at D-Tm in Aurich. Ran A-Tm/HQ's canteen for a while, so I consumed lots of Pilsner. Overall worked hard but still had a ball most of the time. Would like to locate German friends: Charles Wm Pfeifer, Mike Lutschwager. - L.A. California 4/68-11/68
. Stearns, Floyd, Member of C Team - 35th USAAD I can't recall when we moved to Wiesmoor, maybe around August '64. My MOS was 225.1 - 13872 S. Park. Dr., Magalia, CA 95954 1/64-8/64
. Stephan, Peter, 1/26 Hohenkirchen 1976-1977, Stab.Bttr/26 1976-1979 /76-/77
. Stoll, Patrick C, nuclear missile guard - duty sucked and even though I was a kid at the time I knew it sucked. When I first arrived I was immediatly deemed overweight and flagged after reaching PFC the weight standards were a joke but when we has tactical evals I was always the guy they put up front to answer the questions about site security I knew that site book like I wrote it and my higher ups knew I did. I also develop a disease of my skin while serving as a nuclear missile guard anyone else suffer from skin problems I am at 30% thru the VA just curious if anyone knows of anyone else who might have similar problems my condition was diagnosed as Hidrenitis Supporativa no cure for it but I have had over 20 operations from these growths I beleive that there may be more people out there with skin problems from standing around these nukes if so contact me. Its great to see this site and hope to hear from some old friends 8/85-12/86
. Sutton, Tim, SP4 35th USAAD A team Jever Germany4/72-10/73
. Thomson, Michael S., I was stationed for about one year in Jever, before being transferred to the 552nd Artillery Group headquarters located in Sogel, Germany. 9/63-9/64
. Wesley, Joe, As an enlisted man SP/4, (16B ) the duty was dreadful with those never ending inspections and preparation. But I must admit, we made up for it once off duty. After 37 years, I think Jever Bier is still leaching from my skin. Another thing I remember well was the crazy cook and mess Sgt. My experience with the 26th FlaRakBtl was the greatest. Once I learned some German, I really got to know a lot of the guys. We shared a lot of biers and good times together.
BTW, I remember how the US Air Force F-4 would occasionally buzz the site down range. It makes military sense that they would have destroyed the site if we didn't in the required two hours. We were expendable.
After leaving the Army in 1970, I became a law enforcement officer and retire as a Lieutenant after 31 years on the force. I'm now enjoying my retirement in Florida.
. Williams, David D., hqs unit supply specialist, courier, armorer, ran canteen and unit po for awhile. Loved that Jever Export and the Frauleins too. - 51 Sherman Ave,Glens Falls,NY 128012/65-9/67
2./FlaRakBtl 26
& B Team 35th USAAD
Rodenkirchen - 15 Km SSW Bremerhaven, 35 Km NW Bremen, 8 Km N Brake, 30 Km ESE Wilhelmshaven, [Niedersachsen] .
. von Ahlefeldt, Bruce E., MAJ, Commander of Bravo Team, I have immensely enjoyed your website. It brought back many pleasant memories (and a whole lot of unpleasant ones!). extended comments/memories1/71-12/73
. Atchison, Ronald, Also belonged to C team in Wiesmoore, nick name Big-Mack looking for Kevin G. Mitchell3/79-6/82
. Behrens, Hermann Josef, MTR Operator, later I built a little model (scale appr.1:25 ) of "my" Radar Tracking Mounting Station. The System was very sensitive, always adjustments necessary! Even the LPU`s [Launcher Position Units] were never stable. Greetings to all Nike Operators. - Weissach - Germany09/67-12/68
. Bierla, Rolf, 4/75-4/76
. Cothran, Thurman R., Would like to get in touch with those whom I've served with.6/72-8/74
. Engelke, Hans-Joachim, 1ST LT, BCO (mostly 2. crew), IFC XO - 2061 W. Klamath Rd, MESA,WA 99343 7/79-6/84
. Fechtner, Juergen U, Hauptgefreiter (Corporal??)03/79-04/80
. Hoover, Gary A., SP/4 16B Custodial Agent. We practiced destroying the missles and the site, had numerous inspections and worked on our partying skills during our off duty hours.7/69-4/70
. Jessup, Philip, 24U and guard duty - Stockholm, Sweden5/85-3/86
. Lowe, Ben, (deceased) 1LT -- was A&M, then Security, then Team Commander of B/35th USAAD. Then to Fort Bliss (1/7 ADA) as OIC of FDC; and then out of the Army to the US Foreign Service in Washington, Latin America, Africa, and southeast Asia. Retired from reserves as MAJ (doing MI for Southcom). Now practicing law in Chicago -- would love to hear from anyone in the 35th or 26 FlaRak in those days. - 639 N. Humphrey Ave, Oak Park IL 60302 01/79-05/81
. McDonald, Michael, Sp5, Mess Steward in charge of the Mess hall inside a Luftwafe Base in Rodenkirchen, discharged on 12/66, now living in Mexico. met James tate as a clerk - Juarez 75 Col. Centro. San Blas, Nay, Mexico1/65-12/66
. Niemerg, Klaus, MTR Operator/ Tracking Supervisor. MSGT - Nickname: The Bald Eagle - 7779 W. Myrtle Ave. Glendale, AZ 85303 USA 12/78-09/90
. Nixon, Floyd, CA/sca/ E4 in 16months - 30699 W Post Office Rd., Princess Anne, MD 21853 3/77-3/79
. Phillips, Louis, SP5, 22F20 Technical advisor on the Nuclear Warhead. During this time there were 5 teams A-E. A in Jever, B in Rodenkirchen, C in Weismoor, D in Aurich, E in Elsfleth. spelling may be incorrect. We had large Nuclear warheads on 15 missiles and were ready for bear. Thank GOD we never used them because I would have without hesitation. 9/66-11/68
. Reagan, Anthony, 1LT Asst Tm Cdr/Security Officer. Went to C/35th USAAD in Wiesmoor from April - October 1983. - Chesterfield, VA7/82-4/83
. Schmidt, Rand, “B” team commander. For some reason I did not remember life in northern Germany being as bleak and boring as Richard and Bruce ( extended comments/memories ) describe. In Rodenkirchen, I shared a very comfortable townhouse with my lieutenants, Ben Ash and David Pearce, found time for trips to Bremen, Amsterdam, Oslo and Austria, met a German schoolteacher who later became my wife, and somehow managed to be awarded an Army Commendation Medal for my efforts. At the time I spoke reasonably fluent German, and did not experience any significant issues with the German officers, although some of them did tend to be rather formal. - In 1971 I tranferred to AGC and in July was sent off to Indianapolis (to learn how to be a personnel officer)7/70-7/71
. Stock, Ronald MTC RCT - Heckenweg 28, 26215 Wiefelstede, Germany 04/78-05/90
. Tate, James H., SP5, 16B Nike Hercules Crewman, later became Team Clerk. P O Box 444, Giddings, TX 78942-04446/66-1/69
3./FlaRakBtl 26

& C Team 35th USAAD

Weismoor, 20 Km ESE of Aurich, 30 Km WSW Wilhelmshaven - GE (Blumen Center) .
. Atchison, Ronald, 24u Nike hercules electronic Mechanic, Won title in Flagg football 19801/79-3/79
. Bristow, William, /83-/85
. Dolgner, Horst 7/67-7/75
. Ebbecke, Frank, Asst Team Cdr. A&M , Did a year after on comptroller's staff at Ft. Bliss. Left active service Jan 82 Gadded about for a few years, went back to school, got teaching cert. and masters. Was part of several reserve units. Activated in 2003 for a year (no Iraq) Staff work in VA. "Retired" from reserve in 2006 as LTC, waiting till 60. Currently work as a counselor for special education students in San Antonio, TX 11/78-12/80
. Everett, Charles, MOS-14C, Assistant Team Commander, Translator, attended 40th 3/26 Nike FlaRak Reunion in October 2003 in Wiesmoor. Their next reunion is slated for September 2006 - and once again any and all former members of C Team, 35th USAAD are invited. This reunion will conincide with the annual Wiesmoor flower show and parade that they have yearly. The German Air Force Garrison in Aurich has pledged ists support for this event.

The Germans have just published a book on their modern air defense entitled "Blazing Skies" ( I think that is the correct title) and I will attempt to obtain a copy of such in the near future.
- Fredericksburg, Virginia

