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On-Line Docs, machine specific, #G

System Operating Manual

CPB-247 - 1963

Bill Lockhart of Salt Lake City sent this manual, from the estate of his step-grandmother who retired from G.E.

This document has been OCRed for convenient searching.

Binder,Covers & Table of Contents 950 K Bytes
I. Introduction 760 K Bytes
II. Operator Duties 666 K Bytes
III. System StartUp and ShutDown 196 K Bytes
IV. Central Processor 1,184 K Bytes
V. Console Typewriter 472 K Bytes
VI. 400 Card per Minute Reader 2,700 K Bytes
VII. High Speed Card Reader 1,500 K Bytes
VIII. Card Punch 795 K Bytes
IX. Magnetic Tape 3,500 K Bytes
X. High Speed Printer 4,500 K Bytes
XI. Paper Tape 2,500 K Bytes
XII. Auxiliary Arithmetic Unit 1,300 K Bytes
XIII. Mass Random Access Data Storage 2,100 K Bytes
XIV. GE 12-Pocket Document Handler 1200/min 5,100 K Bytes
XV. 12-Pocket Document Handler 750/min 2,000 K Bytes
XVI. Software 425 K Bytes
XVII. Off-Line/On-Line Printer Subsystem 1,100 K Bytes
XVIII. Peripheral Switch Control Subsystem 1,000 K Bytes
Appendix 780 K Bytes

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