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Nike SF-88 Volunteers

and some visitors the volunteer docents help inform :-))

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Volunteers, as of 2013 to current (2018)
Most of the people below were present for lunch March 2, 2013. Thanks for the GREAT cookies !!!
E-mail addresses (when available) are in the bottom border of the full sized pictures.
with a great deal of help from Greg Brown
- Ranger Al Blank
- Rod Brimhall
- Greg Brown
- Clinton Crane
- Donald Echeverria
- Jerry Feicht
- Duane Fey
- Alec Gyorfi
- Dick Huey
- Al Kellogg
- Dave Kreutzinger
- Gordon Lunn
- Ron Parshall
- Ed Thelen

Ranger Al Blank
OK - not really a volunteer ;-))

SF-88 site (415)331-1453
Ranger Al Blank took over after Ranger John Porter retired in late 2012. He is telling us of the "interesting time" with the reduction in NPS funding.

Rod Brimhall
Rod was a 23N (Nike Radar and Intercept Computer Repairman) and served at the 2/56 ADA for 5 years in Germany, achieving the rank of Staff Sargent. Rod was also on the Nuclear Surety Team during this time, where he was tasked with transporting, protecting and, if needed, destroying the weapon.

After returning from Germany, Rod taught Nike Hercules for 18 months, before leaving the Army and returning to California.

Greg Brown
A Herc on its way to The Dream Machine Event, May 1 2011, Half Moon Bay, CA
SP-4, MOS 16C and 52B, stationed at LA-88 (C-4-65) Chatsworth, and B-4-62 (mobile) Ft. Bliss Tx. 68-71
Living in San Lorenzo Ca.

Greg Brown riding Ajax

Sharon Tate riding Ajax

Clinton Crane
SSG, Nuclear Weapons Specialist (55G) CONUS and Europe, was on Nike Hercules de-mil team in 1984 for SALT II, Military Historian and NPS Volunteer since 2009.

Donald Echeverria
Specialist E-5 with 9 years in the California National Guard.
Acquisition Radar Operator. A-Battery, 2nd Missile Battalion, Nike Ajax, 250th A.D.A. Group 112th A.D.A. Brigade.

April 1953-March 1959 - C Battery 271st A.A.A. Battalion Gun 90 MM
Fort Funston, S.F., Calif. , Fort Scott, S.F., Calif.
March 1959-March 1962 - Nike Ajax, Fort Scott, S.F., Calif.

Jerry Feicht
Greg Brown says "USAF Minuteman career officer, one of the Launcher presenters, tells a good story, top volunteer."
Many pictures on this web site of him working on launchers and elevators.

Alec Gyorfi
from Ed Thelen "Part of the original restoration crew under Bud Halsey. I think he contributed a truck, gas, and himself on the great raid to China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in November 1996 ;-))"
Very active in keeping the launcher area functional.
Many pictures on this web site of him working on launchers and elevators.
Marin Headlands - over 1000 hours volunteered , that was recorded before 2005 !!

from Ed Thelen - Do you feel like a down-trodden volunteer?
Pity Alec, being walked on by his dog Snappy. ;--)
Photo from Greg Brown, taken Thursday, May 13, 2021, during a Covid work day.

Dick Huey
May 2018 - Greg Brown reports and sent picture.
Volunteer Dick Huey ... has been doing the Thursday and Friday tours for a couple of years now.

Al Kellogg
Marin Headlands - over 1000 hours volunteered
a bit of history about me volunteering at the SF 88

Dave Kreutzinger
"Was stationed at SF-88 when it closed. was involved from the start of the restoration work years ago. knows a lot about the site and has contributed much over the years." It's real, Alec and I staged it for a corvette rally to Groom Lake.

Gordon Lunn
Served in Field Artillery Army Reserve, Active Army, National Guard and Army Reserve for 23 years, retiring with the rank of LTC. Served on Nike sites in Buffalo, Boston and LA. Battalion Staff Officer in LA; and in Chicago (briefly). Became Senior Evaluator at Hqs ARADCOM. Other Service: Army Aviation Systems Command; Hqs. 6th Army; Office of Management and Budget, Pentagon.

Ron Parshall
Marin Headlands - over 1000 hours volunteered

Ed Thelen
One year Ajax IFC training, two years defending Chicago 1955-1956 (successfully ;-))
Active for a few years starting 1996, (including part of a group of 8 getting Nike spares from China Lake), 2013, getting active again.

Annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ - 2016 & 2017
These pictures are from the 2016 and 2017 events.
Greg Brown was the photographer. He brought folding tables, chairs, ice, BBQ, and was also chief chef.
Ranger Al Blank provided the food, drinks, and fixins.
Center is Ranger Al Blank, founder of the feast :-)) Ron Parshall is in the rightmost red cap. He was an early (pre-1990) volunteer. By 1997 all of the displayed Nike equipment had been gathered and restoration largely complete.
The biggest smile belongs to Terry Brown. She is substituting for Greg Brown who is now taking pictures :-)) A quiet moment for (l>r) Don Echeverria, Jerry Freight, Alec Gyorfi and Gordon Lunn
Lots of food for EARLY visitors. REALLY nice day packs given to the volunteers.
Does Al look like a natural BBQer ?? The young lady ranger (brown flat hat) had been assigned to Maui, Hawaii. Welcome to "Sunny" California ;-))
Ed Thelen's 4th hot dog ???
Home made cookies are in the red cans :-)))
Al Blank giving visitors the "lay of the land".

Annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ - 2022
These pictures are from the 2022 event.
Greg Brown was the photographer.
     "Enclosed are a few pics from yesterday’s fun and frolic in the fog."
     He brought folding tables, chairs, ice, BBQ, and was also chief chef.
     Terry Brown and Betty Thelen assisted
Ranger Al Blank provided the food, drinks, and fixins.





Emeritus - no longer active
Col. Milton R. (Bud) Halsey National Park Service page on Bud Halsey, Marin Headlands - over 1000 hours volunteered, obituary
Austin F. Blake photo - by Greg Brown
Ezio Nurisio Marin Headlands - over 1000 hours volunteered
Nick Nurisio Marin Headlands - over 1000 hours volunteered
John Porter - NPS Ranger, site manager from ??? to late 2012, retired, visits occasionally :-))

Visitors - this section started May 2015
On open house days - generally the first Saturday of the month -
We get lots of visitors arriving at random intervals which are awkward to photograph as a group.
The following are small pre-scheduled tours :-))
Picture from the 576th Flight Test Sq.Tour, SF-88, 5/7/2015
(I'm told the missile is scheduled for a paint job :-))
Photo by Greg Brown

A Reunion - Nike Historical Society, Sept 2, 2017

Photo by Joe Sikoryak group

Photo by Joe Sikoryak group
Food and refreshments were served, but I'm on a diet ;-))