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NORAD History - Documents

Added December 2018, from Foster Mark MATF
History of NORADís Underground Combat Center (Great Cheyenne Mt Photos):

North American Air Defense Command etc

"Introduction" ;-))
Self intro of Ed Thelen - techie
     this vacuum tube connected to that tube to the thigh bone to the hip bone to the head bone

Introduction of Greg Brown - techie and more
     Greg wants to know what the head bone is connected to --

So Greg looked up NORAD - (North American Aerospace Defense Command)
     - that "Aerospace" may be a "recent" change ;-))

I complained that some of the scans were "eye-ball-busters",
but Greg patiently explained

Yea, itís an old document and the scan is lousy.
Iím not so much thinking of putting it on an informational web page, 
but for my own information, I learned,

Interceptor sites in Cal were stationed at:

Hamilton AFB - San Rafael
Castle AFB - Merced
Fresno - ANG
Oxnard - Point Magu NAS
Ontario - ANG
El Centro - NAS

And the latest and greatest jet was the F-106

Nike sites in the US:

83 RA
48 NG
131 Total, 1966

Things I did not knowÖ