. Fordyce, Keith, Happy, fun times. Lots of friends. If you remember, please write. E-mail pictures, if any. A Team & C Team - Custodial site. Jever & Wiesmoor, Germany 05/72-05/76
. Hewitt, Philip, Warhead Custodian 24U and exclusion area guard. This would be my last assignment in the ADA. In 1971 I reuped for SATCOM school and left for Ft. Monmouth NJ in June of 1971. 244 Delynn Dr, Hazel Green, AL 35750 12/70-/71
. Kennedy, Steve, Nuclear Warhead Custodian7/69-7/70
. Lowe, Ben, (deceased) 2LT - A&M Officer - then at Dornum before moving to Rodenkirchen - 639 N. Humphrey Ave, Oak Park IL 60302 05/78-10/78
. McKinney, John B., Team Commander (1LT). Was the second Team Commander of Team C. Moved Team from Jever to Weismoor in '64 after site constructed. Left after promotion to CPT and went to 570th GP (SASCOM). Later worked at Ft Bliss with the 26th FlsRakBtl Commander during my time in Team C and even later with 1 of the German officers from the Weismoor site.3/64-9/65
. McLaughlin, James W, Performed as A&M Officer, Security Officer and Team Commander until we closed down the unit. Best Experience and Best Tour of my now 28 year military career. - 996 Hacienda Drive, Westminster, MD 211571/84-4/85
. Murrell, Kent, 12/84-6/86
. Parker, William, Senior Custodial Agent, - 411 Harper Carolina Beach, NC10/76-01/77
. Reagan, Anthony, 1LT Asst Tm Cdr/Security Officer - Chesterfield, VA4/83-10/83
. Schlosshan, Dieter-K., was a Computer guy for the rest of my life. I still have good frendships to my former old comrades of the military. Recently I was in my old barracks in Wiesmoor and took the following pictures , here: The barracks are not used anymore as you can see. I would be pleased about old contacts /61-/70
. Schmidt, Rand, security officer1/70-7/70
. Stearns, Floyd, Brand new site! Enjoyed being there...great place to socialize during "off duty" hours! Grew up in Warsaw, NY - now live in - 13872 S. Park. Dr., Magalia, CA 95954 8/64-9/65
. Wagner, Steven, 1LT through CPT. [C] Team Commander2/81-7/82
--4./26 (Dornum *) 20 Km North of Aurich, 40 Km WNW Wilhelmshaven [Niedersachsen].
4./FlaRakBtl 26
Aurich &
Team D 35th USAAD
Dormun, GE? .
. Ebbecke, Frank, Asst Team Cdr. A&M Then C Team 35th 12/77-11/78
. Horne, Robert M, 2LT / 1LT; Security Officer5/72-8/74
. Hurd, Chuck, Assistant and Team Commander at D/35th USAAD; XO at HQ, 35th. D team was wild--failed several inspections and went through a big investigation. The worst and toughest assignment of my 25 plus years active duty. Made some great friends despite it all. Eventually made Colonel and commanded a brigade at Fort Bliss, then retired. Now living in Monterey, California and still working. - see ShapeUp7/72-4/74
. Russell, John, Sp/4 I was 1 of 3 24U's on that site so I had a good bit of play time and was just a short hop over to Amsterdam. Before long A Team wound up with No 24U's and so I was picked for the dreaded assignment and sent to A Team, which was quite unpopular due to its colocated with HQ 35th USAAD. It was known as a place that young soldiers could get into trouble quite easily. I went as instructed and couldn't have enjoyed more eventhough I courted disaster often. Thanks SASCOM!4/68-11/68
. Wagner, Steven, 2LT through 1LT [D] Team security officer7/79-2/81
***** NorthCentral area - manned by Netherlands troops .
12e Groep Geleide Wapens
12th Group Guided Weapons
Bramschen, (Dutch Airforce) Bramschen
H.Q. 12GGW Bramsche, 20 Km N Osnabruck, [Niedersachsen].
. Riks, Gerrit, T-1 Simulator trainer together with Hans Micola, Hans Klumper and Bert van de Kamp. 6/83-4/88
. van de Ven, Bernhard J., Started there as Launcher repairman. (Didn't like it at all!) Dutch Ordenance Group5/74-3/75
509th Arty Det. HQ, Voerden, near Osnabrueck .
. Flinchbaugh, Scott, E-2 through E-4, 24U10, First site closed. And it wasnt that bad Lenny :) 2/86-10/87
. Galuska, James, Sp4-Sp5 16B40 I was there when the warheads came in and worked to install them. Love the Dutchies. I've been back several times and it's sad to see the place now. /69-/70
. Jordan, Herb, Det Cmdr3/85-7/86
. Stephens, Patrick, Detachment Commander6/68-8/70
. Woida, Carl J., CW3, HQ Detachment Warrant Officer76-79
. Young, Jim, Started as a 16B, E2, Msl Crewman/Security. Ended as a 16B20R3 Senior Custodian/Special Weapons Warhead Specialist, 24 on/24 off, sometimes add an 8 hr day. - RR2, Box 24A, Oak Hill, WV 2590101/74-11/75
--118 SQN
A team 509th Atry
Vorden, 10 Km NW Bramsche [Niedersachsen] .
. Buursink, Henk, NCO MTR operator, back to Holland as air traffic controller till 2006 . Now retired. - Veldstraat 28 7532ZG Enschede Netherlands /74-/76
. Chanler, Leonard, MP assigned duties of Senior Custodial Agent as a PFC thru SPC. Met my wife while assigned there. That is the only good thing I can remember coming from those God Awfull days.8/85-3/87
. Cox, Steven, I was a cook, had some good times, met my wife in Bramsche Ute.. got married and had my son Christopher, then stayed in Bramsche till 9/88. Now I am back in California... 5/84-5/85
. de Gruiter, Robert J, lLt, Security Officer 12 Rosemont Dr, Hattiesburg, MS 39402 USA1/79-6/79
. de Vries, Wout, 23N20 DSU radar and computer technician. Modified the Nike system up till the block 2 mod. Block 1 was installed by the Sierra company. Worked together with NAMSA and the contracters HSA (NL) and SABCA (Belgian) and Vitro Selenia(Italy) Experienced 3 life firings at Kreta.5/68-4/80
. Dubbelman, Aart Marinus, maintenanceman BCvan RCvan Radars en Computor, Royal Netherland Airforce, Ord.6, including modifications block 1,2 en 3 Started as SFC later SM The Dutch Airforce started with 8 site later to be reduced to 4 sites (1974) 1967-1982
. van Essen, Jan Roelf, charlie sektie crew member/GU onder G. de Bruin en onder majoor van der Kerkhof 11/77-/79
. Geffen, hans van, Kpl. 1 spo, lcco 01/77-01/83
. Kohl, Frans, section panel operator on 2 squadrons, Royal Netherlands Air Force8/74-11/75
. Lavery, Hugh.- CQ, working with Dutch on this nato site. po box32 ,ellisbrug, ny 136368/74-7/77
. Lobensteijn, Peter (no e-mail address provided) Korpral Dutch SF/LB 1972-1973
. Kwakernaat, Sjaak, Sgt1 wc chief coms7/76-4/85
. Lutgendorff, Kees, Sgt1 226 - Radar Maintenance at the IFC 9/78-1/79
. van den Maagdenberg, Jan, Sfc -24u20, Best time ever.
. Meijn, Pieter, Was there again as a Section Chief, after 10 years as an instructor on our Guided Missile School . Launching Area on the LETS in Arnhem. Dr.W.Dreessingel 75 6836 CP Arnhem. Netherlands06/74-12/79
. Miller, Gary, nike missile crewman sp/4, 509th arty, C team, 4/67-4/68
. Newberry, Tommie E COL, 1 LT, 1 year as Security Officer, 6 months as Assembly and Monitoring Officer, 1 1/2 years as Team Commander. I retired from the Army in Jan 2004 and reside in Huntsville, AL. [was] on active duty as the PM for Army Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense (PATRIOT, PATRIOT PAC-3, Medium Extended Air Defense) Good to get reacquaintted with that part of my history. Thanks for keeping this site updated. It's fun to check it from time to time and stay updated with old friends.06/77-06/80
. Novak, Glenn, I was a SPEC 5 turned hard stripe. I was a 24U20, and I pretty much ran the maintenance section as I was promotable for the second half of my deployment. I was a B-side as well. Initially, prior to Germany, 1982- 05/84, I worked at McGregor Range, Launcher 22 and 23 evaluating ASP's for our foreign counterparts. - address: 4409 Whitfield Cir., Lexington, KY 40515 05/84-05/87
. Raymer, Sam, Joint NATO site with Dutch Air Force.8/85-10/86
. Riks, Gerrit, NCO TTR/TRR operator(the most exciting job on the IFC) with nice guys: Eppo Scheeres, Henry Vos, Dik Bakker, Mac Renon, Dick van Keulen and many others! 2/78-5/83
. Roelofs, Kees, platoonleader in the security-flight and worked close together with the custodians of 509th/Alpha-team "First to Battle"!!! 3/77-7/88
. Scheeres, Eppo, Started as LOPAR Operator and then MTR and TTR operator. 1984 to El Paso Fort Bliss USA for PATRIOT.11/77-5/84
. Spronse van, Ralph, Royal Dutch Airforce CFC, radio & telex communications - 2 Dotterbloemstr. 4/70-9/74
. Stins, John, Cpl 1st class, duty at Dog-section(LB) Met few US guys in a small village called ENGTER where they had a "Bed & Breakfast" in the local bar. - Heufkens 123, 5403LM Uden, Netherlands3/68-10/73
. Stronkhorst, Wouter, CommCen LA. Remember Tom Newberry and Rob DeGruiter. Seems hard to find former US-buddies. /78-/79
. van der Wiel, Martin, kpl I hulp kader ,heb van 5 /88 tot 11 / 88 nog op soesterberg bij de hawk gezeten.4/83-5/88
. Van Nellestijn, Ton, Sgt 1, Launcher Section Chief and a few months Launcher Control Officer. 06/77-07/88
. van de Ven, Bernhard J., Had a great time there as Launching area missile repairman(225) MOS : 24u20 3/75-4/82
. Vos, Henry, 12GGW/118SQN WAS A DUTCH-SITE4/79-2/88
. Wilkens, Erwin Gerhard, Corporal, Served in the dutch force as a guard working together with US forces. 03/82
--119 SQN &
B Tm 509th Arty
Handorf, 20 Km ENE Bramsche [Niedersachsen] - 5km from Munster.
. Angelini, Ed, Warhead Specialist,SP5,Lived in Graven (Ed Angelini says he was "A Team", was there a change?) - 62 N Main, Mullica Hill, NJ12/69-4/72
. Flynn, Patrick, I was in Handorf 570th USAAG from 09/70 until 01/72 Rank Spc4 and I worked out of s4 as a courier between our headquarters an the american sector starting at Giesen and heading South. I was the link to the American sector for our nike bases out of headquarters 570th. So I was stationed at headquarters. It was a great time. Had a Brit driver ever week and traveled south to the american sector for repairs of equipment and to pickup supplies. 09/70-01/72
. Greeson, Lamar, 24U (NIKE-HURCULES Custodial Mechanic) E-5 with ?B? team 509th in 70/71 stationed with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and wore the SASCOM patch. I was wondering where the city of Schoeppingen originated in the article? The small village I remember nearest ?B? Team was Erle./70-./71
. Hattink, Gerard, 2nd best time of my life ! 3/70-1/75
. Lavery, Hugh 24u20 worked with the dutch site was closed went to verden - po box 32 ELLISBURG , NY 136368/74-7/77
. Meijn, Pieter, When we came in Handorf, from ft.Bliss El Paso, there was nothing. We started with trainings-sites for the A sqn. and the B sqn. Later we got the numbers of 118 and 119 Squadrons. In 1961 we got operational with the 119 sqn. I was working on the Launching Area as a Section Chief. It was a very hard-working time in the beginning, but it was nice and instructive. 2/60-6/63
. Miller, Gary, nike missile crewman sp/4. 509th arty, B team,4/67-4/68
. Murphy, Daniel J., Sp4 Site Security.was at the gate when the convoy arrived with the "special weapons" told by the warrent officer to open the gate and get the hell out of the way! It was a great time with even greater people to serve with from our 1stLts White,Gurley and Beeson,the noncoms Zentz,Simon all the support dutch personnel (Sorry about the broken wicker furniture in your sgt club,you guys wanted to learn about American football)I loved my time their.This is for Meloon,Rawlings,Cole and the others from our detachment who are no longer with us.You will not be forgotten! and one other thing Mox Nix --- I just wanted to add that when our group arrived in Handorf we were A team I have a group photo taken in 1967 with the placard that was erected on the out side of our mess hall which says A team 509th arty det.I think maybe the later groups that arrived their the designation may have changed but in 1967-68 it was A team.I will send you a copy of the photo as soon as I can figure out how to scan and send on my windows 1898. 4/67-9/68
. Post, Henk, Crewman 1-2-3-4 SPI LCCO (Best time of my life) Aprt de Correos 293 Moraira 03724 Spain 12/70-03/72
. Reagan, Anthony, Asst Tm Cdr then Tm Cdr from 1/84 - 7/85. 10/83-7/85
. Smith, Timothy, SP-5 Warhead Team/ SASCOM, A Team, 509th USA Arty. 3675 N. Jones Bl Las Vegas, NV 1/69-2/72
. Wever, Sietse, Site-Chauffeur 04/64-07/65
--120 SQN
509th Arty Det. "D Team"
Borgholzhausen, 40 Km SE Bramsche [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Bokhorst, Marinus, And I had a verry good time.3/79-6/81
. Burki, Ed, Sgt1 securityforce / chief K9 section. Served with Kpls G van Haaren, J Akkerman, R Kortenhoff, A Rietberg, A Geurten. Nice times! 3/76-3/81
. de Jager, Cees J.A., Assembly (225), sergeant 1 Had a very good time. 7/75-7/83
. de Vries, Wout, 23N20 DSU radar and computer technician, ... at Kreta. ... I saw the same system again in 1998 during life firings of our Hawk system from the Missile Group The Peel where we now have Patriot. 4/80-5/83
. Erkelens, Ronald Launcher Crew Member 6/82-7/83
. Fuite, Arend, 226, SgtI2/69-9/72
. Gustasfon, Frank, SP-5 24U20 I had an interesting time - It seemed we were always understaffed and pulled way to many 24 hour shifts. I ran the PX for a while and ended up in charge if the Maintenance section before my escape back to South Dakota. I had a lot of fun drinking beer from the boot with Big Red. I remember Starnes, Schiavone, Strum and the dog bite. The Dutch were great. Gus 7/71-4/73
. Kip, Leen, segeant MTS operator Ligusterstraat 17 6666-CG Netherlan5/67-7/68
. Klinkhamer, Roel J.R., Sergeant Spec.Lan. Woonachtig (toen) Barnhausen op boerderij,waar menig BBQ-party werd gegeven.Heden woonachtig op kasteel in Frankrijk en toer Amerikanen rond langs de Normandische D-Day stranden. 3/70-9/74
. Korver, Johannes L., Cpl. LCCO launching area, carefree time of my life, great people. Taking the 509 guys to the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam. Somebody out there must remember that! Hitching a ride to Bielefeld or Osnabruck enjoying Westfalia on your day off. - 4518 N,Avenida Del Cazador Tucson Az.07/67-09/70
. Lefers, Jan, Target Tracking Radar Operator, MTR Operator,Early Warning Operator - De Kiepe 242, 7544 HK Enschede Holland11/65-06/67
. Litz, Ted First GI's to be at this site. Stationed with Netherlands Air Force. 3/67 - 9/68
. Meijn, Pieter, A few people of the 119 Sqn. had to help the people of the 220 Sqn. to build-up that Squadron. I was a Section Chief on the B Section of the Launching Area. My rank was Sergeant. 6/63-9/64
. Rappange, Frank E. , 1st Lt., Bat. Cntl. Off. (BCO) '79-'83
. Schiavone, Peter, Security guard, Tool man for the warhead crew and various other positions. Worked the guard shack on the hill way too many times. Had some good times in Bielefield at the clubs although it was hard to remember some of them because of the beer and rum. I got initiated by C Darling, G Kohout, Buikema and I think Ronnie Starnes may have helped too. Good times. I remember an episode with Tom W. and Gary S. and an empty fire extinguisher. Funny. Enough said for now. - 11911 94th Ave E Puyallup, WA 98373 5/71-8/73
. Starnes, Ronnie L., 24U, Warhead Team, Dutch Support. During Vietnam, a pie job. 330 Old Cooks Valley Rd Kingsport, Tn 37664 1/71-9/72
. Stephens, Patrick, B Team, 509 Arty Detachment - Team Commander- B team coexisted with HQ at Vorden during this time frame, and A Team was in Handorf2/68-6/68
. Strijker, Otto, LB, Soldaat6/1981-6/1982
. Sturm, David R., Spec 5 Assembly & Maintenance team, as a documents clerk and also as one of the PX stewards. I remember once leaving the warhead building and being severely bitten by a guard dog. I received several stitches. He must have had a Russian handler at one time.6/72-12/75
. van den Acker, Wil, 1978-1983
. van der Wiel, Martin, kpl I hulp kader , Computer en switchsboard operator,mooie tijd gehad op borg.11/80-4/83
. van Geet, Edwin, Sgt and acted as a LOPAR/HIPAR operator11/79-5/83
. Visscher, Cornelis, Grond Uitrusting KPL 1 Ravensbergerstr. 81 33824 Werther 2/69-11/72
. Webster, Tom, SASCOM, SP5, Asst. Security Sergeant, Sascom Unit attached to Netherlands 120th - Deer Park, TX 1/70-10/71
--121 SQN
Essen, 40 Km N Bramsche [Niedersachsen]
A story of the 121st Squadron Nike-Hercules guided missiles, Dutch NATO troops.
. Buursink, Henk, NCO MTR operator - Veldstraat 28 7532ZG Enschede Netherlands /71-/74
. de Jager, Cees J.A., Assembly (225), sergeant 1 4/74-7/75
. Kohl, Frans, section panel operator on 2 squadrons, Royal Netherlands Air Force8/74-11/75
. Siewert, Henk, Computer and Switchboard, Fire control was at Bad Essen. Launch-site was at Bohmte. First we ware stationed at Osnabruck, in English Baracks. Later, in 1969 I think, moved to new camp at Bohmte.3/67 - 9/68
--220 SQN
B Team, 509th
Schoppingen, 60 Km SW Bramsche [Nordrhein Westfalen] Pictures taken 2006 by A.J.M. Weijenberg .
. de Gruiter, Robert J, Captain, Position: Team Commander Transferred to Special Forces with home station as Fort Bragg, NC. Duty mostly in South West Asia, retired as Major in 1997. Currently working in energy sector with Halliburton. Would love to hear from anyone stationed at those locations during the above time periods. Oh by the way, I do speak and write Dutch, tot horen! 12 Rosemont Dr, Hattiesburg, MS 39402 USA6/79-5/81
. de Jager, Cees J.A., Assembly (225), sergeant 1 7/83-8/87
. Hendriks, Henk, 226 IFC SFC1 - imstenrade 55 5655 BM Eindhoven Netherlands 02/71-6/86
. Lutgendorff, Kees, Sgt1 226 - Radar Maintenance at the IFC 4/71-4/80
. Meijn, Pieter, Came there as a LCO, and directly I came in the NATO Taceval team for the Nike Hercules Launching Area. In 1984 I got the function Supervisor for the Launching Area Operations in the rank of SM. Dr.W.Dreessingel 75 6836 CP Arnhem. Netherlands12/74-04/87
. Staas, Arie, launchcrew member, I had a very good time here aspecially a good relation with the American soldiers ..I've dined with them several times , for example a lobster for just $ 1.65 !! 1/84-2/85
. van Geet, Edwin, SFC and was a Lopar/Hipar and MTR operator.5/83-7/87
. Veverka, John, Company Clerk, HQ (at A Team) As company clerk, had great duty, traveled a lot, lots of great guys there - lots of photos happy to share. - 5010 Delray, Lansing, MI 48910 4/74-7/76
. Vrakking, Ruud, Sgt.1, MTR/TTR operator. Crew 1 with Flt Jan v Harmelen, CC/TRR SgtMaj Piet Broers, Acq Sgt.1 Fred Kroon, TTR Sgt. Tonny B?hmer, ELevation Cpl. 1 Dick Rijsdijk, Computer Cpl.1 G? Hofman10/69-7/75
. Weijenberg, Jos, 226 (Radars/computer maintenance, SFC. Enjoyed the work. (Still looking for the zero pips??) 1/69-6/72
--221 SQN
B Team 508th
Erle, 10 Km NW Dorsten, 100 Km SW Bramsche [Nordrhein Westfalen].
. Duber, Terry, draftee. I became an SP4 and was the unit clerk. Small bases up north - great times! Organized a basketball team to play a game against a local German team, and then noticed posters advertising the game on the way to Dorsten - "Dorsten VFB gegen USA"! So we knew we were in for it - we were representing the entire country! Our ragtag bunch walked into a small but packed gymnasium. After borrowing some uniform tops so we'd at least look like a team, we took the floor, lost by only a point, then joined our hosts in a local gasthaus for beers. Liked it so much over there I took my discharge there. 11/68-6/70
. Harper, Rick, Senior Custodial Agent, SP4 6/74-3/75
. Ponte, Thomas, 2nd LT. Never became operational while I was there.3/67-5/67
. Tucker, M.W. "Skip", Scott Hileman and myself arrived together in '73 fresh out of Ft Bliss & 16B training only to become Custodial Agents, Senior Custodial Agents and finally Ass't Security Sgt. After the last Special weapons were flown out myself, Sgt Hileman, Sp4 Rick Harper and a few others were transferred to an All-American site and unfortunately endured our final six months in the "REAL ARMY" which was quite the rude awakening after being on something of a McHales Navy type mentality. 3/73-5/75
. Vallely, Daniel , Netherlands Air Force Custodial Agent - Scotia, NY 8/73-6/74
--222 SQN Nordhorn, 60 Km W Bramsche [Niedersachsen].
. Verbruggen, Dick Stampertje, LCM nr 1 (the best of the Nato) Alpha en Bravo site 10/72-01/74
--223 SQN
D team 508th
Rheine, 40 Km WSW Bramsche [Niedersachsen].
. Brunelle, Barry, d team 508th arty det Rheine Germany3/68-3/69
. Den Hartog, Jaap, Launcher crew member charly section6/78-5/79
. Vrakking, Ruud, Sgt, training for MTR operator with Sgt Jan Kuiper, IFC Supervisor AOO Mol7/69-10/69
***** Central area - manned by Belgian and German troops .
Belgian Missile HQ Grefrath, 30 Km west of Dusseldorf .
. Vermeulen, Hugo, I belonged to the BELGIAN MISSILE HEADQUARTERS. Rank 1 sgt maj
Duty: Main duty: Logistical follow-up on all Belgian Nike BCA ( 7 and later on 8 units) this consisted of a daily report about mayor technical problems. At the same time I was a member of the Command Inspection Team.
Second duty: I was a member of the ORE and Pre-ASP eval team
9 Msl Wing (Belgian)
A-Team, 507th US ARTY Det
{Gielen, JC} Handled "special warheads" This used to be a Dutch site which we took over.
Some A-Team pictures from David Knight (which site is A-Team?)
. Bruynooghe, Patrick, Still kpc and MTR Operator. (korporaal chef) - 9 W MSL 56 Sq. at Grefrath, Germany 7/89-8/90
. Canida, David L., Specialist/E-4 95B/MP Custodial Agent./85-/88
. Duffy, James M., Opened the site with the Detachment from Fort Bliss. Ended up Security Sergeant waiting for the rounds. First GI to marry a local in Grefrath. 1970-1972
. Jacobs, Hilaire (Jake), BELGIUM Nike/75-/77
. Oberlander, Rick, SP4 Company Clerk Bismarck, North Dakota /72-/73
. Oreskovich, John, Team commander of the Team A 507th. I was stationed in Dattlen and Grefrath/Kempen. Dates September 1973 to December 1976. I don't remember anyone taking photographs..verboten. Would love to compare notes with you or others. I live near Portland, Oregon.-
. Phillips, Eric, Maintenance Tech/CQ 3/86-9/88
. Scheers, Willy, Started as 2nd Lt flightleader LCA, ended as Maj , CO 9th Gr North /71-/90
. Sherman, Lee G., SP/4 detachment mail clerk. Headquaters Co. & Team A. Spent my last 3 months in the Army in Germany stationed in Frankfurt with the 3rd armored division working at the main Frankfurt APO as a clerk and living in Drake Kaserne. DEROS to the US in June 1975 where I was separated from active duty at Fort Jackson, South Carolina on June 1, 1975, after 3 years active duty, with 2 years overseas duty in Germany. 6/74-2/75
. Stokes, Ernest, A-Team. Team XO, then Team Commanding Officer, 1st Lt. - I established the bar, the movie and the PX. 11/70-3/72
. Tomsin, Bert, IFC Technician, Nike support Contact team, 1SGT 2/80-7/87
. Vandestaey, Freddy, UDA mess bediende, - soelstraat 94 3130 betekom - blgium2/68-1/69
D-Team 507th
Xanten, 50 Km NNW Dusseldorf, [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Alford, Joe D., CA, SCA, Asst. Security Sergant, Security Sergant. Had a great time at Site Sonebeck. Started in Nov.1974 when D. Team was deployed getting Team ready to recive the "Special Weapons"in April 1976. Many grat parties with the Team and the Geeks(Belgians) and the Germans. Had so much fun with the Germans that I married one. Have lived in Xanten ever sice I was discharged in 1980. I would like to hear from more of the orginal Delta Team 507th 11/74-4/80
. Bruynooghe, Patrick, I started on the IFC as Switchboard Operator, then Range Operator and the last 2 years MTR Operator. My last rank was kpc (korporaal chef) - 9 W MSL 54 Sq1/79-7/89
. Jacobs, Hilaire (Jake), BELGIUM Nike/85-?
. Morrow, Chris, 9/77-4/81
. Vrijens, Joseph, Acq/LOPAR7/78-9/79
507th Arty Det. "C Team"
? Echo Team 43th ?
Kapellen, 40 Km NW Dusseldorf, [Nordrhein Westfalen] - 55sqd? Erft? .
. Bursa, Robert. 43rd Artillery Detachment Team Echo, Unit was based at Kapellen/Erft, Germany 1/69-9/70
. Campbell, Robert C. SP4 16B/24U, and frequent CQ. The 507th was a warhead custodial unit on a Belgian Air Force base. In an earlier incarnation, Tm C,507th was apparently Tm B, 504th. '72 to '74
. Cox, Firmin, Took course 226 in El Paso, 226 at the end Maintenance Chief Rue de France 22 B4840Welkenraedt - my [ham] callsign is ON4COX . My callsign before in Germany more than 30 years : DA4BC. /81-/89
. Cuypers, Herwig, Belgian Air Force1968-1972
. Jacobs, Hilaire (Jake), BELGIUM Nike/77-/85
. Koch, Jim, 2LT, 1Lt, Security Officer to Team Commander. Story at An Artilleryman's Story, or Where is the Lanyard? 9/74-8/77
. McPherson, Anthony, Interesting site. I worked Security. The Belgians were very nice and the Germans in that area were fantastic.11/74-11/77
. Vermeulen, Hugo, Duty 226 IFC Maintenance rank 1sgtmaj 5/68-6/73
?56 Sqn.?
Hinsbeck, 40 Km WNW Dusseldorf, [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Joos, Ludo, EWplotter/ Swb. Operator/Acq & Hipar / Computor and TRR operator C Bai. 56 Sqd (Belgium) - 52382 Niederzier (Germany)6/69-3/80
. Oosterbosch, Geert, MTR-operator, The 9WMsl was a Dutch speaking Wing with Flemish personal. 8/86-2/90
--Delta Erle, 10 Km NW Dorsten, 60 Km N Dusseldorf [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Vrijens, Joseph, Acq/LOPAR1/80-6/83
13th Msl Btn (Belgian)
D?ren Duren {Gielen, JC} 40 Km WSW Cologne
- Belgium Air Force operated the equipment
- U.S.Army (43rd detachment - USAAD) handled special warheads
web site - 13th Missile Wing (former Belgian Nike)
at Thum ??
. .
. Cichy, William, (43rd detachment) Spc4, assigned to Hqs (security/communications). 2/64-8/66
. Deschaine, Robert, I was sent as a teletype operator but found the job was being done by the Belgians. I was a spec four working in the XO'S office doing communication security and also working on the on the A/B team for decoding. - 381 Main St. Madawaska, Maine 04756 12/78-7/81
. Fery, Danny (Daniel), NCO Microwave Technecian to the 13 wing in very close contact with the 43third arty headquarter ( FIRST TO BATTLE SECOND TO NONE ) and the signal corps located in Thum Germany. I am searching for one of my best friend PAUL HECKEL he was Microwave Tech. in Thum Signal Corps Station. I am now Belgian Air Force Adjudant Amunitions maintenance chief in the Belgian Ardens 50 km from Bastogne - 98a rue Bousserez 6769 Sommethonne Belgium 12/70-08/90
. Gielen, Jean Claude, Maj BEAF 1/78-9/90
. Minet, Guy, Belgian Air Force1969-1972
. Sauter, Craig (43rd detachment) Delta Team Commander79-80
. Wilhite, Charles, 3/86-8/88
--Alfa 43rd Nideggen 45 Km SW Cologne [Nordrhein Westfalen] - Thum is 3 km east .
. Barrow, Curtis, 2LT - story 7/82-10/83
. Colby, Richard L, Member of original unit, one of six 225.1 to be housed at Thum site(Team C in Euskirchen not ready yet) two teams and hq in one barracks was crowded for four months. No nukes while I was there, we developed a "silent drill" where our warhead assembly team of 3-225's and 3-177's would unpack a training warhead and install and ready missle by the book in under 28 minutes.01/63-10/64
. Goettlich, Walter C., Team A Maintenance Officer and eventually became Team A Commander. Detachment Commander was CPT Clarence Mathis followed by CPT Fred Pritikin. The Det. 1SG was Elwin Beck. Some of the folks in Team A were 2LT Dan Re, 2LT Dennis Welch, SSG Melvin Boone, SSG Jim Egan and SSG Arthur Schade. 6/72-6/75
. Miller, Gregory, A Team, 43rd USAAD was outside of Duren near a tiny farming village called Thum (the remains of the site can be seen on Google Maps). I was there in the early 80?s. Usually, the keys to the barns were kept by an ?A side? (SCA) and a ?B side?, the ADA person, thus maintaining the two person rule. early 80?s
. White, Rick, - The duty did suck but the beer was great ...ha ha ha - 43rd Duren - 3424 connecticu Joplin Mo. 648047/71-7/73
--Bravo 43rd or is it 53rd
Tm B, 507th
Kaster, 30 Km WNW Cologne [Nordrhein Westfalen] - 53sqd? .
. Cox, Firmin, Sgt, elevation operator . practical course 53 Sqd, Then Elsenborn BE also a site .in 69, 55 sqd Kapellen. Rue de France 22 B4840Welkenraedt /67-/69
. Delpire, Ludovicus Jozef Ferdinand Ghislain, Guard NIKE LCA, BCA, Kazerne, Kaster. Met Tex Endicott US guard. Have pictures from us in Kaster. - Nieuwstraat, 53, B2440, Geel, Belgium1/65-12/65
. Duffy, James M., Security Sergeant, Sr. Lchr Crmn. 1973-1976
. Sherman, Lee G., team clerk at the admin area. 507th USAAD Our Kaserne was run by Belgian Luftwaffe, who provided some support for the Americans located in one small building (about 25-30 personnel) 6/73-5/74
. McPherson, Anthony, Good Belgian and German folks all around11/77-5/78
. Vermeulen, Hugo, Duty 226 IFC Maintenance 1/63-5/68
. Windle, Larry, SP5, T-1 Simulator, Box 47 Rarden, Ohio 456714/69-11/69
--Charlie 43rd
C Team 43rd
Euskirchen, 40 Km SSE Cologne [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Duffy, James M., Lchr Crmn, Custodial Agent. CAt a 4 to 1 exchange rate, us Privates lived pretty good. 1969-1970
. Cook, Alfred, Team Clerk, Unit Armorer, and Custodial Agent at Team C, 43rd USA Artillery Detachment - 7445 Fountain Drive, Fort Collins, Co 805253/73-10/75
. Kerr, Patrick, "Team C, 43rd USAADA," So 4, short tour - Compassionate Reassignment in 10/1971 12/70-10/71
. Rivenburgh, Robert, Former 16.b Memory fading now. Loved the people. Leo Hardy, Donald Wilson, faces I still see, names are going. We'll all meet again. God bless all or you. - 900 Rock City Road , Ballston Spa, NY 12020 12/65-8/67
. Rossenfosse, Pierre, Super Souvenir Sous Off ORY?PRION ETC..., Bruxelles09/69-07/70
. Verhegghen, Bob, "Belgian conscript", see e-mail of Belgian Airforce 12/74-8/75
--Delta 43rd Blankenheim, 60 Km SSW Cologne [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Anderson, James, [James pointed out a problem that has been corrected :-)) - Thanks] Delta team 43rd US ARTY Det was at Blankenheim. Bravo should be at Kaster. I was stationed at D Team 43rd at Blankenheim for the years 1979-1981./79-/81
. Haney, Frank, Mess Sergeant - 3558 Greentree Dr SE Port orchard Wa, USA 9836604/82-06/85
. Hightower, Richard, I was station in Blankenhiem, Germany in 1972-1974 and was one of the SCA Downrange in the guardhouse. Very accurate description of life in the Army at the time, but I made the most of it and had a pretty good time while I was there. Made some good friends and had some pretty good times. Even made time to see some of Europe.....Amsterdam, Belguim and of course some Germany sights. Thanks for bring back some Good Old Memories!! /72-/74
. Ridenour, Richard E., I was a specialist 3 Nuke Repairman. There was a Cpt Michael W. McDonough to 9/1885, Cpt Kevin J. Frantz to 3/1986, Cpt J.M. Moon [West Point],Cpt James A.Bramble 10/1987. Member of Rifle Drill Team 9/1984. Advanced Nike Assemblers Course 9/1984. Bill Roger's 13 Mile Run 11/1984.Promoted Spc 4 9/18/1985. German Head Start 8/1985. Meritorious Award 9/1985.Top Secret Courier. 120 KM March To Bastogne, Belgium 5/1987. Meritorious Achievement Award 4/1987. NATO Exspert Shooting Award All Weapons 8/1987. Army Ahievement Medal 9/1987. 1st Honorable Discharge 9/1987. Went to Fort Belvoir as 52C.HVAC 11/1987. - postal address 437018/84-9/87
. Schappert, John, - 39477 Charles Town Pike Hamilton Va/70-/72
. Schmidt, Edward, Security Sergeant Closed site down in 1988 D Team 43rd USAAD 13 ( 13 msl)9/79-3/81
. Spencer, Reginald, SCA, SGT.6/81-5/85
. Tarpley, William, Assembly & Maintenance Officer, Security Officer, Team Leader, 2LT & 1LT - 156 La Mirada, El Paso TX 799329/76-2/79
. Wauthion, Patrick, 15 rue omer lefevre 6000 charleroi - belgium. 51 st Sq 9/77-7/85
. Williquette, Michael, 225.10 later changed to 22f20 war head-nuclear specialist E-5. Supported by Belgian air force Receive nukes some time in 1965 spring and immediatly installed. They pulled all PMs on the missiles. We were delegated to all PMs on our W/Hs Nukes. One of our guards was on duty with his Belgian counter part inside a barn with 8 Nukes inside. The Belgian guard started to screw around with his Thompson Sub Machine Gun and loaded a round which accidentally went off. A massive search began along with notification to SASCOM headquarters and Buren command. There was more brass on our site than you could shake a stick at. The round was never found. Funny at now but not at that time. - 3824 flintville road, green bay, wisc. 54313 4/65-1/67
FlaRakBtl 21 . .
--1./FlaRakBtl 21
--Delta Team ?52nd? USAAD
D Team 66th USAAD
Warendorf , 70 Km NE Dortmund - Westkirchen 20Km S from Warendorf. .
.Blazevic, Peter, Plt Sgt 2nd Plt (NCOIC Site Security Control Center), we received all the "warheads" since the SSCC was ours within the battalion. The site went out of status December 19th, 1986. Always remember the good times, good comradeship, both the US and Germans06/82- 04/87
. Butler, Ronald, Sgt. E-5 in the launcher area.I made Sgt E-5 July 17, 1975. I lived on Warendorfer Strasse in beautiful Westkirchen. 10/74-2/76
.Capshaw, David D, my first duty assignment from ait at ft bliss. all I can remember is pulling guard duty. I 1049nd out to vietnam in I think april 67. two tours on a hawk site. A 6/56 ada7/66-5/67
.Chavez, Anthony Hl, Sp4 (24U), Custodial Mechanic '84-'87
. Devenger, Ralph, Custodial Agent, SP5, when i left, was a great place to be. 10148 Racoon Dr. El Paso, Tx 799246/70-9/72
. Doubleman, Walter Phillip, SSG Maintenance Sergeant under SFC Ray Laurendeau. SSG Norman Brown was the Security Sergeant - 3642 Racquet Club Dr., Grand Prairie, Tx. 750527/71-7/74
. Leary, David, I was an MP just out of boot camp and AIT. Other security personel were infantry. I still have a lot of good memories about everyone I worked with. We were a close knit team and I was saddened when the site closed. The only thing I regret is not getting out and seeing more of the country, but we worked 24on/24off/admin day. The town we were in was beautiful. The German people and air force personel were great. I've thought often about travelling back there for a visit. For anyone interested I took a few pictures of the sites closing day (missle removal) and still have them. You can email me at - 1312 Sharon Ave. Zillah, WA 98953 6/85-10/86
. Lewandowski, Jeffrey C., I ran the COMSEC for the detachement as an SP4. I remember waking up the first morning with cows grazing about 20 yards from my window. Did'nt like the rural location at first, but grew to love living on the local economy and the culture. Went to a lot of Schutzenfests and drank plenty of good beer. We told the locals who asked about nuclear arms that we either cook or clerks. We had protestors about once a month and Russian "spies" watching occasionally during monthly PM. Would love to here from other team members. 5/84-10/85
.Meichsner, Andreas A., launching area, SPO and Crew-Chief. 1./FlaRakBtl 21 is Ennigerloh-Westkirchen. Later this unit was the first in Germany using the Patriot system. Anyone who wants to contact me, do it and send me a mail. !!! I could use any type of Nike-Hercules pictures. Especially from starts and fail safe bursts. Landsberger Stra?e 1, 33449 Langenberg, Germany 7/84-12/86
. Melikian, Raymond, What a great place it was.. Hated C.q. though. 1/84-5/86
. Mellor, Richard L. (Rick), SP4 Launchman (down-range guard) Had a blast, drove old beetle ("The Beater") everywhere. - postal: Conshohocken, Pa 8/69-12/71
. Meskanick, John A. I was responsible for assembly and maintenance of the ten nuclear warheads that were a part of the Battery's missile inventory.We had eight weapons equipped with 3 kiloton warheads and two equipped with 30 kiloton warheads. 1/69-3/71
. Pidlaoan, Faustino L., 3/84-10/86
.Poehlein, David, I transitioned to Bliss to go PATRIOT. What a great time those three years were. 10/84-4/87
. Stuparek, Orest, Jr., SP/4 24U - What didn't we do there? Does everybody remember CQ, that was a killer some nights. 10/76-9/78
. Thill, John B., Delta team rocked. Acting jack buck sergent here. loved it. - 4720 johnson ave., hammond, IN. 46327/84-/86
. Waugh, Jerry P., E-4 - Good facilities , not much entertainment . Officer Lt Leslie , Nagle , Dabney and Cassella .. Strong and knowledgeable enlisted and NCOs .. E-7 Jones , E-6 Brown E-6 Doubleman E- 7 Keith ..... Excellent duty and personnel .. 1/72-7/74
. Weinschenker, Kurt, Team Clerk. Never dreamed I would be stationed in a small town in Nordrhein-Westfalen when I signed up. 1st site I helped shut down. Now digital journalist at WTRF-TV. 3/86-11/86
. Wills, Michael, Guard Duty,Guard Duty, and yes more Guard Duty but, it wasn't all bad. It wasn't until years later that I realized how lucky I was to serve there. I was only 17 when I arrived in country and left going on 21. I wished I had stayed in. - 78 Myrtle Ave Battle Creek, MI 49037 7/76-1/79
--2./FlaRakBtl 21
Tm A, 66th USAAD
Echtrop, 50 Km E Dortmund, 80 Km ENE Dusseldorf, [Nordrhein Westfalen] .
. Baugh, Timothy A., SGT, Custodial Agent. Time for LOCK CHECKS/85-/86
. Hetzel, Bob, Great duty, except for curfew. Soest was a beautiful old city. Hours of pool and pinochle in the barracks.12/62-9/64
. Guillen, Alfonso (Al) Jr., SP5, 16B20, but was assigned as the Detachment Clerk with additional duties as Crypto Clerk. I worked with a fine group of soldiers that took their job very seriously and assured that everything we did was to the highest standard possible. These fellows were Bill Elliott, Bill Vitick, Ernesto Borgards, Stanley Muncharian, Leslie Arakawa, Bill Porter, Dennis Hunt, Captain Barbour, Captain Bradford, 1SG St. Amand, 1LT Curtis, Our unit was a custodial unit where the German Soldiers had the Launcher Crewman duties. The U.S. soldiers, a small contingent, guarded the warheads since the missiles belonged to the Germans. The German civilians that provided KP support and grounds keeping support were wonderful and respected us as we respected them. Buecke was a village that had a population of approximately 50 people yet it supported two Gastadts, Anton's being the largest and closest to the HQ. The neighboring towns were Korbecke and Soest. My ETS was 25 November 1974. I returned to CONUS and graduated from University in 1978 and retired from the U.S. Army Reserve as a Major in 1993. I am presently a Chemistry professor and administrator at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, TX . 1902 N. Loop 499, Harlingen, TX 78550 , 956-364-4751 9/73-11/74
. Pugh, Francis, I was the first MP to be a custodial agent there. I wasn't met with open arms, until the people there really got to know me. Well had a good time there except for the long hours and many days/85-/87
. Schwartz, Kenneth R. SP/5, 24U 1976-1980
. Stokes, Ernest, Team Commanding Officer, 1st Lt. Tough being on duty 24/7/365. 3/72-12/72
--3./FlaRakBtl 21
B-Team 66
Holzwickede 30 Km ENE Dortmund,60 Km NE Dusseldorf, [Nordrhein Westfalen].
. Barrow, Curtis, 1LT - story 9/84-7/85
. Carlos, Benjamin A., Draftee assigned to FRG because I'd studied German in high school and college. Volunteered to go to Vietnam to escape duty at the Special Ammo site. While in Vietnam applied for and was accepted to OCS. Irony: was commissioned Field Artillery and assigned to Special Ammo duties. After 28 years, retired as a Colonel, still marked by my initial tour with Team B, 66th ADA Det, 5th Gp, SASCOM, Holzwickede-Unna, Rheinland-Westfalen, Federal Republic of Germany. - 1158 Robindale Drive, Great Falls, VA 220666/67-/68
. Horn, Rodney, 11b E4 It was some of the best times in my life. Lived off base,party alot,saw some great concerts. Your 19 living in germany It was the best!!!!/81-/83
. Paul, Wolfgang, Left as a master-sergant maintanance man ifc 3/73-8/79
. Fechtner, Juergen U, Oberfeldwebel (Master Staff Sergeant)04/80-12/90
. Raymer, Sam, Joint NATO site with German Air Force.10/84-07/85
. Smith, C. Donald, SP-4, I was stationed there from the age of 19 through nearly 22. Initially i was in the Group that did maintenance work (or at least trained to do it), got sick of the SP-5 I had to work with and transferred to the guard group. Was in charge of the on duty guards (every three days) for nearly a year before i went home. Was a punk when i got there, became a man there. So good times, some bad times, some good people and some not so good. My first time being with such a diverse group enthically speaking. i learned a ton. Glad for my time there. - PO Box 24689, Federal Way, Washington 9809306/67-09/69
. Stribling, Roy, Custodial Agent (11B MOS) and Senior CA - Time washes away the bad memories and leaves the good ones. Enjoyed my time in Holzwickede (including marrying a local girl) and would like to hear from others who served there. - Deer Park TX 2/76-8/78
--4./FlaRakBtl 21
--- C Team 66th USAAD 5th Gr.
Datteln 30 Km N Dortmund, 60 Km NE Dusseldorf, [Nordrhein Westfalen].
. Donschy, Martin, I joined German Air Force air defence for some 10 years as a BC maintenance, last rank SFC. Started the career as a switchboarder (known as Murphy) with great success. I think this nike site in Datteln was closed this year and I followed the dying german sites southbound to 2./FlaRakBtl. 22 located at Burbach 12/78-/87
. Miller, Joseph, special weapons custodial unit. Datteln was and still is a terrific town. We did not have Dog Handlers assigned to our Team. The 66th HQ was located in Soest-Korbecke, a small village (at the time) near Soest which is located about thirty miles east of Dortmund. While we were part of 5th Group, which was under SASCOM. However, the only patch we were allowed to wear was the USAREUR patch. After 1966, command of the detachments in Germany was shared between the 5th, 294th and 552nd Groups while the 66th remained under 5th Group.

When I arrived in country, the 66th was under the command of Major Singletary and "C" Team was commanded by a Captain, who was within a few months replaced by Captain David G.Hansen. In fact, the entire five years I was stationed in Datteln, we seldom had a LTs commanding the unit. Although I seem to recall that 1LT Jean Halperin commanded the unit at one point but was replaced by a Captain. In fact, while our team usually had its full compliment of officers, it did seem as if many LTs and Captains were only in the unit for a short time (two years or less) before being reassigned. Capt Jesse Myers was in command when I was reassigned stateside.

