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Chicago-Milwaukee Radar Ring

As per "Rings of Supersonic Steel":

"The Chicago_Milwaukee region reatured a ring of ten radar sites separate from the Nike AADCP and battery radars in the two defence areas. Operated by detachments of the 16th, 22nd, and 61st Artillery Groups, control of the sites eventually passed to the 45th Brigade. The employment of a separate radar defence ring was not repeated in ARADCOM. The type radars utilized at these sites has not been determined."

Also see Air Defense Radar Stations, Information for Arlington Heights AI, IL

The locations are vaguely depicted here

Rings of Supersonic Steel from Harold Cocherell from Others
. tisch mills,wis. cm01r * was Two Creeks AFS,WI .
CM-10R Tischmills, WI . . .
. ludington,mich. cm15r * . .
CM-21R GrandHaven, MI . . .
CM-30R Adamsville, MI adamsville,mich. cm30r Adamsville, MI .
CM-43R Logansport, MI (1) . . .
CM-48R Ludington, MI (2) . . .
CM-50R Rossville, IL rossville,il. cm50r * . from Mike Abernethy - May 2005 - We lucked out on Rossville. We talked to people who knew about the site, got copies of newspaper articles, and found out that the grandchildren of the man who leased the property to the government own the property. It was your "typical" radar site. And housing for the men was at a house in town. We got a copy of a 1960 aerial photo of the site that is located at N 40-23-37; W 87-38-44. The structures were removed by the current owner's father prior to 1969 when the area was first farmed. It is currently agricultural -- nothing of the radar site remains.
CM-55R Wenona, IL wenona,il cm55r * Scott Murdock's report
41-03-22, 89-02-55
CM-62R Dixon, IL dixon,il. cm62r . from Mike Abernethy - May 2005 - We then went to the County Recorder’s office to find out the current owners of the property in question get copies of the deeds. We then went back to the SCS Office and obtained copies of 1964 aerial photos of the area 1.5 miles east of Hwy 26 (Section 35 and part of Section 36, T 21 N, R 9 E). We saw a few sites that may be something and traveled back to the area. We headed east on Hwy 30, North on Red Brick Road, and south on Walton Road onto the Book’s property. We continued onto their property to their farm and talked to Mr. Donald Book, his wife, and grandson about the Radar Site. Mr. Book removed the concrete two years ago. It was a very small site located in the middle of Section 35 on the north side of Hwy 30. There was only a 12’ x 12’ concrete base for the radar. It was about 1-2 feet thick, was not solid, but hollow in the middle. No other structures existed. He did not find any contaminants during the removal of the concrete. He remembered service men coming on the property in 1954 talking about building a radar site. The site was constructed in about 1955 and was discontinued just a few years later.
CM-71R Argyle, WI . . from Mike Abernethy - April 2005 - 4.2 miles NW of Argyle WI on Old Q and Saint Rds. , COORDS 42 45.411 89 53.896 The area is now an apple orchard but I did find the radar base and foundation or the control building. (see attached pics) ... gentleman at the tractor dealer, who sent me over to the city clerk who eventually lead me to Erma, one of the barmaids at the local tavern. Erma is a 60ish year old lady with tall blue hair who knew the "radar guys" well. The military converted a farmhouse into their living quarters about a mile from the radar site - it still stands. It was the location of many a wild party It seems they were very popular with the local girls. More than one girl got in trouble ( ie pregnant) by a radar guy. Several got married to local girls and still live in the area.. I plan to get some info from them later.
CM-97R Princeton, WI (3) green lake,wis cm97r . from Mike Abernethy - April 2005 - 2.5 MILES SE OF PRINCETON WI, COORDS 43 49.841 89 04.874 ... but most thought it was near the quarry on the intersection of highways 23 & 73. I drove out there – nothing obvious but thought where would I put a radar site. After wandering around the hilltops for an hour- I found it. It was the same as 2 other concrete radar bases I have seen, ( approx 12x12x12) but this one was pulled out of the ground and lying on its side. See attached pics

Harold Cocherel served on the sites marked with an asterisk


  1. - I (Ed Thelen) am guessing Logansport is in Indiana.
  2. - The site number (48) seems much too large for the likely numbering scheme 00-99 clockwise from north. Possibly CM-15R is more in line with the scheme, and matches Harold Cocherell -
  3. - Princeton, WI is about 8 miles west of green lake,wis
Some of the differences may well be due to the evolving radar coverage over the period 1955? to 1974.


- Rings of Supersonic Steel (page 58)
- e-mail Harold Cocherell to Don Bender Oct. 31, 1999

updated May 2005