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Manufacturer DEC - Digital Equipment Corporation
Identification,ID PDP-9
Date of first manufacture1968
Number produced -
Estimated price or cost-
location in museum -
donor -

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The PDP-1 was the first of the DEC 18 bit computer series, consisting of PDP-1, PDP-4, PDP-7, PDP-9, PDP-15.

see Architecture at PDP-1.

Instruction List, Page 1, 2

Special features
from Max Burnet
[This] is a hardware bootstrap loader for the PDP-9. Made by Tennecomp with a 19 inch rack form factor. It has a large black motor, which is activated by pressing the button on the front panel. The motor rotates a studded drum, 18 studs wide, and 60 positions long, using 53 of them. Like one of those music boxes.

The connector on the back of the unit would have been cabled into the PDP-9 (I presume) to pretend it is a "fast" switch register. I don't have any doco on the unit or know where it plugged in.

I was given it about 20 years ago by CSC Aust who had a PDP-9, and I believe it was in use. Would sure beat toggling in fifty three 18 bit words.

Max Burnet
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Historical Notes
see Timeline at PDP-1.

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