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Locations of Former NIKE MISSILE SITES (text)

Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
2nd Msl Bn 71st Atty [{O'Connell, D}] ?
Alpha coast NW Taipei near Tam Sui (which is 15 km NNW of Taipei) ?
Bravo mountain ridges near Lin Kou Air station (Lin-k'ou is about 15 km NW of Taipei) ?
Charlie mountain ridges near Lin Kou Air station ?
Delta further south in Young Mei
between Hsin Chu and Tau Yaun
Hsin-chuang is about 10 km W of Taipei, T'ao-yuan is about 20 km WSW of Taipei
? ? ?

See "Operation Hurry Up" .
Sites installed October 1958, after Red China started bombarding the off shore islands Suemoy and Matsu. Most of 2-71 returned to U.S. August 1959 after training local troops.

1996 - from Jane's "Taiwan has retired its 40-year-old US-made Nike Hercule ssurface-to-air missiles which will be replaced with the locally-developed Tienkung 1 system. The MoD announced it will deploy three modified air defence systems, due for delivery from the USA before the end of the year, in the country's eastern district of Nankang." - from Tom Page

A bit of history:
1950, June - North Korea invades South Korea
. August - the 'Pusan Perimeter' defense line holds - UN forces hold in tiny part of South Korea
. November - Red Chinese forces attack UN (and U.S.) forces along north border of North Korea.
1951 The Chinese conquer Tibet
1953 July - The Korean "Cease-fire" signed - U.S. and Chinese troops stop killing each other
. - About 8,000 U.S. troops "Missing in Action" - mostly killed after capture
. - North Korean "death squads" continue to infiltrate/land-in South Korea and kill, slows after 1995?
1958 Red China started shelling islands occupied by Chinese Nationalist forces
. - Nike AntiAircraft Systems rushed to Taiwan
1959 A Tibetan uprising crushed by Red China
. - Dalai Lama and 100,000 Tibetans escape - blood bath for those who didn't escape
2005 In case you haven't noticed, Red China talks of using military force to conquor ("unify" in liberal speak) Taiwan
2010 North Koreans shell "contested" South Korean island - threaten war if South Korea holds "military exercize"

Rolf D. Görigk's Web Page says that in September 1974, there were 2 Nike batallions (8 batteries?) in Taiwan.

Kenneth Lee wrote "Taiwan deactivated the Nike missiles in 1997, it is being replaced by a domestically designed SAM system and three batteries of Patriot PAC-II plus."

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  • BG-40 Elroy
  • BG-80 Austin
  • DF-01 Denton
  • DF-20 Terrell
  • DF-30DC Duncanville, AFS
  • DF-50 Alvarado
  • DF-70 Ft. Wolters
  • DY-10 Ft Phantom Hill/ Abilene
  • DY-50 Camp Barkeley/ Abilene
  • Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
    BG-40 Elroy
    C - 3.5 SE Austin, N of FR 2430 ((I) private owner)
    [{Pumphret, E} (Nov. 2003) One of the roads you listed was written as TX612. ... this should be corrected as FM812 because there is no TX612 anywhere near Austin, TX..... Also, I think the area where the control buildings were is now a housing subdivision but I will go out to see it myself and let you know. ]
    [{Williams, C} (Feb. 2003) All the buildings at the control area are still standing and amazingly watertight. I was able to walk about 100 yds. of the fence at the launch area and found a sign hung by the Army that is now covered in lichen that stated I was looking at a restricted area. That brought a smile to my face as I figure if that sign survived over 40 yrs. hanging on a fence in Texas, the rest of the site should be okay too. ]
    [{Morgan, M} Stay on TX 21 another 20 or so miles (from former Gary AFB), turn left on ??TX 612?? [[see E. Pumphret correction to FM812 above]] then right on FR 2430 and you're at the southern of the two Bergstrom AFB Nike sites. The Bergstrom sites were built for Hercules only from August 1959 to August 1960, and were manned by 4th Battalion/7th Artillery, operations lasting only six years ( November 1960 to June 1966). The control area is on the left side of the road, is intact (21 May 90) with the exception of apparent radar plats, and is privately owned with no access. Photos from the roadside are easy enough.
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=30-06-18 097-35-29 locked and abandoned, 1996]

