Maps showing Nike sites
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Please note: there were other Nike sites not included in these maps. These include smaller areas such as Nike protection for individual SAC bases. At some future date I may include the entire list.

The following area maps were current in 1968, see notes below.
For further site details get "Rings of Supersonic Steel" .

Please Note: the following maps are for major defense areas. For a more complete listing of Nike sites in the United States go to LOCATIONS OF FORMER NIKE MISSILE SITES (text)

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(Extra radar ring around Chicago-Milwaukee) (the radar sites were near the 10 red cities - warning 146K bytes)
Dallas-Ft. Worth
Hampton Roads-Norfolk
Kansas City
Key West
Los Angeles
Minneapolis-St. Paul
New England
New York-Philadelphia
San Francisco
St. Louis

The above city and area defense maps were taken from Appendix B-3 of
"Historical Overview of the Nike Missile System"
by B.N. McMaster, J.B. Sonbee, W.G. Fraser, K.C. Govro, C.F. Jones,
A report prepared for:
Assessment Division, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010
Ordering information

The following text precedes the maps in section B-3.
"The documents contained in this Appendix have been reproduced from the best copies available. Although certain portions are illegible, this material is being released in the interest of making available as much information as possible.

The maps presented in this section show the location of ARADCOM sites in CONUS as of 1968 and gave certain information about the unit and equipment at each site. the top line in each box gives the COE designation for the property, such as LA-04. The second line is the military unit designation (for example, A/4/65 to indicate A battery, 4th Battalion, 65th Artillery). HIPAR for high-power acquisition radar, and HAWK for a Hawk missile battery. The other codes have not been identified.

Personnel at the NORAD History Office in Colorado Springs, Colo., provided the maps presented, which were included in an annual historical summary report produced in 1968. Similar maps could not be located for other years."

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