Nike Ajax Missile Site C-41

Launcher Area
61st Street and Lake Shore Drive, Jackson Park, Chicago


Typical Launcher Area Layout


Nike Site C-41 in Jackson Park would have looked similar to this photo of Boston Site B-15.

(15 July 60) U.S. Army Photo

Nike Site

Nike Ajax missile being raised via elevator from its underground magazine.


Nike Hercules missile tilting into launch position.


Boston Site B-15 - Nike Ajax missiles

(15 July 60) U.S. Army Photo


The Nike Hercules shown here defended major U.S. target areas against aircraft attack from 1958 to 1974. It had an effective range of over 75 miles and a speed of mach 3.6. South Korea has over 200 of these missiles, with associated radars and guidance systems, currently in service. Its predecessor, the smaller Nike Ajax, was in service from 1954 through about 1965. It had a range of 25 miles and a speed of mach 2.5.


Nike Crete

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