. Obert, Mark, We were a custodial unit on a German Air Force base.D btry 4/21 flarak. It was great duty.Alot of work and also alot of fun.What a great place for an 18 year old to be! 3/76-5/81
. Oreskovich, John, I was stationed in Dattlen and Grefrath/Kempen. Dates September 1973 to December 1976. Would love to compare notes with you or others. I live near Portland, Oregon.-
. Ryals, Carl V., SP4, 24U, Electronics mechanic. Closed C-team in '84, moved to B-team in Holzwickede which closed in Aug '85. Served in D team, 52nd USAAD in Oedingen until April '86. I will never forget the 5th USAAD! EVER! /83-/84
. Schneider, William, Had a great time in Germany. Would like to go back some time. - we supported Btry 4, 21st Rak Art Bt /68-/69
. Wilson, Stephen R., Great duty, especially for a draftee trained as 11B. Worked as team clerk in Datteln. Much beer consumed at Western Saloon and Stadtschanke. Worked for lieutenants Kulesza, Telepun, and Curtis. My good friends were Steve Navolio and George Saxton. Returned to Datteln in 1990 to see outside of Kaserne and house where I had an upstairs apartment.4/71-8/72
StBttr, VersBttr
FlaRakBtl 22
HQ, 52nd USAAD
{G?rigk, R} Burbach ?
. Stoskopf, Wes, Exec Officer, Part of TacEval team, visited most other Nike units in in northern Europe. /84-/86
--1./FlaRakBtl 22
Delta, 52nd USAAD
Oedingen 50 Km SE Dortmund, 100 Km E Dusseldorf .
. Barrow, Curtis, 2LT - story 10/83-9/84
. Bush, John, E-4/ sp/4 security8/85-/86
. Cann, Rendell L (Rendy), Custodial Site, Team D, 52nd.4/71-4/74
. Chavez, Anthony, 24U & unit NBC NCO 4/84-5/87
. Freimuth, August, Launching Crew Man, LCO, Maintenance/71-/88
. Jula, John J, I can remember my tour there as if it were yesterday, Team commander was 1LT Butch Henderson, Security Officer was 2LT Nate Woodard, Team Sgt was SFC George Mann, Security Sgt was SGT Ed Beaston, ASSY SGT was SSG Jackie Knapp, after his departure I was promoted and became the ASSY SGT. It was a virtual family affair, due to always being understaffed, we relied on each other quite a bit. I am very proud to say that the elusive closed book TPI was awarded to our team on 2 occasions . Both of them in 1969. We were the first unit to receive closed book from USAREUR in July 69 and from SASCOM in Sept 69./69
. Hines, Mark, 24U, fell in love with Germany ?/82-6/84
. Melikian. Raymond, 24 u /87-/87
. Jula, John (Jay), 24U Arrived as SP4 Left as SSG 5224 Sun Valley El Paso Tx 79924 - D team 52d Detachment 1st ever SASCOM closed book ( no cmment/ no defiency ) TPI. also 1st ever closed book usaeur TPI 11/66-11/67
. Morales, Jerry Lee, Spc4/MP assigned to physical security. Arrived at 18 years old and had the time of my life. Served with some of the best people I've ever met. Mark Anderson, Russell Scott, Frederick Stoldt, Ravotti, Kenneth "Catfish" Ward, Sgt. Tim Parris & Mark Boucher, Joe Korotaz, Bill Livingston, Scott Schroeder, Anthony Chevez, John Lynn, and some very fine officers Lt. Christopher Bailey & Lt Tom Austin. Great officers. - 100 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD. 21701 12/85-12/87
. Parrish, Nelson, MP Custodial Agent Best duty in the whole Army. My theme song was "I've Had the Time of My Life" - 11852 Sewell Rd, Philadelphia, PA 191166/86-1/87
. Tanis, William, My first tour in Germany and I must say it's one you will never forget. Left just as the big drug bust was being investigated. I feel sorry for those who were left when the dust settled. There were not enough people on site to perform the duties required when fully staffed in the first place. - 7490 Woody Creek Dr., Colorado Springs, CO. 80911 08/80-07/83
. Wilder, Steve, served as Asst Team Leader under 1st Lt Bobby J Cosby from 9/69-7/70. I was the team security and liaison officer. 9/69-7/70
--2./FlaRakBtl 22
Burbach, 20 Km N Bitburg, 75 Km NE Koblenz [Rheinland Pfalz] .
. Aultman, John D., 52nd Arty Det. Commander A very challenging assignment as most of the teams were out in the boonies. Ex: If yu were stationed in Burbach, and had no wheels, you were SOL unles you called a taxi. I tried my best to keep the troops entertained i.e., road shows, movies, and busy work. Again, I had team commanders/NCO's and an outstanding 1st Sgt, Sgt Henderson. A very memorable time. 8/67-8/68
. Bevill, Woody, BTM 52 USAAD From here I went into the Patriot System as a Warrant Officer 10/85-5/87
. Bush, John, E-4/ sp/4 security, loved my time in burbach with sp4 christensen,Sgt. Sullivan, sfc innis and many more./86-/88
. Copas, Bobby, SSg Maint Chief We organized the Det at Bliss and deployed as a unit. Best duty I had while serving on active duty. Team Sgt was late Sfc Webb. Det. Sgt was Sfc Vick. Co was Capt Heflin. Never failed a TPI and was winner of traveling trophy for silent warheading drill. Still in contact with one or two original menbers of the detachment. Good information on Nike People. - 600 Greenhaven Dr #112 Burnsville, Mn5/62-4/65
. Di Vito, Joe, Met my soon to be wife stationed here. Lots of good times with good people 9/86-10/87
. Donschy, Martin, After the Burbach site was also closed, we had to disassemble Hipar to get it moved to one of our NATO partners, I think it was Turkey. Like to hear from ol? pals.?til then "Murphy" .87-/89
. Doubleman, Walter Phillip, Arrived a SSG promotable... promoted to SFC Maintenance Chief - 3642 Racquet Club Dr., Grand Prairie, Tx. 75052?/76-?/79
. Jasjukaitis, Dirk, I was SPO in the LA, Rank Obergefreiter (It took two trys, but Dirk finally got me straightened out on the direction of Burbach from Koblenz - I was only 180 degrees wrong. :-) /86-/88
. Milmert, Bernd, 225 Maitnance, OFw 4/75-9/87
. Schneider, Hans-W., Serverd as a "Launcher and Missle Monkey" and remember good days (and nights)with the guys from the USforces unit which where guarding the place and took care of the nuke WH.10/71-12/72
. Parrish, Nelson, MP Custodial Agent, Got swapped for an NCO from A team. Missed the guys at D team. Made new friends at A Team. Cried like a baby when the site closed. Had to go back to the real Army. I'm still in today. In the Reserve. - 11852 Sewell Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19116 6/86-1/87
. Weinschenker, Kurt, Team Clerk (again!). Pretty site, but seriously out in the boonies. Because the US Team was originally in a "White House", mail could be addressed to "White House" and the Bundespost would deliver it! Second site I helped shut down. Now digital journalist at WTRF-TV. 11/86-11/87
. Wright, George E., maintenance and assembly officer at A-Team, 52nd USAAD in Burbach later as security officer, COMSEC custodian, and Honest John Team Leader at the 30th USAAD in Giessen. Both of these detachments were part of the 557th US Army Artillery Group in Herbornseelbach, which was part of the 548th US Army Artillery Group.
Several times I had to take a broken crypto machine down to SASCOM headquarters to exchange it for a repaired machine. As I recall, SASCOM headquarters was in the old I.G. Farben building in Frankfurt. When I had to go on this trip, I would draw a .45 automatic for security (although I wasn't allowed to carry any ammunition). A host nation (Bundeswehr) driver would drive me down in a German army jeep.
SASCOM was not a fun place for a young second lieutenant. It was so grim that West Point graduates were not assigned to it as their first assignment. The story that I was told was that Lieutenants who we assigned to SASCOM had a reenlistment rate of zero.
--3./FlaRakBtl 22
B team 52nd USAAD
Waldbrol (Waldbroel) 30 Km ESE Cologne .
. Bortel, Daryl L, 16B, Security Team, Warhead Team, Wonderful time, great experience. Love to hear from old friends. We had a reunion a few years ago. Sorry to say, some have passed on. They are missed. - St Petersburg Florida12/64-6/67
. Esser, Kurt, assigned to security, Pfc, Tower-eagle, my nickname was "Adi", 13.5 month on a tower was enough, enjoyed going on the firing range once every week, after my time I moved to Idaho to enjoy the nature as a type of vacation. Still looking for former comrades to have some day a reunion, my address is 4551W 5335S, Kearns, UT 84118. 05/80-06/81
. Hio, Rick, Sp4, (16B) B team 52nd USAAD custodial agent and launchcrewman. 1146 King Arthur Ct Dunedin FL 34698 Had the best time of my life there, wish I could turn the clock back, would like to hear from fellow members who were there in that period, wonder how much it has changed? 7/77-7/80
. Lauerman, John, Team Commander 1970 5050 SW Laurelwood Avenue, Portland OR 97225 2/68-12/70
. Lovik, Lloyd (Martin), Team Sgt, most enjoyed time of my more than 20 years service. I have served with many great troops, but none any better than B Team. And to Sp/4 Jeff Ranweiler, "Yeah Bud, You're right"! - 40131 Mountain Home Dr. Sweet Home, Or 97386 /72-/77
. Lynn, Jon, 16B, BTM 52 USAAD, assigned security (except for TAC-EVAL) 01/83-08/84
. McBride, Robert, E-4 16B20 R3. Lived in town. Got away from the Kaserne and alerts, it was great. /72-08/73
. O'Brien, Dave, What a long time ago, but and I remember a lot of the people there fondly. It has been a long road since then and me two children who were born at the local hospital are now grown and we have six wonderful grandchildren. - 33 Dailkey Way, HAmpton, NY 128373/69-3/73
. Pace, Jeff, MOS 24U20, M&A Section, SP4 at end of my tour, Knew Jeff Ranweiler and SFC Lloyd Lovik VERY well indeed. Transferred to C Team for my last three months8/74-8/76
. Putnam, Stan, - 10084 Patrick Street, Brooksville, FL 346016/69-11/70
. Ranweiler, Jeff, I was a 24U20 and ended up with a wife! Golden balls was my nickname! Great time ,with a great bunch of people! 6/74-8/76
. Stoskopf, Wes, LT in charge of Maintenance & Security. closed site down. Had some great experiences on and off the base./83-/84
. Thomas, Lawrence Bruce, I came to Waldbroel directly from the Officer Basic course at Ft. Bliss. "B" Team underwent a TPI a couple of weeks later that it failed, and we then endured weekly TPIs from every level up to DoD for the better part of 3 months (even if they did call them TAVs). I became team leader after 8 months, when my predecessor got his orders to Vietnam. I followed him 13 months later. Had a great time working with the German NCOs and officers, rented a room from a German family, and we never failed a TPI after that first one I endured. Made a visit back in 1999, but the Luftwaffe FlaRak unit was gone ... visited the family I rented a room from, and met the grown German sons of my team sergeant MSG Harold Dean Lamb (by then deceased; he'd married my landlord's daughter). I'm in touch with my successor, John Lauerman (I still remember pulling 168 on/0 off to let him vacation on the French Rivera -- the lucky stiff even ended up serving his final year in Italy while I was in Vietnam!). Would enjoy hearing from anyone I served with, including: SFC Fisher, SFC Franklin, SP4 Leighty, SP4 Omlor, 1LT Green, CPT Holley8/67-5/69
--4./FlaRakBtl 22
--C Tm 52nd USAAD
Marienheide 50 Km ENE Cologne .
. Enders, Rolf K., 226 Maintenance,OFw 12/70-12/80
. Griffin, Jeff, Senior Custodial Agent, Learned Language and married Local Girl. Learn ED 60-10 front to back. Long hours and made friends.7/77-9/79
. Luken, Alan, senior custodial agent, Spec 4,01/70-07/71
. McBride, Robert, E-4 16B20 R3 Played Santa Claus my first Christmas for US Dependants. Many great times. 11/71-/72
. Mitchell, Curtis E., 11B Security Team, Retired Cocoa Beach Florida3/82-6/85
. Mueller, Karl, I live in Las Vegas, New Mexico/75-/76
. Nelsen, John, 1LT, C Team Commander3/77-5/78
. Oaks. Jim, 71H(clerk) - Only 7 months left in the army when i was sent to Germany. Thanks USA for the great summer vacation. I was very lucky for a fellow drafted in 1966!!! 3/68-10/68
--52nd USAAD Odingen? .
. Lynn, Jon, Spc4-SGT, BTM 52 USAAD, ca, then sca, then back to M&A 08/84-05/86
. Mueller, Karl, I live in Las Vegas, New Mexico/74-/75
FlaRakBtl 23 . .
--1./FlaRakBtl 23
A-Tm, 501st USAAD
Lich, 45 Km N Frankfurt am Main.
. Anderson, Hubert, with A Team 501st. 557 Arty Gp. 10/69-1/74
. Curry, Steve, Nike-Hercules Nuclear missile tech./mech.(PFC) -6/80
. Ivey, Felton L., E-3 Launcher Crewman - Giessen-Lich7/65-1/66
. Kohsman, Ronald, Was assigned various duties awaiting security clearance. I was transfered to C Team for needed experience 8/65-7/66
. Pettice, JJ.W. "Pete", Security Sergeant - 727538/77-6/79
. Popp, Guenter, At last I was as a MSGT in the LA Area as LCO and 225er - My almost best time in my life at this time to participate with our Host Nation for this long period. I had many american friends and some of them I'm really missing. In seeing some again that would be like a miracle. 4/71-3/83
. Ramos, Philip, Sp4, Guard, Clerk. (A Team 501st USAAD) 185 Cherrywood Ct. Romeoville IL 604464/74-6/76
. Wicker, Gary A., SGT/E-5, Senior Custodial Agent - Lawton, Ok11/78-11/81
--2./FlaRakBtl 23
HQ and B-Tm 501st USAAD
(Schoneck or Schoeneck - Schöneck *), Kilianstadten, Kilianstaedten - 20 Km ENE Frankfurt am Main.
. Aultman, John D., Initially XO and later became team commander Team A. I was also the liaison officer between the Det and 23rd FlaRak Bn. I had excellent troops and enjoyed the assignment. 8/65-8/67
. Baird, Larry K SP4 - I spent my first three months in the Army at Ft Polk, Louisiana. After that time, I was sent to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, where I spent the next three months, plus I spent two wks. in Special Weapons training.
     My next duty station was with B Team of the 501st ADA Detachment in Killianstaetten, Germany. I was a PFC at the time. I spent the next month , training and learning what my role was in this unit. We were in support of the 23rd FlaRak Battalion. We had a total of 4 teams and were in constant contact with each via the ANGRC 165 radio in the guard house. From what I remember we had a very good relationship with the Germans we served with. I met the greatest bunch of guys in the world.
     I spent 2 1/2 years at this unit and enjoyed my time there. Most of us still get together every two years, at different places every-time. Our first re-union was in 1975. I left Germany in Nov. of 1974 as an SCA .I served on the Hill, as we called it , as an SCA for 1 1/2 years. One CA on the guard crew was assigned the missile barn keys, and the SCA had the combination.
     We never failed an inspection, either at the Site or in the Admin area. On the hill, the nights were long and lonely. All four men were on duty till about 1800 hrs. Then two men till 2400. Depending on what our alert status was, determined how often we walked lock checks. There were three CA’s and an SCA . Before I left, we only made lock checks when the crews changed. Twelve guards was the ideal situation. But there were a lot of on a day, off a day, and then back on a day. I pulled some 48 hour shifts, because we were short SCA ’s.
     I met my future wife at Killy. Her dad was a CW3 assigned to our detachment as the Warhead officer. All this said, I know I rambled, I enjoyed my time at this unit and in the Army. I'm proud I served my country.
. Bevill, Woody, They seem to have put a bunch of into combat arms after the 24U MOS closed out in 87. Only a few custodial duty 24U guy got into Patriot from this unit. One guy went 11B and then Ranger, then 82nd Airborne. 8/84-10/86
. Duffney, Patrick, Custodial Agent Nike. 21723 Mishawaka Rd Grand Rapids Mn 55744 /75
. Fanning, Michael W, Cook Seems to me you guys didn't get debriefed upon your leaving. Later I agree, my debriefing left me with shut up or else. I've been quiet for 30 years. I also was assigned to a reserve unit for 2 years that wasn't in the plan. I guess I didn't read the (can't find) fine print. Long life to you friend let's pray for our troops just like somebody prayed we make it back from around all that mess. P.S I was a cook, I cooked for about 30 people. Most times about 10 to 12. Spent my leisure time at the local disco or Wurtzberg. /76-/79
. Hetzel, Charles W, 16B Security - 2542 23rd st Cuyahoga Falls oh 442236/68-2/70
. Jager, Don, Custodial Agent/74-/75
. Kirkpatrick, Charles E., Served first as acting detachment commander, then took over as XO and also ran the comm center with an interesting cast of characters. My basic recollection of Kilianstaedten is the eternal round of TPI, NSI, TPE, and so forth for the four teams, each and every one of them a "you bet your bars" situation. 10/73-9/75
. Lane, Cloyd, PX Operator Sp-4 1/65-8/66
. Monks, George S., Was a 24U, and of course the mail clerk, bar tender, and lots of CQ. Loved Kilianstadten had a blast. Favorite watering hole was over in Windecken though. 1/74-9/76
. Morley, Robert E., Diesel electric generator mechanic and site electrician. Moved to E-5 and section chief about six months after arriving. Winter was super cold and lots of snow. Really enjoyed the job. The 357.1 MOS training at Ft. Belvoir, VA got me interested in electrical engineering. I am a recently retired EE. Would love to receive a list of courses the 357.1 included. 9/61-5/63
. Pearce, Donald L. I would love to hear from anyone that was stationed there or nearby! 3/81-6/84
. Pettice, JJ.W. "Pete", Security Sergeant - 727536/76-8/77
. Roberts, Robert, Sp5 Training NCO -mail-px operator-would like to visit Kilianstadten soon, had a great crew of oficers and enlisted.many good times and fond memories--would like to track down some old friends. - 1662 Cloe Lake Road Punxsutawney, Pa. 157675/67-12/69
. Wagner, James, 1SG USA Retired - 1423 Kilmer Way, Clarksville, Indiana 471292/79-2/82
--3./FlaRakBtl 23
C-Tm, 501st USAAD
Kemel, 50 Km W Frankfurt am Main.
. Bridgmon, Robert A, 11b20 e4 cook and guard 9/68-4/70
. Del Moral, Luis, My last duties before ETS.was senior custodial agent.With the rank of spec.5 Those were one of the best times of my life with memeories of great people I worked with. Some of the names that come to mind are Lt. KirkPatrick, Jim Medrano, Castiano, Mata, Lt. Brighton (The Leader of JC's Anaimals) Doven Mueller, Allan, and others that don't come to mind. As intresting details this is where I learned to speak english and rode my first Harley Davidson. - 1790 SW.23terr.,Miami ,fla. 33145 12/72-06/75
. Ivey, Felton L., SP4 Launcher Crewman. Accepted to OCS and reassigned Ft. Sill, OK.1/66-8/66
. Halifko, James (Jim), I would like to connect with old friends and comrades and share our memories.2/69-1/72
. Horner, Jim W., 6/65-7/66
. Kirkpatrick, Charles E., A&M Officer, Security Officer, and finally Team Commander. Interesting experience. Very hard duty for the soldiers, since we were characteristically at something like 65% of authorized strength. There were times when the duty officer had to work as part of the guard relief, just in order to have enough people to run two day-on, day-off shifts, and we occasionally had to assign the 24U Warhead Techs to the same duty for the same reasons. One particular memory was our two mess sergeants--SFC Ritcher, who was later replaced by SP6 Thomas, who had worked in a general officer mess in Hawaii. He like to cook with wines and liqueurs, and I remember soldiers dropping by the mess hall on payday to ask what he needed. Excellent mess! At Kemel, I met and profited by knowing a great NCO, SFC Henry Neal, Sr., who later was promoted to 1st Sgt. and became 1st Sgt. of the 501st at the time when I became acting commander. He took it as his mission in life to keep me from doing something really stupid before I learned right from left and up from down. By that time, 501st was aligned under 557th USA Artillery Group at Herbornseelbach. Throughout most of my assignment in Germany, we were led by a truly great commander, Lt. Col. Howard Gill. the 501st had a string of commanders through those three or four years, but the best among them was Capt. Welfert (Bill) Bynum, who had prior service as an NCO and who had served in the Hawk battalion assigned briefly in Vietnam. Soldiers referred to him as the "law west of the Pecos." Fair, serious-minded, knowledgeable -- all those things you want in a guy in charge.7/72-10/73
. Nodine, Stephen Daniel, 11B Custodial Agent/Crypto/24U and everything else! Loved Kemel and Bad Schalbach. I have friends still in Springen. I am now a county commissioner in mobile, alabama I am looking for old friends, SGT Green, Fines Donaldson from HQs. I still stay in touch with Capt Trolan and Capt Tom Weir. Where is Joy Dallas?11/81-6/83
. Sawyer, Ray (Kid), Started as a guard to exclusion area (SASCOM site where we performed custodial duties only) but soon was moved to documents clerk position. We had an officer on his way to Levenworth for missing "stuff" and I was asked to straighten things out. We were also the only Team in the 5th (maybe in the whole of Germany) to receive isolation pay. Team C had a very bad reputation as the craziest bunch of misfits in the 5th. I understand it was deactivated in 88/67-/70
--4./FlaRakBtl 23
D-Tm, 501st USAAD
Westerburg 60 Km NE Koblenz, 80 Km NW Frankfurt am Main.
. Berkemeyer, Donald, Some of the best years of my life. Looking for anyone that was stationed in westerburg for possible reunion . 4/78-4/86
. Cavel, Howard, D-team 6/81-6/84
. Curry, Steve, Nike-Hercules Nuclear missile tech./mech.(PFC) 2/78-
. Di Vito, Joe, First of three sites I helped close down 4/86-9/86
. Harrington, Rick, sp5 16b20 custodial warhead duty 1/70-11/72
. Hill, Pete, Bill Farmer, are you still with us??? or anyone stationed there in 69-70 /69-/70
. Kohsman, Ronald, I was a 16B, but that did not deter me from enjoying this assignment. Met and worked with some great people. I spoke a little German, which caused the embaressment of some of the local frauleins. I transferred to Greece and enjoyed my trip to get their. POV travel was authorized.7/66-1/68
. O'Keefe, John, ... useful in trying to understand what the Army had in mind when they gave a 23 year old 1st Lieutenant the responsibility of maintaining and possibly using nuclear weapons. My first assignment as an ADA officer was to command Team D, 501st U.S. Army Artillery Detachment. Team D was one of the four Teams in support of the 23 FlaRak Battalion of Germany’s Air Force. The Team was responsible for maintaining the nuclear weapon while the 23 FlaRak Battalion was responsible for the missile. As luck would have it, Team D was a new Team and our site had never had any Americans previously located in Westerburg, Germany. Circumstances made me the first Team D's Leader. -
. Schlagintweit, Hans Peter, .
. Wagner, James, 1SG USA Retired - Nike Herc were my best years out of my 22 Years?-2/81
. Will, Frank, Generator and switchboard operator IFC, corporal. Fired in Crete June 1980 - Waldstraße 18, D-65385 Ruedesheim, Germany 4/79-12/80
. Zaikowsky, Patrick M (Mike), I was a missle crewman and on the warhead team rank SP4. - I was on gurd duty in front the door of the warhead assembily room .We were mating a warhead to the missle and lighting hit the assembly building,scared the crap out of all of us. ... were the first Americans on the site :3/1967-10/68
***** SouthCentral area - manned by U.S. troops .
5th Army Group Beuern - 20 km south of Kassel .
. Hayes, Milo, Personnel Specialist - with the 5th Group from 1962 (when re-formed at Ft. Sill OK) until I left Bueren Germany in June 1964. I was part of the advanced party (12 of us) which arrived in Germany in September 1962. Our main body was still at Ft. Sill until early 1963 when they arrived in Bueren Germany. The advanced party was assigned to another similar Group (In Leudenschied Germany ) to learn overall various operations/functions of a Group headquarters etc.
When we arrived, it was the first time many of the Bueren Germans had seen a American soldier since the war. It was a very interesting experience for many of us.
2nd then 5th Btn 1st ADA, HBB Wackernheim 10 km SW Wiesbaden
Rolf D. Goerigk says
"I`m using the unit/site designation according to:

It is ... 5/1. The unit/site designation is correct since 1962. B 5/1 was not the first occupant but the first "stable" designation for many years or till the end of the Nike era.

Ron Payette says

"While I was in Germany, 62-65, The BN HQS & Hqs Co, were located on the air base in Wiesbaden. We were the only non-air force unit on the base. Our "A" Btry was located at Wackernheim. The BN tactical operations center was co-located on the "A" Btry site for the tactical direction and control of the four firing batteries. It's call sign was "Corral." But there were only a few HQTRS personnel there and a duty officer was sent over every evening. During the daytime a signal officer (Capt), was on duty there.

On the air base we had facilities that housed all the troops. It was a four story building as I recall. The first floor was mostly Hqs Co administration, the 2nd floor was all Bn Staff and the next two floors were troop billets. There was also a separate building for NCO quarters and a motor pool and maintenance area, including generator mechanics and equipment.

It could be at some later date that HQS-5-1 was kicked off the base. I'm sure the air force coveted that space given over to the Army! Apparently, there were many, many changes made over the years."

Oh - and JB Marsh says
Your unit designation in the listing is ?2 then 5nd? but it was actually the other way around, ?5th then 2nd?. All the guys who served in the 60?s and early 70?s refer to the site as C 5/1, and from early 70?s on, everyone refers to it as C 2/1 in their comments.