    L - 4 SSE Austin, S of FR 2430 ((P) private owners "Oleo Ranch, One of the Cheaper Spreads")
    [{Pumphret, E} (June 2004) all the buildings in the launcher area and the launcher site itself are overgrown with weeds. You cannot even see the launch site anymore. But one good note is the Air Force site warning sign is still attached to the fence and readable.
    [{Williams, C} (Feb. 2003) While a pretty good pun, this property is actually owned by the Ensign-Bickford Company, Blasting Products Division of Simsbury, CT. ]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=30-05-50 097-35-15 private use, ranch, 1996]
    [{Morgan, M} the pads are of the SAC style - The launcher is a mile away, across the road and can be seen from the control area. ]

    BG-80 Austin C - 6 WNW Austin, Bee Cave Rd ((I) TXArNG 111th Support Group)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=30-18-18 097-52-21 ]
    [{Morgan, M} From I-35 in south Austin, you first head west on US 290, then northwest on TX 360 until you reach FR 2244, Bee Cave Road. The control site is about a mile up Bee Cave, on the right atop a hill; current owner is the Texas Army Gaurd's 111th Support Group. Again, except for the radar platforms, the site looks complete.

    L - 7 WNW Austin, Bee Cave Rd ((I) U of Texas F.I. Cornwall Firing Range)
    [{Pumphret, E} (June 2004) owned by the Texas Army National Guard and used as an armory, they have a Nike Hercules missile resting horizontal on a stand at the entrance to the armory. (see this) ]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=30-18-53 097-52-00 Bee Cave Research Center, 1996 ]
    [{Morgan, M} Continue west on Bee Cave almost a mile and the launch area is on a hill to the left;

    DF-01 Denton - Civil Defense Museum, Nike Missile Base, Denton Texas spotted by Thomas Page
    C - 3.5 N Denton, E side FR 2164 ((I)Denton Board of Education; abandoned)
    [{Heck, G} (2006) pretty much as described by T. Tyler. Site seems pretty deteriorated except for the apparent residence.]
    [{Tyler, T} (10/2004) 7011 FM2164, Denton TX. Coords: 33-16.4W/097-07.9W (gate), Status: Buildings seem mostly intact & unused, except for one which seems to now be a private residence. Gate was open (guard shack present), but had numerous N-T signs posted. The site sits atop a small hill, so it was difficult to see much from outside the perimeter fence.]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=33-16-35 097-07-54 privately owned, 1998] ]

    L - 4.6 N Denton, FR 2164 S of FR 3163 ((I)Univ of N Texas; UNT Astronomics Research Lab)
    - see Launcher Area images - pointed out by Mike Shaw
    [{Shaw, M} (June 2006) ... all the buildings at the missile launch area have been recently demolished. To my knowledge the property still belongs to the University of North Texas, which still has its FM radio station tower located at the west end of the site. I don't know what UNT has planned for the site, but I would be surprised if they would spend the money to also remove the underground portions of the base. ]
    [{Tyler, T} (10/2004) 9103 Farm Market Rd 2164, Denton TX, Coords: 33-17.37N/097-07.92W (Gate) Status: Now University of North Texas Observatory. Buildings mostly seemed intact (including kennel area), as viewed from the locked gate. FM broadcast tower on site, back around magazine area, ...]
    [{Parrich, R} ... is in extremely good condition and has been used for storage by the U. of N Tex and has been used for the manufacture of Medical radioisotopes.]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=33-17-19 097-07-54 UNT Astronomy Observatory, 1998] ]

    DF-20 Terrell "Excess Report, NIKE Hercules Site D-FW-20, Terrell, Texas, - 1.2 MegaBytes, courtesy Mark Berhow, co-author of "Rings of Supersonic Steel".

    C - SR 205 at Colquitt ((I) abandoned)
    [{Olson, D} (2011) ... all of the buildings at the IFC site are gone. Only the foundations, a few yellow painted hand rails, and the ABAR tower remain. ]
    [{Heck, G} (2006) in complete disrepair. Most buildings have collapsed into rubble. One antennae tower (or observation tower) frame still stands. ]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-45-42 096-18-48 locked & abandoned, 1996 ]

