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IFC HIPAR Control Indicator

This unit showed HIPAR status and controls.

  2. GAIN
  3. AJAC SELECTED CHANNELS (Automatic Jamming Avoidance Circuitry)
  4. AJAC ALL CHANNELS (all 10 channels free for transmitting)
  5. AJAC P-P CHANNELS (frequency change on a pulse to pulse base)
  6. STAGGER OFF (sync pulses were staggered for MTI purposes)
  7. AJD RECEIVER (ECCM fixes used)
  8. JS ONLY (Jam Strobe Only)
  10. Jamming AJAC ENAB (le)
    (The JAMMING part of the switch came on (red) if jamming treshold level A was exeedet.) (If the AJAC ENAB was pushed (green), the circuit went into the automatic mode of operation to prevent the effects of electronic jamming.
    10 different xmtr channels were used. )
  11. MANUAL CHANNEL SELECT (white/green) Manual selection of the 10 xmtr channels were possible. Green if selected.
  12. Light indicator (green) if xmtr channel was selected
  13. HIPAR / AAR (green) if selected
  14. CONT REQ (uest)
    CONT REL (leased)
    The switch had no electric function in German systems.

Image and text from Rolf Goerigk
See Rolf's Nike web site - click on the chilli pepper -

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Updated March 3, 2012