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AAC- Antiaircraft Command
AADS-70's- Army Air Defense Systems, 1970's
AAGM-- Antiaircraft Guided Missile
ABMA-- Army Ballistic Missile Agency
Accom-- Acconrmodate
ACofS-- Assistant Chief of Staff
ACSFOR-- Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development
Act-- Acting
AD-- Air Defense
ADB- Air Defense Board
ADSIMO-- Air Defense Special Items Management Office
Adv- Advance, advanced
AEC- Atomic Energy Commission
AFB- Air Force Base
Agcy-- Agency
Agrmt- Agreement
AJD- Anti-Jam Display
AJI- Anti-Jam Improvement
AMC- Army Materiel Command
AMCRD- Army Materiel Command Research & Development (Orgn Symbol)
AMCTCM-- Army Materiel Command Technical Committee Meeting
AMM- Antimissile Missile
Ammo- Ammunition
AMP- Army Materiel Plan
AMSMI-NEBC-- (office symbol) High-Altitude Air Defense Branch, Maintenance Engineering Division, Directorate for Maintenance
AMSMI-SSMA-- (office symbol) Major Items Branch, Missile Systems Division, Directorate for Material Management
AMSMI-TAP- (office symbol) Procurement b Production, Air Defense Special Items Management Office
Anl- Annual
ROMC-- Army Ordnance Missile Command
APG-- Aberdeen Proving Ground
App- Appendix
Appr-- Approve
Apprd-- Approved
Apprl- Approval
APSA-- Ammunition Procurement & Supply Agency
ARAACOM- Army Antiaircraft Coarmand
ARADCOM- Army Air Defense Command
ARGMA- Army Rocket & Guided Missile Agency
ASA (I&L)- Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations & Logistics)
Asg (d)-- Assign (ed)
Asgmt-- Assignment
ASM- Air-to-Surface Missile
ASP-- Annual Service Practice
ATBM-- Antitactical Ballistic Missile
Auth-- Authority
Authzn-- Authorization
Aval-- Available. availability

Bd-- Board
Bde-- Brigade
Bfg-- Briefing
BG-- Brigadier General
Bldg- Building
Bn-- Battalion
Br-- Branch
BRL- Ballistic Research Laboratories
BTL- Bell Telephone Laboratories
Btry-- Battery
Bx- Box
ChDP-- Comptroller and Director of Programs
CADP-- Continental Air Defense Program
CAMP- Charlotte Army Missile Plant
CAPT-- Captain
CDC-- Combat Developments Command
Cfm- Confirm
Cfmn- Confirmation
CG- Commanding General
Ch- Change
Chf- Chief
Cir- Circular
Clas-- Classification
Cmdty-- Commodity
Cmt- Comment
CO-- Conrmanding Officer
CofOrd- Chief of Ordnance
CofS- Chief of Staff
CofSA- Chief of Staff. U. S. Army
COL-- Colonel
Com- Connnittee
Comdr- Commander
COMP-- Charlotte Ordnance Missile Plant
Con- Control
CONAD- Continental Air Defense Cornland
CONARC-- Continental Army Command
Conf-- Conference
Const- Construction
Conrr- Contract. contractor
CONUS- Continental United States
Coord- Coordination
Co-Pdn-- Go-Production
CRD-- Chief of Research and Development
CWO- Chief Warrant Officer
CI-- Calendar Year

DA-- Department of the Army
DAC- Douglas Aircraft Company
DAGO- Department of the Army General Order
DCD-- Deputy Commanding General
DCG/GM-- Deputy Commanding General for Guided Missiles
DCR- Design Characteristics Review
DCSLOG- Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
Decn-- Decision
Def- Defense
Dept-- Department
Dev- Development
DF- Disposition Form
Dir- Director. Directorate
Div- Division
DOD- Department of Defense
Dpl(mt)-- Deploy (ment)
Dspo-- Disposition
Dtd- Dated
Dy-- Duty

ECCM-- Electronic Counter-Countermeasure
ECM- Electronic Countermeasure
EFS-- Electronic Frequency Selection
Engr-- Engineer
Engrg- Engineering
Equip- Equipment
Estb-- Establish(ment)
ET/UT- Engineering Test/User
Test Eval-- Evaluate, Evaluation
Expc- Experience

FABMDS-- Field Army Ballistic Missile Defense System
Fac- Facility(-ies)
Feas-- Feasibility
FETP-- Final Engineering Test Program
Fld- Field
Fn-- Footnote
FONECON- Telephone Conversation
fps- feet per second
fr-- from
Ft-- Fort
Func(l)- Function(s) (al)
FY- Fiscal Year

GCO- Guidance Cutoff
GFE- Government-Furnished Equipment
GM- Guided Missile
Gnd- Ground
GO- General Orders
Govt-- Government

Hdlg-- Handling
HIPAR- High Power Acquisition Radar
Hist-- History, Historical
HQ-- Headquarters

ICBM-- Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IFF- Identification Friend or Foe
Imprv- Improvement
Incl- Inclosure
Ind- Indorsement
Indus- Industrial
Inflt- Inflight
Instl- Installation
Intvw-- Interview
Inves-- Investigation
IRBM-- Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
ITT- International Telephone h Telegraph (Corporation)

