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Nike Museums & Displays

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**** Sorted by Locality ****
A Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen Maryland
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Alamagordo, New Mexico
Annville, PA Fort Indiantown Gap
Athens, Greece
Austin, Texas
Aywaille, Belgium
B (Baden-Wuerttemberg) Germany
Berlin, Germany
Bridgeport, Washington
Brussels, Belgium
Buffalo, N.Y.
Burnet, Texas
C Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio
Camp San Luis Obispo, near Morro Bay, CA
Cape Canaveral, Florida
Cedar Lake, Indiana
Colorado Springs, Colorado
F HM-69 Florida City - in Everglades National Park
Folgaria, TN, Italy
Ft. Bliss, El Paso, Texas, moved to Ft. Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma,
Ft. Hancock
Fort Indiantown Gap Pennsylvania
Fort Lewis, Washington
Ft. Mead, Maryland
Ft. Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma,
Ft. Worth,, Texas
H Hampton, Virginia Hancock, Maryland Huntsville, Alabama
I Isle of Wright, Virginia
K Koblenz, Germany, WTS
L Las Cruces, New Mexico
Letterkenny Army Depot,Pennsylvania
Ft. Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma,
M Mattituck, New York
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Madrid, Spain
N Netherlands
O Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin
R Rapid City, South Dakota
Riverview, Michigan
S St. Bonifacius, Minnesota
St. Louis, Missouri
San Francisco, Calif.
Sandy Hook
Selfridge, Michigan
T Tacoma, Washington
Terrell, Texas
Topeka, Kansas
W Washington, D.C.
Windsor Locks, CT

**** Sorted by Region ****
A Alabama
B Belgium
C California, - Colorado - Connecticut
F Florida
G Germany, - Greece
I Indiana, - Italy
K Kansas
M Maryland, - Michigan, - Minnesota, - Missouri
N Netherlands, - New Mexico, - New Jersey, - New York, - Norway
O Ohio, - Oklahoma
P Pennsylvania
S South Dakota, - Spain
T Texas
V Virginia
W Washington, Wisconsin, Washington, D.C.

Comments about acquisition of materials for museums
Site Recognition, Plaques etc.




  • {Brussels, Belgium}
    from Frederik Cheeseman (

    I was in the period 1970-1972 a signals sergeant (TTR) in the Belgian army's 62A Hawk Battalion situated in Essentho near Niedermarsberg (Germany) about 40 miles from the then GDR border.

    The airforce had the Nikes.

    In the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History here in Brussels they have an a couple of Nikes on display. If you go to:

    and you will see them. The Ajax is in the background to the left and hard to see. But the Hercules is clearly visible to the right.


    Frederick H. Cheeseman - Member EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
    Thanks to Tristan VANDER AUWERA for the updated link :-))















             Update: from
    Ronald Dorenbos - May 23, 2018
    The image is a Netherlands Annual Refire shot from Crete, note national colors -

      There are two museums:
    • "The National Military Museum (NMM) located on the former Soesterberg Air Base (incidentally the former home base of the only ‘Royal’ US Air Force squadron: 32 TFS, flying F-86, F-100, F-102, F-4E and F-15). It has 2 NIKEs on launchers on display. Their web address is - English version of the NMM website: The museum is closed on Mondays. For a short clip of the museum see:

    • " ‘Our’ museum, " This is a Google Translation of the main page

    New Jersey

    New Mexico

    New York





    South Dakota




    Washington (state of)


    Comments about acquisition of materials for museums by Ed Thelen
    Acquition of materials for museums is a difficult and subtle art, especially if you are dealing with limited (zero) funds and limited ability to reward donors (with publicity).

    I tried to obtain some sets of launcher cables (heavy, bulky) from a nation that had phased out their Nike Hercules systems. National defense forces also operate on limited budgets and were reluctant to expend time and money to packup and transport equipment back to the U.S. Insurance was also a question - for how much would you insure tons cables that are basically scrap, but no longer manufactured and practically irreplaceable?

    Shippers are used to insurance - they want to be protected if there is trouble. Trying to convince a shipping concern to help load, transport, unload four tons of equipment with no insurance, for free, with no visible reward, is an interesting challenge. It was believed that there would be no problems with U.S. customs. I got to meet very interesting people, but after a year requested that others give it a try.

    Site Recognition

    Kenneth A. Turner asked
    re: R-88
    By the way, are municipalities good with honoring Nike sites? I know it isn't like the Washington Monument but do you think they will spring for a plaque? The governing municipality is the Peach County Commssion. It is out of city limits of Byron but I know the city attorney there.

    and later - Feb. 7, 2000:
    Preservation: I have sent a letter as of a few weeks back to the Peach County Commission chair per seeking a declaration of R-88 as a historic site or at least the erection of a plaque. Thus far nothing has been heard from the chair or the newspaper reporter who sought me out about a story on the missile base.

    Tom Vaughn responded to the original question
    Hello Ken,
    Here are some ideas to help get some kind of recognition for or at R-88. Contact the following organizations:
    • county or other local historical society
    • Veterans organizations that have chapters in the county
    • talk to the present owner's of the site. Does Pytrotechnics own both the IFC and launch area?
    • Contact the state department that has an interest in historical sites. Here in Indiana it's the Division of National Resources. They have been a great help in getting C-47 Wheeler, IN listed on the federal register of historical sites and the Indiana historical site list. Without the state supporting us the federal government (National Park Service) wouldn't give us the time of day.
    • The history department of a local university.
    • Local boy scouts or girl scouts groups and other such organization. Maybe the scouts could even build something.
    • Was R-88 a regular Army site? I think it was since I believe the 61st Artillery was regular Army. So you may want to contact any regular Army base in the area. Also try any Army reserve units in the area.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Tom Vaughn, La Porte, IN

    Others - related to defense
    A list of Military MUSEUMS with radar on display

    A group including Eugene McDonald, Gene McManus, Mark Morgan, Scott Murdock, Ron Plante, Thomas Page, and Doyle Piland were proposing interesting not necessarily Nike museums. Included were:

    • web site The Bureau of Atomic Tourism
    • Titan Missile Museum (and Pima Air & Space Museum) - Tucson, AZ
    • National Atomic Museum (formerly the Atomic Bomb Museum) - Albuquerque, NM
    • U.S. Air Force Museum (now the National Museum of ...) - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
    • National Air & Space Museum (the Smithsonian) - Washington, DC
    • White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Museum - White Sands, NM
    • McChord AFB museum, WA;
    • Peterson Air & Space Museum, Colorado Springs, CO;
    • Selfridge ANGB museum, MI;
    • armament museum at Aberdeen, MD;
    • Historic Electronics Museum, Lithicum, MD
    • new Cold War Museum in northern Virginia (located at the former Vint Hill Farms, an ex-Army Intel Post)

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