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IBM Programmer Aptitude Test (Revised)
Form Number 120-6762-2

by J. L. Hughes and W. J. McNamara

as a .pdf file
This is a three part test.
- 1) Number sequences,
- 2) Diagrams,
- 3) Word problems
To the right are two pages
to show the challenge

page 4

page 6

Giuliano La Guardia, < gguardia @ uepg . br > professor of mathematics in State University of Ponta Grossa, wrote
I took the test "Programmer Aptitude Test" online (20 minutes) (only the nonverbal part) and I would like to know if it is possible to get the answers of this test.

Cordially with best regards,

Bill Worthington < BillWorthington @ comcast . net > responded:
I remember taking the test back in 1961 when the bank I worked for wanted to see what my aptitude was for programming their on-order IBM 1401. IBM had a version of the PAT which they let customers use. In 1964, I took the IBM version of the PAT before they offered me a job as a Systems Engineer. There were two versions. I guess I passed -- both times and both versions.

However, with that bit if history, I am not aware of how to find the answer sheet for either of the PAT tests.


Software always seems to get involved with computers.
Some people insist you need the stuff ;-))
Gordon Bell sent this along -
Subject: Business Week Issue on Programming by Paul Ford... Really great essay about aka programs, programmers, and programming


Lovely (strongly recommended) story of programs, programmers, and programming.


Wonderful story… e.g. it answers various questions an exhibit might answer.
The article that takes several hours to read:
Hardly a single mention of things called “computers”, or Intel, MAC… the virtual complement of CHM.

Paul Ford is worthwhile to interview (i.e. listen to).

Gordon Bell.
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