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Data Service

Service for IBM Card Machines:

Keypunch, Sorter, Reproducer, Interpreter, Card Punch, etc.

Sales: Rebuilt machines stocked and ready to ship.

Complete Parts Center -
Parts shipped nationwide.

Ribbons and supplies for all Printers.

Specializing in this equipment since 1980.

Immediate information and quotations.

Experienced engineers repair and recondition all IBM Card (Unit Record) Equipment at your location:

Keypunch, Sorter, Reproducer, Interpreter, Card Punch, etc.

IBM 029, 083, 088, 129, 519, 548, 552, 557, etc.

Reconditioned machines available for immediate shipment guaranteed
to perform like new.

Engineers have 20 to 30+ years experience.

We specialize in the critical adjustments and settings necessary for machines running Aperture Cards.

We welcome your inquiry by phone or E-mail.

Data Service
7 - 157th Street
Calumet City, IL 60409

Phone 219 844-2502

E-Mail: DataService@JUNO.com
Name: Phone: 219 844-2502
Email: DataService@Juno.com