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Colonel Loop's Nike papers

started Oct 6th, 2019
Saturday Oct 5, 2019 was the first Saturday of that month. As usual I was at SF-88 in the RC (Radar Control) van, telling about operations in that van (from my usual techie view).

A friendly looking guy walks up and asks if I am Ed Thelen. Fearing the worst ;-) I reply "Yes".
He says "I'm David Larsen, we correspond."
My brain had to change gears, then I remembered that a David Larsen helps keep me (and this web site) informed about the status of New England Nike sites. :-))

Ah, no need to fear a brush with THE LAW ;-)
David mentions that his wife has never seen California, and here they are from the Boston area, driving about in a rental car. David also mentioned that he had met "Bud" Halsey, a/the driving force in the restoration of SF-88, at some meeting or conference in the early 1990s.

Then things got even more interesting!
David asked if I had seen Colonel Loop's Nike papers.
I replied that No, I've never even heard of Colonel Loop
    nor for that matter, anybody named Loop.
The next day, Mark Berhow (co-author of Rings of Supersonic Steel) sent scans of the two documents
   - Random Thoughts on Nike Sites dated 15-18 Aug 1992, 5.5 MBytes
      a surprisingly concise yet useful overview of air defense and Nike
       - and a little of Hawk, Bomarc, Talos, Terrier
   - Units Assigned to ARAACOM/ARADCOM 1951 - 1979, 2.3 MBytes

Then David started describing Colonel Loop's Army career, with its sudden shift to doing Nike site readiness tests.
I was VERY interested as when I was in Chicago (1955-1956), I had been very disappointed and worried that there was no effective site proficiency testing.

Other folks came by "needing" my RC van "lecture". David left to see the rest of the show :-)
I hope to hear and web publish the Nike part of Colonel Loop's Army career.