"Health Care" "Reform" is getting ugly! (Actually it is Health Care Payment change)
OBama, who says he went to a Muslim high school in Jakarta, and doesn't remember his mentor Jeremiah Wright screaming "God Damn America" during his "religious" service, wants to tell the doctors what kind of medical care I can have.
I would feel more comfortable if OBama and congress had the same plan as "the rest of us", instead of their special plan.
Whatever happened to "equal protection/rights under the law??"
Sept. 11, 2009 - The TV says "The Dems plan to ram it through." Sound like a difficult bowel movement.
Sept. 20 - The speaker of the house, who makes Bush look brilliant, is calling folks who disagree with her "commie, fag, junkies". Sorry, that was George Carlin vs senator joe mccarthy - but the same shotgun - just different words.
Oct. 6 - A break through - the local paper says Obama says he will ask doctors their opinion on improving health care!! What a novel idea! I thought only politicians had ideas - "the rest of us" should just say "yes"
Nov. 1 - I'm told there are 5 competing health plans in various committees, apparently none of which reference ANY other current government health plan - like ideas that worked and those that didn't. Canadian, British, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, the Scandinavians, ... Looks like we want to re-invent the wheel :-(( - China went private around 1990. -
Nov. 20 - The vote in the U.S. senate is scheduled for this Saturday night. The vote in the U.S. house was on a Saturday night. Remember when cheap pistols were called "Saturday Night Specials"? The 2000+ page document is not available yet. The senators won't have had time to read the bill, much less understand it. Talk about blind faith -
Dec 21 - at 1:00 AM Monday morning, the U.S. senate advanced the progress of the health "reform" bill.
  • Good News - as part of the deal, more, Nebraska residents will not have to pay increased taxes or fees to pay for their part of the plan. :-))
  • Bad news - I don't want to move to Nebraska :-((
  • Comment - presumably veterans and illegals are included - as the administrations backs further away from its March 2009 proposal to have a veteran's health insurer pay for service related medical problems.

Jan 6, 1010 - Ugly has turned boorring The only news is that Obama is ignoring CSPAN's request the it be allowed to cover/broadcast the "health care" negotiations. (Obama had campaign promised government transparency and that CSPAN could cover everything.) I hear that " Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky was recommended reading in some of Professor Obama's classes. Maybe that will help me understand what is happening. (I'm getting uncomfortable talking with my "liberal" friends and relatives.)
Jan 29, 1010 - Obama is on C-Span explaining that since discussions on Health Payment/Care/Control/??? are in many places, it would be confusing to the public to have C-Span cover them.
He really said that :-| right off of the teleprompters - No one asked obvious questions/comments - such as successful Olympic Games coverage is from many places, often miles apart -
Feb 10, 1010 - Bull Obama's first "Health Care" charge is slowing - he is asking for Republican input. When will he ask the REAL experts, the Canadians, Brits, Fins, Sweds, Auzies ???
Bet you haven't heard this one, I think I made it up -
(Q) Where do Chicago children go to play??
(A) Washington -
Feb 22, 1010 - Obama has released a Senate/House Compromise plan - still no C-Span !! I started reading it It is labeled "Putting Americans In Control of Their Health Care". Still a laugh !! The government will be in charge of my health care - that is what all the agencies, rules, taxes, ... are all about !!!
Apparently the Republicans and the rest of us can respond in two days to this enormous document. Obama says he will listen on Thursday - the 25th - As usual, "the devil is in the details".
Feb 25, 1010 - Well, it happened - Both CSpan and even Fox were permitted to have cameras present at the first Health "Care" Meeting including Obama, selected Democrats, intrepid Republicans. It seemed weird that the leader of one side (Obama) appointed himself "moderator" and invented time limits and declared side issues (cost). Both sides got to say their points !! For seven hours - on TV.
- pause for 24 hours - Apparently the Obama/Democrat response is roughly - OK, you've had your say - NOW we will try to ram our 2 thousand page plan down your throats, again!
May be the U.S. needs an enforced "SunShine" law - what is government doing - where is the money going - instead of broken campaign promises -
March 17, 1010
Still more stories of arm twisting, resignations, and backdoor deals, no TV or reporters. Obama promises are REALLY a not-so-funny joke !!
He is so bad I wish (bit my tongue) Clinton was back -
Gotta have a little fun - from Don Luke
Mar 21, 1010 11 P.M. Washington DC time, Sunday evening - after extensive "arm twisting", the Pulusi, Biden, Obama Health "care" (really Health Payment) bill passed in the house of representatives. The representatives had less than 2 minutes per page to examine/discuss the 2300 page document before voting. (72 hours x 60 minutes/hour = 4320 minutes)