Apparently at Finthen Army Air Field,

. Allison, Andy, McCulley Barricks2/78-2/80
. Anderson, Michael, SP-5 23N208/69-4/71
. Barnes, Mike, My father went to Ft. Bliss guided missile school. my father was sent to Wiesbaden Germany. Went out to a disclosed site in a town called "Finthen". he told me how the nike missile were stored in a old barn. he was assigned to the 526th fa missile battalion, or 246th fa missile battalion or 2nd missile battalion 80th art. anyone knowing of these battalions or locations let me know./59-??
. Briant, James A., FMTE Section Chief 23N30 SSG10/81-5/83
. Bowers, Edwin L., Fire Control Systems Maaintenance Tech - 317 North Kiowa Court Junction City, KS 66441 3/60-/63
. Currie, Fred, SP4, 31M20 radio relay operator, then PLL Clerk in Commo Platoon. Anyone there at the time, drop me an email.12/71-02/73
. Dandeneau, James, Worked S-3 T-1 Section Also Team Chief On Surface to Surface Calculations Team. Made first switch to calculator method for SS Missions 9/73-4/77
. Fehlman, Gordon J., Battalion Maint. @ HHB 2/1, worked for CW2 Curtis R. Sloane, then went to Charlie as motor pool sargeant. - 485 San Bernabe Drive, Monterey, CA 93940 7/73-3/74
. Flaherty, Clayton, BN SHORAD NCO in a HIMAD unit, Very tough job, but trully great people made it happen, together we were sucessful3/81-5/83
. Holland, John C, Worked in Bn Maint with Cw 2 Sloane and MSG MAson, was an equipment readiness inspector for the Bn to ensure equipment readiness - P O Box 245 Bailey, Co 80421 09/75-04/78
. Hyde, Tom, Served as CO for a year. My battery personnel was spread out over a considerable distance, some in each line battery. On paydays I had to drive all over the place carrying lots of cash in my 1955 VW beater, with the hole in the floor of the passenger's side. More than anything, I seem to recall the farcical aspects of my tour of duty. I would love to hear from anyone I served with back then. - 639 Green Way, Santa Rosa, CA 9540410/70-11/71
. Jeffers, Larry, 22L Eletronics Tech, Sp5, Great Friends, Great Food, Beer and Wine. Would love to go back for a visit. - Hampton TN/80-/82
. Johnson, Kenneth D. CW2 RET., DSP Missile & Launcher Repair 73-76
. Hughes, Robert T., Ord 6, Scope dope, chassis repair guru, Huggie Bear7/74-9/76
. Lewis, Paul A., - Dallas, TX6/79-6/81
. Myers, David, MSGT (RET), I was a 23N in the US Army. With the 2/1 ADA in Germany / - /
. O'Connor, William J., Worked as one of two BOC officers. 24 on/24 off. BN HQ and HQBTY were in Weisbaden on the Air Base not in Wackernheim at that time. Drove to all firing batteries regularly as EMAS officer and paymaster. SP5 Phil Fletcher, generator man, was a great friend and unforgettable character.. 10/69-12/70
. Payette, Ronald C., 1st LT/CPT...Motor Officer,HQS BTRY Cmdr and Asst S-4. 4/63-4/65
. Shipley, Lou, Served as the PRP and REDEYE NCO, then re-enlisted back to the MPs and worked at the Mainz MP Station till ETS in 84. Was hired in civilian job I created there as the civilian guard commander. Now, I'm the Chief IMO at US Army Garrison Wiesbaden. - US Army Garrison Wiesbaden - alternate e-mail 10/79-06/81
--A 5/1 Wackernheim, 15 Km SW Wiesbaden .
. Baker, Michael, e-4 16/B7/83-1/84
. Bennett, Michael G., LCT Operator, SPC-44/70-10/72
. Bohannon, Terry, SP4, 16C20, HIPAR Operator, in room with David King, Butch Belmore, Reuben (Ben) Bryant, Dave (Junior) Walker, Rick Coangello (not sure of spelling), Danny Debolt. Spent time at McCully Barracks Photo Club. Unit picture at: - 39482 Marne Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 483139/69-1/71
. Dinkins, Joseph B, Sp/4 Radio Operator. I slept between the radio stacks and I locked the door of my trailer so I didn't get bothered while everyone else was ruuning around doing test drills in the middle of the night. 11/66-?
. Erath, Mark, - address 5512211/77-6/80
. Flaherty, Clayton, Computer operator and T1 traning2/80-2/81
. Farrell, Charles, pfc mos was 177.1010/59-5/61
. Foy, Robert H. Jr., FRG SP5 24U20 '71 - '74
. Hardy, Richard, 24P mechanic A Btry, Was w/ Gary Fisher, Steve Riddle, Randy Feister, Salinetro, Roderiquez,J Bardsley - PO Bx 1176 St Michaels, AZ 8651101/79-12/81
. Hyde, Tom, Served as XO for a few months. Arrived during Fasching parade in Mainz. My contact took me for a delirious, drunken ride through the crowd, then dumped me in front of the BC. He was pre-occupied. An enlisted man had stolen his jeep and hit the guardhouse on the way out. On the way back, after getting totally ripped at some gasthouse, he hit it again on the way back in. All in all, an appropriate introduction to life in US Army Germany,in general and Wackernheim Caserne in particular. I'll never forget the spot inspections from both USAREUR and NATO, with generals dropping in on their choppers without notice to check our operational readiness. One of them snagged our company cook for his personal chef. I would love to hear from anyone I served with back then. - 639 Green Way, Santa Rosa, CA 954042/70-10/70
. Jones, James, launcher platoon leader, XO and BC. Served with Cpt Hopkins, Lt Case, Sgt O'Bryan, Sgt Jones, Sp4 Glenn Davenport, Lt John Denton, CW4 Bob Chisnell and more than 100 other great men. Would love to hear from any who served - E-Mail . Phone 717-476-9805 ( used to live in L.A.California now 2890 Pleasant Hill Rd, Hanover, PA 17331) 5/67-2/69
. Kline, Charles H., SSG IFC 16C Crew Chief- Still had the Hosest John Mobile missile Units there.. Rough times at the Unit - Someone painted the CO,s auto one night.Someone burning a cross in the back field. CQs carried 45cal for protection ie; Sgt Duck - Wild times - Made all trips to NAMFI. Glad to make it out alive... - 2740 Madrigal Lane Melbourne FL, 329043/70-6/72
. Krystel, Philip, 6/71-7/74
. Lindemann, Louis T., 11/72-8/76
. Maxson, Rick, SPC 4 Target Tracking Crew ECM4/74-5/75
. Petrillo, Peter, FRG 24Q20 Fire Control System Maintenance, SP-5, I remember those years fondly although I was pretty much a nerd then. Learned German and lived off post mostly. The time went too fast for me but I'll never forget those 24 on & 24 off shifts. The Ready Room game was always double-deck pinochle - loved it! Was on the two-man PAL code team and recall having to compute surface-to-surface coordinates with gas mask on during training exercises (still vivid image of that)! Most of all, though never meeting anyone again, I have thought about the men who served in FRG. - Bldg 4905 5th Avenue, Ft. Rucker, AL 36362 12/69-7/71
. Petty, Jimmy, 24P Radar Maint. SSG HIPAR Section Chief - 3232 Sapphire Bedford, Texas 76021 2/71-3/74
. Redman, Loyd J, Commo, private When I arrived at Dexheim there were four men in commo, they were: Stein, Bennet, Atkins, and Adams. 6/61-2/64
. Riddle, Steve , 24Q Fire Control Mechanic IFC10/79-6/82
. Smith, Timothy L., SP5 16C20 - 834 Indian Creek Dr, O'Fallon, IL 622699/73-11/74
. Spencer, Barre W. , 24Q20 MOS SP5 '70-'71
. Tally, Stephen, two years as A Battery's IFC platoon leader and one as the Asst. S-3, 36 full months - no trips home, hardly any leave. I made three trips to NAMFI, one as an observer and two as a BCO. Fired an AJAX in '71 and a Herc in '72. The 'Jax tumbled and was destroyed by the Range Safety Officer. The Herc got a kill. As you mentioned, all targets were simulated using the T-1.'71-'73
. Weddle, Michael A., 24U20, SP-5 Missile Maintenace - 942 No. Oaks Ave., Ontario, California 917622/68-2/70
. Weisberg, Marvin, lLauncher Crewman - Postal address: Naples, FL10/68-4/69
--B 5/1 Dexheim, 30 Km S Wiesbaden - web site by Ray Bice .
. Baker, Michael, e-4 16/B6/81-7/83
. Bice, Raymond, PFC TTR operator, I have located over 80 guys stationed at B-5-1 during the 60's. We are going to have a reunion in Sept. If you are interested, contact me. Would like to hear from everyone. 7/60-5/63
. Bledsoe, Greg, SSG. 24P Acq Radar Mech. Great times boys. SSG Steve Turner, Bert, I mean CWO1 MR. WHITE,and I... MAN the memories... That was a great time in my life. Thanks for the wonderful times. I was priviledged to worked with the greatest operators and repair guys that ever graced that land. AMEN!10/76-10/79
. Brocato, Joseph, Lchr crewman... /65-/67
. Casals, Alredo, Captain, CO01/67-09/68
. Dinkins, Joseph B, Sp/4 Radio Operator. I had a great time with B Btry,even if it was out in the middle of nowhere. We managed to have a hell of a good time. After 13 months of Korea it was like a trip to heaven. Still can't figure out how I got from 105s to missiles. ?-3/68
. Gamble, William, MTR operator Lived and loved got tweeked and tuned there but never got over it8/75-2/80
. Griffin, Jack, Sp/4 I F C area I went to last reunion had a great time - Dallas N.C. 9/60-4/63
. Jewell, David, 24U Assembly Building. Good times and some not so good. Would not trade them for anything. 6275 SR 44, Martinsville, IN 46151 4/71-2/73
. Hart, Steve, BCA and EMAS duties. A great group of guys and a great time. What a hassle when some other unit broke open the wrong "cookie" at 3am. We were the only unit to fire our own missile on Crete - last unit in one training cycle, and first unit in the next training cycle. - 1408 Meadow Lark Dr, Titusville, FL 3278010/77-5/80
. Holmes, John, Sp-5 elec msl maint - arrived site about same time as package - helped uncrate equipt and turn site operational - 128 Pine Tree Drive, Leesburg, Fl 347883/59-3/62
. LeGendre, Michael, 16B, SGT, Assembly in B 2/19/75-10/77
. Lindemann, Louis T., IFC Section Chief Heck of a night when we shut down power on the hill for the last time. El Paso, Tx11/77-11/82
. McNally, Patrick P., SP/4 Documents/Security Clerk - 4530 West 34th Avenue Denver CO 80212-18137/69-12/70
. Miller, Keith , they stopped all Boot Strap operations at Bravo (Not sure about other battery's) due to the wear and tear on them, we were a fixed site, everything was still on trailers but not moved anymore. '75-'76
. Miller, Keith , Sp/4 Sr Fire Control Operator TTR, EMAS duty also7/76-5/77
. Morgan, Dennis T., 24Q20 G2. Also, maintained AN/MPQ-T1 Simulator. Spec. 4, Site was mobile when I was there. Tore down TTR, TRR, and MTR, rolled up the cables and push them throught the front gate.1/79-12/80
. Paquin, Lester, SP4 MTR & TTR Operator, and also supply. The best part of my tour were the great people I met and have noww reunited with alot of them, thanks to the efforts of my great friiend Ray Bice. Without his efforts, these reunions would not have happened. My hat is off to him, Thanks - 46344 Waco Shelby Twp Mi 48317 05/60-12/62
. Payette, Ronald C., Asst. and Fire Control Platoon Ldr. (2nd&1st LT) 4/62-4/63
. Pickett, Greg, E-4 Senior Custodial Agent Lived in tent for short time then moved to Guntersblum. Loved fog guard on your day off and tower duty, 24 on 24 off, tower 6 hours, work on missle, then back to tower. Re-up?, Not a chance! - 7137 Welles st. Brown City MI. 48416 3/75-7/76
. Stafford, Stephen, Launcher Crewman and Security Clerk (Anderson Barracks) 12/69-3/72
. Steimel, William, Specialist-4 52B10 Power Generator Operator10/76-05/80
. Stein, Richard E, Was in Como during my duty stay. Went to last reunion and had a great time. - Chadron, Nebraska 8/60-2/63
. Stocke, Richard, SP6 24Q Fire Control Mechanic. 8801 NW 116th Street Oklahoma City, OK 7316210/73-12/76
. Urban, Daniel J. 24U Hercules Electronic Tech helped close B/2/1 late 82 '80-'82
. Ward, Christian G, pfc,24q,mtr,ttr and trr radar mech, 17220 w roosevelt new berlin wi 53146 11/81-9/82
. Watkins, Jimmy, IFC, SPEC.4, computer operator/60-/62
--C 5/1 Quirnheim, (near Grundstadt) 60 Km S Wiesbaden .
. Agnew, William R., Food Service Sergeant I was promoted to E-7 shortly after arriving in Quiernheim. I was the Food Service Sergeant there until around 7/77 when I departed for Stateside. - P. O. Box 163636 Sacramento, CA 958167/76-7/77
. Black, Charles, I was assigned to C Btry as a section chief in IFC. I re-enlisted and got a tranfer to B-3-71. Can't remember many people there but do remember the Guesthaus down below the hill.It sure was a far out place to be. Chuck Black SFC Ret.1/70-6/70
. Buck, Ray, Very isolated site. I was just marking time until I took a European Out and headed for Morocco...with some other places along the way. 6/70-1/71
. Dill, Tony, Reported as a Pvt and left as a Sgt. Served as MTR & TTR operator (16C) 12/76-06/80
. Dilworth, Roger, Remember 99.25 - Highest scoring battery of all time. - 15 Sycamore St. Hudson, NH 03051 1/80-8/82
. DiMarco, Dino Launcher Area Maint, CW-3, "An unbelievable and unsurpassed experience."'68-'71
. Fehlman, Gordon J., motor pool sargeant. - 485 San Bernabe Drive, Monterey, CA 93940 3/74-3/76
. Goodreau, Robert W. Jr., Came as an E-2 cook, 2 months later became btry clerk, mail clerk, courier, and all round truck driver. Once they even had me collecting urine for drug testing.I quickly got out of that ... left as Spec/41/75-8/76
. Hanna, Bill, spec-4 launcher crewman went to crete enjoyed my stay with great bunch of gys - 1167 dallas oregon97338/70-/72
. Harper, Rick, Missile Assembly Crewman, SP4 3/75-1/77
. Huber, Roger C., 16B2N Nike Hercules Crewman levy for Europe with 6 months left in the Army 4/69-10/69
. Lemke, Carl W., Launcher Section Chief and then Launcher Platoon Sergeant until we closed the site. /78-/83?
. Lingo, Charles R., I pulled two tours at querinhiem. the 2d tour was 5/75 to 5/79 - 1730 leoti dr. colo.springs, co 80915 2/69-2/72
. Lobato, Roger, sp/5, launching area, missile repairs parts clerk. 1975-1980
. Marsh, James (JB), 24P20/sp5. Longest shift ever was 6 days 24on/24on. HIPAR went down and we were "hot btry". We caught naps on the floor of the HIPAR van while DSP and 2 other 24P's kept working, then change out w/ other guys. Had a great time and some bad one's as well. Too many stories to tell here. Evidently, the unit designation was 5/1 through the 60's and changed to 2/1 in early 70's. Designation was C 2/1 when I arrived in 76. - 1903 Jane Dr., Pasadena, Tx 77502 5/76-5/78
. McAlevy, Robert, 24P20 aquistion radar maintenance, rank SP5. Also ran a small on site PX. 5/72-3/74
. Miller, Ronald, Launcher crew, L.C.T. operator, Ordinance parts specialist, Began as E-2, finished as SP/4. Another semi-isolated site. the Army must have looved me. both sites can be seen on Google Earth if you know the latitude and logitude. This place was on top of a small mountain, with the admin area,the IFC and Launch area in a triangular layout about 1 mile apart. 1/63-3/65
. O'Connor, William J., 2LT;served as IFC platoon leader. CPT Gwynn Nixon was BC; 1LT Robinson XO. 1stSGT SFC Grandy;IFC/PLTSGT E-6 Wilkins; Mr. DiMarco in LA; also many great EM who made it fun.4/69-8/69
. O'Hara, Tom, SP4, Target Tracking Operator, nickname - mario.6/74-12/75
. Parker, Robert, 22F20 sp/4 Visited the area in '05. The admin bldg now is a auto parts place. Huge changes to the area. 01/68-07/69
. Peters, Edward F. (Pete), Pit Rat 16B20 SP-5, Whitman, MA 10/70-01/72
. Rogers, Larry, IFC Platoon Leader, Battery XO, I'm told I am the only BCO in possession of a data plate from a missile he fired. Mine moonballed at NAMFI and came back to Earth in a Hawk launcher area. No injuries, and we were scored 96.5. Story Here Hi to everyone from who served the Nike community. 1973-1975
. Schmidt, Edward, Military Police9/79-3/81
. Shipley, Lou, Arrived as 16B, but worked some of the time in my secondary, 95B (MP). Went to battalion in 79 to be the PRP NCO. Enjoyed the time, the wine, "bombers" and schnitzel at Fritz' Gasthaus, the wine fests, move to the Pension in Bockenheim, etc etc. I now live in Tiefenthal, across the valley from Quirnheim, and work in Wiesbaden. If you want any recent pictures of what Charlie looks like, now, drop me a line. - US Army Garrison Wiesbaden - alternate e-mail 5/77-10/79
. Tucker, M.W. "Skip", After our NATO (US/Netherlands) site closed in the north of Germany, myself and several others were reassigned to Charlie Battery which was located on a big hill at the end of a Glider field. Duty at Charlie Btry SUCKED! Some of the folks were alright I guess but the officers generally lacked the respect of most of the EM as well as many of us NCO's. C-2/1 was made me KNOW I wouldn't stay in the Army..... 5/75-10/75
.Wolfmeyer, Jim 16C Section Chief '74-'77
. Zampini, Andrew, Hope to renew some old contacts.You all were the best soldiers I served with!!!!! - Marktstr.5,55494 Rheinb?llen,Germany - bad e-mail address supplied /81-/82
--D 5/1 Dichtelbach, 50 Km WSW Wiesbaden, between Dichtelbach & Rheinbolen
Delta 2 1 Dichtelbach Nike Hercules Missile site
Also here
. Agnew, William R., E-6 worked in the dining facility w/ SFC Henderson. I was promoted in 76 and transferred to C/2/1 just before promotion. - P. O. Box 163636 Sacramento, CA 958167/75-7/76
. Bates,Steven M SP/4, 16B20 Fire Panel Control Oper '74-'77
. Caravetta, Bill, E3 16c10 nike herc fire control op. /76-/77
. Cauthorn, Marvin, bad time in 19729/67-1/73
. Chase, Timothy, 16B working in the assembly section,SP4, seemed that when I was pulling 24 duty the odds of an ORE were good. 12/77-1/80
. Cress, Dennis L., 11B and later OJT'ed into a 16H/B. I spent most of my time in the Launch Control Trailer in the launch area and worked the towers like everyone else. I have very fond memories of my time there, in fact I am still married to my German wife (25+ years) that > I met while with D Btry. I visited the old launch site about five years ago (1997?) and the cantonment area was in significant disrepair and the launch area was off limits with armed German guards so I couldn't get to close. (785) 350-394011/75-06/77
. Dickhaut, Peter, MP (95B) assigned to the Security Platoon.12/76-09/78
. Denson, James E, 16-B 10-R2 E2 Made me crazy not over it yet. 659 Piscataway Ct. LaPlata, MD. 20646 4/74-10/74
. Doyle, John, Looking for old Bros for a reunion, perhaps. - Palm Coast, FL6/71-8/72
. Duncan, Robert, Was stations her twice from 75 to 78 and 80 till 82 when we closed it down 02/75-06/82
. Ferraro, James, Came to site with the high power radar and only one that had training on it. - 866 sun wood drive smith station al 3687710/67-11/68
. Gaylord, Jack, 12/72-7/74
. Johnson, Michael, SGT 24Q40 - 106 Mechanic #76 Galveston, TX 77550 8/77-5/79
. McLemore, Michael, e 4 16b20, launcher crewman, guard duty. - charle section. It was a great tour. I can't forget the cold nights shoveling snow off of the pad, or guard duty in the towers or Stg childers cigar. a great tour. good German food ,wine fest . Joy Club in Simeron. Bopard dance club. Watching the nubies drink or wear it. Reconnect with vets on Facebook group Delta 2 1 Dichtelbach Germany Delta 2 1 Dichtelbach Nike Hercules Missile site 6/76-7/78
. Obert, Mark, I was a sgt at D2/1.I was a 16b but worked in the assembly bldg. Great times and some really great people. 5/81-8/82
. Powers, Glenmore, E-5 "Pit Rat" also known as Launcher Crewman 16B. Tired of working 24 hours on and 24 hours off so volunteered for admin duty in Orderly Room. Ran the base PX and theater. Got married while assigned here in 1970 to hometown sweetheart and took her back to Germany with me. Our first son was born at the 56th General Hospital, Bad Kreauznach (BK) Germnay in 1971. 12/69-1/72
. Weisberg, Marvin, Launcher Crewman - Postal address: Naples, FL10/67-6/68
. Zampini, Andrew, After closing battery was sent to charlie battery 2/1 - Marktstr.5,55494 Rheinb?llen,Germany - bad e-mail address supplied /81-/82
4th Btn 6th ADA . . .
Brimingen, 35 Km NW Trier. Spangdahlem AFB
. Ferguson, Richard, Headquarters Battery was located on Spangdahlem Air Base. I was the information specialist (701.10). I was there for the Cuban Missile Crisis. At that time, information specialists were declared unnecessary so I went to D Battery for a few months until the powers that be decided that information specialists really were necessary. I went back to Spangdahlem. Our motor pool for Headquarters Battery was at the French Kaserne in Bitburg. I remember were Freddy Hill from Kentucky, and Charley Moratta (Charley Strac) from Washington state. In general, those were good times. 7/61-9/62
. Hoffman,Gordon S., 22M20, Trained at Redstone Arsenal, AL. 1966, At Spang for about a year transferred to a Hawk unit. Worked in internal guidance, launchers and FMTE at Spang10/67-10/68
. Robarts, Gene, It was a great experience but was glad to get out /64-/65
. Gleaves, James C., Btry D, 25th Msl Btn, Spangdalem, 1958 the 25th Msl Btn became the 6th Mls Btn, 4 Arty. So the name change was correct. The 25th was a that time moved stateside. They were housed in Luxemburg Kasern in Bitburg, but the Missile Site was on the flight line at Spangdalem. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me in those days. 2576 15th St., Vero Beach, FL. 32960 2/57-10/58
. Rounds, Michael, I was the driver for CL Robert Mclaughlin that was killed in an f-4 flight after I was discharged in 1965. He had 6 children and a wife named Mary. His children were wonderful. I ate Thanksgiving dinner at their quarters, went to parties there with all the first sergeants of all the batteries in Bn. It was great. I was an E-3 talking to E-8 sergeant on a face to face bases. I was 21, they were in WW2, the E-9 was my beer drinking buddy. Sgt Major Patrick Murphy from N.Y City. The Bn. H.Q. Legal clerk was John DeAmora from Utica N.Y.. One of the nicest people I ever met. Looking for Dewey Willerd from Ann Arber Mi. - 41201 Via Aguila Temecula Ca. 92591 4/64-5/65
--A 4/6
--D 5/6
Hontheim ,45 Km NE Trier more .
. Allen, Frederick, I liked both bases that I was on, Germany was a great country to be in. The people were very nice, at least where I was out in the boon docks. We were Air Defence for Bitburg Air Base & Spangdahlem Air Base. My Site was actually located in Honehyme Germany. - 33 Central St. Marlboro, Mass 017529/62-6/64
. Barkett, Paul F., Had a great time. Loved the people, food and the culture. Drank a lot of excellent local wines/Cogneacs, and some home made Double Corn (white lightening). The Burgermeister, Matteus Toiche was a good friend, who has since passed away. Where is Lance Lowe, NY, John Pancheri, NJ, Joe Cleary, PA, Willie Collins, Eddie Price, Lifer, AL and Ted Sawyer, SC? If anyone knew me from there please contact me. Sincerely, Paul - 12 Church Street, Agawam, MA 01001 10/63-6/65
. Boshell, David A., Senior Panel Operator Spec 5. I was on two missile firings at White sands New Mexico July 67 and NAMFI Crete May 68. - 4068 Remsen Cove Memphis,Tn 381352/66-8/68
. Dobson, John R., John P. Boe was the IFC Platoon leader when I arrived. He was the EMAS "A" Team Leader at that time; he indoctrinated me for the EAMS "B" Team. SSG. David "Pockets" Packwood was the IFC Platoon Sereant, when I arrived. I came in as a Sgt., but had already received orders for SSG.; LT Boe was not pleased when my promotion finally caught up with me (about four months late). LT Boe was repalced by LT Ron Garrison; I became IFC Platoon Sergeant, while still being the Alpha Section Leader, and also became the EMAS "B" Team Leader. Around August of 1978, my crew was the first to pass a 32nd AADCOM ORE in five five years...and we had been the :hot" crew from the night before!9/76=9/78
. Eshleman, John, FC Tech WO1 - WO2, They closed the site in 10/68 132 N. Summit St., Derry, PA 15627 10/68-/70
. Fitzgerald, James E., CW2 Fire Control Maintenance Part of the crew to achieve 97.85 at the firing range in Crete. Highest score for a US unit at the time. - 203 S Elder, Buffalo, MO 65622 9/69-9/72
. Kolarik, Larry A, . SSG, 16C, Was a Crew Chief of a Fire Control Btry - 57365 Woodcreek Lenox, Mi 480487/72-7/76
. Leon, Carl, Launching area warrant, CW21977-1980
. Leyda, Frank Drew, Acquisition Radar operator1/70-12/72
. Patrick, Rusty, Radio operator - P.O. Box 225 Lampe, Mo.656817/80-/82
. Peterson, Ralph, Orderly Room clerk, SP4, The site was A/4/6 until it was changed to D/5/6 sometime in 69. . Enjoyed my stay.3/69- 9/70
. Rowe, Frederick, 16B NIKE Hercule Missile Crewman. Just want to say Hello to everyone and if you remember me please send me an Email1/80-1/82
. Woodham, Tim, 16B,Nike Hercules Missle Crewman, just wanted to say hi to anyone at unit during this time.1/80-2/82
--B 4/6 Weischbillig, 15 Km N Trier .
. Coleman, Jim, brand new 16B Pvt E-2 on arrival, left 2 1/2 yrs later as B Sect Chief (Sp-5) Made 2 trips back to McGregor Range for SNAP...and we did 2 "Bootstrap" operations .....anybody remember those? Thanks for the great time warp.......great site!1/65-5/67
. Ford, Harold, SP4, Launcher Crewman, 11/62-11/65
. Hawk, John, 1105 Cedar Creek Dr Belton Tx 76513 /69-/72
. Love, W. Truman, "A" section crewman/panel operator. On duty when Kennedy was killed! 2nd "Battle Stations"! Out of Army 2 years then back in and spent a year at SF-88 in San Francisco. Out 1969. /63-6/65
. Murach, Chuck, Missle Electronic Maintenance. Early out for the holidays in 12/68.02/68-12/68
. McCarthy, Robert, Fire Control Technician, E-5, Send on short tour to beef up site readiness few months before Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia. The day they did there were more than 200 Soviet aircraft in the air and we were "hot" and locked. 1535 Burns Street, West Linn, OR 970683/68-1/69
. Selkirk, James (Mike), On Assembly team and TPI crew. Made SP/5, went on two SNAPS and one Bootstrap. Was on last breakdown of AJAX missle upon arrival. Had many interesting adventures. Hope to hear from old veterans of Herr Freidon's and the Whilhemshue. - P.O. Bx 7220, Surprise, AZ 85374-01034/64-5/66
--C 4/6 Brimingen ,35 Km NW Trier Spangdahlem Air Base
. Crawford, Harold A., 10/69-1/71
. Eshleman, John, FC Tech CWO, They closed the site in 10/68 132 N. Summit St., Derry, PA 15627 3/67-10/68
. Gelinas, Ronald, My first stint in IFC, MTR co-located back to back with D Btry at Spang on the south side of the AB. We commuted by Deuce and a half from Bitburg', Luxemburg Kaserne, which we shared with the French Army. went to ASP twice to Mc Gregor Range, susequnt tours in 4thMisille Bn 56th Arty, Bristol, RI and Thule ,Greenland. Got smart, out of AD.Finished up as CW3 in Medical Equipment Mintenance. Ret. 1982 1/59-3/61
. Guy, Wayne, 16B10 Pvt. to Sp/5 My wife Mary came to Germany Dec. 1967 and our first child was born at Bitburg hospital have lots of great memories of C/4/6. Thank you keep up the nice site. 1/67-8/69
. Miles, Frank S., launcher crewman, and the panel operator. I also used to read the fin commands. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The cold winters, and the nights we slept in the boiler room when we were suppose to be on guard duty. the ORE's and the CCT's. I was the best panel operator, I would strut my stuff. I would like to find some of my GI buddy's if I could. It saddens me to see what happened to the different sites.1/63-7/66
