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The face of Gout
the left foot is as sore as it looks :-((


I hobbled in to see my doctor, I forget if I was on crutches.
The drug of choice, allopurinol, didn't seem to work for me. (It works just fine for friends of mine.)

My doctor was not sure what to try next - gave me a prescription that he hoped might be helpful.

While hobbling out of the maze of offices, a nurse who had heard the dialog attracted my attention. She had a suggestion, her brother was not helped by that drug either, but a diet brought him back to normal. Was I interested? YOU BET !!
After her quick trip to a copy machine, she handed me this.

This, and avoiding beef altogether, has prevented any further gout problems.

If I "fall off the wagon" just a bit, like eating a handful of nuts, my toe starts to twinge a little, and I jump back into the pan!!!
Update, August 2015
I've been on "ULORIC" for about 4 years now. But even with that, I CAN'T eat a bag of potato chips, my favorite vice. If I do, I'm in real pain again. Potato chips also caused allopurinol to "fail", so maybe I'm paying way too much using ULORIC - but I don't care to experiment by going back to allopurinol - I'd rather pay the money rather than risk the pain :-((

  1. This diet is relatively low in purine bodies, total calories and fat.
  2. Approximate purine content of this diet is 100 milligrams. A relatively purine-free diet may be obtained by eliminating all meat and fish from this diet.
  3. The suggested menu pattern contains approximately 70 grams protein, 45 grams fat, 250 grams carbohydrate, 1700 calories. It may be deficient in iron and B Complex Vitamins. Supplements should be given.

Milk: 1 glasses allowed daily; if more is desired, skim milk or buttermilk is preferred.
Beverages: Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, fruit juices.
Bread: White, white crackers, cornbread.
Cereal and Cereal Products: Cream of wheat, Farina, cornmeal, cornflakes, puffed rice, rice krispies, macaroni, noodles, spaghetti, rice and tapioca, and potatoes.
Fats: 1 teaspoon butter or margarine per meal.
Eggs: 1 daily.
Cheese: Use cottage cheese freely. Use other cheeses in moderation.
Meat, Fish, Poultry: Use 1 serving per week. Use roast, broiled or boiled meat only. (On Sunday) (up to 75 mg. purine bodies) Bacon, beef, calf, tongue, carp, chicken soup, cod fish, duck, flounder, goose, halibut, lamb, liver sausage, meat soup, partridge, perch, pheasant, pigeon, pike, pork, quail, rabbit, squab, turkey, veal, venison. Use two servings per week. (Tuesday and Thursday) (up to 75 mg. purine bodies) Bluefish, chicken, crab, eel, finnan haddie, herring, lobster, mutton, oyster, salmon, shad, tuna, white fish.
Vegetables: Use 2 servings per week. (Monday and Saturday) Asparagus, cauliflower, kidney beans, lima beans, mushrooms, navy beans, peas, spinach; use any other as desired.
Soup: Milk soups made with milk and vegetable allowance.
Fruit: All fruits as desired.
Desserts: Gelatin, pudding made with skim milk, angel food cake, fruit and water ice.
Sweets: Sugar, honey, syrups, jelly, jam, molasses, marshmallows, sweets as desired.
Miscellaneous: Salt, spice, condiments, herbs, vinegar, relishes, all in moderation.

Whole wheat, graham and rye bread and crackers.
Oatmeal, whole grain cereals. Fried potato, potato chips.
Mayonnaise, fats, oils, cream, butter (except as allowed). Fried eggs.
(150-1000 mg. purine bodies) Sweetbreads, liver, kidney, brain, sardines, anchovies, meat extracts, and gravies. ,
Bouillon, broth, consomme.
Ice cream, cakes, pastries, rich desserts, chocolate. Chocolate candy
Gravy, yeast, nuts, highly seasoned foods.

Refined cereal
White toast - jelly
1 teaspoon butter
Milk - sugar
2 ounces of meat
Potato or substitute
Vegetable, as allowed
White Bread
1 teaspoon butter
Fruit or dessert, as allowed
Coffee or tea
3 oz. cottage cheese
Potato or substitute
Vegetable, as allowed
White Bread
1 teaspoon butter
Fruit or dessert, as allowed
Salad, as allowed
Coffee or tea