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Nike Decals

The following graphics were scanned by Pete Wurzbach C/4/562, 605 Ashford Drive Coppell, TX 75019
"C/4/562 was our unit ID abreviated: Battery C, 4th Btn, 562d Artillery. This was common in the DFW Defense."

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Shoulder Patch (40 K Bytes)

Decal (131 K Bytes)
Pete wrote "Interestingly, the motto in the decal "family with a future" turned out to be too presumptuous. The Nike family didn't really have a future after the Zeus was canceled."

Bumper Sticker (127 K Bytes)

Life on a Nike site was quite accident free, even in the relatively dangerous Ajax missile fueling operations.

If nothing else, the military abhors accidents including the subsequent writing of accident reports and the following investigations and the placement of accident related documents in your file. An accident reflects upon your military efficiency and promotional possibilities. An accident can cause your already meager pay to decrease.

Most injuries occurred off site, on the highway. The situation of troops trying to maximize visits to home towns 1,000 miles from the site on a 3 day pass, was a definite problem. People would work all day Friday, start driving late Friday afternoon, get home about Saturday noon, see the folks - girl friend - old friends - until Sunday noon, and start driving back, not always successfully.

Later, regulations limited the driving range of a 3 day pass. The range was written right on the pass, and penalties if you were caught outside the range were severe. But headstrong, lonesome, lovesick ...

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Updated April 27, 1997