. Stanley, K., launcher crewman, still pfc, 1049 rt. 2 box 367 huntington texas 75949 - to viet nam was gunner an 175 sp4/67-12/ 67
. Vallone, Albert A., SP4 Fire Control Radar(IFC) 2/64-1/65
--D 4/6 Balesfeld, also called Neuhielenbach, 50 Km N Trier .
. Beeman, Gary, Sp/4 launcher crewman, Drove trucks, wrecked a then, brand new M151 Jeep,(yes, it fliped) I was there for the Cuban crisis alert, and the Kennedy Assasination alert, everyone thought we might really get to light off a real HERK then, thank God we didn't!7/62-1/65
. Brown, Ted A, sp4 16B10 Launcher Crewman, involved in jeep rollover, assigned to charlie section as 52B10 - 141 dogwood circle jacksonville al 6/66-1/68
. Howell, Jeffery N., Acc operator/BC Van Chief. Arrived as E2 departed E5. Then moved to XO's office as Training-Reenlistment-CBR NCO. Our battery clerk was promoted to E6 and transferred to Group HQ. He came back less than a year later as an IG-Team inspector. He thought he knew where all the bodies were buried. He spent hours comparing training schedules with sign-in sheets and the morning report, hoping to find some one who missed a make up class or who had signed the sheet while they were stateside on leave. No gigs. That's when I made E5.6/66-10/69
. Makowski, Steven L., Fire control operator 3/63-6/65
. Osbon, Ralph, SP/5 Performed maint on acq. radar at site. Billeted & messed at Spangdahlem AB when not on duty. 104 Lakewood Dr. West Monroe, La 71291 01/66-11/68
. Stovall, Rocky, Launcher crewman, SP-4, Duty Driver, Generator operator and pulled a lot of Guard duty. I was stationed at Neuheilenbach, [2.5 km from Balesfeld - samething?] Germany in 1961 and was there during the Cuban crisis and the mobility exercise in 1962. - 1020 N Main St. Dix,IL 62830/61-/62
5th Btn 6th ADA Baumholder ..
. Beaty, John, I worked at HHB 5th Msl Bn IFC which is identified on Google Earth as C 5/6 IFC US at Baumholder. We Assigned targets to all 4 Btry's of 5th Msl plus 2 Hawk Btry's. I suppose C Btry's radar was on the same hill. After a few months I was assigned to C Btry 5/6 [See C Btry 5/6 below for more.] 10/60-4/62
. Bos, Albert, 4/71-4/73
. Byrne, John, AN/TSQ-38 repairman, PFC Operations Center, HQ 5/6 ADA3/62
. Collazo, Ralph, S -3 section of Battalion Headquarters /68-/70
. Davidson, Forbes, Trained as field radio mechanic and FADAC repair. Could type with two hands and was made officer records clerk. Got out as an E-5. Lived in Freisen.4/69-9/70
. Exon, Henry, SP4 23U/20 worked on AN/MPQ-43, 2005 worked on FAA AN/FPS-67B Junk compared to the HIPAR - 267 loma linda6/74-6/76
. Grossmann, Chuck, HQ 5/6, ran BOC, Assistant S-3 - Bn headquarters were IN Baumholder, I am assuming HHQ Btry was there also--I could be wrong. - To RVN with 6th Bn 84th Arty (155T) 3/69-10/69
. Huffman, William, Ordnance supply trained but was used as assistant radar operator until 162nd Ord. Det. wanted me.6/60-9/60
. Johnson, Earl, SGT, Classified Documents Clerk, Battalion Chemical NCO8/68-7/70
. Lazzell, Robert A, Battalion Chemical NCO 7/66-7/67
. McCaslin, Mike (Macko), 16H ADA Ops and Intel Asst. 7/77-2/79
. Reynolds, Louis, Qualified IFC Crew Chief, transferr4ed to C 5/6 Baumholder, Germany, 1/63 - 12/65 1/63-12/65
. Wolfmeyer, Jim 16C T-1 Operator '68-'70
--HHQ Btry (DSP)Hoppstadten, 10 km from Baumholder, 2 km from Neubrucke .
. Aquino, Paschal, Assistant S-3, primary duty was to run evaluations and prepare Batteries for Annual Service Practice. During this period, we moved the Bn HQ from Baumholder to Neubrucke/Hopstadden where the DSP was already located.12/70-6/72
. Barry, Michael, Worked in S-1 under CPT Laye, CSM Young, Maj Smith, and LTC Sullivan. 6/71-10/73
. Benzow, Rollie, Sp.4 - Racine, Wisconsin11/75-11/78
. Blakley, Joe R., Spec. 4 22M 5138 Ranchero, Dallas TX 7523610/73-12/75
. Craft, Robert, SP4 in the motor pool as a 63B. Lots of good memories. Harry Bergner, Rob Wisneicht, Aggie Wright, SSgt Wright who was the BOSS. Spend many a times at the Rod and Gun Club. - Amarillo Texas3/76-3/79
. DeGuire, Thomas, IFC at DSP 23U30 Hipar and T-1 Rpmn.4/77-4/80
. Dennis, Jim, S-3 Bn Hq. Worked with MSG S.Zavacki, Sgt Gary Snider, Had a great time in Germany.5/68-12/69
. Exon, Henry, E-4, 23U, HIPAR I recall one of those exciting days when Sp/6 Person, Frederick B., and I had to go to B 5/6 Wuschheim to work on the HIPAR. Fred was always good help. We went down to the motor pool to TI, gassed up the truck and got it dispatched. It was a five-quarter truck, one of those jeep pickup trucks. We took off from the DSP at Hoppstadten and it was a hurry to get there job. I was driving and about the time we got to Hahn air base Fred asked me if the hood latch on the drivers side was latch, because the latch on his side was not. Before you get to Hahn and clear the tree on 327 there is a small hill to go down, Before I could answer him, when I started down the hill at about 70-MPH, the unlatched hood came flying up. Thing got exciting I stuck my head out the window and was able to come to a controlled stop. I noticed Fred had very long arms, he was also able to poke his head out the passenger's side window and grab on to the steering wheel at the same time. 5/74-6/76
. Grosinsky, Rick, Worked in Personnel Office for CW3 Hans Vogelmier and CW3 Elmer F. Gladish, Btry Cdr was LT Kilman, Bn Cdr, LTC Sullivan, XO, MAJ Smith, CSM Lorenzo C. Young Jr., 03/71-10/73
. Laub, Keith, SP4, 16H, Loved the disco in Birkenfeld, Playing pool at the Nuebrucke Rod & Gun Club, / - /
. Lovins, Bob L, sp/4 btn maint under msgt tucker / w4 mcconahay 2/73-8/75
. Pedersen, Dean (Big Pete), Worked in S2 under LT Hardin and CPT Freddie Wilson 10/72-04/75
. Peltonen, George S., Battlion S2 NCO 10/74-
. Person, Frederick B., Was a Sp/6 HIPAR T-1 (23U)Simulator Repairman, supporting the 4 Firing Batteries A-Btry ?, B-Btry near Hahn Airbase, C-Btry Baumholder and D-Btry near Spangdalem Air Base.
Was the last Shop Operations Officer 251BV. Closed the Battalion down through deactivation and turned the Shop over to a HAWK DSP 3rd BN 59th ADA from Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, FRG. Inter Theatre Transfer to Flak Kaserne DSP 3rd BN 71st ADA Ludwigsberg, FRG. Was the first and only Warrant to be the DSP Commander. Served under LTC Gary Epperson and Maj Konig. Under LTC Epperson we took a Mobile Herc system to Reforger in 1983 w/ a surface to surface mission. At this point in time we had a complete IFC area in our motor pool and a HIPAR at the Kaserne Kornwestheim.
. Pobanz, Roger D, Arrived a Pvt E-2 and departed a SSG E-6. Worked in the Engineering Shop, Personnel Office (Re-Up), and finally as the S-1 NC0. Served under LTC Dyer for the majority of the tour and the best battery commander - CPT Bernard A Cobb. 4/72-10/76
. Sercel, John A, SP-5, 23M20 (23H20) Radar & Computer Repair8/65-4/66
. Smith, James G., SP-4 (E4) 23N20 Nike Hercules Track Radar repairman and 22L20 Nike Hercules Test Equipment repairman. Worked in Direct Support Platoon (DSP) in ORD6 Trailer, also Quality Control and DX section. Many great memories of living on the economy. My wife Carol taught Army and Air Force brats at the Neubrucke American school. 6144 Montague St., Philadelphia, PA 19135-3523 11/69-8/71
. Uecke, John W., Bn S-2, Lt. - great experiences and memories, CO LTC LaPlante 7/65-12/66
--A 5/6 Schonborn (was Rockenhausen) , 30 Km N Kaiserslautern .
. Aquino, Paschal, Commanded, Battery fired Honor battery at NAMFI Crete Annual Service Practice and was awarded the Spangler Award for the best Nike Battery in the 32nd AADCOM.8/69-12/70
. Barry, Robert G, Spec 4, Ammo and Emergency Destruct NCO, 16-B - 1911 Hartog Drive, San Jose, CA 1/68-11/69
. Bean, Wilson (Bill), sp/4 launcher crewman, duty driver, and drank a lot of beer - 104 E. 3rd St. Fowler, Indiana 479443/67-3/69
. Beegle, William, young SP4 Military Policeman. I pulled security and resource protection duties as an MP. Although there were good people assigned to the Battery, most of the guys there were pretty rough around the edges. Frankly I hated the assignment and was glad to get out early due to my father battling cancer. I left out on emergency leave, flying on a c141 out of Rhein Main to Dover AFB, Delaware. Ultimately, due to my fathers terminal condition, I was given a Compassionate Reassignment to the Lansing District Recruiting Command in Lansing, Michigan, where I finished out my enlistment and was honorably discharged.
- A year later I went back into the military, this time the Air Force, and I did 19 years in the Air Force and retired in August of 1997. I think I chose to go in the Air Force because I remembered when I was assigned to A Btry in Germany, me and a few fellow MP’s went to Sembach Air Base and we ate in the Air Force “Dining Facility” as they called it, and we just couldn’t believe how great them flyboys had it.
. Britt, Albert, SGT/ Fire Control Operator1/76-12/79
. Cunnane, William F., Assist section chief, E5 MTR operator Honored Crew after live fire in Crete Demo for Foreign diplomats. Left germany Sept 1975 - A friend there was killed during the winter of 74/75 when the front end loader he was driving went off the road and crushed him. - 622 Michigan Ave Libby Mt 599237/74-9/75
. Douglas, Jesse D. E-5, acquisition radar operator67 - 69
. Dunn, David A., SGT, , IFC Secion Chief, EMAS Team, Computer Operator, Call-sign "DELTA-ALFA-DELTA"; 2 ASP's; "The Bear's the Best. Sir!", friend of "Alfa Whiskey" - 856 Halladay Ave W., Suffield, CT 0607811/75-11/77
. Evans, George Platoon Leader '56-'60
. Flatness, Michael G., SP5, worked as PLL clerk, computer operator, 16C, then as company clerk. Great duty, drank lots of beer with Pete Huml and many others. 7/72-2/74
. Flowers, Ed, Loved my stay in Germany, Lots of Softball, Travel, Friends. 5/73-5/75
. Garrett, Howard Keith, Sgt(E-5) was a 16C and a EMAS operator. And was a crew chief till two Staff Sargeants arrived. Started on the TTR AND TRR. I learned alot from dad the P.O.Box 563 Marble, N.C. 28905 12/75-9/79
. Gatto, Timothy IFC operator 11/75-2/78
. Gomez, Sammy, Boy that was fun now that I look back9/79-4/82
. Hartwig, James, SP5 Track radars 11/62-11/65
. Krasowski, Bernie, Lopar/Hipar/IFF/BTE Mechanic. EMAS operator. CQ!!!, IFC driver. Motor Pool Driver road examiner. Spent too many hours on site. But worked with some fine professionals like Dick Hancock, Ed Saylor, Crispin Saldivar, Ray Hankey, Tom Douglas, Ed Berrios, and the rest of the mechanics as well a a host of outstanding operators. - 11637 John Weir, El Paso, TX 79936-406410/70-02/74
. LeGendre, Michael, 16B, SSG, The last Assembly Sergeant, Closed the site in 81.9/80-81
. Muetz, Michael, Arrived as a 16C, needed as a 16B. Really enjoyed the trip to Crete in 1971 for the live firing.11/70-01/72
. Myers, Jerrold, SP 5 Assembly Section. Was in automobile accident near barracks gate April 3,1969. Resulted in becoming parapelic. Enjoyed my experience there very much. would like to hear from others. 8/66-4/69
. Skorupski, Mike, Was a sp/4 worked as a 95B security....had a great time.12/65-6/67
. Stafford, William L., TTR Operator, Manning Driver 8406 12th PL. Kenosha,Wisconsin. 53141 9/67-9/69
. Thiel, Freddie E., Security SGT - during the 1969 IG Inspection. - 3218 Joy St. Selma, CA 93662/68-/70
. Uecke, John W., Lchr Plt Ldr, Lt. - great experiences and memories;COs Capt Gleba, then Capt Tobin 7/64-7/65
. Varner, Marc, Spec4 16C Missile Tracking Radar Although I could run all three target tracking radars at once. in a pinch Lopar and Hipar. We scored the highest score ever at Crete (up to 1980). Lived in Rockenhausen, Alsenz, only lasted two weeks in the barracks and I moved in to a closet at the Phalzer Hoff. Oh also handled the TS funny papers. - 100 Foothill Road Hollister, Ca./78-/81
. Westenberger, Jim, I was a 16C Fire Control Crewman. I worked for SSG Frank Holbrook. Remember Phil Leavell, Mike Terry, Tim Lowe, Gary Veuleman, Larry Anderson, Phil Noll, Chuch Greentree, Tim King, Curtis France, among others. Leavell, King, Terry, and France were Barracks roommates. 6/74-1/76
. Wylie, Bob, First Sgt - memorial '71-'73
--B 5/6 Wuscheim Wüschheim (was Kastelaun), 80 Km N Kaiserslautern .
. Bacon, Mark, Power Generator Section IFC, SGT also served as NBC NCO. Had many great times and many good memories of a strong unit. 3/76-9/78
. Barone, James P., fire control operator (16c) and as Battery CBR/NCO. Replaced Sp5 Dan Dailey9/67-3/69
. Brady, Francis M. 24U In Launcher Assembly Area 7/80-3/82
. Brady, Mike, 10226 Royal St Andrews Pl, Ijamsville, MD 217547/80-6/82
. Callahan, Richard, Reverted to secondary MOS and was Medic at unit for 1 year before being transferred to 32nd AADCOM in K Town 7/71-6/72
. Correa, Greg, 2LT - see site info - Maui, Hi /72–/75
. Dixon, Roger E. (Tricky - Dick), 2/72-10/73
. Eldridge, Richard J (Rick) MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint, CW2 '76-'77
. Hale, Craig, Scenery was gorgeous, natives spectacular. I was impressed with the incredible spectrum of intoxicating substances, the liveliness of the black market, the friendliness of the women and the quality of the food. Had a great time when not working. Hated the army. Had a lot of fun and was ALMOST successful getting a DD or BCD. I miss the streaking during formation - the Colonel loved that one.... - 12 Waxmyrtle Court, Homosassa, Fl 344466/73-9/75
. Kenny, Bill, Computer operator, Ack Operator, Emas Team7/76-2/79
. Kline, Charles H., SSG IFC Crew Chief 75-77 IFC Plt SGT 80-81 and B Btry 1SG 81-82 Can you tell that I really enjoyed my stay at Bravo.. Had A Great time and had the best Unit in 5/6. Had great BBQs \Adventure TNG and some real great soldiers.. Always had a Great time at NAMFI. Steve's and Scevie's in Crete was our 2nd Home. I would have stayed but DA had other plans for me.. We had outstanding officers that were alot of fun... - 2740 Madrigal Lane Melbourne FL, 32904/75-/82
. Knollinger, Donald, 226. Fire Control Mech. sp6 Promoted to CWO... Assigned to C-5/1 Quirnheim, Germany - 13149 SE 92nd Court Rd. Summerfield, FL 34491//62-/65
. Koch, Robert (Bob), 95B.... any of you remember "Blue Thunder"?04/77-06/81
. Kohl, Gary, PFC, Launch Control Trailer - 2227 N. 26th St., Sheboygan, WI 53083-352612/64-3/66
. La Berge, Noel H, BCA operator4/69-10/70
. Lindley, Russell, E-4 Hipar Operator, TTR ELEV&AZ operator Many good times with great people would love to hear from the old crew and friends.'77-'80
. Marglin, Gary, 22-f 24-u sp\5 6/68-8/70
. McConnell, Roland, SP/4 16C Range Operator1/80-1/82
. Murphy, Terrell (Terry ), 16C102/76- 7/77
. Petty, Jimmy, 24P SFC, HIPAR Maint. Chief, Periods as Maint. NCOIC, Plt Sgt. - 3232 Sapphire Bedford, Texas 760219/76-6/80
. Richardson, Alec, Sp4, 16C in IFC, MTR & TTR. Went to ASP Crete in Sep 71. SFC Hollifield was our platoon sgt and later acting 1st Sgt. SSG Peterson was section NCOIC. I was the only E5 in the IFC open bay barracks when I left. I worked with Leroy Rogers, Tony Bertucci, Charles Black, 1/71-4/72
. Stewart, Roger, 16_C 10 Track Sup. 1977-1978 2 times at Crete Range as Track Sup. I have seen the old Bravo site. The IFC is a mess, down Range is now a huge German party extravaganza. Times do change.9/75- /78
. Taylor, Billy H., 16C. Azmuth Operator, SP4, After getting off active duty I joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 1976. I?ve been in the guard ever sence. I am now assigned as an AGR Senior Supply Sergeant with the OKARNG at the Oklahoma Military Department. We were located out side Hhan Air Base. E-mail me at Home; or here at work: Went to Crete Greece two times while stationed here. Been looking for some of the old friends. (Now [2016] has non-military e-mail address)8/70-1/72
. Trimpey, Kent W., Spec-4 , 16-C , Nike Hercules fire control crew man - 1325 S.E. 41st. Street,OKC.,OK. 9/74-3/76
. Webb, Danny, Computer operator, IFC (integrated fire control) area. 12/74-7/74
. Williams, Fred, XO, Seemed like there was never a dull moment. Most memories were pretty humorous, but there was a time when the boiler man decided to hang himself with a horse collar in the boiler room. Well, you can image that it wasn't the highlight of my tour ... 2/68-1/69
. Williams, Joe SP/4 Launch Control Trailer Op. 16H101/77-6-77
--C 5/6 Baumholder, 40 Km NW Kaiserslautern .
. Beaty, John, worked in my mos 177.10 [from HHB 5th Msl Bn above] My ETS was extended 1 mo 7 days due to the Cuban missile deal. The Google Earth map is great as I can identify some of the buildings on base, such as snackbar, PX, Theater, barracks, Bowling alley, and EM club. I'll send a google earth photo in separate email later. If you have Questions feel free to ask. Hows the WX in Freemont. I lived in Foster City for 27 years. Now in Oklahoma. 11/61-4/62
. Alexander, Gary, 24P20 in Acquisition Radar Repair Section und SFC Miller Friends with Arthur Hill a 24Q20 Track Radar Mechanic2/74-1/76
. Anderson, Edwin P 2Lt -1Lt Great duty with a great system! '62-'65
. Austin, James, Launcher Platoon Sergeant, Excellent duty again... we fired at Crete...-0- point loss during the last firing...I closed the gate on that unit in 1979 after the phase out of the Herc.... 01/74-11/79
. Carlton, Gerald R., Batt Clerk, PFC - 474 Greenville Rd., N. Smithfield, R.I. 0289610/57-1/59
. Carr, James, sp4 (2 times ) missle assy, traing nco, equipment repair, radio repair, some great friends, Kenny Dunn, Herman Cortez/57-/60
. Corum, Al, Fire Control Nike Ajax sp/4 The site was right up the hill from main base in Baumholder.Radar was still there in 197710/59-07/61
. Dandeneau, James, Worked in the T-1 and Hipar mostly.Spent 3 years there had a lot of fun. First assignment after getting married. Remember Peak, Martz, Brian Zerangue, and Bo Parker. 11/78-11/81
. Erickson, Jeff, 16C Fire Control Crewman. Operated TTR, TRR. Left as Sgt. E-5 to finish enlistment at Fort Bliss. Battery commanders at the time were Cpt Weeks and Cpt Zeringue. Would like to see some photos of the site at that time. Site was converted to I believe a Hawk battery around 9/81.5/78-5/81
. Griffin, Roger W, 16B, short handed, endless guard - 12687 Goose Egg Rd., Casper, WY 82604 7/66-7/69
. Jones, Ed, I worked in the IFC from 1977-1980 as Crew Chief at one point with Mike Wolf and Dandy, Mr Zito just to name a few. I served in Nike from 1972 - 1980 when the site was closed. I was also stationed at Travis AFB from 72-74, Inchon Korea from 74-75, Key Largo from 75-77, Baumholder from 77-80 and then I was assigned to White Sands (Test Research and Development of the U.S. Roland, Volcan Chap Night Vision sight and the Help Field the first Patriot Battalion before becoming a Drill SGT at Logan Heights. I retired from a Volan/ Chap unit at Scholfield Bks Hawaii in support of the 25th INF as ABMOC NCOIC and asst. Ops Sgt. Would Love to hear from some of the Nike Guys - 710 Tierra Del Sol, Apt. B Carlsbad, NM 6/77-6/80
. Kobey, David, 1928 Independence Avenue, Viera, FL 329409/62-9/65
. Lane, Ronnie Joe, (deceased, 2012, as per Roger) - I served as Platoon Leader, Battery Commander and Battalion S-3 before leaving to go to Vietnam. PO Box 636 Donalsonville, GA 39845 10/68-7/70
. Laub, Keith, SP4, 16H, Loved celebrating the bicentennial at Baumholder. Remember when Zack got shot by a .45 at the end of guard duty? / - /
. Lazzell, Robert A, Launching Area Security 94B 9/63-7/66
. Lynam, Elliot, H. (Bill)t, Fire Control Operator 16C. Sgt. IFC Crew Chief last year. Enjoyed Germany and found my site on Rolf Dieter Gorigk page. Wish I could go back and find site just to look. Have lots of pictures will send to Rolf for his page on Baumholder. ... went to Crete twice to fire Herc. Was an extra both times so I got to watch and enjoy. Hania was great little place with some interesting places to go and see. Bars with dirt floors, etc.1/67-9/69
. Martensen, James, TTR/ azimuth operator4/69-6/71
. Masters, Ronald, RT2 Box 32, Mannington,WV 26582 (304) 986-1054 5/63-
. MacDonald, Russ. SP5, MOS 26J40 (Pro-Pay), HIPAR and LOPAR tech, worked for SFC Albright. Spent most nights in the ready hut playing pinnocle. Qualified expert on the .45 pistol and was put in charge of guard shack security. Top alert status during Russian invasion of Czech. We were all in the command trailer with a 2-LT with his finger on the button. 5/68-11/69
. Moorer, Thom, I remember when Zack (Zachary) got shot in the chest - Sgt.Frye cleared Sgt. Cassidy's .45 in the ready bldg. and a round went through his hand and into Zack - hole in chest and out back. But the round slipped around his ribs! He was back at the barracks that night. That was the only time I went to church while I was in Germany. Must have worked!-
. Mullins, Roy L., 16B10 NIKE MSL CRWN.PFC - Hope to see a reunion in the near future for 5/6 TH ADA at Ft. Bliss - 831 Liberty St., Millvile, Ohio 45013-4419/74-/76
. Norris, Robert, I was a 24Q. Worked with Larry Fairchild, Joe Zito, Dell Moberg, Bobbie Kenobbie, Graig Fischer, Jeff Erickson, Brent Rowe, SSG Mitchell, Ed Jones and a host of others. It was my first assignment in ADA and probably the best assignment in my 24 years of military service. Great people! - Missoula, MT5/78-5/80
. Peake, Edward T III, Closed this site then went to D battery 2/56. Went back to the states in 1982 and put 2 years in Patriot at Abernathy park. Exited honorably as a SSG. Great time!!!/79-/81
. Preble, Lamont, IFC operator. I was a PFC when I arrived in Baumholder and SP4 when I left. I liked the duty but decided to exit the ARMY when Vietnam was heating up. I was hired by IBM Endicott in Aug '65 and spent 30 yrs with IBM in several capacities. Feel free to E-Mail me. - 20 Robinson St. Saugerties, NY 12477 2/63-4/65
. Reynolds, Louis (Lou), SP-5 Engineer Section Chief , prior to the installation of commercial power, Back-up IFC Crew Chief, SNAP to MacGregor Range in 1964. 1/63-12/65
. Rigney, Roger. Sp/5 . Launcher Platoon - I am in touch with Ssg Burrell , Sgt Goad , and Sfc Hobbs . 4/71-3/74
. Ripp, Joseph, Spec-4, TTR elevation, range, azimuth, Computer operator, Crete live fire. 1/76-8/78
. Smith, Johnnie A. Jr. (Smitty), SP-5 24U20 missile maintenance. Worked in Launching Area. part of warhead mating team and missile buildup and checkout crew. Went to Crete to build and fire missile on 3 trips as part of assembly crew. I was also member of Hilltop Squares Square dancing Club and danced across Germany with them on many trips. 4/68-4/71
. Spencer, Larry D, Military Police at this site.7/78-7/79
. Tincher, David, - and whose name jumped out at me, my old friend John T Beaty. We both H.Q batt at first and were trans to C 5/6 for the majority of our tour. John and I had quite a few good and wild times. I have good memory's of the people I was with, however not of baumholder. I remember working four on and four off for weeks at a time. If you are in contact with John ask him about the infamous Golden Angel hotel incident , I am sure that will trigger a memory of me and Walker /60-/63
. Verdugo, Richard, One of the Newbies in '72 and Short as hell in '74. Remember...SSG Burrell, Sp4 Kaminickee, "Stump" Yokum,Dana, Lt."Bobbie" Stalcup,Rick King, Lemons,Camp Allenbach, The pig bar-b-que in the woods,Hanya Crete to fire missle (second team Gen. Operator, only made it to the beach!!!) - 1623 Sherman Street, Woodland, Ca. 956953/72-10/74
. Weisenberger, Robert C., I worked on Nike Hercules missiles. /67-/70
. Wright, Ralph F., 16B - Missle Crewman Downrange. Looking for any past co-workers! 12/74-12/75
. Zito, Joe, CW2 IFC 6/77-01/80
--D 5/6 Reitscheid, 50 Km WNW Kaiserslautern - ?Honthiem? Spandahlm AFB ?? .
. Alpi, Richard, Started as a launcher crewman and was transfered to the IFC section within a couple of weeks. was a PV1 and PV2 while at this unit. Worked for Sgt Pugh and SSgt Barraza, I believe. I remember a chief warrant officer by the name of Johnson and remember that one of my CWO's bought a new BMW Spyder while I worked there. I remained with ADA for my entire 24 years service and retired as an E-7 on 1 feb 1989. - 5625 Sweetwater Dr. El Paso, TX6/65-6/68
. Bailor, Jim, IFC 16C E5 enjoyed my time in Germany and have great memories. 2/67-8/69
. Beach, C., SP5 - Senior Acq in IFC - SNAP x1 in Crete. Ouzo.Invasion by Russia into Czechoslovakia in 1968 brought us all the way to red - and we STAYED there for a very long time. Subsequent attempt in early winter of '69 to sabotage the antennas reminded us that we DID still need to know how to fire our weapons. 15 minutes after the guard station stopped firing at the bad guys, the entire United States Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force arrived from Baumholder (or so it seemed). Scary with less than 30 days left.3/68-3/69
. Boe, John P., I was assinged as the IFC Platoon Leader for my entire 36 month tour of duty. This was my only experience with Nike Herc. I went to helicopter school after this assignment and flew with the 2/10 Air Cav at Fort Ord.8/75-8/78
. Brown, Howard, SP4 24U20, Isolated site near Spangdahlem. From here was transferred to HAWK site at Hohenfels, Germany C-4-57 with headquarters in Ansbach due to shortage of 24U20 personnel at HAWK sites. My last site and was Discharged May 1971. Duty here was very good. 11/69-5/70
. Dixon, Roger E. (Tricky - Dick), 4/71-2/72
. Evans, George. Platoon Leader '60-'61
. Fernandez, Jay, IFC 16C, B Team1/78-9/80
. Grossmann, Chuck, IFC Platoon leader then CO moved to BOC in 692/67-3/69
. Johnson, Larry E, IFC CWO .
. Hlasny, John, Sp4, ACQ, HIPAR, B-Team. Way shorthanded. 24on24off. The Wall. Fog Gaurd, TacEvals. Rooks. Paid off in Crete though, We nailed it. Goat Steak for everyone. Audio Club. Thanks Sgt. Kolarik for taking some of the F__K out of the cluster. It's not just a job. SHORT!!! - Levittown New York7/74-1/76
. Kinder, Richard, E-4~E-7 24Q, 24P,23W NCOIC sit 20 W/CWO /68-/78
. King, Edward W., missile maintenance and nuclear warheading 05/62-05/65
. Mawhinney, Jerry, Hey,Nike Guys had to have cooks, and that was me. I miss the Rocket Pub":) Met some great friends, Jim Copley, Jim Patterson, Ralph Etheridge, and many more. I had the key to the kitchen and many late night snacks were had. Got to see both areas and respected the job these gys did.8/61-11/63
. Nowicki, Ron E-4 16 B worked in launch area and did a lot of guard duty /64-/66
. Odom, James, 16B Worked with Alex James, Little Smitty (cook), Ernie Parks and many other fine men. - 1048 Highland Cir. Fairfield, AL 350647/66-7/68
. Ouellette, Ronald, My first assignment was at D Battery, 5th Battalion, 6th ADA in Honthiem, FRG from Jan 1971 to Jun 1975. During my time, I served as the FCA Plt Ldr, LCA Plt Ldr, XO, and Btry Cdr. We had the “Boot Tree” where German tour buses stopped for local tours in the area. I retired from active duty as a Colonel in October, 2000.

