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Endicott History and Heritage Center

Endicott History & Heritage Center
The home of the IBM museum
40 Washington Ave Endicott, NY 13760
Contact: R Ted Warner < >
Hours: Every Saturday 10am-2pm -- Closed January and February
Phone: (607) 727-2503

- Robert Garner visited Saturday September 6, 2014
- Carl Claunch visited the museum in June 2017, and adds these items

Text and pictures by Robert Garner, tour of Saturday September 6, 2014

Our visit to Endicott was marvelous! To start it off, Ted Warner, President of the Old Village of Union Historical Society, gave a guided tour of the Endicott History & Heritage Center (which they are curating, previously housed in an IBM building).

Historically significant IBM artifacts are artfully and chronologically displayed with informative placards.

1) The Endicott History & Heritage Center is housed in what was a department store (under the awning): 2) Front window displays:
3) Entry impression: 4) Left wall, ITR display:
5) Ted Warner, president of the Old Village of Union Historical Society points to the original Hollerith machine (not a reproduction!) 6) The vintage Hollerith machine.
7) Closeup of counter wheels on the vintage Hollerith machine. 8) Computing Scale exhibit:
9) IBM Type 80 Electric Punched Card Sorting Machine (first horizontal sorter): 10) IBM 285 Electric Accounting Machine:
11) A display of unit record equipment and tabulators. 12) IBM xx Tabulating machine
13) Carroll Rotary Card Press (1000 blank cards per minute): 14) Don Seraphim modeling IBM 603 Electronic Multiplier and 604 Electronic Calculating Punch (w/ 521 Card Reader/Punch):
15) IBM 604 Electronic Calculating Punch - in perfect condition! 16) Ted Warner points to a model of IBM's Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC).
17) IBM 603 Electronic Multiplier 18) Surprisingly, an IBM 650 RAMAC (355)!
19) RAMAC 355 disk attached to the IBM 650 20) IBM 650 processing unit.
21) IBM 1401 and 1403 Printer 22) IBM 1401 modeled by Susan Sherwood (Director, TechWorks/Center for Technology & Innovation in nearby Binghamton)
23) IBM 360 Model 30: 24) IBM 360 Model 30 CROS card and control store.
25) IBM 360 Model 30: 26) Display of history of IBM packaging technologies with Don Seraphim, IBM Fellow, who oversaw its development.
27) Don Seraphim examining circuit packaging in IBM 360 Model 30. 28) Commemorative SMS plaque: "Frank Paul, From the Endicott Employees, 50 Millionth SMS Card, Produced July 23, 1964.

Carl Claunch also visited the museum in June 2017, and adds these items

IBM KeyPunch 016 dated 1930. See web page IBM KeyPunch 031 dated 1931. See web page
IBM 603 Electric Multiplier dated 1946 - IBM Archives, and better IBM 100. Columbia quotes Wallace Eckert saying that it multiplied in 17/1000 of a second.
This was IBM's first vacuum tube production device, Bob Erickson, 1401 Restoration volunteer, told of servicing this device in the field.