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Name Title Phone no. E-mail Address
Sam Logan
James Fagerness
1999 Chairman--CO
Go-Chairman-- XO
James Earnest Finance Officer 915/554-9415
Troy Teague Housing Officer 505/623-3317
Harry Rush Locator Officer 214/223-6470 raynet@cyberramp. net
Errol Porter Newsletter
Kay Porter Secretary 915/264-0597


Errol Porter

Byron Penrod

James Earnest

Tommy Stewart

Troy Teague


Mrs. Clarence Daniels

September 21, 1998

Greetings from McAlester, Oklahoma, from Sam Logan

As your reunion chairman for 1999, I want to start this first post 98 reunion newsletter with a resounding thanks to Byron Penrod for his dedication as our 98 chairman. A fine job, Byron, not just in 1998 but in all the years that we've had the pleasure of getting together.

To all our 5th Msl Bn veterans, don't worry about your current chairman being way up here in Okie land. We have solid continuity in Abilene; J.W. Earnest is still our treasurer; Byron is still a most valuable focal point; Errol and Kay Porter are still publishing and mailing the newsletters; Troy Teague, over in New Mexico, can still be counted on as a mainstay in helping us all to keep the reunions going. Jim Fagerness, of Amarillo is our co-chairman. Jim, as always, faithfully recorded the goings on at the reunion.

Speaking of the 98 reunion, a list ofalI attendees is attached. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying each and every one of us had a great time but each and every one of us missed seeing our friends that were unable to attend. Therein lies our goal for the 1999 reunion which we adopted at our business meeting. Each 98 attendee is going to talk one of our members, who was absent, into attending the 1999 reunion. (So don't make me look bad, Mort!) I know many things can arise that might prevent you from attending. I myself have not been to all reunions, but one year I didn't let a broken leg prevent me from attending and this year, I didn't let Wilma's broken leg prevent us from attending. Barney Adams had a valid excuse for missing the 98 meeting; a tornado or microburst hit his business in Weatherford, Texas, the night before we began to register on the 12th of June. If the good Lord is willing and the creeks don't rise, you can bet on seeing Barney and his wife Helen, in Abilene in 1999.

The 1998 reunion was at the Ramada Inn in Abilene, the 12th through the 14th ofJune. As always, Errol and Kay as well as the Penrod's proved to be great hosts at the hospitality suite. On the 13th, Earnest and others were able to provide an impromptu visit to B Battery. For 1999, we are planning on again having the Saturday noon meal at the mess hall of B Battery as we did a few years ago. We will keep you posted on how those plans progress. We voted to again have the Ramada Inn host our reunion and it will again be the 2nd weekend in June. So mark your calendars, the 1lth, 12th and 13th of June 1999. We will provide you with the particulars in making your reservations and the cost ofmeaIs in our Spring newsletter We will have a block of rooms at the Ramada and the cost will be each attendees responsibility. The cost of the meals will be separate and forwarded to Ernest.

Several of your committee members including past chairmen, are still pursuing our old business of obtaining a Nike Missile for display and having recognition of the former sites along the highways near each of the old missile sites. We will keep you posted on any progress.

I win be glad to hear from you about anything that you want brought to the attention of our members. For those of you that did not know, Wilma and I moved from Springfield, VA, back to McAlester, OK, this past Spring. Our address is: Route 6, Box 80, McAlester, OK 74501; phone; 918-389-4792. You can E Mail us at; Don't be confused by the address; the sl are letters not s and the number one and that same with wl; w and the letter 1.

Addresses of the key people for our reunions are:

J.W. Earnest
Ovallo, Texas Phone:

Errol and Kay Porter
P. O. Box 1422
Big Spring, Texas 79721-1422
Phone: (915) 264-0597

Jim Fagerness
Amarillo, Texas Phone:

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you next June. Remember, talk one of your old buddies into coming. (Don't make me look bad, Mort!)



The Editors Desk

The 1998 reunion was great, but still not as good as the 1993 reunion. We missed many of the regulars this year for various reasons, and hope that they can make the reunion in 1999. In 1993 we had our noon meal in the old chow hall at btry "B" and then took a tour of the site. It was really great for many of us. Well, we are going to try to do it again in 1999. We are looking forward to having several new ones to come this year and it is always great to find and have new people each year come for the first time. The word about our reunion is out on the web and through this we have located some new ones that are on our unlocated list. I am asking that everyone who can try to locate just one or two people that have never been to a reunion and is still on the unlocated list and get them to come to the 1999 reunion,

For Your Information

There is a block of rooms now at the Ramada inn, in Abilene; Texas and they are taking reservations now. It is the same now as in the past for all the other reunions, you are asked to be responsible for making your own reservations, The rooms will be $51.00 per night with breakfast. Call (915)645-7700, or fax (915)689-0546. The reservation cut-off date is June. 9, unless the reservations are confirmed with a credit card, they will only be held until 4pm on the date arrival.

Newly Located

Jon Rogers Brty. A
1319 Chewpon Ave.
Milpitas, Ca 95035
E-mail JonRogers@worldnet,

Gene A. Hedges Btry. A
849 August St.
Jackson, MO 63755

Val S. Harvey Brty. B
4513 Sparkman Dr.
Huntsviile, Al. 35810
256-876-1413 w

David Wilks Btry. B
#2500 Sudderth Dr. Suite 9
Ruidoso, N.M. 88345

Address change

A. H. Roberts Btry. B
2206 Alabama
Big Spring, Tx. 79720

At this point there are quite a lot of corrections and new addresses to be brought up to date. With the help of Harry Rush we are updating the new roster for next years reunion. They are available for $5, just contact Errol & Kay and get your name on the list if you want one, it takes a lot of paper to get it copied, so get your order in now.


Tommy Stewart--Received the 1498 Founders Award for his partisapation in all the reunions sence our first, This award is to he given out every two years. Year 2000 will he the next.


This year for their first time we want to welcome Glen Percell and his wife Lilia For the first time, and will he looking forward to seeing them at the 99 reunion.


We have just received word from James Earnest that it is all set for us to have our noon meal at the B btry chow hall again in 1999 and tour the sight both ifc and launch area.

There may be need for some cleanup at the site and we may be putting out a call for those who can help.

Our first year we called upon the Boy Scouts of America to help with the cleanup, and we may do the

We are in negotions about the prices of the meals now, it looks they could be close to the same price as in the past, but we will have them for you in our next newsletter so that you can get reg.

Sorry about this letter being late, but with my work and taking care of my mother, AND Kay she just had a tooth pulled and had to have some of it cut out and couldn't talk for 48 hours.

"SILENCE IS GOLDEN" But she is back to her self now and Silence is only a memory now.