?re: “Boot Tree”
"As soldiers departed the unit, they threw a pair of their boots in the tree. After the Army closed the Nike mission, a Hawk Battery occupied the site...they continued the tradition."

?re: women in the Nike program
"Women were commanding Nike and Hawk units since the early 1980’s maybe even late seventies."

. Pearson, John J, (he sent bad e-mail address) E-4 speciallist 16B herc crewman7/77-2/80
. Peterson, David F, was battery engineer and wrecker operator Sp/4 8809 Lachausse Rd Boonville NY3/60-9/63
. Poff, James A., 24U30 Battery located close to Hontheim. HQ at Neubrucke (Baumholder). Had a great time. Met a lot of interesting people. Hated my men being assigned to fog guard. Remember a lot of 24 hour duty and working the next day. Always short of personnel. Remember SP6 Kinder from IFC. SFC Knight was the Maintenance Chief. I was the Missile Assembly Sergeant 9/71-11/74
. Pugh, Walter V, Sgt E5 assistant crew chief Under Sgt Fox SSgt Stephens SSgt Barazza Was also Engineer chief enjoyed my ti me there with Great guys such as Sp4 Welden, Sp4 Terry, PFC Morgan, I remember picking up Morgan in Baumholder, I had a blue 1963 1300 series Volks Wagen I drove pretty fast back then I remember Morgan saying to me, Can you herd this thing we had about six inches of snow on the road. I just laughed and drove on. My best friend was SSgt Payne. Would love to hear from some of you Guys. - PO Box 255 Yatesville Ga 310972/63-2/67
. Purtill, William (Bill), SP/5-Assembly Section. Worked with the "BEST" people on the planet. Would not trade the time for anything. 2/64-6/66
. Roy, Joe Edward, I'm searching for my buddies Wayne Cash, James Davidson, Alfred Brown and any other guys that was a nike herc doing the time 1973 to 1975. Give a shout love to here from you. SP/4 Joe E. Roy 16/B missile launcher/panel operator. - 9224 Lyndella Ct. Little Rock, AR./73- /75
. Spangler, Joe, computer operator E5 I was the one who built the Heath kit Stereo also had the apartment off base with Jim balor and Dick tuell/67-/69
. Terry, Robert D., Sp/4 16B and worked in A Section. My section chiefs were SSG Elliot and SSG Payne. Some of the crew members were: Sp/4 Morgan, Sp/4 Davis, Tony Farmer. In the assembly bldg were: Dennis Beeler, Sells, Purtill, Truscott. Left in Mar. 67 to return one year. The site closed out about mid-tour and I left for C/2/1. Would like to hear from anyone there then. - 10765 Eagle Pass Ln. El Paso, TX 79243/64-3/67
. Williams, Fred, I was the XO at D-5/6 and B-5/6. Finished up as the BC of HHB-5/6. Great times and memories. The whole tour was interesting to a 22 year old. Thanks to all. 4/67-2/68
13th Msl Btn (Belgian)
D?ren {54}
Handled "special warheads"
1st Btn 67th ADA north side of Stuttgart .
HQ 1/67 Wertheim .
. Pawlak, Joseph C., Wheel vehicle mechanic and work on Nike missile - Gaylord, Michigan9/64-3/65
. Smith, George q, worked in motor pool as driver5/67-10/68
. Sternquist, Daniel K. Jr., E4 - Transfer to USAR XI USA Corps (Ft Sheridan, IL). I had to get back to Worms to get my family home via MATS.11/59-2/60
--A 1/67 Griesheim, 50 Km SW Frankfurt, near Darmstadt
web site by Oliver Timmermann
. Brendum, Marv, 52b30-Gen. operator-SP4 5/66-11/67
. Brown, Howard 24U20 was at Greisheim during closing of site due to booster drop zone over new autobahn (??) - A&S Missile Mehanic SP4. Worked for WO Fisk. SP4 George Green of Texas was there too. Arrived here just in time to help tear down the site. Different reasons were given but I understand our site was casualty of the SALT treat to reduce nukes.4/69-10/69
. Gutshall, Wayne H. Jr, Fire Control (computer operator) looking for other men from this unit. SP/5 56 Bell Lane, Mcclure, pa 17841 5/65-7/66
. Holsten, Craig, 16B20 E502/68-02/69
. Lowry. George, 95B MP 1/67-8/69
. Mason, Phillip H., Battery Cmdr/ Departed Battery to go to 32nd Staff/62-/64
. Mayne, Bud or Ervie, Our unit was the first to introduce the Nike Hercules to Germany in January of 1960. They built our launcher site right beside the Nike Ajax site that was there. I was a 177.10 launcher crewman and panel operator. It was a great experience. I departed Germany in March of 1963 and was stationed right outside of New York. At that time I re-enlisted and changed MOS to 63C20 Track and Wheel vehicle Mechanic. I then was shipped to Korea for a year. I retired from the Army June 30 1982 and moved to West Virginia where I live now. Hope to hear from you again and let me know about your experience in the Service. I spent 3 tours of in Germany 1 in Korea and of course I had my year in Vietnam. But all in all I really enjoyed it all. 01/60-03/63
. Renner, David, 12/67-6/68
--B 1/67 Mainbullau, 60 Km SE Frankfurt .
. Buck, Ray, I loved Miltenberg, the town on the Main river at the bottom of the mountain where the site was located. I hated to leave when the site was decommissioned. 3/68-6/70
. Byrne, John, AN/TSQ-38 (CDG) repairman, SPC4, in the IFC area. Mainbullau was a hilltop farming village. On the way to Miltenberg were stone columns laying in the woods. In the other direction were stone chairs behind a restaurant. The area was close to the Roman frontier of the first through third century. 6/62-10/63
. Healey, James F. comp. operator E4.7/63-6/65
. McBride, Charles, sp/5 retired 22 yrs 22 days6/63-4/66
. Simons, Gerald, 5/65-8/67
. Whitt, Richard, Worked as a battery clerk for one month and moved on to HQ / BOC due to previous experience working in NORAD Control Center in Key West, Florida. 11/67-12/67
--C 1/67 Hardheim, 80 Km SE Frankfurt - also see C 1/71 below (?Later Kleingartach? .
. Arduca, Joseph N., other e-mail add. Sp 5, Section leader, Crewman PO Box 145, Brandon, VT 0573311/64-06/67
. Bagg, Joe, I was the IFC parts clerk under Sergeants Kitchen and Fairchild. I replaced Oseiki (sp?) when he rotated. The IFC was above the town of Hopfingen collocated with the BOC.1/66-1/68
. Brann, Travis L, Cpt Btry CO, promoted 9/66 and moved to Bn S-3 for remainder of tour7/65-9/66
. Davidson, Joel, Worked in communications section, SP5, lots of good times. - P. O. Box 5089, Culver City, CA 902319/63-12/65
. Grant, Garry R., Spec/4, IFC computer oper., EMOS, - Good tour and made wonderful friends and think about them often? 1/76-5/78
. Griffith, Mike, Sp5, IFC computer operator. Two man Nuclear Control Team member. 5/71-4/74
. Hewitson, Greg, ` IFC 16c Still married to the cute girl from the White Horse (2007)5/77-11/81
. Huddleston, Chuck, IFC Repair Tech. Got there as a E-4 and left as a E-6. 10/65-10/68
. Moore, Len, MRT Operator - Helped start the unit club with Kaska out of Texas and a staff sargent that I can't remember10/69-11/71
. Otto, David, 95B, Tower Rat. I've worked my way out of the tower, I'm currently an Information Assurance Security Officer for JTFGTMO J62/80-2/82
. Phillips, Jeff, 16B10 Nike Hercules Launch Crewman SGT. I was a launch crewman at Hardheim and I worked at the site 24 on/24 off. Not enough MP's for guard duty so we had every other day off. I had a great time while there. Got to participate in a Nike Herc launch at Crete Greece in Aug 1976 and traveled all over Europe while stationed at Hardheim. Sad to see the old site today just with the old missile barns the only thing left there now. 6/75-2/77
. Reese, David, Left site to join 32nd AADCOM IG Team based in K-town. Performed troop and records inspections. 4/66-8/67
. Roy, Wayne, Looking for anyone that was there between 1979-1982/79-/82
. Richardson, James, AD FC Asst. CW3. Learned why counterparts warned me for 17 years to avoid Nike site duty in Germany. Would have never made "20" if I had been there earlier and retired when I was subsequently alerted to go back to Germany. - 410 Elm Lane, Johnson City, TN 37604 2/73-7/76
. Ruff, David, SP/5 TTR Operator. 6/65-11/66
. Whitt, Richard, Worked in battalion BOC located in C battery IFC area in Hardheim, 12/67-11/68
--D 1/67
later?A 3/71
Dallau, 100 Km SSE Frankfurt, 5K N. of Mosbach .
. Arcia, Stephen, Spec. 5 Launching stie & Materials Expert - 9480 Wellington Circle, Windsor, Ca. 95492 11/67-3/69
. Betts, Herbert G, Spent 3 months vacationing at Mcgregor in the Sands before being sent to the armpit of Germany.
Sgt. 16C20 Spent 12 months in Scenic Dallau arriving a week before Christmas, and missing my babies Birth. The best part of those 12 months was being introduced to Mr. Jägermeister.The barricks was across from the town dump. But the beer was always good. - postal Milford, MI
. Blanding, John, SP5 missile and launcher maintenance?-?
. Denney, Claude E.(Gene)III, SP5 24U [was} A 3/71 ADA, at the time I was stationed there 8/76-12/78
. Gibney, Jim, Acted as Top Secret NATO courier. Had a great time for 30 months. Wouldn't trade the memories for anything. Returned to Germany 1982 for a vacation, "greatest time I ever had" Met old German friends and I was asked to extend my vacation and stay with them. Thanks!5/76-10/77
. Golden, Edward (Allen) , fire control mechanic sp/4/5. Best job of my life.if anyone remembers me and wants to email that would be great.9/64-5/66
. Hall, Jesse, Section Chief as a Sgt E-5, took over from SSG Bostick which was the best section chief ever, taught me how to be an NCO. Played a lot of poker in the ready bldg.Does anyone remember what the first section on the left was as you went through the guard shack into the launcher area? Anyone else have TDY at Mannhiem as a turn key at the 77th MP detachment? I miss all my old buddies. Moten, Spanky, Hamm, Auger, Cosby, Conway, Buck, Ferrell, Doc (Medic), Sandman, Chisman, Garner, Tipton, Dodge, Medina, and many more that didn't come to mind. - 206 Empresario Dr San Antonio, Tx 78253 8/66-10/68
. Hoffman, Thomas A /-/
. Luke, Robert J, (Jim), E-4,Sent to warhead school2/68-7/68
. Luper, Jeff, worked in commo, some of the guys called me 'wireless' - p.o. box 63 avon, il 614157/74-1/77
. Marino, Robert, Post 4, M. P. squad guarding exclusion area from ruskies, C.m.m.i., and other low lifes.10/68-5/70
. Marlowe, Paul, Launching Area, Alpha Section, Spec. 4, Panel Operator - 143 Northmont Blvd.10/60-4/62
. Maxwell, James, Sgt. E-5 in charge of communications admin building.12/66-7/69
. McCaughey, Patrick, A-btry,3/71 1976
. O'Dell, Dennis Fire control Operator '64-11/66
. Ruff, David, SP/5 TTR Operator 6/65-11/66
. Smith, Robert, Radar operator E-4 824 Crown Circle New Braunfels Tx. 78130 11/67-7/69
. Sneed, Pam, Last name was Curtis. Was PFC and then SP/4. Was on IFC, worked on TTR,TRR and main job was MTR. Had been to Crete (NAMFI)a few times. Had to take my turn also in the guard shack and in EMAS. Also, cross trained some on launcher hill. Had some great and not so great times there, but it was like family, ended up re-upping while there. Still miss some of the folks there sorely, wonder where and how everyone is doing these days. - Roswell,NM3/81-12/83
. Whicker, Dwaine, first trip overseas shock to the system driving up and seeing the three buildings. Thought we were stopping for gas. 3/83-closing
. Wylie, Bob, Fire Control Plt Sgt - 2403 Sagemore Dr, Marlton,NJ 0805312/64-12/67
. Yaple, : Fred (Chip), Car accident sent me home just as Alpha 3/71 was being dismantled and most GIs were being shipped to D, B, or C 3/71, after doing tower rat duty for months... 10/82-11/83
***** South area - manned by U.S. troops .
2nd Btn 56th ADA Pirmasens/Salzwoog web site .
. Albert, Robert, Sp/5 Crew chief HQ BOC at C Battery 16C9/71-2/73
. Beach, Joe, DSP/70-/73
. Berryhill, Robert E. 168 Ranch Rd. Slidell, La. - 25J20 OC repairman on tac site, Worked out of the direct support platoon in Pirmasens. E-3 to E-4 Worked for SFC Bill Kenndy and worked with SP-6 Elimer Davis. Capt. Carrol was the tac officer, Lt. John Carter was Batt. Officer, 1st. SGT was Comaco. Alot of good guy to be with.6/74-10/75
. Briant, James A., Nike Track Radar Repairmen 23N30 SSG5/78-5/81
. Brimhall, Roderick, 23N4P9/73-4/77
. Brooks, Larry G., 23N30 Nike Radar Repairman SSG. Worked under Orosco(my buddy) and Lt. Young (SSG. Mills, SSG. Phinney) Repair of company A,B,C,D, Nike Hercules sites. - P.O. Box 1056 Alto NM. 88312/79-/81
. Dyer, Dennis, /72-/73
. Harmon, Eddie, SP4, ... was in the DSP. The DSP was the "Direct Support Platoon" a branch of headquarters. We repaired the missiles, updated and rebuilt the launchers. About each month we would get a launcher to rebuild. I rebuilt the hydraulics on the launchers. Great duty, great team, nice location in German country side. Learned a lot. Still in hydraulic servo systems. Fran Young ... worked on the electronics. Robert Gallaher TN, Mike Patterson OH, Daryl Beeler MO, Dwight Brown KY were in my immediate group. Coltwright was the warrant officer. Joe Curbow was the E6. I was at Ft Sill OK 3/38 Sargent missile for AIT and left there in 9-69 for 2/56. I left 2/56 in about 6-70 and went to 11th signal in Kaiserslautern until my ETS. - 38422 Webb Drive, Westland, MI 4818510/69-6/70
. Johnson, Joseph M. Jr, SP5 23U Ground Guidance Section 7/69-7/72
. Johnson, Kenneth D. CW2 RET., DSP Missile & Launcher Repair 81-83
. Krause, Phil, senior wheeled vehicle mechanic at Pirmasens with Hq. Battery. I'd sure like to find some of the guys I served with then. We had some good times.8/65-10/66
. Lanham, Duane E., Spec/4, 22M20 Internal Guidance Repairman 2/70 to 8/70
. Lossing, Delmas, STAFF Sgt I am his widow Neva, and I would like to contact anyone who was in ord. during our stay there.3/64-5/66
. Maher, Mike, CPT, S2, great job and great people.9/81-7/83
. Meyer, Marty "Wildman", 10/81-04/83
. Philley, Bill Jr., does anyone have any pictures? It was a great experience. Remember the car going over the cliff? 7/70-12/71
. Piland, Doyle CW3, Maintenance Officer 8/76 - 9/77
. Sample, Lawrence, E-4 24Q - 028069/6/82-7/6/84
. Samuels, mike, Ended up at S2 running the AN-MPQ-T1 simulator12/65-6/67
. Tracy, Richard, - formerly -- 45 years ago! -- a "Scope Dope" (MOS 17H) ... ultimately being a Crew Chief at the Battalion Operations Center ("Chrome Forward"), which was collocated with C/2/56's IFC south of Salzwoog 7/66-12/68
502nd Ord Det. Pirmasens/Salzwoog supported the 2/56 ADA .
. Arbaugh, Aubrey G., PFC Mos 25112/63-4/65
. Barrett, Robert, mtr operator .spec.4 - at adepot outside city. We did what they called Bootstrap, that is we broke down the site and moved to Zwiebrucken, to abrand new site had everthinng set up in a day. We worked all day and most of the night. This site was later on to be given to a German outfit. 11/60-11/61
. Davis, Tom, 502nd Ord. Det. In support of 2/56, Guided Missile Repair MOS 433.10 left as Sp5. 6/59-8/62
. Santana, Mario, PFC 251.10 launcher control6/59-6/61
. Schnabel, Richard, MOS 433.1 SP5
. Snow, Malcolm J., In support of 2/56, Fire Control Troubleshooter - 502nd Ordnance Detachment/63-/65
. Young, James D., Missile and launcher mechanical repairman (433.10) SP4 502nd Ord Det (supporting 2/56 ADA)6/59-6/61
--A 2/56 Geinsheim, 60 Km ESE Kaiserslautern - .
. Auerswald, Orrin Russell Jr., 95 B 20 - 1841 Mossberg Dr.,Sumter,SC. 291505/72-6/74
. Baldwin, Earl, Spec 4, Crewman, Less than 60 men on Base, Did everything on launch site-plus. Best years of my life. 6/75-3/77
. Byrne (Smith?), Timothy H., after supporting HHB 2/52 in Ft Bliss for ASP in the dessert. Got to A btry after a major drug bust. And all newbees were suspect of being narcs or plants. After 20 months and alot of decision making, I got out of the service. Made Sp/5 under three years and remained locked in status. - 501 Mathias Hammond Way #102 Annapolis Md. 21401 1/79-8/80
. Carlin, John A, IFC. I have photos/stories ? would like to share with anyone who was there between Aug-66 to Dec-67. Live in Buffalo area). Live in Buffalo area8/66-12/67
. Cooper,Lyle E., Unfortunately, I averaged about 100 hours a week duty time, so I had no time to see Germany. It was here that a NATO inspector called my assault on a missile building (I was leading the 40 man back-up force) a "John Wayne" assault. :-) Another time the Battalion Commander showed up very early one morning after a Battery party, wanting to see the 40 man back-up force. I finally got three drunk men standing there, holding each other up. The commander was yelling at me to get the rest of them. I threw my E-6 stripes at him and he picked them up and threw them back, saying that he didn't want my stripes - he wanted to see 40 men standing there. Because of this unhappy episode, I wrote a letter to Senator Griffin, head of the Armed Forces Committee. This letter came all the way back to my Battery Commander, with my name totally blocked out. No one knew who wrote it! I told the Senator that the 40 man backup force was a farce and only existed on paper to fool the military leaders. - 1347 E 62nd St, Tulsa, OK 74136/73-/75
. Coyle, Roger Pat, Was a SP5 in the assembly building. Came from site in San Francisco area. Was there when the engineers came and built the guard towers. Lived off base in Haslock. Have not been back. - 8170 Tapia Via Cucamonga, Ca 91730 5/70-12/71
. Daunais, Jack, SP/5,parts clerk/assembly crewman. Three ASP trips to Crete,lots of good times.4/74-11/79
. Davis, Gary A, retired CW3 1987 - PO Box 789 Pahrump Nv, 89041/79-/82
. DelVecchio, Vincent, 16b10 8/66-1/68
. Duncan, Robert, Transitone from Herc to Patriot in the 80s retired in 99 CW3 06/82-08/83
. Emerson, Mark A., Spec 4, Launch Crew and of course,tower guard. Had some great times! Lucked out being assigned here ! (yes, I'm sane, I think!) - 4755 Hidden Shore Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 490483/75-9/76
. Flemington, Joseph C., Guard ,LCT oper, LCI oper Spec 4. Can't believe I miss it. For those that knew Earl Baldwin he past away of cancer in 2006 - 10405 east 293rd st. Freeman Mo. 64746 6/74-1/77
. Holt, Sandra, 16 Charlie, Nike Hercules Fire Control Crew Member Many memories are still with me from all of my Battle Buddies throughout my tour of duty in the United States Army. Contact me. - 3334 Zion Lane Apt. K-8 El Paso, Texas 79904 / - /
. Johnson, Kenneth D. DSP Handling Section Chief/Operations Srgt 78-81
. Johnson, Larry E, IFC CWO .
. Johnson, Michael (Mike), SFC, 95B50 Security Platoon Sergeant09/77-04/80
. Jones, Kit, nike crewman/assy e4 was a great place for the terminally lonely.. tried to go back, ... have located 4 people: ricky rainey,earl usry,dennis winton, tim vanderboss...still looking for more:73-75
. Lockwood, David L, SFC-24Q IFC Maintenance Chief. 1437 Price St. , Henderson, NV 89015 11/76-10/77
. Maher, Mike, CPT, Battery Comander, the people I served with were great but it was probably the toughest year of my life. A duece & half rolled over, a soldier shot another, failed an NSI and missed honor battery by a quarter point. A wonder I made it to retirement. 8/80-9/81
. Meldrum, William, Worked IFC as 24Q SP4, with a little EMAS on the side. Interesting times. Lots of Tac Evals. Closing sites flooded the field with E6&7's. No way to make rank unless you had the Medal of Honor - 960 points to get E-5. Said siyanara, got out and worked at AUTEC (sub warfare test range)in the Bahamas as a civilian. Living well IS the best revenge. Good times, good people at the old battery.5/79-11/80
. Miller, Clyde, I was a 16B but chief Marvin Honie had me working in the assembly building as a PLL Clerk. I was there when we had the big scare with the cracked bell housing on one of the nuke rounds, and we were all locked inside the warhead building for hours. I was also the one who was hung out to dry when the HPU exploded and Zemora and Lacy were injured. I knew I was going to jail that day. Thank God we were able to prove what really happened. I lost some great friend while their, but I would walk through hell with any one of the people who put up with the stress, loneliness,and all the other problems out in the middle of no where. that experience made me a great soldier. If I could go back in time that is where I would go. - 12929 Fire Fighter Dr. El Paso TX 799389/81-3/83
. Obert, Mark, 16b We closed down the battery in 8/84. It was the end of my nike days and I got crosstrained into Patriot. A sad day 8/82-8/84
. Pratt, Jonathan, Made the most of a very boring tour. 11/74-5/77
. Smith, Timothy H. (Byrne) Sp/5 24U40 launch area 79-80
. Rainwater, Russell, SP4 ACK Operator at the time the site was located at Germersheim and then it was moved sometime later. When we got to the Battery in August of 1964 they built the Berlin Wall and we went on alert for a week, then a two years later the Cubin crisis happened. I sure had a good time in Germany the beer was great and so were the girls.. 8/61-2/64
. Usry, Earl, 24U, a wild & crazy experience, even for me, like living a movie, sometimes drama, sometimes action, sometimes comedy. 5/73-7/74
. Ward, Christian G, sp4 senior radar mech and T1 threat simulator op/mech 17220 w roosevelt new berlin wi 53146 9/82-11/82
--B 2/56 Landau in der Pfalz, 40 Km SE Kaiserslautern, 20 Km NW Karlsruhe web site .
. Bailey, Tommy R., HIPAR OP 16C then learned TTR - would like to hear from other scope dopes like me.7/673/68
. Burroughs, Lewis, Fire control, SP 4, Spent about three weeks in salzwoog germany from there 30 days hard labor manheim- Southaven,ms10/66-5/68
. Carpenter, Donald, E5 LCT operator - 187 Spruce lake rd Little Falls Ny 1336512/73-07/75
. Cunningham, Bob, SP-4 mos-24U20 ait-ft.bliss tx.8/75-11/77
. Davis, James M. tracking station operator Do you know where i might find some pictures of that particular sight? I would appreciate any help with this or any picture of the inside of a tracking station. 79-81
. Foster, Danny L. spec 4 16-C fire control operator71 to 73
. Gambino, Richard, SP/5 IFC TRR oper. Went to Crete twice. The first one of the Lt's screwed up and we flunked. The second time we were the first battery to get a zero point loss in the prep phase. 3 Glascow rd, Westampton, NJ 080601/69-6/70
. Jager, Don, 16B - Launcher Crewman/75-/75
. Johnson, Larry E, IFC 24Q, 24P 01/72-02/75
. Leister, Gene, E4 downrange generator man Our crew was responsible for upkeep and operation of the launcher areas backup generators (45k.w., 100 k.w.), frequency convertors and air compressers. Thats what they called us, "Downrange Diesel Dogs" 7/77-11/78
. Love, John "Jack", SFC Chief Assembly, Unit began as Nike Ajax, converted to Nike Hercules 1958. [I] lived in Karlsruhe 7/58-1/61
. Mahle, Kenneth J., Left Germany with the rank of sp/4 Need to know where about of an old friend Mr.Carl Morey - P.O. Box 689, Polacca, Arizona 8604207/69-07/71
. Mitchell, Richard (Dick), 225. Launching Area Tech..11/59-1963
. Reder, George Edward II, From SP5 got a direct appointment to WO-1. Upon appointment immediate orders to Brty B 2nd 56 Landau Germany under CWO-3 Cleo C.Philipps. ISG Johnny J. Jones was the ISG,and he later was promoted to senior Command Sargeant Major. We got the first HIPAR in Germany. For two years straight we "ACED" all evals and inspections making us truly, "B" the best in ARADCOM. You betcha. Our assembly sarg was Denver Parman [who I recommended for Warrant]. He and I briefed the English CINC on our Nuclear Warheads with Gen Bear. The man knew his warheads, questions to direct [under NORFORN-DESIGN] so I had to turn the [confidentially] over to Gen Bear. Command decision. - POB 241663, San Antonio, TX 78224-8663 /65?
. Rugar, Greg, Missile crew member 16b10 SP/4 - 1315 Orchard Rd. Berlin CT. 06037 1/80-9/82
. Rose, Marlin, Worked in Launcher Area as a 16B20R2. Pulled a lot of site security both in towers and as gate guards /73-/75
. Snyder, Steven C., 24U10, Spec5, Assembly area. Went to Crete 3 times. Worked with some great people. - 1491 Bryan Ave. San Jose CA 51188/79-8/82
. Stapleton, Ron, Ended up going to DCO Training and later Autovon Lever training at Shepard AFB, ETS 1977 two years reserve as well. - 4819 native dancer lane Orlando, fl 32826/71-/72
. Van Cleve, James, missile crew member and generator operator - I really miss Landau and my friends there 04/59-03/61
HQ, 32 AADCOM Kaiserslautern .
. Campbell, Richard, Top Secret Repository Clerk SP4; Previous assignments, Danvers, Mass Nike Site, Fort Banks and Fort Heath Missle Master in Winthrop, Mass - POB 248, New Boston, NH 03070-02486/61-5/62
. Smith, Charles E. (Chuck), SP4 - Operations & Intel Specialist - Worked for SGM Albert Lewis & LTC Stanislaus Hoey. 1/69-1/70
--C 2/56 Salzwoog, 40 Km S Kaiserslautern .
. Blanchard, Al (Doc), IFC operator, 9/71-4/74
. Brogdon, Thomas, motor pool, duty driver, mail room. sp/4 - 5320 n 77th dr. glendale az. 3/70-4/72
. Butler, Ronald, Sgt. E-5 in the launcher area.Warrant officers were Charles Jones and Stanley Mardos. 5/77-11/79
. Champley, John (JP), 24U2H Missile Mech.3/79-9/80
. Hinton, Mike, MTR operator, Sp56/71-4/73
. Landers, Leslie A., I was in the Commo section and one of the first military persons to occupy this site after its construction by german nationals. The commo section layed in wire, cable, and radio communications before the rest of the unit was allowed to move in. - 16491 hwy. 68 east, Hardin, kentucky 42048 3/59- 3/61
. Larsen, Doug, Worked in IFC, and Admin. areas. There during the Munich Olympics, and during the bombings of US bases by Bader-Meinhof gang.AT first we received $15/month "isolation"pay, then after a year they changed the rules, and took it away. We were just as isolated, but $15/month poorer. - 72 Gregg Pl. S.I., N.Y. 103014/71-9/73
. Litz, Joseph M., PFC launcher crewman It's sad to see that everything is gone. The duty was tough but many good memories. - 159 Westwood Manor Butler,Pa. 1600110/59-04/61
. Lloyd, Joseph E., IFC Maintenance Warrant, CW2-CW3, C 2/56 held best Maint. record. 8/61-12/66
. Nace, Kenneth L., Sp5- 24Q20- fire control Maintenance 11/69-11/70
. Renner, David, Arrived as PFC and operated TTR elevation and frequent gate guard. Later, operated TTR azimuth. Enjoyed my time as a mountain man! 6/68-9/70
. Sheahan, Tom, Diesel generator operator/mechanic launcher area8/66-2/68
. Smith, Vincent, 6/78-6/81
. Snow, Malcolm J., IFC Maintenance / Fire Control Troubleshooter/56-/66
. Stephens, Charles E. (IFC) Platoon Leader '66
. Stewart, Jerry, 16c I was a range operator. I must say thay were the greatest days of my life being on a Nike battery even with the 24 on and 24 off days it was still great being on the sight. My best memories are being Germany What a wonderful place and being isolated the way we were getting to really know the people I worked with. /72-/75
. Swayze, Ernest R. Jr., SP/4 Ack operator, started on TTR. Great time, great people to work with. A couple of the best years of my life. Was actually at two Seattle sites first then sent here. - 223 Porter Cr. Rd., Elma, WA10/60-6/62
--D 2/56 Oberauerbach, 20 Km SW Kaiserslautern
also Zweibrucken
. Adams, Ken (Lurch) SP4 IFC MAINT 24Q10 81-83
. Anderson, James D, IFC Operator. Herc SP5 left for Helicoper Flight school and flew until retirement. 8/62-?
. Barrett, Robert, mtr operator. Returned to States 3/61 MacGregor range for qualifying shots .returned Germany 10 days later.11/61-3/62
. Boggs, Alfred E., Sp4, launcher crewman 11/60-3/62
. Boling, David, I was a 16B10 Herc Missile Crewman which is another way to say "Tower Rat". I've been trying to put together some information about what Delta Battery was like "in the day" since it's gone now. I have some pictures that I took when I was there and some others that I found on the net. I also have some maps from "google earth" if anyone is interested. I have contacted a couple people that were there during this time frame, but would like to hear from others as well. - postal address North Carolina1/76-9/78
. Champley, John (JP), 24U2H Missile Mech.9/81-9/83
. Daniels, Rodney, launcher crewman/69-/70
. DeVall, Jerry, 24Q20, SP5, Red EMAS team. 7/70-6/72
. DiGregorio, Thom ("DG"), I arrived as an SP4 and left the same way! This site had been awaiting (for a few years!) the arrival of a mobile HIPAR antenna. Since I had Acq experience I was offered the operator's position, pending the antenna's arrival. In the interim I functioned as the IFC area's carpenter, electrician, and painter (which meant I wasn't on one of the rotating crews!). Eventually the HIPAR arrived, consisting of four tractor trailers: two with electronics, one with two 50KW generators, and one with an "Erector Set" antenna. (There may have been a fifth trailer, but if there was, I've forgotten what it held!) We got the HIPAR up and running just before I departed Germany! - Germany: good people, great wine!06/71-02/72
. Eldridge, Richard J (Rick) MOS: 24Q20 Fire Control Maint, CW2 '77-'80
. Harrington, Rick, sp4 16b20 5/67-11/69
. Harrison, Sandy, then in 1980 back to Germany as commander of D Btry, 2/56 Moved to 94th ADA Brigade staff in late 1981 - first as Assistant S-3 and then S-3 until I departed in 1983. Later was Range Commander at Kwajalein Missile Range from 1989-1991. /80-/81
. Hirshman, Jerry, 16c20 Nike Hercules Radar Control Crewman TTR operator74-76
. Lockwood, David L, CW2-222B IFC Maintenance Chief, 1437 Price St. , Henderson, NV 89015 10/77-12/79
. Lozano, Arturo M., pfc launcher crewman , driver 806E. Montgomery St. Laredo, Texas 78041 3/61-4/62
. Maphet, Dave, 9/75-?
. MacDonald, Russ. SP4, MOS 26J20 LOPAR (Acq Radar) tech, spilled 10,000 gallons of diesel that was running down the road into town, we spent four days digging dirt and carting it away in hopes the Rads didn't find out. I don't think they ever did.1/68-5/68
. Medeiros, Michael, Nike Hercules Missle Crewmember, Specialist 4, Made honor battery 2 years in a row. 6/79-12/81
. Nace, Kenneth L., Sp5- 24Q20- fire control Maintenance 11/70-10/71
. Newton, Kenneth D. - (no e-mail address supplied) 24Q20 14 Country Lane, Texarkana, TX 7550112/73-10/75
. Odom, David, Launcher Crewman,SP/4, Interestingly we always thought our site was closer to Zwiebrucken. - 2459 N. Oaks, Sp#44, Tulare, Ca. 932746/62-9/64
. Ozogar, Ed, (alternate e-mail), SP4 & 16C Computer Operator... Was a section chief for a while and then ran the T-1 simulator and traing for the Live Fire at Crete. Had some great times. All those poker games in the IFC. Sorry i took everone's money. NOT!!!! We even had a few boxing matches down in sleeping area. Heck I can not remember many of your names. Oh yes, one of my first Platton Seargent was SFC HOLT, anyone remember him? Let see, then there was pretty boy as my section chief. Dont remember the name just all those darn women who called when I was on SOG duty./77-/80
. Proudfoot, Herman, We, non-coms, mostly quartered in the Zweibrucken caserne, although we spent little time there, however there was a club there which at the time I was interested in. An awful lot of time march ordering equipment and going on boot strap, real or imagined, with some firings in the states mixed in. I would never want to do it again, but as the saying goes, would not take good money for the experience. I left the MPs and the infantry for ADA and think it was in all probability a pretty good choice. /65-
. Ridlon, Ridlon, 4/80-11/81
. Ruby, Maria, PFC - 95B Military Police2/81-4/82
. Torres, Joe A., rank pfc made spec.4 launcher crewman bravo sec. sgt. canales and sgt. smith were our charge. other crew were odom, blackbear,aussmus,warren, lozano,jerome krawczewskie and other members. had good times . - 1011 N. Haron St. Anaheim Ca.92801 714 595901010/62-9/64
. Warren, Donald H., was a luncher crewman bravo sec. rank pfc. odom, torres lozano blackbear,mays and aussmaus we would always hang out together - 561 Rosalind Terrace Locust Grove Ga.302485/63-6/65
3rd Btn 71st ADA Wurmburg ?Kornwestheim
(renamed the 3rd Btn sometime before 1970, Roger Brittain says it was before 1968)
Carlo has many Battery D pictures and much text
From: Donald Yarbrough < ducky2 @ sbcglobal . net >
Here is a document that will show when charlie battery 3/71st ada was officially moved from kleingartach, germany to hardheim,germany. Hope this helps for you to document the facts

