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Revised Dec 30, 2018

  The following 79 page Nike documents 
     about the Royal Dutch Airforce using the Nike Hercules system in Germany
  were written by
       Ronald Dorenbos      doren126 atsign planet dot nl
   in the Dutch language and the English language. (with help from Google Translate)
   I think this document is remarkable in organization and clarity,
       and am glad to present this (probably) imperfect translation.

Donald's preface to December 30, 2018 English translation -
"I promised to rework the ‘Google Translate’ version of my article. 
I have completed the revision and include the results. As I’m not a native - 
and certainly not a Americanlish - speaker, the text may contain expressions, 
words or other errors that are awkward or downright un-English. 
If so, let me know and I will correct it."

click here for English translation 
click here for Dutch original pdf

  Ronald Dorenbos said that the (previous) translation(s) were so hilarious
      that he *almost* did not want his name associated with it -

    You will note that the translation may not be perfect.
    This is especially true of technical words and usage.
     Human language is vague - a major challenge in human and machine translation -
           an example: "12 hours"   
        - can mean "12 o'clock" 
        - or a length of time
   (some folks would say "12 hundred hours" to mean 12 o'clock)
    Machine translation from one human language into another
     is a field of continuing active research and development.