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Solyndra Shutting Its Doors

After half a billion dollars in federal loan guarentees,
which protects the investors (one a big Obama donor) from loss.
We, the rest of us, take the loss.
(with tour pictures and movies)
9/26/2012, Tesla Motors, 4 miles down the road,
with prospects no better than Solyndra,
gets a $465 million government "loan".

A week later, The Wall Street Journal reported -

"The DOE on Monday agreed to push back the $14.6 million
of a payment due next month to February and to require the
company to submit a new repayment plan by Oct. 31 that would
fully repay the loan ahead of its 10-year schedule."

Wanna bet what % of that loan the gov. ever receives??
My bet is the same % as they got from Solyndra ;-))

Photos taken July 14, 2012
Additional new role of the U.S. government
- protect the supporters of the incumbents.

May 29, 2012, " Solyndroggle Building" sales website, thanks to Kevin Appert
Jan 18, 2012, update on the bankruptcy, local copy
Oct 20, 2014, Ron Klain (new Ebola czar) and Solyndra

[Anonymous] took these pictures and videos in Solyndra two weeks before the sudden closing, Wednesday Aug 31, 2011

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From: [Anonymous]
Date: Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 11:08 AM

Subject: Re: Solyndra Shutting Its Doors - after half a billion dollars in federal aid
To: ...

Two weeks ago I attended a meeting with an electric vehicle enthusiasts group at Solyndra. After the meeting we toured the plant. The salesman gave the impression that all was well and the future was bright. Well, he fooled me.

I was however, impressed with the facility. It appeared to be fully automated with a collection of Japanese robots and programmed stations doing the manufacturing. We noticed only ONE employee on the factory floor; so much for jobs!

The solar panels are designed to be installed at commercial (flat roof) sites. There is no residential aspect to the product. Most of the current installations are in Europe and Asia, with only a few in the US. I took several photos and videos after the tour guide announced that was allowed. Later a Security guard told me it wasn't allowed and wanted to confiscate my camera to erase them. He and I didn't get along well but I still have the photos & videos.


BTW I'm not an electric vehicle enthusiast!

Look there's a worker.

Another view of factory floor.

Some of the robots

Inverter handles 1 MegWatt.

A complete rack.

Tubes in various states of completion.

Assembled tubes.

Materials used in the tube fabrication.

Steps in the process of tube fabrication.

Installation in Germany

Installation in France

Overview of Fremont site

How loan guarantee was used

One roof of Fremont site

That same roof

Videos - From: [Anonymous]
Date: Thurs Sept 29, 2011
Please add these YouTube videos to your 'Solyndra-bankrupt-GRA' website


P.S. Also see Solyndra-graft

My Comments

I (Ed Thelen) live in Fremont CA.
    ex-home of both:
       - a 4,000 employee joint venture of General Motors & Toyota (NUMMI)
       - and Solyndra, a 300,000-square-foot complex futher along Highway 880.

In 2009, the General Motors and Toyota (NUMMI) automobile plant closed. 4,100 people lost their jobs and many suppliers also suffered.

Last year (mid 2010) the OBama regime (Department of Energy) gave "loan guarantees" of $535 million to Solyndra (whose major funder was a major OBama campaign fund "bundler".) Now (mid 2011) the Solyndra solar energy plant in Fremont has just shut down and gone bankrupt - Chapter 11. The employees showed up for work as usual, were told to "Get your XXXX and go home" - no warning, no severance, no nothing - But that's OK because OBama's buddy is protected by the "loan guarantees". (And the FBI raid for documents shortly after protects the Solyndra documents from public study.) Assuming there are 100 million actual tax payers in the U.S. that's $5.35 average for each of us. Our "fair share" to help OBama's buddy. Ed Thelen P.S. Sept 29, 2011 - Pigs feeding !!!!! Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers'
money to build giant solar power plant in middle of the desert
- Odd - we have to hear this from a British news outlet. Hmmm - 100 megawatts - about 10% the size of a large nuke or fossil fuel plant. A typical Chinese coal fired plant is about 1,000 megawatts. More than one a month being constructed. Since a large Las Vegas casino/hotel uses about 5 mega watts (on a hot day?) that plant would supply 20 of those hotels - when the sun is shining overhead ;-))

P.P.S Oct 19, 2011 - Solyndra and the IRS - IRS “private letter” ruling - boosts Solyndra sales