Factors in presenting this book on-line
  • Adobe PDF format seems intended as a document representation method, About 40 K bytes per printed page of this document
    • Fast processing, as fast as I can operate a page scanner
    • Accurate, what you see is a (fuzzy) representation of what was scanned no OCR errors,
    • Reputed to have an OCR hidden layer which is searchable. Unfortunately I have not succeeded in hiding the OCR layer, and font errors and OCR errors obliterate much of the text.
    • The images seem fuzzy and tiring to my eyes
    • Frankly, I cannot make it work as well as desired
    • The images seem almost as large as the .gif format at a more pleasing resolution.
  • .GIF files - will probably bring on the wrath of Compuserve lawyers. About 90 K bytes per printed page with a resolution that is comfortable
  • Microsoft Word - About 6 K bytes, retains good page layout, Dependent upon the success of OCR and post proofing. Moderate inconvenience for photographs. Problem - I have not learned to control the //// boundaries brought in from Omnipiage pro 10, and strange limitations on font size.
  • Manual HTMLing - should be simple, but unable to get correct horizontal format out of the OCR program

Ramdon info for temporary use

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