There is a charlie3rd71st website.
Also, Donald Yarbrough (309) 689-0449 is collecting information for the rest of the battalion, similar to
Donald Yarbrough's roster, Delta Battery website
. Berryhill, Robert E. 168 Ranch Rd. Slidell, La. - 25J20 OC repairman on tac site, Worked out of the direct support platoon in Lugwiburg, barricks in Kornwestheim. E-5 worked for SFC Sam Redit and SP-6 Dick Goitt. Worked with Jim Bob Laketon from Denton,Tx. Had some good times with all my buddy and had some lonesome times from my wife and baby. Remember sitting, getting drunk and watching the Muffets on TV.6/77-7/78
. Blatchford, Chuck, SP4, Battalion Operations Center 16H, please I've already heard all the jokes about intelligence in the military. Wouldn't trade the experience for the world. Playing guitars, skateboarding, good times. Got out after 3 joined active reserves at Ft Belvoir for 3. Managed to get Ronald Regan to sign my Honorable. All in all it was a great six years. - 11199 Cardinal Drive Remington, VA 22734 06/76-03/79
. Cheek, Christopher G., Commander and BCO, CPT.414 O'Hern Court, Stone Mountain, GA 30088-1302 - Unit was named Best HHB in 32nd AADCOM for two years in a row. Had the first women assigned to a "combat arms" unit, and the first woman's last name "Kuntz" (can you imagine what "we" had to put up with). Fun times was winning in excess of 32 trophies for sports in all of USAREUR tournaments. Building race cars and carrying the battery to the race track south of Stuttgart. The thing I most remember was how close the personnel in the unit were and it seems are now. I will never forget the men an the espirit de corps the soldiers had and how well everyone could work and play together. Hats Off to All of my former troops I love you dearly. 01/77-06/79
. Gibney, Jim, Transfered to line battery from Head Quarters3/75-5-76
. Halcomb, Roger, I was a radio repairman 31L20. My job was to keep all the radio relays running for the sites around Kornwestheim. My parent unit was in Kaiserslaughtern and there were about 7 people attached there with the highest ranking person being a SSG Garcia. We were located in the basement HQ 3/71st office building and lived in the barracks directly accross from the motor pool. Have a lot of memories of going to the beer fest with my friends. Art Medina and myself bought a Opel and painted it orange. - 1302 Hayner road, Bowling Green, KY 421043/68-6/69
. Langley, Arthur, per dept cwo ramsey,ssgt hyden suppky runner,scrouger for unit. what a circus capt livingston, capt jphnie forte, lt langston, sfc edwards, m sgt dotdson,sfc waibwright, ssgt puma6 5/61-8/64
. Lawrence, Angela, 63B Motor pool. Have great memories! - South Berwick, Maine3/81-3/83
. Mccaughey, Patrick, Worked in DSP as a electronics tech in Ludwigsburg. 7/74-9/75
. Moraila, Jose Jaime, 22N-20 E-5 Nike Hercules Missile and Launcher Repair and Maintenance 09/82-09/84
. Moran, Lucien, spec 5, Assigned to COL Rogers, Personnel Driver.Kornwesthiem, Germany Wilkenson Barracks, (also Milatary police at same barracks)Formed a group of 5, known as the Aggressors, we would ambush the units on ALert, in the country side of Germany, to sharpen the defence and security skills of the troops. It was the best years of my Life, so many after my arrival, left for duty to vietnam, 28 Arrowhead Rd Trumbull, Ct 066119/65-5/67
. Murray, John, Sp-4, 22N Missile, launcher repair, Wilkins Barracks - 321 Dillingham Way, Hanover, MA 02339 10/83-9/84
. Ortega, Mario G. SP5 HIPAR/T-1 Repmn. Flak Kaserne and Kornwestheim. Made numerous parts runs to the other units in Karlsruhe, Pirmasans and Mainz. `74-`76
. Ramsey, Greg J. Sp5, T1 Simulator Station Mechanic, Fire Control Mechanic '79-'82
. Roellig, James, Assigned to the HHB Motor Pool as a 62B, so I then became the TAMMS Clerk (Dispatcher) for both HHB and DSP which was located on Flak Kasern. I was one of the last to leave since I had to do all the paper work on the equipment. That assignment was the best of my 14 years of service. I also provided service as a mechanic on equipment located at B Battery. 5/83-7/85
. Schott, Bill, Battalion operations center, Lieutenant 11/68-9/70
. Silva. Bill, Battalion T-1 operator, ECM Junkie, Lead gutiar for "Ray Lynch and the Gents of Beat" Performed Robinson Barracks clubs and General Stuttgart area night clubs circa 1969 4/68-3/70
. Wilbanks, Jerry M., Worked in S-2 as funds control clerk (bookkeeper) Nuclear program, TPI team. 1280 W. 86TH Ave. Merrillville, In. 464101/70-10/70
. Young, James D., Tech supply officer (251B) CW35/71-5/74
--A 3/71 Ludwigsburg/Kornwestheim , 20 Km N Stuttgart
? Dallau ?
Also, Donald Yarbrough (309) 689-0449 is collecting information for the rest of the battalion, similar to
Donald Yarbrough's roster, Delta Battery website
. Bridges, Nate, MP. We have an MP reunion site on Yahoo. Search groups for dallaump. Just came back from Germany and old site two weeks ago. By this time next year all will be gone. Launcher is now a horse ranch. Nice fellow who owns it. - PO Box 179, Sunnyside, WA 989447/77-5/79
. DeShazo, Charles, 802 Tanglewood Dr, Clyde, TX 7951012/61-6/65
. English, Paul, IFC Platoon Ldr, 1/LT, BN CO LTC Corso, Btry Co. CPT3/58-5/59
. Estes, Tim, 16C LOPAR/ACQ Operator (PFC - SGT), Guam USA3/81-12/83
. Hagan, Aaron, Acq. operator (16c20)11/67-12/68
. Mccaughey, Patrick, was the IFC TECH 24Q20 9/75-4/76
. Sneed, Pam, Last name was Curtis. SP/4. Was MTR operator. Really resented having to transfer over here, but after awhile, met some really nice folks here too. - Roswell,NM12/83-9/84
. Perry, William, SP-5 Deffered from Nam, Training for generator operator.12/71-2/72
--B 3/71 Sachsenheim, 30 Km NW Stuttgart (was Grossachsenheim) web site Spotted by Tom Page
Also, Donald Yarbrough (309) 689-0449 is collecting information for the rest of the battalion, similar to
Donald Yarbrough's roster, Delta Battery website
. Baker, Michael, e-4 16/B1/84-10/84
. Bates, DeLos, Left 3/71 to retire in El Paso, Tx. Still here.6/82-6/84
. Black, Charles D., SSGT, sec Chief in IFC area. Good crew and friends. SSG Mabe, Saunders, Roy Brown, Lt. Edwards The Crete trips, I retired in Palmdale Ca. 1976 - 47311 47th st. E. sp-139 Palmdale Ca 935524/70-2/73
. Brittain, Roger D., SP/4 Acquisition Radar Operator. later became 'mailman' at headquaters: Stutgart, Germany - In 1968 I was in B - 3 - 71st which was in Grossachsenheim, Germany. I read somewhere on the web that Grossachsenheim was renamed Sachsenheim, so, it look like they dropped the Gros prefix. I can't verify that information. 1/68-3/69
. Carlisle, Mike, 16B10, badass barracks rat, now clean and sober 17 years, "wildman", "get me out of here"1977-1978
. Crowe, C. James, I started out in down range in the sections (pulled lots of tower rat duty) then went to assembly area. Got to go to Crete two years in a row. Came to Bravo an E-2 and left a Sgt. Lots of memories...some not so good due to my own fault but so many more wonderful memories of good times and great people. So psyched to find this site. 11/76-03/79
. Cupo, Nunzie, lots of good times. Never in the barrack always making money buy CQ and loan out money. - New Jersey1/78-7/80
. Devenger, Ralph, The memorable assignment in my twenty years in the army 10148 Racoon Dr. El Paso, Tx 799244/74-12/78
. Feehan, Steven, - Olahoma City /73-/73
. Forster, Jeff, 24Q10G2 - 1503 Black Cherry Dr Cedar Park, Tx 786138/80-3/82
. Gregory, Martin, Launcher section chief sgt. e-5. Lots of good memories.12/74-5/80
. Griffith, Mike, Sp4, TTR operator. 7/69-2/71
. Luke, Robert J, (Jim), E-4, Assemble & Service. About a month before I left, I reported a incident in on of the sections, after a short in a cable that was keyed wrong. It blow a warhead fuse in a missle 4 or 5 stations away form the test station. That was interesting. 7/68-7/69
. Martinez, Frank Sp. 5, 24Q20 IFC Technician, Ed, the Herc's were white at our base. It was in the 60's and como was not being used. I remember moving our site (Yes we were mobile) to a field exercise with the launchers and herc's through various towns with MP escorts. We made a pretty site in white except for the IFC radar covers. The IFC trailers were white also. The BC, TTR/TRR/MTR and maintenance vans were Army green. '67-'68
. McPheeters, Wallace D., PFC missileman and launch control trailer (LCT) generators. 30 hrs on, 18 off. Lived in Kleinsachsenheim upstairs in most modern house in town - had a garage and no car, had no phone or TV. The owner walked to Grossachsenheim to work and back for lunch and back again. They had 6 liter hot water heater in summer. Oil heat in winter. Drove 1950 VW, red primer with yellow polkadots. Drove to Sweden and England (via ferries). Camped all over. Wife and I learned some German. Had a good time. Friendly people. Got there just before the Cuban missile crisis. The locals were so relieved when it stood down. Hope to go back in 2006.5/62-4/64
. Payne, David, MTR Operator extraordinaire, Sp4. - 6409 Parkwood Way, Paradise, Ca. 959697/72-12/72
. Ray, LeRoy, sp4 launcher crewman , some time on generators 6/62-6/64
. Sample, Lawrence, E-4 ETS from dix NJ - 028067/6/84-5/29/85
. Sippel, John, SP/4 MP Good beer, good times./67-/68
. Stump, Marvin A, SP4 16C11/73-03/75
. Swinney, Larry, Spec. 4, Hipar Operator. Loudest stereo in the I.F.C. barracks. 94th Group fooseball champion.1/74-7/76
. Taylor, Gerald, missile crewman Herc. I remember a bird built a nest in a launcher and the section chief would not let us raise it for daily checks until the birds hatched and flew away. Good duty there.3/62-8/63
. Taylor, Larry, 16C10 Remember gliders next to base, and the beer was hot but so was the House of Three Colors in Stuttgart. Did not know German - got lost on the trains. Fort Ord to Fort Bliss and when the sun caame up was some place in Germany think Pirmasans. The beer was strong. -- Las Vegas, Nev/66
. Vollor, Lawrence, Was trained as a 13b20 (field artillary) sent to B/3/71 to be crosstrained as a 16B10 ended up in security 95B10 was a spec-412/73-7/76
. Watson, Leonard (Lynn) H. , SP/5 24U20 Herc Missile Maint. 6/68-6/70
. Woida, Carl J. (Charlie), SSG, Assembly Sergeant 63-65
--C 3/71 Kleingartach, 70 Km NW Stuttgart - (was Hardheim ) also see C 1/67 above
Unit web site, Google Earth views from Jonasen, Dean
Dean W. Jonasen has placed a 5th Anniversary of the whole 3rd 71st, published by Battalion in 1963. If you have not read it, it has some interesting history and lineage of the Battalion. The optimized (5 megabyte) version is now on the website.
Also, Donald Yarbrough (309) 689-0449 is collecting information for the rest of the battalion, similar to
Donald Yarbrough's roster, Delta Battery website
. Daum, Ronald H. Launcher Crewman, 16B, SP4 1/68-6/69
. Dunn, Milton, 16B Launch Control Group Operator - 1334 Clinton Abilene, Texas 7960310/66-10/67
. Fain, Jay, 24P/72-/72
. McFarland, John, Made 2 trips from Germany to Ft.Bliss,TX. One of first to have 2 kills with one Missile. First Btry to Lock on and track infamous B58 Hustler in Neb. - 2812 Tiny Ridge Way,Pacific,Mo 63069 4/62-8/64
. Jonasen, Dean, Unit web site, Google Earth views /59-/61
. Krauklis, Kenneth, SP5 Computer Operator SNAP 11/66 Returned to Civilian Life 6/67 Anyone else out there????11/65-6/67
. McPherson, James W, SP5, Nike Hercules Electronics Maintenance. Enjoyed 2 years in the Heilbronn, Germany area and worked with some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 4/67-4/69
. McGalliard, Edward I., Spec4, 16c10/ Aquisition radar operator. PLL clerk. Battery courier, and Red eye missile crew leader.10/75-5/78
. Perry, William, SP-5 Generator op , BCA LOPAR/HIPAR, rations-supply driver, mail clerk 2/72-1/74
. Rayfield, Darrell Sp.4 Looking for friends from charlie battery or anyone who was there with some good stories. 10/72-6/74
. Reese, David, XO Lived with two other officers, Tom Gaffey and Bob Leonard, first in an apartment in Hardheim above the Sparkasse, then in the Landgasthoff zum Ross in Schweinberg (Kuenzig family). Would like to hear from any of the troops stationed there. 4/67-6/68
. Richardson, James, IFC Warrant Officer, CW3. Tour included 4 ASPs at Crete. Besides TAC EVALs, MOUSF, (Modernization of US Facilities) made this assignment unique. Admin and support buildings were gutted in 75-76 requiring unit operations to be conducted and supported from tents. Thought winters were cold before but MOUSF project let us appreciate Valley Forge. - 410 Elm Lane2/73-6/76
. Ritchie, Dale A. 16C20, SP/5, TTR & TRR operator1/68-6/69
. Salazar, Richard, 95B M.P. SP.4 provided security at the launch site, and really nothing more. Worked the unit bar for a couple of years for extra money, Went to the NCO academy in Badtoes up by the Bavarian Alps, picture post cad area. Good training for civilian life..7/71-2/74
. Simons, Gerald, ... I am still in contact with close friends from that site. I retired from the Army in 1985 as editor of the Recruiter Journal magazine. /68 -
. Smallwood, Ron, Sp4 - fire control tech (24Q20) in a parts clerk position (76R20) with EMAS clearance - S6H4R4 3/72-11/73
. Stout, Jonathan, mail clerk3/72-11/73
. Waltjen, Kenneth, Sp5 BCA-- 4/70-11/71
. Woida, Carl J. (Charlie), SSG, Assembly Sergeant 65-66
---D 3/71 Wurmberg, 30 Km NW Stuttgart (was Pforzheim) -
Donald Yarbrough's roster, Delta Battery website
Carlo has many Battery D pictures and much text
. Adams, Milton R. "Dick", LCT operator 5740 N. Senita Way, Tucson, AZ 85743.96112/64-2/65
. Amann, Jeff, MP at Launch Area in Wurtburg. Did post security - N9389 Glacier Dr. Eagle, WI 53119 7/73-9/75
. Arzuagas, Carlos, Military Police tower rat. Had many good memories and made lots of good friends during my time there. I would like to visit the area again one day. Thanks for the great site! - Po Box 488; Bunker Hill, IL 6201402/78-11/79
. Bauza, Phil, Lot of fun & travel, Great friends and parties!!!! Kicking out the Delta Darlings as S.O.G.7/77-9/80
. Beebe, Gregory, IFC Operator Storm that wrecked the base and killed French soldiers.1/68-10/70
. Bible, Larry, SP5, Nike Hercules Launcher Area Repairman. Route 2, Box 146, Sumner, Texas 75486 5/69-6/70
. Bolin, Jeffrey L., 24u, went to Crete 3 times in 2 years as test set op. - 7322 oakdale dr Newburgh In 476306/81-8/83
. Brady, Mike, 10226 Royal St Andrews Pl, Ijamsville, MD 217546/82-3/83
. Cheek, Christopher G., XO, 1st LT. 414 O'Hern Court, Stone Mountain, GA 30088-1302 - I will never forget the card games, and the cookouts using the tracking radar to (microwave) the food and negotiating with the locals for dirt using Jim Beam for trading material. I also will not forget all the folks and the fun. 1976 Wine is still the best year for wine for Germany. 6/75-12/76
. Crisp, Dale, I was in the MP section for my full tour. Had many good times with lots of great memories. Worked with some of the craziest people that I had EVER met. Like "The Delta 7", Cha Cha Pellitier, movies in the barracks bar, Frogs, Turks, "Battle Stations" October 1973, and of course great beer. Never went back to Germany, maybe one of these days! Best of life to all and I hope that life was good to you.4/72-2/74
. Davis, Gary A, PO Box 789 Pahrump Nv, 890411/72-12/74
. Doyon, Leo. G jr., Section Chief, Sgt E-5 PO Box 804 Clint,TX 798364/72-7/75
. Everett. Jesse, left germany 1982 went yo patriot - 17 mallory st Batesville ar 725017/74-4/82
. Forster, Jeff, 24Q10G2 - 1503 Black Cherry Dr Cedar Park, Tx 786133/80-8/80
. Garrett, Howard Keith, Sgt(E-5) was a 16C and a EMAS operator. And was crew chief and learned a lot from so many people their especially the maint. guys. - P.O.Box 563 Marble, N.C. 28905 1/80-5/81
. Hasty, John, Sp-5 MTR TTR TRR Operator 3405 Allen St . Kelso, Wa 98626 5/69-3/72
. Hellhake, John E, Sgt E5, Section Chief, Section A, - 118 Ridge View Rd, Danville, Ky 10/65-10/68
. Hershberger, Terry, Maintenance tech, PLL clerk, Sp5 1/74-7/75
. Hill, Larry, 865-688-6103 hello everyone im back please call.) /75-/76
. Howard, Keith, 31M20 UHF radio operator attached to IFC. Too many commo guys- worked one 24 hrs, was off 4 days. eventually an 8 hour day was put in there. loved this place... just had reunion with Steve (Doc) Averette and Tom (Putz) Waters - was good to see these two guys again!!!5/75-12/77
. Jeschke, Richard, SP/4 radar operator MTR/TTR motor pool4/59-4/61
. Johnson, Mike, Motorpool. 63b. rank of e-5. would love to hear from anybody there. 4/82-8/85
. Klein, Raymond F., MOS 16C20 SP/5. After my discharge in 10/74, I returned to Pforzheim in 12/74 and married a German Fraulein. We've returned to Pforzheim many times and have seen a lot of changes. The IFC site is now a recycling depot, and the barracks in Buchenberg has fallen into disrepair. If anyone has a chance to return to where they were stationed, go. It's well worth the trip. - Smithton, Il. 62285 4/72-10/74
. Lange, Robert (Bob), 24Q30 Radar and computer repair. Drove a '69 Mustang, burgandy color. Lived in the housing area at Keiselbronn. 1/71-3/75
. Lindemann, Louis T., IFC Lopar Operator - 10841 Loma Del Norte El Paso, Tx 79934 5/67-3/70
. Maxwell, Ken , 9/63-5/66
. Mendes, Alfred (FRED), Sp5 IFC Section MTR TTR TRR operator - 1135 RT 2W, Danville Vermont 05828-9696 11/65-5/67
. Michael, Tom, Made last trip to NAMFI before closing site5/80-5/83
. Rodriguez, Tony, 95B and later moved to supply'72-'73
. Spencer, Ken, I started as a missile equipment repairman 62C20. started in launcher area and cross trained on generators and then moved to the IFC area. I had 2 Mini Coopers a green one and a red one that I totaled. I also rode a Triumph 650 Bonniville and belonged to the Cavemen mc. - 5410 Aspen Ave. Portage, IN. 46368 8/73-4/76
. Talley, Mike, 16C staff sgt - Ifc wurmburg and battery nbc nco Last 6 months battery training nco Lived in family housing in Kieselbron - 2316 white oak circle clayton n.c. 275206/76-6/79
. Tracy, Rodger, SP5, IFC Technician - saw tornado in Pforzheim, went to Crete and fired one Herc and got to fly the AF Globemaster on the way down with our site crew in the back of the airplane, took the site mobile to the field barely got it operational, went home got my EE and worked for Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies for 30 years. - 2396 Herndon Dr., East Wenatchee, WA 98802 3/68-1/69
. Toler, Troy l, 1037arragon av Kissimmee Fl.347446/69-6/71
. Urban, Daniel J. 24U Hercules Electronic Tech
only mobile battery in existance at 3/71 it seemed like a punishment
. Whicker, Dwaine, Made some good friends at both sites, still am able to keep in touch with a few of them.w Byler, Franks, Rooster, Chaz, Blankenship, Spud, Nancy, Lt. Jones, Quincy. Would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time.Retired a couple of years back, blew a knee out during Irag. Wife and I are planning a trip back over in 09 just to see how things have changed and to show here around. 9/83-7/84
. Williams, Paul, Sp5 - SSG Launch Area Assembly Sgt and Maint Chief. 10/69-11/72
. Wood, Richard, Sgt,16c, MTR operator/tracking supervisor 74-77
. Yarbrough, Donald, spec/4, ifc, computer operator - 1619 resthaven rd peoria,il 61615 - Donald Yarbrough's roster4/75-6/76
***** Far South area - manned by French troops until 1966 when France pulled out of NATO .
520th (French) .
. Williams, Joseph, Team Cmdr(2 &4/520) and XO, 357 ADA Detachment; - PO Box 2019, Hawthorne, NV 8941512/63-11/64
--1/520 Bottingen - Boettingen, a French manned site - by l?auteur Claude Leriche .
. Leriche, Claude, I was an operator radar TTR. I [did] my military service in Germany. France left NIKE system on November 30, 1966. NIKE PEOPLE! OK /66
. Wild, Gerard (Jerry), Launch Crewman/Security - 520th--1/520(French) 357th USA Arty Det,Bottingen 8/64-9/65
357th Arty Det.
Stetten .
. Buchheim, Mark, 1st Lt., supported 520 Brigade Aerienne (French). Enjoyed the French more than the Texans I served with.04/63-09/64
. Fink, Larry, Warheading team of 357th Arty Det, in the far south. We trained at Fort bliss TX from December 61 until we deployed as a unit to Stetten, Bottington and Interlingen. Teams A & B at Setten along with HQ. An interesting time on a French Nike Hercules site. Tried to get a put a 50th reunion together in 2011, but most everyone has passed on. Robert Degraves was helping with that effort, until he too passed on. - PO Box 982 Cedar Ridge CA 959247/62-6/64
. Herlevic, Charles Thomas Anthony, SP5 Missle Technician, 357th US Army Artillery Detachment 8/62-5/64
. Rebsam, Alain, Before 1961 Stetten site belonged to French Army. French Air Force took it beginning 1961. In 1962 we opened Mengen and Munsingen sites. Training and "competitions" where done in Fort Bliss by El Paso. Address is 28 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, France 2/61-3/63
. Wild, Gerard (Jerry), Launch Crewman/Security - 2/520(French) 357th USA Arty Det,Stetten 6/63-8/64
. Williams, Joseph, Det XO and Team Leader B and C, practiced TPI/NSI with both 2 & 4/520. - 18 Belleza Way, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 12/63-12/64
--3/520 Inneringen .
. Aldridge, Ronald, SP4 Ron Aldridge, aka Breeze - Was on a warhead team on a French NATO base. Stetten Germany was our headquarters. The French had the missles and we had control of the arm plugs. Discharged in 65 and sent home on an old troop ship. Good duty in Germany, girls were friendly and the beer was very good.Would like to get in contact with anyone who remembers me. - 1914 Paris Dr., Godfrey, Il. 62035 6/63-/65
. Bloom, Leroy, SP4 GUARD married a German girl from Inneringen ,go back about once a year. Barracks gone, Launch site still there.Only 2 of 7 gasthauses still open. - 516 Main Rd., Hunlock Creek, pa8/65-8/66
. Brophy, J. Michael, PFC, Gaurd/Warhead Team 12/64-8/66
--4/520 Stetten (see Stetten, 2/520, above) .
521th (French) .
--1/521 Friedrichshafen .
. Blanch, Jean, Sergant Chef, Friedrichshafen, a la recherche a des Copains 9/61-10/66
--2/521 Friedrichshafen .
. Eveillard, Guy, French Air-Force Staff Seargent. (IFC maintenance) until December 1966, when we gave back the system to US troops, after leaving NATO. Attended USAADS Foreign students Batallion French Air-Force in El Paso, Tx. 8/65-8/66 - looking for class mates - plan to visit El Paso in 2011. I would like to get contact with my friends of Fort-Bliss Nike Hercules fire control system course 2/66. Now retired Lt-Col - 124 chemin du regage 83190 ollioules france 8/66-12/66
--3/521 Mengen .
. Audibert, Jean-Marie, Sergeant French Air Force, IFC Acquisition operator. French 520 th Brigade, Squadron 01/520 AND 01/521. Three times in Mc Gregor Range, to launch Nike Hercules and Ajax - A?roport de st pierre BP 4265 97500 st pierre4/61-2/66
. Phillips, W. Leon, I lost all addresses of my buddies on the way back from Germany. After fourty some years it's hard to recall some of the names. Anyone having info on team four at Mengen please email me. - 298 Park Circle Sparta MO. 65753 658108/62-12/63
--4/521 Munsingen .
. Rogers, Alvis, 357th usa artillery det. Munsingen Germany -team 26/62-10/63


