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Located on two hills in the western Boston suburb of Needham, this site was only used during the Ajax era.

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IFC/ Housing Area

   Street Map of Site

Launcher Area


IFC  1.2 miles NW of town center off Central Ave (East Militia Heights Street).

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LCA: 2.2 miles WSW of IFC on Pine Street with gate at intersection of Pine Street and Charles River Street.

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Present Status
IFC was leased by Charles River Association of Retarded Citizens since 1964, bought outright in1970. The Association has built new structures on the site and renamed it East Militia Heights. LCA site is abandoned but is a proposed site for a new elementary or middle school.



Site Pictures

Dates of Operation


Nike-Ajax site Active Army Oct 55- Aug 60
MA ARNG Feb 58- Jan 64?

Weapons Systems & Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 30 (10 per launcher section)
12 mounted on launchers (4 per launcher section)

Missile Magazines/ Launcher Sections

3 Magazines.
1 type "B", 2 Ajax .


Btry D, 24th AAA Missile Battalion (Nike)
Oct 55- Aug 58
Btry D, 3d Missile BN, 5th Artillery (Nike-Ajax)
Sep 58- Aug 60
redesignated Nike-Hercules Jun 59
Btry B, 704th AAA Missile Battalion (MA ARNG)
Feb 58-Apr 59
HHB, Btries A, B, C, 5th BN, 3d Artillery
listed as on site Aug 60  [probably only on paper]
Btry B, 1st Missile Battalion, 241st Artillery (MA ARNG)
May 59-Jan 64?

A good website with pictures, which erroneously and
mysteriously refers to the site as "South Natick:"

Nike Site for School:

Current use of IFC Site:



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