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In 1998, Corey J. Motel was very kindly sent to me a Xerox copy of the Department of Defense booklet
and reported that it was available from:
Mr. Keith Ryder, Archaeologist
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
111 N. Canal St., Chicago, IL 60606-7206
(312)353-6400 x2020

I think it is a very well written, informative introduction to NIKE.

Cover, click to enlarge
Now in 2016, Greg Brown lent me his copy of the above book. It scanned much better, Internet Service Provider disc space is practically free, and available Internet speeds much higher -
so I produced a much nicer verson using .pdf and in color (OK, the book's colors are limited - green, and grey scale ;-))

The whole book 15 megabytes

Thomas Page found this in a different format.

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Originated December 2, 1998
Updated January 31, 2016