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Map of system parks
Ardenwood Farm Docents

California Agricultural History - serious stuff -
Native American History of CORN, Large picture of samples (250 KBytes)
History of Squash
Evolution of Calif Agri 1850-2000 Chapter 1
- Calif Agri Dimensions and Issues source of Chapter One above
Ohlone people

California Farm Museums
The Heidrick Ag History Center - 1962 Hays Lane, Woodland, CA 95776
Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum Vista, south of L.A. - shows 3rd and 4th weekends of June and October.
ROUGH and TUMBLE Engineers Historical Association

Calif antique farm equipment show April 20-22, 2012 International Agri-Center, 4500 South Laspina Street, Tulare California
jackcreekfarms - down by Morro Bay

Docent Material
Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont
- Trent Pearce, volunteer coordinator - (510-544-3285)
- OPEN year-round, Except Mondays, 10am-5pm,*
- also Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.
- Train rides, blacksmithing demonstrations are available from April to mid-November
- on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and during December events.
- period costumes 1850 - 1930 are appropriate. Part of training

Ardenwood Farm Docents
Share your enthusiasm for history! We're looking for people who want to learn to cook on a wood stove, demonstrate antique farm machinery, and teach historic crafts such as spinning, weaving, and toy making. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to help our staff create a welcoming atmosphere for schoolchildren and families. Our five-session training course begins in March. Call (510) 544-2797 or email for an application and details.

From Ardenwood Brochure
DOCENTS & VOLUNTEERS — Ardenwood depends upon volunteers for its continued operation. Your interest in restoration, farming, gardening, house tours, historic crafts, or farmyard demonstrations will help keep the farm growing and flourishing. For more information call 510-544-2797.

Assist with farm and field chores, educational programs, and historic demonstrations. Cook on a wood stove, teach historic crafts such as spinning, weaving, and toy making or tend the Victorian herb garden.

From You are invited to become an EPRPD Volunteer
Successful docent candidates will:
  • be dependable
  • be enthusiastic
  • have good communication skills
  • be interested in the environment
  • be able to learn detailed information
  • be friendly and patient with people of all ages, especially children
  • be flexible

Training sessions may include:
  • ecology
  • botany
  • geology
  • zoology
  • local history
  • native people
  • historic farming
  • interpretive methods

Our Mission
To “…balance public usage and education programs with protection and preservation of our natural and cultural resources…” has resulted in an award-winning naturalist staff. Docents are needed to enhance and expand naturalist programs at the visitor centers. Help naturalists achieve our mission:
  • provide exciting hands-on experiences for students
  • enrich school curricula in alignment with the California State Academic Content Standards
  • serve thousands of school children each year
  • participate in over 30 special events each year
  • educate 100,000 people per year through public programs.

First Page and Map of Ardenwood,
adapted from
First page of Brochure, expanded for easier reading
Map of Ardenwood
  1. VISITOR CENTER & ARDEN STATION - At the train station pick-up the latest program information, enjoy exhibits highlighting Ardenwood’s history or board the farm’s railroad for Deer Park Station (#6).
  2. OHLONE INDIAN VILLAGE Once a village site for Ardenwood’s first inhabitants, the area is now protected in a natural state.
  3. POOL SITE (reservable) This was the first concrete swimming pool built in the county. Now covered, it is used for special activities and weddings.
  4. MILK HOUSE (mid 19th Century) The milk house is a cool spot once used for storing produce, meat, and milk.
  5. DEER PARK PICNIC AREA (reservable) Large groups enjoy using the tables and play field.
  6. DEER PARK STATION For a ride to Arden Station, board the horse-drawn railway here.
  7. COOK’S HOUSE (late 19th Century) The cook’s house is now the Patterson House office.
  8. KITCHEN GARDEN Heirloom vegetable garden.
  9. PATTERSON HOUSE Home to three generations of the Patterson family. It began as George Patterson’s bachelor farmhouse built in 1857. The house was expanded with a Queen Anne addition in 1889 as the family, the farm, and their place in East Bay society grew.
  10. AVIARY It was a symbol of status for a Victorian family to keep exotic fowl.
  11. E-I-O PICNIC AREA (reservable) A great place for family picnics, birthday parties, and gatherings for groups of up to fifty. BBQ available.
  13. CHICKEN COOP & ANIMAL PENS You’ll see sheep, pigs, turkeys, and chickens.
  14. TENNIS COURT (circa 1900) A clay tennis court was a real luxury back then. It’s been covered with tar for the time being.
  15. GAZEBO (re-created) A common feature on many Victorian-Era estates.
  16. PASTURE Watch for the farm’s sheep and cows when they’re not in the farmyard.
  17. FARMYARD PICNIC AREA Picnic tables available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  18. TANKHOUSE (reconstructed) Powered by a windmill, a tankhouse once provided the farm with water for the family and the crops. Step inside to explore our “Water Museum”.
  19. GRANARY (re-created) Naturalist programs, lectures, and demonstrations happen here. Check the schedule.
  20. COUNTRY KITCHEN Check schedule for cooking demonstrations on our wood-burning stove.
  21. HAYBARN (circa 1910) Equipment, and tack are stored in the barn. Corn Room programs meet here.
  22. BLACKSMITH SHOP & EQUIPMENT SHED (circa 1850) The blacksmith fires up the forge. Look for vintage equipment, farm animals, and farmcraft demonstrations in the shed.
  23. FARM ANIMALS Here you’ll find farm animals including rabbits, sheep, goats, and cows.

Trail Map of Ardenwood - from
  1. Ardenwood Station Entrance
  2. Pool Site
  3. Deer Park Station
  4. Kitchen Garden
  5. Patterson House
  6. Aviary
  7. E-I-O Picnic Area
  8. Chicken Coop & Farm Animals
  9. Tennis Court
  1. Gazebo
  2. Farmyard Cafe & Picnic Area
  3. Granary
  4. Country Kitchen
  5. Haybarn
  6. Blacksmith Shop & Equipment Shed
  7. Farm Animals
  8. Tractor Shed

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