Other Units or Organizations - sorted numerically, alphas below

USAAD Miesau
4th ord gen. repair depot
Miesau (Rheinland Pfalz)
80 Km SW Wiesbaden

Info from Doyle Piland, Ordnance web site
"The 4th Ordnance Company (GMGS) was (still is I think, supporting Patriot) in Miesau, Germany. It was the backup support for all Direct Support Units/Platoons (GMDS) in Germany. I believe it also supported the Supply Depot in Kaiserslautern. Most GMGS units did support the depot serving the area they were in."
. Apple, Michael, - 1925 Lawrence Rd Apt A411/79-12/82
. Cooley, Robert, Spec 4 - Nike Launcher/ Control Repairman. While there, I drove for battalion colonel for about six months. 2/74-7/76
. de Grom, Tom, Maintenance Chief, Operations SGT-
. Dominguez, David , I worked in the repair shop as a clerk. At that time we repaired the Nike, Hercules, Hawk and Pershing missile systems. In my opinion we had a great group of guys there. That includes most of the brass as well, with the exception of Mr Meservy, a CWO and all-around a*****e.11/64-02/67
. Lee, Ernest L, 22L20 Wonderful fog guard. - 624 Comanche RD SE, Rio Rancho, NM. 8712407/71-07/74
. Eisenschenk, David, Completed 23N20 in Redstone Arsenal late '69. Scheduled for MOI training to become an instructor, but ... - SP5 Radar and Computer Tech. The 4th Ord was a general support unit in south-central Germany, and supported several Nike sites throughout Germany. Was discharged 30 days early due to a troop reduction effort in Europe.2/70-9/71
. Parsons, Harry, E5, A Company - 832 Woodmont Ct.,Joppa, Md 21085/78-/80
. Schnabel, Richard, 254.1, SP6, After return from French Air Force in 12 1966 than was TDY to Kaiserslautern Army Depot as MICOM Rep.12/65-10/68
. Waddell, Lynn E, SP4. 22L2t (nike track radar and test equipment repairman). When I first got to the 4th ord I had to rebuild all the power supplies in shop 3 because no one knew you had watch and change out the air conditioner filters- the shop had been sitting there non funtional for over a year. "Short timers" would break hard to get parts and hope they would rotate before the part arrived because they had no idea how to trouble shoot the chassis we would get from the direct support sites. 5/65-5/67
. Walgenbach, Alfred, trained at Redstone Arsenal - 22L20 - E-5 09/69-09/71
HQ 5th USA Arty Det, Buren .
. Jacobsen, William E, SP4 HQ Records: /73-7/75
. Oberlander, Rick, SP4 Personel Specialist - Bismarck, North Dakota /70-/72
11th ADA Sig. Bn . Kaiserslautern .
. King, Harry A., Sgt. E-5, Company D, Direct Support Maint. Microvave and VHR/UHF Radio for 56th ADA 2/78-2/79
. McCaslin, Mike (Macko), 16H2/79-12/79
. Radisch, William, Western Electric manager in charge of Installation and Test of the Nike UpGrade 5/82-11/82
C/11th ADA Signal Bn. Darmstadt Terminal 52 .
. Lanham, Duane E., 22M20 Internal Guidance Repairman 8/70 to 1/72
32nd AADCOM Tac Eval Team . Darmstadt .
. Harvard, Al, Major Maintenance Officer - Also served as the Maintenance Chief for the NATO Tac-Eval team. Had 8 CWO4's in that group. One was DOYLE PILAND (Herc ODC) and another JERRY BEARD (Herc Organizational) Returned to Redstone to take the helm of the Low Altitude Missile Ordanance School before retiring in Nov '79. - 7 Harvard Ct Coto de Caza, CA 926797/76-7/79
. Schnabel, Richard, G4 - 254.1, SP6, /77-/78
. Zito, Joe, CW2 I evaluated Nike IFC and LCA for the Italians, Dutch, German, Belgian and Norwegian sites. I also evaluated the PATRIOT systems, the TSQ-38 and 73 C2 Systems HAWK and Airbases--especially in command and control. 6/85-06/90
32nd AADCOM Kaiserslautern .
. Buchheim, Mark, 1st Lt., Backup fire direction center for European air defense. (MMS - Missile Monitor Section) Shift work, lots of time off, scam duty. 09/64-04/66
. Bourbina, Joseph, Was in and out processing clerk for enlisted and ran promotion boards SSG Galjour was office nco - 6887 N. Stony Ck. Monroe, michigan/69-/70
. Lockwood, David, 32nd MaintTeam. SSG - 8013 NW 76th Terr, Kansas City, MO 64152 2/72-2/73
1/43d Direct Support Platoon Ludwigsburg Germany .
. Steinbach, Robert, Msl/Lnchr Section Chief (83-85), SSG 2/82-1/85
HQ, 51st USA Arty Det - Adelheide .
. Weinschenker, Kurt, Detachment clerk. Lot of wild memories. Watching "Full Metal Jacket" dubbed into German with a theater full of draftees was one of them. Spent last couple weeks in Caspari-Kaserne in Delmenhorst (now demolished) while we cleaned out the US building in Adelheide. 3d (and last) site I helped close. Now digital journalist at WTRF-TV.11/87-7/88
59 Ord Bde
552 USAAG, 5t S Army Field Art Det
Duensen (the 'u' is an umlaut) 100 Km S of Bremerhaven .
. Wilson, Lynn, Sgt., Nuke support ..
59 Ord Bde
557 WSAAG, 96 Ord Co.
Herbornseelbach, Hessen
from Jerry Oosterhouse, for the 557th,
and for the 96th
. Allen, Ralph W., Com Ctr NOCIC, SGT on duty both times we went to full alert due to terroist activity. Present day Group cdr was relieved on the spot and flown out for lack of control. Worked down range last 6 months. Caught a Nike head from falling to pavement.9/71-8/74
. Goodman, Abe, 35F10/55G20 Nuclear Weapons electronics/ Maint specialist. Sp4(P), Traveled all over europe providing General and Direct support for Nike system. . Did the deinstall of the system./84-/87
. Morton, Dwayne , Served in 96th Ord Co. as Storage & Issue Plt Ldr, Security Plt Ldr, Maint & Assy Plt Ldr, & Opns Officer (MOS 91D) 1986-89
. Oosterhouse, Jerry, I was sp/5, nuclear weapons technician, 1968-1970. 96th had storage and maintenance duties for our site at Bellersdorf, and also maintenance support for all the missile detachments of the 557th. You should check out the following sites: for the 557th, and for the 96th . One missile det. not listed under 557th was the 30th mssle det. located in Giessen. We were part of SASCOM. Please do not give out my e-mail address. /68-/70
. Whitaker, Robert J, Nuclear weap's maint tech. Repaired, replaced parts and tested nuke warheads including Nike system. Provided support for numerous Nike sites throughout Germany. Rank E4. 7/71-1/73
83 arty det Montabauer Germany .
. Duffney, Patrick, Seargent Missle Custodial Agant. 21723 Mishawaka Rd Grand Rapids Mn 55744 /77
162nd Ord. Det.
Hoppstadten .
. Huffman, William, Organized and operated mobile supply unit in a shop van which hit all area sites weekly 9/60-12/62
. Nate, Patrick, lived in the 3rd Cav, Smith Barracks on the third floor... terrible food... nutty cooks... Have lots of photos .. have half of a novel on that unit finished.... was a great place.. .... I remember all the trains and changes.. even in Baumholder the PFC that drove me out there in the middle of the night thought it was Dante's Inferno country. ... we all survived .. had lots of help from lots of pretty German ladies.... up at the hospital club.. I was in a band that played there. I always wanted the Zeus to survive... that was what I had hoped to do later. .. PO Box 312185, New Braunfels, Texas, 781312/64-10/65
. Vincell, Richard, SP5 E-5 253.1 Nike Track Radar and Shop 1-2 Repairman - 253.1. Lots of good friends and many hours at the Happy Valley Inn. 13835 W. 141st Ter Olathe, KS 66062 10/64-5/66
195th ORD DET Karlsruhe Germany .
. Collis, Robert N. (Bob), Missile/Launcher Mechanical Repair SP-51/61-8/62
. Hoyles, William F, Nickname "Tiger" Aquisition Radar and Computer Repairman SP-508/61-01/64
. Larsen, Carl A. Jr., ... worked with George Schooley and Bob Collis, who are listed. Was a 252 and 253 Tracking and Acq Rpmn, and held a bunch of other jobs, too. - 18847 N. Alameda Drive, Surprise, Arizona, 85387-6454 - ph/fax: 623-594-1783/59-/61
. Schooley, George, ssg internal guidance - Gerzewski barracks - Visited the old shop in 03, brought back a lot of memories. Did have some trouble getting into Gerzewski but managed.12/58-6/61
196th ORD DET
1st/67th ADA
Worms, Germany .
. Sheffield, Sherwood, 10/57-11/58
. Sternquist, Daniel K. Jr., E4 - Hq Btry 1st Msl Bn 67th Arty. Worms, Germany moved to Wertheim, Germany. I had to leave my bride and our baby behind.11/58-7/59
. Swank, Allan, great duty! only made E4. Ordnance rank was hard to come by through artillarys - big prairie, ohio 6/63-6/65
Hdq 552nd USA Arty Sogel WG
Dean W. Jonasen has "recently completed a restoration of a 552nd ADCOM Group [Gerszewski Barracks] photograph (2.2 megabytes) that I think you might be interested in viewing. I think that it is historically significant. It was quite a laborious effort, but I am glad did it and am happy with the results."
. Green, Charles Ron, I was assigned to the small Class B Agent finance office in Soegel. I arrived as a SP5 and left as a SSG. Since the soliders in that office got to do everything finance (i.e., travel pay, cashier duty, military pay ops, etc.) I really polished my skills in that office. I retired in 1991 as a Sergeant Major. I actually had two tours in Soegel, 1972-1974 and 1974-1977. I went back to CONUS for a BNCOC course. I really enjoyed my time in Soegel and came to appreciate the difficult jobs the weapons folks and their support people had.4/72-9/77
. Kernan, James, my job was ass't operations sargeant ... I believe this was unusual since the operation sargeant was an e9 rank and I was a know nothing e2 draftee who at that time had about 1 year left in the army ... it was however a very interesting 12 months and I'm grateful I had that opportunity. ... left the Army an e4 ... 1/66-12/66
603rd AC&W SQ Langerkopf, Germany (32nd Arty Bd) .
. Jungers, David, I was in the Army Unit at the 603rd. I manned a radar scope. 3 days on, 3 days swing/graveyard, and then 3 days off. Great duty with the Air Force - No inspection or s**t details. Just do your job...period. - 1224 Deer Horn Ln. N.Las Vegas,NV 89031 6/59-8/60
??? Hesepe, Germany .
. Goud, Cornelis, Ordnance Specialist 121-22M20, E6, Incoming Inspections after 5-Year overhauls of Nike Herules Missiles done by Hawker Siddely. 9/68-9/72
SASCOM HQ, Ordinance Section Heidelberg .
. Crandall, Edward, SP4 Under Lt.Col Rudy Maxa, Major Warren Gettleman, CWO Bolton and MSGT Weisen. Primary function was TPI,s at Host facilities in Germany, France, Greece & Turkey1/60-10/62
IG shop
Heidelberg .
. Johnson, Andy, In a later life as a LTC, I was assigned to the IG shop at USAEUR HQ in Heidelberg and conducted some of those nasty NSIs spoken about.
"Fresh" Lt. goes to Germany
Western Electric Mechernich 55 km SW of Cologne .

"Fresh" Lt. goes to Germany from Andy Johnson. January 25, 2013

From Kenneth D. Johnson CW2, USA Retired - June 13, 2009
Thanks for your help in keeping the Nike Story alive.

I was stationed at A Battery 2/56 ADA in Geinsheim, Germany from 1982 until it closed in 1984. Our Launcher Platoon Leader was 1LT Beverly M. Smith. She was also our best TCO! She was promoted to captain and re-assigned to Pirmasens as the adjutant. She went on to become one of the first female ADA Battalion Commanders and is now or recently was the Pacific Missile Test Facility at Kwaduline Atol as a full Colonel (Col. Beverly M. Stipe). She has had had a great career and her great beginnings were in the Nike Family!

There were also a number of female soldiers working at the site as Military Police, Medic, and Supply.

Those were great days.

A small note from Goerigk, Rolf D.:
The Germans operated 6 NIKE Batallons, 21,22,23,24,25 and the 26 FlaRakBtl. Each bataillon consisted of 4 combat units.

From Benjamin Lowe - December 4, 2006

As you know, I just found your site. I have enjoyed the exploring and remembering things I thought were lost to history.

I did want to provide you with a ?Next Generation? view of what had been SASCOM and became 59th Ordnance Brigade a few months before my arrival in Germany in 1978, in particular the 35th USAAD. Most of the problems Richard mentioned remained true throughout my tenure in Germany (that is, until 1981). Although we did generally have three officers, we almost never had a qualified team sergeant (there being by that time virtually no 16-series E-7s who had not either retired or converted to WO), never in my experience had a clerk, and rarely had more than 25 or 26 men assigned. For five long and horrible months in Rodenkirchen, we managed with 2 officers and 20 men (plus or minus one) because of a drug bust. And this was during an NSI cycle (see below).

As shorthanded as everyone was, we could only concentrate on the core missions ? custody and warheading. Most other Army stuff, such as training schedules, PT (until I became TC, anyway), non-special ammunition property records, non-two-man key control, etc., were pretty well left to the weeks before the ?NSI Cycle? or the AGI. We were thoroughly inspected, certainly; the NSI cycle lasted about three months every twelve to fifteen months, and started with an inspection from Det; then a ?technical assistance visit? (TAV) from group, then the ?Brigade Security Evaluation? from Pirmasens before we actually saw the NSI. We also put up with annual tactical evaluations from 2ATAF and the Air Force (these cycles following the German chain of command in the same was as the NSI followed ours), an AGI from USAREUR, and inspections from every tenant unit in Bremerhaven, from the physical security people to the dining facility folks, on what seemed like a weekly basis.

My first year all three of the sites on which I served operated on the waiver Richard discussed, permitting the duty officer to be on call at home at night if the Senior Custodial Agent (SCA) was SANRAS qualified. 59th pulled all the waivers in the summer of 1979 and we had to stay on site (or, later, in the admin area) through duty. This little bit of bureaucratic mischief was compounded by a massive increase in traffic, which meant that generally both the officers and senior NCOs were awake all night, one night in three, and pulled normal business hours the other day (although the workload was such that ?normal? hours were often 0700-2000 or later). Of course, we went though all the post-Vietnam vicissitudes of the Army as well; I remember that 15 of my EMs were considered functionally illiterate (including two 24Us!) and had to be made available for ?basic skills education? four hours a week. We also had a couple of bouts with drug busts, and one CQ who opened fire on me and the team sergeant after snorting cocaine. These incidents would result in the perps being ?pulled from the [personnel reliability] program? and leaving us even shorter handed.

552d Group in Soegel (pronounced ZER-gel) was the command element for the ?northern 3? dets ? the 35th, 42d, and 51st ? when I first arrived, but when 59th Ordnance Group (PROV), the replacement for SASCOM, was reorganized in the summer of 1978 into 59th Ord Bde, all AD elements were placed under 5th Group in Bueren. Our supporting signal corps folks remained in Soegel, though, and we still took SANRAS/EMAS tests and did our two-man turn-ins of cookies and code there. We continued to wear the USAREUR patch through my tenure, although one of my A&M sergeants proudly kept his SASCOM patch on his (never-worn) greens, telling me that it made his uniform SRFD (SECRET-Formerly Restricted Data, in case anyone has forgotten?)

I was originally to have gone to the 42d in Barnstorf, but 552d Group reassigned me after one day to the 35th. I started as Assembly and Maintenance (A&M) Officer at C Team in Wiesmoor in May 1978. Newly-promoted Captain Gilmore was the TC; he would leave to take over the 51st Det (I think) a couple of months later. I remember the following conversation when I reported to him:

CPT: ?LT (pronounced, of course, ELL-TEE), you know all that junk [not the word he used] they told you at Fort Bliss about how if you blow an NSI [nuclear surety inspection) they relieve you, put you in jail, and ruin your life forever??
Me (feeling much relieved): ?Yes, sir??
CPT: ?Well, it?s all true, every bit of it.?

He then handed me USAREUR Reg 50-100 and told me that I would be sleeping in my office until I passed the CA (custodial agent) test in Hohenkirchen. Thus inspired, I managed to pass it three days later.

I weathered an NSI in Wiesmoor and so pleased everyone ? even the new Det WO, Cliff Atchley ? that I was moved to D Team in Dornum that October (literally the day of the post-NSI party in Wiesmoor). I only stayed in Dornum long enough to pass an NSI and Tac Eval, and then I was moved to B Team in Rodenkirchen after a drug bust there in February 1979. I don?t doubt the next stop would have been A Team in Hohenkirchen, but the chief of the NSI party in Rodenkirchen that April had also been on the other two NSI teams; he called Captain Pierce, the Det Commander, over at the outbriefing and said ?You see that lieutenant over there? I?m not going to see him again, am I?? So I stayed in Rodenkirchen, first as A&M, then as security officer, and finally (from December 1979 to May 1981) as Team Commander. We did have some good times ? we won the USAREUR small unit flag football championship in 1980, for instance ? and a lot of long hours.

By the last few months of my tenure in Rodenkirchen, the German magazine Der Stern had published the coordinates of every site in 5th Group, we started having demonstrations along the highway by our site, and rumors of closure abounded. When I got back to Fort Bliss in June of 1981, I was promoted to CPT and retreaded into 14G. A friend from the 35th called me one Sunday afternoon, waking me up (just barely); when he realized I was asleep, he just said ?Sir, you have a message downrange? and hung up. I was halfway out the door when I realized what I was doing and he called back, saying ?Got you, didn?t I?? I still have stress dreams of the team, mostly panicking when I remember that we haven?t done an emergency destruction drill in oh, thirty years?.

I lost track of most everyone from that time, particularly after I left active duty. I really appreciate your site and knowing ?the rest of the story.?

Ben Lowe

PS?BTW, my father was chaplain of the 314 Ord Bn at Hampton Roads Army Terminal, which provided GS to the local Nike sites. I actually had a photo of an ASP shoot in my room when I was growing up ? which let me taunt my NCOs with the information that my father had worked with the system, too?

From Foy, Robert
A Team 501st USAAD was a custodial unit assigned to the 5th United States Army Artillery Group in Germany. A Team was attached to the 23rd FlageRockett Bn of the German Air Force in Lich located about 8 miles from Giessen. One of four teams, our mission was to defend both the air and ground corridor of the Fulda Gap. It was kind of scary when we went to our sister teams and found out that we were sitting on the "Bullseye". All of their weapons were pointed directly at our position. Gives you a warm sense of security. Great info and glad to see that the Old Lady of Air Defense is being kept alive. She was a great system and taken care of by a great bunch of people.

Yes, the German Air Force had numerous Nike Sites throughout West Germany. The typical configuration of the Launching Area was three firing sections A, B, and C Section. Two of the three firing sections were controlled by US Custodial personnel because of the nuclear payloads mated to the missile. All access and maintenance within those firing sections was strictly monitored and controlled by armed US personnel. I guess the term "Ground Zero" would have been better than the "Bullseye". You didn't really get that warm and fuzzy feeling when things started to get hectic. From what I've been able to gather, the germans have converted over to Patriot now. The Fulda Gap was one of the prime invasion routes from East Germany into West Germany. A real prime piece of real estate.

E-mail of Belgian Airforce From Bob VERHEGGHEN
I was a Belgian conscript in from december 1974 till september 1975.
In 1974, during my military duty, I was part of 52 Missile Squadron , part of 13th Wing, based at Euskirschen. In Belgium , the Nike units ( previously with Ajax) were part of the Belgian Air Force.

It is in 1957 that Belgium did complete its defence system by using missiles instead of aircraft only.

In the orbit of Mutual Defence Aid Program, the first Belgian personnel was send in november 1957 in the USA for training. The training lasted two years and by the return in Belgium, the units began assembling their new material in provisional locations at Elsenborn (near the German border ) and in Bierset Air Base near Liege, waiting their posting to definitive locations in Germany, under construction.

Created on 6 October 1959, the new unit was called 3e Wing d'Engins T?l?guid?s Sol- Air (3rd WETSA) (Third wing of Ground to Air teleguide Missiles).

In December 1959, it took over the traditions of the 13 Fighter Wing , disbanded in July 1958 ( these wing flew with Meteor Aircraft)
The second unit , 9 WETSA, was formed on 28 May 1962 and took over the traditions of 9th Fighter Wing , disbanded in june 1960. A little bit later , the two units changed their names in 13th Missile Wing and 9th Missile Wing.Each unit had 4 missiles squadrons and a technical and support unit.
The coordination needs between the two units and the fact that they were stationed outside Belgium on German ground, necessitated a higher level of Command , having authority on the two wings and wich was called "Groupement Missiles" .It was created in June 1962.
The first bases in Germany were occupied by 13th Wing units in 1962 in D?ren ( 50 squadron), Blankenheim( 51 squadron), Euskirschen(52squadron) and Kaster(53 squadron) ( not far from K?ln and the Belgian border).
The 9th Wing arrived in Germany in 1965 only after having been trained in the USA in 1961 and having been at Elsenborn and Bierset , left over by 13th Wing , now in Germany.
End in 1962, a third unit was created , reunifying the support under the name W S Msl (Wing Support Missile). This was stationed in Duren during winter 62-63.
In 1965, the 53 squadron , based at Kaster, left 13th Wing to be put under command of 9th Wing. 55 squadron of the 9th Wing went to Kapellen-Erft and the 56 squadron stayed for a while in Elsenborn.
In 1969, 56 squadron , the HQ of 9th Wing and HQ Groupement Missile arrived at Grefrath, big radar station.
In 1971, the 54 squadron , last unit of 9th Wing arrived at Xanten and by 1976, the 56 squadron ,left Elsenborn and took its quarters at Erle .

All units were disbanded in the mid and late eighties. 53 and 57 squadrons were disbanded in 1983, 52 and 55 squadrons in 1985,51 and 54 squadrons in 1989, 50 and 56 squadrons in 1990.

I have a very good souvenir of those 10 months in 52 sqn. I was working as switchboard operator in the launching Control trailer. The radars of the units were not on the same sites as the missiles. They were on a hill not far, some kilometers. We had 3 sections , two of them under US custody as each section had nuclear head on some Hercules ( tip of missile was red- I remember).Each year , the Belgians units went to Creta in Greece to practice live firing.

The most notable incident I remember was when we were put on NATO real alert as a soviet Mig 25 foxbat was crossing the Iron Fence , going south to photograph the Plateau d'Albion in Southern France were the french had a Intercontinental Nuclear Missile base. Some time later , he came back, again full alert for nothing.

I hope these infos will be useful for you.

Chastre (Belgium)

A Story of the 121st Squadron Nike-Hercules guided missiles, Dutch NATO troops.
My name is Adrian Bolders and I live in Naples, FL.

I was reading on your website about the Dutch contingent, the 121st Squadron Nike Hercules Guided missiles. As a dutch born citizen, I was drafted into the air-force in 1972 and consequently trained in Nijmegen (NL)(basic training, later 6 weeks in Arnheim for a specific training to serve the Nike Hercules missile group.
After that, we were all moved to W. Germany and scattered all over the country. Some of us went to Muenster, some to Osnabrueck and other sites which I don't remember so well.

I went to Osnabrueck or more specific to the little town of Bohmte, which was located on the road to Duemmersee and the City of Diepholz.
Bohmte was a tiny village, the barracks were located right in town. The missile site was about 6 kilometers out in the fields and the radar station was another 10 kilomets or so located in the little town named Bad Essen.
The radar station was located on top of the hills, my then-neighbor Cpl.Martin van Rietschoten worked there since he was trained on computers and flight tracking. The barracks were rather small, maybe 3 buildings and offices, a casino and a maintenance building.
All the private soldiers lived in the barracks as where higher ranking personal lived in the town of Bohmte, mostly in rented houses.

The missile site had 3 buildings: Alpha,Bravo and Charlie. Contrary to common custom, Alpha and Bravo were not stocked with nuclear warheads, all missiles had conventional warheads.
(sometime between, I spend a few weeks on the Muenster site, which had nuclear warheads and the going was a lot tougher. The nuclear warheads were under strict US control and we weren't even allowed to go there!)

Sometime in the summer of 1974, I spend some weekend duty's on the radar site in Bad Essen and became a little bit more familiar with the radar site.
I recall there were 5 radar and computers with the size of a wall-unit. Bigger than later IBM mainframe or DEC computers. It was my understanding that these computers were manufactured by Bell-Howell and vacuum tube operated.

All we ever did in Bohmte and Bad Essen was practicing the worst case scenario! Myself, I served as a SPO (Section Panel Operator) because I was the only one that spoke good enough English to participate.
I also served at times as a crew member nr 4 ; the one that was responsible for the diesel generators and the power supply for the bunker. The bunker was build mostly above ground, furthermore there was an assembly building for maintenance and repair, a kitchen with small restaurant and some other buildings for various purpose. The whole area wasn't really all that big.

At the end of summer 1974, we were called into the commanders office and it was announced that the site was going to be closed and they let us off 2 months before the end of the regular draft.
I stayed in the Town of Bohmte as I met my then wife there and witnessed how all the buildings were demolished and the area was completely cleaned up and today is completely unrecognizable ....that's why you didn't find any info about it. Maybe there are some remnants of the radar station on top of the hills but nobody really ever goes it is possible to find some bits and pieces.

I hope with this info to have been able to shed some light on this, the official name was: 121st Squadron Nike-Hercules guided missiles, Dutch NATO troops.

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