JATO-- Jet-Assisted Takeoff
JPL- Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JTF- Joint Task Force
Just-- Justification

kw- Kilowatt

LAAP- Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant
Lab(s)-- Laboratory(-ies)
LAP- Load, Assemble, Pack
Lb- Pound
Lchg- Launching
Lcbr- Launcher
Ln- Liaison
LOPAR-- Low Power Acquisition Radar
LOU-- Launcher Operating Unit
LP- Limited Production
LTC- Lieutenant Colonel
Ltd-- Limited
LTG- Lieutenant General
Ltr- Letter

MAAG-- Military Assistance Advisory Group
MA&T-- Military Applications and Training
Maint- Maintenance
MAJ-- Major
MAP- Military Assistance Program
Mat-- Material, Materiel
Mbr-- Member
mc-- Megacycles
MC's-- Military Characteristics
Memo-- Memorandum
MFF- Memorandum For File
MFR- Memorandum For Record
MG-- Major General
Mgt- Management
MICOM- Army Missile Command
Mins-- Minutes
Mod(s)-- Modification(s)
MOHEC- Maintenance of HERCULES Capabilities
mph- miles per hour
Msg-- Message
Msl- Missile
Msn- Mission
MTE- Multisystem Test Equipment
Mtg-- Meeting
MTI- Moving Target Indicator
Mtr-- Missile Tracking Radar
MUCOM- Munitions Command

NASA-- National Aeronautics & Space Administration
n.d.-- No Date
NORAD- North American Air Defense Command
n.s.-- no subject
NTDC-- Naval Training Device Center
NYOD-- New York Ordnance District

OAC- Ordnance Ammunition Conrmand
O/C-- Other Customer
OCO-- Office, Chief of Ordnance
OCRD-- Office, Chief of Research & Development
Ofc-- Office
Off- Officer
OGMS- Ordnance Guided Missile School
OML- Ordnance Missile Laboratories
Op(s)(1)- Operation(s) (al)
Ord- Ordnance
OrdC-- Ordnance Corps
OTC- Ordnance Technical Committee
OTCM-- Ordnance Technical Committee Meeting

PA- Picatinny Arsenal
P&C- Purchasing and Contracting
Part-- Participation
Pdn-- Production
PEMA-- Procurement of Equipment and Missiles, Army
PEMA/S- Procurement of Equipment and Missiles, Army, in Support of R&D
Pers-- Personnel
Pkg- Package
Plcy-- Policy
PM- Project Manager
PM2P- Project Management Master Plan
PMS- Projects Management Staff
PPI- Plans Position Indicator
pps- pulses per second
Ppsd-- Proposed
Ppsl-- Proposal
Prelim- Preliminary
Pres-- President
Presn- Presentation
Proc-- Procurement
Prog-- Progress
Proj - Project

R&D-- Research and Development
RDD-- Research & Development Division
RDTE-- Research, Development. Test, and Evaluation
Reasg (d)-- Reassign (ed)
Reg- Regulation
Rel- Release
Reorg- Reorganize
Reorgn-- Reorganization
Rep- Representative
Rept-- Report
Resp- Responsible. Responsibility
Rev-- Revise. Revision
RF- Radio Frequency
Rg-- Range
RELA-- Records Adding Area
RI-- Release to Industrial
Rkt- Rocket
ROTCM- Reserve Officers' Training Corps Manual
rpm- Revolutions Per Minute
Rqrmt-- Requirement
RSA- Redstone Arsenal
vRSIC-- Redstone Scientific Information Center
Rst- Redstone

SA- Secretary of the Army
SAC- Strategic Air Command
SAGE-- Semiautomatic Ground Environment
SAM- Surface-to-Air Missile
SAM-D- Surface-to-Air Missile Development
Sec-- Section
Secy-- Secretary
Smanl- Semiannual
SO-- Special Orders
Sp-- Special
Spt- Support
SRI- Stanford Research institute
SS-- Summary Sheet
Sta- Status
Std- Standard
STRAF-- Strategic Army Forces
Subj -- Subject
Suc- Successful
Sum-- Summary
Supv-- Supervise
Supvn-- Supervision
Suppl- Supplement, Supplemental
Svc- Service
SXR- Senior Agency/Command Representative
Sys- System

Tac- Tactical
TBM- Tactical Ballistic Missile
TCC-- Thiokol Chemical Corporation
TCC/LOW- Thiokol Chemical Corporation/Longhorn Ordnance Works
TCLAS-- Type Classification
TD- Table of Distribution
TDA-- Table of Distribution and Allowances
Tech-- Technical
TECOM-- Test & Evaluation Command
Termn- Termination
TIR- Technical Information Report
Tng- Training
TOE- Table of Organization & Equipment
TR-- Technical Report
Trf- Transfer
Trns- Transition
TRR- Targer Ranging Radar
TT-- Teletype
TTR- Target Tracking Radar
TX-- Texas

UMPC-- Universal Moulded Products Corporation
Univ-- Universal, University
Unsuc- Unsuccessful
USACDC- United States Army Combat Developments Command
USAMC-- United States Army Materiel Command
USAOMC-- United States Army Ordnance Missile Command
USARAL-- United States Army, Alaska
USAREUR-- United States Army. Europe
USARJ-- United States Army. Japan
USARPAC- United States Army. Pacific

Vol- Volume

w-- with
WD- War Department
WECo-- Western Electric Company
Whd- Warhead
Wpn-- Weapon
WSMR-- White Sands Missile Range
WSP- Weapon System Plan
WSPG-- White Sands Proving Ground

XM-- Experimental Model
Xmitl- Transmittal

ZURF-- ZEUS Uprange Facility

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