    L - 1622 Griffith Ave., E side ((P)Terrell FFA/school bus storage/maintenance
    [{Parrish, R} (2014) This is my business card - Cal Center Inc, 1622 Griffith Ave., Terrell, Texas 75160-4905,,, 214-577-3515
    I have no problem showing people around but I’d prefer to have people email me if they’d like to come out and see what we have here at the moment. We do give a lot of tours, mostly to ex-military individuals who had a part in it. ]
    [{Heck, G} (2006) I drove down the road to the Launch site, but it is occupied and I did not want to trespass.]
    [{Parrich, R} In august of 1996 I Purchased the Nike launch site from the Terrell Independent School District for a pittance and am currently putting an electronic calibration facility in one pit and a home in one of the other. The school district welded the doors shut in 74 and the site filled with water and stayed that way for 20 years until we pumped them dry last year (1.2 million gallons later). We also removed the elevators and the overhead doors.]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-45-58 096-17-53 private use, 1996 ]

    DF-30DC Duncanville, AFS NE Duncanville-Wheatland Highway & Duncanville Rd., City of Duncanville: Armstrong Park, municipal offices
    More details at
    [{Morgan, M} (August 2007) There is quite a memorial at the city library.
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-38-55, 96-54-25. In 1997, I renewed my drivers license with the TX Dept. of Public Safety in what I'm told was the former administration building. That building was demolished in either 1998 or early 1999. The only obvious clues to the location's history are a row of family housing units and some remaining perimeter fence.]
    DF-50 Alvarado C - 3 SE Alvarado, N side FR 1807 ((I) GOEX, Inc.)
    [ Web Site, Nov 2010
    [{Hughes, J} (April 2005) I have owned this site since 1990, New Life Ministries does not nor has ever owned this property, I purchased this site from Goex, Inc. ]
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-23-25 097-10-00 New Life Ministries church, 1996

    L - 3.5 SE Alvarado, S side FR 1897 ((I) private owner)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-22-50 097-09-57 private use, 1996 ]

    DF-70 Ft. Wolters C - N Fort Wolters ((I) TXArNG; Unit Training Equipment Site No. 2)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-50-55, 98-02-45

    L - NW Fort Wolters ((I)Small arms storage; firing and manuever range)
    [{Murdock, S} TXArNG; unaccessible to the public, GPS=32-51-00, 98-03-35 ]

    DY-10 Ft Phantom Hill
    C - 8 N Abilene, FR 600 ((I)Abilene Independent School District; Instructional Resources Center)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-33-55 099-43-00 Abilene Ind. School District, 1997]

    L - 9 N Abilene, FR 600 ((I)private owner)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-34-50 099-43-00 private use, 1997
    [{Morgan, M} - above-ground "magazines" and launchers - as those at Walker, Schilling, Dyess, etc ]

    DY-50 Camp Barkeley
    C - 12 SW Abilene, W of US 277 ((I)Private owner)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-16-55 099-56-45 private use, ranch, 1997]

    L - 13 SW Abilene, W of US 277 ((I)Private owner)
    [{Murdock, S}GPS=32-16-15 099-57-30 private use, residence, 1997]
    [{Morgan, M} - above-ground "magazines" and launchers - as those at Walker, Schilling, Dyess, etc ]

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    Designation General Location Detailed Location (Current Status)
    Google Earth Turkish Nike sites from René Kiefer Admin and Operator
    ? Erzurum from {Gregorios, J}
    1st Missile Squadron Üvezli 41 07 55N 29 25 30E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    2nd Missile Squadron Kiliçli 41 09 40N 29 18 35E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    3rd Missile Squadron Alemdag 41 03 20N 29 13 20E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    4th Missile Squadron Kayisdag 40 57 40N 29 09 55E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    5th Missile Squadron Zekeriyaköy 41 12 10N 29 02 05E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    6th Missile Squadron Odayeri 41 14 30N 28 51 10E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    7th Missile Squadron Fenertepe 41 08 30N 28 46 55E - from anonymous 1 (2009)
    8th Missile Squadron Hosdere 41 05 10N 28 39 15E - from anonymous 1 (2009)

    (1) from anonymous - I don't know how many of them are still active, but I think there are at most two squadrons active in Istanbul. All the others have been moved to other sites in the western part of Turkey.

    Rolf Dieter Görigk hears that they have 4 systems, in very fine/clean condition, and that they fire from a range over the Black Sea.

    Rolf D. Görigk's Web Page says that in September 1974, there were "2 Nike batallions" (8 batteries?) in Turkey., November 2005, says "One was in a place called 'choc mokley' (SP?) at least in 1968-69 or so."

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